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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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i'm telling you the report inside there with reports below zero.. hypothermia finest frostbite are possible wear at multiple layers, and all exposed skin is recommended especially for young childrenn in the elderly what makes it even worse
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unprepared as this winter is been some mild. >> normal acclamation whether you're going from cold to hot areol hot to cold takes about six weeks so when the temperatures change very quickly like this, people will not acclimate. >> i like winter winter in cleveland. >> h district is different when it comes to closing schools coming up - - we will take a look at the factors that go into calling it a day. most of youyo are in school today, so bundle up. >> thank you we appreciate you coming up also in the headlines today a man shot and killed by police after attacking people inside a restaurant with a machete last night in columbus. stacy is in the newsroom with the rest of the story. >> good morning. columbus police have noo idea why he did it used turned into a mediterranean restaurant
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and taken into the hospital it looks like they will be okay. ay earlier he had been and a mediterranean restaurant and a shopping center on north o hamilton road he had a conversation with an employee and police are not releasing that a little bit later he returned with a machete first with the customers and then in the back withnd people who worked work there. >> a man - - i mean, he came in attributing about another man i thought a it was a personal thing. . he just started on the row hitting everybody were bleeding. there's but all over inside the restaurant there. >> that man hopped in a car took off, but police chased them down. he got out of the car and they taste himt which had no effect. and when he lunged at theme with a machete in one hand and a nice i and the other, they shot him. they killed him. investigators have no idea why he did this. this restaurant has beenhi around for decades people know it well. they know the owners. they cannot imagine
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target of such an attack. >> a second suspect will face a juvenile judge todayl in the death of the kent state student. n police arrested the 17t. -year-old marcus career of massillon days after the rest of 17 -year-oldc thai crumbling they are accused of taking part in a home invasion that led toto the shooting of the the right to an 18 -year-old nicholas mosso of us like on-y sunday. investigators are still looking for other suspects. a >> the family a bill for ambulance services following a 12lo -year-old shooting death by a cleveland police officer in 2014. >> the mayor frank jackson said it was a a mistake. >> again we apologize to the rice familyp if in fact it has added is added any group of pain that they may have. >> jackson says the bill is generated automatically an ounce of $500 claim is notysma close. he
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stumble. attorneys for the rice familyle call this highly city will try to work at a system so something liket this doesn't happen again. >> akron school leaders are working with summit county health leaders because off the case of tuberculosis. they are only saying a member of the north high school community hasco a confirmed case of tb. i'll officials in school officials are working on screening for those most at risk exposure. they will be notified with the next week. >> fox eight news is keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long. here is todd meaning with a d look at what is justin. >> good morning trying to geto cedar.regarding one of their water rights that may be going away. the sandusky registere reports the shooting rapids waters right is coming down and removal actually began tuesday. see your.didal not come from the f news, or what would replace the attraction. there was at accident on shoot the rapids in 2131 of the boats went backwards
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addd a dollar in when it opens the summer it will be ofhe dive coaster. they are not commenting. seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock healthcare, discrimination, and begin promises you can't keep. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate some big issues ahead of votes in nevada and south carolina. hear what each candidate said about president obama. >> making a statement without saying a word. why the congressman congressman decided to taped his way through a hearing on capitol hill. >> metal a rush to the hospital. the latest on the
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cancel several concerts. >> forget the restaurant. spoil your valentine at home. chef eric wells is here to show us how to set a romantic table and
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drilling just as a precaution. >> with all these strangera candidates maybe i should toss my out into the presidential race he knows. good luck. why not. instagram showing the ones i love with the sweet sh and hugs
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well.v sitting at home watching cheesy lifetime movies with my kitty cat.t. they say to be with the one you love right? our are you are some voicemails. >> good morning.ou i am amazed at theam number of cars they see on the road with expired license tags on them in december of 2015 ,pi there was a car that hada an expired tag of march of 2014. >> good morning, todd. free for all friday.g i would like to make a comment on your fashion statement - - todd iacocca channels 35 and eight news. you guys was dressed know better than the other newscasters. thank you for listening. >> all right. you've got wayne
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need like a zoo lander fashion let's go shopping now. we need to go shoppingl at here is i get a hold of us on this morning absolutely. every about one of their ties over there. thank you, todd. 8:17 a.m. is the time. we will tell you what the most hated man in america wanted from kanye and how much he was willing to pay for them. >> and he could make your homem as fancy as a four-star restaurant.y chef eric wells is here to help us set a romantic table for a romantic valentines day feast. >> what are you talking about? what are you talking about?
