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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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dc they can introduce snow on the whole place shots down be they're going to get more than just a couple of inches snow.' they should be close to 20 at noon with most of us being on middle and upper 20s later this afternoon.
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nor'easterth the south of mayfield. this looks good valleyview bridge eastbound.
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metrohealth curve. it happened rather reacted to these route actions will probably shock you. stacy fry is life with a look. then watch as half a dozen people help her. she got back and her philco and took off police three least
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how could you do that. we do not know how bad that the pedestrian was heard we knowk she was taken to mature and she's no longer there if you recognize the driver or that vehicle you should call police.
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aggressive dogs paul sanders was working his puppy around the
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then death to israel over the speech by anan israeli diplomat back in 2011. beverly warren is showing a treat saying that the professor does not speak on behalf of have made can from signing statements. that's two hours past the usualst last called during a major event
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convention. they will decide who will stay open later and this will only apply for the rnc which runs from july 18 to the 21st. it is 6:06 a.m. weather and traffic is still ahead. >> the running what will happen
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been all whole lot worse. i'll tell you about any problem that could get in your way. find your way to the desk in the
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coming up for winter since 1970 to move had less than 20 percent ice cover. we had develop a pretty good amount of iceceve is back in the winter of 97 and 90 eight we are well past that at this point.
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ice records. at nearly real looking at temperatures ranging from aboutea 8-12 above is a 12 and west they already put a 15e current temperature in sandusky. it should be quiet with her
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traditions pretty good. charles to the west virginians know how no caps w through maryland interior sections of virginia since they could have more than 2 feet of snow they
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the winter. at least not this. let's see how the roads are looking for your thursday morningfo commute. >> things are looking great on our thursday. tidbits that the doors open at
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that.db family more volume hopefully when you kick click on the gas tracker tab h the dow plunged 565 points before making a site come
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loss of 247. they the begin that high come figure 20th the latest round of height means that our julie range of a full-time employee is just under $13 an hour. you cannot get a full refund.
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refunds on some models. they made the decision yesterday following a deadly does shooting on a train this month. thehe suspect is still at large. the recent investigation revealed that the security
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cameras in place are decoys. the auction takes place january 29 during the
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welcome back to fox 8 news in
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there's tenets utilities no problems whatsoever is that a pretty easy commute the drivehe times have reflected that coming in from avont a quick 16 minutes
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20 -- a couple of snow showers left over to the east posted that beginning to move away average temperatures this afternoon will talk about this big nor'easter that's developing and indirectly
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they got to take up your trip to ticks to sites all over ther world they were immersed in the 360 degrees they thought these contraptions
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were the coolest part of thert whole journey. j you can buy it for $20 but it works with works with iphones and interest.oror 6:24 a.m. we have an update on your weather and traffic every eight
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some flurries here the fox 8 front yard you can go to my
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and you'll find that. at the weather headlines. temperatures will climb the snow showers are fading away we have one word onter mayfield heights.
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another hour some of the clarion will be replaced if it we keep an eye on the building nor easter.r. why are these so difficult. there's a lot of variable six went to easter. it hasn't even developed it that shows the probability factor here both of these lows begin to emerge. classic panhandle low this foot is going to tips of moisture is going to push cloud cover over weight the worldsh the northern fringe of it pushes into
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eventuallypu winter storm watches and warnings if you know anybody find out of charleston west virginia. y new york and boston burden and cancellations and delays all over the placea snowfall accumulations for going to see a couple more of these.
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on the eight-dayay visit a monday or tuesday be. deal. am
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harkint about to let them for 44 did i to 90 no issues. still holding steady at a ninei minute commute wayne and kristi back to you.
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not even to an animal. a possible hate crime after someone stay pitted graffiti on the kent state fraternity house some of that with -- some of the racial slurs arty up. other members were sleeping. i take this as a threat directly against those kids. they are investigating at ag
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and vandalism charges. they should not pose any problems with the free-for-all thursday morning.
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it is.h
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google cardboard will be woody think pit a lot of comments coming here at 17 and 18 rebounds. against the team. i'll put very much like to know how many poor people in this country don't know the allows
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taking a tip in them. >> they'll get you started here on this free-for-all thursday. facet we get a hold of you. -- here's how you get a hold of us. wet have 700,000 fans thank you so much.
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let's look ahead here to the
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affect.edo we keep an eye on the nor'easter is it starts you head into kentucky.'e be in the backside of this on
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some pretty good win. o we're going to talk more about the safety forecast of the coffee in the book the rush hour on. they are not seen any problems. but one following that is ninety at eddie no issues as they come along the east shore
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it's still a later volume. please be careful on the ramsen burgess and overpasses.ata is known as the biggest most camper as of high school sandusky height is a school that has place and in importance of academicolol. >> a warm and spirited welcome from sandusky high school the
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the students are tuned into this the find arts.
