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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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it will remain breezy tonight between 15 and 25 gusting up to 30, it will make it colder like toledo feels like 31, will be a secondary shot of colder air and some flurries . . delights partly cloudy and few flurries with no accumulation expected and an extensive snowfall coming up in the 8 -day .o fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.. fox 8 news is the only local morning show started at 4:00 a.m..
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bills that she will pay. >> barbells for work done at $250 an hour to oversee cleveland police reform as ed gallek has more.r >> data through the latest bells tied to the cleveland police reform. >> two months of bills, for hotels, airfare taxis>, and for attending meetings, they get paid to $50 an hour, the federal monitoring team to oversee reforms in the police department last fall the i-team revealed concerns about the costt, now the bills have ballooned to nearly $265,000, and we if we cannot get overa 250 an hour for
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>> councilman brian kazy is not happy this caught his eye in novembers monitoring team met in chicago to talk about the cleveland police stop but that would be essential points as they were coming from around the country brian kazy don't know why they would meet in chicago,. >> spoke to the man who led the group he said that they say that they understand that working with public dollars and cents last monthwo they were built for less than half of the timey, working for free for the rest of it . >> blotters have been built for watching protesters after a ruling on the charges against police the shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice they have billed for all kinds of meetings
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council wants to know morels. >> up with the about the taxpayers need to know who and why the meeting.o >> the mayor is talking about a possible tax increasese, to pay for in part police reform, the federal mantra group has a limit that it can charge, just undernt $5 million total that then but then every penny counts from your pocket . >> one thing that troubles me is when they say that we won't bill you' for these hours but how do we know how many hours that they work in . >> that's a a question because the raises that he is suspicious of some of these pro bono hours that they refer to what is that really had to do with police reform ? >> details into the investigation of a house explosion and fire that killed the couple into girls as dave
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new information from the medical examiner. >> on skyhaven drive and northfield village, it reveals interesting evidence but does notre conclude how or when cindy and jeff mather for their daughters died . raise as many questions as it answers their northfield home, exploded bursting into flames on january 11 the fire ruled arson, today's autopsy report revealing that all of them suffered severe burns,au but there was no evidence of smoke inhalation for cindy mather or the two girls but otherwise for him . the report
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of death the medical examiner's office says more work to do before they can releasee the final report and they're being cautious not to draw assumptions . the information about the smoke inhalation opens all kinds of doors to draw conclusions about what might have happened, some scenarios as two what might have occurred leading let you know to the fire but does not tell us what happened . they will compare notes before the final report until then, to determine from this evidence alone is responsible for. irresponsible
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that's a 25 percent of the students were out with pinnelas on monday tuesday 31 percent they say that it has not ot affected the middle school or elementary schools . the water is safe, resolve the latest testing and chagrin falls. >> after concerns of high lead levels in the school water as matt wright is back from chagrin falls. >> they took that testing last week att gurney elementary school which is copper pipes and lead
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water is fine school is using bottled water as they do more testing. >> greene elementary school parents are breathing a sigh of relief, the district says thehe water testing shows it was within acceptable levelsg the district is cautious. >> or think they just believe that the water is safe and ready but were going to take precaution to make sure. >> in august of water samples tested high for leadad the sandy ohio ep linked lack of use over the summer working with epa the upgrade water treatment equipment to balance ph levels. >> would put safety and security of students and staff at the forefront . >> said that they followed the guidelines and thought it was in the clear until late januaryt with epa requested more testing posting online advisory for
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the school to use bottled water. >> with what's happening nationally with lead in water and flint, michigan i think there's a lot of change going on on and requirements in requirement with testing and witho education i think that played into this. >> the district says it took 20 water samples tuesday and expects results next week. >> the school is keeping water fountains shut off and sticking with bottled water. >> the district says it will look into long-term modifications once the additional testing is completedlo, have reached out to the pa for t an explanation of the discrepancy between what the school was told and the advisory on thes epa website, we will keep you posted on that. >> bottom line is that this trick isbo continued with the bottled water but for how long?in >> they will know know more when
