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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 11, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: good thursday to you. three students injured after a knife attack in capitol heights. brad is live with an update on how this all got started. brad?
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as a fight between students in a hallway. there is a heavy police presence here. it has calmed down a little bit. take a look at his video -- it was a tense scene at the school. a huge police response to the incident, many students hanging around outside. here is what we know -- three students in a hallway involved in an altercation between classes. the hallways were crowded. one of the three students pulled out what we are told was a very atll pocketknife, slashed the others. one received a superficial wound. another a cut. neither one considered serious or life-threatening. the student who produced the knife cut his own hor hand. he turned himself into the principal's office. there were no ongoing fights or issues. outside, you talk to the parents
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were scared. >> you don't know. you don't know. nobody called me, nobody said anything, hopefully he is ok, but i do not know. i am just shaken. back live now, you just heard from mr. lawrence, and what you are looking at live is mr. lawrence, his wife. they went to the school and have just come out now with their student, so that is a happy result for them to find out that the kids are fine. the school system stressing that again this was brought under control they want to get on with the regular school day. some parents have concern about security. abouted the school system that, and we will be back at 4:00 with what the school system is saying about that. in capitol heights, brad bell, abc 7. larry: for updates on anything breaking, be sure to download our free abc 7 news out through the apple store
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>> this is discussing pure do not leave her unattended at a bus stop half naked. disgust.trage and a viral video showing a patient outside a baltimore medical center dress and only a hospital ground. security walking away. ryan hughes is live with more on the investigation into why they let her go. ryan: a supervisor in the video can be heard saying that the woman was medically clear from the hospital, but she appears to be disoriented and confused the man who shot the video now demanding answers. he said he saw four hospital workers dropping the woman off at the bus stop, just down the block from the hospital, in the freezing cold. >> why don't you sit down, ma'am? ryan:. court of the whole thing outside university of maryland medical center's midtown campus. he close of
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facebook, where it has gone viral. the woman can be seen stumbling on the sidewalk, having a hard time talking. >> she is not a patient of mine. i am a psychotherapist in the city, and clearly there are mental health issues. baraka can be heard asking for a supervisor. ummc issued a statement, saying "we share the shock of many who viewed the video. " imamu: when i say she had no clothes on, she literally had a on, no underwear, and it is at least 30 or colder degrees out here. saying "weospital clearly failed our mission with patient." they are conducting a review, which could lead to personal action. in baltimore, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. larry: two
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busting up a jewelry store. you can see them hurling rocks. they started breaking display cases. there is a catch. does this look familiar? we found out this is the exact same store that was hit less than a month ago. this is the oldest video on the right, side by side. somebody is out doing the same thing. >> the flashlight is right there. get out of there. go! larry: a flash flood emergency out west. the pictures are stunning. so far, 17 people are dead, another 8 reported missing after flooding and mudslides forced thousands to leave their home. gonzalez is live with the latest. search teams back out, trekking through thehi
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survivors here in southern california. the fast-moving flow of mud began searching and into this man's home. >> wake dad up. marci: stuck for an hour and a half, finally managing to escape. >> i turned and apologized to my folks. it was a really emotional moment. marci: as the death toll in the community rises. >> i know people already personally who have died. marci: after days of searching -- quick i am fighting with all my heart to find her. marci: robert's mother is a among the 17 killed. 8 others reported missing. neighborhoods now buried with debris. searching with k-9
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's and by air, holding out hope. this is not yet a recovery mission. because there are areas they have not been able to access, there is a chance some of the missing could be found alive. marcy gonzalez, abc news, burbank, california. larry: that is terrible. here at home, it is feeling more like springs and winter outside. likead news -- it feels winter is coming back. steve rudin is with us. steve: we are looking up riders --ies from the noon town time hour. -- 50t these temperatures degrees at reagan national. rockville already in the middle 50's. widen the view out a bit here i want to show you stormwatch 7. figure clouds along the i-81 corridor. it does feel dry.