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the fine arts things. what a great school. your time not is 6:46 a.m. will play the coffee quiz with grace and we come back that a new birthday meal sympathetic cleveland he was at the top of one list. see what you're doing more than
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country. we have an exciting update on his heartwarming story. stay with us. >> i now it's time for the career job board of the day. they are hiring a tired manager. for more information on this and other jobs click the jobs tab at
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welcome back, it's life tv to you in the doubtful heckuva lot. cleveland is actually number one in the country that comeso to life for tv dealership. t morning.
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for taking can tennessee of blizzard the dc. he could see more than 2 feet of snow and portions of her jeepep and interior sections of pennsylvania most of us will bypass us. it's going to be pretty windy and chance of rain and wet snow
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of next week too much fox 8 news out there. they are seniors. what owning. that's tv name. wow. that works. then he'll how want to be a hm. s he's going to be very careful.
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with all paid it. do you want to do sports just all around. shest wants to own a tv station that is true. shoot for the stars don't be an employee be an employer. she wants to be the superintendent. maybe. okay. is there. a guidance counselor and engagement. just don't make the mistakes that we did. we don't sign the checks. he cast a bit better to simon and a then cash in. here we go. i wasted too much of your time.
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will the is on phone.
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with the chicago or detroit. who googled that.
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goodbye. we know since want to 8:30 a.m. to give them a price. keep it right here on fox 8 news plus an update on one of our tops 30s surveillance video shows a womanur was hit by a t a group of wild dogs and one part of our area are present
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the new 7:00 o'clock on the dot on a t thursday morning thank you very much for joining us. >> scott has a look at your forecast. >> good morning a the lake is
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bit of wind against bryant accumulations and then in akron at 11 cloudy skies will continue to dominate and that will directly impact us over the eight day in just a few minutes. traffic time with patty. j they
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westboundo 4 miles per hour there on 422 westbound we do have a house fire over in chester want they are directing traffic to we have video of rehab video of the fire? we can see crews are out there battling this for most of the morning to 71 northbound and we don't have any problems and then 422 westbound wayne and
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fire keeping us busy right now good morning. and then we have another route where it you see you see the smoke going was a some of the flames to as well. let me show you behind me where there is a very active scene and we can't tell you what is the house fire right noww and that as you see behind me here there are tons of fire trucks here as well.e this is on wells would drive a little development in that it is hard to get down here.n the fire truck people are going up and down the road
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trying to fight the fire. t we got here about 45 minutes ago the house was still on fire and showing focus o talking about a couple of neighbors saying this is not the first time about a year or two about a car on fire them too. we keep this updated tons of fire trucks everywhere we have breaking news we are following that of cleveland. said ignatius high school is closed today because of a bomb threatos stage and said it did not
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safe they have close just because of a bomb threat. >> police could use your help for a hit-and-run driver. >> it is very clear showing the accident it will probably shock you. i really out of the hospital shot no broken bones but certainly severely bankruptcyly will need cosmetic surgery with a giant gash in her cash in on her does not remember the accident h are all to no lows know lowe's the when i spoke to a few minutes ago on the phone
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this they got out and was lingering behind an suv parked behind the pump l they released still shots could take a look and see if you recognize for the license plate was partially covered by snow t they took off. i could not do that. >> the victim here are ready treated and released from a
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stopping that they just want to hear from you a warning this morning about a pack of wild up our server dogs roaming in eastside suburbs police say around 5:30 a.m. a call to a home near ingleside fifth critically injured year or three document it when theyit arrived police say officers at the photometer and when they shone a spotlight on the docks they ranth to our first lady a woman waiting call police called after she was assaulted by the docks she said one nectar jacket d police shut up one became
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puppy that is for monthly keep it on the leash up a time it is something you have to watch out for now. >> police say said they did not know the breeds one is black one is probably our are medium-sized dogsgs anyone who sees them should call police and not approach them and an assistant professor with possible ties he was on our campus yesterday and his wife would like to do, to fox eight news he paying tribute to palestinian suicide bombers in 2002 and shouting death to israel during a speech in 2011d he issued a statement saying
