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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 4, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather alert. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: nasty winter weather. it is a mess out there. fly in,now is roads are getting wet, and more and more schools are closing by the minute. a lot going on. in the last hour alone, fairfax, 11, and arlington county schools say they are closed for the day. autria: in maryland, prince george's county as well as montgomery county schools all closed for the day. for now, d.c. public schools, you are just on a two-hour delay.
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scrolling on the bottom of your screen. larry: the federal government opening today on a two hour delay. certainly telework is an option. autria: it is all hands on deck here on "good morning washington ." we have our entire team on your side. we have been on the air since 4:00 a.m., getting you and out the door early. we say good morning to you at 6: 01. i am autria godfrey. larry: i am larry smith. veronica johnson is with us come our meteorologist. you saw the picture from brian bell, it is beginning to move inland. know we were talking about this yesterday, we never said it would be a major storm system, but it is enough that could cause some trouble. right now, you can see that spin, and look at that
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jog off to the east. it is starting to make its way out of here and to the coast. also down in d.c., as the richman and norfolk area, the most intense snow around the i-95 corridor. look at the dark blue line. that is one of the smaller bands coming through with the snow here to read as it continues to make its way, we will have the snow lingering through 9:00, maybe even 11:00 a.m. waterville down for prince george's county, brandywine. by the time all is said and done, you can see anywhere from one to maybe two inches of snow around d.c. that i-95 corridor, two to four inches in southern maryland. ocean city seating higher amounts of snow. even now, our wind is picking up. we havgo
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costing nearly 30 miles an hour. d.c. is close to that. 22 miles an hour in fredericksburg. i will make it feel very bitter. -- that will make it feel very bitter. snow ending late morning around 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m.. eileen whelan has been live all morning long out in storm trak 7. how are the roads looking, eileen? veronica,, my gosh, the roads are not good. we are in upper marlboro, heading south on route four. our photographer, vanessa, is manning the wheel. she said this is officially not fun. this is route 4, and the roads are snow-covered. we have seen so many road crews out here treating the roads. road temperatures are in the mid 20's.
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and sliding. when you went to bed last site, prince george's county was under a two-hour delay. waking up this morning, prince arege's county schools closed today. driving around today, it is definitely a good decision. if you don't have to be on the roads, definitely do not do it. the disabilities -- the being reducedre as well. tomorrow morning, prince george's county already on a two-hour delay. with highs of 10 degrees, it will be very icy. julie: absolutely, and those wind drifts are a problem. from "live! with kelly and michael45 -- from 4:45 until now, you can see the precipitation continuing to fall in some areas heavier than others, obviously, but this is what it looks like when you travel around the capital beltway. 6 headed west, patrick henry drive, only the left
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squeezed by. that is mainly due to wet pavement. snow accumulation, you definitely have problems traveling south of fredericksburg heading to richman and 295. to 95.mond and 95 northbound between quantico and dale city, a 16-minute commute coming north. we want you to slow it down. we want you to take your time. southern maryland checking in with us on twitter, saying a lot of roadways remain icy and snowy-covered, especially on secondary roads and sidewalks. once you make it to the major arteries, it is better, but getting there is tricky. if you can stay put but in a couple of hours, i strongly suggest you do. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes we will take a look at the ride on 270. larry: the heart of the storm is in southern maryland. autria: calvert county is expecting nearly a half a foot of snow, and that is where john gonzalez is live. we have seen it coming down study almo
