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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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northeast, where the lake effect will kick in a little bit, enough for an advisory and lake and geauga county a warning for ashtabula county and pennsylvania and new york . if you have ski trip you have picked a great weekend, just be sure to bundle-up using common sense .s the rest of us with a windchill advisory . the arctic front, that green line is essentiallyt the arctic front that wouldt pass them by opens of the gateway to very cold air northwest .t there which this again, and the air temperature without the windchill is going to take a bite out of the atmospherere . within the last hour we had reduced visibility
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front when will not see the city for about one hour as the lake effect kicks in .o this will be the coldest point for our temperatures the season because after that, it will be uphill from there. >> we are team coverage for us roosevelt leftwich is a groundfox . on route 2 getting these found this coin upon the chardon exit, route 44 were started to get some flurries . it has been doing this since we've been out here you'll get a
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and say, the more heavier to the east, in the past few minutes, it is getting healthier, for many people traveling tonight, make sure that you allow extra time .. the conditions can change very quicklyc . as the snow continues, so allow a lecture time or if you're waiting for someone,e, be aware, as these flurries get stirred up to perhaps cause hazardous conditions . so anybody traveling is to be on the lookout.
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today, i british yourself for even colder this weekend as p.j. ziegler is reporting from groundfox. >> we just reached mayfield heights on 271 southbound headed towards the 480 split traffic is moving okay here on this friday afternoon . just to the right off-camera there is a bright orange sky as the sun begins to set . it is hard to imagine last week it was in the 60s, northeast ohio is into the deep freeze this weekend with single digitss, as a popular event begins in downtown cleveland. >> your sign that winter has
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erie.. >> it is the kind of cool cold that will leavee you dangling when you are outside for more than a few >> a high temperature expected for saturday is 10 degrees, not ideal when conditions are those those participants in the saturday cupid's undie run and downtown cleveland. >> wer go no matter matter what we're matter what record with a place to ensure that everybody is having a fine save time. >> about so that people expect run and the event which encouragesnt little club in. >> people cannot hide that that you were so this braveeo for that. >> there is nothing sweet about this cold and snow unless you are a winter enthusiast . i want
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excited about snow falling.h >> if itcher jimmy buffett dog days of summer, here is a sign that spring is on the way. >> as you can see that beautiful sunrisese towards beachwood and just a beautiful sight as traffic moves a on this friday if you are out this weekend remained bottled up . the details of long they believe was murdered by her neighbors won't
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after a dispute involving two cats as peggy gallek is your. >> of july for patsy hudson filed a police report said two of the cats werepaed killed last that she was seen alive this morning and still place it held a press conference to discuss the investigation of her disappearance and deaththt believe that her remains were found in several locations, not a way to a positive id, her neighbors, walter rants and linda buckner blehar were arrested in tennessee and currentlyuc in jail on stolen property charges, mansfield assistant police chief keith porch says synthesis one of the worst cases they've handled. >> the detectives working on the case, they found it very difficult to work through this investigation. >> have not seen such a cold calculated and depraved crime in
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ongoing, the prosecutor's office still does not have the entire criminal file and likely will have it for sometime to say that the case is still being investigated and could take several weeks before completion the defendants are due back in court soon. >> a glimmer of good news about the continuing heroin epidemic that it is overshadowed by a deadly drug that is killing at an alarming rate i as bill sheil joins this. >> why is is this ventrac such a problem ? >> it is a small, it does have legal uses including people with advanced age cancer feel the pain and also used for open-heart surgery they say that it's about 2023 times more 30
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more and mores people are dying, harold is an opiate based drugs such as oxycontine and fentanyl, their own deaths are down 7 percent,ndde that would be used news to celebrate if the number of person have not increased to about 68. >> had not not seen anything comparable to this, we see fentanyl in pill form but is also being sold as a look-alike for oxycontin as we had tried to stress before it isad far more lethal drug. >> tonight, the 18 conducting an in-depth examination of the ethanol prices down status to indicate it is worsewn here than anyplace else in america, what can be done tonight, at 6:00
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set in a balanced budget with less expensive income and new expenses is what the city has to do, despite economic growth that they include the revenue remained flatt in the the city has to lose an estimated $30 millionty in state cuts also the city just by spending $11 million more police trainingnd equipment comply with a consent decree for $50 million received from the feds is to cover increased safety expenses for the rnc. >> two me how the rnc that money is at management issue is more, we have to put the cash out and
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that is allei manageable unlike the consent decree we had come up with some money.e >> by law they city must have an approved budget by april 1 expectst chelsea clinton coming to cleveland next weekend todayc we know where she will be stopping at the first-ever multipurpose center on kinsman road speaking at 1:00 p.m. during a town hall withns senior citizens, early voting here begins next wednesday. >> decouples ultrasound video
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the traffic now in akron-canton, you can see there, a semi overturned, they're trying to get the outline . there had 76 in 277.
