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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 5, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> abc7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: an absolute mess at dulles airport, thousands stranded after their flights were diverted due to that storm that slammed the east coast. let's go to sam sweeney. sam: an unprecedented scene at the
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down to accommodate all of these stranded airplanes. they finally got them empty late last night, people coming in from moscow, argentina, people brought into the terminal and there was no help because a number of these airlines do not actually have service at the less, so they had no -- dulles, so they had no staff to handle it. the metropolitan airport authority did a wonderful job. many people were sleeping on boxes, but the airport staff got them food and blankets to get them through the night. some people chose to go hotels. a number of them were put on buses up to jfk without their luggage and it could be days before their passengers see their luggage. we just did a tour of the tarmac and we will have another report coming up at 4:00. reporting live, sam sweeney. adrianna: let's get to some live pictures of new york city
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a lot of passengers are trying to get to. the streets are not doing too bad at this hour. it is another story for boston. these images are breathtaking. streets turned into icy waterways, homes and businesses flooded by several feet of water. that water froze in place, trapping entire streets of cars. closer to home, ocean city was one of the hardest hit areas with snow, ryan hughes is there with more on their dig out today. let's get a check on the forecast with steve. it has been a good day to chill out and relax. we can't thought out because it is really cold. steve: we can't thaw out. dress in layers. the hands, the head, make sure you wear something really warm if you are waiting at the metro stop. wind-chill advisory set to go into effect at 6:00 p.m. this evening into tomorrow midday. temperatures out
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, 30-35 miles per hour wind gusts giving us feels-like temperature in the single digits. 3 in leesburg. -1 in gaithersburg. -2 in frederick. wind chills through the afternoon hours, not a tremendous improvement as we move into the evening. only around three or four degrees. we will see the wind begins to pick up a little bit and we will see temperatures going to remain well below average for the next 48 hours. some relief on the seven-day. let's go to ocean city, where ryan hughes is in the major -- middle of a major dig out. ocean city is digging out, trading sand for snow as they are getting pounded by the latest storm. blowing,nd was
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, the snow was going sideways. ,yan: for the first time barbara is venturing out after shoveling her driveway. she wanted to take a picture of paradise frozen over. >> heavy yesterday, blowing yesterday. it is heavier. ryan: the boardwalk is buried in the ocean is crashing into the frigid pier. joe theobald is the director of emergency services. >> right now, people can stay safe. the roads are still treacherous. public works has been working nonstop. made its way down the boardwalk to try to clear a path, but the snow is stacked high because of a lot of wind. are 3-4these snowdrifts feet. one is as high as 60. the roads around the coastal town is still packed snow and ice. on our drive to the eastern shore, we saw a truck being pull o
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the roads are dangerous and folks are waiting for a warm-up to get back to normal. >> they do a great job. i would say in another day or two, pretty much everything will be back to normal. ryan: in ocean city, ryan hughes. adrianna: remember to stay connected nomad matter what the weather brings. download our free weather app for the latest. right now, a new tell-all book about president trump is causing a firestorm at the white house. it is on sale nationwide. went on sale at midnight ahead of its release date. it's parked if you'd between president trump and steve bannon. -- it sparked a few between president -- feud between president trump and steve bannon. customertomer after walked away empty-handed when they read the sign
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already amazon's bestseller, it will take 1-2 months to ship. sold out in 20 minutes at kramer books. >> nobody expected the president to respond to it. john: fire and fury: inside the tell-allte house is a book blasting the trump administration and family. >> completely tabloid gossip full of false and fraudulent claims. quotes from steve bannon calling a meeting with the russian lawyer and trump "treasonous and unpatriotic." another band" calls -- bannon calls ivanka trump "dumb as a brick." the president says the book is ofl of lies, accusing wolff malice, saying he had zero acss
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mr. president? >> he called me a great man last night. he changed his tune pretty quick. john: wolff has been criticized in the past for wrong facts and misquotes in some of the books he has written. regardless, americans are intrigued. former white house press secretary sean spicer insists nothing inappropriate or illegal to lace during the campaign. spicer also defended the administration's firing of fbi director james comey. >> i think in regard to the firing of james comey, it is clear the president has the authority to fire anyone within the federal government he sees fit is not doing the duty appropriate for that job. adrianna: he went on to deny any collusion between the trump campaign and russia. he left the white house last summer.
