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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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larry: breaking news, more schools closing by the minute. autria: an already growing list of schools. jefferson county schools in west virginia. larry: fredericksburg city schools, you were running on a two-hour delayed this morning. we have the latest closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: we say hello this morning. julie wright tracking water main breaks. autria: let's get started with the reason for the water main breaks. eileen: this morning, we are already waking up to dry temperatures. the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 1:00
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through 9:00 p.m. we are dry across the area. you can see a crayola effect of colors. the blue indicating the snow. green indicating the rain. indicating the temperatures are definitely cold. it is 10-20 degrees higher than it was at this time yesterday. 17, manassas. kids that are already going to be going to school this morning, if they are not already dry at thewill be bus stop. we will have some rain and it will be freezing rain falling and creating some icy road conditions, but we have a big-time warm-up coming our way later this week. when i join you in 10 minutes, i will take you through our futurecast coming out the precipitation in your neighborhood.
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common this time of year. crayolaou said it was a box of colors, was that a 64-box? or the 16 box? eileen: the 16 box. how about that? [laughter] main: we have water breaks. we have crews out there working your red top road because of the water main breaks. only the left lane is able to get by at this time. we also have the water main break along riverdale road between lamont with all lanes blocked off each way. back in virginia, still busy cleaning up a crash northbound 28 at 66. left side of the roadway is blocked. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes, we will take a look at 95. larry: ok, julie. families devastated,
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flooded over the weekend after a water main burst in prince george's county. autria: for many of them, the water is the least of their worries. suzanne kennedy is live. they certainly progress being made within this last hour. you can see them filling this hole here. the water main has been repaired and the water is back on for the customers that were impacted. there is significant damage to at least a half-dozen homes here in the area. restoration crews worked yesterday, but they can only fix the situation, they could not replace the items lost in this incident. a faulty eight-inch cast-iron main burst sunday. hours of underground linking overcame the sewer lines and that left some homes with four and purifiedewage water in their basement. water bu
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have lost major appliances, furniture, and intakes. the utility company says it will cover the cost of repairing or replacing some of the damaged items, but as we learned yesterday when we were out here, a lot of those items have sentimental value and just can't be replaced, so there is a situation that has some homeowners very upset. in the meantime, they are filling this hole here. reporting live in prince george's county, suzanne kennedy. larry: look at this. the cold weather blamed for dumping more than three inches of water inside jfk airport forcing workers to evacuate the terminal causing widespread flight delays. some passengers sat on planes on thenarmac for hours and waited several more hours to get their luggage.
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>> i have it fire -- autria: incredible video coming out of boston, crews battling -20 degree wind chills during a firefight. the boston fire department sharing these incredible pictures. even the firefighters themselves were covered in ice. that is an incredible picture. larry: it is. autria: a terrifying situation out of texas. larry: a young reporter missing this morning. adrianna hopkins is live. is anna: courtney roland reporter for texas a&m football and she has been missing from the houston area since yesterday afternoon. she center ays text saying a man followed her from walgreens home and
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that was the last roommate heard from her. her mother then got a text from the phone. there is a social media hashtag #helpfindcourtney. autria: if you are headed to work this morning because you did not when the mega millions or powerball, at least two people are waking up a whole lot richer. the winning powerball ticket was sold in merrimack, new hampshire. the owner of that winning ticket remains a mystery. as for the mega millions jackpot, a winning ticket was sold at a 7-eleven in port richie florida. a reminder today on metro. starting today, you can no longer carry a negative balance on smart trick cards. if you don't have enough money to finish your trip, you won't be able to get out of the gate
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first. larry: today, the military is saying #metoo. advocates will hold a demonstration outside the pentagon to raise awareness about sexual assault and harassment in the military. i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon. message taking center stage at the golden globes. a blackout on the red carpet. door ongetting out the this monday morning, no weather worries, just dry and cold. we will start to watch a little bit of freezing rain moving to the area.
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plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. eileen: come to your tv and take a look at this.
