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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the southerly big as the winds are shifting has overwhelmed the northern band. you canm see how this is starting to take shape here. is starting to shift to the north with white snow in quinn's heavier snow into euclid in lake county. from now through late morning were looking at another five or six hours we could see another 3-6 inches of snow on the higher end of that considering the snowfall rates are more than an inch an hour and if you are driving southho you will all of a sudden pop out of the snow globe and say her the anything from down south again temperatures are a reflection of the lack of snow in the partial clearing the single digit readings from strongsville through hinckley in cuyahoga fallsfr it looks like barberton will be run seven aboveoo azure heading out to the
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still in session s outside of the snowball. his school closings will talk more about that in give you updates over illinois and i those of us that do see some sunshine lucy the cloud cover increase we are anticipating a some light snow after sundown this evening it looks like temperatures will be around 18. e this is the general light snow i think accumulations by tomorrow morning will be around a traced to an inch{cu will see some additional lake affect up to the east. clouding back over will get
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wave of cold air behind that g pack weather sets in over the weekend any sort of built-in we see fridayek will be replaced by more snowfall. w willoughby eastlake those schools there a lot of delays listed they look good luck scott has said as you come into downtown unfortunately we still have this s water main break the closest chester from his 55 juvenile went over there yesterday andni shot some of this going on over there. would they are hard at work we do get one side of the roadof
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stating that area has been filled the still blocked between east 40th it is 55. no is covering the road. how's that you're going to be
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from the far east along tos wayne and kristi back to you. kerry k for has the highlights from capitol hill.l. i want to focus on the next five years next ten years and beyond. then urged members to work together. without a willingness to
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growing threat of isis.s. if they are serious about winning this war and monsters sends a message to our troops in the world s authorized that use of military force south carolina governor deliver the republican response and offered a very different perspective. election years can be difficult once you get things done. they hope it will serve as a
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people. after what the pentagon senseless and mechanical problem with the vesselss the crew made up of nine men has been vacated its ninth on injured he wouldou blow up the school finishes to get the bully office back his motherof set the principal then forced him to write a confession that he was a terrorist and hess would pull up the squall. she also believes that administrators not only saw her roster sent also fabricated their version of events. the school denies the allegations. not effortless fugitive is
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was captured of afforded area they posted as much on social media because he was wanted for arson and vandalism.ocbe the new selfie and read here is a better photo that one is terriblee the social media attention help them track down there man. if you're just getting up it is 4:51 a.m. some northeast ohioans are looking to cash in what you need to know before you rent out your
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