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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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please. where did you meet him? in switzerland, uh... they use--fighting? they don't really fight the bull. they avoid fighting the bull. bread. oh, i just love meeting new people, you know? do learn about life. ah-choo! god bless you. thank you. i wasn't going to say anything, but he wasn't going to open his mouth. you know who's a good actor? anthony quinn. oh, anthony quinn. fine actor. but i understand not a good driver. hits everything on the road, but always leaves a note. did you ever see zorba the greek? excellent film. quinn said he never felt so good
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after smacking into a car. come here. really, i was only kidding around. he was only joking, michael. you think you're special for saying god bless you? i don't think i'm special. my mother always said i'm not special. he was only joking, michael. i'm sorry. oh, right. take his side! i'm not taking his side. whose side are you taking? well, i'm not taking your side! ah-choo! kirk douglas. now, there's another very bad driver. but he's such an unbelievable guy, when he hits someone, he sits in his car and waits for the other person so he can exchange license, registration, and apologize. i said, "god bless you." was that wrong?
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did you allow a space for the husband to say his god bless you? because, as the husband, he has the right of first refusal. [buzz] yeah. [elaine] it's me. come on up. yes. yes. i definitely waited. but let me say this-- once he passes on that option, that "god bless you" is up for grabs. no argument, unless she's one of these multiple sneezers, and he's holding his "god bless you" in abeyance until she completes the series. well, i don't think she's a multiple sneezer because she sneezed again later, and it was also single. what if she's having an off night? hi. hi. well. if it isn't mr. gesundheit. oh, yeah. like there's something wrong with saying "god bless you." i was raised to say "god bless you." ah-choo! aw, shut up. what does it mean,
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it's a stupid stuperstition. a stupid what? whatever. to make a person feel better after they sneeze, you shouldn't say "god bless you." you should say "you're so good-lookin'." yeah. yeah. that's better than "god bless you." anyway, she left a message on my machine. she wants you to call her. who? robin. why? well, i assume she'd call to apologize. that's why she called me. where's the remote phone? bedroom. hey, grab jerry's sweater for me, would you? [entertainment tonight theme plays] [tv plays] what's it like out?
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should i take a sweater? yeah, you could take a sweater if you want. a scarf? nah. hey, shut this off. shut it off. what's the matter? what's going on? what happened? i think i hit my head again. what is wrong? hey, wait a minute. let me ask you, the last time you hit your head, was mary hart on tv? yeah. that is it! that is it! mary hart's voice! don't you see? there's something about the sound of mary hart's voice that's giving you seizures. just like-- just like that woman in albany! mary hart! god... what? well, she apologized, and then she wanted to get together wednesday afternoon. get together? maybe just to talk. married woman
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oh, my god. an affair. it's so adult. it's like with stockings and martinis and william holden and... on the other hand, it probably wouldn't cost me any money. are you...actually considering this? an affair with a married woman-- despicable! it's like hitting a car and driving away without leaving a note. yeah. you know who owns that car? what car? that was hit a couple nights ago. yeah? who? that blonde across the street. blue sweat pants. the blonde with the blue sweat... pants. i've seen her. i got to get going. with gray sweat pants. wait! wait! how do you know
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the blonde with the blue sweat pants! who is she? i've had a crush on her for a year! she looks like she belongs on a hallmark card. right! right! the blue sweat pants! gee, it's too bad you can't say anything because of angela. ohh... yeah. too bad. angela. lousy thug. what kind of sick person does something like that? the woman belongs in prison! i mean, i actually owe it to society to do something about this! i can't sit by and allow this to go on! it's a moral issue is what it is. you can't compromise your principles. how can i live with myself? i'm not religious, but i know where to draw the line. this country needs more people like you.