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with a $500,000 home located in the red tail golf community in a run the tickets cost $100 each i will benefit the saint jude co children's hospital other prizes include a car from nick abraham mall and a hot tub from lighthouse pools and spas. we will talk more about what we are going to do we are looking
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thank you to be places of the money on this friday morning under the direction of tina farmer the choir has been performing around northeast ohio for more than a decade all the information about them will be on our website at they are absolutely remarkable. speaking of romance - - if you want to make an impression on your significant otherak we will show you how to make a four course meal just in time for valentines day. >> our you doing? always good to see you. >> is to deceive first of all - -dash how long have you been in the business? >> eleven years since 2004 a little over 11 years, and it is amazing. i have done over 700 of these in the cleveland and akron and canton area is going to people's homes are doingnd intimate dinners. >> talk about what you have
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>> when i go to aha couple summer bring everything the lenin, the flowers, candles, the food and of course the t china the silver and everything sovereign everything night bring in everything re and i cleanup afterwards i have been a candle light here. the only thing i use is the stove and water and then i cleanup afterwards so i really do enjoy doing these events and couples really enjoy it. >> i know they do. this is a very busy time of year for your. >> i have been booked pretty much since october and november till this weekend. >> what are we talking about for valentines day? >> a lot off people are celebrating lent and things like that so i'm doing a a lot of the fish this weekend but you could do stick sticker crab legsn you
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said mccain are four course meal for it today i will start it upst with a solid with the raspberry vinaigrette one of the most popular appetizers and then a little baked potato with my classic dessert peach cobbler martini no alcohol in it. >> we don't want to get you messed up>> but these martinis with the peach cobbler and a martini glass so than as cream over that. >> i do to get started doing this? >> it was a blessing honestly i went to the school of cooking graduated from there in 2004 and when i graduated i did not want to do the restaurant thing in
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these things tse and it went really well then you guys here at fox eight of been amazing and promoted my business.d >> you've been doing this how long? >> eleven years i thought i like would get a real job and figure out what was going on. >> so you are doing a fouroi course meal for us i can't wait. i will let you get started and do what you do and we will be back to check in. >> appreciated. back to you, ladies. >> we cannot wait. your time right now is 8:25 a.m. >> the snow is not the story today it is the cold. we have dangerous conditions. >> and how to hospice workers came to the rescue in an attack. >> the snow will start to redevelop later onl it does not look like much later on that snow right there over lake
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evening commute we will talk about that and the weekend when
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good morning everybody. when will we seee more snow. before sundown tonightgood ml anticipate this now here developing out over lake michigan it's connecting up at the arctic front to slowlyo approach and pick up steam as its moves through between four or 5:00 this afternoon andd 8:00 this evening.nin the clipper snow will probably drop a couple of inches ofes accumulation ahead of it thef it the winds will be out of the th southwest climb up to 22 degreesgr then there's that line read r their the front lookea at thethe streaks of lake effect behind behind it. won't see much at least it's noto going to be widespreadn't se much a they willy be additional snow behind it. 123 cleveland notice the amountshe amoun further south akron might pickght pick up a couple of inches 3255ches 32 midnight tonight the heart ofrt o overnight tonight.ight the streaks of lake effect will tolake effe be kind of disjointedct will off of o lake huron and eventually off ofof lake erie. one more i think will affectill aff
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that's where weer coouldn see in excess of 6 inches of snow bys o noon on saturday but the wind chill advisoryf w ilnl go into go effect northern ohio.i windchill temperatures tomorrowmorrow morning 15 below.low. it will get really cold in the cold coldestin daytime high we have had since the middle of february last year. the eight to 10 above tomorrowife lake effect begins to slowlygins to y shut down.o sunday morning we clear out won't have much with but temperatures will be muche much colder. zero to five below in clevelandclev look at the below zeroero temperatures upstate new york asstate new york as we look at the next map whichwhi shows snow developing sunday night in monday another couple of inches of snow then there'ss the eight day forecast which showsfo improvement next weeknt next wee temperatures lower middle 30s still below normalktr if we see any sort of wet snow tuesday intosday o wednesday at this point it po doesn't seem like it will amount to a whole lot. and other several days of colderal dayf co and some snow on top of what we we already have.lreadyave. fox8 news your official school