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john: it has been steady. i think the wind has been picking up. not helping. i do not have my earmuffs. it is really cold out here in calvert county. you can see it covers up in just minutes. the snow is still coming down. ands whipping and whirring really creating a problem, whipping that snow around. 4, it goesy, route right to the heart of prince frederick here in calvert county, slow passage. down becauseowing of the conditions that are very slippery, really messy this morning here in calvert county where you have at least, i would say, a good two inches of snow already on the ground. i want to show you something here. we are talking with the wind drifts, the snowdrifts. take a l
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snow, but it gives you an idea of what is happening with the wind and a lot of that snow being kicked around, even when the snow is not falling that hard. well, it is being whipped around, it is making visibility very poor. we have not seen a whole lot of heating, a whole lot assaulting. -- lot of salting. hasrnor larry hogan declared a state of emergency. schools are on a two-hour delay. in about an hour, we will be notified whether the school system will keep it on a two-hour delay or perhaps change it to closing. a lot of schools have changed it to close. it is a bit of a double whammy. we have seen different terms all morning long, and it is not just the snow coming down here in calvert county, but it is the wind. i will send it back to you. in will burrow, the bomb cyclone , a term we are from owning -- in wolfeboro, the bomb cyclone, a te
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with this morning. autria: this blast of winter weather is causing a headache for travelers. larry: adrianna is following this. just reagan is not national, it is really airports all up and down the east coast. about 3000 flights are canceled today, according to more than 2000 are delayed right now. the airlines are being flexible cured all the major carriers have travelers in place, so that means you can change or transfer your ticket at no cost. be sure to check with your airline spirit autria: lots of delays and cancellations for amtrak as well. no trains are running, no trains between d.c. in newport news today. amtrak is also running a modified schedule between new york and boston. emergency officials in savannah, georgia say this weather could be to blame for an amtrak derailment their purest
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all the cars did stay upright and were put back in place. no one was hurt. larry: bitter cold hitting schools in d.c. >> i could not sleep through the night. it was freezing cold. larry: the problem at howard university and the repairs that could come down to the wire. it is 6:09. . stormwatch 7 weather on the go.
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veronica: all right, we are taking a look across the area right now. snow falling, blowing, and drifting. this is a fine, powdery snow, it will be the most slick snow on every roads. currently gusting over 30 miles an hour and making it feel like 9 degrees with a current temperature of 24. this is a nasty morning out there.
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closures across the area. the snow is really coming down down toward waldorf. baltimore also included up to the north and east. we take you into the future and show you what is next. this is late morning around 10:00. once this happens, the storm system will start pulling away. off the coast, a little further, airsnow will end, the dry will come in, and we will see some sunshine by the afternoon hours. flurries heading on down to southern maryland the longest period of time today. we could see some flurries. a lot of areas getting sunshine, gusty conditions, and airport delays big-time to the north and east. boston likely to see some airport delays. la guardia probably major delays. philadelphia i think moderate delays, baltimore possibly
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temperatures in the 20's. 27 is the high, but feeling like we are in the teens and a single digits late. have your layers ready? julie: absolutely, and i feel like i could use a couple more -- and i am inside. if you have to be in this mess today, you do not want to start out with anything less than a half take of gas. slow down, and you want to allow extra time. you have plenty of wiper fluid, especially on a morning like today. down toareas, you were the pavement on major interstates, but getting there is stric tricky. the branson overpasses are the last things to get treated. -- the ramps and overpasses are the last things to get treated. 66, a car has spun out, and resulted in an accident. sponsor to six at patrick henry drive. vdot -- westbound 66 at patrick henry drive. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the nex
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: at 6:16, right now, ocean city truly looking more like antarctica. larry: it is crazy. wait until you see this video. our brad bell live on the beach where they are bracing blizzard conditions. sillylook, i may look with ski goggles on, but i tell you, i need every bit of this.