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short for saying "god bless you" to every tom, dick, and harry. i believe strongly in that, as you know. there should be more people like us. that's why the world's in such bad shape. you're telling me. i'll make sure the party responsible is made to be responsible... or something very close to that. well, god bless you. thank you very much. this is the night... the night for love. woah oh oh... with the stars up above... this is the night... for love... (this is the night for love) this is the night... for love...
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is right for you.
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i must be crazy. what have i done? oh, no. what's wrong? what's wrong? i'll tell you. i just committed adultery. you didn't commit adultery. i did. oh, yeah. if it wasn't you, it would be someone else. i wouldn't want that. there's a lot of losers out there. maybe someone who didn't say "god bless you." well, that's a given. in three years with michael, not one "god bless you." whew. must be hell living in that house. hi. it's michael. hello. hi, michael. is robin there?
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uh, she said she was going to be with you. no. i haven't spoken to her all da-- uh... yeah, right. um... [ahem] as a matter of fact, um, she--she was here, and, uh, she--she left a note, but i--i wasn't here, but i--i have the note right here. if she's not with you, then where is she? well, i--i don't know. is she with your bald friend from the other night? no! no! come on, michael. he's finished. i'm going to sew his ass to his face! i'm going to twist his neck so hard, his lips will be his eyebrows! i'll break his joints and reattach them! ah-choo! you're so good-lookin'. now you listen to me...suck face! you tell anybody anything, and i will carve my initials
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let me rephrase-- i'll bash your skull like a bad cabbage and have a party on your head! hi, elaine. this is angela. i'll pluck your body hairs out with my teeth! i get the gist of it. don't say anything to anybody about me hitting that car. what car? good. i'm glad we understand each other. it's not complicated. very nice meeting you. [buzz] come on up. well, well, well, mr. seinfeld, so frightening... guy in queens. the scenario right. all right, elaine. what? what?
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chase through the city. a couple of blocks. oh, no, no. come on. don't be so modest. hey. check your machine? what's happened? michael called me today and asked where robin was. yeah. o.k. and i said i hadn't seen her. what? you don't understand! she didn't tell me she used me as an excuse. but then i realized what was going on, and i said she left a note. um...but he didn't really buy that. and then--and then he did mention your name. he mentioned my name? what did he say? he said he was gonna... s-sew your ass to your face. what? why couldn't you think of something? i don't know! he caught me off guard! how hard is it to lie! it's not that hard.
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to sleep with her, george? you got her all juiced up with your story about having the affair with the matador! none of this would've happened without your "god bless you"! hold it, hold it, hold it, people. matador? oh, god. what matador? she told this couple she had an affair with a matador. a matador. well, well, well. uno momento, por favor. pray tell, what was the young man's name? yeah. uh... eduardo, uh... caroccio. [spanish accent] eduardo... caroccio! that's good. that's very good. kind of just rolls off the tongue. i wonder where, on the upper west side, a single girl might meet a matador.
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this person told me to tell you to get an estimate. i already got an estimate. it's $875. $875? that's right. uh... well, i'll tell you what. i'll give you a check, and this person can pay me back. who do i make it out to? becky gelke. g-e-l-k-e. so, um...what are you doing this weekend? you have got some nerve. you smash up my car, don't admit it, and now you're asking me out? i didn't do it! yeah, right-- ah-choo! you are so good-lookin'. thank you. look at you. aww look at him. one look can change the way you see the world. look at you. look after them with the protection of life insurance
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jerry, you ready? you sure? i'll be gone for three weeks. a maniac's stalking me. i'm not staying in the city. all right. let's get out of here. how could you? what? i never thought you were capable of this. i just talked to becky gelke. she said you hit and ran. i don't want to look at you anymore! all these years of friendship, and you're a felon! an embarrassment to the building. i didn't do it. for somebody else. are you lying? no. never. all right. straightened out. i got a date with her. you got a date with becky gelke? saturday night. if it wasn't for you, an excuse to talk to her. well, i'm happy to help
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[entertainment tonight theme plays] [mary hart] liz taylor... captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television captioned by the national captioning institute
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a brutal 24 hours here in northeast ohio. not only we're we doing with tough driving conditions, but frigid temperatures as well. >> of wind chill advisory is in effect for some until 10:00 tomorrow morning. the good news here's, there is some really finally coming our way. good evening and welcome for -- >> and i'm jennifer jordan. the cold temperatures are sticking around at least for now. let's get right to jenn harcher with a look at the forecast. >> it is deftly cold out there tonight. i have a hunch that the wind chill advisory may be canceled a little earlier than the reason why, winds are starting to slow down a bit and if you do see a cancellation i think it will be for west of i 77. it could go as far as pennsylvania east.
