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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning am i'm stephanie schaeffer. >> am stephani schaefer. >> and i am christie capel.e >> almost outside of the lake
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we let you have a couple of days flair up as these flair up as the day goes ons some of the digital readings further south we look at a 13 and brunswick and medina i hackers from mentor and then snow late afternoon should slowly fade away. >> the eight day is coming up in a few minutes.i we have traffic with patty. >> we are along for 80 eastbound approaching 77 in ground fox. and a couple of cars also the accident remains for 80 eastboundre on the ramps up to
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we had a probleme with the big accident fire crews are ready on o the scene someone where and ted one of the fire trucksom so as them as standard tests so the accident has been cleared 08 that traffic is moving a lot betterr@ wet roads are here are some of the ramps are slick with several accidents on many roadwaysys if you're heading down that way expect delays. >> i 90 in lake county is up and this morning after a horrible chain reaction crash yesterday afternoon. >> the highway was shot on a time both directions for several hours.s. t we check in with stacy who is in ground fox this morning.cheacy >> good morning. we're on 90 west around route 44 on the rubin road in bremen road in
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conditions were terrible yesterday afternoon when this happened.ti fifteen cars and some ice medical dr. slipping andg sliding and slimming into each other. not only were the roads up a mess, but visibility was awful. seventy-two people were hurt. one person from fromvent a vehicle. three critically hurt. a man of geneva was driving home onn i 90 east in lake county around 2:30 p.m. are so or soa and he heard the pulled over to get out of the way. when he came up over the hill, he saw a rock and traffic at a standstill. >> you see accidents. you see fender bender some of us to see that much ine such a short period of time - -dash. >> a white up comes in, you just don't see anything in front of you. certainly if you are going freeway speeds, you just don't have time to react when it's going on. >> it took nearly six hours to get all lanesoi in both directions reopened. it was certainly a problem.i and a lot of areas. dry highway all around us now.
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ground visibility was such a problem in so many parts of the area it took nearly six hours to get them all cleaned upp and reopened in both directions some victims had to be flown to the hospital. three remain in critical condition.pi >> and that was the snow that unbelievable. >> some are calling itit and sensitive while others say it is truly disappointing. >> these are reactions coming in after the city of cleveland d filed a claim against the rice family for the boys and played ems bills. f >> our jessica deal joins us live with more on what the city is asking for. c >> a 12 -year-old were shot and killed in november of 2014 they are still dealing with repercussions@ all these years
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because they want the right family to pay for is emergency coverage. police out the gun he had was real but it was an error shot airsoft pistol.s the bill would cover the 12 -year-old boy'ss ambulance right boys ambulance right and life support.@ this is they are disturbedth they are not the only ones a strong words. coming up we tell you how the
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reacting. >> meanwhile, a brook park hotel is now close because of an ongoing police investigation into illegal activity. ve a 30 say the travelodge on brook park road as esther prostitution, shootings, fights, and drug overdoses. police up and, cut into them it is a test bar, o'malley's, more than 650 times in just the last two years. it is unclear when the building could reopened. >> the divorce attorney of murder cleveland clinic owners of these theni sherman is due in court this morning. gregory moore faces several federally federal felony charges including tampering with evidence,ide telecommunications front command processing criminal tools. sherman was repeatedly stabbed in marchrman of 2013. no one is been charged with her murder,r but family and friends believe moore's indictment is a step in the right direction. >> planned parenthood is launching new ads online targeting ohio governor and gop
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ais bill to divert money away from the organization after ohio lawmakers approved it this week. the bill would restrict money from going to groups that reform one for more abortions. planned parenthood says the money is used for hiv testing, cancer screenings, and other programs. >> the cavs fans are showing some of the kobe bryant and his final appearance last night. >> the one, the only. kobe bryant. >> kobe and lebron james should a quick hug before the tip. the cavs to control early, and they never trailed againstneduoie pare fin thegs tme oryant t. lakers. lebron james obc scored 29 points, and he dished out 11 assists. kylie irving led the windyl with the wind and cold off often scoring 35 points. bryant scored 17 points and a spot of cleveland appearance. 7 p including a four-point play late in thepp game. the cavaliers would playla and pull away for a 120 - - 111 win. bryant what the game with
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ovation. >> it is hard for me to express how much the fans of meant to me. it really is, it's been such a driving force to come to, places - - these hostile environments, and be booed and be the enemy. that stuff drove met for so many years, and it's very hard for mear to put into words how much i've appreciated that.wor and the best i can do isca to go out and play. >> the ultimate competitor. kobe bryant announced earlier 20th year in the lake, would be his final one. >> he gave lebron's game shoes. >> he did not how much do is retirement because he is such a competitor. ant
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to have more games. >> is something else. >> what an opportunity for thety fans in cleveland to be there. >> he spanked him on the way out the door which is a good thing. >> i will come up to you and pop pop. >> fox eight news is keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long. here is todd with a look at what is justin.her >> the 40 days standoff at the oregonth wildlife refuge could and did any moment. for followers ofli bundy will reportedly surrendered 8:00 o'clock this morning pacific time. body and his supporters took over the wildlife refugeo on january 2 to protest renting rates. but he was arrested last week, and his father, nevada rancher climb and bundy, was arrested yesterday important. the sheriffs office as he was on his way to the wildlife refuge. we will keep you postedmpor.