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for 30 plus years now, and it is a crazy low wind chill. the snow is blowing so much, i really do have the ski goggles on for a reason -- it absolutely hurts. here or on the streets, not much in the way of snow because it is blowing. you can get a feel for this kind of drifts that we are seeing here. like veronica said, it is a very light, fluffy snow, not the kind you can make a snowman in. if you can make it at, it will -- it pack, it will blow away. it is very interesting because last night around 10:00, it was 34 degrees. i woke up about an hour ago to this. impressive sight to see. this town can handle this sort
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-- they are billed for it, so i do not expect to see -- built for it, so i do not expect to see a lot of damage. conditions, i think, are going to worsen and then move out of the way. if i were a meteorologist, i would call this a blizzard. back to you. autria: all right, brad, hopefully look at the poles to go with the goggles, and you can make it a ski day. d.c. public school's are now closed. they were originally on a two-hour delay. enjoy the snow day, kids. 6:183 . the hunt for a man who followed a girl home from school. reporter: this happened around "live! with kelly and michael15 -- 4:15 yesterday afternoon. this happened on a walking flat
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meadowland elementary school. we want to show you these pictures. deputies put out a composite sketch. the photos were captured on home surveillance cameras. after the suspect grabbed the girl, she screamed and he ran off. if you know anything about this, you could call the loudoun county sheriff's office. autria: thanks, mel. createdter weather has major issues at howard university. the school is asking students not to come back from winter break until sunday at the earliest because some of the dorms have no heat. the university is having issues with broilers and ruptured steam pipes. classes for the spring semester start on monday. larry: the cold weather making a mess on metro at the height of the evening commute. a crash rail leads to single tracking on two lines on a station jampacked with riders as they waited out the delays. in this cold weather, you should plan a little extra time for your commute, no matter how you decide to travel. autria:
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can get around if you need. this is kodak the husky pulling a snowboarder through downtown charleston. you might have thought this was downtown denver, but no, it is south carolina. flakes even falling on palm trees. the last big snowstorm charleston got like this one was all the way back in 1989. they got a lot. they did.h, it is crazy here, as you have seen on video. veronica johnson detailing what is ahead on this friday eve. veronica: we have been monitoring this all morning long. look at the snow falling around midnight and how long it will hang on. probably another two or three hours is how long. we have got 30 mile-per-hour winds now. he didrd brad bell say not know what the criteria is for a blizzard warning, because it sure seems like one in ocean city -- well, they are under a blizzard warning. locally, we had occasional
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at 30, at times 35, and that is really what you need. change possibly where we see the blizzard warning pull back into our area. winds today gusting to about 30 miles an hour for quite some time. two inches of snow for i-95 corridor, two to four inches for southern maryland, but molly, i know you have been monitoring the temperatures as well as the wind so far today. molly: we have been monitoring the winds and also the temperatures. it is certainly cold enough for some of us noticed it to the ground. we want to show you delays around the region that we have been hitting all morning long from a summary county all the way that toward anne arundel county -- from montgomery county all the way back toward anne arundel county. a snow day, so some of the kids are excited about that, but if you have to go to work, take it easy. loudoun county, fairfax county, d.c. public schools closing.
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if you have updates, hit us up on twitter. you can also hit me up, @abc 7molly, and also /weather/closings. julie, over to you. julie: everything to the east is snow-covered. centercenter centreville, waiting for the bus, it is looking pretty good. we are getting a report that plow,rash involves a northbound beach drive, connecticut avenue. it looks great so far. no incidents reported. 66 at the beltway, patrick henry drive, we have crash cleanup. only the left lane is getting through. this is the westbound side heading towards the capital beltway. in some areas, the commute is a little better than others. for example, 270,
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see pavement. it is still a slow ripening out of frederick. travelte commute to back down from 109. some ramps and bridges have been treated, some have not. allow extra time out there on those roads, and of course slow it down. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. we're going to take a look at the ride over silver springs. > sec. sanders: i think furious, disgusted would certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims. autria: coming up, a tell-all bombshell. the white
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firstthis morning's "gma" look, the gloves are off. in a book by veteran journalist michael wolff, he says almost ever
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thought not only would donald trump not be president, they thought he should not be president. steve bannon quoted offering is only bombshell -- his own bombshell accusations about jared kushner and paul manafort and the russian lawyer whom they were told had dirt on hillary clinton. pres. trump: i have a very good relationship, as you know, with steve bannon. >> now the president saying "steve bannon had nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind." coming up at 7:00 a.m., george stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with anthony scaramucci. first look, i am cecilia vega, abc news, the white house.