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through the late evening hours and into the overnight. feels-like temperature's for the afternoon mainly in the lower to middle 50th. a light jacket absolutely. leaved gloves, you can those behind. coming up in a few minutes, i will track a cold front that is set to arrive late tomorrow night. it is behind the cold front that will have a huge impact on the upcoming holiday weekend. more on that in a few minutes, larry. larry: the trump administration is allowing states to require those on medicaid to work in order to receive health benefits. the administration insists children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled will be exempt, but suzanne kennedy explains the changes. suzanne: this could mean a major change for the 70 million people currently on medicaid. it would mandate that in order to receive the assistance from the state and federal government, the recipient either be working or preparing to work. one in five americans is currently on medicaid.
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program's 50-year history that work would be a requirement for coverage. senator tim kaine says he has concerns about the proposal. in virginia, about 55% medicaid recipients are children. 29% are folks with long-term disability, and about 20% or seniors in nursing homes, so, i don't know, are we going to put 12-year-olds to work? 10 states, which are mostly conservative, are already trying to impose the molar requirements. a waiver possibly coming as soon as tomorrow. some are trying to figure out the long-term ramifications. you can't afford it. >> how you find work. >> it depends on the health of the person. suzanne:
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indicated for more than a year that it went to work for the work-for benefits model. medicaidve is that needs to be more flexible for states to meet the population needs. legal challenges are already in the works. in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. larry: some continue to doubt president trump's health and fitness for office, especially in the wake of the new book "fire and fury." the white house says the results will be released. truck, however, will not undergo a psychiatric exam. at 71, the president is the oldest person to become commander in chief. missouri governor eric greitens has admitted to cheating on his wife, but he denied allegations that he blackmailed the woman to keep her quiet. the woman's ex-husband claims greitens took photos of
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her. --broke hours after grisons' state-of the state address. a wild chase that ended with a kiss. plus, man versus wild. details on the attack that forced him to get a major facial makeover. let's get a check on the traffic in our area with eric. thank you. good afternoon. it will be a mostly quiet ride around the d.c. area, looking at roadwork on southbound colesville road pass dale drive. downtown silver spring, the right side is blocked off. switching to the left side, spring street both ways, you have got the left lane blocked off. this is a big hassle for the downtown stretch on colesville road. it is right in the center of the roadway.
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pass connecticut avenue, wide open with no delays. same story o above the american legion bridge. a lot of cars but nothing too slow. also, work zones here on 66 eastbound, just before the capital beltway, cedar lane overpass. shoulder andight most of the right exit lane is blocked. not too busy . that is all from the traffic center.
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but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table?
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working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it! larry: 12:14 right now. its about taking love to limits -
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camera leading police on a high-speed chase in a strol ston truck. after the crash, they make a run for it, eventually need backup, hug and kiss each other before laying down and surrendering, being arrested. josé face charges, including reckless driving. -- both face charges, including reckless driving. now to a developing story -- disgraced field producer harvey weinstein back on the news as he was caught on camera being slapped at a restaurant. >> don't do that, man. fell int is the slap scottsdale, arizona, all around the world. in this video by tmz, accused rapist harvey weinstein slapped not once but twice by a drunk patron tuesday night at this restaurant at a ritzy resort where private cottages can go
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with his's dinner sober coach is one of the first on the disgraced movie mogul has been seen in public since october. >> i am not doing ok. he reportedly went to an arizona a treatment center for addiction, and is in this photo sporting a blonde wig, dining in a restaurant an hour and a half from the clinic. "people" magazine reports weinstein is taking treatment seriously. a source saying he only gets time offer meals. he is basically 24/7 in treatment. even that it's not enough to save his marriage. the "new york post" claiming weinstein and his wife, georgina chapman, have agreed to an eight figure divorce signal. this year, not a single major star wearing her
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opting to wear a sea of black outfits, for the times up movement. the once king of the event barely mention of the award show. harvey weinstein is not here tonight. larry: james franco is being accused of sexually exploited ative behavior. one student said he would repeatedly offer rolls to female students that call for nudity. franco has denied the allegations against him. a man taking a dog for a walk, but rather than picking up after his dog, this man, andrew, becomes face-to-face with a bear. he
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andrew: i tried to go this to get back in, and he just did one of these. downstairse wondering where i was. it was scary. larry: no question. the dog was not hurt. the bear ran off after the attack. this is the first bear attack in florida since 1970. neighbors say they often see bears rummaging through the trash cans. advice that can help the legally at theee is on display consumer electronics show. it features a high definition camera. it is enhanced and placed on two screens in front of users eyes in time. through friday. the goodness is, no power outages out there. the one place you do not want a power outage -- an electronic show in las vegas. a lot of blinking lights. this is fantastic, after a deep freeze.
