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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  January 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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more on the shooter and memorialorial service plans to say goodbye tood the dog.the was it hard for you to make upma this morning there could soon bere coul a newd way to get your caffeineffeiff kick we'll talk about that coming up in just a short while. w right now need to talk about the fact it's 9 degrees outside on a monday morning in the city. we are so spoiled used to it being 50 and 60 in the middle of winter. this is kind of quite a shock to the system aj. the icy grip is tightening old man winter is finallysisi nd 60 shock to takingta revenge on the great lakes. lake we are seeing lake effect snowfect right now.righnow. partially. persistent. especially on the southern flank ofth that system.s like gianna ashtabula continuebula con under a lake snow advisory that goes until noont you couldu certainly see that and early buttt just really depends on what that to do.s winds are generally southwest at
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so i would imaginemanem that's lending to trying todin steer that thing out overyi the lake. and we've had some gusts close to 30 at times. not gusting to badly right now it is 9 degrees. 9 degrees. that is twelve at akron canton factor infactor i the winds it feels like seven below zero. just last hourur we were down twoere minus 10 so believe it or not that in improvement. you can see lake effect snow bands there in the cold air the around the buckeye state. the next systemre in t alberta clipperbert look at it twisting bringing inri lake snows behind the system and some computer models arer mo indicating at least one to 3 inches with that systemin and a lake effect snow behind it. we'll continue to monitor andinue to nitor andin have the eight day forecasty foresty coming up for you shortly.p f we'll send itor back your way. thanks aj.anks some sad news this morning, theks legendary singer songwriter david bowie has died.d. a post on bowie's facebook page states that he died peacefully p
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battle with on bowie'e' @es tha his homte fox 8's stacey frey is live with more on the rock and roll hall of fame inductees ties to cleveland. 8's stace more o o neither his publicist nor theis publist nor statement elaborated on what kind of cancer david bowie had. rock station wmms was the first american station to play bowie's inspired the glam rock movies ofies
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numerous times over at theover the decade-long career.eer.eer inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1996 it was nototo there for the ceremony madonna accepted the award for him.h david byrne of the talking heads paid tribute.dav he was a shrink and a byrneeads a sex object and a prophet ofprophet ofprop doom. thepr welcome to the new world to the brand-new world. i would like to thank him for what he did.would l david bowie had just released his 25th album black star onar onar friday, his birthday. incredibly unique talent influenced so many artists sony art much in culture and musici.. and absolutely all aroundund artist. creator. yes. very creative one of a kind noo doubt about that.@ative one david bowie. 69 years old. o.
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released just at his death.eate so full of talent so much much talent. and a lot of people talkinge talki about it this morning. hundreds of people leaving condolences for david bowie andd bo his famwily will bring kristi and nowm a lot of major celebrities talking about it today. let's get to himcece kim writes on w our facebook pageri rip david bowie music will never be the same.d douglas also breaks my heart is broken.douglas als may you rest in peace and i hopeart is you, freddy mercury, jimyou resteace aresteace morrison, lemremy kilmister and the rest are rocking heavens music hall. armando all the great ones are leaving. how lucky we were to experienceperienceperi david bowie's world. daniel writes david bowie you are the most special..daniel writes the odd, the brilliant, the poet, the vocalist, the artist, the bleeding heart, the fashionththe edin king, the most unique, and ag hearhe faarhe faar sunset of 1,000 colors. thank you for your music ityour music it saved me many times.yo ted writes on our facebook page i'm in shock.d writetei' friday i was at a barin shock.ay i wa celebrating elvis and bowie's
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nicole said i remember seeing bowie and jagger video dancing in the street. still love it.wind jagger vi lori says that you didn't know david bowie's son, known as duncan zowie bowie back in the day bowie' duncan jones attended and graduated with a philosophylosophy degree from the college of wooster in 1995. local ties. there is over 300 comments00 commen already everyone leaving such positive.ts positive.ts he was different but change theha n face of rock and roll.. he had his own style. he did. d way ahead of his time. groundbreaking and so many ways artist. music touches our soul in one of the viewer said sic touches beautifullyeau written. music does that to you in when you lose the artist like even elvis talking about that on o friday it was his birthday it
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have more of your comments coming up in a little bit. thank remembering a hero.remembing a the canton police departmentherocant legged officer who was killed in the line of duty.ed officer jessica dill joins us live withl join live with more on the life of jethro andl the shooter. good m@oornting.h good morning everyone. we know the shooter 22 -year-old kelontre barefield was shot inbaref ield the leg when canton police officers returned fire. the he is now at the hospital.leg whwhofficersurned this exchange of fire happened after officers responded to a burglary alarm at fisher foods early saturday morning. burglary alarm at fisher foods early saturday morning. memorial service has been set up for jethro. it will be held thursday afternoonry ala. three -year-old k9old9 officer was shot three times in the face shoulder and neck. n no surgery because the shots missed all vital organs. jethro held on through saturday night officer say it was toughto to get him to rest saturdayt because he kept wanting to get