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8:00 o'clockck is your time. killed in the line of duty. >> to sheriff's deputies are dead after a confrontation that starteda at a busy restaurant. how it started with a b simple question.h >> what she really, really did not like her and her car. women's open fires woman's open fires on our barber'. your what >> if donald trump wrote deals like he will parts he'd be out of business. hour-long will be. wait until you hearl that is play the billionaire businessman. >> you're looking at a live picture ofyou the medina ice festival. m were going to watch these frozen creations come to life morning long and we will talk to a professional ice cover about the things and how they are made.i >> these are coming to life all morning long right here on fox eight newsri in the morning. we
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investigators say the 20
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couple for around two years after he was kicked out of the mother's house for drug abuse a couplesth home - - a day care center. the bodies of james wrote reid and sharon reed were found inha the house they've been stopped short in their heads were nearly removed. their children in the care were found in aouou coveredr@ garage. the children were not heard in a bide reunited with their parent. >> a california woman is accused of trying tothom shoot a barber because she didn't like her hair cut. san diego police say adrian swain shut up at the 619 barber shop yesterday morning for a haircut and shave to design. she left, they came back with again. he barber says she parted and three times, but the weapon jammed. the barber and another employee tackle the woman to the ground, and held her for the police. she is charged with attempted n. andpon anot >> a cruise ship with 6,000 people on board is back upward after aboard after surviving a
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>> seventeen hours told you can get off and in your structure and. >> it was horrid and i don't want to talk about it. >> reaction from royal caribbean's in from and from a busy passengers was on its wayt from new york to florida on sunday, when it encountered rough seas off cape helped pratt had arrest near north carolina. the storm produced 120-mile per hour winds damaging the ship and several statements including for passengers. the ship turned backpa and arrived in new jersey just before 9:00 o'clock last night. were caribbean's is the passengers will receive a refund plus a voucher for 50 percent off ate teacher chris.. >> the city of ferguson, missouri appears to be headed towards a legal patty legal battle with the federal government. yesterday, the justice department filed a federal lawsuite against the t city. this afterh city officials voted to amend an agreement to a form from us and police inpo
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they don't have the money to make the settlement l >> to republican presidential candidates of their in the towel after poor showings in new hampshire andeiei iowa. governor chris christie and carly fear may not have officiallyll suspended their bids for thed white house. christie in particular was once seen as a potential front runner. feeling as thoughr she will continue to fight for those americans refuse to settlefi for the way things are. >> the democratic presidential candidate to do these dates you never another debate. really hillaryno clinton and bernie sanders will face off at 9:00 o'clock at the university of wisconsin milwaukee pbs will broadcast the eventnt this is the final democratic debate this month. the candidates won't share a stage again until march 6 in flint, michigan. de >> ninety minutes after 7:00 o'clock is your time on this
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a carr look at that. look at that. >> any way basically it is up to the computer. a lot of comments coming and i'll try reckless car way too many terrible distracted drivers out there m and then it is road that is road conditions
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there are cars on the other side it is a little concerning here is how you get a hold of us fox instagram. >> it is a 21:00 a.m.l we will tell you right now is why now is the perfect time.l tickets tot
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning. it is 24 minutes after the hour keep warm because it is chilly. ch
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yet.s and that is what they are during an entire team of ice carversr this is the medina isis will going on right now and will be through monday. >> you have hearing, good
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on?ha you are of big deal. and that starts at 7:00 o'clock. her. >> mother nature is still cooperating with the case in medina without a doubt. ishe what are we seeing with some of thef things in the picture right now? >> i could not hear you very good, wayne, sorry, but it is absolutely beautiful. there is no everywhere,ol and we've not been out here for quite a few years. >> talk about some of the these cultures there right nowewal. >> allots of the competition comes from theti artists minds depending on what they want to do in addition to thatin we will have a wide variety of a bunch of different animals and sculptorsanc the paradise cultures my favorite and we have a few
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can get your picture taken. you can put your face in there and get your picture taken. >> we know the merchants really take care of that. when you see it at night is when it is gorgeous. >> absolutely beautiful. aaron, a you did a great job. thank you so much. the festival kicks off tomorrow and that is a great idea. it is minus 200 degrees now.
