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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tonight, scattered snow showers tomorrow flurries and then another burst tuesday night upper 20s tonight had up to 2 inches but more warning . high temperature below norm unfreezing . we have several
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-day forecast .. >> odot has. been pretty wrote since last night and they were ready as theynd reign ring transitions to snowfall today. >> matt wright has been tracking roaden conditions is in groundfox with groundfox with a look at the >> we are on high 90 eastbound roads are9 soy free eau claire . traffic is flowing . good news o for the evening commute . just to northeast ohio from alabama said dealing with snow dealing with snow is going to take some getting used to let's are tied to i am super excited. >> where is your snow brush?
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>> odot is ready, with crews working around the clock . r 80 snow plows are salting roads in and cuyahoga lake and geauga county . to kittle rosewater said that that they do not freezero with for this rainfall. >> typically we would have 32 inches of snowfall of the seasonin but this year, only eight . 8 inches so far real loss of action salt should use it as much salt because we're just not using is that. >> have used about half at lake and geauga and ashtabula county .edf i have plenty on hand for the rest of the.
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and he is embracing for >> that's your primary but i didn't have a couple of t jackets ick need to buy i'm pretty excited . >> roadways are clear, no accumulation at this point in. >> said that they're not using calcium chloride since the temperatures are not cold enough ug that i could be added to the mix when temperatures are expected to dip m into the teens later this week.t new details from the investigation of a local college
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lsncof ti vety es igicius.s police and kent were called to ryan's place place, an apartment building near campus , 8-year-old nicholas massa had been shot during what may have been a home invasion robbery at the apartment, andnv to place it appears he was visiting france when three men wearing bandannas enter the apartment was a struggling in the shotgun people . the police arrested 17 -year-old of stow he is in the
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who doni that you are having a difficult time dealing the method that. >> i cannot believe i was at home, they texted me and, tell me what happened, and they told me that he died. neveouanooi hli dhevetatmchghch
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late officers fire over hh tells a story in an exclusivefi fox 8 i-team report . they know me for who i am,. >> peggy gallek goes inside the police chase claiming two lives and the six officers were fired,p why was one of them fired when he was just praised for his workw pitcher mark story you have not heard in anys exclusive report at 6:00 p.m.. >> the search for missing for the discovery of human remains
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several locations in the world richland county. >> they say theyey found remains scattered across a number of crimes seems.fote >> pictures cannot believe it. >> relatives and neighbors of 62 -year-old patsy hudson say she vanished from her mansfield home in july that her disappearance came after a dispute with neighbors aboutnc a large number of cats on her property, and 53 at walter rams and 57-year-old linda buckner blehar move from f their home the same day that she disappeared intellectually again taking money from her bank account . after nationwide after at research they were search they were arrested in tennessee,er during a search of several locations and richland county over the weekend that they found the suspect remains of patsy hudson,pe the corners trying to confirm that, though so they that i can find it hardha to believe that a fight over cats would lead to such a grisly
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>> that is just unbelievable, i cannot believe it was over cats . it seemsb kind of childish . that is unreal. >> the couple is held on charges including receiving stolen property but that likely will change after the remains arerece confirmed of those of those neglected in. twinsburg police investigating inappropriate social media blog possibly involving teenagers in the po school district received information about a tumblr page allegedly commite containing nude pictures of teenagers they verified the page existed but that it has been taken down generates 27 twinsburg police chief says when they get more information they will examine evidence and interview the teenagers believe involve. >> information about johnny
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here isnz lou maglio. >> johnny manziel's ex-girlfriend said that he had her so hard during a late-night confrontation that she lost her hearing in and one year according toto the associated press, an affidavit filed by kathleen crowley and wished she got a protective order against johnny manzielot who is being investigated on allegations of domestic violence . she says that was a confrontation in his hotel room about 1:45 a.m.a january 30, accusing him of throwing her onto the bed and forcing her into his car and driving away . she said she jumped up and he chased her down and get herer left ear rupturing her eardrum . his attorney did
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the charges were filed thursday with them that changed on friday
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a-rod california with the need for speed and not letting cerebral palsy get in the way that come in thehe wheelchair is atticus edmunds and his father the two decided to hear this case . like many voices saying she loves roller coasters, action and just j cannot go fast enough and they want to make sure that his disability never gets annoying. >> with disabilities, they have the same wants and needs as the rest of us and it takesee just the tiniest bit of adaptation to make our world expand to include them . >> he really is just like any other kid, his body needs a little time of extra help, but like any other father totally