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.kn epa's large excess water crisis and flint, michigan could have been avoided, and during a hearing todayn the acting water cheeseheadt that the feds pushed the state treat the water for russian causing elements last year but that did not happen, and state leaders agree more could have been done but claimed the epa did not make the suggestion sound urgent,d members from flint, michigan made the trip to capitol hill to make voices heard, andro what mom says that her son developed speech issues because of the water whichau broke policy procedures and the kid he suffers .. >> in a letter to obama last month the governor said that
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>> upon complex explodes into a fireball with a girl trapped on
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essential sock case against bill cosby will be moving forward decision handed down by a pennsylvania judge charged with three counts ofdo aggravated sexual assault and assault back in 2,004, he claims it was consensual sexw attorneys are expected to appeal. >> eight minor girl took a leap of faithth she was trapped on the third floor of a burning barn complex in new jersey when she made a last-minute decision, jumping into the arms of the
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walked away with just a few scratcheses . the weight-loss trend that is all the rage and she may be r a fan just in a new york chef claims hein lost 100 pounds eating his pizza diet . says that he weighed about three and 70 pounds, addicted to oreos and pop that he worked out and ate lots of pizza, and before you go to papa john's, he only ate thepa neapolitan margarita pizza made out of tomatoes, and a few ounces of mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil .es could your nail polish kashi to gain weight researchers say that at say that it is possible a duke university study says is a
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to boost the durability and flexibility but if it seeps into your skin and can affect your hormones and lead to weight gain , and they say that more studies need to be done to make
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that high of 63, we are 1 inch below in the snowfall department, we have some daylight left, sunset at 5:46 p.m. as the days continue to get longer . at what point, the lakefront was 64 degrees . and net interest have been dropping because of of the winds between 15 anddr 25 and gusting gusting up to 30 and 40 mph .25 between degrees akron-canton and 36 that fort wayne and near 16 th and pittsburgh . the mets, a beth, a large area ofm cloud cover producing a few flurries, minneapolis is 20 degrees and improper rainfall overnight in some thunder . sundeck system, reinforcing cold
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tomorrow, passing snow showers, and maybe a quick coatingsi special in the snowbelt maybe a
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tomorrow low 30s, will be called through friday with mid to upper 30s . it at best a cold thursday and then we can not bad looking . . will be much colder tuesday through thursday & increased chance of nickel and dime snow . . a big day for student athletes across the country, a complete wrapup of national sundae day in
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ball players families and colleges to intelligence. >> . a busy day . dozens of
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intent . 30 students from the district signed letters of intentt , the glenville tarblooders led the way with 18 student-athletes as team gear senior senior has said how special this day is important as any playoff game because of the lasting affects. >> and injecting any members of the bengals the bengals before james tate chairmanships signed their letters of intent to play football in college,r heading to michigan state, ball state, and says that he is excited to go to east lansing. >> . felt a lot like home . >> at garfield heights, garfield heights, nine student-athletes signing , starting with ag rose
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kentucky, and while bugs outstanding the bulldogs outstanding basketball program sending two players to top programs . signing with missouri and frankie hughes to louisville . ohio state stored bank in northeast ohio sexiest athletes play at the next level. >> national signing day got off to a great start for the buckeyes .ff as he has he signed a letter of intenthe sixty
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luke ferrello the seventh ranked tied information according to 24/7 sports . it is amazing when what i feel now . but i will be in indiana hoosier. the nuclear football team in 25 continue their career at the next level including anthony
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level . for all of us here, congratulations to all inin much success. >> mentor high school, jason blizzard will play for the lake erie storm, they will both be part of the offense has been season kerman a big day for them coach urban meyeray as they signed 25 recruits including four froms northeast ohio, . more analysts
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or third in the country . and the cavaliers are down in charlotte tonight to play the hornets,ot they have on five