1:22 am
effect for most of us until 10:00 tomorrow morning. tonight the temperature dipping down the 5 degrees. i wouldn't be surprised if some of us are at zero but it could feel like 12 degrees below. we are still seen some sub zero temperatures out there. youngstown around 2 degrees below. we are tracking lake effect showers and we do have later steady snow from here until wakeman and little flurries out by middlefield and over two thirds chardon -- 14 degrees at noon and wind chill at 7 degrees. buy 5:00, clouds will increase and start out the day with lots of sunshine. i will be tracking our next system coming up and i'll let
1:23 am
get in the next round. >> you do have some good news on the rising, correct question mark. >> i do. some warmer temperatures above normal. >> the snowfall, unexpected for some time and others lucked out and didn't get any. >> it seems everyone in northeast ohio got a taste of the cold air. fox 8 news reporter alison brown joins us live an alison a mixed bag all around the cold everywhere. >> that's absolutely right. it really was picked conditions change for people and just a matter of minutes. if forced drivers to slow down but some dodged a bullet when they thought it was going to be a white out today. >> people were expecting some ashtabula county this valentines weekend but no. >> it's impossible to predict because we can get 12 inches and madison next-door can get too. you never know how it will hit appear. >> along the lake at the old
1:24 am
but people got lucky avoiding a lake effect snow warning. check out the light ice here on lake kure. quite a sight. just east of cleveland on saturday evening conditions were little different. the night sky looks like a snow globe. >> i really expected all the snow to come early this morning. >> carmen davis at bedford was little surprise that she with the snow off of her car. >> everybody should drive slow and don't be in a hurry. no hurry, no worry. >> you deftly want to prepare for potentially dangerous road conditions but also want to prepare for the cold weather and we have definitely been experiencing that all weekend so far. >> one day at 60 degrees in the next day i'm freezing my buns off. i'm sorry but it's cold out here. >> i actually have on two shirts and a jacket and my hats. i forgot my gloves. >> absolutely no one could escape the cold. so these ladies have a good idea.
1:25 am
to come out, don't come out. and if you do, bundle up, seriously. >> whether prepared or caught off guard, one fact remains. winter is far from over here in northeast ohio. several hours tonight. really most of the areas were clear. but thanks to jen we found some snow around i to 71 southbound area so we saw a lot of odot trucks and drivers were cautious. but thankfully, we all know the drill out there in i like the inside. >> best advice ever. inks allison. >> and stick with fox 8 for complete coverage of the winter weather. for an updated list of watches and warnings, head over to our website, justice scalia dedicated his life to the cornerstone of our democracy. tonight we honor his extraordinary service to our
1:26 am
tearing legal figures of our time. >> president obama addressing the nation tonight on the passing of supreme court justice antonin scalia. scully a pathway to private rest residents in texas today. flags of the us supreme court or lowered to half staff in his honor. >> just as galena was longest serving member on the highest court. and he in cleveland, as a lawyer fresh out of law school working for the jones the law firm. fox news correspondent joel waldman has more from washington. >> news of antonin scalia's death coming in the midst of a pivotal presidential election where control the court has been a hot topic, sending shockwaves throughout the political world. reaction to the news of justice antonin scalia's death came swiftly across political spectrum. >> it will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> the flies outside the supreme court lowered to half staff as tributes poured in from both
1:27 am
of whom praise coleus legal mind, even when they do not necessarily agree with his opinions. >> he was an original in many ways, not just legal minded, but just an original guy. a really nice fella. ruth badger ginsberg was his best friend. so i just shows you can peacefully coexist when you disagree. >> appointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan, school he was the first italian american justice to sit on the court, and a staunch conservative voice on the bench. he wrote the dissenting opinion a major cases in recent years, including president obama's signature legislature, the affordable care act. his death touching off a political firestorm and it's a chance for the president to appoint the third supreme court justice during his time in office. that would surely tip the scales of court in favor of the liberal leaning justices. republicans, holding a majority in the senate, will likely try to delay a new supreme court justice nominee and after november's election, a move