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that help ease tensions between north and south korea. south korea says the north has agreed to hold formal talks for the first time in two years, weeks before the winter olympics in seoul. the talks will focus on cooperating during the games. u.s.outh korea and the have announced they will end demonstrations. woman accusedound of murdering her mother. nearly $1 billion up for grabs. the latest lotto fever sweeping the nation. first, a quick check of traffic with eric smith. afternoon. and mostly quiet ride around our nation's capital. a check on the capital beltway on the outer loop near kenilworth avenue. it is going to be a vehicle fire
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we will see a bit more of that jam as we roll back before the baltimore-washington parkway. those outer loop delays are pretty heavy at the moment. inner loop traffic slows down, take a look at the fire activity. 270, looking pretty good at gaithersburg southbound past montgomery village. you do have a work zone in the right lane. a bit of a jim out of germantown. overall, not too bad. overall, we are still in great shape. road conditions are fine. busy ride over the 14th street bridge into the district. westbound through vienna, looking pretty white on the roadways, that is all just salt, though. you are looking very good and nothing is slowing down all too much.
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adrianna: police have charged two teenagers with stealing dozens of packages from porches. detectives identify the 17-year-olds after being recorded on home security systems. the packages included gifts for children. most of the items have been returned. a 12-year-old girl killed in a sledding accident near richmond. sled headed toa the street when she went into the path of a truck and the driver could not stop in time. this, thatgets like hill is a sheet of ice. vdot does not get to it soon enough. we
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any of the kids sledding on that hill at all because they can't see the cars coming this way. no word whether the driver will face charges. several fast-moving fires knocked out power to people in new work, new jersey -- newark, new jersey. crews from neighboring departments were called in to help and give firefighters a break during the cold weather. no one was seriously hurt. alert for 39 sears stores and 64 kmart stores nationwide will be closing this may. sears would not say how many employees would be affected, but did say the majority of those jobs are part-time positions. liquidation sales begin as early as january 12. life time fitness is blocking cable news channels from tv monitors in its facilities. it is based in minnesota. a representative said there were many member requests leading up
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its mission to promote healthy lifestyles. cnbcfox news, msnbc, and are the stations getting blocked. local news stations are going to be available. city, mix up at a yuba california gas station causing major problems for drivers. a fuel delivery truck accidentally put diesel and premium fuel in the wrong tanks. a dozen customers used the fuel. damages could cost up to $800 per car. the gas station owner says he is reaching out to the delivery company so the drivers can get compensated. get your tickets ready, your dream of becoming a make a millionaire is still alive with $445 million up for grabs tonight. smooth $277ion, a million. the megamillion sent powerball jackpots are each higher than $400 million for the first time. today's powerball jackpot is
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if you win both, $995 million. meet one of the luckiest guys in ashburn. he thought he won $600 on a lottery ticket and found out he won $1 million. his ticket matched the first five numbers in the drawing. he just missed the powerball. not too bad. to start the new year. thought you had $600, you got $1 million. a house, car, everything. steve: talk about winning powerball and mega millions. how lucky. adrianna: it is one in 48 quadrillion. if you don't play, it is zero. steve: our odds are working in our favor that we are going to see warmer temperatures. we are in the really cold right now. cold again tomorrow. and on sunday. next week, we turn that corner.
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outside, a little bit of light snow at belle haven country club. temperatures are cold. if you are going to be out later on this afternoon into the evening hours, this afternoon, the sunglasses. dress in layers. after you get a little bit warm, shed a layer at a time. 19 degrees at reagan national. not much higher than that this afternoon. the wind is sustained at 20 miles per hour. temperatures across the board, 15, gaithersburg. 16, frederick. 22 mile-per-hour wind gusts at warrenton. 35 at reagan national airport. that's what gives us those feels like temperatures in the single digits to below zero. it feels like five below in winchester. i want to show you the stormwatch7 satellite radar.
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i-81. looking good out there for this afternoon if you don't mind the cold temperatures. you are going to be fine. upper teens to around 20 degrees. those feels like temperatures will only be around three or four degrees moving through the late afternoon hours and then we drop off to well below zero. evening rush-hour commute is what we have out there. look at the sunset time. gettingylight hours now a little bit longer. wind-chill advisory, a new one, 6:00 p.m. this evening through the overnight. that is set to expire tomorrow afternoon. the metro area and off to the north and west of us also included. here is our forecast tonight. to 9 degrees overnight. highs tomorrow similar today, in the upper teens.