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>> now, "good morning washington ," on your side. autria: 6:31 here, an old man winter is here. larry: yes, with snow flying, more schools closed then opened this morning. autria: can't take a look at this. if you think we are dealing with rough weather, this is ocean city, maryland where our brad bell is taking
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inside a parking garage right now. he has been reporting that the wind along the beach is absolutely whipping. goggles on had ski this morning. [laughter] larry: yes, and he needs them. they are not just for show. just in, d.c. public schools are now closed. loudoun,ia, fairfax, prince william, all closed for the day as well. autria: in maryland, prince george's, montgomery, and charles county schools all closed. prince george's is already on a two-hour delay for tomorrow, so closed today, two-hour delay for tomorrow. you can see the full list scrolling on the bottom of your screen. larry: let's take it to veronica johnson as we have team coverage on morning long of this winter storm watch and the stormwatch 7 weather center. veronica: really blowing and drifting snow out there. it is very fine, powdery snow. the reason
6:33 am
temperatures are so low, it produces that type of snow. where it is the heaviest right now, we are seeing it in baltimore county, eastern howard county, prince george's county, some moderate snow coming down now, and south of fredericksburg, everywhere really, even back to the west in foster's county. county, youlpeper are seeing the light snow. where is the storm system right now? it is still down to the south and east. it is bringing rain where temperatures are warmer, but it is still to our south and east. thes moving up not only in coast but away from the coast. the snow hanging on until 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, and the cold front out here is bringing cold air to the area, allowing temperatures to drop in a hurry. the d.c. corridor, baltimore, fredericksburg, even manassas may
6:34 am
see two to four inches. blowing interesting drifting snow even after it ends, it could be icy for the late afternoon in the evening rush. julie: that could cause problems on the roads as well because anything that looks wet, i can assure you, will be ice. you will have an extra hard time on neighbors streets and sidewalks. eastbound 50 before you get to the bridge, this is where we have a crash. you can see the flashing lights behind the overhead sign. the left side is blocked at this time. there is also a wreck on north 65 at river road. police are on the scene. they are allowing some traffic to get through. this is an area where we do have a lot of ramps and overpasses. we have been warning you that they freeze first. slow it down, give yourself extra time if you have to be out here. , thh drive northbound
6:35 am
that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. we will take a look at your on 95. on 95 -- ride autria: the storm is impacting the roads as well as the airports. larry: thousands of flights are canceled across the country. autria: ryan hughes continues our coverage live at reagan national this morning. how is it looking? ryan: yes, guys, big problems for travelers. the south having problems as well as the north and east. looking at reagan national, you can see the red filling in many spots, hartford cancer, jfk canceled, providence and portland, maine canceled. hartford canceled, jfk canceled, providence and portland, maine canceled. according to flightaware.c
6:36 am
flightsas 55% of its canceled today third others include philadelphia, jfk, laguardia. schedulede a trip today or tomorrow, the airlines are being flexible. all major carriers have travel alerts in place right now. they are waiving fees for travelers who want to reschedule their flights if it is affected by the storm, but each airline's policy is different, so if you are flying out today or tomorrow, the best thing to do is to check with your airline's. live with reagan national, ryan hughes, "good morning washington ." larry: for the latest at your fingertips, download the abc 7 stormwatch app right to your smartphone. autria: there has been an earthquake in the bay area in california. the earthquake was magnitude 4.5 to 4.7. this was felt in berkeley, oakland, san francisco area around 2:40 their time this morning.
6:37 am
any damage or injuries. -- "it iseeted fitting to see berkeley earthquake 2.7 because that is the gpa to get into berkeley. #gobears." it is take two in a northern virginia courtroom. the man accused in a chaotic chase and crash goes before a judge after yesterday's hearing was moved to today. branden vincent is behind an assault, a carjacking, and a crash that injure ended up withn people in the hospital. he slammed into a minivan packed with people in herndon. a child was thrown from the van and is still in critical condition. larry: a winter one way or the other. a random drawing will be assigning the balance of
6:38 am
judges saying they will not throw out the controversial type ballots, so the winner will be decided by taking a film canister scheduled for 11:00 this morning. the canister has the name of andcratic kelly simon republican david yancey. autria: our winter weather coverage continues. coming up after this, we have school closings. the roads only getting worse. ardmore inook out of prince george's county where you can see roads are not terrible but not great. 6:38 is your time now. here is where stormwatch 7 weather on the go.
