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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 3, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> right now, many parts of the country under winter weather alerts. it is the south getting hit with freezing rain in the east coast bracing for a cyclone. let's get straight to steve rudin with a check on the forecast. steve: the storm will rapidly intensify.
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satellite and radar does show added clouds around capital beltway at the good news is it will stay dry as you move to the afternoon hours. these are the areas under winter storm warnings at this time. over toward the peninsula. these areas fall under a winter storm warning tonight. some ofe we will see these advisories expand to possibly include parts of the d.c. metro. temperatures above freezing, wind chill outside. a little bit of
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cold. >> if you think it is cold here, look at this frozen fountain. even some snow. we are in tallahassee where many schools are closing as well as stores as the winter storm moves in. >> right here, this highway is shut down because of icy conditions. it was snowing at one point this morning. have you seen anything like that in tallahassee? >> never. >> that fountain completely frozen over. look at the ice. florida state university is shut down for the day. florida is not equipped to handle all the ice and snow.
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salt, in florida, fhp says they will use and in some spots. it doesn't get much more florida than that. using sand to combat ice and snow. >> in baltimore, a water main break cover streets and i said even car -- streets and ice and even cars. it will be another week or two before crews get the part needed to fix the break. schools in our area are dealing with the effect of this deep-freeze. schools has had some delayed or closed. >> temperatures in the teens or lower make for a challenging day. it was this water main break
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barnaby adams element fiscal. they had -- elementary school. they had no water so the students were told to stay home. >> i am late for work. i thought the busted income. they should have notified us. if they really closed for the water main yesterday they should have notified parents better than they did. >> christmas vacation was .xtended for a day was affected. nearly a dozen buses were impacted. including two high schools. forecast atatest your fingertips, download th
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smartphone. vice president mike pence is about to swear in two new senators. becomes the first in my critic senator from alabama and 25 years, beating roy moore in the special election. and tina smith will serve the remainder of al franken's term. republicans will now have a one seat majority. haven was last seen tuesday morning. he is the brother of a retired montgomery county firefighter. an existential threat to humanity. that is how the head of the group responsible for the doomsday nuclear clock describes president trump's tweets about north korea. >>
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a new taunt at kim jong-un. the north korean dictator claimed his desk is equipped with a nuclear button. he said, the entire u.s. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. find -- firings back at the man he calls -- pres. trump: little rocket man. button,, i too have a but it is more powerful and bigger, and it actually works. >> this idea of we are bigger than you are and little boy, don't push me around. isthe u.s. says north korea taking potential steps to talk to south korea. they have reactivated a border hotline the have not spoken on for two years. south korea is proposing talks with the north asked week. the president seemed open to that
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administration is signaling that north korea must do more. >> north korea can talk with anyone they want but the u.s. will not recognize or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons they have. >> as for the nuclear weapon, it doesn't exist. the president's ability to launch a nuclear strike is more complex and involves the so-called nuclear football. now to a disturbing story out of strasburg, virginia. six -- contributing to the deliverance he of a minor after a delay -- an alleged gang rape. >> when the story of an alleged gang rape involving firefighters started to surface in shenandoah county, when we showed up, no one wanted to talk.
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ffice is. --ectly across the street contributing to the -- to the delinquency of a minor. misdemeanor or a $2500 fine. investigation dates back to last april. they notified the mayor of the alleged gang rape of a 17-year-old girl that occurred at a home, a hotel done the street, and inside the firehouse. mother provided investigators screenshots or videos of the incident that was shared on snapchat. >> everybody is guilty nowadays of sexual harassment and speaking up -- have it happen in strasburg, virginia, it is hard for us to take
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this way. i hope it works out for the best because of this town. that she waslaims highly intoxicated and highly intimidated and the sex, with at least one of the men, was nonconsensual. coming up at noon, msm infernal swallowing an apartment building. where this happened and how many it took to put it up. two girls missing. their mother foun
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>> a develin
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injured after it a massive fire broke out at an apartment complex. it started before 5:30 this morning in cap county. the injuries are minor but there is no word what caused the fire. the search continues for two texas sisters who went missing after their mother was found dead in their home. police are looking for terry miles. a multistate manhunt is underway. tips have led authorities to the other side of the country with possible sightings in new mexico and colorado. the longtime president of a mormon church has passed away. thomas munson died surrounded by his friends and family at the age of 90. of theme president church of latter-day saints in 2008 and served most of his life since becoming a bishop.