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a warning for you before you head out the door. dangerously cold temperatures are hitting the area right now. jessica dill joins is live ine door. with what parentsdaatureses a dilns need to know as they send their know he kids off to school.y send as god was gsaoyinog one of thef th coldest mornings especially when you're at in the windchills.s at in tin get layers for everyone first ofdchi all and possibly rethink your morning routine.os i think it's really hard on kids especially waiting for that bus i wouldn't want to be out there.lly hard for parents that leave children at the bus stop maybe stickick around and wait with them for a little bit.ittle bit so what causes schools to cancel? ools t each district's different buto fferent b cleveland metropolitan schools ceo eric gordan says a number of factors are considered beforetors ar calling a calamity day.nside considering the needs of their students and families along withamilies national weather service guidelines generally extremely icy conditions, and or 5 10 inches of snow with low visibility and a sustained wind
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those are absolutes if i saw for safety. we really take this seriously our school we e ly but the schools add the goal is to keep class in session. they want to educate childrene tkeep cl first and foremost but safety comes first. and if we get any closings closings throughout the day check in here with fox8 or but in the meantime you can never have to many layers on at the bus stop.8 t all right jessica reporting from the newsroom good advice. thank you very much.m a homeless man is accused of robbing and assaulting an airline employee at hopkins airport. for uice sanited airlines withdrew money from an atm yesterday, on the airport's baggage claim level.y a inw they say the 54 year old suspectspect waited for her, then followedd for her, the her onto an elevator and punched her. the airline worker was able to reopen the door and yell forn followed h help. help. a traffic controller saw the commotion and chased the man a cleveland police officer thenena traffic comffic
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i am surprised because actually airports and traveling by yourself sometimes, i think that's the safest place to be because there's so many people and security all around.sofe the 54 year old suspect has not been charged, but fox8 found heb has a lengthy criminal record a lengcrimi dating back to 1984. the woman who was assaulted is was assate okay.d is a columbus development group will not ask the state to help pay for a browns practicell not ask t facility.. the columbus partnership'scolumbu leader says planners did not intend to pit their city against another ohio community. he says the request for fivehe r million dollars in taxpayer money was misunderstood, and will be withdrawn. the browns plan to keep their 2016 training camp in berea. but, they are still exploring options to move some practices to columbus in the future.and wn. to kebut, theare all right.stiluture. it's lebron james like you've never seen before. that's a lebron bobble head in' the middle, and he's wearing an akron zips basketball jersey. the bobble head is one of three to be given away by the teamlebrad in wearin this year.g y. the bgivenay by the the other two feature lebron's high school teammates, dru joyceeam and romeo travis, who did play for the zips.oy
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the lebron bobble head will be given away march first. first. we'll be a collectors item. all of them. got to gett them. 8:33 is the time right now.ow. 14 degrees the temperature right now. no more forgetting to thank spouses and agents. a big change is coming to the the tperatu ng to thk s oscars. how the awards show plans to cutards down and beef up those long acceptance speeches. ow plansow the table is set now chef ericset nowhe f er wells is cooking up aoking up a valentine's day feast. he's going to show us how he can transform any kitchen into a gourmet restaurant.ransform a hi todd.odd looks good. were talking about valentine's day today's plugged int your
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[music playing] thank the voices of imani gospelices of ani go choir for being here today.sp