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behalf of kent state. >> police and the boys were taken by their mother they found the woman's car after seeing an alert and called 911 the brothers were taken into protective custody it is unclear up the woman willak face any charges. 7:09 a.m. keep it right here on fox eight news in the morning. yesterday could've put a whole lot worse. >> surprising plus a surprising decision being made see why writers are shocked about the change. >> good morning. nine minutes after 7:00 o'clock light rain remainsnies we will check it out. nor'easter big time snow that looks like tcu will be buried. we will talk about that and how it will affect us in a moment. >> we have an accident out and
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youu an estimate on how it will
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will come back to the morning show. and busters here wondering what to expect from wall street is asian investors fell last night some outside some called a nightmare on wall streetas before making a slight come back. wanted good reason why crude oil prices fall below $27 a barrel that is the lowest since 2003 dozens of oil
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companies havef filed for bankruptcy recently. some say it is the climateba there is a 50 percent chance of a recession. >> walmarts as many of the us workers will be getting a pay raise next month every walmart and sam's club employees hire before the start of the your will soon on at least $10 an hour. more than 1 million us workers will be getting a pay hikeil starting february 20 walmarts is the average hour wage is just over $13 in our unions and workers group say that is not enough to want a living the living wage $15 an hour. and now it is expanding to all of them they arehe investigating at least 39 reports exploded mccutchen by a
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as well. >> the bay area bay area rapid transit system. (san francisco a deadly shooting on the train earlier this month suspect is still a large right now. t a newspaper investigation revealed a majority the majority of the cameras placed a decoy. >> this is a sporty black fiat pope francis used when he was here last september the car got a lot of attention s with pope francis and it absolutely. w
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traffic right now 14 minutesin 13 minutes in the city. thirteen minutes after 7:00 o' what they have our two cars and the semitruck and 422 westbound you can see it is really back in traffic up your b back before liberty road averaging 26 miles per hour as you get closer to the accident scene it slows down even more this isen the sure way you can see it is getting quite busy. inner belt bridge moves along with the heart of that rush-hour at let's look at a fewt extra more 423 westbound is a ten minute commute 22 minutes between 90 want m to 71 the accident for 22 422 westbound being before westbound let's check out the forecast to start. >> good morning everyone a few flurries here in the yard little
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stolen seem very light snow and then we see some close to the shoreline. the middle of the lake usually tries the like affect still wide open for businessrihe temperatures very normal a very active weather pattern next week with the snow we talked about in northern trumbull county and then eventually curates fell in carrots will in the next 20 minutes some clearing to the west. temperatures and single-digit readingshe a few teams here with wind chill
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much went up. twenty and eastlake akron at eight. north olmsted at ten. that is the forecast a few flurries a couple of light snow showers under partly sunny skies what makes these forecasts very difficult is that would you look out to three days,ou but had not even been developed yet. even right now 24 hours it is not look like much. whate is going to happen as we get a better idea of how this develops we add that into the big equation here in eventually we will start to have a better idea of t the snowfall amounts tomorrow we increase the cloud cover here higher around 30 look athe the snow southern ohio west virginia kentucky all
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will get hit by heavy snow continuing to track like that through central pennsylvania. t under the watches and learning that could receive between effort and a half and 2 feet of snow. the track of this is a little if that happens the snowfall will shifts. this is a pretty good indication of what we are looking at right now.oo if you know anyone flying out of philadelphia dc pittsburgh it even boston they will have delays and cancellations late tomorrow night early saturday morning. the northern fringe of this could make it into our area with a chance ofre an inch or two of accumulation by saturday morning that may be pushing it a little bit. most areas here will not see direct effects by thatct pretty windy by saturday. much colder heading into next week. the eight day forecast
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late monday night into tuesday and thursday and friday of next official school closing station. back toho you guys. 7:00 o'clock one of the most heartwarming storiesig we heard recently as an update this morning. a world war ii that after 70 years the problem is she is all the way in australia. when well come back, see what he is about to do, and why he is a little bit worried. >> and a local idol contestant heading to hollywood can take
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning. a free for all thursday morning in the city. someone tweeted about the he had said 100 percent besides
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bring josh gordon back.da i think you jack may be the one to help them out. with that experience all kinds of receivers with those people. and just as i agree valentine's day is so overrated here is why - - you should show the ones you love all the time not just this one day. harry potter fans alan rickman will be missed a great after two. the actors a and musicians lately it's been a rough january for that. here is some voicemails. >> good morning, todd at calling from akron after almost $30 million live distortions on the part of the pro- marijuana lobby in the state of ohio to
7:12 am
