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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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first was yesterday's of marketing and the seconde mrs. lake effect as we zoom in
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portions of eastern cuyahoga.{ his talent is currently worries as the day continues will start againin warren is no pencil start to ask west to east lothian the lower 20s melissa comes mores to the went off again temperatures barely making it the lower 20s todays and
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continuesay will talk more about the accumulations of next thingr actually doing well for me to 71 was just wet highways are just thatw it's the slight sites should sete a slushy snow covered if you do park outsidelu they're going to have just a few moments off your car looks like the sand which is snow-covered l watch
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have been done well. look at those drive times before you head out.t. we are looking good no us more cars on the room we will bothll slavishly a dezmand shower early .-period-paragraph you you guys.
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polls. despite having some heavye campaigning they could not close the gapni much-needed after we did
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don't see it as another campaign pictured fourth and fifth risk stay with us as coverage continues more than 200 know they had a bad thing to say. he was sent a great guy.
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dayay that's the victim has not been identified as it happenedt
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that driver left his threes -year-old cousin with the q's than in this nation for tip forecast that suv was recovered it marks the start of my (-left-parenthesis in cash game. it serves as a reminder of our mortality pavement will be the holy thursday march 24.h st. john cathedral church will hold several classes started at 7:15 p.m. a look inside plus how you can work
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look at 271 were starting to see the snow will really help it is going to time and money apparently shuts down we come
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good at morning. checked about the winds shifting a little mainly from the west. we charge of the fact thing it's's somewhat light south of the turn were starting to see if you haveou fees going pretty much west to
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the elevation difference herent is another pic temperature in the snow amounts here's the work that has been look at the next
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some lake effectng developing later today that continuesnt tonight pretty much during that day at the temperature nowhere.t will continue with some some snow squalls.w windchill values of the near zero here's a look at the projection that the southern county t 8-14 inches of snow we vardy had several inches thates we will have grilled pockets of heavier snowr there's still a lot
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north.f when you add up a lot of cold air over snow-coveredyo waves of cold air and look at that. looks sick were getting snowtt late into monday night. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station.s good at morning we are in ground fox we are on the e shirley's headed out towards east 140t right now roads are went but snow is fine clippers have done a pretty nice job with drug
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they sure you have plenty of to send before you get out on the incident on covered area is folks are traveling speed limit right there's not a lot of volume out here at 4:15 a.m. fox 8 tickets you are inside the help cleveland hotel on tuesday there almost finish each will have one of 13 depictions of architectural designgn they will have several bars and restaurantsl including birth 32
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outdoor viewsws in the coming months the hotel will be sellingh
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the job postingsnk the door is affected and in and those who wants if you're just getting up it is 17 minutes after 4:00 new allegations surfacing regarding mademoiselle is yours family pet on the most of us tonight on fox 8 news at 10:00 a.m.s of rising part of pet deathn here in northeast ohio which. ceric most likely toto this stolen from their owners plus to argue dna see fitol difference between
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