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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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multiple homes catch fire catch fire and a housing development, stacey frey has the latest.f >> the man accused in the shooting death of canton k-9 officer jethro makes a court appearance.n >> 10,000 us workers could soon be out of a job as walmart prepares to shut down more than 100 stores . but you know when the rainfall moves in, fox 8 news at noon starts now.
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coming for the weekend . this is a look from the roofcam . check it out with jenn harcher for the latest forecast with more snowfall. >> we are starting off first rainfall tonight and overnightar, there've and arctic blast it's going to get and how much snowfall . there isih chance of snowfall for everybody this weekend, looking at the temperatures, it feels great, 47 degrees cleveland . and 45 degrees mansfield, so it's in the mid to upper 40s . about
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will be in the 40s today, after dinnertime, you might want to have your umbrella tonight with showers developing after 6:00 p.m. .to to the west a bit earlier, so far, ahmed are not much going on . brain and indiana, illinois, then a cold front that will be moving in after midnight tonight . they rainfall developing tempters will be tumbling him several snowfall chances lake effect
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pacifier burning for homes and tribe falls, and summit county,, stacey frey has been there with the latest. >> you can see the smoke coming from the house under construction andmi tribe falls, on fire before 6:00 a.m. today some heardre an explosion other saw the flames. >> you never think you're going to have to get your kids out that there was a fire and it happened. >> christine rich home is the only one oh for occupied . her husband woke her . they were under construction, a third
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occupied,hi it was close to comment a few weeks it had to be torn down because of extensive damage everybody here was doing a good job of presenting anything else from igniting. >> i was sleeping, when my husband woke me up . i was tried to get my daughter out . and when we got out, there was this horrific flames everywhere. >> state fire marshal's office has been on the scene and hidden lakes for several hours . the good news, and nobody injured . they prevented the embers from igniting other homeshe and also the worm some propane tanks up
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kinetic look at the man accused of killing canton k-9 officer jethro. >> jessica dill has more on his arraignment hearing . bond was continued and $5 million for 22-year-old kelontre barefield charges of
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on a peace officer, and shooting near a prohibited area, on saturday officers were called to a burglary in fisher foods, they said that he fired shots with three hits in jethro, he died sunday morning, at the arraignment hearing, a day after jethro was laid to rest, a public loyal held yesterday with hundredsbl honoring him on what birthday. >> his preliminary hearing was set for january 22 , he was shot in the leg by the police who returned fire his release from the hospital
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they will close 269 stores this year which will affect 10,000 employees the company says the stores that they plan to close our poor performers and most are within 10 miles of another walmart, 104 locations are in the united states the company plans to relocateco displaced employees to other stores, walmart shares fell 30 percent nt last year alone. >> the man in critical condition today after being shot in the head about 12:30 a.m. today on east 39th street and garfield heights, someone fired several shots at the vehicle with a man inside he was driven to marymount hospital been flown two metrohealth, his whose identity has not been released they say they have no suspects at. >> retired officer arrested and airport security checkpoint
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says that he put his jacket through the x-ray machine yesterday and that's whenne they saw the vote mother 20 caliber handgunun and then they called police who arrested him, asked why he and again had a gun at the airport, heag gave this excuse .ga >> did not know know that it was in his coat pocket basically deep in the pocket of. >> we recommend that you take a quick five minute check to sleep through everything on yourself and your banks make sure you do not have prohibited items.n >> that he currently works part-time with tri-c-c campus police department,wi police say he was booked without incident, he has since been released on bond. >> vigil held at 8:30 p.m. tonight in northfield center to remember the family of four who died in a house explosion, they have ruled the fire as arson at
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body of jeffrey mather, he his wife and two daughters were killed, they say that the mother t and two girls may have been upstairs and he may have been downstairs when it happened he was found with a loaded shotgun last month and the metropark zoo said that he wasnt considering ending his own life. >> lawmakers looking into whether medical marijuana should be legal just months after they rejected a estate validation, a a new poll suggests a majority of people support medical marijuana, stay speaker of the house announcing a task force to explore the possibility he says in a diverse a diverse group of people includingexi the that professionals and former attorney generalext betty montgomery will examine the issue. >> i understand that there are other groups that are out their wanting to dops ballot initiatives and i would invite them to take the time to understand, you have a willing partner here to listen to
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statehouse through march 31 and open to the public for more on theli task force members and hearing dates, go to fox >> a newborn is found abandoned
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chicago police department facing criticism after the releasepo of video from the 2013 shooting death of teenager it shows 17-year-old cedrick chapman running away from the police after stealing a car,aw two plainclothes officers jason wanted him fired four shots, killing the unarmed teenager . h he said he thought that he had a weapon, the