1:28 am
strong pushback from democrats. >> back your northeast ohio, a former glenville and college sports or is under arrest after an armed robbery in east cleveland. back in 2010, latwan anderson made a name for himself on the football field, helping lead the tarblooders to the state chairmanship game. he been exhibited trucks are shipped the university of miami but tonight anderson is behind bars, accused of robbing them thinly dollar store in east cleveland police he robbed the store at the corner of euclid and struck more. officers set up a perimeter on the store and arrested anderson about 15 minutes later. >> a cleveland man is behind bars tonight, accused of robbing and poaching an employee inside an elevator at a hopkins airport. fifty-four -year-old children beard is charged with one count of robbery. the victim told police he watched her withdraw money from an atm, them followed her into the elevator, where he allegedly punched her in the back of the head and demanded money.
1:29 am
woman was able to get away. has a long criminal record that dates back to 1981. >> dancing for class today at case western reserve university. >> dozens place that their dancing choose to support rainbow babies and children's hospital. spartan barn in cases miracle network dance marathon. for 12 hours, participants support the hospital. and it's five years, the event has raised more than $110,000. a great day to move indoors. >> great cardio too. >> disturbing new details revealed in a bizarre attack here and ohio. >> still to come to an eye on fox 8 news at ten, with the fbi is now saying about the suspect accused of a machete attack at a restaurant. >> and the snow plows are in the garage instead about the streets. tonight and then resignation looks for answers after the
1:30 am
rki you can't to the lake now because the sun has set but it is frozen over. frigid temperatures today, going into tomorrow little bit too. >> that's right.
1:31 am
monday morning. there is a lot of the ice out there right now. these cold temperatures have done a number on it and that's good news because not a lot of lake effect when the lake freezes over but the temperatures are still very cold. i can't tell you how much my heat kicked in last night. 10 degrees in cleveland and lorraine. 4 degrees in akron/canton. on top of that it will get colder tonight. one thing we have going for us is the wind is going to start dying down a bit. we are still dealing with a few light scattered snow showers and flurries off the lake. those will end to likely after midnight. you can see when start to go calm and we do have later wins out towards the eastern areas. that is where i expect the wind chill advisory to hold strong through the morning hours. i do suspect that maybe the wind
1:32 am
for those west of i 77. winchell's right now are around 2 degrees in cleveland and three below and ashtabula. i'm still checking a few light snow showers -- we do have a few flurries out towards -- those are winding down we do have high-pressure that continues to filter in to our area. it also brings lots of sunshine for us tomorrow morning. as it shifts more toward the north and east and as the system had their way, clouds will start increasing throughout the day. it will still be called. temperatures will be in the mid and upper teens through the afternoon. as the front gets here, not expecting a lot of snow with that. i do think a lot of the energy will transfer itself out to the
1:33 am
east coast storm is brewing. just how much snow we get? not a lot. you can see the ticker and it goes into monday morning and we are looking at around another coding to about an inch. not a lot of snow with this round but i am checking another system tuesday night into wednesday that can bring another blast of snow. wind chills will feel at 2-12 below. 5 degrees tomorrow and valentine's day to snuggle up with a loved one. winchell's. presidents' day is snow in the morning and lately clear out the afternoon but temperatures returned to normal in the mid and upper 30s through the middle of the week. thursday, lots of sunshine and by friday we are seen 50 degrees and the risk of rain.