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quorum of the 12 apostles. he was noted for his ability to connect with people. to the latest on the swatting incident in kansas that led to the death of a young father. matt gutman has more on this. >> they shot him in the head and he is not breathing. >> wichita police are investigating how this chilling 911 call from a man claiming to have shot his father led to the death of an innocent, unarmed man over 1000 miles away. thursday night, kansas city police raced to the wichita kansas address where the caller claims to be holding the family hostage. >> i poured gasoline on the house. i might just set it on fire. >> do you have any weapons? >> yeah, i do. >> when the police arrived they did not find the color. he
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miles away in los angeles, allegedly playing a prank. police did not know that. when andrew finch open the front door officers surround his house and order him to put his hands up. it is at this moment that he lower them. one of us are fearing he was reaching for a gun opened fired, killing him. ] investigators believe that finch was a victim of swatting in which a person reports false criminal activity to trigger a response against an unwitting person. even celebrities like justin bieber, ashton kutcher, and miley cyrus have been victims of swatting in the past. swatters are hard to pin down. >> this is difficult to investigate because it happens online and these hackers are often sophisticated about covering the rigidity. ask the mother of that innocent vick in that deadly prank is looking for answers. >> my
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anything they said, he did not give them -- they did not give him a warning. barrisre likely to see extradited to face charges. law enforcement officials say there are hundreds of these calls made every year. >> a tennessee delivery driver is back in trouble with the law. the driver who worked for a delivery company was caught picking up that package at the post office. the package was from california and wrapped like a christmas present. the man is now facing federal charges you have a chance to become richer than your wildest dreams. that means the jackpot has gone up from
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361 million dollars to an estimated $418 million. tonight, the powerball. the chances of winning both make a millions and powerball are one in 88 quadrillion. we have all heard on -- of snakes on a plane but on this flight a rat was found on board. passengers had to get off after the rodent ran from the jetway and got into the plane's cabin. take off againt and tell an investigator certifies that it is rat-free. so far, the only airport to close his savanna. delta areerican, and allowing customers to change their trips without a penalty on monday.
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reschedule their flight through the 10th while frontier customers can rebook through january 24. >> knows winning their -- no swimming there. that pool is frozen solid. the owner said his daughter cried saying the pool is gone. i guess you could throw on some ice skates. >> it is amazing to think that parts of florida are under a winter storm warning. and frost. not even an advisory. i you have a feeling that as we move through, we could start to see parts of the advisory through tomorrow night. i don't think we'll see a ton of snow but to be the timing.
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or delays. >> you look so happy! [laughter] >> kids like that news. delaware -- into it early tomorrow they could pick up two inches of snow. that feels-like temperature, because the wind is calm, not so bad. at 29g closer to the bay degrees, i am growing more and more confident that we are going to crack that freezing mark. nots-like temperature's nos much of a problem. temperatures hover around the freezing mark. notice that the clouds are going to continue to roll in. you will not need your sunglasses later on. here is the cloud cover on stormwatch 7, satellite and radar. the capital
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farther to the south and west. through the dry afternoon and into the evening and afternoon commute. the big story well to the south of us. this is bring the wintry weather from parts of georgia into florida and south carolina. the winter storm warning will come down shortly. they continue for the coast to south carolina and north carolina. they had closer to our area. we have that winter storm warning for ocean city, bethany, salisbury and a winter weather advisory for southern maryland. charles and st. mary's counties into early tomorrow morning. temperatures will fall into the upper 20's. not as cold as it was earlier this morning. that storm will rev up. at 7:00, notice where it is located. that is where the strongest part of the storm is located.
