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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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just a few coming through akron area and ravenna along the turnpike as is all a summit county . you have been experiencing some reduced visibility .be you can see just three quarters mile, ashtabula and will continue to be, more organized through the overnight in as we continue these advisories through 4:00 p.m.
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at times between 20 and 30 makes its feel like it like it is in the single digits .l in the lake effect snow warning
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multiple tractor-trailers at least one person was pinned underneath a vehicle, he said a report showed show that there may be multiple fatalities not sure how many victims involved at this point i-90, westbound is close between five to eight and 44 and i-90 eastbound between 44 and vrooman roada your multivehicle accident between berlin and 44 westbound traffic exit at route 528 eastbound traffic exiting at 44 till further notice . emergency crews are having a hard time getting to the same to handle the injuries involved . we will try
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can and bring you an update in just a few minutes backou shirt and said that there are possible multiple fatalities there in your mentor. >> we are not sure, if the person was in the tractor-trailer part one of the other vehicles it is a unfolding situation, we'll be checking back with a sheriff in a few minutes to get you the very
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stoical combine for a one-two punch from old man winter spent roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> it has been an interesting day, the roads are sometimes clogging right now there looks pretty good this is 271 north near chagrin boulevard, you have to remember that it was not always like this, this happened a few hours ago, at 271 northbound in the express lane . traffic was tied up for a while, right now, things look pretty good, but that could change you could get those white out conditions at any time . people learned that you have to respect
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snowfall can be nice to look at or you can be stuck on the side of the road trying to stay warm s waiting for a bus that is late. >> that's a very long going the other way spak conditions can either be bad with blowing snow and slush covered roads. >> that looks like an alaskan relatively clear, almost onto the pavement of the plow crews, have to be careful driving when things looks like even someone with four-wheel drive says that she has learned to be more careful in the digital future go on the shoreway you don't even go on the freeway, just makes me nervous.t >> with wind gusting to more
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outhi conditions almost in an instant you can drive just a little way down the road and encounter clear conditions,, that is, the lake effect became the bad innocent. >> speaking of the shoreway, a spinoff spin-out was a familiar sight no mattera the area, you have to get out whether you're on the way to work or to run some errandsouty but i has to respect the lake effect. >> we were on a lecturer, it was really bad, usually is down by the lake, we cannot get out of the driveway c and had not been plowed yet so we're still waiting for . >> the weather plays a big role in the evening commute . to give an example of what happens, we first got here it was snowing and then we saw a patch of blue sky with sunshine
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snowing with increased winds it is lake effect. weather plays a big part in the evening commuteat back your lou maglio keeping a eye high on the road' >> we have odot cameras all overv , they give us a close up view of people maybe leaving for work or some expecting others to arrive home this is a shot near easton dr.s in akron . generally speaking, no problems . this is i-271 eton chagrin it is moving very slowly there isn't odot
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been some slow-moving traffic . that is the view, that outside looking in hope that it stays that way you finance it fox 8 news tomorrow morning with school closings and delays in first
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>> at fox >> police chasing armed robbers held up a young woman at gunpoint, and peggy gallek as detailed. >> suspects escaped, and other hoping another hoping that the public can help,, they began the t chase chase after it was robbed at gunpoint on east 93rd swarming for pursuing the black kia . they stand back while police tried to get the suspect pulled over,to they lost sight of gh the suspect vehicle a few a few times gun was spotted again they did terminate the chase after two cruisers bumped into each other, it was again spotted this afternoon's. >> received that police is a partnership and if you see something to say something is what we rely upon we need citizens eyes if you have
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a call backw to play sensibly the suspects are armed so if you do see this cars dodo not approach them not to call the police.t . they would like to get them off the street so if you do see something than call the police. >> lorain police asking you to be looking out for a predator who may be be driving in the victim's car, lorrie taylor joins us with more . >> a man who preyed on an elderly woman asleep in her bed escape in her toyota camry after robbing her, the police want you to be on the lookout for the car
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west erie avenue in the rain for or the 70-year-old manager woke up to the sound of someone in the room, the police say that she wasth too foggy to give a detailed description of the young male suspect but told that heyo attacked her relentless possibly with his gun while demanding money he tied up the 70-year-old and got away in her 2,006 toyota camry that looks like this one's. >> she's lucky to be alive, what kind of coward assaults the 70 -year-old woman ? this is what prisons are made for a not quite sure thatri we will do everything to catch this suspect. >> she was treated and released from a nearby hospital,w she was not up to speaking to us, the police want to hear from anybody
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investigation . they say if you see her car did not approach the driver,i it might be the suspect and he is most likely armed and dangerous. l to browns-lions have been indicted on weapons and drug charges after al christmas morning traffic stop,r cuyahoga county grand jury indicted linebacker armonty bryant on drug possession charges they say that he was carrying adderall .p passenger car driven by de'ante saunders who was pulled over for speeding on i-71 in brook park,o saunders has been indicted on a felony charge of improper handling a firearm in a motor vehicle, court recordsmpg show that
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found in the car. >> with his second-place considered a victory? >> when you are an underdog presidential candidate banking on the state to give your
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this has been a day of traffic headlines, ashtabula schools dismissed classes by at least 1:00 o'clock .. stay tuned for details because the weather has been changing by the hour's.der >> you can see some white out conditions, you could be going slowly, sometimes it's impossible to see. >> going through a snow squall this morning for this isg as you
