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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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cleveland zone fox 8 news. a live look from the fox 8 roof camera on super bowl sunday. a beautiful day with mild temperatures especially for the month of february. some areas 50 degrees but grab your winter coats because changes are coming. good evening bill sheil jennifer jordan, snow making a comeback northeastern ohio in time for monday morning commute. jen from the winter center with the changes have the details on what a difference a day will make, jan. we are going to be talking about cold and snow pretty much all week long.
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it will start off as rain with this cold front but by tomorrow morning's commute, the switch over to snow, slushy mess for some spots but i will get to that in a second but take a look at this storm fox i am tracking the rain at the moment western counties, portions of sandusky, seneca county, light showers at the moment. really not that it, but this will eventually be pushing to the east, fremont living in sandusky and the lighter showers so tomorrow morning 34 degrees. we will see rain snow mix in some spots but snow and unfortunately the timing along the i 75 core door so you know way coating to an inch could make for a little messy commute. but by noon 38 degrees same deal rain snow mix changing to snow showers at five and from here temperatures continue to pump
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the headlines wait until you just see how cold it will get this week, jennifer winter is back. if it like to i can't wait, jan, reporting live from the weather center things. and we are following breaking news this evening where one person is killed in a shooting near the campus of penn state university. suspects that fled the scene, 18-year-old man live in hand to come allison i know you got little while ago fluid situation but what have we learned so far tonight? we are here in the 16 block of main street at the place apartments where this is where the shooting happened earlier this evening. now, we are talking less than a mile away from the campus. take a look at the video shot earlier this evening and this is an 18-year-old victim, a male according to the play shot and
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we don't know anything about this person, his identity or whether or not a student at the university but the police received a phone call 4:15 when officers arrived, they found the victim on the third floor in an apartment in there are two buildings at this complex, the one on the right. i talked to move -- lieutenant lewis who said they are looking for a suspect at this time right now. we are talking about a life shut -- cut short. something terribly tragic. we are working hard to get answers to see what happened. the police are investigating out here tonight but they say the suspects already gone when they arrived and the corner also as well as dci commit definitely a lot of concerns for the situation but
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killed not even a mile from campus but we are told by the please, bill and jennifer a mixup off campus housing but also locals as well but at this point they are not sure if the victim or the suspect lived here at all but again, sorting all the details that the lieutenant and i talked to obviously sing this is a tragic situation come in 18-year-old losing his life today. early in the investigation but that is the tragedy of the day. allison, thanks, allison. other news tonight, developing details out of mansfield where the place believe they have found the remains of a missing woman. patsy hudson last seen july 4 and went missing after an argument reportedly but the neighbors about her cap. cat. the two neighbors wanted for questioning in the disappearance located on thursday, no charges have been filed. we will continue to follow the
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fox 8 and on fox here in cleveland, the please searching for the suspect who robbed a university student at gunpoint this morning. wit happened before ten at the intersection of murray hill and edgefield road in italy. telling best hitters standing on the corner waiting to cross the street when the two men jumped out of a great suv and stole his wallet. the university place warning the campus community to be on alert and keep an eye out for the suspect. new wet ten, twinsburg place with a social media situation possibly involving city school district. the place received information about a page with new pictures and that detectives verified the page existed in taken down january 27 but some people disappointed to hear about it, responsibility and teens should
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post. it is definitely something that can follow you throughout the years and also impact your educational goals, career goals. going way too fast in technology commit younger ages have cell phones now with more access to social media and think that grown people are going to sell much more as such a young age. twinsburg police chief have more information they will examine the evidence and the teens believed to be involved. routine traffic stop turns dangerous for state trooper in portage county hurt with the driver tried to plead the scene. brittany hell -- brittany harris tells us about the scary ordeal. the post of the state highway patrol looking for the driver who hurt one of the trippers. wit happened saturday night state route to 25 that water
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initiated traffic stop -- initiated they conversation with a the driver. the driver shut the engine off when the officer was talking to the driver and attempted to start the engine and take off at which time the officer attempted to stop. dash cam was not immediately available but the officer was dragged about 50 feet up the road. the driver took off from there. the officer was not giving up and the cruiser chased him to, lasted only a couple of miles before he decided to call it off. the reason why, he already had the drivers information. we do know that the suspect is. we have obtained a warrant for the suspects arrest and at this point looking for him along with other law enforcement partners. we set the trooper was checked out at the hospital is said to
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suffer cuts to his hands and knees. as for the suspect coming he is facing serious charges including assault on a police officer and fleeing and eluding. they want to apprehend this individual. in portage county brittany harris fox 8 news. the subject of the panel discussion with some healing. members of city council focused on the property that plagues many people in the neighborhood. the event took place old stone church, cleveland and among those participants, the first step in dealing with the problems caused by poverty is to acknowledge they exist. $1.8 billion on projects and in the city of cleveland. and a great gop and we still second and the nation.