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itonica: it is snowing, but is also cold and windy. if you do have to go out, make sure you dress for the snow but also the cold and the wind. with the wind, it feels like we are in the teens, and later today, late morning, it will feel like we are 5 to 10 degrees, as well as this
6:42 am
afternoon, when we could get a little sunshine, we are back into the lower teens for today, so bundle up. here is a look at your storm system. a system to the east trying to move away from the coast, but still intensifying. it is now down to portions of i-66, also down for areas of culpeper county. -- down toward areas of culpeper county. it drops off only 30% to 40% by late morning. the snow ends, julie, but i see by late tonight. julie: if you have to be out of the mess today, just some reminders -- an emergency car care kit. it never hurts to have that in your car. picture your battery has juice, especially if it is over three years old. check your tire pressure as well. wiper fluid definitely a must on a day like today. right now, we take you to the east side of town. eastbound 50 at rowe
6:43 am
a crash before the river bridge. most of the activity has been confined to the left side. coming inbound out of annapolis toward bowie, you are now open. rive road, police are on the scene at 665. northbound beach drive near the zoo tunnel lane, we had an incident involving a plow truck. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes, and we would take a look in fredericksburg. right now, let's go to southern maryland with john gonzalez. john: julie, schools are now close to her in calvert county. the snow continues to fall, and boy, that wind is really whipping. we will tell you about and show you the poor
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. 46 on this thursday morning, and this is what it looks like in prince george's county. larry: maryland taking the brunt
6:47 am
autria: for further proof, we are looking at ocean city. it is not looking like the beaches. larry: one of the hardest areas is in southern maryland. ryan: calvert county -- autria: calvert county is expanding a foot of snow, and john gonzalez is live with how it looks right now. hey, johnny. john: good morning. it is not just the snow coming down, but it is the wind that is really whipping the snow around in calvert county. the school system did not wait until 7:00 this morning -- they have artie changed from a two hour -- already changed from a two-hour delay to a closure. this is a parking lot we were in early this morning when we first started casting on live tv. take a look -- our footprints are now gone with new snow on top. it has not been plowed at all. 4 behind us,ute being
6:48 am
contractor and the state. they are plowing through the main thoroughfare, but the secondary roads will be pretty messy, pretty slippery. to give you an idea, it is a dry snow on the ground, but when you open the passenger side of our vehicle here to show you the -- windshield with the wipers off, of course, it is very wet, and it is impairing visibility, so you want to take it easy, especially southeast d.c. we are not only contending with the snow that is still coming down, but we are talking about this bomb cyclone and very cold conditions. at last check, 25 degrees feels like 15 here in calvert county. larry at autria, back to you inside. autria: it could be worse, and in fact some it is in ocean city. it looks more like an article. [laughter] larry: this has been the vid
6:49 am
autria: it looks like fargo. larry: it really is! brad? you, i have got to tell this is really something. i am used to being down here with hurricanes. i am not doing this for dramatic effect but to stay on my feet. this wind is blowing the snow like crazy. ocean city has some snow machines coming down, big machines that they usually use -- take sand off of these streets after they get nor'easter's, hurricanes, and tropical storms. i have to turn my back to this because it is crazy how this feels. you can see them coming down the road here with the wind blowing. this is a biting, fighting feeling. i have all of the stuff on come again, not for dramatic effect but to stay out here.
6:50 am
much snow has fallen because it is blowing like crazy. i tell you, some of the drifts that we are seeing, around the building here, you can look at this and see that it has gotten to be a foot deep. here, probably a little bit more, two feet deep or so. not to behere seems the snow but the combination of elements, the combination of the wind and the snow and the cold. it is unusual, to say the least, and it is quite the spectacle to see. we will be out here all morning, and we will talk to you as conditions change. i hope it comes through on camera because it is a spectacular sight. you described it as like antarctica. i have not been there, but last week, i was at the top of a mountain in colorado, and it was not this unpleasant. not at all. autria: such a nice way to put it, brad, "unpleasant." i may
6:51 am
it is definitely coming through the camera. we see how terrible it is. right now, mother nature packing a powerful punch up and down the country, and as we have been reporting, that includes in our area. larry: suzanne kennedy is live right now. suzanne: here is something i thought before but never actually said -- boy, am i glad not to be brad bell, because that sounds miserable. it is windy where i am right now. gotcan see route 5 has police responding to an incident. we have seen a car going the wrong way on the other side of the roadway this morning, so it is a tricky morning out here for drivers. day, we this time of would see a lot of traffic care, route 5 heading northbound into the downtown area, but you can see lighter than normal traffic. we are seeing traffic moving at normally hosted speeds -- that is just not a good idea out here on the roadways.