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city, chicago mayor rahm emanuel is promising more transparency. >> search and rescue operation under way afternd a crash between two marine helicopters off the coast of hawaii, the coast guard is looking for survivors after two marine helicopters collided off of the north shore thursday, the coast guard says that they spotted a fire and debrised , field including an empty liferaft ., 12 people are reportedly missing from the two helicopters, the marine corps says that they are from the first marine aircraftft wing from marine corps base hawaii, there is no immediate word on the cause of pollution but witnesses reported hearing a loud noise before spotting the large flare in the sky. >> republican presidential field has narrowed with the contenders becoming more combative as the iowa caucuses are >> infighting was front and
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reid binion reports of. >> there are seven, still a big field is smaller than previous debates, donald trump and ted cruz taking center stage at the fox business network debate in south carolina,, they do mostly friendly so far but last night the gloves came off with donald trump taking jabs at ted cruz as natural born citizenship and residential eligibility to. >> very fine constitutional attorneys that feel because he was not born on the land he cannot runont.n >> and ted cruz trekking back with a shot involving donald trump's mother who was born in >> on the issue of citizenship, i'm not going to use your mother 's birth against you. >> and also donald trump's hometown of. >> but a lot of conservatives, the manhattan. >> with a spotlight on donald trump and ted cruz of and ted
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>> nick christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports. >> when you are senator you get to just talk but when you are governor youen are held accountable. >> attacking each other they shared a a common favor targeted .. >> on tuesday i watched storytime with barack obama.y >> this president is undermining the constitutional basis of this government.t. >> reid binion reporting. >> sunday on canceling some las vegas shows, after the death of her husband rene angelil who died yesterday in las vegas after a fight with throat cancer , they have been married since 1994 with three children together, he was her manager and producer for years after receiving a demo tape from her family, he was 73 years old. >> and officer called a hero for
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happened in colombia, the officer who is a mother found the baby and in the forest with this umbilical cord still attached that's when sheco breast fed the baby, and they said that hypothermia and hunger issue in hunger issue is not there,ed the baby is now in a foster home. >> the local man who got his
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it is friday, there are some changes coming . it will be cold and lots of snowfall . it will be mild today with rainfall developing . mi
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o'clock . but not much rainfall about one tenth inch for most . the chargers will be tumbling,ch a scattered light snow showers saturday . significant lake effect snow sunday night into monday . have forecast for you, 46 degrees bedford and 45 north olmstead . miranda's mob pocket . with some of that that going our way once the system
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us try one spot limited portion of northwest richland county . the equity in and out before, the big amount later on tonight, currently on storm fox not a lot can be wide enough to view you can see the shades of green and yellow to the west of us . that will likely limo van after 6:00 o'clock, it will be moving in from west to east late afternoon and evening . beer ad after about 8:00 o'clock then move out of here . not expecting much to get some lake enhanced
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for the snowbelt areas about one -- 2 inches . on sunday everybody will have snowfall today, 40 degrees little bit breezy . and then my rainfall changing over to snowfall with temperatures falling . 34 degrees in the morning, and then a few snow showers but not er much . on sunday everybody gets the snowfallun will be in the afternoon overnight into monday morning . back into the teens on
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eight days . chipotle is closing all goods of
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. >> overdraft fees have been mentioned a lot on the presidential campaign trail and that we know how much the top three banks in america made on those last year, j.p. morgan chase, bankamerica and wells fargo are more thanmo $6 billion last year on a team and
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5 billion came from overdraft fees, and hillary clinton bernie sanders have talked about capping atm feess it collected. >> cell phone overages are at a record high, the survey found one and five reportedoo being in overage in the past six months, at&t customers, pay the most paid the most, 20 percent andt compared to 20 percent of verizon customers, 12 percent of t-mobile customers and 5 percent of sprint customers. to >> 's political close all of its locations nationwide next month but only for a few hours on monday .icti on february 8, nearly 2,000 chipotle locations will close, so employees can attend a companywide meeting on improving food safety, and they have been tied h two disease outbreaks including e. coli, and norovirus ,oa 53 people were sick
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least five lawsuits filed. >> if you want amazon prime, this baby baby a good chance they will drop the prime membership price from $99 down to $73 for th beginning at midnight and ending sunday at noon, when the customers are eligible, they sayt that the deal celebrates the two golden globeeyh winters for the original shows mozart in the junk ins the first two seasons of of the show will be free to anyone who wants to watch this weekend even if you don't sign up for amazon prime. >> lebron james not just known for his awesome basketball skills.
