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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and from students who witnessed it that it was a battle between two groups of young men over who was dating which girl. it was ambulances, not school buses at central high this morning. transferring two students cut by a fellow student in a dispute turned fight in a hallway between classes. police floodedded the campus, worried parents rushed to the school as well. >> i thought it was safe for the kids. not anywhere, on the street, in school it's crazy. brad: the police learned the story in a dispute involving three students. one pulls out a small knife and cuts the others. the student with the knife turned himself in to the school office. a lockdown declared. >> in the classrooms, it's stable. everything was, you know, safe inside the school.
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brad: the injuries are not considered life threatening but the parents wondering about their own kids say it can't be dismissed. >> not enough security to make sure that your child is protected. we shouldn't have to fear our children coming to school to get an education. brad: the weapon was described as the police chief as a small pen life. this is a leatherman tool that the camera man carries. a bunch of tools in it and a small blade like this. but how did it get in the school? when we come back at 5:00, we'll have some answers. in capitol heights, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: skytrak7 over what is left of a deadly crash in fairfax this afternoon. two vehicles collide and one man was killed. the driver of the other vehicle survived and is expected to be okay. this has been backing up. the road is now reopened. a crime alert in d.c. watch as the b
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a jewelry store here. nancy: this happened sunday morning. if you think it looks familiar, you're right. alison: store was hit in an identical break-in with a different van parked outside. this is a couple of weeks ago. stephen tschida just spoke with the store's owner. what is the latest out there? stephen: well, the owner of the jewelry store is convinced that the man who bashed through the glass door last month then tore through the jewelry store burglarizing is it the same guy who broke in here sunday morning. check it out. one break-in december 13, the other just sunday morning. it follows the same playbook and makes the same choices as well. look at the jacket. he shatters the glass door and the glass cabinets, loads up on pricy jewelry an taking off in a recently ripped off van. >> we are pretty sure that the first robbery in december
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second robbery. stephen: ken stein is baffled by the return of the bold burglars, hitting the shop despite an alarm and surveillance cameras. >> i think they will solve it. the influx of a bunch of robberies going on in the last couple of months. stephen: now, the burglars were in here about two minutes. police showed up on the scene in three minutes. so it was a very close call there. now mr. stein here, the owner says he has been in touch with investigators just today. he is very confident that there is about to be a break and hopefully some arrest soon. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: let's hope so. thank you very much. to the weather now. when you consider the cold snap that just ended today, it felt like spring arrived early. it is only going to get warmer, but there is a catch. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin with the rain. good to see you. st
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long. colder weather and a strong cold front on the way late tomorrow night. looking at national harbor now, a nice afternoon even though we have the clouds. the temperatures are well above average. 60 at reagan national airport. same for gaithersburg, manassas, chantilly and martinsburg. show you temperatures around the area at this time. mainly upper 50's to lower 60's. it will stay like this for an hour to an hour and a half. once the sun goes down, the temperatures will fall. show you what is going on with the satellite and radar. showers to the west of us. they will become widespread moving through the everything and the overnight hours. we are tracking the cold front late tomorrow night. ahead of it temperatures well above average. behind it for the weekend, don't want to miss this. a big drop early saturday morning. more on that in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. at least 17 dead in the mudslides this week in california. the rescue crews are working
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for survivors. eight people are missing. and marci gonzalez is in burr burr -- burbank. marci: k9 going through the stick mud. looking for remains and searching for survivors after the powerful mudslides in southern california. >> i have lived with fires, earthquakes. i have never seen anything like that. this is devastating. >> the storm that brought the deluge rushing into neighborhood, triggering gas line explosions that sent this family -- >> help me! help! marci: -- scrambling to safety. >> we left the house and we weren't scared of the flood. we thought it was the fire. marci: the fast-moving rush of mud and giant boulders stranded them in a park until they were rescued by helicopter. >> oh, my god. mom! marci: recording as the mud down the street in montecito and into his home. >> wake dad up. marci: the family stuck in sky