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police close to the street because they are afraid the ice could fall at any time. in chicago, they are finally going to get above freezing today. the high, 36. does begin and another weather system moving in our area, we do have the risk for some freezing rain. by late morning early lunchtime, that is when we are going to be tracking the freezing rain. as you are picking up the kids from the bus stop, we will have brain. grab the umbrella heading out the door. the rain freezing on contact. temperatures may be a few degrees above freezing. since it has been so cold somebody days, i am concerned with a little bit of that ice.
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evening drive and that we dry out overnight, but it is going to re-freeze, ice accumulations will be around 0.05 inches or less. a big warm-up heading our way with the abc seven-day forecast. watch out for the ice later this afternoon. northbound on 28. of 66 for on 28 north this accident. look for delays, not 66 east end westbound. trouble northbound i-95. a crash at the prince william parkway. the focal point of delays coming north from potomac mills. now, we have delays due to a crash, inner loop of the beltway near telegraph road reported on the left side of the highway. still dealing with the water main break along
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two lanes getting by. traffic is moving in each direction. better bet is to stick with university boulevard. , we in the next 10 minutes will update the right out of dale city. larry: a blackout on the red carpet, the powerful message from hollywood's most powerful women making waves after the golden globes. saving your kids from their own iphone, what investors are urging apple to do as
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." autria: breaking news right now, take a look at this. two boats on fire in d.c., a live look at the james creek marina, where this is all unfolding at second and z streets in southwest pc we have a reporter heading there right now, john gonzalez is on his way.
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now it look back at a star-studded night in hollywood. larry: a memorable night with women at the forefront. adrian hopkins is live. adrianna: actors and actresses dressed in black to support the time's up movement. the awards show delivered a powerful message from women and show host seth meyers set the tone in his opening monologue. addressing the harassment issue. it was the passionate speeches by the female stars of hollywood that made for a really empowering night. >> time is up. we see you. we hear you. >> the new day is on the horizon! [applause] wearing black and solidarity is one step. the legal defense fund is a major step. adrianna: oprah winfrey addressed current political and social movements. coming up, kidd o'shea will have a live report from
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recap the big winners. autria: the next big awards show coming up as the oscars right here on abc7. we are already counting down to the nominations to find out who is in the running on january 24. steve bannon now saying his comments in the book "fire and fury" are inaccurate. he has backed off his comments, but another one of president trump's advisers had a different reaction. the explosive tv interview is coming up at 6:30. the president focusing on the south as he talks to farmers and then it is on to atlanta to watch the college football national championship. autria: it all comes down to this tonight. georgia and alabama in an sec showdown. it is their first matchup since the 2015 regular season.
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georgia has not won since 1980. alabama has won four championships in the last nine years. to the nfl playoffs, it was an exciting wild-card weekend. the jaguars hosting the buffalo bills. both teams ended lengthy playoff droughts, but the jags defense dominated. jacksonville goes on to face the steelers in pittsburgh on sunday. the carolina panthers on the road against drew brees and the new orleans saints. carolina would make it interesting late, but the saints hold on to win 31-26 and they went on to face minnesota on sunday. putting carolina under review. the question is did the panthers put cam newton in too early after a monster hit? the former league m.v.p. woozy after getting this hit.
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four minutes later, he was back in the game. nfl officials have been in context get answers from the panthers' medical staff. autria: the flu season is spiking early and hitting hard. 46 states are reporting widespread flu activity and that includes here in our area. in california, 27 people younger than the age of 65 have died from the flu this season compared to just four last season. one of the victims, seven-year-old cisco galvez. >> never expected it. he was very healthy. autria: nationwide, there are 41,000 confirmed cases of the flu, twice as many as this time last year. it is not too late to get the flu shot. say it is 30%ls effective against the most powerful strain, but it can help reduce the severity of symptoms. larry: a push to hold apple accountable to your kids.