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three houses destroyed and other one burned by a morning prior. >> he claims that the cargo falls development as stacey frey has detailed. >> at this development in cargo falls, spread with her that had to be torn down the time they were in a >> is here to come down the street about four or five houses down you can see it was like snowing . it was odd looking. >> they did score to the side a
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woke up, they got out okay, this video shot by a neighbor a couple houses away, everybody credited the firefighters were doing a great job to contain the situation. he rescued your cat? >> he was hiding under the couch and. >> the state fire marshall has as been on scene, to determine the cause of the blaze,, as for the house thatas had to be torn down because it was so heavily damaged he said that the new owner just closed disclosed on
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sosa at least they were lucky they wereky not living on the property 's.v >> liquid format is fighting to keep a pit bull that she says comforter special-needs granddaughter . she says that scrappy has been helping aleeah williams during daily treatments for cystic fibrosis,ah pit bulls are banned under lakewood law, and control is involved in the family fears that the dog what have would have to leave their home,e the story of gone viral, many people are calling for the city to change there dog loves. >> heating up issues there's nothing vicious about him he has never been his never gotten out he has never attacked anybody to think that overall that every pit bull shouldl be banned out of the city is really unfair. >> some council members say that their
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was that not everybody think that it should be changed, even if the council acted immediately to be it could be too late for him,ia a breach termination . scheduled for next montha. >> coming to a tv near you you in a at a show starring lebron james he and a business partner of producing a show called cleveland hostel's gift for entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams and also reviveprce bike lanes a neighborhood who also starreda in the series get assistance from business experts, and mentor them them, the ultimate goal is to launch for local businesses that will create jobs.un >> northeast ohio man earned himself a golden ticket to >> it all went down on last
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tank jackson is a dance teacher from ashtabula county said he has been tried out forte talent shows for 12 years and this was his first victory he performed a dance for judge jennifer lopez two hurt hit songge, get gay-rights. you can see american idol
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chicken meat live look outside it is a warm day . there's been a change from this
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the clouds continue to thicken track in the next system likely move in this evening . cannot rule out isolated shower this afternoon to the last, but most of the steady showers will be after dinnertime and through the evening .be have then some cooler air moving and commonen about snowfall but on the eastside, in the snowbelt, some lake effect started to develop and continue continue through saturday morning with one -- 2 inches, today, ne it will be a mild day, with some lake effect snow on saturday . everybody gets tough on sunday, between one and 3 inches for most of us, the arctic air returns monday with temperatures in the teens it looks like several more rounds
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week. >> fans complained about the the referees in last night's game versuso san antonio. >> the coaching staff is already change at browns camp. >> the cavaliers early dominance meant little as the spurs ended the winning streak, it was 99 -- 95 victory for san antonio spurs end of the cavaliers a game winning streak and matthew dellavedova and tristan thompson , but they teaming for perfection . there is lebron james, but tony parker was the roadrunner, 18 first-half points , lebron james there were three points they were up by six points at the halfey than in the third quarter, dellavedova gets
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quarter and thes cavaliers up by one point than the storage taking taken command, with an eight-point lead the i . and then here is parker who had 31 points . san antonio winning their tenth in a row, 99 -- 95 the cavaliers ended their long road trip for of the season tonight in houston the last stop on the texas triangle, then no one in houston since 2,006 then they return home for that rematch with the champion warriors who won the first meeting christmas day, the cavaliers honoredhot doctor martin luther king jr. as part of the 12th annualm black heritage
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jackson 10 days into the to off-season gives him some job but not much, according to reports he has targeted former browns defensive coordinator ray horton and currently the defensive coordinator in tennessee, not clear if the titans will allow him to join, that decision could be in limbo as they have not selected their next head coach, kevin o'connell , did a great job helping john manziel get up to speed, he is not retained, he also helped marcus mariota, hue jackson will bring in his own guy thinks according tosn british felt . . doug pederson was the chiefs