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rescued. >> i turned and apologized to my folks. i didn't force them to evacuate. it was an emotional moment. marci: emotions high with 17 people in the community now confirmed dead. >> i know people already personally who have died. marci: after days of searching for >> fight with all my heart to find her. marci: he learned his mother rebecca, a prominent realtor here is among the victims. eight others are still missing. rescuers say there are still areas they have not been able to access. so there still a chance that some of the missing could be found alive. in burbank, california, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. michelle: some states pushed for work requirements when it comes to people two benefit from medicaid. medicate officials released guidance to outline how statesman date employment or search for work for employees. 75 million americans receive healthc
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medicaid. nancy: president trump will have his first physical as commander-in-chief. it will take place at the reed military center and the exams will be made public as they have been for previous presidents. this is disgusting to leave her unattended on a bus stop half naked. alison: outrage and disgust the thoughts of many after release of a video showing a patient left outside of a bus stop dressed dressed in a hospil gown. the security guards spotted walking away. the hospital officials will address the problem shortly we are told. ryan hughes has more. ryan: they are saying that the woman was cleared from the hospital but she appears to be disoriented and confused. the man that shot the video demanding
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he saw four dropping her off blocks from the emergency room wearing hospital gown and socks in the freezing gold. >> go and sit down. you don't look well. ryan: he recorded the whole thing tuesday night outside the university of maryland medical center mid-down campus and -- midtown campus and he posted it to facebook where it's gone viral. the woman is seen stumbling on the sidewalk and having a hard time talking. >> she is not a patient of mine. i'm a psychotherapist in the city. there are mental health issues. >> he is asking for a supervisor as the workers are walking back in the hospital. overnight ummc issuing a statement saying in part, "we share the shock and disappointment of many who viewed the video." but he is calling this disgusting and irresponsible. >> when i say she has had no clothes on, she literally had a hospital gown on and no underwear. it's at least 30 or colder degrees out
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ryan: the hospital is apologizing saying we failed to fulfill the mission with the patient. the hospital conducting a review which could lead to personnel action. in baltimore, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: wal-mart announces $1,000 bonus for brees. nancy: but it's closing dozens of sam's clubs across the country. alison: plus the story of a dog left for dead. now max is finding new hope. >> for three days we didn't know if he would make it. alison: the update on max's recovery up next. >> only at abc7 news at 4:30, a transatlantic flight turns around over the ocean. disruptive passenger detained. hear from the person who took the pictures in the
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verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. alison: well, yesterday, we told you about max, a dog left for dead in fairfax. michelle: he has captured the hearts of so many throughout his recovery. nancy: richard reeve shows us how the pup is doing and has the mystery surrounding the dog. >> for about three days, we didn't know if he was going to make it. richard: meet max, a playful black lab at the c
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k9 mystery. >> he is doing great. we're trying to locate the owner and see what happened. richard: fairfax county animal protection police officer calls max a miracle dog. found appan done -- abandoned in the centreville neighborhood. >> he had severe dehydration. he was emaciated there was no muscle max. riches a year old, he weighed 23 pounds. no collar or microchip. for several days no one knew if he would survive. >> he was scalded by urine. >> scalded by sitting in his own you are ryan but he -- in his own urine but he began to recover from this to this. he is an awesome dog. healthy and happy. he is almost back to 100%. he has gained 20 pounds. now the authorities are hoping to find who the owner is. officer lugo believes max was confined indoors somewhere. that is where the urine b
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investigators are not worried about prosecuting someone at this point. >> we are more concerned about what happened to the person who couldn't take care of themselves and the dog was in the condition they are. richard: max is medical foster care. he could be adopted but lugo looking for answers first. if you know anything about max, police would like to hear from you. there is an up to $1,000 reward for information. in fairfax, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: sexual misconduct allegations turning into a criminal investigation. new york police reportedly looking to sex abuse claims against russell simmons. two women filed criminal complaints. sill mons stepped down from the company leadership denies the allegation. nancy: it turns out dennis kozlowski -- it turns outs bill cosby does not want to be included the me too hashtag movement. me
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and it's the comedian said, "please don't put me on the me too movement." he is retried in april on charges he drugged and molested a woman in 2004. jurors were deadlocked last year in the first trial. alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. sam's club is closing dozens of stores across the country. it happened overnight with some employees showing up for work to find out that the store was closed. the stores closing closest to us are owings mills, maryland and richmond. this is the same day they boasted about better benefit and wages and offered $1,000 bonuses to long time employees. michelle: meanwhile, target is hiring. there is a job fair going on now. you have a little time, until 5:00. it's in falls church. they are looking for 35 people to staff a small format store opening there. bring the resume to lincoln at the tennar hill until 5:00 to