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conversation. you can't solve the problem if you don't talk about the problem. reed says we must focus on how many small children are dying violent deaths in the city of cleveland. still to come at ten, i team investigation. cleveland city employee nearly doubling salary with overtime pay. now fox 8 asking questions. ohio officer wounded in a shootout what the please say they have saved his life. plus, never thought she would see her wedding day made this
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welcome back to fox 8 news at ten as we take a live look west down the shore away. a beautiful weekend especially for early february. we hope you enjoyed this because changes are coming. hope you can put away the winter coats, hats, scarves and glove just jet. you will need them all week long but in fact starting tomorrow morning, you definitely don't want to leave home without the hat and gloves. the are still in the 40s, seeing the rain pushing through sandusky over seneca county, tipton, some light showers but the rest of us dry but this will slowly move its way to the east. 46 degrees cleveland, 45 lorain upper 30s canton, chilly spot in philadelphia 44 degrees, the
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mid-30s but eventually low 30s by the morning commute but that is why i'm expecting to change over to all snow. some big-time slick spots with a quick coding to make for interesting commute, 46 degrees cleveland plus on top of that. i 77 tomorrow morning. the pot -- behind this fund, colder air will have to be the case really for the remainder of this area the pressure to hang tight just to the north of us where the next 48 hours. several rounds of information and the snow belt community, everybody will likely see some snow. i want to time this out, five, six, seven o'clock in the morning, shades of green, pink, rain snow mix, changing over to
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door. and so, from looking at the snow starting to form. we will likely see the snow continuing through the day, mixing with rain at times. the temperatures in the mid-possibly upper 30s. i know you want to know how much to get but a coding to start off your day, and likely we will not see anything. eastern spots, you will see that switch over more towards the evening hours. then by the afternoon commute, we are looking at total of one to 3 inches depending on where you are at. we will continue to pack on the snow totals monday night into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, some of those numbers coming up in the next half-hour but tonight rain to rain snow mix coding to an inch for 36 degrees, tomorrow 38 come additional 1-2 inches possible by tomorrow morning. wintry mix throughout the day.
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times. tuesday, wednesday rainy, wednesday night into thursday, lake effect snow so that is where we will see significant snow plus everybody into the blast, low 20s teens, doesn't this make you want to have a nice cup of coffee? it will be called this week. . >> a mini vacation. thanks very much. you're welcome. still the countdown is on. two days away from the new hampshire primary, through the front runners are at up the big granite state. plus a young girl facing a
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there is a lot at stake at new hampshire. the primary two days away and a lot of effort to win over voters with the latest 24 hours from being on the debate stage, back to the granite state for more supporters. we sample of likely republican primary voters the winner of the iowa caucuses ted cruz place third, marco rubio second place
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in first. i picked out a lot of delegates in iowa in a new hampshire i think i will do well. a great relationship between the veterans and all the people of new hampshire. they just seemed to be very positive. rubio plans to stick with the same approach used in iowa. 's -- we want to get as many people to vote for me as possible and we will keep moving forward. cnn poll for likely democratic primary voters shows bernie sanders waiting with 58 percent compared to 35 percent hillary clinton. we will -- when we began this campaign in new hampshire, we were 30 points down in the polls. despite sanders lead, optimistic about tuesday's turnout. i love the new hampshire primary. i love that the interaction you have with voters in every setting is so rewarding. i don't know what is going to happen. i know i'm behind and i'm in very good spirits about that
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jeremy roth -- jeremy -- hawks eight news. austria after launched second long-range missile in a month and the us sanctions being put into place to punish the north korean regime for dangerous and very serious violations. the multiple un resolutions a slap in the face towards the united nations. continue to search for new survivors after massive earthquake in taiwan. more than 120 people still missing tonight and today, updated the death toll to at least 26, 2,000 of the victims pulled from 16 story apartment building that collapsed and dozens more may be trapped inside a. just one of 11 buildings by the 6.4 magnitude quake. back here in the united states, the crane deck left in new york city has been hold away. the crane fell on a pedestrian killing successful wall street broker. three other people hurt by falling debris.
