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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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sent a claim to be 12-year-old to stay for ambulance service for transporting him to metro afteram being shot by a police officer. >> today the city said the claim should not have been sent as peggy gallek joins that. >> officials stressing during prescott that the family was never and won't be billed . the mayor said that the bill was automatically generated in the claim >> the city will withdraw the claim filed against the estate of tamir rice for ambulance service. >> i am again apologize, to the tamir rice family . for any grief that they may have had. >> mayor frank jackson and officials heldd a press conference thursday to address wide acclaim for the ambulance bill fora the 12-year-old was
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companies say the bill for $500 had been automatically generated after a request was submitted by the administrator of the estate ask in asking the city to submit the billing statement. >> because, che of the process being retained, none of the managers, in the finance department, the law department or anybody here today, was notified of this, he was following a routine process that he has done many times before youou he said that it was not sent to theid family he said that the city absorb the amount of medical bills not covered by medicaid,oror stressing that the case should have been red flagged so thatst supervisors would have known not to send a bill.. >> and now, at this point, that account is going to be closed again and we are withdrawing the claim that he was shot by an officer november 2014 the officer thought that it was a
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pistol that looked realistic. >> the fact that the claim was filed has drawn criticism from the attorneys for the family, subodh chandra released the following statement said >> -- the president of the cleveland police union, police union president steve loomis also was critical of the city's actions.vvio >> right is right, and wrong is wrong, and this is absolutely wrong, and it is just, there's no common sense that has left the room and back blair says that he's not happy with what took place and will make sure
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it is not happen again. very details about a massive chain reaction crash that shut down i-90 in lake county yesterday sending 17 people to hospitalsc, matt wright is that bob's garage and towing and painesville where some of those vehicles were >> this tells the story of how bad it was, this is what is left left of want of at least 15 semi 's semites involved in the pileup on i-90, there is still is still the great homicide of i-9090 near vrooman road, a day after the chain reaction crash, photos show some of the 40 vehicles involved stretching over 2 miles have happened during why not conditions yesterday to a total of people were hospitalized mostly been treated and releasedos, three with more serious injuries were taken to metrohealth, we spoke to a
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with another truck and car as he tried to stop . >> i think it shocked everybody about how fast i got slippery became from clear roads to everything wasa iced over. >> they say that speed and quickly changing road conditions were likely factors in this major wreck of the third major pileup in the the same area in as many years and have some has some people calling for changean, how that part of the story tonight at 5:00 p.m.. it's amazing that it was not worse. >> we do not know about the condition of the person who is driving this truckti but there is a lot of damage and there were lots of people who are injured, fortunately, most of them have
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second teenager has been arrested and faces charges for the shooting death of a kent state university freshman on sunday they're still working to determine a motive the motive and the relationships betweenwowo everybody involved as dave nethers as the details come back from the beginning has been e revealed that as many as three crime and should come as no surprise that the kent police are making additional arrests this time another 17-year-old from massillon .h s people summoned s to the ryan's place apartment on sunday, said the three men wearingsa bandannas with that money a general mass mass of wesley, a kent state freshman was shot and killed one of the residents there identified seven june ty kremling of stow is whether the suspect he was arrested charges in juvenile with aggravated murder, on wednesdayay the police arrested a
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ofof marquise goodwin of massillon he is in custody at the portage countyh juvenile detention center .e >> both of them have been charged with delinquency by aggravated murderme, part of the incident, and 8-year-old man is dead because of this, that constitutes anth aggravated murder so all the subjects involved the same offense and we are third-party that with every indication that not only are they not done but it isa likely that more arrests will be forthcoming, dave nethers fox 8 news. >> two brothers face charges for a multimillion dollar food stamp fraud at the cleveland store . tracy mccool joins us. >> according to a indictment of thehe menus the business to
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about $4 million . they say that it happened here at holy land imported goods on lorain avenue near west 117th street . are each charged with conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud w and unlawful redemption of food stamps .nd the indictment alleges that they committed the fraud from 2,003 until 2015 by taking customers food stamps in exchange for cash or other unauthorized itemsms . investigators say that they also bought food stamp cards from customers thanou use them at other stores to buy inventory for their own store foruy. >> they have seized the $90,000 in various bank accounts in addition to the charges they're also looking to recover about $4 million. . investigators are looking into the case of tuberculosis at a
