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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> people live -lg are upset about the city's plan
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good evening. >> . they say it's inhumane. now they're asking the mayor and city counsel to reconsider. >> . after months of research. the city decided to go ahead with the plans to trap and kill deer. using a bullet gun. that. they met on sunday to discuss the matter. >> i spoke with mayor on friday. he said the permit was approved. >> and the traps have gone up. >> .
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30 years and organized this meeting. she says she wants residents to be aware of what's happening. she even showed them a video of how the ph eftd works. a couple of people had to leave the room. because it was too graphic.
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wubs you start. you'll never be able to stop. >> the controversy continues. >> other news tonight. police in san dusky charged five murder. >> . tph ft tors say it started as an armed robbery. all five suspects are 16 or 17 years old. police say they intended to rob the victim. home. one of the suspects fired shots into the house. the arm. he's recovering. after emergency surgery tonight. >> >> back here in cleveland. a 17 year-old tkpwoeurl is kharblged with felonious
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for stabbing another teenager. it happened at 7:30 last night. here on east 119 street. police say two groups of girls clashed on the street. that's when the suspect pulled out a knife. and stabbed the 16 year-old victim in the back. paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital. there no word on her condition. >> . >> when his truck rab ran over a man and woman. walking along the side of the street. >> . >> due in court tomorrow. >> . meantime. garfield heights police are searching for the gunman who shot a man in the head. this happened early yesterday morning. outside broad way avenue. witnesses say is tarted with a fight inside the bar.
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fire in the parking lot. paramedics rushed the 22 year-old victim to the metro. where he you aren't went surgery. anyone with information contact police. >> . lake wood firefighters spent the morning battling a house fire. near i 90. this was the scene on arden avenue. just west of warren road. the fire started on the back porch. and quickly spread to the home. fortunately everyone got out safely. nearly 3 dozen firefighters from lake wood and rock rocky river worked quickly to contain the flames. the cause of the fire s-l under investigation. tonight. >> . cleveland police say someone broke into a department vehicle. and stole officers badges. as well as other items. details still limited tonight. investigators tell us that the thieves got into the police parking lot. at the department third district headquarters here on chester avenue. near 10 5 street. where they broke into a police
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>> police later located manziel. he was safe. today a spokesman with the dallas police department told fox 8 they are looking into the situation involving manziel. and ex-girlfriend. and they have no further information at this time. no here's what clevelanders are
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>> . responsibility. and be a professional. off the field and on the field. >> this is incident after incident after incident. with johnny manziel. and it's not good for him or his reputation. >> the organization hasn't commented on the most recent investigation. >> the browns are not commenting. we assume maybe february 8. when theyially cut ties with him.
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in short sleeves. looks like he's ready for the spring. >> but. we hate to burst the bubble. don't get used to these warmer temperatures.
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>> so. winds right now are out of the south southwest. coming in between five to upwards of 20. depending on where you're at. but no windchills. because really it's such a mild night tonight. up. to the west. if you're near the island. towards toledo. western areas. we're starting to see the rain. west. >> showers tonight. the next system grounds hog day. on the warmer side of things.
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plus a seasonal end to the week. >> they put in 250 hours a piece to build their home. and will pay a mortgage. calls the home life changing.
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today's warm weather was mild enough that you might have been able to hold parts of a try a t hropb outside. the community center holds its winter indoors. this was the ninth year for the event. and it was sold out. >> . staoers they in turn help people participate in everything from summer camp. to preschool programs. indoor triathlon. >> it could have been outside today.
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wewarmer side of this too. so rain not snow. take a look at storm fox. maybe a couple spots here. seeing drizzle. norwalk. tippen. a few sprinkles to start off. the showers will be developing from west to east. through the evening and over night tonight. >> by five. 6.
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it's out of here. starting off your morning. morning commute looking fine. >> benoon starting to cheer out 1346789 temperatures at this point in the mid 30s. and by seven o'clock under a clear sky. and a temperatures will continue to drop. tuesday morning. temperature will likely be right around 20 degrees. but tuesday so far ground hog day. looking okay. late in the day. when i'm expecting the rain to move in. 58 right now. west lake. 56 phas linn. alliance coming in at 55. drop to 39 tonight. once the front passes through. >> 8 day forecast. the 8 day forecast. e tkpwoeupg tock back back into the upper 40s.