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just as overdosed on on which version drugs lead lead to an investigation. >> that led to the rest of the suspects, on related charges as jack shea has the story from portage county.lala >> police permit please permit is called to rootstown high school e january 15 after two students overdose on xanax, setting off alarms at the sheriff's departmenta . we'll look into that , to find out the names of others that we know or we investigation into the way that will lead us to search warrants and arrestsil beach bag investigation leads to the arrest on monday of 19 of tarren lowell, a former student athlete at rootstowno, on a charge of
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school area . an assault rifle assault rifle $50,000 cash marijuana and shipping containers .aaca the burglaries and robberies, because of their addiction and trying to support them so that increases the numberss. >> on tuesday, two current were arrested and charged with a another with drugs. >> egg yolk madison schlagel of ravennal and 8-year-old jason sadler over stem will face action that could face expulsion , school bus use the
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>> that consequences occur and they can learn from our staff, and if you have an issue we have resources ou that you can get assistance to get you on the right track.cet >> were booked into the portage county jail, are trying to show back the drug network to find out howug they were shipped to rootstown from their origin in california, jack shea fox 8 news portage county. >> that he planned to travel west on the turnpikeed. >> the number one figure rider in the highway patrol quirks that stretch of the turnpike he says it is about making the roads safer isbo roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> how many howington is, davis bessie ride?si >> he is prolific about a thousand over four years about eight each day he says the job ishe to make you understand what
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>> on the turnpike, things can happen fast at 70 mph, something that john williams knows, you can be out of the car interviewed aboutc why you would be the state writing traffic tickets . >> you try to do if i can go out your daily to change when persons perspective andda travel the roads that i'm doing my job. >> the next that you can be in the middle of an accident investigationmi just moments after thest interview, a driver was the driver was having a medical emergency , drove through the parking lot of the turnpike commission through a gazebo of furniture and then click the treetu barely missing him in his car and slam it into a guardrail that capture off the turnpike is not the first time he has been close to being headbutt hazards are a part of the job he does the job with proficiency f . from
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average of 2,000 tickets a year for mostly speeding. >> the excuse of the work i heard a lot of them, . >> say police do not have a quota system and do not give bonuses to those rewritable tickets, they have the notion that when you drive the state te roads you follow the law that means the speeding, or texting and you she were a good citizenr. >> but he has on the roads, he sees what what the ritter got a computer tells them, and does not it does not matter who you drive over 70 you can get a ticket , and the turnpike is the busiest road in the state and it is the trooper's job to make sure that you travel safelyris if it is not about tickets it is about safety. >> is about changing people's behavior to keep everybody safe and remember you're not you're not the only one who is after te
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>> said the fastest vehicle he caught was a mitsubishi 227 the fastest was a motorcycle at 149 mph the best way to get a ticket is distracted driving,et state troopers say that it is the worst " guarantee a ticket if they catch you.ti to set a case of someone who was so distracted while driving that and he had the lights and then the siren and they drove for a model for the was noticed so this iss what they see with people driving distracted. >> returning in a police officer former officer after all, you want to buy ajax at the city says that it must be sold at auction because he is considered city
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under the offered him an unpaid job and send auxiliary officers we can keep the dog he says that he retired for health reasons and cannot accept the position, he says that he will take part in the auction a and go-fund-me account has been raising thousands of dollars to help him to outbid the competition. >> home depot to hire 80,000 spring workers, more than 1300 are in the cleveland area the jobs are in all departments, some pullep in some part-time for more info fox >> north america largest retailer of arts and crafts, michaels announcing announced it is buying outls struggle based lamrite westt the parent company pat catan's, they paid $150 million for the business which operates 34 stores in ohio
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remain headquartered in headquartered in northeast ohio and operate as a distinct business.eaear >> tim tebow think somebody should have a prom night so a couple years ago came up with a night to shine and i'll arecam hundreds of dance is heldnd around valentine's day for people with special needs when of them is happening that is happening here , the events is at a broadview heights church, now they're getting the donated dresses and decorations ready at the nearby gym and that's where we caught up with the organizers about the preparations and generosity of the donor's.o >> we have people donating school supplieses and services a lot of people who have heart and for people with disabilities and special needs and we are a catalyst to help themem to the kings and queens for a night to shine your round also risen.