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police say too much brain damage much br and he passed away sunday morning.ainh his tragedy has received a lotei of attention. officers say people from all over the area have been offering their condolences. he's the first dog in our department killed shot in thepealthei line of duty we had accidentsy we hadccid wenith cars never malicious likecars neli this.ciou he did some heroic actions that day.he did s he'll never be forgotten. a lot of people asking this morning about the shooter'sshooer's punishment ohio law says the t death of a police dog is a third-degree felony. he could face that one or fiveor years in a fine of up to $10,000. had jethro lived he would have faced six to 18 months in prison prion unfortunately they thought he was going to elive thought he was going to make ito everybody wasody was holding onto that hope as well and we got the bad news.lding onto pictures or so of emotional poorionapoor
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thoughts and prayers are with t thank you.. annou ringling brothers and barnum and just announced they'll be ending it's elephant acts in may.ringling brotherphant that's a year and a half earlieract in mas than expected.a year d a n expectyear d there's been concern over howa a a the animals are treated, whichare treated, which led to the there are currently 11 elephants on tour.e are they'll head to the company's center for elephant elepha conservation, in florida. right now, there are no ringling brothers performances currently g, after a skull was und oer a skl was u on the scene of the abandoned scene of the a home on marcy street working to find more evidence.bandoned home on ma the home caught fire 4 yearsth ago.e ho investigators say it appears the say itppe arskull found on friday was burnt.urnt.ur but they're not sure if thee victim was dead before or afterere or afre the fire. investigators say a lot oftors ay a lot
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they'll be able to positivelyor able to pitivelyor a identify the east lake police are asking forke police are a help as they try to identify a bank robbery suspect. a police say the suspect entered the fifth third bank branch on vine street around 12:20p.m. saturday, pointed a gun at theler and demanded money.oney. he reportedly ordered customers to lie down on the floor, thenon the flo, then took off with the cash in anon older model champagne colored ford taurus station wagon. to call eastlake police. a quick response by clevelandina q firefightuicknsers may have helped toe by save a landmark restaurant in@ the tremont a landmark a fire started near the pizza oven of michael symon's lolita restaurant on sunday afternoon, and the flames quickly spread. while the upstairs offices were be lost. firefighters worked to contain the restaurant itself looks like o w they'll have to come in and make an assessment.ey'll hav
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thanks to the fire department for their work, and everyone to he says the best news is the say staff was unharmed, and adds quote we will be back strong, that i promise you.s the best nesay could be another way to get that morning caffeine kick.
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[music playing] a trip to europe this morning.orng. guess we it is. w aarme r there then it ist t here.t indeed itt is. . it is 312 in the afternoon right now as well. i ahead of us but that is okay. all right. this is interesting. coffee beans are receiving a jelly twist. b they are. the inventor of jelly belly wants to reinvent jelly beans once again, with caffeinated jelly beans.nvs the original coffee house beans would come in flavors you might find at on local cafe's menuafe's mu such as black coffee, hot cocoaaf and peppermint, chai tea,mint,tea,min doughnuts, and other staples.t, each bean would also be slightly caffeinated.@ according to the project's kick starter the creators want tohe cr make something for adults with gourmet taste buds. there you go. you want your caffeine in a
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we eat this caffeine beans those little chocolate covered caffeine beans. the espresso beans. this will be sweet kind of like gummy bears.gummyars.gummy i could do it.i could do it. i got to cut back a little bit on the caffeine but i would tryuly and.and. anything that gives you that boost in the a lititleng kick not as much t as a cup of coffee. or a can of@ red bull orll or something like that. we're talking about it in thisin thisi mornings if the chat readingreangre your comments from the instagram page we beginhe with garrett whore who writes that something i wouldwo try.o t lily says if it works i will try it. stamps that i would rather be wired with a cup of and some jelly beans. there you go. what the heck. give it aha try.ry just so it doesn't get to thet to the kids and eating them like candyti and then they have an adverse reaction. keep them away from the kids. they will go to bed. bouncing off the
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you eat some and then there upth all night. my gosh. 14 minutes after 9:00 in ther 9:00 in th morning it is 9 degrees outside.out wishful thsinking.king. try to get five more minutes geti it going. g we'll update you right nowht what's happening weatherwise it a lot of people cgoncerned about their commute this morning. it is i see. se. a bit icy we'll talk about morek lake effect and aj joins us withins ush the latest week hearing rumorsng rrsng tomorrow might be pretty bad inetty bad inet the morning.tyet tomorrow's rush hour in the morning. and will tell you why in ahy i ahy minute but just some light snow and i guess more lake effect would bel the best way toway describe what you're seeing're there. storm fox doppler radar into i lake county picking up some snow and c still could pick up another pick coding up to an inch or twonch maybe even three depending one nd how long that band hangs in there. northern lake county. nine above with a wind chill of o seven below.