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, such as watertown new >> anticipating much more lake effectti in western europe will get some and the snowbelt . there's a lot of dry air trying to squash the lake effect . the wind, is way it is, is going to come directly across lake, so does not have a chance to pick upup the moisture as as it would with a west wind, so this will limit the amount of lake effect snow this burst of snowfall that we are about to see .ct you can see that
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north . that green line is probably about 30 minutes away or shorter so between 530 and 545, the shoreway from avon to mentor, painesville and ashtabula will see this a very narrow line . anticipate, look in a storm fox you can see the blue line movie jerry sandusky and all across the lake . check-in was the webcam . some lake
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intense because of of the dry air trying to push into the lake effect . it is going to be cold . t currently 22 degrees ahead of the front, that's what we thought that windchill is about 6 degrees does not matter which direction it is coming . then here comes the cold air, the target will be up in here . tonight's 5 degrees a band of snow with the front and then lake effect developed, tomorrow 10 degrees the coldest winter
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and then on sunday morning 18 and then were going to get that glancing blow, even in the coastal areas of new england, it's going to be colder than ours which is unusual but after that, the clipper on monday it looks like a coastal tuesday just out of reach and then a warming trend that warming trend in texas to 4048 with rainfall on friday . when the snow flies, fox 8 the official school
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and delays on-air, online. .
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in trending can't in the kitchen c with pizza like you've not seen before. >> we are no joined by chef gabe
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we had done earlier the cake in a can we had smores and one other. get dad to go to mcdonald's, they had a pizza on their menu not too long ago that failed . go to mcdonald's, gets eight cheeseburgers . forget about the calories .or this is going to be with everybody, lay out the e bottom of the bun, this recipe
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save that part . they're do what you do is take some pizza sauce and cheese . this is a event for the family . and lots of fun for the kids, layout combines them and the cheese .. then it is really simple . the top part of the bond. so we had a lot of extra cheese to the cheeseburgerhe basically . then you put the red sauce on
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this is from little italy . need to tighten up those of the . this recipe will cost you about 20 bucks .i that's what a pizza delivered would normally cost you anyway ..el >> i love that she's. >> on top of the cheese we add pepperoni . geez, then sauce and add pepperoni . and forget about the extra >> bonsai mushrooms, green peppers> .
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this would've been a sensational idea for mcdonald's if they had done this the right way.d' and then, to put this put this into the oven,p three and 75 degrees, 25 minutes and then you have,t pizza dough and now what the magic of television , here is the finished project, check it out this back el. actually it's pretty good but
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as well .n because, this is probably about 4,000 calories and take a marathon to burn it. >> taste pretty good, don't even taste the cheeseburger and. >> is very delicious . >> word to get this squared compass on the website from food -based we will have those segments at fox, in the t oven, 25 minutes at three and 75 degrees . >> about spending time with your family.
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the arctic front is arctic front of probably 15 minutes away from our front door ly that's going to be a mess . if you're just getting to i-90 . just take your time . going to show show you up instead . if you are busy, drop what you're doing and come see something this is a webcam time-lapseahi . this is cedar point . you can see some sunshine and then all of a sudden .hi that is what will happen on the
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minutes they picked up 1 inch that is about 4 inches each hour but that would not not continue but this is showing you how quickly this occurs .nt and that is this, cedar point is right about where . and then show you where it is on storm fox, moving through vermilion . it will last about 20 minutes but droppedi a quick inch connector roads along the ohio turnpike andon eventually i-90 amasses this moves in, we see this from our vantage point and continue to monitor it . once we
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temperatures will quickly drop . they were in the single digits this morning, at about 2:00 a.m. rose at tommy's are high this day was 23 overnight low of 8 degrees at 2:00 a.m. . we are eating away at this snowfall deficit not will not be happening much faster . the arctic wind arriving behind the arctic front . then the lake effect snowfall the coldest winter day tomorrow . this h center will be to the northeast
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anticipating some snowfall . the atmosphere really settles down down with the clipper on monday and tuesday, partly cloudy skies 35 degrees . then it will moderate once we get beyond wednesday and thursday, moderate at least briefly . look at the contrast between saturday 10 degrees and the following friday almost 50 with rain showers . this time of year you see those wild swings because march is famous for that.i >> news of the kansas couples ultrasounds going viral. >> shared a bed of baby hitting himself during a doctor visit, asin madeli anderson has the storage. >> filters have been viewed, it can be seen punching himself in
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knocked backwards toa the mother said that she cannot leave her eyes is back i was watching . the specialist told them that this was the first time in her 20 years of reading ultrasound she had seen something like this . >> i went back the for results i asked if everything was okay .. let's assure that he was healthy ,, he says the post video online to show family and friendsds to check within two days we had articles in the ukraine, honduras, italy, hvac detention io has been unexpected and at times overwhelming common for parents say it has been fun to read the