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on ground hog day. temperatures from there will fall. another front moves in tuesday night. and early wednesday. wednesday temperatures fall. and then we're back to reality. back into the 30s. ends of the week. lots of sub sunshine on friday. weekend day the pick, saturday. sunday looks like we'll have a few snow showers. >> >> not bad. first week of february. one teen. in the lows. otherwise, 30s 40s. >> no major storm. >> we'll take it. >> . you want a blizzard. you have to go to iowa. >> . still ahead. it's america's favorite musical.
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introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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a big time win. over the san antonio spurs. cavs are 4? and one. in his first week of the job.
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and for the second game in a row. love. lebron james and kyrie irving all scored 20 or more. lebron james stopped short of calling saturday's win the best performance of the season. >> kevin loves game has taken off. similar to how he was playing in minnesota. love has scored at least 20 points. in 3 straight games. he had his ninth double double. of the season. after scoring 21 points and grabbing eleven rebounds. in the win over the spurs. love's really not sure how to
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>> buck eyes down by two. trying to make a play. and does. he draws the contact. gets the bucket. and the foul. and ohio state takes the lead over maryland.
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win the soup e bowl. 17 and one on the season. the best offense in the league. broncos arrive in the bay area. with the best defense in the league. and say they're ready for next sunday. >> 34 years old. expected to play first base. they also added out fielder .o on a one year deal. he's 35 years old. and starred in 46 games in
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>> going to be a good one. >> we have all the cleveland connections. if only we had the browns. >> still ahead. iowa only has 6 votes in the electoral college.
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two candidates take their first big step on the long road to the white house.
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the long winding road to the white house. starting tomorrow night in the heart land. >> iowa caucuses are a day away.
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themselves ragd trying to sell their message to iowa voters. >> . iowa offers only a small contingent of the delegates who nominees. but a win would greatly increase phoepltd tupl into the new hampshire primary. >> a recent poll by the des moines register shows the iowa choice for democratic nominee. is clinton. with 45 percent. >> we have run a terrific campaign. from the grass roots up. of course it's close. it's competitive. that's why i hope everybody who has decided to caucus for me night. behind. with 42 percent. >> donald trump is leading the polls as the iowa choice for
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>> the two clashed over immigration. during thursday's debate. while speaking object on the road. the argument still hasn't died down. >> if you aren't registered to vote yet. you are running out of time. if you want to vote in the ohio primary. you have two weeks to get registered.
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but first the clock is ticking down to another deadline. you have about 8 more hours to sign up for health insurance. for 2016. enroll. through the affordable care act. plans are available for as little as 75 dollars. a.m. deadline will have health ko frpbg starting on march 1. insurance. you will face a tax penalty. of either 695 dollars. or two.5 percent of your income. which ever is greater.
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expected to be sold out for the gop convention. 50 thousand people converge on cleveland this summer. there will be thousands of police officers and other security forces. that will also need somewhere to stay. >> . csu administrators say they're offering up nearly 6 hundred dorm rooms on campus. they include rooms in the 22 story historic tower. near east 24. as well as rooms inside the newer commons complex.
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>> planning stages right now. on everything from housing to transportation. to the delegate experience. we haven't made a decision on specific housing yet. including cleveland dorms. >> this is quite a story. he's been his canine partner for 4 years. a recently retired police officer said he was told by his city that he can't buy the dog. the officer offered to pay the city 35 hundred dollars. for his canine partner. it started when he decided to retire. the dog is 6 years old. and can work 6 more years. but the law director says
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auction. to the highers bidder. >> ass as we said. let him have the dog. the letter of the law and spirit of the law are supposed to go together. >> . all right. hr erts change to the weather. which was just stunning. >> walking the dog. in the park. i'm sure you didn't have a coat on. >> . either a light jacket. the lines at the car wash were atrocious today. i had a gentleman on twitter
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to get my car washed. >> wow. >> lots of rain and wind. mild side of the system. we're seeing 30s make a come back. right now nowhere near the 30s. we're 58. >> . 56 brunswick. a few sprinkles start to pop up before the system gets here. before of the cold front moves in.