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farmer.armer. has been with them for a longlo time and she is excellent as well. a my gosh we've got to look at those shoes.those shoes. they are rocking no doubt about dot. they've been performing for a decadet. around northeast ohio didhio not our church as well we've we've done concerts with them. they are good friends but you can find more information about them on our website feel so good today thank you. beautiful. beautiful.. good morning. b getting plugged in free for all al friday. let's get you some text.ext good morning please don't forget d to bring youron't pets indoors whenen the weather gets low. something we haven't talkedalke d about today we appreciate that.ha happy valentine's day to all. shot out to the bus drivers dri drive safe stay warmve open theh door constantly. passengers have your fair ready. good advice. stacey saysge best valentines ientin have was last year my husband took me to walnut creek park for for a winter sleigh ride through the
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full of animals you get to feed. that sounds fun.u romantic here is some voicemails that came in. hello my name is i watching fox8tchin news this morning and i live inliv shaker heights and i was aroundou in cleveland heights university heights and all up and down the te sidewalk never shoveled.led. i was wondering if anyone was going to do a story onwonde thete fencing tournament at theent convention center this fencers from all over the united states and i thought it would be a good idea to be acknowledged. hadn't heard about it but that tha is great we'll look into it if you are doingn it or in town forf that tournament welcome.e welcome to cleveland.v send it back to you guys.ys. thanks todd. if you're just ge tting up your time is 8:40 still cold outside 14 degrees.
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yes. those oscar speeches could be much shorter, this year. we'll tell you what the awardse ld be show will add so no one gets left out. will a in arctic cold and we could bed be in for more snow this weekend.ekend. scott is up next with your eight day he helped us set a romantic yout tic table now, it's almost time to eat. chef eric wells is here to show you how to make four course valentine's day feast, right inday feas your own home.t, 43. we are we are
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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welcome back. no, that's not leonardo dicaprio. that's a california congressman a cal vaping during a hearingifor yesterday, on capitol hill. on col h
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hunter opened his argument against a measure that would ban vaping on planes by blowing some he says he wanted to histo his colleagues to see that the fumes are not noxious. s hunter has been a longtimen supporter of vaping and e-cigarettes. vaping is already banned by most major airlines. disney raised prices now universal studios in florida will do the same.angarett majoairlines. now a one day adult ticket to one of universal's two orlando theme parks will now cost 105 dollars that's up three dollars from last year. tickets for children ages three to nine will now cost 100e dola dollars. that's more than 400 dollars a day for the average family of four without parking, souvenirs, and food.ood. a goodwill store wants to help heal broken hearts, this valentine's day. a store in sarasota, florida is running a special donate your ex's stuff campaign. it starts this weekend with a special breakup kickoff party, complete with food, drinks and
8:43 am
it a big time party. sometimes you need to do that. ptimes goodwill says the goal, is to help people in the community, e while also giving the newlyd tll says he peo single a chance to clean outple g their closets and start fresh.iving e newlyngle a chan goodwill stresses it is notes it isot liable for any items donated bytems doned by people other than the rightful owners.e all right. the oscars are rolling out thes are lling o red carpet and a new way to say thank you. you know how every year, someonew how ev forgets to thank their spouse or their manager when they win?y year, soso well, for the first time ever, aaforgetir maner when ticker will run on the bottom ofhe botto the screen listing the people each winner wants to mention by name.ach win academy awards producers hopeucers hope this will improve the speeches and make them more emotional,more emional, rather than just a list of names. the 88th annual academy awardsann ual will be handed out on sunday, february 28th. will be ha that's interesting. in case you when will you fillfi out the names. interesting. all right. the candles have been blown outdle on the happy birthday lawsuit. america's most famous and most performed song, happy birthday,he h will soon be free. merica's mo
8:44 am
a judge has ruled that a music publisher who claimed the rights royalties for every recording or public performance has to stopec collecting those royalties, and and happy birthday will foreverbirthll f or be a public domain song. which is really good for usd for s because we couldn't play it we wouldl haave to pay for it. you couldn't even seeing it in in chucky cheese and places likelik that you could get in trouble ifuble if it came down to it. all right.all riht. let's see what's happening ha weatherwise a cold start to the day this is just the beginning.g weatherwis 17 currently in eastlake 12 in cloud cover pretty rav thick no snow no on radar.dar. snow showers we had earlier haveier since disappeared couple of 13f digits earlier. the clipper ofs this is the th arctic front the big one it willill come in later on this eveningen not anticipating major amounts of snow.of s there will be some starting to seems some snow developing out
