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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in years as wind chills drop below zero. alison: relief from the cold is on the horizon but not until after the weekend. the team coverage begins right now. michelle: transportation reporter sam sweeney is at dulles international airport. maryland bureau chief brad bell with a look at the infrastructure reaching the literal breaking point. nancy: our entire "7 on your side" team will help you manage the cold snap but we begin with chief meteorologist bill kelly and the potential for cold, cold record setting cold. bill: you hit nail on the head. record-setting cold. if you look to bethesda, you have an icy pond on the golf course but let's get to the forecast. we are going 9 in d.c. 5 around dulles. 4 for b.w.i. if you look at the records in baltimore. we could tie the record or break it. same with dulles. record at reagan will stand at 2 degrees. but either way beyond cold tonight. we are south of the freezing mark. it
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still, dealing with the wind gusts 25 to 35 around the area. so the feels like temperature as i say, the one important for you and your family with when you go out and how to prepare we are minus 1 in andrews. 4 in d.c. minus 3 in winchester. minus 4 around hagerstown. the numbers are not moving much. we keep them in the teens. clear, beautiful from the inside looking out but it gets bone chilling. i see am whatup in sight but not for a -- i see a warmup in sight but not for a few days. >> remarkable scene at dulles. jumbo jets lined up who were diverted to virginia in the blizzard, all packed with passengers. abc7's transportation reporter sam sweeney is at dulles with the stranded passengers. sam, what a long day. sam: it's been chaotic 24 hours. many jumbo jets were diverted to dulles.
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ranch. a lot of the airlines don't service dulles. they had no staff to help the passengers. no one to unload the bags. it made for confusing moments overnight. overnight the passengers slept on cardboard boxes. the staff handed out blankets and pillows. in the morning they gave out doughnut and coffee. after 30 to 40 hours of travel for most of the passengers it was a living nightmare for fliers. she came from paris and thought she was landing in new york city. >> we didn't have anywhere to go. they just left us. >> from moscow to new york. got diverted to washington, d.c. sam: back inside the terminal there were no staff for the foreign carriers means no one was able to get the luggage off the plane. no help with the future flights or hotels. >> representatives shut the doors and called the pol
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>> trying to get the people, representative last night literally walked out in front of everyone. >> by late this morning the metropolitan airport authority chartered buses to j.f.k. but everyone left without their luggage. most of the stranded passengers are on the way to new york city. if they have not already arrived, when they will get the luggage it could be days. for the jumbo jets sitting outside on the runway, there is no e.t.a. when they will get back in the air. reporting live at dulles airport, i'm sam sweeney. nancy: thank you. this is the world's largest passenger plane at one of new york's smallest airport. a runway just long enough for the air bus a-380 that came in from germany. the problem is it doesn't actually have a gate that can reach the door. so they had to bring in a stairway truck through the snow to get the passengers off the plane. michelle: at least they are at
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temperatures plummeted again overnight. this time below 10 degrees. it's literally things we rely on like cars, water and so much more to the breaking point. abc7 maryland bureau chief brad bell with affects of the winter blast. brad? brad: when it gets this cold, things freeze. the water main, look at this. water main break on bladensburg road. you can see this coming out of the sidewalk. presumably a pipe is broken under the sidewalk. it's gushing. the crew waiting for the utility to show up to know where it is safe to dig. this is just one of about 100 they are going to deal with today. when it gets this cold, that is the sound of the season. across the region, crews are scrambling to repair water main breaks. the numbers are
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>> the last couple of days we have had a hundred water main breaks each day. we are at 70 today. we are repairing between 50 to 60 a day. brad: that is just at wssc. each local water supplier is working hard. we found this crew shivering for repair of a broken main in northwest, near the watergate. >> it's freezing. brad: dale lives nearby and says he hasn't had water for three days. >> edon't have bathrooms or kitchens that work. it's really cold. not a lot of fun. no water working. brad: when it's this cold it's not fun for a lot of people. in bowie keith butler had to shovel snow but couldn't find his gloves. >> very cold. brad: consider the vital jobs sanitation worker kraemer butler does. he is out in the weather. he is not complaining. >> i have extra clothes on. i have three pairs of pants on. three pairs of socks and two