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young children. toy have started a campaign develop new software that would let parents limit phone use more easily. autria: yes. larry: i agree. take it away. autria: one thing you do need your phone for today is the stormwatch7 weather app for what is ahead. eileen: bingo! one, it has the school closings on there. it has a look at our live doppler radar. it will give you push alerts if there are updates to the winter weather advisory. it is going to be your friend on the go. i do want to start with the bigger picture. we are talking about the wintry weather later this afternoon, freezing rain. iser this week, the thaw coming. it is going to feel like a heat wave. we will be sticking with those above average temperatures. we drop
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sunday of this weekend. 31 degrees in frostburg. that is a sign of what is coming as we get milder temperatures starting to move in from west to east. 23, beltsville. 21 in fauquier county. remington feeling a little bit colder, we have a little bit of a breeze out there. dry getting into work this morning. after lunchtime, we start to see that light, freezing rain developing. watch out for to the slick spots. the winter weather advisory going into effect at 1:00 p.m., lasting until 9:00 p.m. freezing rain is rain falling from the sky, but freezing on contact. we will get a glaze to about 0.05 inches of accumulation. we could have slick spots possible, especially on bridges and overpasses. the re-freeze possible through the overnight hours. tomorrow, 48. it will be mild to round out the work week. this
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water main breaks and temperatures in the teens and 20's. watch out for ice there. julie: the accidents, we have a number of them. the crash after the prince william parkway has been pulled over to the shoulder. look for those delays leaving dale city. we also have the crashes reported on the inner loop telegraph road. it looks like whatever was there has cleared. that is on the inner loop over to the springfield interchange. we have reports of a three-car pileup inner loop of the capital beltway out of silver spring headed around toward college park. we are told at the inner loop is now closed because of this crash. it is on the inner loop after the northwest branch, but before new hampshire avenue. no one is getting past the scene. your lanes are open. that is your traffic watch. back in 10, we will update the right out of silver spring. we are giving away for tickets to monster
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: we continue to follow breaking news from southwest washington. you are taking a live look at the james creek marina right now, where we know two boats are involved in a fire. two vessels involved in this. john gonza
6:27 am
and we will be getting a live update coming up in just about five minutes. larry: meanwhile, a water main break at jfk shutting down one of the terminals and creating even more chaos as that monster storm that stranded so many passengers. "gma" firstorning's look, just when it seemed it waternot get worse, a pipe at jfk burst, apparently from the freezing cold. three inches of water flooding part of the main international terminal. even before the water failed, jfk was a mess, two days after the bomb cyclone. many airlines tried to recover from the canceled friday flights and run a regular schedule too. for some, that meant doubling the number of flights under just were not it number of gate and everything slowed -- not enough gates and everything slowed to a crawl. >> it was completely unacceptable. >> we
6:28 am
who has seen it all at jfk. >> we have all been here over 16 hours. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m. abc news, new york.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side -- we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: that breaking news in just the last 15 minutes, a crash tying up the inner loop. overhead right now. julie wright has the workarounds. larry: more breaking news in d.c. two boats burning. john
6:32 am
southwest for you. john: good morning. we just arrived here. this is the james creek marina in southwest d.c. not terribly far from where the new soccer stadium is being built. take a look at the flames shooting up from the marina. two vessels are involved, both burning at this hour. there is a fire boat on the scene dousing the area. they still do not have this fire under control. there is a number of fire equipment apparatus, fire personnel out here on the scene. we are going to spend the camera around to show you how much activity is taking place at the marina. the cause of this fire is still unknown. it broke out about an hour ago. we rushed to the scene and we are still waiting to hear from a public information officer to try to get us some more information, but as we swing the camera back around, we can tell you that it is obviously extremely cold. a lot of times, these
6:33 am
have heaters on board that are left on overnight to try to keep pipes and other equipment from freezing. we are not sure if that had anything to do with this, but right now, two vessels on fire. you can see the flames right now on live tv, it is a pretty intense situation is more equipment is brought in. other surrounding areas also being closed off by emergency personnel as they try to get more emergency personnel and trucks into the area. back to you. larry: thanks so much. autria: now to that nasty crash on the inner loop. julie wright is tracking what happened in the workarounds you need to know about. julie: three-car pileup on the inner loop of the capital beltway as you travel from 270. sky track 7 above the scene. for those traveling the inner loop, only the far left lane is able to get through.