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steve: people are out and about, taking advantage of the warm weather. tomorrow, a warmer day yet, but then the weekend, if you like cold weather, and a lot of folks do. looking at the bay bridge, it is cloudy. 50 degrees for our current temperature. winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour. temperatures around the region already at 57 degrees in manassas. 54 leesburg, 55 gaithersburg. a very mild afternoon on the way. although the clouds are going to win out over the sunshine. i want to show you what is going on national. a cold front, a strong one, is on the way. it arrives here late tomorrow night, early saturday morning. here is the front right over here, springfield, missouri at 50 compared to onl 11 in omaha. the mid atlantic, we watch are scattered showers to develop later this afternoon, maybe the evening hours. it will not
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lot, however, a little pressure right to the in time for the rush-hour commute. we know what that can do around here in terms of slowing things down. no worries for this afternoon, at least if you are going out to lunch. temperatures in the 40's to middle 50's. most of the area looking at temperatures in the evening, falling down into the 40's. scattered showers for dinnertime, the rush-hour commute. look at the sunset times, now at 5:06. daylight hours or longer and longer. for tonight, temperatures rebound. showers are only way. for the day tomorrow, scattered showers, limited mainly to the north of d.c., at outdoor recess may be in jeopardy for many kids tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening, if you are going out, make sure you grab your rain gear along with a few layers of clothing, especially if you will be out late tomorrow night. once a cold front moves through, temperatures will go tumbling down. tomorrow, highs make it into the middle 60's. look at futurecast. in terms of
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noon, looking good, lower 60's. as we advance into the afternoon and evening, notice what happens wrong garrett, allegheny, and washington counties. that is the colder air that will arise just in time for the weekend. back to the deep freeze with temperatures well below average for what we normally see for the middle of january. . is your seven-day outlook from stormwatch 7. a beautiful day. 55 degrees. we dropped onto the lower 30's on saturday, lower 30's on sunday. martin luther king jr. day, a lot of folks have the day off with temperatures around freezing. it will be a cold, cold start with temperatures only in the teens. easy come, easy go. mild today, mild tomorrow, and we turn the corner, a hard right , i like to say, for the day on monday. our latest computer models to show a warming trend late next week and into the following weekend. nothing like we had two weeks ago when we have the below zero when chill
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chill factor's pure 51-day to 19 a -ouple of mornings later - factors. 65 one day to 19 a couple mornings later. not my cup of tea. larry: here is what is coming up tonight at 11:00. 11:00, a school milk that supposedly smells like bleac. the moment that left this mother fuming. >> it was a clear solution, not chocolate milk. >> going to the sour your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain
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larry: breathing new life into the blackberry. could the phone be making a comeback? the company promises at least two new smartphones this year. blackberry says they will be two new devices, one with a bronze addition, and both of course will feature physical keyboards. if you know me, you know i cannot wait. please make it happen. next up at noon, if you are enjoying the warm up outside, we have got better news for you
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larry: steve rudin is back with a check of the forecast. the good news is, you said we will go up, back down again, but beyond the seven-day -- steve: we warm up a little bit. some areas are only upwards the 57 degrees in prince george's county. for a high tomorrow. you want to grab your umbrella as you head out the door tomorrow, and move into early saturday morning, a few lingering showers. lessee 38 degrees, more or a daytime temperature. our high on saturday will likely be closer to 50. midnight be during the hour early on, so cooler for the middle of the week. we wrap things up by the middle of next week. larry: enjoy the next 48 hours, but enough with the coats away just yet. steve:
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>> you are watching abc 7 news
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30,y: right now at 12: police in prince george's county investigating a knife attack that left three servic students injured at central high. brad bell explains how this all got started. brad: it sounds like it was just a fight between students, three guys in a hallway between classes. now it is three hours after the attack. you can see there. is a heavy police presence here it has calmed -- you can see a heavy police presence here. bit.s calmed down quite a a huge police response to this incident. many students hanging around outside. late arrivals were not allowed to get in. this is what we know -- three students in a hallway involved in an altercation between classes. it was between classes, the hallways were crowded. one of the three students pulled out what we were told is a very small pocket knife, slashed at the