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hats. brad: bottle of water, pour it on a metal fence. that is frozen almost instantly. it's that cold. we will be back at 5:00 with what this means and what things like this mean in your home. brentwood, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: wow! so many people working outside today. thank you. i have a lot of the counties including d.c. have issued hypothermia alerts. the city wants you to call their hypothermia hotline if you need it or call 311 if you see a homeless person. this is so everyone has a warm place to be tonight. we posted the information online. and you can find it on the abc7 news app. another note here because today montgomery county fire officials issued another warning about the pipes in your home in this frigid weather. over the past week, crews scrambled to multiple pipe bursts in the area. open the bottom cabinet underneath the kitch
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and that can allow warm air in. you can also allow a small amount of water to trickle through the pipes to help, too. if you are away, leave your thermostat above 55 degrees. nancy: sad news to pass along this afternoon. after a 9-year-old girl died in a sledding accident in chester, virginia. she went down a private driveway but slid into a street and a truck driver simply could not stop in time. the chesterfield county police are investigating but there is no word if the pickup driver will be charged. today some schools were closed because of the cold. others were open on a delay. while others went on as usual. richard reeve reports that one county took the unusual step to explain why who absolutely needed to show up today. rich? richard: that is right. in jefferson county, west virginia, a two-hour delay. here is why. check it out. 16 degrees right now. this morning, even colder. now
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let the kids come to school later, maybe warmer. but also gave very important programs to kids in need. on a bitter cold day like this, students at the elementary school are finding warm comfort and caring. the main reason for the two-hour delay is this and other schools in the district are the primary source of food for nearly 3,400 students who receive breakfast and lunch. on friday, at this school alone, some 40 backpacks of food are sent home to families in need. there are hundreds of donated coats in the library closet. ready in case a child doesn't have one. the delay helps the kids dealing with the weather but keeping the school open helps many from going hungry or cold this season. >> they have the jackets, helping them out. giving them breakfast and lunch. they are taken care of no matter
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richard: a parent told me they consider this not just a school but also a community. coming up at 5:00, how this program is saving not just pocketbooks but also possibly lives. live from jefferson county, west virginia, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. abc7 learned alexandria schools will be closed tomorrow. saturday. that is no extracurriculars. we're the closing headquarters. be the first to know if your school is closed subscribing to the abc7 text alert. jonathan: firefighters have to -- alison: firefighters have to work through the cold day. the back of a home you can see here was burned out on cavalier corridor. we are told everyone got out in time. michelle: tracking breaking news from the southwest d.c. water front. one of the fish market barges is now taking on water. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there now as they work to pump the water back in the river. what is the latest, s
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sam: this is good news. this is a process. it started at 7:00 this morning. you can look over here. you can see the water pouring out of the hose. the green hose over there. water is pouring out of a hose. apparently according to the owner the low tide here was the reason for it. caused this barge to come loose, tilt. water came in the barge. at which point they were trying to pump the water out of here. they went to the fire department seeking help. the fire department brought the fire boat in thinking they could help. but because of the icy situation, washed ice up on the boat. right now they are saying that the barge that tipped is apparently righted itself. and the owner here as you look down here, this is billy white who is the owner. he is a very happy man right now. this is over with at this point.
