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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 11, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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curve in freezing temperatures half naked. the outrage online and what comes next for the hospital. allegations one governor admitted to minutes after high-profile speech. crimes, 3 thieves, and one case of deja vu. larry: the same exact store less than a month apart. weather and traffic first on this friday eve. eileen: hello. who is ready for 50's? 50's and a friday? double whammy. week. 65a warm up late tomorrow. we go from almost springtime temperatures back to winter by the weekend. our average is 43. this morning, temperatures are
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freezing in the upper 30's to lower 40's. you still want the coat. it is dry. looking at the fog, not seeing a lot of that. by the middle of the afternoon, 55. it will feel comfortable getting the kids from the bus stop this afternoon. as you are driving home, scattered showers develop. tonight, temperatures are on the up and up. 61. rain for the morning and evening drive up friday. at least we have dry pavement. julie: you can leave it at 61. we will take it. on the roads, you will find are not alone.ou we have a stalled car at 85 causing you 22 minutes with of travel time heading south. they're moving that to the
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lanes are open on 355 out of frederick. two 55, not bad from the beltway e bridge.he 11 minut i am back in 10 minutes looking at the ride in the northeast. disgusting that they would the her unattended at a bus stop half naked. that patient in baltimore forest out in the cold. security leaving her with nothing more then a hospital gown. larry: it is spreading like wildfire online. ryan, why did they that this woman go? a supervisor can be heard saying that the woman was medically cleared from the hospital. in the video she appears to be disoriented and confused. the man saw 4
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workers dropping this woman off at the bus stop down the street from the emergency room only wearing a hospital gown and socks in the freezing cold. he recorded the video with his phone tuesday night outside of the university of maryland emergency center midtown campus. he posted the video on facebook. it has gone viral, drawing outrage. the woman can be seen stumbling on the sidewalk and having a hard time talking. three videos pure and one shows an ambulance bringing the moment back to the same hospital. listen to him asking why the woman was dropped off in the first place. a supervisor available? you are ok leaving that woman out there like that? we come back, the hospital is responding. they are issuing
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saying in part that it shares the shock and disappointment of many that viewed the video. adding that they failed the mission to this patient and are conducting a review which could lead to personnel action. in baltimore, ryan hughes, "good morning washington." larry: a stunning statement overnight. governor guidance admitting he had extramarital affair 2015 -- in 2015. he is denying allegations he -- allegations he blackmailed the woman involved. the woman allegedly involved in not comment on the station. about his run for the governor reitans billed himself as a family man. he delivered his state of the state address, and immediately after he and his wife admitted the affair. saying it was a mistake, eric
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with it privately. sheffield was last seen tuesday afternoon with his father, who does not have custody. police think he might be driving an older model acura four-door blue. if you think you have seen him or his young son, police want to hear from you. larry: and all clear for your ride into work. branch avenue is back open after a crash in temple hill before st. barnabas road. when he waskilled hit by an oncoming car. a man was killed near 24th street and skyland place. it is still very unclear. there are few details, but
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out of northwest d.c., two guys busting up a jewelry store in northwest. you can see them throwing rocks and calling him through smashed out doors. that is when they load up. does this looks a millionaire? this is the same story hit less than a month ago. familiar?is look this is the same store hit less than a month ago. david ashton has been caught. opportunityate the to address you one final time. [applause] autria: it is the end of an era in virginia. mcauliffe delivering his final state of the state address. something that mcauliffe could not help but joke about. >> gilbert
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would be careful. last year every republican i gave a shout out, they are not back in the chamber. --ria: mcauliffe's touched mcauliffe touched on what he considered to be his lowest moment and office. we will have that at 6:45. northam will be sworn in on saturday. tim barber will have coverage of the inauguration right here and on larry: california is reeling. close and personal look at the mudslide. n entire school closed from the
