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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this is a widespread event, between about 6:00 o'clock departing southeastou have been looking at the lake effect snow eventlo most of that will be to the east . and on the strong winds and hail's like windchills dc and in the single digits . windchill advisory tonight for the entire viewing area . as a lake effect snow warning for ashtabula county in advisory for
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tonight until midday tomorrow . it will be it'll be reducing your visibility, overnight lows around zero -- five above . the lake effect snow fault, to the eastla, going to get a lot more especiallyto in pennsylvania . beginning it was cold and measure some form takeover weekend. >> p.j. ziegler joins us from groundfox . good afternoon, we are near brainard road near beachwood on 271 southboundne towards the 480
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last week we hads 60s, northeast ohio is in the deep freeze tonight this weekend with single digit temperatures has been event starts in downtown cleveland. it is the kind of cold that will leave youat skin tingling it outside for more than a few minutes. >> high temperature saturday of 10 degrees, not ideal running conditions for those participating in saturday'sun cupid undie run in downtown cleveland. >> goes on the matter what we work with police and ems to make sure that everybody has a fine save time.ha >> center people expected to run
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clothing is encouraged . it's about being brave and doing great things for them. >> there's nothing sweet about the cold and snow unless you are a skier, snowboarder ory wintry weather lower. >> one of you people here who is excited about this noble. >> if you're dreaming about somewhere,> here's a sign that spring is on its way. a >> this we can make sure sure to bundle-up, you will need those, as we are reminded that this is indeed cleveland in february, 271 near the 480 interchange traffic is moving smoothly on this friday afternoon. >> so the run is happening
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the year so far? >> in something of note, it will be warmer this year than last year when we had the cupid undie run . they're excited that it's going to be warmer than last year's. >> starting time? i believe that it starts at noon and runsar throughout the afternoon, you'll have a great time running alongside people in the great streets of downtown cleveland and nothing but sheer underclothing. reveal details about the case of a woman that bigley was murdered by her neighbors, and that won't take care of it stray cats in her neighborhood, went missing
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the cats, peggy gallekin is details. >> on july 4, patsy hudson filed a police report report said that whenever katz was poisoned poisoned and the other one killed to last day that she was seen >> this morning and still police and richland county officials held a press conference to discuss the ongoinggnd investigation of her disappearance and death, they believe that patsy hudson's remains were found in several different locations, andp' they areey waiting awaiting a positive identification from the coroner's office, s her neighbors walter rants and linda buckner blehar were arrested in tennessee last week currently in jail on en charges of receiving stolen property, and mansfield assistant police chief keith porte ports is a slum of the worst cases that his department has >> my in my 20 years of law enforcement have not been involved in the case where there was a homicide involving the dismemberment of the victim t
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>> information received to date appears to support that patsy hudson was killed dismembered and remains discarded inverse locations. >> they say said that the case is still active and could take several more weeks before it is completedco the defendants are due back in court soon. >> there is a glimmer of good news about northeast ohio's continuingd heroin epidemic, and it is more than overshadowed by a deadly drug that is killing at an alarming rate as bill martin joins usin of what is this new drug and why is it such a problem?ug >> dennis wencil .com legal uses including helping cancer patients with pain and into key people sedated during open-heart surgeryy necessary about the cuyahoga county medical examiner says it is about 30 times more potent than heroin, and more ist
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cartels and more people are dying. >> heroin is an opiate -based drug asas our painkillers like oxycodone and oxycontin andu fentanyl, heroin deaths in cuyahoga county are down 7 percent,ro they say that would be used news to celebrate if the number ofn fentanyl related deaths had not increased from from five and 13 to at least 68 last year.f >> had never seen anything comparable to what we see we see fentanyl ininw form and also a look-alike for oxycodone, it is a far more lethal drug. i >> tonight at 6:00 o'clock the 19 conducting in-depth examination of the fentanyl prices findingdu-d statistics to suggest the crisis is worse here than anyplace else, and what can
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searching for tonight at 6:00 p.m..o >> the stuff is about 20 -- 30 times stronger than heroin. >> and a growing problem around the country. >> cleveland is in the process of establishing a balanced budget with some new added expenses this year despite economic growthed, city finance director said that the revenue remained flat, also to lose an estimatedl $30 million in state budget cuts this year . also the city projects $11 million to comply with the department of justice consent decree to cover additional police training and equipment, and the $50 million the federal government is given for the giving for the rnc is to cover safety expenses. equipment will sent equipment will be $20 million againin that his equipment, the training,ai for the other other people coming in the housinghe food and all the