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the pavement and then it is very snow covered with lowered visibility than it improves and then it creeps back up again, he can hit you pretty quickly perked up when she believes, expect drive slower .b especially
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it is is pushing several days bands farther south into the snowbelt . low pressure, with the wind from the west moving northwest continued to kick off the snow squalls through midday tomorrow that's why, is under a lake effect snow warning until 4:00
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strain, this is the cold air with windchills today only about 9 degrees . it will get colder, and high pressure will eventually turn off the lake effect tomorrow and then the next clipper-like for a general snowfall on friday before the weekends arrival . but for afternoon, the watches warnings expire . errors like portage in trumbull
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or two . tonight it will be cold and cloudyt with flurries . pretty breezy tomorrow, sunshine possible south and west and the hivesos tomorrow in the teens . the averages about 36 degrees . looking at the next 8 -day outlook gets colder, i friday low 20sco into the single digits with a high of about 9 degrees on saturday with some lake effect and overnight lows around 0 degrees . about 20 degrees on sunday and no chance of snow on monday . next week, that some
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. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.e. joining us join us first at 4:00 a.m.j for all the latest delays and closings . it while you are a foodie or fo just someone who appreciates a good meal, is a meal, worth the
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a growing demand for trendy third. >> in new york, some self proclaimed that he foodies spend
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people say they hear about the different food entrance and people on the internet buzzing online but of these really worth the time? >> is in. >> instagram, snap-chat , everybody is posting you got to try itt back imf and limited, i , love to get in lines but these days they make those that i grew up with, the pizza line or the barbecue,kez these make those look like chump change. >> is it going to be worth that? >> baby may be, don't know. >> many of those waiting in line ,ti say that they will be
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broadway is known as the great the bright lights of. >> said it could be because of the snow and ice,b while disney's movie frozen expected open to open on broadway as musicalpe and 2018, they will also ride theme music the stage production, includinghe classic music as well as some brand-new compositions, the cast has not been determined . you can make a return trip to the land of hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,e a new harry potter book is coming this summer, it was supposed to be a london plane but they have
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e-book also be available after the plague premieres in july, continues 19 years after the harry potter and the deathly
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a few schools closed early today because of the weather, we are under a snow advisory, here isfeto melissa mack hispanic it is and cuyahoga county and east until tomorrow afternoon so get readyst for the snowfall to continuer to
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south you may get a few flurries that won'tu accumulate much . it looks much more organized . earlier it was pronounced from cleveland to points east . with winds are shifting northwest, and once they the wind is in the directionin, we should have more pronounced snowfall tonight in pushing farther south . abandon near mansfield along 71 into wooster and barberton .
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to worthy evening commute . this only one quarter mile wooster, even main roadways can be slick special is that secondary roads and parking lots and sidewalks . the snowfall continues tonight, geauga and ashtabula with a smoke warning and advisory for lake and ashtabula . the wind is a little testy feels like it is and the single digits . high tomorrow in the upper teens
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the weather is blamed for for a meson i-90 your mentor this afternoon's. >> go to jennifer jordan and groundfox.. >> we are on payne road at the i-90 intersection, the traffic ise going across the bridge overpass at i-90 is crawling because a section of i-90 and shut down and will be for the next hour or two according to the sheriff .. look at some pictures from a short time ago ofme that wreckage from a viewer sent to us,a just got an update from the sheriff dunlap says 15 vehicles involved he says 15
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extent, one-person is critical, some very serious injuries he says nobody has been life-flighted, although victims were transportedfe by ambulance to hospitals, the area where the accident is between vrooman road and state route 44 the sheriff says vrooman road westbound on-ramp disclosed, eastbound closed back to six . five and mentor stressing to people who may be heading home . try to find alternate routes he says shares have been on the scene for the past several hours to gather evidence and determine the cause . during this accident there were some white out conditions right now the snowfall is light, there are 15
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very serious condition, one-person was ejected them trapped underneath a vehicle, andnd asset that was the person who wass the most seriously injured and he did not know . so this situation, is still very fluid,is he says he had been checking in with his personnel on the scene to get updateser and i'm going to call him to get an update,al we'll bring you the very latest at the top of the hour.t >> so the thing that we need you need to know is that this could be closed for at least another one or two hours? >> exactly . closed between one -- two hours,, traffic here is at a standstill . we are just west of, we are just west of the accident, and we are unable to
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accident . the accident is in the westbound lane looks like the eastbound is moving so that might be some gun good news so avoid that area southeast . want to avoid the i-90 last time because of down because of that terrible accident we have crews all over to show you exactly how bad things are. >> matt wright is in groundfox and the solon area. >> we are mirror on 422 eastbound in auburn township, geauga county the snow is is falling but not sticking, there
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partme the roadway has been clear on 422 . both are clear we see the parts of 422 have been slower . some places are snow free them soon you're in a heavy snow squall the traffic here is getting by okay here on route 422 and auburn township . lou maglio keeping a close watch on miller road's. >> as you heard about i-90 on
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another couple of hours probably . we have odot cameras all over, taking a look at some, this is i-480 warrensville center road web traffic moving very slowly people moving very carefully conditionsns in and at least it is moving in both corrections, i-480, warrensville center road . this is i-77 near copley road in akron everything is moving smoothly . looking good, and the snowfall is not an issue here, but you can run into some squalls so just be aware .. >> that's it from here and more coming up >> shoveling snow is backbreaking and perhaps even life-threatening.