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larry: george washington middle school in alexandria will be closed again today. the school has been closed down since tuesday when a pipe burst. there is no water or electricity. we have been talking about instances like this. the weather is up and down and we have these problems to deal with. eileen: that is what you are getting with the pipes, the expansion and contraction. a lot of the old pipes burst. we are off the roller coaster and back down. and you spot the cool front? we are on the warm side, our height is 55. it is the teens in minneapolis. there is a lot of precipitation and we will get in on the rain. rain chances really increase after 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. have the umbrella. tomorrow
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like spring and it will be humid . 59 with morning showers. plan for a longer morning commute with the rain. at 65.unch the king if you are going out for friday peaking at 65. if you are going out for friday night, 60. this is a potent cold front. you can tell because by saturday temperatures will be in the 30's. we will talk about the possibility of wintry weather on saturday morning. nothing i am too concerned about, but we will talk about that 10 minutes from now. julie: out of upper marlboro, it is below speed inbound headed towards the suitland parkway. we have reports of maybe a stalled vehicle tying up the lane. that could be
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towards 495. 495 without issue leaving route ford towards the wilson bridge. light traffic volume towards the 14th street bridge. don't forget tonight, rock the red. the carolina hurricanes are in town. the puck drops at 7:00. i will stick to what i know best, this is traffic. 6:13.: one of d.c.'se of most gripping crimes. what comes next and
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. larry: a series of earthquake rocking the iran/iraq border. at least a five magnitude. there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage. there believed to be aftershocks of the november earthquake that killed 500 people.
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here. my neighbor's house, devastated. autria: a front-row seat to destruction. oprah winfrey walking her 12 million instagram followers through what is left of her backyard after the mudslides in california. people are questioning santa barbara's waiting to send out an emergency alert. a text warning was not send until the destructive mudslides were happening. the emergency manager would only say that the alert was sent after one from the national weather service. larry: homes in prince george's mud,y flooded with water, and sewage. some things cannot be fixed. >> all of these memories come back.
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salvaging a few items, but everything else was lost. crews have dealt with 400 water main breaks in the past month. was one of the most notorious homes in d.c.. in savopoulos mansion northwest, the scene of a quadruple murder in 2015. the house has been demolished .nd the lot is on the market there is a change to distance the property from its past. it is listed on 32nd street in northwest. larry: remembering the washington state deputy killed over the weekend. was respondingy to an armed robbery call. he was a three-year member of the force and the father of 3 boys. fellow officers appreciating the show of support. >> it means a lot. people come out in the cold and
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fly flags. to see the little kid that looks like a little kennedy picture making a little flute out of that knot. joakim up and make you feel special. larry: -- choke you up and make you feel special. larry: three people are charged. carolinane north school is canceling classes after 100 kids came down with flu-like symptoms. 160 students were out sick yesterday. it will allow the students time to recover and take preventative measures. >> it is the way to go when it comes to kids. with not one it to spread -- would not want it to spread more. autria: contractors were hired
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bathroom, classroom, and wipe down every surface. this flu season is the worst in years with double the amount of cases nationwide compared to last year. a weather alert from new mexico to wisconsin. this is the same system that drenched california. some areas could see up to one foot of snow. late tonight it will be here bringing rain that could slow down your ride tomorrow. how much rain are we talking? aneen: we could see over inch. 2 inch rainfall deficit. we could use it. or freezingeet rain, but there is the possibility on saturday morning if this system doesn't move out quick enough we could get a wintry mix. if you're going to be traveling over the next day or two, you want to check
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there will likely be weather delays. .t is a very strong cold front today and tomorrow we will be on the warm side. this afternoon, you could have a few showers driving home. tomorrow, warm, humid, maybe showers for the morning drive and a heavier wave of rain around lunchtime. tomorrow evening driving home you might catch a break. the front is so full move through after midnight on friday. , the saturday morning timing will be critical. that is why i have a question mark for the wintry mix on saturday morning. mid-30's, what a drastic change. it will be windy on saturday. if you have brunch plans on sunday, maybe going to
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it will be cold, you will want to bundle up. cold and drive for the martin luther king jr. holiday. for those of you wanting more snow, tuesday and wednesday we are tracking a clipper system. julie thate was a hit me up on twitter that said she felt the same way about the snow. we have had enough, now it is time to be the 60's and 70's until may, then 80's. 11 minutes south of the bw parkway towards the 11th street branch. no accidents have been reported southeast from northeast. there is a stalled car inbound route for at the suitland parkway. heads up traveling through upper marlboro. hanging out with us on the west side of town checking out the commute 60 towards tysons. 66 is off to a quiet