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we're good. all because of the low tide. >> he said it's the lowest tide in 47 years. he is a happy person that it seems to be back. they will go back in business shortly. reporting live from southwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. lindsey: i'm lindsey mastis at the "live desk." we just learned that fairfax county police are investigating a red robin employee. he is accused of using a cell phone to film a 15-year-old boy in the bathroom of the restaurant. in the fair lakes shopping center. allegedly it happened december 26. the suspect is 17 years old so the identity is not released and charges are pending. police are asking if you think you may be a victim to call them. also breaking right now, the state's attorney in charles county is having a news conference to announce that carlos bell is pleading guilty to child sex abuse. he is the former school aide with hiv accused of sexually abusing students. kevin
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coming up at 5:00. at the "live desk," i'm lindsey mastis. nancy: thank you. we are following breaking news out of montgomery county. academy of the holy cross in kensington, a coach and a substitute teacher was terminated because of his role in the alt-right movement and the use of a state identity to hide involvement. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- update on "jeopardy"'s alex trebek. his injury and his return. nancy: the trump tell-all. the book the president doesn't want you to read and it's shelfed today. the early reviews as the bookstores here struggle to keep up with demand. >> i'm not going to comment on the special counsel or anything going on with respect to that. >> but they are opening up about the firing of james comey. another bombshell next. >> also ahead at
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coverage of the winter blast. we will take you inside the main water supply command center. they monitor our resources literally
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alison: alex trebek and the "jeopardy" team says you don't need to worry. he is having surgery
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blood clots from his brain after a fall. the tapings will continue this month. don't forget to watch at 7:30 on abc7. nancy: we learned president trump spoke with mitt romney who has been critical of romney in the past. he is expressing interest in running for senate in utah after orrin hatch announced he is retiring. trump urged hatch to run again. michelle: a tell-all book is on sale about president trump. the book by michael wolff sparked a feud between trump and steve bannon. he called bannon "sloppy steve." and now stores can't keep up in the book. >> they walked away after reading the sign sold out. >> i don't buy political books but this is
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>> the number one best seller and it will take two months to ship. >> nobody expected it to be this explosive. >> fire and fury inside the white house is a sellall book blasting the trump administration and family. >> steve bannon calling a meeting with the lawyer "treasonous" and "unpatriotic." another quote called ivanka trump dumb as a brick. president trump threatened legal action saying bannon violated non-disclosure employee contract and the president says the book is full of lies and accuses wolff of malice. saying he had zero access inside the white house.
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>> he called me a great man last night so he changed his tune quick. >> wolff has been accused of wrong facts before but regardless for this one, americans are intrigued. >> this is while the former white house press secretary sean spicer insists nothing inappropriate or illegal took place in the campaign. >> it's clear that the authority can fire anyone he sees fid isn't doing the duty appropriate for the job. >> he left the white house this past month. alison: outdoor dining is
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this time of year, right? but a bar owner thought they had come up with a creative alternative. lavetta installed plastic heated igloos out on the roof. >> they were two months until they were forced to take them down. >> it pushes them down. >> hundreds of people have them reserved throughout winter. >> i've been in one of those. it blocks some of the wind but it doesn't negate how cold it is. >> just go inside a bar where it's warm.
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>> we talk about the pets. this is jay korff who tweeted this. this is lucy. is loosely saying thank you for sweater but i look silly, what are you doing? i can't read the dog. >> mixture of both. bill: what i want you to do is tonight quiet weather. no snow. i want you to upload the photo of the pet. i want these on the air. always fun to put the pets on the air. we love to see that. this is what is going on. it's not the best beach day i suppose. this is a gorgeous live camera. still all the snow along the boardwalk and on the beach going to stick around with the temperatures like this. 20 at reagan. warmer spot. winds from the northwest at 22.
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that is the feels like. 4. it's 7 now. 19 for ocean city. the feels like the warmest on the map are the ones that are ten or 15 degree. there is a minus 12 around pittsburgh with the winds that will continue between roughly 15 to 30 miles per hour. so the overall big picture. gorgeous day. you are driving around. you have to have the sunglasses in if areas that are snow like southern maryland. the snow will reflect about 90% of the sunlight. so if you go skiing you have to lather up. it will bounce off the snow. so you have to wear sun screen. you can get burned. this is what it feels like. layer, layer, laye
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look a these numbers. it should be a beautiful day. but by 10:00, stop it at lunchtime. there is biting cold again. it will struggle to get to 10 degrees with the feels like tomorrow. we are not expecting anything else. we have a wind chill. the single digits. pushing the record tomorrow morning in many spots. talking about that earlier. up to 19, maybe 20 degrees on the daytime high. 25 on sunday. on monday we are watching a warm front. warmer air. there is a chance of a mix in the evening time frame. we will break that down in a little bit. 45 on tuesday. next week we will move to seasonable temperatures with the possibility, guys, on friday. i don't want to say the number. 50's.