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back a little bit.t. the arctic front approaches thent a clipperp snow will start to become better organized it will probably develop across northernr ohiooss between three or four hourfourur window. wdow. between about four or 5:00 this 5:0 afternoon and seven or 8:00 this evening here's the future radars the radar nothing depicts this pretty well this line right here and that is the snow i think will pick up ak up a couple of inches of accumulation without before midnight tonightght t little bit less further south and three to five off to the to here we go we have a for aboveov overnight tonight.. arctic cold wind chill readingsead tonight will be between 10 and and 20 below zero. lake effect snowr warning will goill into effect for ashtabula county easily six or 7 inches of snowsn in some localized areas off to the east and tomorrows wake up top t the cold end of the snow showersow will fade away little bit in the t afternoon with sunshine eight tohine 10 above in the core of the cold air starts to entrench itselfn over the eastern half of thef th
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025 below sunday morning the widespread below zero readingsreading the upper midwest. although the tthemeperatures willtures start to go back up sunday andan monday that's more snow. several inches of accumulation againw early monday morning.ay morn one after another some improvementt next week.. we will have more on the eight day forecast comingw up at the top of the 9:00 show. show. back to you guys. thank you very much.b he helped us set a romantic table.el how nice is this.his. starting with the salad. cheers. happy friday and happy valentine's day.p chef eric wells will give us the te four course dinner.our couinner. i am here.h you guys starting with a salad ladies first with the appetizer. i marinated shrimp with eighti champagne butter. serving the ladies first. the dressing as a raspberry
8:47 am
pole made. a little blue cheese and buttermilk blue cheese. along withblnd a salad. we have the shrimp there and ad then your entre e which i will i will grab right now is a little surf and turf. that looks amazing. so light.lo very good.y good. you guys have to stay here for h the rest of the segment.gment. no will go into new day cleveland v to they have to wait for you guys. skipping the nine am we're just going to do that. what we have here is i i understand some of the guys don't eat some things. picky. we will go stake here for fo kristi. we're going to go lobster here for wayne. thank you sir. it's a lot of plate a lot goingoing on. thisis looks amazing.azi that we are goinng to go.go i forgot to put my napkin on. on so excited. you customize this for people if they want something in particular.customize t
8:48 am
do custom menus. 15 menus couples can choose fromoose fom and a chef's choice menu couple can say i want to go c whatevertevr you can make what i end up doing here is one couple wantedle want straight in the and food. a six course indian menu for them and they loved it. i guess they did. they did. eleven years i've been doingi this and i really enjoy doing it. what i will do is grab your desserts. and then the great thing is you is clean up to. t exactly i come to your home i i afterwards. for birthdays.r you specialize in couples howuple s many people can you actually serve. larger dinner parties. actually i can also do you know smallernow events. sometimes again sometimes i do do it for like a mother and her daughter celebratingg daughterh graduating from college.
8:49 am
honestly ibooks 45 to 60 days in advance honestl.. booking into a pronoun. i see why. this is excellent.nt. mouthwatering. my goodness it is delicious.h it's really really nice to dodo and the great thing i love aboutabo it getting to know couple soow c many relationships with so many couples serving them and i talknd i to them while i'm cooking for them weng talk about their familyr we talk about that cases and theh one question tell me the story of how you met. some crazy stories how peopleopl have met. over 700 of these. amazing. amazing. and credible. cr absolutely excellent. what kind of greensedib aaraebsol uthese.he those are just that is just spinach. with a little garlic shallots. salt and pepper and olive oiloi really good stuff here. good stuff.. again guys goo it's just you knowkno
8:50 am
you know what this taste so goodgood it's hard to really concentrateeal on what we're supposed to con keep talking chef. one other thing that i do here here is couples love to learn also soo s i go to a couple's home we cancan do a couples cooking class.g c the couple come in and i bring everything we all cooked n and give them recipe packets recipets that we sit and eat together. together. they eat and i clean. we didn't touch on the desert we're not there yet. cobbler peach cobbler and martini glass.rt simple and easy really reallyly r good. got to try a little bit of this lobster. this is incredible.hi i'm not eating meat's today foray fo lunch. pass it over.r i'm kidding. i'm you are eating for two. kiddin my goodness.dness. what are you going to do for ther misses this valentine's day.alenti day.