1:34 am
>> definitely cleveland. >> the frigid temperatures made it a tough day to be outside. >> so imagine being outside in your undies. no, it's a real thing. why these brave runners were freezing for a reason. >> and he sure knows how to make
1:35 am
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cleaning up the massive crash that killed at least three people. this was the scene on i 78 near harrisburg this morning just before 10:00. the blizzard like conditions had struck a more than 50 vehicles were involved in the chain reaction crash that sent more than 40 people to the hospital. the crash shut down a five-mile stretch of the busy highway. look at the mangled checks and cars. police had to use emergency vehicles and buses to transport people to temporary shelters nearby. investors say it could take another day to untangle all the wreckage. and more bad news, more snow may come overnight. >> law-enforcement officials in columbus now saying that the man behind a machete attack was known to the fbi. three people are still in the hospital after the attack at nazareth mediterranean cuisine on thursday evening. police shot and killed mohammed berry after he lunch in an officer with a machete and fillet style makes. police say while there wasn't a
1:38 am
berry, his name was in a database of people potentially related to terrorism. >> brazil's president says the zika virus outbreak will not compromise the upcoming olympics and real. brazil's president believes they will have considerable success fighting mosquitoes that carry the virus. brazil's military and hundreds of thousands of health workers have been mobilized to fight seco. experts say the fires a sweeping two parts of latin america. the guys mostly harmless for adults, but it's been linked to a serious birth defects among newborns. pope francis already masses evening as an end to his first day of his historic trip to mexico. today the head of the catholic toughest issues afflicting the nation, including drug inspired he told politicians they must do more to combat mexico's drug violence, which is left more than 100,000 people dead in just one decade.
1:39 am
leaders to be honest and upright. mexico is the world's second most populous catholic country after brazil. the state department releasing over 1,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails today. it is for of the messages were classified, mostly at the lowest level of sensitivity. >> none were declared top secret. fox news correspondent kristen fischer is in washington with more. >> none of the e-mails in today's release containing top-secret information but three contained secret information and that's one level down. e-mails. it is dated may 16, 2011 with the subject line senator kerry has requested to speak with secretary clinton. one of clinton's top aides was e-mailed her to say that carry likely wants to talk about quote cameron who called me hysterical about playing. cameron could very well be a reference to the us ambassador to pakistan at the time, the we don't know for sure. and what he was hysterical that we don't know but that information has been deemed too sensitive to be released. but, the e-mail is sent 14 days after the raid on osama bin
1:40 am
the kind of information that the then secretary of state have been tending and receiving on a private server. none of the e-mails on the server were marked classified. and indeed, state representative official says those 84 e-mails were upgraded to classified today. classified information is classified information, regardless of whether or not it's labeled as such. all of clinton's e-mails were supposed to be released by the state department by the end of january, while before the iowa caucus. but the state department said it got delayed due to the blizzard. so now we have three more releases set for later this month. the last one is scheduled for february 29, 2 days after south carolina's democratic primary. in washington, kristen fischer, fox news. >> a new addition and still to come tonight on fox 8 news at ten, what is -- plus it's not what this couple expected to see on the
1:41 am
why the video is now getting international attention. >> and coming up later in sports, could there be a change to the big three? the latest rumor involving the cavs and carmelo anthony. >> and does the cold weather have you thinking spring? yes it does.