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we go insideo the chamber to test the powers many athletes and celebrities know about. it is stephanie schaefer on ice tonight ater 10:00 p.m. >> i have been sleeping better since i did that. i entered my head up the or call and i have not had any issues cents. >> that was after the first. ih would do it again. i felt great after and invigorated. coming up - - his girlfriend apparently broke up with him, and now is fatherie fears for his life. >> hear here what his grandfather@ says he will do now. >> he has been training this weekend lookout kids - - we will
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brand-new event. >> good morning. check out idea of streaks of like affect somewhat scattered. how long will this last? a cold will weekend with the eight day when
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[music playing] [music playing] good morning everybody. theo 22nd annual adina ina festival check it out go overover the weekend the weather could itld it be better it will be cold andd and that's what you want when you you have 50 some odd cultures aroundro the entire square. check it out.enut. brushing up on one more of manyre of m ice carvings he will be making. we still have some snowb.. look at that stretch of snowch of sno goes from south of 76 all thet way out to the rain.a where we have had majority of the snow sinceha one or 2:00 in00 in the morning. morni we kind ongf. had this general general component off the western base
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of snow through lake county. these two areas of somewhat disjointed lake effatect willect will continue most of the morning probably continue to the earlyy afternoon as the temperatures froma strongsville to painesvillesville generally lower teens and lowereens a clearing breaks in the overcast further south in mansfielder so temperatures have beenfi aroundround six or seven above.ov windchills below zero workor yesterday streets of lake effect additional accumulation in some areas.tiona may be a few more inches i don't think it will amount to a whole lot we had that street to the westio another streak off to the to east. overnight tonight we clear outeast. and the core of the arctic air that will piece ofe co the area thathat has been situated over the northe noth pole all winter long is finally beginning to push further south so tomorrow clippers know of a a couple of inches then we start to drop could fall below zero saturday and sunday morning so that cold air that will be in
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dropping back into the singlegl digits by about midnightht tomorrow night.ght. fox8 news your official schoolcial schoo closing station we'll send itl'll senit okay. thank you scott.. roads.. thank r that's for sure. dozens of crashes and spinouts , the worst of which shut down i90 in both directions.worst of it was bad yesterday.d yest fox 8's stacey frey is live inin ground fox in the painesville f stacey fr good morning. justmog passing route 44 on 90 eastea the sun is out the roads arear almost completely dry.te what a difference a day makes isay ma what we have been saying allin morning long what we say and and northeast ohio it is so true itru e was treacherous out here. more than a dozen people wereozen pe were hurt, three of them this section of i90 in lake county is a well known troublewell troubl spot when the weather whips up the result yesterday a massive pileup in thes westbound lanesnes involving's 15 cars and tractor-trailers.. traffic came to a standstill in
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vrooman road as a dozen crews responded to the scene.oman road the cut away doors and roofs to reach victims, then peeled thecti mangled metal apart to clear the road and get traffic, thenen mangle but that took until nearly 9 last nig a driver who narrowly missed the accident sent in these pictures and described what it was like to come up over the hill and see this.describeds lik we moved over the best we could to allow them through and then we got over the hill and saw everything came to a stop atlow then we goe hill and that point..that it looked surreal. p there were cars in the middle, cars off the right side, carso it lookeke th crashed into each other. wasn't a ton of snow that fellhat f middle of this yesterday yes completely horrible it was and how you could be traveling alongng completely may be snow on the road and suddenly wind would with puppyp had all of a sudden all you canll you n see what's white all around youound you