6:52 am
you can see there is a plow truck moving down the maryland state highway. the administration is obviously very hard at work. there are two vehicles coming through right now. they have been treating with salt and with sand in order to get the roadways safe for people as they do have to go in. in the county we are in right now, there is no school. that is good news. the feds are on a two-hour delay, so a lot of people may be getting a late start today. the situation out here in waldorf, again, blowing snow. reporting live this morning, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." larry: abc 7 always on your side. download our free stormwatch 7 app to get the latest forecast and delays right on your phone. autria: you could still be a winner -- maybe not in the weather department -- but no one million jackpot, which means it goes to $550 million, and of course the number is expected
6:53 am
before the next drawing this weekend. larry: good, because i did not win. autria: i mean, we are all here. $550 million sounds so much better, doesn't it? veronica: we are all about the numbers here. snowfall come on the lighter side, smaller side of things. , you are seeing the white and the blue, that is no. -- snow. willork city, boston, they see snow. snow in this corridor in the northeast, blowing, drifting snow and airport delays. it is still intensifying in fact. that little knowledge off to the east means that hopefully it will be out of here at little sooner. still tracking 49:00 a.m. till around noon today. the snow could move out it could hang out longer with our friends down to the south in waldorf. also ir
6:54 am
city, lighter amounts where the snow is further east now. d.c. down toward quantico, leonardtown, you get about two to four inches of snowfall today. we are at 24 degrees at reagan national. it is definitely blowing and cold, bitter cold, 9 degrees the wind chill temperature. temperatures stay flat today, right in the mid to upper 20's. wind-chill advisory for tomorrow morning covers the area. you can check how cold it will be. the next storm, by the way, bringing us rain, and it could get icy on tuesday morning. late tonight as we see the conditions out there really starting to freeze hard once the sunsets. with more on that, let's go to julie wright. julie: right now, veronica, you will find slowdowns around the capital beltway you continue to work your way around, even though around the beltway, it is in better shape than some of
6:55 am
at least. a crash northbound real one near croom road, that is reporting along the right side of the highway. also used on 50 at route boulevard. that is tying up -- rowe boulevard. that is tying up the left side of the highway. again, those ramps are definitely slick. we are encouraging folks to slow down. road,rthbound at5 rive they are pushing you to the right. if you can stay put, that will be in your best interest. for those who have to be on the roads, be be prepared. it is a slow ride. we are seeing tweets coming and saying it is just nasty out here this morning. northbound 95 before you reach rightes, this rock on the side -- rec on the right side involving a car that spun out the wrong way. b
6:56 am
e patient out there, give yourself extra time, and slow down. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes, and we will talk about your ride in silver spring. larry: it is crazy no matter how you try to travel. unfortunately, federal government aside, most people do have to get up and get out and get to work today. our kidd o'shea is live with how folks are doing it. kidd: a little bit of a different story here than what we have been seeing from johnny and suzanne and brad. in fact, it is light flurries. at times, it seems like it is not even snowing. people coming off of metro just fine here. i want to show you the sidewalk across the street here. you can see it has already been cleared off, and it is completely clear. nn has her food truck set up. she comes out here at 4:00 a.m. to make sure she is set up for her customers. right now, it is time for your 60 second express. sec. sanders: i think furious, disgusted would certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims. >>
6:57 am
bannon call a meeting between donald trump, jr. and a russian lawyer "treasonous." >> ocean city under a blizzard warning. >> that is exactly what it feels like. larry: the storm already having a big impact here at the airport. >> a lot of snow covered roads. we can really feel the car kind of fishtailing. >> it is varied dry snow, not a lot of moisture or precipitation. you can see people -- how is it driving? john: it is really cold out here in calvert county. autria: mrs. codec, the husky
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
that major winter bomb cyclone of snow and ice exploding right now. slamming the east coast. blizzard warnings from north carolina to maine. cars spinning out this morning. a police officer rescued and ice possibly causing this train derailment down south as parts of the atlantic ocean freeze over. schools in new york, philly and boston shut down. thousands of flights canceled. now more than a foot of snow is coming and the coldest air of the season is moving in. we're live up and down the coast tracking this monster storm. and a storm brewing in the white house over that bombshell new book. president trump's lawyers demand steve bannon cease and desist after the f


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