6:34 am
back near georgia avenue as you continue eastbound in toward college park. from georgia, you can head north and use the icc as an alternate or head south and pick up 410 to backwest highway to head over toward new hampshire avenue, i-95, bw parkway, those areas. iccis a good option or the as you travel from silver spring back around for college park. the outer loop of the capital beltway come all of your lanes are open. because of the rubbernecking delays, you will find delays headed west. i'm back in the next 10 minutes to update the right out of silver spring. right now, let's talk about dry pavement now, but later this afternoon, it is all going to change. eileen: that's right, julie. a winter weather advisory will go into effect for the entire area starting at 1:00 this afternoon. we do have a freezing rain risk later today and since it is going to coincide with the kids going home, we do have se
6:35 am
you, you can see those running at the bottom of your screen. it is dry. this is the precipitation off to the west that will be moving into our area around lunchtime. drive for your morning travel. temperatures in the teens and low 20's to start. not quite as cold as yesterday. it will be overcast, 31, starting to see the wintry mix moving in four areas over western maryland along the i-81 corridor around 3:00. we will have rain falling from the skies today. at oroad temperatures below freezing, we could get that glaze of ice. that is why i'm concerned through the afternoon and evening hours that we will have that freezing rain risk as temperatures start to climb above freezing. we are going to be tracking a warm up later this week and we will talk about that coming up. let's get to the breaking news with adrianna. adrianna: breaking this morning, 32 sailors on an iranian
6:36 am
tanker are still missing after a collision off the coast of china. new video of that explosion is just coming in. this happened late saturday night when the tanker collided with a freighter and caught fire. all 21 members of the bulk freighter were rescued, but as of sunday night, those 32 sailors were still unaccounted for. the tanker was still burning and oil had leaked into the sea. chinese authorities are helping with the search in the cleanup and no word on what caused that collision. autria: developing now, president trump his aides are continuing to denounce and discredit the new book "fire and fury," calling it poorly written fiction. the book paints an unflattering picture of the trump presidency. white house adviser stephen miller defended the president on cnn and a confrontation erected between him and jake tapper. ofyou have 24 hours a day material and you are not go
6:37 am
american people -- >> i get it. there is one viewer that you care about right now and you are being obsequious and offense to police >> you know who i care about -- autria: meanwhile, former white chief strategist steve bannon is apologizing to comments attributed to him in that book. larry: officials from north and south korea will meet face-to-face tomorrow for the first time in two years. the meeting is considered a breakthrough. thedelegations will meet in peace room in the demilitarized zone. autria: a search for a missing maryland man who may be in need of help. this is 31-year-old anthony harris. montgomery county police say he was last seen sunday leaving his home on frederick road endure would. he is on crutches. the search for the brother of a retired montgomery co
6:38 am
may have been dropped off in gambrills. he is nonverbal and suffers from dementia. he was last seen last tuesday morning. autria: the volunteer fire department in cabin john in montgomery county is about to have its first ever female fire chief. she will be sworn in at 7:00 tonight. she is a 20-year veteran of the department and she will succeed the fire chief who is stepping down after serving as chief the last 26 years. larry: good for her. we are staying on top of breaking news out of d.c., boats on fire in southwest. the active firefight going on as we speak. autria: liftoff overnight, the first space launch of 2018 in the books to read up next, why we may never know what the government
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>> 3, 2, 1, ignition. liftoff. you are looking at the first successful space launch of 2018 and the cargo on board? that's a secret. all we know is that the rocket is carrying a classified spacecraft called zuma commissioned by the u.s. government, but whatever its mission is is classified. for us in the stormwatch7 weather center, it is all about the freezing rain that we are tracking later this afternoon. as far as schools go, we have closings running at the bottom of the screen. temperatures starting off in the 20's and the teens in the suburbs. this afternoon, light rain will be falling and we will have to watch out for the possibility of that glaze.