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people want to help usus because they cannot always get that chance so it isy a struggle in some areas . the event is next friday from nine . from five till 9:00 p.m. in broadview heights .
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links have been the saving, we had temperatures in the 60s and some people were at the golf coursese than they have dropped about 20 degrees since then and still going down,2 looking at the record high temperatures earlier today, it was all across the board . 63 cleveland, youngstown 62 . we shatter records, back in 1890er these were some old records .er the weekend looks to be pretty good, pretty suitable, better
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it is not that cold but for us to become acclimated when you have temperatures in the 60s like todaywh also sunday with 62 . low pressure moving and, allow
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these medicines snow showers, one after another . and then some lake effect potential the middle part of next week . tonight, some upper 20s tomorrow,to looking at some flurriesa . the weekend looks to be pretty quiet with near 40 partly cloudy gentle rain/snow mix on monday and then falling temperatures significantly within arctic
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week . we'll be some additional lake effect snow fall and b if you want some winter, there is a taste of next week. are we going to go from mild to wild comedy to wild, you heard to wild comedy version to wild, you heard from to wild comedy version of the groundhog for now to turn to the experts as the fox 8 news weather team tomorrow night, it is the ldrddhat forecast for the rest of winter, is it going to be an early spring or not ? tomorrow i'm fox 8 news and six. >> get ready for the 2016 fox 8 st jude ticket sell-a-thon, and they're busy on the st. jude dream home.kea >> basin excavation is underway, the great weather is a blessing as the real work begins with drew holmel, it will be single level with bonus feature on top and a partially finished basementfe constructed by
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million dollars value and builds thanks to the generosity. >> generosity is the hallmark of our company, we have been blown awayee by the amazing people here in northeast ohio vendors and suppliers who have reached out to us and the relationship the biggest giveaway to labor and time and effort and talent she saidt tickets for the dream home on sale thursday there were 18 at 6:00 a.m. the home is built by cleveland custom homes with ticketsve $100, proceeds benefiting saint jude, also get a chance to get a car from nick abraham auto mall and a hot tub fromom lite-house pools and spas and others for more info go to
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islamic laws tuesday to attend the iowa caucus they got back on tuesday. >> to be actually about 10 feet away was awesome. >> besides attending rallies the volunteered with the come of the campaigns calls and pass out fliers,.
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he went went to other campaigns who went to donald trump, bernie sanders in marco rubio i learned what it was like to become a telemarketer and it was a lot of funi and a lot of hustle and bustle using relay has their favorite moments,. >> remembers what what was lying to make jeb bush in marco rubio getting selfies with both. >> jeb bush was a little sassy, but marco rubio was super nice and sincere.. >> their principle says that he cannot be more proud of them he says everybody was very mature and professional and says a lot of people also notice somethingg. >> at every stop people said that it's nice to see young kids who are engaged in care about it
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>> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> baldricks out of her kennel that was not running off, what she
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and our breaks all the rules
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parker pen motel in canada, should thereafter she was adopted to puppies and nature had just arrived and cannot stop crying that's when she escaped andnd got next to them and it was the sweetest thing he let her stay with them until she was picked upup in the morning and. >> , tonight, misfortunes have happened on live tv in. >> what happens to a video blogger and she was reported on a storm in south wales. she got smacked in the face with a flying fish, i came out to the
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beach . she claims that this was not fake, a good idea to wear some protective gear, she was okay just a little bit embarrassed she has gone viral. >> thank you for joining us . the bill martin has only been n top news stories, have agreed my
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