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marriott apologizing to china's government over a survey. the questionnaire included tibetan as country. but china only thinks of them as part of its country. they questioned them over possible violation of the security law because of the questions that went out there. there has been another close call at the san francisco international airport. this is now the third in the past six months. here is what happened. >> when the plane was a mile out the controller spotted trouble and told the pilot to abort the landing. the aeromexico flight had lined up on the wrong runway. instead of 28 right, the plane was headed to 28 left. and a virgin america plane about to take off. >> the runways at san francisco international are fairly unique because they are very close together. that also
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can kind of get mixed up more easily if you could if the runway was a mile away from the other one laterally. nancy: last summer air canada pilots mistook a taxiway for a runway and flew 60 feet over planes waiting to take off. in october, another air canada flight had a close call because of a radio issue. alison: the winter blast feels like a distant memory but there are reminders everywhere, especially up north in boston. boston harbor looking like part of the arctic with ice still flowing. the coast guard took a camera aboard the cutter breaking up the ice by the airport there. look at what they found. nancy: it's scenic to see until you think about the fact that they have to deal with it. michelle: absolutely. well, we want to take a moment to talk about why we are all dressed here in blue. for a special cause. national campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking. nancy: it's a very important cause that affects millions of
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industry so we want to do something to raise awareness for it. alison: you can join in. #wearblueday. they made it simple so you can join in and share with your friends on social media. bring awareness to an important cause. you have a blue stripe in your tie. steve: it's a dark blue suit. we have to keep in mind you this is not the middle of january yet. we have a thaw going on now. we are seeing the flip-flops. michelle: feels like spring. bill: feels like shorts. nancy: it feels good. steve: don't get used to it. one more day but a glimmer of sunshine out there now a little bit there that will fade moving in the overnight hours. tomorrow is a wet day. the temperatures across the area 59 degrees so we dropped a little bit over at reagan national airport. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. 55 in winchester. 63 in
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leonardtown 61 degrees. we will do it again tomorrow and then bigger changes on the way. guess where the cold front is located. 58 degrees this hour in chicago. compare it to 7 in minneapolis. 14 degrees in omaha. we are not looking for the temperatures in the sing digits here but a huge drop from mid-60's in the 30's by saturday. this is what is going on. the satellite and radar, moisture and rain in the eastern half of the united states. we have snow mixing in with it. winter storm warnings off to the west of us. if you have travel plans to st. louis, tonight and tomorrow. winter weather advisories. winter storm warning in effect for southern indiana closer to our area. travel plans to pittsburgh and cleveland. you are going to run into snow. later tonight in the day tomorrow. even into saturday morning. temperatures are falling in the 50s through the rush hour
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sunset at 5:06. tonight, the scattered showers, so if you are out and about for the everything hours have an umbrella. mild temperatures rising as we move past midnight. the stormwatch7 satellite and radar, dry around the beltway. same to 70. down to fredericksburg. no problems at all. a few showers working their way in. they will be more widespread moving through the evening and the overnight hours. put it in motion. 10:00 tonight, off to the west. scattered showers continue tomorrow morning and we will see potential of the heavier area of rain from 12:00 noon through afternoon hours and the band will lift out of here. cold front will move in late tomorrow night and saturday morning. how cold is it going to get here? how much rain will we see? an inch to an inch and a half by the time the whole thing finally moves out of here by early saturday morning. temperatures trend on the future cast does show a high tomorrow. just around 65 deg
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late tomorrow night. notice how the shades go from yellow to blue. that is the colder air funneling in from the north and west. even though we will see the temperatures early on for high temperatures on saturday. just around 60. during the day, it is in the 30's. wind chill factors that are colder than that. a quick look at the seven-day outlook. bill cooldown for the weekend, near freezing on sunday. the same on monday. then we wrap temperatures up late next week. alison: steve, thank you. days until the federal government runs out of spending power. immigration is the big topic on the hill. coming up a senator says there has been a bipartisan breakthrough. michelle: but first, catholic university is in the middle of one of the best seasons. meet jay howard who is making a splash and rewriting the ♪ it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting.