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lake county yesterday. painesvilles ut heren township fire chiefhi the area for whatever reason it seems to funnelrea for wh the bad weatherwea into the area yesterday resultedesu in the horrible accident thrlee people critically stacey five thank you so much. all right. right. u.s. marshals in cleveland need help tracking down a con artist they say is notorious fororu.s. mar need impersonating an nflrsonatin quarterback.g an n federal authorities say 38 year old stehfon stephan pittman has pretended to be former university of texas and nfl quarterback vince young. marshals say there are a dozenniversity o n cases against him, and he's leftft a trail of theft and fraud victims across the country. pittman was convicted of rape in texas in 2009, and after moving to cleveland, failed to register with the sheriff's department. the countrys convictedn there is a reward fors a rew information leading to his arrest, and you can remain anonymous. two browns players arrested on
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drug and weapons charges. a grand jury just indicted armonty bryant on felony drug bryantn fe possloession charges. ny d dpos he was a passenger in teammate deante saunders car when statese troopers stopped them on i71 christmas morning. prosecutors say bryant hadsay brhad prescription medication that did not belong to him. saunders is also charged with felony for improperly handling aic firearm in a motor vehicle.rm in a it looks like johnny manziel'sotor veh grandfather is publicly standing by the troubled browns quarterback.ou expressed concern saying johnny needs help, and he won't live to see his 24th birthday without some intervention.atny live too the elder manziel paul blames his on his ex-girlfriend.grands this is the granddad speaking the girl has her problems, his told this to the daily mail. i'm not saying johnny's troubles are all caused by her, but. everyone just needs to leave the saying johnnyles are al boy alone.oy alone. he needs his privacy right now. if he was left alone, he'd be
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but he can't sit down withoutit down thout being bothered. according to his grandfather. if you're just getting up 8:37 is the time. ti brand-new competition will debut this year at the westminster dogdo g show. local woman and her adorable dogd toby will be among the contestants here to show us thehe tricks that landed toby a the potrestigious event. [music playing] you, a friend, and adam levine. we're giving away a pair of tickets to see maroon 5 live at the q sometime this
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to bring you wendy' s north@ pacific cod sandwich rwe send guys like this.. on boats like these... rin weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy. which should make you... r
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[music playing] welcome back to fox8 news in thews mornining taking a live look right now ator the madonna ice festival.stival. master ice carver aaron costic
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something great to do this wehis we can check out all of thehe information on our websiteebsite we'll be checking in and peeking inin. the great creations coming up u in just a short while. all right. toby loveses wayne dawson then t minute he came in toby went running over there to get him. while kathy goes and gets himets wayne you need a dog. h just about to get that. that was adorable. you want to go see wayne again. you stay here.yn good boy.oy so kathy and adorable told me me leave for the westminster dog show tomorrow. kathy cunningham and toby willw be among 3000 dogs competing inting this annual event in she she's here to tell us howua toby was actually invited into thishis brand-new obedience championshipio category. so exciting first of all congratulations.ongratu thank you. congratulationslat t.oby .. ions t
8:33 am
started training at 12 weeks old. toby is now seven.eve ev how adorable. you been doing competitions in the areaing throughout the country.un then you accumulate these pointsints based on how toby does and performs.. that gets the attention ofntionf westminster. they invited the top 150 dogs in the country to compete in thisth first time ever obedience.nce. 140 years of westminster.ster. they've never done thisthis obedience. o they never havebedi the obedienceedienc typically in this board gets left behind aally in thi little bit so so we're excited to showcase thisthis first year..firs. westminster along with the breedbree and agility you have three dogs. three dogs. i do. i you do the shows but somethings special about toby tell us aboutt that. what's special aabou tt toby he was was the first dog i got that had at pedigree that was bread to showhow obedience to his line his father is a champion.