12:32 pm
the other cut. neither considered serious or life-threatening. the student who produced the hand.ut his own he walks to the principal's office and turned himself in. wasce stressing this brought under control quickly, that there were no ongoing fights or issues. we talked to the parents who rushed to the school, and they were scared. >> you don't know. you say ok, nobody called me, nobody said anything. hopefully he is ok, but i don't know. right now, we are just shaken. brad: that out here live, you just heard from mr. lawrence, and looking live, you see mr. lawrence and his wife. they have now come out with their students, so that is a happy result to find out that their kids are fine. the school system stressing again that this was brought under control, and they want to get on with the regular school day. parents have cce
12:33 pm
what the school system is saying about that. in capitol heights, brad bell, abc 7 news. race: rescue crews in a against time, doing all they can to save at least eight people still missing following the deadly mudslides in southern california. 400 homes have been damaged or destroyed. the ones still standing when i have water for months. abc's matt gutman is live with the latest. met: this morning, the chilly first videos of the montecito mudslides. >> close the door! matt: venturing outside just of a motorist. >> flash flooding right there, get out, go! matt: panicked, he's friends inside. up!ake dad fear justified. sweeping away cars, debris rushing up homes.
12:34 pm
missing. >> it was very starting to see the extent of the devastation. we realize that this is going to be a very long and difficult journey for all of us. matt: this morning what remains is a landscape transformed and a desperate search for families. hayden was looking for his mother, josie. later, he would learn that she is one of the victims. >> i do not know why she did not stay upstairs. matt: tuesday on that same street, glenoaks, we found robert, searching for his mother, rebecca. >> i am fighting with all my heart to find her. matt: on wednesday, he was back with a search for your family, friends, including rebecca 's sister. we gave her a ride to search for a professional team of rescuers. 500 members of search and rescue teams were picking through the debris, including judy kirk for
12:35 pm
purcell and her dog, zero. we met up with them later. when you look at everything, 360 degrees from where we are, is it even possible, do you think, that somebody might have survived this? >> absolutely. matt: with the water and no power, squadrons of helicopters had to airlift hundreds of ,esidents stranded in an area which is still impassable this morning. back on glenoaks street, hayden and teresa started talking. until that moment, they were complete strangers. uoyednited in grief and b by that embrace. larry: that was matt gutman reporting. nothing like that here. let's check in with steve rudin on the forecast. steve: in the afternoon and overnight, showers continue for the day tomorrow. wiin
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direction. that will boost our temperatures of over the next 24 to 36 hours. look at what is going on right now. 54 degrees already in chevy chase, maryland. , park also at 54. clinton at 57. 50 degrees out at reagan national airport. -- ifoler waters at the you are going out to lunch this afternoon, looking good. a few breaks, brighter skies along the capital beltway. to the west of us, clouds continue to increase. that will be the situation later on this afternoon as the likelihood of showers will continue to increase. what it feels like out there, 4:00, middle to upper 50's much of the area. we have bigger changes on the way. a cold front is set to arrive late tomorrow night, into the early morning hours. behind it -- cold, cold temperatures. we go from the 60's to the
12:37 pm
30's in less than 16 hours. more on that coming up, larry. larry: the trump administration is allowing states to require those unmedicated to work in order to receive health benefits. the administration said children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled will be exempt, and work will be required for able-bodied adults. the president is ramping up his attack on the russia and investigation, and at the same , he is lashing out against hillary clinton. this of the house is set to vote on a controversial surveillance video that the president had criticized but is now supported. kenneth moton has more. kenneth: the president suggesting on twitter republicans should finally take control. was norump: there collusion. everybody knows it. kenneth: trump speaking on fisa, tweeting "this is
12:38 pm
may have been used with the discredited and phony dossier to badly of use the truck campaign -- trump campaign." then an about-face. "we need it." trump now sending to backtrack on whether he is willing to sit down on an interview with robert mueller's team. pres. trump: we will see what happens, but when they have no collusion, and nobody has had collusion at any level, it seems unlikely to even have an interview. kenneth: nearly a year in office, the president still taking on hillary clinton. pres. trump: hillary was not strong on military. kellyanneillar conway about the president repeatedly bringing up hillary clinton. ms.