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health has confirmed case of tuberculosis atubub north high school in akron, the person of the north high community checking to see if anybody else may have been exposed it is a infectious disease that can spread through the air affecting the lungs, the school issued a statement said it is working with health officials make sure that people get the information needed. snre >> after 41 days, the oregon standoff is over here is lou maglio. >> the last four holdouts and that armed that armed occupation of my wildlife refuge and oregon surrendered today, three of the four walked out to the fbi agents the fourth negotiatedt with supporters and fbi agent, thousands of of people heard it unfolding online,o he said he was suicidal and that his choice was liberty or death, then he gave up, the occupation by anti- government militants seem to end
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including ammon bundy were arrested, one protester killed,b and bundy's father was arrested yesterday,, it highlights the anger of many western ranchers and farmers over h federal government ownership of large amounts of land in the western states,, they believe that the land should be turned over to
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plus event this weekend. >> medina square will be turned into a winter winter wonderland this weekend for the 22nd annual medinana ice festival, there will be 80 sculptures in the square started tomorrow and more added thanks to the ice carving competition happening all week . h. knight they are illuminated with how polite you can see the sculpturesl in personal. >> 302 professional carvers going head-to-head and the competition with a limited with a limited amount of tool, a chainsaw and what other tool and then after the events into that advancing to the next round of.ev >> the lighting of the fire and ice tower will will be on friday night for more information on the medina ice festival go to
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up on facebook, that it's going to be so cold . it was so cold that penguins are taking taxis . this was earlier between one and 3:00 p.m. you can see the lake driven clouds and theyey fleury and ranged from no visibility to
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wants, when it wants, 20 degrees lakefront feels like 3 degrees . in 17 degrees in minneapolis, uc recover process in st. louis, took almost 40 degrees . we will get there but not until we have bottomed out .e lake erie is not done just yet . on 77 near broadview heights and rex hale, just south of i-480 . encountering snow showers and then near the turnpike looking at near chartered near 322 and
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room . how unorganized it is even in the snowbelt because of that, also ravenna getting snowfall . this will continue to taper through the evening and those guys becoming partly cloudybe and very cold night . clipper snow started lunchtime content tomorrow night and saturday lake effect snow fall the worst of it will be occurring n in erie pennsylvania and ashtabula county there is a snow watch in ashtabula county only starting noontime into saturdaynt . boston most of the area will be
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lake effect is cranked up . i'm avant i'm not wednesday morning, it would be called . and monday, presidents' day, the kids are out of school and fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays
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. good way to relieve stress of the go to a hockey game like at the lake erie monsters tonight. >> i was out at the great lakes science center, because i will
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the family. >> high school and lorain county has been recognized as a model desolation. re >> they get high scores on state testing,, also among the best prepared for college -- as part, reasoned that avon lake high school is this weeks fox 8 coolschool as kristi capel reportss. , , newsweek magazine recognized it asma one of the top high schools in the country, a 1 percent graduation rate in more than 90 percent of students attend college. >> i think it starts with a mindset to always do your best, where the material in the the matter which manner which do you try your hardeste is going to can't have a lot of ap classes that helps you to find out what you want to do after high school . realize that if college is not for you we have something for everyone
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>> they haven't use technology to crash how the students were. >> there is an active board in every classroom we have several computer labsa to the photography classes have ah lab reusing a lot of technology in our language classes since can take a german with ohio state professors. >> they can prepare to take their foreign languagere state exams by recording a conversation in spanish.. >> importance is placed to ensure that all studentsan reach their full potential, the science olympiad as is when of the many afterschool activities that enhance educational.l. >> then she can get out of the science olympiadt is that you can really explore the branches of science which are nots always offered in a normal high school setting or if you found science class thats that you enjoy you can further your knowledge through the science olympiad e.
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educating the whole child, and that's whytrto so many students participate in the performing and visual arts. >> we go. >> we going to treat each year this year to nashville and we're going tototo be at the biggest cathedral in the world. >> kristi capel fox 8 news avon lake. next week we get a look at the next fox 8 coolschool it is the charles dickens elementary school.. >> join us next thursday of fox 8 news atat 1:00 p.m. to see end to see what makes this school standout0 e as a coolschool. >> world's greatest athletes eye glitter lebron james. >> could this work for you.