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michelle: catholic university jay howard earned his second conference athlete of the week award and the eighth of his career. today he is our abc7 team player. as erin hawksworth explains, howard has been doing some special things this season and could change the record books. erin: in his senior season, jay howard has really stepped up for catholic university. >> i think it was a big step from my sophomore year to the junior year. especially to this season. just taking the
4:25 pm
and trying my best. >> howard has come up clutch. recently he nailed this buzzer beater to win the holiday inn college park classic and named tournament m.v.p. >> it's definitely rewarding. by the same time, challenging. the guys look to me to get them going. especially in the beginning of the game. or the beginning of the game. >> we just knocked off previously unbeaten and number 23, a game where howard scored a new career high 33 points. >> i had a great teammates that put me in position to score and put me in position to where i'm most comfortable. erin: now jay has a chance at finishing third on catholic university's all-time scoring list. >> definitely unbelievable. congratulations, jay howard, you are this week's team player.
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transatlantic flight turns around over the ocean. we take you to the moments on board when a woman was detained. nancy: plus, the federal government faces a budget deadline. michelle: but that is hardly the priority. immigration reform takes center stage. coming up, democrats and republicans may have broken through partisan politics. alison: new at 5:00, riteer refunds -- rider refunds. what metro thinks of the plan to give you, your money back if you don't get to work on time. that's when larry and i join you here at 5:00. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally und in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: a bipartisan breakthrough on immigration reform. nancy: aide to senator jeff flake say the republican group and the democrats reached an agreement. as kenneth moton reports on the hill, nothing is certain. >> do you hear anything about the immigration bill? kenneth: negotiation on the dreamers. >> deal or no deal? >> no deal yet. there has to be one. we are running out of time. kenneth: senators looking for the bipartisan agreement on the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or
4:30 pm
they will only say they are close to a deal. >> we have an agreement, the bipartisan group i'm talking about, that we are shopping among the colleagues now. >> nearly 800,000 young immigrants brought to the u.s. as children waiting for word. >> they are panicked. they have a right to be. they are worried about being deported. we need to find the right way to make a deal. we are getting closer to making one. >> a possible deal comes a day after the house g.o.p. leaders introduce their version of the bill but it also includes funding for the trump ball on the border, no for democrats. >> if speaker ryan is going to listen to the hard right in house, we will have no deal. >> trump adamant the wall has to be part of the daca deal. >> we are okay of getting it done if it falls in the parameter. >> a quin pieiac university poll says 75% of voters believe dreamers should be allowed to remain in the u.s. and apply for citizenship. >> we want to fix
4:31 pm
so we don't have the daca problem again. that's common sense. >> they are hoping for a fix by the end of the month. since the president announced the end of daca in september. nearly 13,000 dreamers lost the protection. reporting in northwest, kenneth moton, abc7 news. nancy: in the weather center now with meteorologist steve rudin. it was a perfect a-plus day today. steve: it was beautiful out there. keep in mind it's still january. we were just talking, the rain on the way tomorrow and tomorrow night if it were cold enough. it's not cold enough would be around 12 to 15 inches of snow. we are not looking at that. i promise that. look at the temperatures. 61 in leesburg. 63 in andrews. we will stay on the mild side of things. we move in the overnight hours, the temperature change in the last 24 hours from yesterday at the same time. 15 to 20 degree warm, the warm air mass is
4:32 pm
for another 24 hours. then a cold front on the way. scattered showers to the west of us. i-81 corridor. it will stay dry around the beltway. if you have plans to be out later this evening, grab an umbrella heading out the door. it will come in handy. tomorrow when you head out make sure you have umbrella. temperatures will fall from the 50's. sunset time is 5:06. talking about a cold front on the way late tomorrow night. early saturday morning. once it moves through, a big drop in the temperatures. highs and freezing for weekend. yet another warmup on the way late next week. more coming up in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. a red eye flight from charlotte to london turns around and lands in philadelphia. only on abc7, pictures of what american airlines says was a disruptive passenger right there being led off the plane. brady a fellow employee was on the flight and s
4:33 pm