6:43 am
freezing rain likely this afternoon. drive,for the evening just a lot of rain falling from the sky, but bridges and overpasses could be slight. we will talk about the warming trend coming up in a little bit. julie: right now, we are talking about a big tieup on the capital beltway have at least out of silver spring out of college park. almost an hour drive. the scene ofbove this crash on the inner loop of the capital beltway. as you head east, we will take the live picture and traffic is able to get by to the left on that inner loop and that is on most an hour commute coming out of silver spring, see you will want to stick with the icc, pay the toll, better than sitting in the delay -- or use the 410 as the workaround. back in 10 minutes, we will update the right out of rockville. autria: breaking news thi
6:44 am
larry: suzanne kennedy is live this morning. suzanne? suzanne: a broken water main leads to extensive damage. i'm suzanne kennedy and i will tell you the details when "good morning washington" returns. john: a very active situation in southwest d.c.
6:45 am
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6:47 am
>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: breaking this morning, boats burning in southwest d.c. larry: john gonzalez is there. what have officials told you? onn: well, larry, two boats fire, both are partially submerged now at the james creek marina in southwest d.c.. take a look at the scene, the fire occurring about an hour ago, still going. this is at the end of the pier. the fire not completely out, but it is contained to the
6:48 am
vessels. the fire boat for d.c. fire is attacking the flames, but two major challenges this morning, one being burning fuel and also the extremely icy conditions on that pier as water douses the flames. it is freezing on the ground very quickly, almost immediately. the use of foam is helping extinguished the burning fuel. land units are getting ready to make their way over to tackle some of the hotspots and to put out the rest of this fire. hazmat units also assisting d.c. fire, trying to figure out the magnitude of this fuel spill, but both burning boats are now partially submerged in the they areriver and now trying to make their way over there on land to try to determine what caused this. right now, no reports of any injuries. john gonzalez, "good morning washington." autria: families devastated, their homes flooded over the weekend after a water main worst --
6:49 am
county. larry: for many of them, the water is the least of their worries. crews are rushing to get the mess cleaned up. suzanne? suzanne: larry and autria, this has been quite an ordeal. -inch water eight main that broke yesterday. they have it out of the roadway. you can see that they have fixed ipe and they are going to be getting the road back open. there is significant damage to at least a half-dozen homes in this area. crews worked yesterday to restore damage, but all they could do is fix the situation and not replace the items fixed in the incident -- lost in the incident. burst sunday, hours of underground leaking eventually overcame the sewer lines and what that meant is that some of these homes and it up with four feet of raw sewage and purified water in their basements.
6:50 am
major appliances, furniture, and antiques. the utility company says it is going to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged items, but in many cases, these are items that have been in families for a long time and are unable to be replaced, so that is an unfortunate situation. as for the situation here, they are hoping to fill this hole rapidly and get the roadway reopened. they were initially saying by 8:00 and we will keep an eye on it to see if that happens. larry: howard university undergrads. classes for them were supposed to begin today, but the start date pushed back to next tuesday, january 16. classes for students and howard's professional schools and colleges will begin today. all of this because several buildings were
6:51 am
freezing temperatures caused steam pipes to crack. autria: today's weather threatening more closures and delays for other area schools. they are scrolling at the bottom of the screen right now and you can always also sign up to get text alerts sent straight to your smartphone at the ray knight back in court today. we will update you on what happens through the abc7 news app through the day. larry: the deep freeze finally beginning to thaw as temperatures creep back up. the temperatures will be above freezing today across most of the mid-atlantic. it will soar to near 60 by friday. stormwatch 7 tracking one more chance for winter weather this afternoon. autria: all right. let's see how bad it is going to get. eileen whelan has a check of your forecast. eileen: i don't want anyone to think th i
6:52 am