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, as we move through what it is going to feel like with wind chill's, they come back into the single digits and we could be close to record-breaking temperatures, early sunday at all three local airports. here is your seven-day outlook. how about a warm up? lower 40's into the middle of next week. hopefully once we get through next week we are going to see another cool down and then another warm-up. better weather on the way. adrianna: thanks so much, steve. tonight, the exclusive story about how a young wheelchair-bound woman treated for several and mrs. -- illnesses ended up in prison for the murder of her own mother. the focus on gypsy road blanchard. so good to have you with us, amy . i recall the situation as it unfolded and i remember it being one of the greatest cons i had ever seen. >> it was one of the most shocking s
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even more shocking as we dug deeper into the story because what you thought you knew about the story is so much more. there are so many twists and turns. at first glance, it seems to be that you had this mother-daughter relationship where you had a very sick young girl and a very doting, devoted mom, who was there to help her through her potentially terminal illnesses. the mother ends up dead and gypsy rose ends up being charged with her murder. finding out how you get from point a to point b is really astounding. onlinea: she met someone , this is after her mother kept her isolated from the outside world, and that person was involved in the murder here, but is it any clearer who was in charge or whose idea or who can take full blame? >> there is a lo
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pleaded to a lesser charge of second-degree murder and is serving time for that, but her online boyfriend is still awaiting trial and he has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and i spoke with him again actually this morning talking to him about his role in this and he claims that gypsy rose was the mastermind and gypsy rose says that she believes there is a difference between asking someone to kill someone and actually doing the deed. you will hear from both of them and what they think about their roles and who was to blame for the murder of didi blanchard. adrianna: is there any remorse on gypsy rose's part? >> there is. i asked her exactly that, did she feel remorse for what she had done, what she had contributed to? i asked her what she would say to her mother. now. she told me very simply,
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so sorry." adrianna: i can't wait to see it. that airs tonight at 10:00 on "20/20." >> thank you, adrianna. adrianna: we have much more straight ahead. here's a preview of the news at 5:00 -- >> good afternoon, everyone. she is searching for a cure for a rare disease. there are only 100 known cases in the world and her child is one of them. >> it is going to get worse over time. >> tonight, alison starling introduces us to tonight's working woman, a mother fighting desperately for her own daughter your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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recovering from brain surgery after he was injured in a fall. he underwent surgery. >> surgery was performed after two days in the hospital and i came home to start recovery. adrianna: he had trebek -- surgery to remove blood clots on his brain. willgs of "jeopardy!" continue this month as scheduled and he is expected to make a full recovery. it is dangerously cold out there. when c
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adrianna: we are all looking forward to monday. steve: it is going to feel a lot better out there, folks. adrianna: look, 40 degrees. steve: that is 20 degrees warmer than today and tomorrow. and only the upper teens. a chance for a wintry mix on monday. by tuesday, we are in the lower 40's. 40-45 degrees compared to windchill factors that are -5 to -15, that is a big swing. adrianna: in the right direction. autria: closer to summer. adrianna:
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but prevagen helps your brain th an ingredient. iginally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> you are watching abc7 news at noon, on your side. northeastmuch of the is recovering from the first
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places like boston not only got hit with massive amounts of snow, but flooding caused major problems. maggie rulli with more on the winter blast that left several areas cripple. >> a bitter cold is gripping the east coast. with temperatures that feel like -15 or more spreading from the midwest to the northeast, even florida scrambling to do with windchills below zero. schools up and down the coast are closed, many for a second straight day. sanitation crews salt the roads trying to stay ahead of what has becoming -- become a deadly ice situation. roads made worse by the monster storm yesterday. >> i can't see it. oh no. >> in boston, and historic storm surge flooded the city, freezing everything in its path. >> this happened in a matter of 45 minutes. >> lifeboats and a tractor used to rescue people from the