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macdonald they're responsible for us being here today. her dog but they were a litter of five all with championshipsmpionsps on them..on t toby comes fromhe that line hisne father still competing at 10 1 years old. and his mother is a master hunter. he's got a great pedigree behind behind him.m. he is such a sweet little guy.t thank you. what are some of the things that you do with him. what will he be doing on mondaynd at westminster. monday he will be competing 34tin dogs they will all do the same set of exercises and we'll bee judged on them depending if the dog gets a little bit out of line or a he misses somethings someth points get taken and then they will rate 34 dogsdogs and we will do a stay exercise.cise. why don't you show us. us. okay. one of t hee t hings we are going to do. toby. it are you ready. are you ready. he'll.
8:35 am
hee has to stay in this position po without a leash. the dog willll stare your dogdog leave your dog walk across the the ring about 35 or 40 feet and this is called a signalgna exercise. let's hope he does it.llt. good boy. good boy. very sweet. and then he has to go back. so nice when you watchu watc westminster but also when i watched you in the st last hour hour here during commercial breaks ifal br if the real positive and happy praise you can tell toby is smiling. looks like he is having a good time. t. and it's a positive experience.rience it is a positive experience it'sienc all about understanding your dog and helping himm. making sure that he understandsnders what you're asking him to praising him when he does it in a simple no and he knows henows hasn't donehe and right. adorable.e. mention your trainerssa again. i have a golden i've never seen
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behaved. linda and mike mcdonald high barald training center. together total titled many manyan different breeds and dogs. and west salem ohio.m oh anybody who really need some ne training whether you want to do pet training ortr if you want tont to compete they are the people tople be with. congratulations. thank you. i know what out of time but we wanted to do these things.c y you have a lot that you're going yes we do. congratulations and good luck and i asked kathys wewe where does he with me.with m now i know you're a true dog lover. l toby youover are awesomewesome congratulations and good luck lu will be cheering for you guys.ou guys. it. i think we know the winner. kristi and wayne toby why don't why wayne. come on up toby. that he is.he is there he is. harry potter fans mark yourtte calendar for july 31st. that's when a brand new bookr fans ma
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will be released. on her pottermore website yesterday. but she did not write the book titled harry potter and theed har cursed child. it's based on a new stage play that's going to open in london, in fact, the book is being is being in fact, the book is being called a special rehearsal f will be published later. all right.ight. a top secret parody of donald trump has just been released on a trumas just it's a nearly hour long movie starring johnny depp as donald trump. take a look. in his office, he was at his best but by night he was at his worst. if he broke feels like you brokeu broke hearts he would be out oft business. witnessed the art of money.. every square inch of trump tower andvery squar brass.ass the art of persuasion.ion. hate to see your mother have an a accent. there's an all star cast
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winkler, patton oswalt and alf. and the music is done by kenny loggins.the music it's very strange and you cantrange ad yo check it out by following theu calowing link on our website, look under seen on tv. donald trump 69 years old ild think he looks good for 69. he really does no doubt about it. you look good with dog hair all over your. still very cold outside 15 degrees. forget chocolate or roses. e why not give something crunchy, t chocowhy salty, and covered in ketchup to not ve sin ket your sweetheart, thisc t valentine's day?oethear we have the gift that doritos swears is no joke. it's not me. i promise. we're getting plugged in talking about the driver list googleog car. how would you feel aboutut not not having a steering wheel or break inside that car. yoursbr thoughts and comments
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welcome back everyone. the irs says hackers tried to steal data from taxpayers who tried to file on line. wel the ihackers trie the agency says more than 450 thousand social security numbers would have been compromised if the irs had not blocked thehave been hackers. hack the identity thieves usedity thies use malware in an attempt tod generate e-file pins for stolenfile pi for s social security numbers. the agency says that the breachtolenn took place last month, and was unrelated to a systems outage that took place last week.asd was more trouble for twitter. twitter lost two million users in the last three months of 2015. twitter stock has dropped 12 percent. at the end of last year twitter had around 305 million actives dropped 12 at the end of users, while facebook has 1.6rs, while facebook has 1.6 billion. even instagram surpassed twitter in september, with 400 million eveinst users.agseptemer, with youtube is breaking into the streaming service game. the video sharing website released three made for youtube movies yesterday, along with a new series. the original content is a partrt release for yolong witit