1:42 am
introducing new k-y touch gel cr
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for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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it could be the ticket to your dream home. >> tickets for the saint jude dream home go on sale thursday, february 18 at 6:00 a.m. cleveland custom homes built the $500,000 house, which is located in the red tailed off community in avon. tickets cost $100 and proceeds benefit saint jude's children research hospital. >> other prizes include a car from nick abram automall and a hot tub from lighthouse pools and spas. there's more information on >> today's bitterly cold temperatures couldn't slow down a group of determined runners. >> as you'll see, they stripped down to their skivvies and pounded the pavement wearing next to nothing for the annual cupids monday run. >> it's freezing. >> we are going to run to east ninth and back. >> 700 runners gathered saturday at the house of blues in
1:45 am
things, race in their undies. >> it's a little chilly out here today. >> it is very cold. >> the race in the arctic temperatures called cupid monday run if that is fun, it's an event that raises money for the children's tumor fund. >> children's tumor foundation raises money to hopefully find a cure for neurofibromatosis, which affects more than 3,000 children. unfortunately do is not cure yet, what we are hoping with the money was raised through cupids on the run that there will one day be. >> saturday's big event was the fourth time it's been held in cleveland. even has been around since 2010. what started in one city has now grown to 39 and has raised $8 million. >> having a good time, supporting a good pet cause. freezing our buns off for a great cause. it was well worth it. >> i think this is a great
1:46 am
there really isn't anything better to do on a cold day like today. >> support the kids and i love the cold. >> we are freezing for a reason. >> falling the 15 minute run, razors were treated to a party hosted by the house of blues where they were able to celebrate most importantly, get inside. >> it's getting bigger and better every year and we hope it continues. we are so appreciate it for the support here in cleveland. >> very fun. the ohio primary election is just over a month away. >> and a big name is headed here to stump for a popular candidate. more on chelsea clinton's visit to northeast ohio.
1:47 am
1:48 am
high school. they rocked their way to the top of the competition. >> and talk about a winter wonderland weather wedding. the happily ever after for a couple this valentine's weekend. >> will we see some relief from that frigid temperatures anytime soon? jenn harcher has the forecast. fox 8 news at 10:00 continues now. >> while come and glad you are inside. that is the right place to be. the coldest temperatures of the season so far. >> so far. that could change. >> it also could change for the better. deftly but not tonight and not tomorrow. it is still going to be very cold but don't you just want to sit with your loved one by a fire on valentine's day.
1:49 am
on a beach in fort lauderdale? >> okay. it is going to be cold and i'm trying to make the best of the cold temperatures. it is cold out there but it is going to change in the eight day forecast. we are going to see lake effect snow out there and right now it is very light. more snow is on the way sunday night and not a big snow storm. we are not seen a lot of a chelation with the next one. a cold valentine's day and temperatures will be in the mid to upper teens during the day. we do return to normal with temperatures back into the 30s with a 50-degree forecast and the eight day as well. we see some snow, wind and rain. -- yes it's cold, but cold can be beautiful. check out this picture that was
1:50 am
thanks to the viewer that sent this. this is absolutely gorgeous. you see the ice conditions there and at the harbor a gorgeous view. some of us may want to pack up and fly south and west and just get out of the cold. it will be cold for one more day. 8 degrees in brunswick and 6 degrees in my dina. medina we see a few light flurries down to wakeman and these will end pretty soon. wind chills are three below and akron/canton into below and youngstown. there is still a wind chill advisory until 10:00 a.m. i'm guessing that ends sooner as
1:51 am
already. high pressure continues to filter into our area we start the day with lots of sunshine. clouds will start to thicken up ahead of our next system and this will move in but it will transfer energy to the north and east coast. as it moves through, not expecting a lot of snow. it will break up a bit. we start off the day with sunshine tomorrow morning for your valentine's day and by noon still fine. 5:00 the clouds will increase and you see the snow start to move in but then break up a bit. forecasted snow sunday night into monday is looking at 1 inch at most. then that will be gone. tonight, 5 degrees and brutally cold with winds out of the west at 5-10 degrees. looking at your eight-day forecast and presidents' day we are finally back to near normal.