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, open towards the beltway. at the commute in germantown and 10 minutes. larry: the d.c. there will attend a ceremony for the new sports complex being built at the saint elizabeth campus in southeast. it is the new home of the washington mystics and practice facility for the wizards. the wizards' home is playing host to monster jam. good morning washington wants to get you in for free. caller number seven wins 4 tickets. good luck. autria: you saw the video of the teacher protesting wages, now death threats. but first, here is what is coming up. good morning. chool:00, a kindergartner s that smells like bleach. the
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mother fuming. >> it was a clear solution, not chocolate milk.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. snafu a school board elevated to drastic levels. we are learning the school board is receiving death threats. in this first look, the teachers seen in handcuffs and video scene around the world is speaking out. it happened monday night. a simple question, why is the local school board giving $30,000rintendent a raise when teachers like or have not seen a permanent raise in years. school officials in louisiana are asking her to leave, saying this was public comments, not a debate.
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out hadschool board's marshall her on the ground, in handcuffs, under arrest. at 7:00 a.m. we have reaction from the school board president and the superintendent that got the raise.
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announcer: now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: the affair a governor admitted to after his speech and the blackmail allegations. probe pressessia on. and we press on. i am larry smith. autria: i am autria godfrey. eileen: the kids waiting at the bus stop this morning will not be shivering that much. degrees right nown
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jacket-worthy,y but areawide, above freezing. by drop-off, 50 one. for kids at the bus stop, it will be dry. is when we seeh showers develop. the high temperature peaks at 55 at 4:00. overnight, temperatures climb and we enjoy 65 tomorrow. then back to winter this weekend . we will talk about the rain chances in 10 minutes. gettingn the roads, busy. we talked about the stalled car inbound route 4 at the suitland parkway slowing down your ride. checking for the stalled car inbound new york avenue from heads up as you travel
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on new york avenue past south dakota continuing in the direction of the third street tunnel. also the crash northbound toward near the scenic overlook. this is headed in the direction of the cia and watch out for rescuers responding there. the crash in springfield before the beltway tying up the left lane. stacking up out of newington towards 495. in 10 minutes, the commute out of woodbridge. gunfight. explosive saudi arabia obliterating a boat packed with mines. it was remote-controlled headed for saudi ships. predawn raids around the country. agents targeting 7-eleven stores, including several in our area. john? john: ice
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agents targeting 98 711 stores around the country, including at least one in landover, maryland. it was a broad, nationwide raid. most of them before dawn. agents opened employment audits and interviewed workers in what officials describe as the largest operation under president trump, an administration that has brought a 40% increase in deportation arrests. the rates stem from investigations that started in 2013 under the obama administration. two dozen arrests made yesterday , but this operation was focused more on management and hiring practices. criminal charges and hefty fines are pending. ice hit stores in 17 states and the district. in marylan
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baltimore, and frederick. the stores have three days to provide immigration statuses of workers. 7-eleven at the corporate level says they are complying with authorities and will terminate any agreement with franchises violating the law. ice officials say it is a new year, new approach. in landover, john gonzalez, "good morning washington." larry: the latest in the russia investigation. president trump saying he won't interview with special counsel robert mueller despite previously saying he would be willing to do so. the senate republican leading one investigation says it will not happen that republicans will take over. >> a hope he doesn't call me and tell me the same thing you said he said. deniespresident trump there was any collusion and has called the investigatio
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single greatest witchhunt in american history. autria: numeral two men caught on camera busting up a jewelry store along f street northwest. you can see them throwing rocks and crawling through doors. that is when they break display cases and load up. does this look familiar? this was the same store hit less than a month ago. we put the two videos side-by-side. the suspect in the december incident, david ashton, has been caught. larry: two men burst into a pizza shop in lanham to rob it. but, police were already inside investigating another robbery. the suspects tried to bail, but police chased them down and arrested them. autria: shocking video outside of a maryland hospital. >> flied out you go sit down? you