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lower manhattan this morning so the crews could dismantle the crane and load onto a flatbed truck. it might take weeks to determine why the crane crashed as it was being lowered during strong winds. in the meantime diapers continue to search the waters near los angeles harbor after two planes collided in midair friday. three people still missing tonight. the coast guard said it has recovered some debris and pilots logbook but there are still no sign of a second plane. the coast guard's -- and set -- suspended for active survivors but now identified the victims. visitors to winterfest will find themselves in an icy situation. taking an unusual turn. pulling cars from a pond. the most extraordinary story of the day. chef of thought she would see her wedding day but several helping hand made a local woman stream come true.
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champion and lebron james, after
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dream home. tickets for the st. jude dream home go one sale thursday
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the custom home built $500,000 house located in the community and yvonne. tickets cost $100 each and benefit research hospital. other prizes auto mall and hot tell from lighthouse pools and spas and for more information extraordinary story many young girls dream of their wedding day, however one cleveland woman prayed she would make it to the today, the prayers answered as she married the man of her dreams. four years ago, 21-year-old amber met and fell in love with william. he didn't tell me. sadly, terminally ill in fact and her plans of getting married seemed impossible but things to the house in cleveland
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amber's dream of a beautiful wedding became a reality. printer wishes coming true. the big moment finally came. i will take you amber to be my wife, to have and to hold on this day forward, enjoy and in sorrow in sickness and in health. to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live. you may kiss the bride. [cheers and applause] following sunday's beautiful wedding come at the new bride and groom posted a reception for
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cutting of the cake. [applause] super bowl may be the biggest story. it's a case of who's who. still to come to a photo of a mother and two daughters looking more like triplets and the mama sharing her secrets. and could it be the new bad diet?
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>> in ohio, officer wanted in a shootout on what the place say may have saved his life. i team investigation and ems supervisor nearly double salary and overtime. now fox 8 is asking why. another beautiful day across northeast ohio but the snow will soon return. will it cause problems for the commute tomorrow? the forecast fox 8 news had ten continues now. cleveland's own fox 8 news. fox 8 i team investigation a local ems supervisor doubling salary and overtime. we are talking six figures. the i team asking why, ed keller with the story. the i team coming into the headquarters of the cleveland ems, looking out
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possible tax increase. looking for sergeant, standard pay 52,000 and the city said 100,000. i want to talk to her because we are doing a story about her and i want to be very clear. her. the i team looked over a year of worth of timecards and overtime almost regular workdays and on nearly every weekend day, the queue ems recruit and training just this week the mayor brought up a possible tax increase, taxpayers reacted hearing about that overtime. outs, that hurts. i'm upset because i work every day and i wish i could double my money like that. the i team wanted to question city administrators about this on camera secretly looking into it, the first request filed in november but the city said ems commissioner unavailable until
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talking on camera either. this team cleveland ems cadets just graduated as the sergeant recruitment of training all these responsibilities, taxpayers we met want to be sure every penny over overtime is justified. but i also want to be informed of her situation whatever is legit is legit and i don't want to judge because i don't have enough information. never came out to csn again city hall not answering questions yet so we are still asking how the overtime got burned and approved. added, fox 8 i team. said story tonight students of ohio after student athlete found dead near campus come a freshman and soccer player and 19-year-old's body found in a creek yesterday morning. the plea started investigating but there does not appear to be signs of foul play as you can
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are taking the loss hard to. the guys were absolutely devastated because everyone liked luke. everything to do with luke as a person a short amount of time he had in this world come a tremendous impact and we will miss him a lot. organizing public memorial service and performing autopsy to officially determined the cause of death. northern ohio police officer is recovering tonight after he was wanted in a shootout that left the suspect dead can happen last night canton about an hour west of mansfield. the please try to arrest a norm an arm suspect but took off. the officers chased him for about 2 miles until stopped the car pulled out a rival and open fire. he shot officer skyler before into a ditch and died.