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the richmond area. it picks up steam as we move into early tomorrow and that is why i believe we may see that winter weather advisory expand toward the east and we will get this out of here as we move into the late day hours tomorrow and friday and then the wind really starts to kick up talking windchill factors that will be absolutely freezing. as welations expected move across into extreme southern maryland. we will have a coating or an inch around the d.c. metro area. and ocean city, those are the areas likely to find bigger problems into tomorrow. 7:00 tomorrow night feels-like temperature's in the single digits, at the big story will co
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to loudoun county in northern montgomery county. intoll stay cold all day saturday. by next week, temperatures back into the 40's. 19 -- 27 for a high on sunday and monday and tuesday, i like that. up today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, we will have the latest update on new advisories or warnings that may be issued. and we will keep you updated throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. don't forget to download your stormwatch 7 weather app. ask when you say, are you ready for this? i am never ready.
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and closer. optimism. >> apple is still in hot water for slowing down iphones on purpose. find out the new way to
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>> spotify is facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit. the service is accused of violating u.s. copyright law. spotify allegedly use more than 10,000 songs without a license. u.s. lot requires two copyrights for every song not one for the recording and one for the composition. they are paid
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$43 million in settlement money in another case last year. new information about the ongoing issue with that iphone battery. buying a recommended new battery and it is cut in but how do you know if you need that? you need to download a battery checking cap that can tell you the life of your battery. get?uch snow will he steve has
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steve: before the commercial i smelled fast food. there are french fries here. that is the secret, folks. it will be called around here. we are near freezing today. 27 degrees. snow the lookout for light in the d.c. metro area. look at that warm up. i will call in a warm up. monday and tuesday from next week, 40 to 45 degrees for a daytime high. another cold front after that. >> i did make chili last night, so i will have that thursday and friday. abc 7 news at noon coming up next.
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january 17th. go to
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>> forecasters are calling this winter storm the winter hurricane that would bring snow and a wintry mix to the southeast before heading north tonight. the entire east coast is bracing for a major storm with 25 states now under winter weather alerts. in jacksonville, the airport is canceling flights in the city mayor is issuing this warning. >> these are conditions we are not accustomed to and jacksonville and we are encouraging people to stay off the roads in those drive times. >> in georgia, the governor declaring a state of emergency. areas there could see snow for the first time in a sentry.
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lake effect snow had been a nightmare across parts of the northeast. miles of traffic. >> wide-out conditions shut down the stretch of i 90 near buffalo following this chain reaction crash. i can't even describe it, it is unbearable. >> in chicago it is so cold that crews are lighting fires to keep real switches from freezing. >> in our area we are expecting to see some light snow.
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your forecast. steve: we are at weather alert here on stormwatch 7. we could see a light snow around the metro area. these temperatures are in the mid to upper 20's in gaithersburg and martinsburg. the clouds are here and they are here to stay for the remainder of the afternoon. no problems with the rush-hour commute. widen the view out. this is the storm we are talking about. i suspect we may see this winter weather advisory.
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dewey and bethany, now expanding withd atlantic city specific amounts of snow possible. we will have the cold air and the windchill factors that will be below zero. >> we have all been experiencing weather overnight in the teens, and we crank up the heat to stay warm, but that can create a massive heating bill. we can doplest thing that most homeowners do is replace the existing incandescent bulbs with led retrofit kits. >> the kit will cost you $15. you can consider weatherproofing your doors and windows. schools in our area are dealing with the effect of this deep freeze f
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school bus is not starting. the school has had some delays or even closed this morning. a look at the issues that school districts are facing. >> temperatures in the teens are lower made for a challenging day in area schools or buses. they lead to the closure of barnaby matter elementary school. the school had no water so the students were told to stay home. wssc was hoping to have the water restored by midday. >> i am late for work now. i thought that the bus didn't come this morning. they should've definitely notified us. christmas vacation was extended for a day, the plumbing problem this icy mess and forced the school t