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greatest feeling in the worldpy . >> the mother says that she wants to show the world that despite his wheelchair ande any disabilities, that he is an awesome kid kid with a latte shared. it was also every weekend with chapters around 40 degrees . this winter if you are serious snow deficit approaching about 3 feet below normal . this is the year 271, near mayfield, you can see, just
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we have had about 9 inches of snowfall and about 33 below normal . looking at some of the snow and rain showerst it has been slumping, at some spots putting down a coatingt in your front yard . specifically and lake and geauga and extending into summits and portage county . this is a big area of low pressure around the entire great lakes region have been around this area like av bicycle wheel
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snowfall . it will move through tomorrow night inducing lake effect wednesday into thursday . portions of the england and some blizzard warnings and just to our west near minneapolisrd and iowa summit areas with wizard warnings . air is starting to read them slowly, we have been falling into the 30s and get a little
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through wednesday into thursday the area of the stalled out stuff that could be concerned of several inches of snowfall by midday midday thursday and then tonight, upper 20s . tomorrow, low 30s and tomorrow night then things began to change . expect the snowbelt
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accumulation tuesday night at the valentine's day weekend will be a cold one .nt. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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super bowl 50 is in the books and the broncos are the nfl champs.. >> who was the champion of fox 8 weather came to the tax. >> here to. >> the fundamental viciousness time to to see how we did the first was how many times will the announcer say the word dabbinghsa. >> the announcer would say, a little dab will do ya one-timean
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i said only six times and never makes it three times and melissa mack said zero times . so nobody got it so we had to get that want exactly on the number she's out she sent and the second is with the panthers give the first touchdown pass to a boy or girl and jonathan stewart scored the only touchdown of the game in the second quarterof . google said that he would give it to a girl and melissa mack said that nobody would get aa touchdown ball . the third question was, what color shoeso would've beyonce where at halftime ? she came out
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to michael jackson, the shoes were black with gold trim . but i correctly predicted that she would be wary black shoesrr . fourth question, eye color alligator weight would be used in the wintry shower ? broncos offensive stars, the honors and the color was orange . i thought they would lose blue, and now her back in the close of course of act correctly picked orange. >> peyton manning announced his retirement announces retirement
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claimed he was interviewed twice ,, and then both times he would not confirm that he ise hanging it up, but instead he said he wouldup talk with his family and drinking a lot of deadlines or beer . it's not that they cheerfully and officially call it quits and now let's check the scoreboard . here natalie and i had when greg and melissa had three so she winds that means that we will pitch in
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there is a dollar 50 car wash down the street . on july 18, the rnc once you, you can help cleveland woman big
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will come back . on i-271 south
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is a messy commute. >> melissa mack joins us. >> for the most part, hipaa b. minor overnight tonight .
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have snow/rain mix it may slow you down a little bit, today is not a good idea to tailgate . the wind between five and 15 sustained . things will begin to taper off in the evening around the low pressure, although they snow bands, it'll continue overnight tonight with love to upper 30s and the visibility
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and low 30s. >> you could have a front row seat to the action during the rnc. >> jennifer jordan joins us. >> in this historic event that will put cleveland and the spotlight with the rnc five months away there is a need for hundreds of volunteers has ambassadors been a fan of the rnc inth tampa in tampa and 2012 gives insight on what to expect airport and help tell readers to transportation andhe volunteers will be responsible for answering questions about cleveland give advice on where to visit to eat and let events take place around town, the host committee is also on the hunt as well as the cuyahoga county
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committee is a nonprofit that is not affiliated withis any part time and its role is to best represent northeast ohio, all entitiesst care for people to showcase the city and the most positive possible to think it is an attitude just that something historic . it visuals to build and develop. >> there will be some training involvedll before the convention july about 100 people have signed up hundreds of our needed hour needed to make the rnco,. >> looking for interns, students , in high school or college are welcomed, there is a
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for more info and where to sign up for interns and volunteers go to fox >> you do not have to be a republican to>> volunteer. ll eyes will be on new hampshire for the a presidential race first primary is bill martin joins us with who has the edgeis into tomorrow's election. >> since iowa iowa bernie sanders says the democratic momentum with awa lead over hillary clinton, donald trump methane lead of 34 percent and with ted cruz marco rubio second
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make or break situation forth john kasich he finished second to last in iowa because he has been concentrating on new hampshireni he has held 100 town hall meetings across that state polls show him with only about 10 percent,ow he said before he's putting all his of his eggs in one basket and hoping a strong showing in new hampshire can propel his campaign.i >> sort of like that pink floyd song to run like hell .t we don't have the windows open onwi the bus so we cannot wave