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evening hours. the bulk of the rain you can see a shower just reaching over towards san dusky and the islands. the bulk of the rain. will come until over night. when the actual front itself moves in. which i'm expecting to do so. right around midnight. and will continue to work to the east. >> is there goes -lt cold there goes the cold front. >> talking in the way of rain. and wind. as it moves in for us. tuesday night and wednesday. so we're not under the winter storm warning. blizzard warnings like iowa is under. we have no storm alert. with this one. just keep in mind it will be a windy night. tuesday. night into early wednesday. we're going to see a lot of rain
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for tonight temperatures 39 degrees. as we drop. starting in the 50s though. showers. very windy. out of the south at ten to 20. >> tuesday ground hog day. most of the day will be dry. can't rule out a shower or two after seven o'clock in the evening. winds will pick up. temperatures start off in the many id 40s wednesday. we'll fall from there. a few lake effect snow showers to believe we understand night and thursday. end of the week. more like what february should look like. in the 30s.
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urpbtd arrest under arrest tonight after the death of a 13 year-old girl. 13 year-old disappeared wednesday. from her home. near campus. in blacks burg virginia. search teams discover her body yesterday. almost one hundred miles away. in north carolina. tonight two virginia tech freshmen are behind bars. 18 year-old david eisenhower is
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another student, 19 year-old keepers is charged with helping him dispose of the body. the case is sending shock waves throughout the college town. >> it really hits home. >> . this week. police are searching for a possible motive. >> . 3 dangerous fugitives are back tonight. after 8 days on the run.
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>> the second man was 20 year-old john than who officers found hiding in inside the van. foods. vehicle. >> i did can say this morning. the entire state can breathe a
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>> who taught english inside the jail. she admitted giving materials. including maps and over head photographs of the area around the jail. >> >> now the inmates are heading back to the same prison. where the warden promises they will be kept in a much more secure area. and will not be any where near each other. >> secretary of state urpbling both syria government and rebel forces to take part in peace talks sponsored by the united nations. the cease fire would allow all sides to focus on defeating a
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isis. >> beet out teams for more than one hundred colleges.
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pods to transport two to 3 dozen passengers. through a 12 foot diameter tube. at speeds approaching 7 hundred miles per hour. now the team will build its pods. and test them at the worlds first hyper loop test track. next to space ex-headquarters. in california. >> . wow. >> . actress is mourning the loss of her father. tonight. he passed away last night at the age of 65. after a long battle with cancer. she's thanking everyone for prayers and support. during this tough time. and vows that despite her grief. the show must go on. she will perform tonight. in treu butte to her late father.
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it keeps us all connected. >> . had time around. the lead roles of tanny and sandy. it's about a time in the 50s. that's i think we're really nostalgic for that time. it was an innocent time. there's some bad stuff happening now. kind of go on a trip to another
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>> . i'm a horrible driver. >> . i am driving at one point. >> and when it comes to singing their favorite song.
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>> so stick around. right after the news. for the premier of the grease live. right here on fox 8. >> we'll be back right after grease. with a special edition of fox 8 news. at ten. >> . which is always live. >> always.
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(music) woman: i' ll never remember all the projects, presentations, or meetings i gave up my nights for. (music' s drums intensify) but days like this, i' ll never forget. get out there, in the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. this is my fight song take back my life song
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i motions on 4euz sleeve it's what he was wearing on his backside. that really had fans talking. >> the cavs wore their wine and gold hardwood classic uniforms. a throw back to the glory days of the miracle of rich field
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look closely. lebron james started the game in his regular gold home shorts. while the rest of the cavs had wine and white panels. during a time out he had to do a quick change on the bench. >> i will check from now on. >> hopefully he will be uniform with his teammates the next time the cavs wear the hardwood classics on wednesday. february 10. when bryant makes his final visit to cleveland.
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final check o weather. >> it's tkpoeupbg to it's going to get colder. likely get some rain. wind. in the play here. tuesday night and wednesday. and then a winter feel towards the end of the week. >> . more like a hammer time. pants guy.
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