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>> keep an eye on that. that looks great. thank you. nancy: starting a car in the cold. good luck with that. still ahead at 4:30. michelle: a.c.c. takes us along to help the commuters get up and running. >> getting up off the mat. meet our rising star
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michelle: tonight's rising star doesn't let a medical condition keep him off the wrestling mat. we look at how he is taking on two foes at the same time. >> nothing is given in wrestling. everything is earned. >> everything about the sport sucks except you get your hand raised. >> he can handle the ups and downs of the sport. since seventh grade he has been dealing with his own issue away from the mat. >> every day at practice, i run sprints and i start to wheeze. i couldn't breathe in. i couldn't push myself. >> he was diagnosed with zcd. the disorder playing sports don't mesh well. >> the vocal cords close up and doesn't allow you to breathe in. so i was getting no accident in my body. it caused me to fatigue
4:27 pm
out how to best manage the symptoms he is in a good place now. he hammet had major episodes in a few months. he performs daily breathing exercises which allows him to perform at a high level on the mat. >> he doesn't let adversity slow him down or anything get in way of what he wants to do. >> it might be putting the 17-year-old on the path to success. he wants to be a doctor. >> i wouldn't never had an interest in my body or think about the body processes. >> he will be ready for life's next takedown. nancy: we wish him well. a soldier's incredible journey and race against nature to make it home in time for his
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". >> with the cold temperatures, the washington sanitation commission monitoring the freezing
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they are tracking every change when the temperatures drop. melissa dipane? melissa: wssc says that the temperature of the potomac river is directly connected to water main breaks in the service area. the long cold snap has the techs on alert. >> even the smallest change in flow to the 1.8 million customers is monitoring and adjusted from this control center in laurel. one screen watched in the cold months is this one measuring the water temperature of two area rivers where wssc pulls its water. is there we treat water off the potomac river. so when the water comes through in the treatment process the colder the water, it will impact what goes out to the system. >> when the water temperature drops, these text start watching for water main breaks. >> a change in the temperature will cause a shock to the pipes. the coldest pipes, that is where u
4:32 pm
>> while the system can help keep an eye on the possibility of breaks. it can't tell where a break will happen. when the breaks occur, wssc depends on the public to call in to tell them when and where and what they see. >> we rely on the customers to call in to let us know when they see breaks in the system, or leaks or water out. >> they have 70 active breaks. melissa dipane, abc7 news. >> miserable out there. >> in the weather story now with bill kelly. sub zero wind chills is the big story. and how cold it will be. bill: we issue what we want. we want warm weather. last seen over the summer. hiding from the bomb cyclone. the reward is outdoor activity. if you have seen warm weather tell it
4:33 pm
biting cold. the winds are still because of the area of the low pressure that is off to the northeast this is drawing the winds in from the north/northwest. we are in between the minus 4 to the 4 degree range. that is right now when the sunshine is still out. beautiful, there is a lot of sunshine out there. there is a wind chill advisory in effect through tomorrow. this is 3 through 10:00. all sub zero tonight. remember your pets. i asked for you to post some of your pet pictures on the facebook page. quite a few came in. some of them are funny. i'll run them in a little bit. this is dangerously cold and you already know. don't put the guard down. it's still cold. th
4:34 pm
minutes. >> see you then. frigid temperatures mean trouble for the car. a.a.a. has been swamped with the calls all week long. our suzanne kennedy has been riding with the crews all day long with the tips that you need to know to stay safe on the roads. >> they have gotten 61,000 calls for service. >> they have worked many calls, from dead batteries to frozen batteries and it's wreaked havoc on the area vehicles. >> the car locked where the driver was heating up. >> i don't often do that but i thought this morning it would be a good idea. >> didn't work out as well as you hoped?