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-- -- bus breakdowns another weather-related issues. for the latest forecast that your sink -- fingertips download the abc 7 stormwatch app to your smartphone. now to this developing story. an emotional apology from youtube star, logan paul. this after posting a video apparently showing someone who took their own life. there are growing calls for his channel to be shut down. and made a severe continuous lapse in my judgment. i don't expect to be forgiven. i'm simple here to apologize. >> in a stark change of tone from his usually comedic videos, logan paul says he is ashamed of his actions. >> for my fans who are defending my
12:37 pm
they you not deserve to be defended. >> the social media influencer with more than 15 million youtube subscribers. faces intense criticism after posting a video that he shot in what is known as japan's suicide forest, where he shows the body of a person who had recently killed themselves. many reacting to the fact that he makes jokes throughout the video. parents, whose kids watches hugely popular channel, are outraged. partweet reads, the worst is his cult fan base is little children who just watched their idol laugh and joke as someone ended their life. >> he is a complete idiot. youtubequestioned why was told that it prohibits violent or gory content posted in a shocking,
12:38 pm
disrespectful manner did not remove the video immediately. >> i think youtube was probably blind-sided. it seems to have slipped through their moderation safeguards. >> youtube says one billion videos are uploaded everyday, just announcing in december that the company would have 10,000 employees monitor content after deleting over 150,000 videos deemed disturbing or featuring predatory comments the month before. it follows efforts to monitor what people can broadcast on facebook which lots to review last april after it took over two hours to take down the video of her murder. as for paul, many want his channel shut down. >> you have to violate their community standards three times to be kicked off youtube. there is no such thing as permanently banning someone. they might lose their subscribers, but there is nothing stopping someone from opening another
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at noon, we are breaking down the best diet
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>> we are joined by dan harris, here to discuss his new book, meditating for fidgety skeptics. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> i was laughing at your book because you said you were a fidgety skeptic of meditation. you had this connotation that it was a little bit lame. >>
12:42 pm
really weird and a waste of time. i had a very negative attitude about meditation, for sure. i started to look at the science that suggests that it can deliver a long list of tantalizing health benefits, lower blood pressure, booster immune system, rewire key parts of your brain. i learned that the kind of medication i am braced, mindfulness meditation, is simple and secular. it doesn't involve joining a group or sitting in a funny position or special outfits. i started to do it everyday and it has made a significant difference in my life. >> you said one thing that sparked this was a panic attack that you had on live tv. bringinghank you for that up. i'm getting, it's totally fine. i had a panic attack in 2004. it was horrifying. it was caused by dumb behavior in my personal life. as a young and ambitious
12:43 pm
idealistic news reporter, i spent a lot of time in war zones, including iraq and afghanistan. i came home and i got depressed. i did a stupid thing which was self-medicating with recreational drugs. that led to me having a panic attack on national television. that ultimately set me on the path that led me to meditation. >> you said that your wife finds you a lot less annoying. for anyone who wants to get on this track, you have a podcast, an app. how can they link up with you? >> if you really wanted to try to learn to meditate for free, you should download the app. you can use a lot of the content there for free. we have a lot of one minute meditations. it introduces you to meditation in a painless and funny way. we have lots of video clips the teacher had to do it
12:44 pm
entertaining nuggets. the thing to know is, this does not require a ton of time. one minute per day, or even most days, can make a big difference. it wakens you up to the fundamental reality most of us are not aware of, which is that we have a mind and are thinking all the time. when you are unaware of this nonstop conversation you're having with yourself, you do dumb things like go to war zones without inking of the consequences, come home, get depressed, and use drugs. or you make comments that you regret or eat too much. this is a great hack to deal with that. >> the former fidgety skeptic of meditation, dan harris. that book is out now. steve, i hope that you take some tips from this. book forwill read that one minute per hour.
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big storm in the coming days. it will just graze our metro area. the worst of it as well offshore . proper english. a thin layer of ice. if you have ponds in your neighborhood and see kids on it, be careful. the isis too -- the ice is too thin. 28 degrees at reagan international airport. the sun is gone. sunglasses are not going to need it. hats, scarfs, gloves. you will really needed as we move into the end of the week and the first half of the upcoming weekend. 27 in gaithersburg. 25 in quantico. feels-like temperature's are not so bad. the wind is relatively light. temperatures will eventually rebound
12:46 pm
mark. be careful for the re-freeze. slippery spots may not be very big. be extra careful. satellite and radar clouds are with us. it does stay dry as we move through the evening and rush-hour commute into nine or 10:00 tonight. this is the big storm -- 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. this is the big storm we are talking about. we have winter storm warnings. this will come down shortly. the georgia coast, south carolina, north carolina -- no advisories right now with the exception of southern maryland. if your travel plans take you east to ocean city, if any, salisbury, all -- bethany, salisbury, all under 32 degrees tonight.