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10:00 p.m., stefani schaefer goes inside a cryogenic chamber to test the powers that many athletes and celebrities whereby ,, tonight, on fox 8 news
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more snowfall today before we enter the deep freezeze. >> get ready, if you thought today was goldeno you ain't seen nothing yet. try to take away some of the snowfall,ke but it's going to get really cold . it is already cold , when you step outside, it willid wake you up quickly with these temperatures currently 18 degrees cleveland . the
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this is an organized activity . a little burst near broadview heights . there is a lake effect snow watch for ashtabula county starting tomorrowno through saturday they have used should be tomorrow night . if you you want just a little light snow, everybody's going to get some tomorrow navy 1 inch or
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tomorrow high temperature of 22 . look at valentine's day, presidents' day weekend. business is booming at auto repair shops. >> they yasir moore customer centricity snowfall, what kind of accidents. >> d&s automotive in mentor has seen a lot of fender benders, many happened during the snowstorm, this truck lost control highway in his damaget on the front and back and the driver is okay, they said they got about 30 vehicles since the
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seeing more carsh he says many customers said they could not stop in time that was the case for carl kowalski investigator from perfect. >> i was doing about 15 mph, the car in front front of me stopped and i stepped step on the brakes and the car did not listen to me so i slid into the back of it. >> my front bumper was messed up . get your car inspected you may not realize that you have a bald tires orpeth bad breaks. >> , nine times out of 10 if you slide into somebody than it is your fault1nt. >> need to be careful out there,
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but now we are dealing with it. >> while the fastest growing crimes . no matter how nice your neighborhood, dognappers are looking for your pets, suzanne stratford has more on what you need to know to keep your pets safe.m >> man's best friend becomes a peace target leaving owners desperate. >> my heart is breaking because i do not know where he is.e >> dog tick and from cleveland and another one named snowball from lorain. >> i howard hammon peaceful end at what happened. >> about 2 million pets are stolen each year in the the us can, increase a third group 30 percent according to the american kennel club,, but it is probably much higher because the
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reportedro. >> there are various reasons. >> for some cruel intentions like dogfightingng. >> you find a dog like this and can resell it on craigslist for $50. >> some excuses are absurd. >> he thought that it would be a good way for him to pick up girls with a dog like that>. >> he was taken from the family yard in hunting valley. >> postdocs disappear, as a crime of opportunity, dognapperstd surge in steel pets from the city to the suburbs,in from princeton princeton properties to front porches and secure vehicles.
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director of the comments about connection a nonprofit rescue that has co-authored legislation and provides low-cost spay and neutering across ohio. >> a etc. help to reunite nato withto its owners but not everybody is likingts and not every thief is a stranger to checkt ids to look up to him and this has really hurt.hi >> estranged family member is accused of stealing her 6 -year-old dog,, a dog she had since high school. >> she is just everything to me, when me, when i was sick or scared and lonelywh, and she was always there. >> bastion, they were moving from the family members form and thenhe the dog vanished. >> that we were not allowed to be on the property to look for our dog we had a feeling that something was up.f
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fliers they got word. >> he kept it up for himself he said thatat a microchip installed and licensed her and i was totallyli at a loss for words. >> she took them to court and wayne county in november, resenting veterinarian bills, and other evidence,ar several months later, but are still waiting a rulingng. >> we have been nothing but a ball of stressen. >> only about one fourth of dog stolen or reunited with the rightful owners but you can reduce the risk. >> whether the dog is a rescue, a purebred or a gift. >> document it so that you have recourse to this becomes problematic..t >> she says keep records and maintain licensing, micro chipping and tattoos are helpful , but most importantly never leave your dogtm unattended. >> you cannot be too careful
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>> never let your guard dog and keep an eye on them at all times . >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. tomorrow come the second part of thehe look at dynamics including a list of the most popular breeds and home undercover agents are helping to reuniteun dogs with their owners. >> celebrating black history month through artwork you can see for yourself on the first floor of the justice center in clevelandinhise created by students in the shaker heights school district in some of them did not know that the work would be of public displayt and were surprised. >> i saw myself create that piece that is now on display and i'm getting myon first taste of what it means to be an >> is pretty crazy because i just moved here from cincinnati and these blessings keep coming