brady joins -- samantha brady joins us on the phone from philadelphia. thank you for joining us. tell us about what you saw. samantha: of course. actually, we were in a middle area of the plane. honestly, i didn't care much until i heard chaos around me. it was around 3:00 a.m. and everyone was standing on their feet to see what was going on behind us. it was hard to see. it was a woman assaulting passengers around her. according to the flight attendant. it wasn't until she reached for the cabin door to open it so they detained her. it was quite chaotic and uncertain what was going on. we weren't getting any sort of information from the pilots. the flight attendants came through. and bringing us information about the incident. nancy: did you get a sense in
4:34 pm
danger involved in fellow passengers? samantha: of course. at first it was loud and a lot of commotion. eventually things start to settle down. once the flight attendant came through we had no idea what was going on. she said basically they are turning the flight around after four and a half hours to london because, you know, she was concerned for the safety of other passengers because she was trying to open the cabin door. nancy: alarming indeed. we should mention at this point there were no files charged. this is described as a medical issue. you are stranded there after the flight had to turn around. when will you get overseas? is the airline helping you out? samantha: not at all. they are less than accommodating. we missed the flight altogether because they canceled it as soon as we landed in philadelphia. we had to cancel the london trip and we are going directly
4:35 pm
get out in time. nancy: samantha brady joining us. i hope you are able to sort it out soon and get where you need to go. >> thank you so much. michelle: breaking news now from prince william county. shooting between two vehicles happened between old triangle road and saidwick place in dumfries. the police are on the scene but both vehicles left and no word if anyone was hit. we will follow it for you. metro is stepping up the efforts to reduce the number of attacks on metro bus drivers. a metro committee today heard from a national panel suggesting metro want buss to have shields for drivers on the troublesome routes and bar troublemakers from riding buses. the general manager called for more interaction with the public. >> latest initiative is to humanize a lot of the employees to the community as a whole. these are people tha
4:36 pm
>> remember this all comes after a number of attacks on metro drivers including this one where a woman threw urine on a driver. metro is also calling for harsher penalties for people convicted of assaulting drivers nancy: right now campus town hall at howard university as the classes are not in session for some students there because of the cold spell we were under. frigid cold temperatures there causing heating issues and ruptured pipes inside buildings on campus. spring semester is expected to start tuesday. michelle: julian assange, the wikileaks founder that has been held up in an ecuador in london will have a permanent home. aqua dore granting him nationality. the busiest airport in the world is working to prevent a repeat of last month's debilitating power outage. the general manager of hartsfield jackson international airport asked atlanta city council if it's possible to separate the main and the backup
4:37 pm
air travel in atlanta came to a halt on december 17. when an underground fire knocked out power to the airport for 11 hours. a navy veteran mother denied a visa to come to the u.s. for his funeral. he was 22 when he died battling leukemia. while his mother was home in vietnam, his parents are divorced. the father says his ex-wife's visa requests were all denied twice. >> that is what made me feeling why? what he done for this country. what this country done for him? >> the family says the state department is giving no explanation for what happened there. nancy: a florida man says he knows how lucky he is to be alive. he came face to face with a bear taking the dog for a
4:38 pm
him in the face. wow! causing the gasher that required 41 stitches. >> i have tried to go like this to get back in. it just did one of these. >> it was awful. she came downstairs where i was. scary. >> the dog wasn't hurt and the bear ran off after the attack. while this is the first bear attack in south florida since 1970, the neighbors say they often see bears rum motionalling through trash -- rummaging through trash cans. >> an oil rummaging through the side of the road. we showed you the pictures yesterday. coming up update with new pictures. nancy: the boat explodes. we will let you know what was inside that h
4:39 pm
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michelle: remember this owl rescued from the side of the road by a detective in maryland? nancy: we are told it's doing better and it's feisty. this barn owl was found on the side of route 100 in yesterday's morning rush. it was likely hit by a car. michelle: students across the country are benefiting thanks to wisconsin inmate. nancy: the prisoners in oshkosh are transdescribing
4:42 pm
in braille. a six-month course they learn to read braille before transcribing and they will heard course credit to set them on the career path after the time is served. >> a heroin addict so when i was on the streets, i took a lot. i was real sellish. i figured this was a way for me to give something back, to be selfless for once. nancy: the orders they fulfill pay for the program as well as the equipment. 2 million pages were producedded last year. michelle: missouri's governor ran as a family man but is now admitting to an extramarital affair. >> never going to mention my name. michelle: the recordings from before he was governor revealed. much more next. nancy: plus a "7 on your side" health alert do-it-yourself pap smears. how it