8:51 am
that's the great. we're going to do something.s usually i just kind of bringbring home something and we cook andand we watch the all-star game. probably watch the all-star game. absolutely. wl- here's a whopper for you. you want some fries were for that. no excellent. you are absolutely incredible. what a treat. you've cooked on our show sohow many times and you tell us what you do. do. you experience it is truly amazing and now the viewers are able to experience it and see see what you do what you can do at at their home. thanks for setting all of this up for us. my pleasure truly my pleasureleasur you guys are wonderful happy valentine's day. youtube.t have a great valentine's day.'s da want to say thank you to the voices ofan imani to be in our be in o studio today. ur under the direction of tina farmer the choir has been performing for more than a decade across northeast ohio. you can find more information about the group on our website,rforming for more thhio. you take it away guys.s.
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[music playing]
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west. the rapper took over madisona big ht for ka square garden for the drop of and a new york fashion weekew york runway show. but one of his guests stole the show kanye entered the arena bytered tharena by walking lamar odom to his to se this is odom's first public
8:56 am
drug overdose.t west's wife kim kardashian was there with her family they all dyed her hair blonde for the event.t's wifeiall the former drug company ceohe for known as the most hated man in america wants kanye's album all to himself.mer hated m in martin shkreli made headlines when he raised the price of a lifesaving drug by 5 thousand percent. he's also facing federal securities fraud and conspiracy gg percent. charges. shkreli tweeted kanye an offer he said he'd give him ten million dollars to make just one copy of the life of pablo, and deliver it to him.terdadagive him t so far he has not responded. shreli recently paid two millionently pa two m dollars, for the only copy of a wootang clan album, back in november.n fans of taylor swift are notor st are happy about a lyric in one of the songs on kanye's new album.ppy about a l kanye raps quote i feel like me and taylor might still have sex because he made her famous. taylor's brother austinor' responded by posting a videos brotheed that shows byhim throwing out his psting a vm throw
8:57 am
calvin harris and selena gomezrris quickly liked the post.and selena tmz reports kanye called taylor a month ago with a heads up about the lyric he told her it was a joke, and she gave him a green light to use it.eads up t to use . all right. kanye has also unveiled his own own video game it's called the only ga the main character is his motherracter as she travels through heaven. donda west died back in 2007. she was the love of his life.s his manager and all of that.r and of tha t. a release date for the game has not been announced. okay. this is not a kanye story.a kanye ory. a production company will facepany wilface criminal charges for an onsetal ch accident involving harrison ford. ford broke his leg while makingoke star wars in the uk, back in june. h , ba the 71 year old was hit by ack in hydraulic metal door on the millennium falcon set he had to be airlifted to the hospital for surgery.rlifte the british health and safetyety executive says it will prosecute the foodles production company
8:58 am
health and safety law. that probably hurt. i didn't know that's what happened to him on thenow t crazy. all right. he was so great in the movie.. really he did a great job.job. look at more kanye west stories. one more to make it. what is he doing right now.ow. thank you.u. tnk yo u good morning. on this fridayida february 12 i'm todd meany. happy friday to you. i'm stefani schaefer. glad you could be with us thisthi friday chilly morning.n i a warning before you go outside go oside why you might want to be carefulcar all weekend long. amen attacks multiple peopleatta with a macheteck at ohio restaurant. bizarre story the latest on what saying. many people use weights to workhts t o out but not extreme hip-hop and
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