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>> cuyahoga county common pleas court has ever displayed profiling>> important figures for black history month, for more info, fox >> lebron james has won two gold medals represented the united states in the olympics. >> will there be a third one this coming summer ? but he might choose to sit out the next
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sale for 18 at 6:00 a.m. the half-million dollar home in the avon golf community. >> tickets are $100 proceeds benefit st jude also get you a chance to win a car from nick abraham auto mall and hot tub from lite-house pools and spas and others for more info go to fox >> if you have a fireplace, you should be using it . you want to stay inside on saturday is going to be very called . it will likely be the probably absolute coldest day of the season . i think that this is not common i don't know, if andre can hear me, don't know what's happening
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continuing . the good news is that it is starting to shut off .s this weekend is going to be really cold teens and 20s and monday, single digit for the highs continue through valentine's day weekend . next week, we get a bit of everything, some snowfall and temperatures back to normal and perhaps above normal at times . northwest wind about 15 -- 25 . there will be some recovery in kansas city getting closer tor
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feels like tupelo . yet the watch on the turnpikey lake effect will come back at us because of aff clipper system tomorrow afternoon and evening and then turn into a lake effect event that mostly will be affecting t erie pennsylvania and parts of ashtabula county . starting tomorrow midday until saturday for ashtabula county only because of the wind directione will not affect the entire snowbelt . they could get several inches of snowfall there . the clipper system means small
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in ashtabula county or in pennsylvania, you should be okay .. high tomorrow, 22 and then it falls that time . dropping to 0 degrees and then on sunday, with temperatures in the upper teens and then on monday, mostst kids will will be off for presidents' day, so i snowfall a chance of snow tuesday wednesday .of on tuesday, it could be interestingay and then back to some 40s and a rain shower the end of next week. group backs off of a multimillion dollarba request for a brown facility in columbus. >> lebron james contemplates
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john telich reportsin. toppers off about the browns situation, a week or so ago, became known that they promised development group plan to push a request to pay for a 5 million-dollar facility to house the browns for summer camp there, but today they clarified the plans, in the calmest dispatch, the ceo alex fisher saysdi that the funding request was misunderstood and will be removed from its list of priorities given to legislative leaders, the brown said that this year the camp will be in paris in but eventually, will likely head towards columbus.
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kobe bryantnt going to report, due to kobe bryant not pursuing a spot on this year's olympic team ,ta lebron james has yet to decidele to join the olympics, he likely envisioned as being a teammate of kobe bryant as he rides off into the sunset of his career, r. >> the cavaliers will be off until thursday no update on kevin love's children expected not to miss any time with that confusion and then back to work next thursday. this artist's home paul manhattan beach, all the photos taken by the father was
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onto the outside wallo says that his father bought a house in 1945 and left it to him to him when he passed in 2,000, he said that schoolchildren this was a way to pay tribute to the father ,en the family members in the photos and a home full of >> they just not manhattan beach coming all the way until the day he died he was involved in something, it was decision but it was time because the house was falling apart and we don't have children to pass it on to. >> the town has taken to the project, but the house will be torn down in march to make way for a new condo complex, is a
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traffic is slow on my 90s found george bratenahl, as we head towards the commute to or not going to punta cana, or someplace else warm, there's a reason why we do this last story from the cabin of airplane coming have heard of the band okaynd go, known for their elaborate music videos. >> they did one a treadmill il another driving cars and now they have done it again you
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other video out of the sky. >> no green screen, and no no gravity, there are n. and s. seven airlines plane plummeting toward earth company starts with themmm tossing stuff and the stewardess dancing event the band released a video on their facebook page said that it is the crazed that they have done e you can find a link at fox
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my ride home was relatively uneventful compared to yours .de because the typical snowbelt locations that do did not get the snowfall late last night you can see the traffic backed up on bratenahl, behind
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less, plenty of stop-and-go, it is partly cloudy, earlier today, the roofcam showbiz . occasional snow showers a high of 18 degrees with the wind,re it feels much more like five . that is why i am dressed
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