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was the man who was, the play . avoid arbitration with bradshaw a one-year contract for two . $7 million . how old were you when you welcomed your firstborn
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cdc to issue new guidelines for pregnantc women because only spreading virus, they can causeus the least to be born with smaller hands, living to the elemental issues, it is spread by mosquito bites when case reported in houston, several groups have alertsse against travel to brazil where it is widespread there is no vaccine.n >> average age of american woman to have her first childof is rising in they say the average age of a first-time mother increased nearly one half years .i the last decade and a half they say that while the age at first birth has been increasing for some time there has been
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there are two trends, ea eight decline in first birth to women underto 20 and an impact of over lululemon having births all states and district of columbiaul reported delays in motherhood since 2,000.of >> crimewatch daily. reed grinsell has the story of sara kruzan who is living a nightmare . >> she forced into prostitution at 13 and had a troubled live before here's the story's. steadily for the judge, but the rest of your life determined by decisions made as a teenager, it was not imaginary for sara kruzan,in and the decision made
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like the devil himself. >> headsets with me when i was 11 . . i wanted it to stop . until i can know what the devil looks like. >> he spent the next two years grooming her for a life of prostitution and. >> from the age of 13 -- 16 was sold. >> that something finally snapped, one-shot and he was dared. >> he was laying there and i'm sent him set him on fire and.
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legal exceptions in place that protect juveniles in her situation, mitigatingt circumstances like years of abuse that should have alloweded for lesser charges. >> instead she was tried as an adult anne medzi 17, have a laugh for rural fool the for the murder of her abuser, the chance n to see the outside world again. >> you can watch the next crimewatch daily on fox 8 had at
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see her naked in sandals the night in the tech reporter still has some information for you to. >> stashed them stash comic-con indigent, and trying to revolutionize the way we save and invest money, to make it easy on i can't nearly invisible to the budget neck saving money is not always easy, but they're trying to make it more approachable, started with digit it is a preamp that put savings on autopilot connected to your checking account and it into monitors your spending and ever so often it takes only a few dollars that you will need, they say the algorithm is so advanced they will pay for visa you overdraft your account you can transfer your savings were needed, butcaca there is a nickel for every $100 of of assets with
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you want to invest invest, check out stashto become a wall street player for as little as $5 you can buyc fractional shares of over 30 exchange traded funds they are all conveniently named miketh clean and green start charges a dollar amount, it even , has a built-in glossary to learn the lingo as you learn, acorn much investment no fees ifou are stupid or under a student or under 24 in automatic rounds out thent transactions to the nearest dollar investing the difference difference, it was started by father and son who do not havefe large enough funds for a brokerage account minimum, so so far so far it is stockpiling that a lot of users has over 1 million members and 490,000 investment accounts . these are all innovative, but lessons can gol up or down so before you use
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info, go to, a
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elementary school kids in minnesota sent support to vikings kicker blair walsh .
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surprise, he went to that school to say thanks that north pointe elementary school, earlier in the wake the the class in 10 said the cards after missed what was likely the game-winning field goal against the seahawks, thursday, many of the kids showed up to class wearing vikings jerseys, he signed photographsto took photos with any of the kids .ph. >> first off i want to say thank you for all of thehe cards and letters that you wrote it was very touching and. >> they wereas learning about empathy earlier in the week, that's what prompted them to send messages to and. hip-hop start learning the hard way that you should be careful of what you post online , dj to lead known for posting messages
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flashes america's press card, he lost a lot of money because users began taking screenshots begin taking screenshots and reading of charges , of about $80,000, he said, i have made mistakes and this is just
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