of some all 88 counties in the state of ohio the ballot initiative failed.te i have no clue as to why, but i am suspicious the state taking up this debate again. >> lebron james is not the team. elvis presley is the kingdom. good morning this is larry i am a steelers fan but i would worry about your brownss and i feel like it's not the coaches shake up the players found the coach can sound the coach can only do so much. >> true, that is true. and eric the ways to get a hold of us on
7:13 am
has a.all this is the king. let's see how they will be reconnecting in person. on february 8, at norwood and his son steve our flight to australiaa for more than two weeks and more what could be reunited with his long-lost love from world war ii. >> i am leaving a woman that i am not seen for 70 years. >> a member of the 100 first airborne division that joy so he
7:14 am
the war they planned to marry and right afterwards it kept them apart until a simple internet search. >> today, just the fact that this woman's son contacted me and it is ballooned into programmed into what it has, it is fantastic. >> that contact lead to them reuniting too skype their story captivated viewers to set up ago fund me page to reconnect the 21 person. they step up they took a step further by offering to to australia. >> to do t everything this chance would come? >> no. >> while more what is excited to make the journey to the other side of the world, he is filling other things to. time. and at the time, it was
7:15 am
while for that to die. and we will find out if it died completely. >> could he still has feelings for her after all these years? >> him as they could set him up them up for heartbreak again asking the nfl to reinstate him after a year-long band hero he has to do to get back on the
7:16 am
field. >> scott is up next to let us know how the storms will help with travel plans. and a local
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good morning, everybody it is 731 look at the lake and ice cover here. the lakers is pretty thin t we will start to see some sunshine and breaks on the other side streets a very light snow popping up between chardon and down into northern trumbull county us weren it is improving and called for new philly 11 in cleveland pretty much both locations here. painesville at 20 strongsville at 12 canton also atnt 12. that is the a few flurries out to the use not much accumulation of out of that most
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upper 20s. fox eight t news is your official school closing station. more on the northeast are when wech come back. >> we have an accident on the west side 90 on west 44th avenue box the center lane along i 90 and soul and police are still dealing with an accident 422 westbound before harper you can see plenty of delays before liberty road this is the accident with police just arriving now already in the center lane causing for two days before west 17th now accidents being reported their let'ss look at the drive times in the two troubled spots. 24 miles per hour than we are looking at 422 here. twenty-two minutes another 42 minutes between 91 and 271
7:19 am
still dealing with an accident there. you will be delayed. >> we are following breaking news. crews battling a huge fire in chester township. let's go right to jessica who is live on the scene. >> christie wayne, good morning. good morning everyone is still still an active scene here. they have fire crews from three counties working to get the fire out i will say the flames out that you can still see a lot of smokeke they had to fight it externally from outside. they do know there was a male and female living in there. the female cut out. thehe male
7:20 am
originally got out but were back into get the family dog when he got burned very badly he was taken to hillcrest hospital and is to be fun then chew metro. and we also know the dog did not make it. they have been fighting this for hours there have been a couple of struggles along with the way including with water. >> there are no hydrants pressurize hydrants we have to shuffle the water and in a very narrow roaduf with god a system down know where we are giving the water. >> we will be out there and keep you updated again we do know one man is in critical condition. a female is okay at the hospital with the man, and the dog did
7:21 am
will keep you updated. >> so sad this morning. keep us updated. thank you it is 7:34 a.m. a hit-and-run crash caught on camera and it may surprise you. >> the driver stopped first and then took off without helping me pedestrianan the woman he was hit here a short time ago is already home from the hospital really banged up with this woman lying in the road pulled over looked like a casual look take a look at the video and maybe upsetting to view the victim here u is the 31 -year-old tina love this is a surveillance video from a gas station here she was waiting for
7:22 am
chrysler turns from clerk and slammed right into her she ends up badly injured on the ground the driver pulls over hiding near one of the pumps looking at the scene at least a half a dozen people rushed over to help the victims of victorve can tell us who worked there was one of those >> how do you have a hard to do that how do you not check to see if she is all right? not even for an animal. >> excellent news to know the victim here is going to be okay although she is pretty banged upg cash it or had and scrapes and bruises all over her body, but the driver certainly someone recognizes the woman in her vehiclein. >> possible hate crime after someone spray-painted some of the images profanity and racial
7:23 am
slurs of racial slurs of already been covered they say i haven't overnight sunday while members were sleeping the suspects w broke out at ground level video and then mobilize the immobilize the basement while some say it was coupled with racial vandalism shows violence with african-american members making it m a hate crime. >> very very offensive to all of us not just african-americans but theri fact it's on our property where we feel safe year >> so this totally crosses the line. >> kent police are investigating. those responsible could face a burglary and vandalism charges. >> josh gordon asking the national football league to reinstate him so he could returndo he was banned for your after failing and alcohol toasty will need to prove he has been clean during the suspension the league