4:35 pm
>> no. >> there are two things to do for your car. >> have your battery checked. you don't want to get stranded. if you do the second thing you want to do is make sure that you have warm clothes and extra shoes. so while you wait for the service you will stay warm. >> even if you aren't going out, remember to start the car and let it run for a minute or two. hopefully you won't end up with a dead battery on monday morning. >> download the app so you can get updates. michelle: a woman on spirit airline flight says another passenger sexually assaulted her. police arrested a man when the flight landed in detroit and the woman told investigators it happene
4:36 pm
the man in the middle sleep. his wife was on the aisle. the judge ordered the suspect held without bail. nancy: new numbers, the economy added 148,000 jobs. >> a delivery driver may be looking for a new job. he put diesel and premium fuel in the front tanks. a dozen people say the cars were damaged as a result. >> fixing the damage will run each driver 5 to 800. the gas station owner hopes that they will compensate the drivers. expensive
4:37 pm
michelle: a computer chip is vulnerable and you probably have one. coming up, "7 on your side" with the security measure that you can take right now. >> plus, a soldier homecomeing from iraq to california hoping to witness the birth of his daughter. >> i'm glad. >> the miracle journey. halfway around the world. you won't
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nancy: we look at the extraordinary lengths a father took to be with his daughter. a week ago he was in iraq and his wife was about to go into labor. he took seven planes, made ten connections including one here in baltimore to reach california in time for his daughter to enter the world on new year's day. >> i'm glad that julia waited for me. that moment, having the first kid in the world, new year, it will be a very good year. nancy: he made it! he has 40 days at home before he redeploys. michelle: congratulations on all fronts. now to a bizarre story of survival. an eagle swooping down and snatching a dog out of a pennsylvania family's backyard. they saw it circling and didn't think anything of
4:41 pm
until the unthinkable happened. they posted zoe's picture on facebook. amazingly someone had found her alive. they were searching for the owners. >> ed the second thing i -- the second thing i see is monica and her granddaughter and zoe. >> people are good. there is good in the world. >> the owner is looking at buying special velcro outfits for animals that will undo if snatched. "7 on your side" next has a warning and protective measures to make sure you are not hacked. >> the snow stopped. now it's time to clean up. we take you back to here. the ocean city cleanup that
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michelle: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. the password and search history may be up for grabs. nancy: they found a weakness in chips powering most of our device
4:45 pm
and what is safe. nathan: i brought out devices to explain what is vulnerable or safe. the computers like this laptop and those at work vulnerable if powered by the intel chips. a lot of people buy them to assume they are safe from the exploits but they are also vulnerable to a newly discovered hack. every time you type in a password it's protected by the program. >> if you leak a password, why is it in the password. >> they discovered the weaknesses and the video provided by the research team show that t
4:46 pm
stolen as typed in. >> the researchers called this the meltdown. the second one was specter because it's not easy to fix and it will haunt the technology for some time. researchers createed a fix. >> we are happy that this got picked up by the intel and other companies. the good news is the u.s. and the u.k. do not report hackers that are exploiting the vulnerability yet. michelle: so stop clicking install later. thank you. all right. now to
4:47 pm
another hover board fire to show you. this is nebraska. this was one of the newest models. the woman who bought it for her daughter said she researched before buying. >> we went for this one because there was a fantasy battery that they mark it as safety of the battery. white thick smoke. nancy: we have been documenting the heroboard fires for years. you can see which ones have been recalled by going to the news app. nancy: the golden globes are this weekend and kidd o'shea caught up with four-time host to ask? he has advice for the host this weekend. ki
4:48 pm
for seth meyers? >> go crazy. you will never have a better year than this to host the golden globes. i'm jealous of him. kidd: why is that? >> oh, because it's, it's the greatest time in the history of the man. this is the best time! [laughter] nancy: best time in the history of man! michelle: what a statement. nancy: he was promoting his new game show that airs tonight. watch for the report live from hollywood. morning after the golden globes monday on "good morning washington." it will be quite the nig
4:49 pm
apparently. >> now to this. justin timberlake's new album comes out in four weeks but the first single dropped overnight. [music] michelle: that is "filthy." his new single. it's got a futuristic vibe where he shows off a new robot with unique skill. the album comes out february 2. nancy: i am pumped. waiting for new music, for new songs. i've been listening to it nonstop. someone else that i know enjoys this, larry smith. he is downstairs with a first look at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: hi, there. yeah. from "fi
4:50 pm
clean up. after months of "7 on your side" reports find out where the police are catching up with the repeat porch pirates trying to clean up the crime. plus caught on camera. a ski lift. how many people were trapped. what a 104-year-old woman says is the key to her longevity. you won't believe it. that's at 5:00. nancy: thank you. the heart of the monster storm yesterday that stayed just enough offshore to minimize impacts here. this is a blizzard to remember. digging out is just beginning. >> they with weathering the hurricane force winds and driving snow thursday. >> the wind was blowing.