12:47 pm
the storm. we moved to the north and east. by midnight, a few snowflakes dancing around the air. anything that falls in the metro area will likely stick because the ground is cold, but we are not expecting significant snow. this begins to lift out at 8:00 tomorrow morning. then it lifts to the north and east. we clear up quickly. wind rapidly increases behind it and cold air for the day on friday. we will call this a nuisance storm. we may see an advisory later on today. in the east we are expecting widespread cancellations. one to two inches in southern maryland, maybe a dusting, upwards of an inch around the capital beltway. the windchill factors are going to be the big story.
12:48 pm
eight degrees. waking up early on friday morning. 10 to 15 degrees below zero. in southern maryland temperatures around five degrees below zero. how about relief? once we get for the first half of the weekend, temperatures rebound by sunday. look at monday and tuesday. we will see temperatures in the 40's. we may see a wintry mix. bill will be in this afternoon. forget to download your stormwatch 7 weather app and facebook live. we will be there all afternoon. >> we are now with a look at the best diets of 2018. his reportrld and has ranked the top 40 diet plans looking at a variety of health and weight loss factors. here is robin roberts with the
12:49 pm
45 millionar, americans make a pledge to improve how they eat. with some anyways to diet -- >> i lost 50 pounds a jenny craig. >> i lost 82 pounds and i can eat whatever i want. >> how do you know which is best for your lifestyle and body? the u.s. news and world report releasing their findings in the 40 best diets worth trying. >> no one diet is right for everyone. we like to give people a roadmap. whether they are looking to lose weight or manage a chronic disease. >> to calculate the rankings, they assembled an expert panel. >> we have a panel of the 25 top patricia nests, physicians, -- physicians,nists, and weight loss experts. >> if you're looking to lose weight, the best diet is weight watchers. they claim you can drop up to two pounds weekly. they sign
12:50 pm
beverage a smart points value based on nutrition. they encourage you to eat more fruit, veggies, lean protein, while reducing fats and sugar from your plate. the easiest diet to follow is the mediterranean diet. it stresses an active lifestyle while consuming low amounts of red meat, sugar, and saturated fat. in addition to losing weight you can avoid a host of chronic diseases. the best overall diet -- >> the mediterranean diet is ranked number one with the dash diet at the same time. a the dash diet encourages diet filled with fruits, veggies , whole grains, and lean protein. >> said news for candy lovers. we might be on the brink of a global chocolate shortage. disease, and a lack of water are being blamed for tiny
12:51 pm
countries. supplies could window by 2020 and could come closer to -- to by 2050.n mars has invested $1 billion into fighting climate change to prevent a chocolate crisis. a new vaccine that uses dna means you won't have to get that flu shot every year. researchers say the vaccine will last for years. because it uses dna, scientists won't have to guess what the flu will look like every season. the dna is it injected into skins else to create the flu vaccine and antibodies. >> then they get it wrong and there is a mismatch like this year and the vaccine is less effective than what it would be if it were a complete match. >> testing on primates revealed 100% protection on influenza viruses.
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>> these are the top cereals. it is the lucky charms-frosted flakes matchup that has people talking. kellogg's has produced a popular frosted flakes cereal for decades, but the lucky charms leprechaun will not join forces with tony the tiger in the foreseeable future. steve is back with another check of the forecast after the break.
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>> it is cold. it is winter, it is early january. i want to give you an update on the latest weather alert. st. mary's county with a winter weather advisory. we will expand this a little bit. i will show you with a winter storm warnings are. not for the metro area. accumulations are two to four inches. coming up today at 4:00 and 5:00, a fresh update on the latest advisories.
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get ready because the new year is finally here and "the chew" is going to help you jumpstart your january in a delicious way. the fabulous, danica patrick, is in the house. >> are you kidding me? >> announcer: then, class is in session as clinton serves up a lesson that'll get you veg-icated in no time. plus i'm showing you how to cut the calories of a classic without losing any of the flavor. how do i do it? find out right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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