major winter storm we are tracking later this afternoon. we are actually going to get plain old rain falling from the sky, but it has been so cold for so many days, the ground is below freezing. here is the precipitation off to the west. i wanted to zoom in right now because nothing is falling from the sky. the clouds are thickening. it is right around the lunchtime hour that we will start to see the winter he weather move into movedn -- wintry weather into western areas. where you are seeing this purple here around 3:00 in the dmv, that is going to be rain falling from the sky and possibly freezing on the trees, on cars, maybe even on the roads, bridges, overpasses. by 8:00 or so, it is going to be plain rain. than most of the wet weather is out of here by 9:00 or 10:00. we will see less than 0.05 inches of ice accumulation, less than 0.2 inches of r
6:53 am
possible overnight. a warm-up coming our way later this week. tomorrow, the first time above average in 15 days. 55, thursday. 60 degrees, friday. it will not be a sunny and 60 kind of day. we will track a weather system that will bring us rain or thursday, friday, and saturday. by late next weekend, the cold does return, back to 35 degrees by sunday. with you tother app track the freezing rain. julie, you are tracking a major accident. julie: a big crash on the inner of the capital beltway working your way past the northwest branch traveling between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. above the scene and there has been some improvement made. it is only the right lane that is closed now. the inner loop of the capital is the threeit left lanes getting by. an hour and
6:54 am
minute commute. better bet is to take the toll icc or used the 410 to avoid this area here. loop, lanes are open, but you are slowing traveling around the curve from route 1. let me move you back over to the maps southbound along 270. the crash after montrose road tying up the center of the roadway. that is at traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes with more updates in silver spring on news channel 8. autria: 75th annual golden globe awards honoring the best in movies and television. larry: the focus was not on who took home trophies this year. >> time is up. we see you. we hear you. >> reese witherspoon won a golden globe for best television limited series for "big little lies." one of the women behind the times up movement, which encouraged people to wear black to the golden globes
6:55 am
the him to take the focus off action and frivolity and put it on more important issues. >> i think there was a collective feeling it would not be business as usual because i think we have to be forever changed in this moment. demille award winner oprah winfrey sounded a battle cry for the future. >> the new day is on the horizon! wearing black and solidarity is one step. i think that is what is time's u p is doing with a legal defense fund's major step. best comedyd" named or musical. "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri" took the drama prize and the leading ladies of those films also won. tonyan janney won for "i, ." >> i never thought we would be having this conv
6:56 am
been around since the beginning of time and maybe it will never go away, but maybe now people will be held accountable for it. >> on the red carpet outside the beverly hilton hotel, there seemed to be a genuine feeling of hope. >> it feels like the more we can start actually claiming things and saying them out loud, that is the beginning of real dialogue and real change. >> i think it is great. i think the fact that there is an awareness, people are talking about it, that is the first step. >> if we can shed some light, that is a good thing. more importantly, if it sticks, not just tonight, but a year from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now. >> hollywood is now in full force awards mode. we have critics choice awards on thursday and then january 23, the oscar nominations. in beverly hills california, george pennacchio. autria:
6:57 am
someone else in california, kidd o'shea live with his favorite moment. kidd: let's talk about my most shocking moment from last night. james franco winning for best actor. i thought the category he was in, it was kind of a surprise and "the disaster artist" is one of the most bizarre movies i've ever watched and we had a hard time getting through it. other big moments would be set myers, i think you nailed the monologue. there was the right amount of seriousness, funny, then there were those few jaw dropping moments when he said the jokes about harvey weinstein and kevin spacey that had everyone talking. sterling k. brown, the first black man to win the best tv actor category, saying, "i'm being seen for who i am and appreciated for who i am and it makes it that much more
6:58 am
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good morning, america. the me too movement's golden moment. >> this is ours to share, wow, the power of women. >> hollywood taking on the sexual harassment scandal head on at the golden globes. the red carpet decked in black. oprah defining the night. >> the new day is on the horizon. >> bringing the audience to its feet setting a new tone. travel nightmare. a major terminal at jfk airport shut down after a pipe burst from the freezing cold flooding the terminal. more than 100 flights canceled.


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