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you are just going to leave this lady out here like this? autria:
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autria: australia is that ning down the hatches. tropical storm -- is battening down the hatches. tropical storm joy strengthening into a cyclone. people are stocking up and getting ready to spend the next few days indoors. they have been dealing with the heat wave, now this. california is flooding and has mudslides and fires. we are kind of unscathed. for now. eileen: the front that will be bringing us the drastic change in temperatures will bring rain. autria: so i shouldn't wash my car today? eileen: no. keep the salt on your car because mother nature will bring some rain. sunday or monday you can wash it. mine looks horrible, i'm so embarrassed. most of the day should be
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but the drive home could be a little wet. have heavy,ill steady rain in the morning affecting the morning drive with may be a lull through midday and tomorrow another wave of heavy rain with a few thunderstorms. enjoy being on the warm side. you can see the colder air mass inching its way ever so slowly towards us. change.drastic temperatures will drop 20 degrees while you are sleeping friday night into saturday morning. do not put the uggs away yet. julie: if that is the case, i will stay up all night. travel in the hov lanes approaching the capital beltway, getting a better view of the incident, northbound before the capital beltway is where we have the crashes.
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are out with the to-car fender bender. look for on and off rubbernecking delays. the hov is getting back up to speed out of newington. the gw parkway, another crash has been reported near the overlook. we are seeing backups from 23 headed south. we have delays inbound new york avenue with a stalled car on the right side. i am back in the next 10 minutes and we will look at silver spring. larry: bombshell allegations overnight. missouri's governor admitting to having an affair and what he is denying that is catching more attention. john: an investigation after hospital workers are seen dumping a woman at a bus stop in the freezing cold half naked.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. >> this is disgusting that they would leave her unattended, at a bus stop, half naked. autria: that patient in baltimore forced into the cold. security leaving her with nothing more than a hospital gown on her back. larry: ryan hughes is outside the university of maryland medical center. why did they let this woman go? a supervisor can be overheard saying that. the woman was medically cleared. the man who shot the video said 4 hospital workers dumping the woman at the bus stop, which is down the street, in the freezing cold on tuesday night wearing nothing more than a hospital gown and a pair of socks. he recorded the
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whole thing outside of the university of maryland's midtown campus. he posted it on facebook where it has gone viral. the woman appears to be disoriented, stumbling on the timealk, and having a hard talking. he asks the supervisor why the woman was dropped off. issuing aummc statement saying we share the shock and disappointment of many who viewed the video. disgusting andt irresponsible. psychotherapist in the city. clearly, there are mental health issues that appear to be going on with this individual. the hospital saying we failed to fill our mission with this patient. the hospital saying it is
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ryan hughes, "good morning washington." autria: a bombshell overnight. missouri governor eric greitens admitting after his state of the state address that he had an affair. he confirmed he had a mistress for the majority of 2015, the year he announced his run for governor. he is denying the mistresses' claims that he blackmailed her to keep her quiet. he bills himself as a family man . the family is sticking by his side. greitens and his wife released a joint statement saying this was a deeply personal mistake and we dealt with it privately. larry: video from california showing the power of the mudslide. an empty car carried like a bath toy down the street in burbank. homes buried up to their gutters.
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surfacing of some of the missing. peter laughing at his home. it could take weeks to restore drinking water in montecito. autria: a two-year-old missing. emir sheffield was seen tuesday afternoon with his father sherrod twitty, who doesn't have custody. police believe he could be driving an older model blue acura with four doors and tent on the window. if you think you have seen son, police want to hear from you. larry: spring semester classes for graduate
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students delayed because of broken pipes and heating issues .or several buildings on campus george washington middle school in alexandria is closed again. the school has been shut down since tuesday when a pipe burst. contractors fixed the pipe and water line, but there is still no water or electricity. autria: youtube is cutting ties with logan paul after outrage over a series of videos he posted in japan, one of which featured a suicide victim. the video and apologized, but not before it racked up 6 million views. >> i appreciate the opportunity to address you one final time. [applause] eray: it is the end of an in virginia.