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and toledo. almost have to rub your eyes and do a triple takes. on these numbers.on these n the 24 hour temperature changeumbers. 37 degrees colder than just yesterday at this time.37 my goodness.go next system right they are. a north of that the code as and over montana that clipper type type system is going to merge with ath little disturbance over the upper planes. and dive into the ohio valleyhio very quickly..very q it is a fast mover. and we could definitely be dealing witnih an inch up to t 3 inches with this is done by tomorrow and that lake effect snow behind it. there it is no fall announce at at least one to 3 inches. i then more lake effect behind effect hind those numbersit. always a shotgunh o estimate.timate. butti as of right now everybody now e has a chance to pick up thatc
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get a little buckle in the jet stream on friday.ream on fay. re then you see the winds aloft begin to allow the arcticin back back back ba into the northern plains and eventually will pave it down d into the great lakes setting theing thein stage for another arctic air mass for the weekend.ta 19 today. 19 u teens. probably not out of the singleth digit wind chills either. p coming in snow developing and assembling with that system... study and rising temperaturesmperaturesmperaturesmperaturesmp five morning. 123 inches with the storm systemer then a lake effect will kick in behind as west winds blow withblo gusto up to 30 miles an hour in some cases. once again producing windchill readings kind of where we havehave them now. no and otwher system on wednesday will bring in teenser s for highs. the coldest temperature of thet eight dayh
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morning setting the stage for fr another system friday saturday could bey in imported weatherorte system something to stay on top of. fox8 your official school closing station. much more coming up.
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welcome back. taking you to new york city
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very busy area. for sure. borders centralsy park and timek an warner center. you need a taxi there's one for n get you caught up what's what' happening in the world and national news right now. mexican officials are world d investigating a secret meetingati between drug kingpin, el chapo, and actor sean penn.inbetwn drug authorities want to question penn after an article hasicle hasic emerged that was written by the actor.ed published penn's article that featured a video interview with el chapo. the article also states penn metclso states nn met guzman in person back in october, when he was still on the run.n.octo el chapo escaped from a high chapo e security mexican prison nearly six months ago. on friday, he was recaptured, and is back behind bars this morning.d an elaborate escape.borate esc that is for sure.r repping a teenage girl who wasl whs hanging out with herl father. a horrific situation kristi has an update for us and what is for ud w
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four teens are behind bars inars inar new york city this morning, suspected of raping an 18 yeared of r old woman in a brooklyn park.park. police say surveillance cameras caught the suspects at a store athe suspects short time before the a store they say two of the boys are 15 another is 14 and the oldest iss 14 and the o just 17. police say the mothers of two of two of t the suspects took them to the police station..the s investigators say five young men stopped the woman and her father at gunpoint and they ordered him to leave.eave. he then ran to find police. officials are investigating aaoffici fire at althe home of the formere in south carolina police officerna poli officer accused inna the shooting death off an african american man. police say a neighbor put out a small fire at the vacant home ofire at e vaca witnesses say they saw someonenesses sa running away before the fire.y they saw so slager, who is white, is the former north charleston policer north the shooting death of walter
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his trial is set for october. a high number of detroit public schools will be closed today but it's not because of the weather..a high nu teachers in the district have been organizing sick out strikes teout strike because of frustrations over@ financial distress in thecial d detroit school officials put a a warning out for parents over thedeschoolschool weekend to be prepared for school closures because of theseres bec of th rolling strikes. the district's emergency managerict's emeenc told media that the schooly closures only make it more difficult to find a solution. all right.@ kristi thanks. music legend david bowie haso passed up next moressed on his battle withbatt cancer plus hear how celebritiesw ce are payingle tribute to the latee l singer that no want to check in with aj for ancheck update on the forecast.ras good morning.morng.m good morning stephanie and wayne it is very cold when chills in the single digits and below zerozeroze close to 10 below zero and somed somed spots. we'll see if there's any moderation and siteed
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yes. two million, four hundred thousand, of sand. steak 'n shake's hour. we'll never miss half-price, hand-dipped milkshakes again. but master, happier hour is from two to five now. pardon me? they added an hour. ...two mill - great, i've lost count. p happy hour just got happier. p get half-priced winter shakes,r now from two to five.