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cruz the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. untilf 7:00 p.m. tomorrow in new hampshire in stay with us at fox for results. stay with >> screen xp next received a speeding ticket in a speed trap ? by fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m. local stretches of highway where the policees are hiding and waking, just trying to enforce the law to mark or smart or is it a money grab ? we go in search of answers on fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m. . yes on facebook what are some of the most notorious speed trapsce here and if you have been caught speeding and . >> don't have to be a bad driver to get a ticket my mom is mom is sick and poor and has gotten one
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matalin . i mean, husband and we ended up not fighting after talking to some people, why isn't 251 there are no homes it should be 35. in australia they would pull you over for driving 2 miles over
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that's in the forecast, several chances of snowfall, we are almost 3 feet below normal in snowfall department . this is from the crib-cam, you can see barely any ice on lake erie . lake erie is ready for any lake effect snow fall, several
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wednesday and thursday with some accumulations especially in the snowbelt and then high temperatures will be fallingan into the teens with overnight lows in the single digits . you see the see the big area of low pressure and these are the heirs of moisture spiral around
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west . the wind is currently from the last . this is the area of low pressure that will spiral in a with started twilight lake erie widespread snowfall but more enhanced in the snowbelt . just a few snow showers tonight .ju and then snowfall tuesday night continues into wednesday .
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tomorrow, then temperatures drop significantly wednesday into thursday . have this lake enhanced no continue into thursday . the friday saturday with highest in the teens . the sunday, valentine's day . to look for. >> and their broncos repeat as champs what about the browns come come las vegasn come las vegas says that the says that
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westgate superblock in vegas three teams tied with the best odds .re after they last only ones givenft triple digit odds. moving on with mo sports news news cameras news cameras may get reinforcements might face in the sacramentoe kings at the q... >> enjoining press, john telich. >> are fresh off of a saturday night handling of the pelicans
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return . general manager david griffin from last night's super bowl .fr they have two games left until the all-star break and lebron james will be the lone representative in toronto this 51 out of 82 of the regular season .ie. it is right now february . i don't have really dog days . i've got a lot of energy . i don't have those days days personally. >> much-anticipated breaks comes after the final first-half game wednesday night of the lakers rs
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his last last game at the q. so it will beam quite the affair . lebron james respect for kobe bryant is through the roof so that will be an interesting scenario. >> sometimes entertainers can
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people i ticket for a chance to win some prizes for one goal is to raise money for cancer research and treatment for one to sponsor the campaign has a new meaning. >> a cure for cancer and to give children a chanceer to grow up his mission behind the st jude dream home campaign. >> able to go to the hospital it brings a whole new meaning to the church itself . no family
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is a place of comfort and hope. >> tickets for the st. jude dream home on scale or 18 . you can learn dream home and get this.h >> went to them when? >> excited to share .h filed this year version spent a lot of time brand-new hot tub . it is fun to vm . this model seats six. >> will we do is a minor piece
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piece of what's going on . thank you chris curcio and lite-house pools and spa,, goes on sale for great event 6:00 a.m. . it is being billed by cleveland custom homes back proceeds benefited st jude children's research . also chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall . in a bunch of other great prizes just go to fox for more info .re. >> music was to a here on, from literature to salt-and-pepper to come back to life for students and east cleveland. >> george ehret takes us inside a class where history is being
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entertainers of entertainment of the passcode to life in the present.ta >> this is the start of black history month. >> welcome to the wax museum inside of thewe apex academy charter school in east cleveland during black history month they are transformingy into artist who set trends at the height of their careers in variousen music genres. >> today he is singer and songwriterer. >> euro zone the commodores he played the saxophone. >> showcasing the rap group nwa
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>> for he sounded and. >> project is the brainchild of social studies teacher who want to go above and beyond teaching . they it hurt a lot of the songs . they did not know what he had to endure .ot other the students transformed into oprah winfrey and. >> show our creativity and allows us to show
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project . at on february 16 rotator projects to the stage celebration showcasing their own talents through the spirits of musical legends. >> in east cleveland, jennifer
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. >> we are on snow watch it is a
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winter is back. here is andre bernier with how much love only going to get throughout the evening, how are you? >> i am relatively well come i, think that we arem tired from the super bowl watch party etc. . we are b waking up to some reality . warned you last week of rain changing to snowfall changeover to snowfall and that things would be in that direction today . ovng each day this week it's going to
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