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have saved his life. this point i don't know if he was struck by my officer, ten officers are myself, but it does appear that he was shot. officer is expected to recover. the incident is under investigation. if you received a speeding ticket northeast ohio thank you speed traps. fox 8 news at six, the stretch of highway where police are hiding and waiting for you, to enforce the law or is it just a money grab? the cameras go and search answers, this week come fox 8 news at six. now speaking of changes coming and if you've missed the snow, lot of people have come it's just going to keep piling up. several snow chances him for everybody. outside the snow belt, yes come
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of people are saying we really want some snow. ago -- i know you guys aren't. northeast ohio, lots of snow for their kids. when big snowstorm they are saying. we will not get a big snowstorm made it will be piling up here and there. not enough to build a snowman at one time. you are right. and look at the headlights come -- headlines, toy come i hope you soak in the mild temperatures this weekend, so nice with the sunshine and we are back to mentor northeast ohio, talking about snow. falling temperatures in the change starts tonight packing rain mixing with snow right around the morning commute coding an inch during the commute so remember to have
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below temperatures, cold blast humbling -- pummeling into the teens in several rounds of snows to head up, lake effect snow wednesday into thursday so look at this, the ice covered lake erie, can you spot the ice in business. we get the colder air filtering him behind this punt. we are going to get several rounds of snow in this area pressure to hang to the north of us but the next 48 hours. it dragging in disturbance around it for the next 48 hours. snow the first up to about the cold front but temperatures tonight the rain and the snow but as we had eight, 9:00 o'clock freezing., that is where we start to see the switch over to snow so speaking of the morning commute, hour by hour
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starting at that by 8:00 o'clock, morning, morning commute i 77 west along the shoreline, some rain changing to rain snow mix and then by noon, the heart of cleveland, akron, heavy snow expected at this point. the afternoon commute mainly for 80, i-90 core door, both commutes could be a little bit dicey for some plus at -- take a look at the seven o'clock in the morning tuesday, some lake effect snow but tuesday afternoon, five o'clock commute, even west, to the island. some heavy snow plus lake enhanced snow kicking in into tuesday night. here you go coding of an inch for the morning commute as we had to the evening time. 1-3 inches for most but then look at this as we had to
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wednesday, 3-5 inches, lake erie and so we start to see the rain mansfield, 36 degrees with the rain mixing to snow coding an inch an additional one to 2 inches 38 degrees tomorrow. the eight day forecast wendy, tuesday into wednesday, several rounds of snow, lake effect snow wednesday into thursday in the arctic blast arriving wednesday, thursday, friday, 20s, teens overnight lows sometimes single-digit readings. i just got a cold chill thinking about that. so wit is is freezing in the studio. because it's my fault. warmer than it's going to be outside. and it's going to feel great in here. things, jen. a reminder you may need it this week the official closing
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get this court -- school closings on air and online. a local girl dealing with a tough diagnosis. still to come to brighten her day eshoo battles a brain tumor. plus the presidential candidate making the rounds and the
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>> she's only 13 and dealing with a tough diagnosis but a brain tumor is not stopping a teenager from holding out hope. but she need your help to make her birthday extra special and fox 8 brittany harris has how you can help. you are in many people's thoughts and prayers. and to your families and friends for encouragement and strength. god will always help you through this. joe cannot help but get emotional as he reads through all of these cards. many of them from family and friends but a couple from strangers and each one, a similar wishing his daughter of the best of luck in her recovery. she was diagnosed with an awful -- inoperable brain tumor last month. it is not considered cancerous and so we could be three years or eight years or ten years, we don't know. that is what is in my eyes come
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more time with her. she has not let the diagnosis get her down and still allowed to play basketball middle school in her dad says it's a welcome relief from everything she's dealing with right now. she such a fighter and she so strong. she drives me to do better for her, the 14th birthday coming up february 24 and to make it extra special, hoping more people will send cards to their home. the ones she has gotten so far have made her feel better. i feel a little overwhelmed. she was a little bit camera shy but once to thank everybody for support. joe wants to thank everyone, to to. st. jude's hospital, everybody my family and friends my appreciate it. brittany harris fox 8 news. if you would like to send a card