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that is still growing. for prize well over $1 billion the renault pick winners for f saturday night $900 million drawings 25 tickets did match the drive but0 just missed the powerball $1 million it's a grownio now from 40 million on november 4 to 1 point 3 billion it's $80,600,000,000 cash payout. the cleveland cavaliers are unbeaten halfway through their six-game road trip but it's going to be more difficult the
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lebron james raise the roof in philadelphia and raised his play with a cavaliersw3 needed hence against the nba's first team.w3{ with eight minutes left to play james took control scored eight straight points will sparking a 14-0 run. they lead the cavaliers a 37 points and had nine at nine assists and seven boards kevin love and tristan thomass both recorded -- the cavaliers richer continues three games in texas they call it that texas three stab
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type of all right in the face. that look like that hurt. who threw that ball kevin love once again he gets no love when it comes to impromptu team photos. this is a photo he posted friday the minnesota timberwolves say they arerw just after the game looking pretty cool feeling of that left out it shows them quit the spaces for admitted to mid body with the caption ha ha. we understand that wayne wasw
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the game. i would like i'm right there with them. isaiah on insta graham and i didn't realize that it was a photoshop. g i thought that was actually without kevin love you sell the one with kevin love and it for you thought it was pretty good. looks good stuff. you can never believe what you see thesese days. it's almost scary. how low will they go. big news for drivers as gas prices start dropping.
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absolutely stunning. i wonder what that is. >> where is that. to place i deftly can't afford. and by an island then. that would be nice. getting ready to party at the pump like it's 1999. all prices combined with capacity could push the path get that hasn't happened since before the new millennium. was a dollar 96 over the weekend some are actually paying a
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has dropped to a dollar 42. and watch metacarpal into the spot within two years to be able to that will drive itself to you. the strange twist of an oregon pet shop car on camerao he's lucky it wasn't feeding days. they're very hungry. that happened on sunday and it was all caught on surveillance video that owner say she has woman who seem to be involved.
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worth $200. look at that. oh boy. they begin in phenomenon they tour off their pants in unison onou and happy birthday suits. new york was not all loan other
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to pants two. that may scare some folks. let's take you to this videotape they spotted the three -year-old played driving a motorized big wheels on a major highway a reported posted this and he was using the bathroom the clever tub used a small chair to reach the doorknobm ev and get his getaway as you can imagine his parents are pretty disturbed. this is horrible. i could not i can imagine her being on the highway like that driving her big will the scary part is that any. that close to something like that would be sickck to their t
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the play say it's just a kid that he probably doesn't have that big will it's a good time to remember our first responders. a after she did for officers and a 16 hour-long he's worried that the officers may be hungry got to restaurants his feet he shows compassion and empathy for the officers during their job and having to work under the elements..of if he won the powerball jackpot
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cash. the golden globes plus some other big moments that are going
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now we are talking. for we didn't really see the sunshine. i've never been happier. it's just for four hours when you there.
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in america is the first to protect with the playboy mansion on the market before you get out your checkbook there are several strings attachedaru that would have to allow the thunder of the playboy empire to live in the mentioned away.i these 89. that shouldn't take long. good question. hafner's bedroom with the pricece take on the 6-acre estate. this could be the end of a headphone jack rumors are
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are so it'sw that that apple's iphone may not have a place to play in those headphones at all will be .1 millimeters thickck which is smaller than the standard headphone jackck it will realign wireless headphones to what's called the lightening porta. do you pets heart of the covers or even the hope that. one company has come up with a solutionon e they have created this map mattress that as a cubbyhole for your pets to sleep in the size can be customized to fit their growing pets. it's padded and can be removed for cleaning so you can still be close to your pet that you can
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and that rabbit. me and i had to cap your won best actor for his run the films his favorite sport -- for her role in american horse story hotel. sylvester stallone one best supporting actor for his role in the creed prisoners is his first four globe went and he paid his committee friend a -- it's what happened as she got up to lock up to accept her award that a lot of folks are talking about you can see she's making
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leonardo dicaprio she nudged him he looked a little surprised and stared. his eyebrows. check it out. quickly regaining his composure. that's right here on the tape. harvey of course he didn't tease about many gems ever since then
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them for original scoreof -- ladies and gentlemen boys and girls that's funny. wayne that claussen. he forgot his reading glasses he couldn't do it he's aging gracefully.
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that's funny. that's hilarious. while. wow. there's a whole. he stuck his head in the whole the poor guy. the mouse duped him on that one. did the dog ripped the couch up. i guess it's safe to say that is trash.ue
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get the dog. he's gorgeous. first's of our hope is okay. but what a beautiful dog. husky. but someone we chose for you at the hypoallergenic. at some point will get someone from my and then after she just she can s get as many dogs as she wants. i probably need a dog have a little gucci dog. let's do some weather.
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three. part a neutered. their great dogs. in case you're wondering where is this all going. g let's check out the eight-day. will find outlets expected over
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