1:52 am
will be in the morning. tuesday, checking another system and into wednesday that could bring more snow to the area. i am also tracking mild and pictures with 60 on friday and 40s for the upcoming weekend. not bad, right question mark. >> password to friday. get all of your school closings and delays online and your phone and on the air. here and northeast ohio we are used to the cold, so when the sun peaked through the clouds today, plenty of people bundled up to head outside. >> these conditions are ideal for cold-weather sports and dark pj ziegler has more with how some people welcomed today's colder conditions. >> i really enjoy it. >> winter has officially arrived in northeast ohio. it's a good day to be out. >> keep it brought more than just love the sounds they
1:53 am
blustery weather to northeast ohio. temperatures hovered near zero on saturday morning. >> it's extremely cold out here today. >> these are the coldest temperatures we have seen this year. in medina, the arctic blast was just right for the ice festival. >> we are very happy because they will look great all weekend. >> the biting cold in recent snowfall made for excellent skiing. conditions at brandywine ski resort. >> the snow is just right. they have a ground perfectly and not too hard or soft. >> you will be hard-pressed to find any skier or snowboarder complaining about saturday's cold and snow, they happen waiting for a day like this for quite some time. in strongsville, the temperature wasn't the only thing going downhill. the shalal chalet toboggan shoots where hot commodity.
1:54 am
warm when it be great. >> the bitter cold temperatures could not free several hundred runners from trotting through the streets of downtown cleveland in their underwear as part of cupid's dundee run. all the money raised from the event supports the children's tumor foundation. >> there was mauled more snow on the ground this last year but this year's colder. >> it seems nothing can stop northeast ohioans from enjoying and embracing what mother nature is serving. >> thank you pj. stay tuned to fox 8 .com for continuing coverage of this season's winter weather. you can also find an updated list of watches and warnings on >> cleveland police need your help locating a missing elderly female this evening. seventy-three -year-old dillane schofield has been missing since friday morning. officials say she suffers from mental health issues and may become disoriented. she was last seen leaving her home on east 180 seventh street on foot.
1:55 am
to call police. >> the ohio primary election is just over a month away. >> and chelsea clinton will be here in cleveland on monday sit to support her mother's presidential campaign. the former first daughter will speak at a get out the vote event february 15 at the murders taylor center on kinsman avenue. doors open about 1:30 in the afternoon. chelsea is expected to speak around 2:00. her visit comes just two days before ohioans can start casting early ballots for the march primary. >> if you would like to hear chelsea clinton speak, you have to rsvp through the clinton campaign. we've linked to the event on you can find it under seen on tv. >> it's valentine's day wedding that is sure to melt her heart. to northeast ohio teachers winning a lottery of a lifetime, becoming husband and wife in a rather unique way. this evening, inside a giant
1:56 am
kerry simon and 33 -year-old darren loughlin became one. the couple was nominated by relative for crocker parks sealed in the snow globe contest , which chose a deserving couple to receive an all expense paid wedding and honeymoon. they were chosen due to their passion for improving the lives of children. >> it's a great experience and i think everyone from crocker park and everybody who wished us a we're here to help us celebrate. >> it was a unique idea for us to get married inside the globe. it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance. >> in addition to being teachers and the fairview park district, both coach numerous youth sports teams. in addition to the wedding and honeymoon, the couple's wedding bands, the bride's dress, cake and flowers were all donated by retailers at crocker park. >> congratulations to them. a big night for some young
1:57 am
tonight marks the final exam so to speak as part of the 20th annual try see high school rock off. twelve bands took the stage in the rock and roll hall of fame and museum to compete for the award for the top high school band in the area. an alumni band even brought their talent. >> to the stage as part of the 20th celebration. the winning wedding been received $1,000 cash as well as money for the high school music program, and a chance to open for national act. >> they sound good. >> they do. >> snow on the streets, and plows in the garage. >> it's up fox 8 i team investigation. why so many snowplows aren't being used, even after the
1:58 am
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