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floodwaters. in new york, the coast guard cutter was needed to break up ice in the hudson river. at the airports, travelers are met with bitter cold and long lines. >> we are stuck here another day. >> jfk reopened after suspending 3000 flights. in orlando, a rare sight, a plane getting deiced. even the animals seem to have had enough. areain as -- iguanas literally falling from the trees in florida, literally crippled by the cold. surfers hanging 10 in the middle of a blizzard. it is supposed to be colder tomorrow with windchills approaching -50 in new england and even getting below zero in north carolina. adrianna: right now as a result of that monster storm, thousands are stuck at dulles after the flights were diverted. sam sweeney is there with flyers trying to get home. sam:
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better at dulles. most of the passengers stranded overnight went on buses to jfk early this morning. take a look at what the scene looks like. some of these people were sleeping on boxes, their bags stuck on the plane, roughly 20 planes diverted that were supposed to go to new york area airports. many don't have service you normally, so the airlines have no staff here. the metropolitan airport authority got people off the planes, some were stuck for several hours, but they got them fed, blankets, and pillows and were able to accommodate them through the night and then get them on buses up to new york. on the runway, multiple planes out there that are parked. they had to shut down runway 19 to accommodate the additional airplanes. they just simply did not have enough room for all of these widebodied planes with hundreds of people on board. again, the situation is improving. most of the stranded passengers
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have now left for new york. reporting at dulles, sam sweeney. adrianna: now to where weather, the snow was gone, but we are in the middle of a brutal cold spell. steve is here with a check of the forecast. steve: the gusty winds only making it feel colder out there as we move through the afternoon hours. even though we have bright sunshine, do not be fooled. at 30 miles per hour. not quite as brisk off i-81. per between 15 and 20 miles hour. it feels like temperatures around the area are in lower single-digit's. looking at -2 in frederick and -3 in andrews. you are going to want to bundle up. those windchill factors are only going to stay around 2-4 degrees. coming out in a few minutes, talk about the weekend, it is going to start up really cold, but we do have a warmingre
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adrianna: frigid temperatures mean trouble for your part. aaa has been swamped with calls all week long. suzanne kennedy has been riding along with the cruise today with tips you need to stay safe on the roads. suzanne: this has been an extremely busy two-week period for aaa mid-atlantic. they have gotten a lot of calls, 61,000 four service, during that period. that is an increase over last year. workedo martinez has many of those calls, from dead batteries to present batteries that have to be replaced every along for a few calls. the door locked. >> i don't often do that. suzanne: it did not work out as well as you hoped. >> no, it didn't. suzanne: this volkswagen
12:35 pm
had a rough start when his jet up would not turn over -- jetta would not turnover in the rough temperatures. >> i was like great. [laughter] suzanne: martinez says there are two things you should do this weekend. >> definitely have your battery checked. you don't want to get stranded somewhere. the second thing you would want to do is make sure you have warm clothes with you, an extra pair of shoes, so that while you are waiting for service, you stay warm. suzanne: even if you are not going out this weekend, remember to start your car and let it run for a minute or two so you won't end up with a dead battery come monday morning. abc7 news. adrianna: montgomery county fire officials have issued another warning about types in your home ipes in your home in this frigid weather. over the past week, crews have scrambled to homes responded to multiple types burst. temperatures
12:36 pm
firefighters expect to get more calls from homeowners. open the bottom underneath your kitchen sink. you can also allow a small amount of water to trickle through the pipes. leave your thermostat above 55 degrees if you are away. stay connected no matter what the weather brings. download our free app for the latest forecast and school closings. right now, the white house is dealing with the fallout from that book "fire and. ." -- "fire and fury." they are facing new questions about the president's mental fitness. >> already on the best seller list, fire and fury is fueling questions about whether president trump is it to serve. on "the today show," michael wolff said those around the president have concerns about his mental stability. theet me put a marker in sand here, 100% of the people around him. >> the white house has pushed back. >>
12:37 pm
laughable -- if he was unfit, he probably would not be sitting there. >> the president sounded off, tweeting the book is full of lies, misrepresentations, and sources that don't exist. abc news has not confirmed the claims in fire and fury. one of the person in the book says sources were true, but taken out of context. >> i think anecdotes may be true, but the problem with this book as with many stories is that if it is 10% or 20% or 70% that isn't true, the reader is not left to know which is true and which is not. >> the white house is facing new allegations the president attempted to interfere with the russia investigation "the new york times" reports that president trump asta's top lawyer to stop jeff sessions from recusing himself. he did lobby sessions, but was unsuccessful.