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service.t it costs about 10 dollars a month to do away with the ads, and get access to youtube to you originals and the company'sa music and th with airlines putting a squeeze on passengers, one tennesseeen congressman is making a push for seat standards. representative steve cohen wants a new law to establish minimum standards, limiting how smallteking a push fororrepres new and how close together seats on alleats on passenger jets can be. he says it's not about comfort,omfort, but safety, saying it's not clear if crowded planes can be evacuated effectively.f crowded p some argue more seats one seats on airplanes help lower fares. others argue more seats just means higher airline profither ai margins. meanwhile. looking to get away now that get aow t ha winter has finally arrived? airline tickets are at a six year low. ticket prices fell by more than six percent in the third quartert of 2015. the average price is now 372 dollars.of01 the dip in pricing is due to
8:41 am
expansion of low cost airli. the dip in pricing is due to plunging jet fuel costs and the expansion of low cost airlines. burger king is launching a whopper of an idea the fast food giant will soon serve hot dogs.pricesi there will be two versions a classic grilled dog for 1.99 and will be t a chili cheese dog for 2.29. they both look great. burger king put them on the menu in five cities last year, and decided to expand nationwide because of higher than expected sales.burgthem on the mey look for them starting february 23rd.ok for dairy queen is launching a news lag a new valentine's day treat that's just for singles.e checkout the singles blizzard. singlblizzar it features chocolate soft serve ice cream, mixed with coco fudge, peanut buttercups, peanutanut butter and salted caramel truffles. buttercups, they're marketing the blizzardard with hashtag break the cliche telling people america now has more singles than couples. all right. some people are trading sweetp for salty this valentine's day.eople are tradi behold doritos long stem roses. take a look at this.look at this the company has transformed it's famous chips into flower pedal
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the company has tr doritos insists this is not a joke.os joke. but good luck getting your hands on a box the limited time offer was only available in canada, luck and sold out within a few hours.on aox the limnly avlable in by the way, the doritos are ketchup flavored which is apparently a popular snack flavor in canada.hup fly a polar sn may have ketchup potato chips upup there. i've never tried them.em. they're not taste like french fries with ketchup. l same kind of thing.hing good morning.ning. how are continuing our conversation about theser driverless cars google cars now the nationalti administration says they don't need a steering wheel they don't need a break.k.admistration says it's just you and four wheels inel computer.compu would you trust this. voicemails that came in.t hi todd in regards to the topic of the day you know the cars without the steering wheels or breaks at least it would stopould stop these people in the city of
8:43 am
lights and stop signs andns a probably stop a lot of accidents. my name is joe stop a lot of stop them forhem fo writing too many tickets.r that's true you wouldn't have a have a lot of tickets being writtenritt because they would probablyebably follow the speed limit. all of the rules of the road.l in that little car. if it were bigger i would haved ha entrusted i would be liable if if the computer malfunction that is is jus t went on this o it affects driver's licenses caner's i take the kids toli ceschool andscho and come back for me can it get me a a pizza or a six pack at thet driver. can i program it to return to myurn home if t it shows that myws that maybe i don't know. up.e they're not legal on the roads yet several years away but it'st's the future. see you at nine. news in the morning.ahead not funny.this momo
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we'll tell you why the autism w community is lashing out at rosie o'donnell and what thel and at the comedian has to say about the joke that started it all. [music playing] [music playing] you and your sugar can be there when maroon 5 plays the q thison 5 fall. pla your chance to win is coming up win is before the end of the hour. upnd of the hour. before we go to break tickets for the saint jude dream home goude dreahome go on sale thursday, february 18thhursda at 6a.m. cleveland custom homes built the 500 thousand dollar home, which is located in the red tail golf the retail golf community in avon. tick proceeds benefit saint jude children's research hospital. other prizes include a car from tub from litehouse pools and spas. for more information, head over
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[music playing] all right.ght. pick up the phone and call now.ow. the 8th caller to 216-578-0888 wins a pair of tickets to see maroon 5 this september 28th at the q good luck. the autism community is lashing out at comedian rosie o'donnellcomedia for an inappropriate joke aboutn rosie ooke abo the disorder. rosie joked that parenting teensked t is so hard that she'd trade hers in for autistic triplets in anh is so hard that instant. the national autism association says o'donnell crossed all liness e natio of being a good human being toman being make a desperate, low blow joke. rosie has since apologized and says actually has two childrenu with spectrum disorders, and hasally has two
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