12:39 pm
conway: nobody brings up clinton. kenneth: hours later, trump asking "where are crooked emails?"congressional republicans have once again called on the president to allow special counsel robert mueller to do his job. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. larry: next on the news, tonya harding back on the
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>> you are watching abc 7 at noon, on your side. abcy: happening tonight, airing a two hour special on tonya harding. 25 yearsen almost since the infamous whack heard around the world when fellow skater nancy kerrigan was
12:42 pm
skating championships. now parting is back on the ice, speaking with amy robach. amy: are you home on the ice? tonya: absolutely. this is my sanctuary. i love it so much. that is why i am here. amy: tonya harding said she has been lacing of skates for years. how are you feeling? tonya: wonderful, as long as i am not on my but i have takent. a few hard falls. i want to get back to doing a triple triple feared amy: those days may not be far off for the 47-year-old. watch closely. you see glimpses of the powerhouse athlete that captured the world's attention over two decades ago. tonya:
12:43 pm
i know that sounds a little arrogant. i always feel like i am always trying to prove it. you know what, i can. amy: you did all that you did and achieved everything that you say? -- wouldn't you say? tonya: absolutely. amy: no money, a abusive relationship. tonya: i will not let anyone stop me from doing what i love. people tell me i will not amount to anything. i am fat, i am ugly, i am stupid. amy: you are going to prove them wrong. tonya: absolutely. i may be blind, but i did not fall of the turn of truck -- turnip truck backwards. i can skate backwards, though. amy: now married with a son, tonya said she is ready for a second chance at life.
12:44 pm
i may actually be getting a do over. that is why i am here. larry: that is amy robach reporting. health concerns about the flu spreading all across the country. an entire school in north carolina now closed after 160 students reported cases in just one day. t.j. holmes has a closer look at how to protect yourself and your family. tj: with flu fears spreading across the country, we are told it could be a nasty one. >> why is it so powerful this year? >> we have told you about the spikes. >> the deadly flu bug appears to be making a comeback. t.j.: so many of us worry about the virus at work. >> i teach my students to sing the whole abc song while washing their hands. t.j.: we brought a family medicine officer to our "gma" offices on how to not get sick.
12:45 pm
puts it on the door. how long can that live there and keep infecting coworkers? >> the flu can live 24 hours on a door. t.j.: in 20 minutes, we saw 33 people come through the doors, and it's just one of them is sick, one university study finds when one person comes to the than half of, more the surfaces and other employees in the office could be exposed to the virus after four hours. what do we need to keep an eye on? >> don't touch the door. push it with your elbow, your back, anything that will not touch your face. t.j.: once you get inside, be careful in the elevator. >> you can see the entire building start getting sick if one person comes in and touches a few of these lessons. -- buttons. t.j.: every time you get off an elevator community washer hands? >> absolutely. t.j.: he said it is hard to look at a coworker and see who is coming down with the flu, so be sure to clean your desk with
12:46 pm
what. >> the flu in the cold look alike in terms of symptoms. this is what i call a high-traffic area. you have got to white that bad boy down -- wipe that that boy down. t.j.: germs can linger in the air up to 30 minutes after someone sick has passed through. >> in the wintertime, when the air is drier and colder, they linger even longer. you were here before the meeting, sneeze, and you sat down, you can still get germs that are hanging around. t.j.: what about during the meeting? >> if you have to sneeze, allergies or not, sneeze into your elbow. that way it will stay there. larry: you will like you are just dabbing, you know, which is cool. t.j. holmes reporting. try to convince employers to have conference calls instead of in-person meetings. why you sneezeer in the corner of your elbo
12:47 pm
is. i dab. steve rudin is here. steve: now we go into the forecast on this one. the national harbor brightening up a little bit from the lunchtime hour. however, we have the clouds increase throughout the afternoon, and those clouds will likely produce showers by the drivetime home this evening. 50 degrees out there at this our, i love it, at reagan national airport. look at the wider view. manassas already at 61 degrees. fredericksburg now at 57. we will keep temperatures a little bit cooler, at least downtown, because the southerly wind over the cool waters of the potomac. seen the view, and you can the mild air. this is on the way for tomorrow. an abrupt end to the strong cold front moves through around midnight to 3:00 a.m., early saturday morning. winds