12:38 pm
"the new york times" also reports days before fbi director comey was fired, sessions sent to see to capitol hill if there was dirt on comey. the justice department disputes that report. abc news, washington. adrianna: today is the last day people will be able to take their personal cell phones into the west wing. that includes staffers and guests. instead, all communication will be done on government-issued devices. the white house has denied it is meant to stop leaks on the heels of that book release. it says that policy has been in the works more than six months and it is unclear if it also applies to president trump. a monumental meeting next week could help ease tensions between north and south korea. south korea says the north has agreed to talks for the first time in two years just weeks before the winter olympics in seoul and the talks will focus on cooperation during the games.
12:39 pm
agreed to stop joint military exercises until the olympics are over. the drama surrounding the race for the 28th district of virginia continues. is scheduled to hear arguments. some democrats are asking the judge to prevent the seating of bob thomas. he beat the democrat josh cole by 73 votes. in the stafford area, dozens of voters cast ballots in the wrong race. this hearing comes a day after david yancey won the 94th district after a random drawing. coming up, who wants to be a mega millionaire? details on your chances to take home not one, but two lottery jackpots this
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>> you are watching abc7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: back with an abc news exclusive. gretchen carlson, the former miss america who took on sexual harassment at fox news, has taken the reins of the miss america organization. after its own scandal, she is on a mission to modernize it. her first interview >> since taking over. miss america is gretchen carlson! >> in 1989, former fox news anchor gretchen carlson taking home the crown at the miss america pageant and now almost three decades later, she is at the helm. >> i had to check this, chairwoman of the miss america organization. that is your official title? >> that is my official title right now. >> how does that feel? >> it feels incredibly empowering. but i look at this as a call of duty.
12:43 pm
it is a huge undertaking. for me, being a former miss america, i felt compelled to come back to help the program. >> compelled to help because the organization is reeling from a crisis. the former ceo and other top executives recently resigning after leak emails were sent to "the huffington post" exposing alleged sexist and lewd comments about past winners. the emails are conveniently edited and the events are not described, haskell says. >> i was shocked. it was appalling. part of me also knows, after my life over the last 18 months, that this kind of behavior is prevalent, unfortunately. >> on twitter, you called out there than pageant ceo sam haskell and some of his associates for making those older and inappropriate comments about former winners and contestants, yourself included, and you said the only solution
12:44 pm
resign who are aware of these emails. now that you are in charge, are you satisfied with who is on the board? >> we are a work in progress on this board. right now, the board is very small. [laughter] >> we need to add people to it. currently, the board is made up, the majority of us are all former miss americas. i find that incredibly empowering in this #metoo movement, that some of the women who were allegedly maligned in the emails are now running the place. >> and a former justice, as well -- form of justice, as well? onwhen i jumped off my cliff the sexual harassment story 18 months ago, that was a lonely experience, but look at what happened when the gift of courage kept on being passed on. we formed a collective voice and look where we are today in a sunol me -- tsu
12:45 pm
nami. for disclosure >>, i was in the miss america pageant system, did not get quite as far as you did. i was a runner-up to miss georgia. is the idea of a successful young woman parading around in a swimsuit on stage to be judged by her physical appearance, which you and i both subjected ourselves to, is that outdated? ideasave so many great for this organization and i will be talking about all of those with all of the other board members and the eventual ceo and staff of miss america, so what i would love to say about that is please stay tuned because i plan to make this organization 100% about empowering women. >> changes are coming. >> changes are coming. >> big changes? >> potentially big changes. >> it was 18 months ago that
12:46 pm
harassment. your book tackles the issues of sexual harassment in the workplace, it helped so many women find their own personal courage to stand up and tell their stories. are you the voice of the voiceless? >> well, i guess i am. i never intended to be. but i feel overwhelmed that i have been able to help so many other women. adrianna: there you have it. 19 -- talking about these 18-degree temperatures. steve: for daytime highs. normally, we would see that in the overnight hours. we will flip that around and turn things around big-time as we head into early next week. if you don't like the cold weather, there is something better on the way. there is always something better. it can't be like this forever. in delaware, several inches of snow yesterday
12:47 pm