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rnc and personal living expenses is the $30 million. >> according to the bylaws of the city cannot operate with a deficit and must haveve an approved budget by april 1. >> attack in columbus is not terrori related, they say that 30 ofh attack people with a machete during their time at a restaurant in northeast columbusa that you started to attack a place in the shot and killed by the police four people were injuredd, police have yet to release the motive they say there is no link to any terror group.he >> are still trying to get to the bottom of the publisher tong at an arizona school years lou maglio. >> two, 15-year-old girls were found shot dead outside a high
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police say say that investigators believe at least one of them being fired the fatal shots. >> are not looking for shooting suspect and have the money in custody custody, shooting reported just after classes scheduled to start ho they found the girls, both 10 graders, under a covered covered patio one with a gunshot wound each and any weaponve you're buying a spokeswoman told reporter that we do not believe that there are any suspectssw at this point nobody knows what led to the shooting or how well, that they knew each other back nobody else was around when the shooting occurred,ot the police locked down the school with students waitingoc
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welcome back to fox 8 news at 4:00 o'clock, . until about six the snow burst will be around reducing visibility but down
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because of the timing is a good looking at that storm, that exited, 14 inches and chardon about 10 inches in fairlawn, jefferson and even hopkins got half a foot of snow fall . this three-hour look, will be reducing visibility in toledo and near oak harbor as you head west, safaris at ottawa, sandusky and lorain countyaf to the east, three even trumbull county and there'll be cleveland ., to the south, a little bit wider except the further that
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couple air is like a stone down to 2 miles visibility will be happening during the evening rush .be this gives us a couple of inches quickly then be gone about 7:00 o'clock this evening an app for that turns into a big lake effect events of advisors for lake and geauga tonight and tomorrow, i think it will be much worse towardsin yuri and new york . at times looking at windchills about 20 below zero tonight and tomorrow night and tomorrow's high temperature
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strong winds that 20 -- 25 mph . teens and 20s upstream, upstream, down to do could be close to 40 and echoes that clipper system started to affect ashtabula county, erie county and new york area . the advisory area, two -- 4 inches by tomorrow evening, go up call upon 90 and two new york about 1 foot . tonight 5 degrees the wind windchill about 10 below zero . tomorrow about 10
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to make a snowman shiver, on valentine's day, sunday, worst of all in the more snow on presidents' day on monday that next week,heon rainfall and then close to 50 degrees in the day later followed temperatures . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. leslie, that game
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and third . there was an athleteh watch that again, here is the real athlete . hvac a lot of and watching bush and they were a better man after watching this video.ww >> and even while red wearing dress shoes . i had to embrace my good buddy jg schooner . it
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lake erie monsters one last night, five days zero, and they always put on a great show,r but they are a close affiliate, and all of the big cities around here it isi big but not here, to be a hockey player you have to be a super athletete. to do what they do and to be on ice at high the ice at high speeds, but they are incrediblele and i was upset about having to
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to cover this franchise here. >> i have never been to a hockey game. >> is a spacecraft that held the us put a man on the moon and you
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art is imitating, when a vincent van gogh's most famous paintings has come two life the art live the art institute of chicago commissioned the creation his yellow housetwth or for an the senate this weekend everythingf re-creates what you have seen in the painting from the table and then to theb tao, they are even written out of renting out a room for visitors but bookings will be very limited. >> who exhibit and they patient's capital is out of this world. >> air flow lets you experience it as the smithsonian is giving a virtual look inside of apollo 11 . note figures and graffiti scrawled inside of the the module are on display in additionnf digital images will be available online this year, research is currently being done