4:43 pm
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michelle: there are growing calls for missouri governor to resign. the former navy accused of assaulting his one-time mistress and blackmailing her with a nude photograph. there was radio aired of the woman apologizing to her ex-husband for the affair. >> never going to mention my name. michelle: he admitted to the affair but denies slapping, restraining or blackmailing the woman. members of the missouri general assembly are calling on him who took office a year ago to step down. nancy: must-see video of saudis taking out a boat. it had nobody on board and remotely controlled but they had been threatening to block the red sea of the saudis on the report. you saw that the boat exploded before it could reach a saudi owned car
4:47 pm
earlier this week, we showed you this burning tanker off the coast of china that could explode. it turns out it did. the front part of the ship bursting yesterday morning is still on fire today. the tanker ran into a cargo ship over the weekend. then the risk of explosion forced rescue crews to back off. michelle: all right. now to this. "7 on your side" health matters. a question a lot of us now need to think about. would you try a do-it-yourself pap smear at home? nancy: today the f.d.a. had a public meeting about it and they heard pro and cons have the doctor, cancer survivors tant manufacturer -- survivors and the manufacturers. kimberly suiters with us there. kili know you are scheme -- kimberly: i know you are squeamish about this. that is natural. people are freaked out but bear with me. we did a twitter poll. 37% of the people we polled said sure i might try the pap test at home. 63% of you are not sure and you'd prefer for the
4:48 pm
do it whatever way you do it, the important thing is get 100% of women over 21 screened. >> i'm not a researcher. i'm not a doctor. i'm just a girl that got cervical cancer that wants to change the world. kimberly: she founded survivor. support group with 5,000 members around the globe. >> i was 25 years old. i had to endure a radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy and it changed my life forever. i'm not a mom. kimberly: she was like 15% of women who don't get screened for cervical cancer and h.p.v. the common barriers are not getting the pap test women who don't have insurance or can't get to insurance because of work or where they live or religious objections. but the excuses cost lives. 4,000 a year. forca seasoner is that is treatable -- for a cancer that treatable. there is a workshop to allow women to do a self-test. >> we hand them out and women tell wom
4:49 pm
at home. i didn't have to go to the doctor. nobody strange looking at me. all the reasons they don't go are eliminated. kimberly: he developed a self-pap kit. he demonstrates how women used it in four clinical trials. the price tag on the market is less than $100. it still needs f.d.a. approval. when he and stelder gave opinions at the f.d.a. there was push pap. would women do it right? who would tell them the results? is it safe to have at home? they accept healthy skepticism is good science. >> if you get a bunch of researchers together and sometimes it's like the wild, wild west. it's because they are so passionate about saving lives. they are passionate about preventing cancer. kimberly: i want to show you an example of the self-pap kit. they have tubes inside. what you do is you insert the tube to this point here. you take this one out. you saw him do it in there. you put this one in. it's not all t
4:50 pm
from what is done in the obgyn office. this area gets cells on the end of it. you put in a jar with a solution. you package it and send it to the lab. and then you would hear back there a nurse or from a doctor to go over the results with you. curious if that is something that you would even do or are you for sure going to keep going to the doctor? michelle: for one it takes away the apprehension of going into the doctor's office. because it's never comfortable. my concern would be whether i'm doing it correctly. then i'd probably start googling everything. then you are really paranoid about what is going on. i miss that part. nancy: the fact it's less than $100 and people can do it at home. if it can save one life it's something worth trying. kimberly: people in rural areas or too busy or you can't go. they just want women to do it. so matter what it takes, of course, the best way is to go see your obgyn. but if you won't go for
4:51 pm
kit might be a good idea. we have to wait to hear from the f.d.a. michelle: thank you very much. we have breaking news we are tracking now from sugar land, texas. look at this picture. tractor trailer went off of that overpass and landed on the car on the road below. smack dab on top of it there. the truck got out. the person in the truck got out and was taken to the hospital. the driver of the car got out with the help of a person nearby. that is good news. he was taken to the hospital. it was raining at the time of the crash. but a cause hasn't been determined just yet. nancy: all right. now to the "live desk" with larry smith and what is new at 5:00. larry: what do you do with the dead christmas tree how january hits? how a woman was able to return hers and get her money back. you have to hear the story. hurricane harvey prompts a man to respond to half a dozen disasters. we will tell you where he is heading now to help. fire and ice generally don't