12:48 pm
change direction, and waking up saturday morning, you will feel it that got. scattered showers starting to develop across extreme southern and southwestern virginia. ohio, west virginia. other than that, it will be quiet for the early rush hour -- i should say the early lunchtime hour, with temperatures that will be mainly in the lower 50's, at least downtown d.c. milder outside of the beltway. for tonight, the rush-hour commute, showers overspread the area. temperatures drop into the 50's, eventually the upper 40's. daylight hours getting longer as we move closer and closer to springtime. tonight, scattered showers, temperatures -- instead of falling -- are going to rise. temperature rental be in the 50's by the time we wake up tomorrow morning for many of inside theally beltway. futurecast, to :00 tonight, notice the showers over the d.c. metro area, rockville, gaithersburg, frederick, hagerstown getting in on the action also. we see widespread showe
12:49 pm
rush-hour commute tomorrow. extra time this evening, extra time tomorrow morning, and again tomorrow evening hours as the showers continue. we did the heavy showers by the noontime our tomorrow. we look for the heaviest of the action to arrive late, late tomorrow night into early saturday morning. that is when the cold front moves on through, and the temperatures are going to plummet. highs tomorrow -- we make it into the middle 60's, even warmer than that south of d.c. take a look at our temperature trend. as we move through the next 24 hours, temperatures in the 60's by the noon time hours tomorrow. heavier rain begins to move on through. once it moves on through, we do stay on the mild side. a cold front, 12:00 a.m. saturday. here it is, a cold front moving through the area. this is early saturday morning into the morning hours. only in the 30's. let me take a quick look at our 10-day temperature trend. easy come, easy go, a big warm up on friday. much colder for the weekend.
12:50 pm
toward the end of next week. stay with
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larry: that now with the teachers new movement on health. to eat aallenge plant-based diet, and already come over 1000 people have joined the support group on facebook. diane macedo shows us how it works. diane: a teacher inspiring incredible revolution with his weight loss and lease on life. doug: people come to me and say doug, maybe you can help me with the issue. in 2008 afterted what doug schmidt called a widow maker heart attack at age 49. doug:
12:53 pm
chest, and then -- diane: he knew he had to put aside his favorite food. doug: i loved my cheese. for dinner, nothing like a good back at with some bruschetta, side of steak, mass potatoes. of winehave a glass come always cookies, cakes, pies, and i would snack on some ice cream before bed. diane: instead, he switched over to a plant-based diet. doug: you are giving up a lifetime of eating habits. it is hard to change those. diane: diets center around plants have become a health food craze. even stores like beyoncé and jay-z are region for greens. >> the evidence is overwhelming to you can treated to treat and reverse the disease. diane: it can make a big difference when it comes to improving health. >> diet is probably the single most important influen
12:54 pm
of health across the lifespan in the u.s. today. schmidt, the new eating habits helped him lose 63 pounds over a year. doug: my day starts with oatmeal with hempseed, bananas, raspberries, blueberries. diane: he no longer has to take medication. doug: i feel truly like i am in my 20's. i have so much energy. diane: now 59, he is using some of that energy to lead more than colleagues teaching in a jumpstart your health challenge and using a facebook group to keep everyone on track and also for support when times get tough. >> it changed my life. i look at what i eat differently. doug: everybody needs that person to lean on, and if i can be that, terrific. larry: we have some wet weather heading our way. kick off the new year with a deal that will save you money for the next 2 years guaranteed. os is here with a great offer a the 100% fiber-optic network.
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larry: given it is friday eve, we have a fantastic day out there. steve: if you don't mind the clouds, midday hour, go grab a bite to eat. mid 50's for today. upper 50's south and west of town. tomorrow, 65 degrees. we will stay mild all day long. grabbed the umbrella. heavier rain. the cold front comes rumbling through late tomorrow night, early saturday morning. larry: here it comes. ok. thank you for joining us on this midday.
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