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were foror, which astronauts made de them and what insights they provide about man's first trip to the >> it is an indescribable thrill . i have colleagues and teammates whol i work with continuously to answer a veryi detailed questions to pose questions, the opportunity to share with them some of this informationty t . and to refine some of the discoveries that we have made is the dream of a researcher.e >> all of those new 3-d images will be online by july. >> through arizona brothers have made history after high schoolol. >> this weekend they could offer something that we may never see again . . they're high school in tempe arizona has a triple threat, triplets brothers wrestle in different weight classes, and arers wiping them out with the competition the first
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tournament in arizona s. >> markets and a more bullish of the three, ryan is the thinker and anthony, is one of the more cohesive of the family members so between the three they make a great b set on 19. >> triplets love to keep their winning wayss this weekend, they could bring home three state titles,u wrestling runs the family of their dad was also a star wrestler in high school. >> you could soon be a big winner. >> tickets for the st. jude dream home go on sale in less than a week on thursday februaryho 18 at 6:00 a.m. to half a million dollar home in avon's red tail golf community is built by cleveland custom homes, tickets are $100 h.ed.. >> proceeds benefiting saint jude the tickets will give you also a chance to win a car for nick abraham auto mall in the hot tub from lite-house pools
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about to feel some of the coldest temperatures of the year so get ready. >> bitter cold winds will be blowing throughout northeast ohio or the next day, countless see what melissa mack is trackinga . it is extremely cold, the coldest of the year so far, it t
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on monday, we're looking at snow bursts . about one to 2 inches for most . during a short period of time during rush hour . near oak harbor, reducing visibility is, with some snowfall to the west and also to the east and snowbelt . this all a hezbollah summit county into the southt crossing into wayne county, medina county and approaching the summit and stark county . it will be a widespread event .
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fall kicks in full effect . it is cold, and that because of the window feelsan a lot colder it feels like 6 degrees in cleveland . tonight, it'll feel like between 10 and 20 below zero, windchill advisory tonight into sunday morning as well as advisers for lake and geauga through tomorrow . the showers should be out by 7:00 p.m. tonight and you can see where
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dogs are being taken at an alarming rate across the united states . >> suzanne stratford has what is behind the dognapping trained in how science and special agents could save your pet ai. >> with unconditional love, munches dogs bond with humans, now these are gravitating towards them, dognappers,ta stole estimated 2 million last year, an increase of 33y32 percent in the cities and suburbs . she's
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barrish from his front porch. >> that was in cuyahoga county, in wayne county,ga another was allegedly taken by an estranged family member. >> we asked permission permission to look inward tonight, he kept it for himself. >> shelby and brian patton called the sheriff's department but have been forced to sue the relative in court. >> fine licensor and if your dog is taken. >> time is critical just like with children in the t amber alert system, and ohio-based organization reacts quickly to reunite pets with their owners. >> pet fbi is an organization that is brilliant in its grassroots mission to reuniteit pets with owners.
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the nonprofit groupj started in columbus is now nationwide, with volunteers searching the internet like secret agents. >> this . stone in columbus ohio but turn up in another state. >> 4 percent of missing pets in ohio have been found by the pet fbi with over 60,000 reports in the database, the top 10 most targeted or nurture . pomeranian , montes french bulldog but these french bulldog chihuahua, boston terrier, labrador,eses labradoodle, german shepherd and pit bull sometimes resold as pets of the times for dog fighting. >> were sent to a puppy mill. >> for breeding purposes we have heard about that and that's why we encourage safe spay and
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for $200ic there are gps units that's whatr helped them to locate his dog charlie. >> he had a gps in his coat and they found in. >> documentation is critical says captain doug hunter with the wayne county sheriff's departmentun and something you can do . >> small dock street with a q-tip and placed that in an envelope and you have a dna sample. >> dna positively identified 204 puppy stolen during a 2014 home invasion in doylestown and later found in akron. >> with dna, they sound extreme but that is another level of protection. >> the best safeguard safeguard is to avoid the situation might never leave your dog unsecured
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>> for more information on the pet fbi in particular petrol dognappers, go to fox >> bike shops join forces to put the pedal to the metal for local kids, kids, that's a local mechanics on hand at the ohio city bicycle co-op m equipment to refurbish kids bikes that be donated to second graders at six different schools include the ou to safely walk or ride bikes to schoolo . teach them about traffic skills in what to do at intersections looking for how to ride a bike . the program is set to startt next month at 6 at