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fox and just click seen on tv. what started out as a family day ended in a mass. still to come don't miss the incredible picture, fishing cars out of a lake at wisconsin -- a viral photo mom and two men
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what than a dozen parked cars broke through the ice saturday lake jd pope in wisconsin. thousands in town for the festival so drivers took advantage of the open space on the ice. a short time later an announcement and announcement over the last baker said cars on the ice thinking. it took several hours to get the cars out just like northeast ohio, and unusually mild winter. it's pretty ball me out today for wisconsin in february. and only when you got 10 inches of ice, it's okay. but today, find out the hard way. place in lake geneva. also includes the us national snow sculpting competition, in many were winter activities, but it's not clear what happened
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of all. bernie sanders his the latest presidential candidate to appear on saturday night live. 1 percent getting preferential treatment. enough is enough. we need to unite and work together if are all going to get through this. this gets had viewers seeing double. sanders appeared along sanders who plays sanders on the show. clinton was on the seasons first show and donald trump posted back in november. it is a viral photo of who is who commit picture of a mother and 20 doctors causing a firestorm on twitter. now learning her secret to keeping calm with 216 -year-olds. -- 2, 16 -year-olds,
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wondering who was the mom and the picture, the trio put speculation to rest by revealing the twins mother appears to the far left in the photo. now she is sharing her secret to maintaining a youthful look. just trying to use different scenes to help me, you know stay cool, calm and collected. it is never easy when we have 16-year-old girls when something like this happens, but i just try to -- it's important education is important. right, right. . >> the 35-year-old said she maintains her youthful look by drinking lots of water's and avoiding stress them focusing on emotional interviewed the.
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raising teenage girls she can do that god bless her. forget carb cutting and dieting. this has all the rage. just what you want to hear on super bowl sunday come a man lost 100 pounds by eating pizza. coming up in sports, in
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too good for your ears or your stomach on super bowl sunday. new york chef says he lost 100 pounds by eating pizza.
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waits 370-pound and evicted to oreos and soda but that's when he decided to make a lifestyle change by working out and surprisingly eating a lot of pizza. before you get too excited about all of this, listen up he only eight napoleon, margherita pizza made out of tomatoes come a few ounces of mozzarella, basil and olive oil, no pepperoni or sausage there. and defense wins championships and the nfl did just that, denver broncos super bowl 50 championships. super bowl 50 the blue angels. broncos, and also broncos touchdown and 7-0 lead, jonathan
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line. jordan, the white receiver hold super bowl record for the longest with another field goal, 13-7, and has a field goal to make it 16-7 denver lead. as i mentioned field goal, carolina three and the fourth quarter to make it 16-7 game, right miller turned out to be fit in the peak, forces a fumble, and these two broncos touchdown lombardi trophy, 24-7. and the final game. i will take some time to reflect. i have a couple of priorities first i want to kiss my wife and kids. i want to of my family and drink a lot of budweiser, tracy come i promise you that. i will take care of those things
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i deftly will say a prayer of two the man upstairs come i'm very grateful. you just carolina wash -- watch party as they got together to watch junior and the panthers, ohio state, plenty to cheer about, aunt second half, he follows it up with another big time cap from cam newton but the carolina panthers to the denver broncos tonight. in happens but the future of peyton manning, marshawn lynch to pull someone close to him plans to retire and posted tonight football cleats hanging he indeed is hanging it up. five-time pro bowler. cavaliers her off at of tomorrow's game sacramento, two-game losing streak, the cavs had troubles lately, initial struggle third quarter, and it
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finish off the game and continue to adjust and the broncos needed as they try to figure it all out. it's not a huge system. just scrap everything mud but wants to run that ever ran and the past, the coach wants us to do want defensive end. and action tomorrow night, sacramento kings come to tell the first meeting between the two teams, 16 of the last 17 regular game, two more games before kobe bryant's making his final trip to cleveland before he hangs it up. thank you come a busy night. expect some snow. some saucy conditions rain snow mix on monday temperatures
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off snow are likely it will pile up in some areas. look at this wednesday, thursday, everybody cold with temperatures pump link into the 20s at the end of the week. if you don't like the snow, take jennifer's advice and all the time for fox 8 news.
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