7:24 am
2014 at that time you fill the marijuana test. he led the team in 2013 despite being suspended for the first two games. >> opening day day just a few months away. record-breaking coaster when we come back. >> he made it to hollywood. we will talk to all local american idol contestant on a big chance at a record deal. >> and a free for all thursday morning. what is on your mind? just gordon asking to be reinstated? the first coach
7:25 am
is going to be a good hair day. >> yes. although i do like it
7:26 am
what i think. what's the problem with that? the carolinas beginning to go a little but can't do that fun little spike any more you still you're a good-looking guy. >> i'm glad i've got what i've got no question i might just not wearing a that wearing a headband from now on you never know. he does have that thing. that is not good though. maybe i will try that. the stretch
7:27 am
enforcement officials that segment without you want to be after kevin love kind of disappointed at a lot of people said you should not have traded kevin love things. >> thereav was a lot of disappointment over that. i can is the best looking ladies of all. jimmy says who will listen to sarah palin tickets with two different dads blaming her sons issues on the president. >> watch you guys on my ipad
7:28 am
this morning in pensacola, florida rain here today, but a light 60 at the beach. a daniel says hi. my husband and i haveav the waking up with you for a long time now and each one of you is unique. if you want to get all of us we can just check. . facebook, twitter and instagram on our free for all us we do it. >> it is 7:24 a.m. d movies may not be the best choice for cheap dinner family night we will tell you why there is a major milestone also star wars delays we will tell you what the next installment serious will now hit the theaters. >> and a monster storm is about to hit the east coast. and how it could affect our weather
7:29 am
good morning, everybody a few flurries here in the city. cloudy skies to the east highs in the middle 20s. tomorrow, we will increase up at clover cloud coveril you will see that as it heads up to northeastern t new england added outside chance that some snow across portions
7:30 am
tomorrow night and saturdayes it will only be an inch or two at the very most b most of northern ohio dodging a huge bullet here 35 with sunshine on sunday monday night into tuesday another one thursday and friday stuck on thursday into friday seems to be more of a snow producer with temperatures in the high 30s on monday back in the middle 20s by the end of next week. foxy news is your official school closing station. traffic time with patty it is ten tell. >> it has been a tough commute for those coming from the south from the west as well. ninety over by west 44th still has his accident. the good news is it is about right side. flashing lights everyone is going out that way 77 northbound with police their dealing with
7:31 am
accident as welll this is the delay 90 eastbound right around one 17th as you head down west 44th the accident and that right berm from denison as you head into town i want to look at a few drive times along for two to look out for 22 between 306 and 91 you are averaging 8 miles per hour over a 30 minute commutera and then it is still very slow the accident involving two cars and a semi truck how much live tv do you want today? the chances are a whole look of a lot cleveland is number one in the country when it comes to lifee tv according to nielsen we
7:32 am
watch an average of four hours and 42 minutes a day. that does not include about an hour of time shifted programs the lowest amount of live tv is san francisco they watch about half of what cleveland doesan. >> the hollywood reporter says the average maybe ticket in 2015 costs $8.22 experts a premium seating options drove the average up over all theaters and should a record year thanks to star wars the force awakens it will not be released until december 16 of 2017 it was originally scheduled for the release it may in seven months earlier they would not give a
7:33 am
reason for the delay. >> 750 and the morning. it was not just one time we have the body camp radioed police say shows just how quickly an arrestbo can turn dangerous coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour this morning. >> going up and coming down twice we u take a look at the newest record-breaking to her right. >> what place. he saying his way to hollywood. we will hear from the local singer who got the golden ticket this season on
7:34 am
will come back. the park snacks big thrill ride they say it will be ready to ride opening day in may. it will be the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster rising 223 feet been drop straight down at a 90-degree angle the cars will then climb back into the sky before another 90-degree dive. creating it has taken much longer. >> we have been planning that for over two years working on the design. we have to have a great plan because we go through the winter and snow and cold not your typical construction time
7:35 am
ready and that was very precisely planned. >> long ago aston villa. that looks like the 15th time is the win. he in additional in hollywood he said the one or butterflies is time on. >> i figured i'd go i do what i usually do just be me. do, below. check them out tonight at 8:00 o'clock tonight.
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his get the most and the voice. what talent. and the personality. he is a triple threat. and we are proud of him fox eight news in the morning. >> this does not include any snow will this affect us? plus we have this morning's plugged in. >> and a local high school was closed this morning after a bomb threat. and t some news just in for columbus. >> leann miller traveled up from amish country sayingg she's got grilled cheese and tomato soup.
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thursday morning in the city. it is the 21st day of january. my name is wayne dawson. >> good morning. and then this close on the shoreline triggers like affect will have a better
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