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blow that snowfall and have some fun as dave nethers counterdemonstration is here to show us the easier we. >> the problem in this kind of weather is that you can shovel and more then the snow just keeps piling up . and never get ahead of it so you wantve is something that can take all of this snowfall and blood into the next zip code and take you the envy of all of the neighbor's. >> found the thing, they have figured out a way to outfit the th tractors with a bunch of different toys that can make the snowfall go away in an instant, they sell these things and some ofme of the snowiest areas of the country declared very large areasno , can also use for your driveway,a it blows it into a massive area in a short amount of time the most fun is the
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home leaf blower on steroids. >> it typically is used more for leaves or on the golf course, the idea to try this on the snowfall and we had a day with women interests on some cars in the parking lot and found outme that it does a really phenomenal job to completely eradicate snow . >> with these kind of toys, they do have a followingse bulwark of the sold some of these in south korea and would've liked to play golf so they like to clear off the golf course andd these are a lot more fun than this, a dave nethers fox 8 news. >> after a strong finish in new hampshire, it is gone to south carolina for john kasich.
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last night new hampshire primary , donald trump winning with 35 percent,ar the john kasich hn of focus his energy there got nearly 60 percent, he says he is happy but not surprised tot was very calm about it i sort of felt that we were going to be in second placewe, i heard earlier that there was some word that we t were going to be there and when i traveled around the polling places it was pretty clear statement po new jersey governor chris christieor expected to end his run for the white house tonight,eded nine minutes ago carly fiorina said that she is suspending her campaign . what is it like to live on the open road? >> by this family traded in and
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this letter shall 71. >> we cannot hear you you tell that the visibility of scots and then we are right between harvard and chagrin blvd . forgetting that on the lake . some people are starting to slow down out here,e these conditions
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if you are traveling, allowing shut-eye because it can get that ine almost an instant, is more snowfall comes on the lake .re look what happens when things and then the roadways clear up . . right now, it is unorganized expecting more activity because the winds are shiftingg to northwest to allow those to be moving further south tonight before tapers off tomorrow, the lake effect snow lake effect snow vault versus some spots that have between eight -- 14- inch of snowfall that tomorrow's high in the teens, the coldest day of the year
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sunday will be called . looking to the south, particular bursts of snow . you can because it is less organized .a as you travel on i-90 route 2 split, you want to go onon to someone south when you hear some darker shades of blue encompassing orange near beachwood . and then to the west , maybe just a coating . that is how lake effect is, nature can be fickle . northwest
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the snow warning in effect for a jog and ashtabula until 4:00 p.m. and then the advisor including cuyahoga county, and lake county until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow . many spots feels like it is in the single digits because of the strong winds with overnight lows around 10 degrees , there will be some subzero readings and the windchill, the cold air is taken over the entire midwest .ir have to watch out for the snowbands and then keep you updated tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. a.m. for all of the closings and delays .. overall total in the warning area 28 and 14 inches, and then a trace to trace up to 2 inches
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. tonight lake effect and then tomorrow temperature and the upper teens . our friday, around 20 degrees then on saturday, the coldest day of the year so far, and then on valentine's day, around 20 degrees . snowfall on monday and by next thursday, we will have rainfall withwe
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weather is wild, this is a livecture the shoreway at
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the road. they have white out conditions and drivers are driving really slowre . gloucester time and be >> sometimes wish that you could leave it behind and hit the open road. >> that's what a family of eight does , they say it is a quest for a simple life, the family from florida came up the idea while watching tvd, so they sold the home purchase to harvey and live it up for about one month and ready to hit the open road . with a mother is teacher and father as a tradesman picking up cash although we. >> want a kiss to be able to see
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nature and historyn hands-on. >> began so much more than what >> they will document the experience of a website with an emphasis on family to bring themselves closer together on the trip across the usyg. >> what they're doing for health
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we havevea crews on the road. >> including a developing situation of a massive backup on the site on the side of a motor vehicle accident with a number of injuries have that at first, latest arctic blast we are and winter mode . right now the radar shows snowfall, that is today . that is temporary because the winds are all over the place you look at the profile it's going to come back into alignment we had some shifting windst, but first of all , what we are looking at is a pattern of clusters . some are
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