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that punch may say about his personality to track revealed the aid fighter or some boxing
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k-pop allegedly covering and how much should you did you pay for a cup of coffee. >> najera joins us with with that anymore and thisns edition of update and. >> if you are a coffee trigger, i don't know if you would pay this much but some people arey first come in arizona, please say that too, pto girls were shot outside of a high school in regulars on each one with a w gunshot wound with a gun founder by both for river thames great investigators say they're not searching for a shooter. >> police say any columbus restaurant attack is not terror related to common 30 or mohamed barry of mohamed barry attack people for shedding dinnertime and restauranteded in columbus thursday they say that he did start attacking people than was shot and killed by the police, for people in the restaurant were injuredlethfo his back barry
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hospital last night, as the century was having applications fromy emergency oral surgery earlier in the week he is doing well he is postponing several upcoming concert, he was nominated for his 15th grammy award this hasat made not make it to the monday awards show. >> colorado's pot sales bring in nearly $1 million in revenue collecting $135 million in marijuana taxes and fees for 2015, and about $35 million is going towards school construction projects, and the revenuec is an increase of about $300 million from 2014 when pot sales force began.00 >> which they want to pay $15 for your caffeine fix, that's cafe charges for a cup of coffee , andsc they come from a
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difficult to grow the best batch of coffee taking eight years, the badste coffee bean salesperson at if i dollars for the bag the supply so sold out in just a few hours to check speech change retained the change if you think it's cold outside it is about 2 degrees colder inside
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exposed two center as low as 260 degrees below zero stefani schaefer shows is how people reason we can better helph. >> lebron james doesn't also kobe bryant and floyd mayweather swears by it and how it would it
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cryotherapy is becoming all the rage the benefits with increased energy . to help explain his arthritis and fibromyalgia dr. paul bizjack don't crawford county totenberg is a chiropractor who want going to give his patients another optionc respecte you for grey cold day not just five minutes to look forward to the next i greg birrer has spinal pain he has seen a huge improvementh and feels much better cryotherapy
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japan through disinformation one death reported last year in las vegas said that was not a technician present after-hours concept he stimulates the brain increased auction while promoting healing and increasing endorphins suspect can be called brian cleveland returned about cryotherapyri but at least it isn't he's a dancer in hopes that this can can help them to avoid surgery. >> as a reporter and a year out from hip injury judges hear
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and. >> three minutes as the maximum amount of timeme to be in the cryo- sauna we were aiming for two since it was my first time and they said that it is become almost addictive. there is a survival response of the body sends blood to the core oxygenatedd healing properties and the next two or three hours afterward in the blood comes out it isd highly oxygenated and
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effects on the joints respect. >> it's great for i do not know how i thought it would be much colder.ho >> penitence upon the fire was so hot chocolate, but when here, minus two and 60 he think you think it would be unbearable. >> stefani schaefer, fox 8 news respect he has not heard of any negative side effects, even major cancer centers are using cryotherapyus, for more info on cryo- vitality and was . to fox
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in this particular case, odot did a great job, and also how close it is now beginning to approach downtown cleveland . we have not even not even seen the heaviest snowfall that is about 10 minutes away from cleveland in the shoreline of two venture . after that lake-effect will set up, this is only the arctic front with temperatures eventually add 5 degrees and
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. this really serbian reduced . imagine getting getting prank every day and.
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frank tanabe funny but after a while they can be annoying,u a mother in england knows that after some threw eggs at her every day for a year. most of the time she caught the yanks, the video was posted on
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has more than 1 million views . the i-team confronts a city official who has had run-ins with the law twice to checkc talk to a private detective about the the great lengths that some people go to keep theirh significant others and check.k
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the. >> begin with a live picture from the roof-cam . this might make for some tricky commutes an update from groundfox soon but first melissa mack is tracking the situation. >> line of snow, is a three-hour loop reducing visibility for a brief amount of time beginning to descend into downtown cleveland . it includes erie county to westlake . also euclid in painesville . continue southeast . visibility is
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splita especially route 2 and route 90 . this is from earlier . andre bernier capture this person first it looks dead and thenon he comes through quickly . ck and then it'll be all gone you'll get a quick entry to and thenge focusing on the snowbelt tonight tomorrow . damage can see the lake effect trailingan in portions of western


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