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northam will take his place. while mcauliffe praised the win, he touched on his lowest points in office. inwitnessing the bigotry charlottesville was clearly the lowest. 's wife,ith the governor the wives of 2 state troopers who died that day, and the parents of heather heyer. comes insad when a dog and is sick and skinny. larry: the northern virginia bureau chief of have coverage of the inauguration right here and on foria: relief is on the way drivers in northern virginia. ares news that drivers waiting to hear. suzanne? suzanne: this is a
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that could made significant changes. a lot of relief for congestion. the announcement coming from the governor. the project would extend the i-95 express lanes 10 minutes from garrison road to route 17. they will be available for free p driversool -- carpool drivers. it will require no upfront money from the state as part of the agreement. trends are been will give the state $277 million to build a bridge over the rappahannock improvements.r construction will begin in 2019 and conclude in 2022. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." larry: no weather issues? autria:
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this timeybe tomorrow, but not today. it is starting 10 degrees milder than yesterday. it is dry with skies that are mostly cloudy. 55 this afternoon. your evening drive could be wet with scattered showers. tonight, pack the umbrella. we go to 55 degrees by 11:00. while youes will warm are sleeping. you will want the rain gear tomorrow and allow extra time for the commute. it will likely be slow. wake up with us, julie will help you navigate. aroundavy rain moves in 10:00 and while you are sleeping as the actual front slides through. maybe
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thunderstorms and periods of heavy rain. we could be dealing with isolated flooding. as far as the wintry mix, it depends on the timing of how quick the rain moves out and how fast the cold air moves in. on saturday.t saturday morning, 38 degrees. it will get cold quick. snow showers by tuesday and wednesday of next week. julie: you should not be allowed to say the s-word. 4 near theund on suitland parkway. one of the cars is stopped along the side of the roadway blocking the left lane and missing a real . delays from ritchie marlboro road. northbound i-95 is struggling with a 20 minute commute in the hov's heading north.
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the shoulder. lanes are open northbound i-95 .owards 395 we will update the drive on the gw parkway. a crash nearly overlooked is stalling from 123. we will let you know how things are shaping up in silver spring. i've not seen anything like this. larry: marvel fans chomping at the bit to see "black panther." todango sold more tickets "black panther" than any marvel picture yet. it opens february 16. >> prices that our company was built on. autria: you can't make this up. blowing a fuse at one of the largest electric
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the irony of losing power at an electronic show. the ceo of go pro in the middle of an interview with cnn. it took an hour and a half for the power to come on. no word on what caused the outage. it was too many electronics plugged in. exhibithe new batman opening at the hollywood museum in los angeles celebrating the debut onince to television and featuring everything from memorabilia, collectibles, and props. even costumes worn by batman and robin himself. cannot be with us, but he would love it. it is like thousands of real bat paraphernalia. i look at my costume, and i'm ready to put it on. larry: to the public tomorrow. >>
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there is collusion, but it is with the democrats and the russians. appearsresident trump to back that all his commitment to being open to robert mueller. ice officials say it is a new year, new approach. massive mudslides devastating santa barbara county. the death toll stands at 17. >> you're going to leave this lady out here like this? larry: the man who shot that video calling it disgusting and irresponsible. he saw 4 hospital workers drop cold nightff on a outside the university of maryland medical center's midtown campus.
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get out of here. go. >> good morning, america. race against time. if oh, my god. mom. >> new video showing those terrifying moments trapped in the mudslides. the fast and raging rivers of mud carrying away this car with people inside. the devastation and death toll growing this morning. as rescuers search for survivors. and now that dangerous storm system moving east. dozens of states from the dakotas to maine facing alerts right now. >> what are you doing? >> this teacher now telling her side of the story after she was handcuffed and arrested asking why the superintendent was getting a raise but teachers weren't. >> you jus


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