4:52 pm
made of ice caught fire. that is tonight at 5:00 when alison and i join you upstairs. now to steve rudin to look at the thursday forecast. steve: looking at the rehoboth beach boardwalk. reagan is 59 degrees. that is well above the daytime high normally in the lower 40's. 640 n faithgate. manassas is 61. show you what is going on as we widen the view out. the national view temperature wise, this is the cold front that arrives here in about another 36 hours. late tomorrow night, early, early saturday morning. once it does move on through, you are fing to feel a big-time waking up early saturday. if you have travel plans to cleveland they have winter storm warning extending to saturday. if you have travel plans to memphis and tennessee, kentucky, nashville, also winter storm warnings. but for the immediate area not looking at the snow but rater
4:53 pm
upwards of an inch to an inch and a half by the time everything moves on out of here. hourly planner, temperature wise moving through this everything. into the overnight. notice how temperatures go up from the lower 50's to 60 degrees. here is the future cast. it shows rain in the area later this evening. showers continue overnight. waking up early tomorrow morning. slow go for the rush hour commute. good time to tune in to "good morning washington." get you through the showers. then we will see heavier rain as we move through the late afternoon hours and into the evening. before finally the cold front moves through. and then colder temperatures are on the way. we will see the wind chill factors that will fall from the 60-degree range all the way down to the 20's by mid-day on saturday. the cold air is going to stick around. not in the day on saturday but also in to sunday. take you out with a look at the stormwatch7, 66 tomorrow to 36 on
4:54 pm
just near freezing. we'll be b
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
michelle: the relationship with russia has always been tricky. we have more. >> it's been a year since the statement from vladimir
4:57 pm
>> russia is ready and wants to restore full fledge relations with the united states. >> despite trump with a similar tone many believe relations between the countries have it goen worse. >> in large measure because of the ukraine, the occupation of crimea and what is russian aggression against ukraine militarily. >> russia's occupation of crimea in 2014 as well as the recent cooperation with president bashar al-assad of syria. and possibly with factions north korea have been major stains on the relationship. not to mention the attempt to interfere in the u.s. elections and those in a dozen other countries. now outlined at a new senate foreign relations committee report overseen by maryland senator ben cardin. >> how does it benefit russia and putin if the russian institutions are brought down. >> it depends on the fruit
4:58 pm
corrupt interviews. the corrupt enterprises are a harder time functioning in the democratic countries. >> some believe the kremlin is fighting the cold war. only the weapons changed. >> cyber attack. include the use of the military. he uses fake information, propaganda. >> the former ambassador and intelligence officer says the kremlin has been very angered by the u.s. sanctions. >> they are sensitive that appears to be discrediting, russia or undermining the leadership. >> the idea of a deep friendship between u.s. and russia is not out of this world. not out of the universe. the two countries remain strong partners when it comes to space. >> you can see the apollo behind me and they are working on the first ever international space station on the moon. in southwest washington i'm kristine frazao, abc7 news. larry: at 5:00, identical jewelry heist caught on
4:59 pm
caught. store owner sneaking suspicion. more on the patient kicked to the curb at the maryland hospital. officials there try to explain it. teacher thrown to the floor and cuffed for asking questions. what she has to say now about getting roughed up. "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. the owner says he is convinced the person broke in the jewelry store sunday morning is the same that broke in last month. alison: surveillance camera caught the particular both times but the police haven't yet. stephen tschida live in northwest d.c. with a story developing now. stephen: we were the first to compare what happened on sunday morning with what a burglar did to it last month. the police say they sure look a lot alike.
5:00 pm
weeks apart. at the same jewelry store. are they the same individuals? we compared surveillance videos with the shop owner. the m.o. was too similar, stolen vans. older people. from what we can tell from the video. >> they suspect the band of senior burglars. group of older men believed responsible for string of crimes downtown and the surrounding area is that began december 1 and persist despite one arrest. >> the guy that did the december robbery did this robbery. >> the jewelry store got hit december 13. then this past sunday morning. in both incident the suspect bashes in the front door and races through the shop matching cabinets and loading up on the jewelry. ken is baffled by the bold burglars. >> never seen that. that is not the normal m.o.


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