now, clear blue skies. it is cold out there. reagan national reporting it at 19 degrees with a feels-like temperature of 3. if you are going to be out and about, you are going to want to bundle up. 15 in gaithersburg. 21, manassas. even off to the west of us, it is a cold day out there. we have wind gusts upwards of 25 to 35 miles per hour. wind gusts at 37 miles per hour. that is what is giving us these windchill factors that range from four or five below zero to just around 10 or 15 degrees above zero off for the south and west of us. stormwatch7 satellite and radar, lots of sunshine out there right now and we are going to stay mainly clear as we move through the evening hours. for this afternoon, temperatures that are not going to move a whole lot. teens to close to 20 degrees. windchill factors hovering around
12:48 pm
the rush-hour commute, no problems other than the cold. it is not going to be quite as windy as it was last night. look at that sunset time. 6:00 tonight, that wind-chill advisory goes into effect. it includes the district. arlington, alexandria come all of southern maryland. it extends through the overnight hours. it will expire around the noon time and windchill factors for tonight around -5 to -15 with winds out of the northwest. actual air temperatures range from 3 to 9 degrees. we are that cold. it pretty much all feels the same. temperatures tomorrow, it is going to be cold. dress in layers. don't forget the sunglasses. once again, that wind-chill advisory until noon mo
12:49 pm
tomorrow night. if you do have plans on saturday evening, bundle up and stay as cold for the morning hours. we could see record-challenging low temperatures come early sunday morning at reagan national, dulles, and bwi, and marshall. temperaturesesday, in the 40's. we rebound into the middle 40's by the middle and end of next week. adrianna: one thing heating up on this cold winter day, lottery fever. machines will take tonight's numbers and the powerball is up to $570 million, which means there is over $1 billion up for grabs. diane is here with more. >> the dream of wealth is driving people to gas stations and convenience stores hoping they have the lucky numbers. it has been more than two months since anyone has won the mega millions or powerball jackpots. now, those jackpots are some of the largest
12:50 pm
you are lucky enough to win both? your haul would be a whopping $995 million, the second biggest payout in votto history, so what history, so lotto what do you do if you win? >> we just kept quiet. just acted normal. >> if you hope to remain anonymous, don't sign the ticket right away, but be sure to put it in a safe place. >> whoever signs the back of the ticket is the individual that has to claim the ticket. >> take your time before making any huge decisions like quitting your job. >> as you can see, miracles do happen. >> a group of factory workers nicknamed the tendency 20 won $420 million. over a year later, two of them are still working, while another tells abc news she has been able to pay it forward to people in need, including her own family. >> to see my family in better shape is a blessing. adrianna:
12:51 pm
luckiest guys in ashburn. he thought he won $600 on a lottery ticket, but he actually won $1 million. his ticket matched the first five numbers of the drawing, but he just missed the powerball. coming up at noon, the warning you need to know about before buying a new batch of (male #1) it's a little something
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all i did was make a phone call and all of my questions about the colonial penn program were answered. it couldn't have been any easier and we both got the coverage we should have had for years now. mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) adrianna: now to a health alert about romain lettuce. it could be linked to e. coli cases. states have 31 become sick, including one person in virginia. two people have died, one
12:54 pm
canada. five people in the u.s. have been hospitalized. 58 people fell ill from this in the u.s. and canada. there is not get enough evidence to indicate the source of the inyes in the -- illness the u.s., but avoid romaine lettuce for now. find out if this bitter cold
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piece of tuna was sold in tokyo. the buyer with a sushi restaurant owner. this was the highest bid in the final new year's auction held in the fish market. that sucker is huge. steve: wow. $300,000. let's talk about the cold weekend. steve: it is going to be cold today, a repeat tomorrow. then we turned the corner on sunday. still below average. only around 25 on sunday. 15 degrees warmer. that is what i plan on seeing on monday. lower 40's come tuesday. a chance for showers early on. lower 40's on wednesday, mid 40's on thursday. look at those nighttime lows. single digits to close to 35 degrees. that is a nice swing on the way. they will be here today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 to give you an update on wind-chill advisory set to go into effect tonight at 6:00
12:58 pm
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let's -- get -- cooking! it's a whole new year, and we're helping you stay on track with our exclusive resolution game plan. michael's the got the lightened up family favorite you asked for. then, clinton is teaming up with author and wellness expert dave zinczenko to make a perfect pasta sensation. plus, i've got tasty tips for two busy parents. >> boo-yah! >> we're taking you to your 2018 happy place, right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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