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that sold us are sells best are getting ready for sunday's nba
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a superhero is lots of amy schumer model who is not so good-looking good-looking and a single who does know woman who does not have a single. >> michael moore n goes toward.e >> a look at look at what is now showing. >> ryan reynolds is a former special forces operative turned mercenary in dental . experiment pe leaves have nearly invincible, and he uses his new school skills while teaming up with two mutants to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life,
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ben stiller hits the catwalk again inin zoolander two, teaming up with fellow supermodel hansell to stop a conspiracy to kill kill the world's most beautiful people,a zoolander two is rated pg-13. if you're looking for laughs, here is how to be single . dakota johnson takes a break from her long-term boyfriend and moved to new york for a new job, a loud coworker, shows her the ropes of the single life in
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michael moore where kim day next . he goes to the country to examine how people view work, education, and other issues he travels illustrate how different america is from the rest of the world,t where to invade next is rated r.. if you do go timidly she really wants bundle-up fishback exam you need to figure some
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dangerously cold with high temperatures about 10 degrees tomorrowmp . looking outside, some reboot reduced visibility over the next four hours and then, it turns into lake effect . in the snowbelt, there are some snow showers moving in affecting areas . encompassing much of the cuyahoga county,en licking county,
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watching these again at 5:00 o'clock behind that bob lake effect that is trailing the system . we have lake effect snow warnings in warning to in effect for ashtabula county tonight and the visor to four lake ande e geauga county through tomorrow windchill advisory's for everybody tonight into sunday morning . but that times
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it . most of us in the teens and 20s lake effect snow bands and erie pennsylvania portions of new york state . those areas ar could see more than 1 foot of snow . in ashtabula between four and 8 inches . tonight, feels like ghostlight between 10 and 20 below . . sweater day solyndra day of the season on saturday,at
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up on monday about 30 and then snowfall tuesday wednesday than rainfall and her 50 on friday and then back to snowfall again on saturday for a stars will ll come out in toronto for the nba all-star. >> lebron james will be in uniform as john teliche joins us with details. >> he and the coaching staff will be busy this weekend representing cleveland he has the single representative of a high-profile team, in toronto, he mentioned several times that the league did not give much love to the cavaliers, the lawyer's version raptors, the top teams in each conference have multiple team members ready
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see kobe bryant last all- but he would like if you are cavaliers. >> is unfortunate that we only have one . see what happens, just use that motivation, and i will try to use that motivation as well, wait a chip to chip is a huge piece but it would have been.o >> he remember watching michael jordan's last all-star game as a sophomore at saint vincent-saint mary . so excited to be on the
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producer wanted to get us together it together to see who is the better athlete, so it is either be on the treadmill in heels, or are you you on the ice ande suit and shoes . i think that we would both look pretty bad.. >> why would would they pick this picture? i did not fall and i was wearing high heels on a treadmill. >> try to get out there and shoot t on ice and dress shoes. >> medarva has a special valentine's day but you still
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in a way that they may not have done before. >> little things like that mean a lot to some money andin they need to hear that. >> veterans they say that it is good andnd people say that we appreciate this and it feels good knowing that we get give back to the >> tears come to my eyes because i know that once they> see this on valentine's day, somebody's going to be smiling. >> they have created more than
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be on the defensive edge of thehe cool car o where not even the pain target . we will be and that's seared of influence as it passes by heading towards new york, new england . this places on place is sunday morning could be 20 andlas 30 below on the thermometer .t for us, just under zero in many places sunday morning . the skies clear and sky is clear and the winds drop off . starting
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northeast, where the lake effect will kick in a little bit, enough for an advisory and lake and geauga county a warning for ashtabula county and pennsylvania and new york . if you have ski trip you have picked a great weekend, just be sure to bundle-up using common sense .s the rest of us with a windchill advisory . the arctic front, that green line is essentiallyt the arctic front that wouldt pass them by opens of the gateway to very cold air northwest .t there which this again, and the air temperature without the windchill is going to take a bite out of the atmospherere . within the last hour we had reduced visibility


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