4:51 pm
>> she wanted to take a picture of paradise but frozen over. >> the boardwalk is bury and the ocean is crashing in the frigid pier. joe is the director of emergency services. >> so right now people will stay safe. it's a beautiful day in ocean city. >> a bobcat made the way down the boardwalk to clear a path but the snow is stacked high. some are as high as six feet. the roads are packed with if snow and ice. on the drive to the eastern shore we saw a truck pulled from the ditch. the roads are dangerous and the folks wait for a warmup to get bac
4:52 pm
>> right on top of it. >> last time we met i showed you pictures. this is chewy who has a nice sweater on. >> so smart! >> i can't tell if that is the hair or a wig. >> hoodie. >> yeah! >> stephanie sending this. this makes me jealous. mocha. laying there going oh, yeah. >> we are all moca. >> moca or piper.
4:53 pm
>> we are 20 in reagan. layer, layer, layer. the feels like temperatures are already down to the single digits. martinsburg are at minus 5. the numbers will go down and the winds will blow between 20 to 30. widespread. this is crazy. minus 30. feels like. bingington. columbus is minus 1. at least the bomb cyclone is gone. this is an indicator that the air is extraordinarily cold because it rolls over the warm water to develop clouds. no weather related problems other than being cold. very cold. we may be breaking records
4:54 pm
baltimore. b.w.i. tying the record. forecast there. dulles may get to the record territory. next week we will look on the seven-day at the temperatures up near normal. maybe a little bit above normal. there is another cooldown but not in the seven-day period. enjoy that. nancy: let's just enjoy monday. it's publisher clearinghouse season. the jackpot winner finding out soon but the scammers are taking advantage of this. "7 on your side" with
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
john: we all dream of the prize patrol showing up the door. and she did too. she was stunned when he is received a et willer. it said she was the winner of the 2.5 million grand prize. the $5,000 check was to cover the taxes and fees. something wasn't right her daughter says. >> cash the check and don't tell anybody. >> that sounded fishy. >> what she did next is what you need to do if you get a call or weather saying you are a winner. go to
4:58 pm
>> i google how they notify winners and they said they come to the door. they don't call or send you any letters. >> nay will never call or e-mail in advance or ask you to pay taxes or any money up front to collect the prize. >> the check is fake. >> the system is so bad now. >> so reminder that the older relatives that clearinghouse will never tell you in advance you win. a win is a win and there are no costs involved. i'm john matarese. larry: at 5:00 -- >> i want to know how i'm getting to j.f .k. larry: the bomb cyclone destroys plans for thousands of
4:59 pm
>> a sinking feeling on main avenue. he is hiv positive and accused of molestk several students. the 11 hour deal he struck with prosecutors. alison: let's begin with sam ford who is live at breaking news now. one of the barges at the main avenue sea food market taking on water. what is the latest? >> this is good newts. they have managed to stop the pump. that was the big problem. the barges are on the water. this is because of the low tide where part of it is in the water. taking on the water. part of it was on land.
5:00 pm
closed all day. >> they said a severely low tide exacerbated by the icy conditions resulted in part of the marge filling with the water -- barge filling with water. >> they went to the fire department. they alerted the fire department and brawl the fire boat. >> we were going to bring it in to assist. but because of the ice we don't want to exacerbate the situation. >> the rest of the market operated normally. they are connected to the natural gas and electricity and they were able to past the crisis point. >> this is the worst i ever saw. >> the inspectors s


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