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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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will look back scalia. at >> it's been a bitterly cold weekend especially for people who have to work outside in the elements.le how they are coping with the cold and warmer days are ahead. >> the frigid temps we treat tonight. i'm tracking a warm front that will bring some snow. >> here comes the bride that another and another see how tower city was transformed into
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>> what a difference a day makes. this is a live look outside along the lake shore. s compared to yesterday it is a little bit balmy spells we were in the single digits to hopefully you have a valentine to keep you warmpe because warmer days are on the horizon. >> we couldn't hit a 50 degrees by the end of the week. strength warmer days are on the way but first we have to get throughwa the last of this winter blast o. >> if you're headed out tonight for your valentine's day dinner your going to have to bundle up because temperaturesu are still very cold. the winds have relaxed a little better.he
6:02 pm when you factor in the wind,t feels like five downtown to seven in booster. still very cold out there. the warm front will be pushing inin and with that temperatures will rise to the night tonight. without warm from we will likely feel snow. that light snow will push into our areath, not talking about a huge n amount probably a coating to an inch. if you are planning to travel down to columbus or cincinnati tonight, c it could be a slow go for you.o we are right in the middle of two systems.e one out to chicago and one to the south. c
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means light snow. another great thing about the system, it's going to bring some milder temperature. we do have some light snow showers around. this will continue to push in our direction.t but right now it's just going to be like.t temperatures could reach of around 50 degrees. >> there is no other word to describe this weekend other than cold oto perhaps bitterly cold or the sun was deceiving this
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in the single digits. >> it's a beautiful day today. >> looks can be deceiving the bright sunshine was here on sunday in northeast ohio but that doesn't tell the whole storyn oh as temperatures hover near 20 degrees all day long . >> as soon as he gets below 20 it's all the same to me. >> the cold snap we experienced is set to move out of town and warmer more seasonable like temperatures are set to move in as early as mondaymeas. >> i don't mind but i don't likeo when it's warm one day and cold the next dayn'n'. >> with temperatures well below freezing many people decided to>
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to go.s but not everyone has that luxury. some are forced to work in these frigid conditions. >> he worked six days a week for ten hours many of those spent outdoorsrs. >> the bitter cold temperatures had many thinking about the beach> . >> the beach at edgewater park. >> just a little stroll, you don't get to see the lake like this every day. take advantage of it. it's beautiful. >> the beautiful cold weekend was a strong reminderr of how lucky we have had at this winter when it comes to the weather and
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life without wintere sets i can't stand it anymore. it hurts my bones . >> if you're heading out be sure to bundle up. don't let the sunshine for you into thinking it'sd warmer. jen and dan is hard to live we found people hanging out at the beach on a rather chilly day. >> baseball and spring are certainly right around the corner.bas >> this now has stopped and streets may be clear but zero .-dot crews are still hard at work. when it gets cold this cold drivers retract their plows and start spring salt solution on
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may have accumulated. as jen mentioned while we expect to see warmer temperatures this week,, more of snow could also be on the way . >> for the second time in a few weeks of woman is a dead on the highway. the crash occurred about 4:40 a.m. this morning.t police say the victim a 2001 had just passed and a car driven by her and was suddenly made airborne.l she was pronounced dead at the scene. the hospital. no word on his the fatal crash remains under investigation.a >> investors are trying to determine the cause of a fatal house fire in canton.>> the fire started at a 2:00 yesterday afternoon at a
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0 58 of maxine bridges and was trapped inside the paramedic's roster to the hospital where she died from her injuries.ic's firefighters say she was using an oxygen tankk and they do not believe it was involved in the fire. you can read more about this fire on fox8 .com. >> a local mayor wants to illuminate his communities police department due to budget concerns.l the place where it consists of just three full-time officerspl. mayor says the village's spends $600,000 on police every year. that accounts for more than 30 percent of the village's entire budget. the village council has yet to address the matterh will have much more on this developing story tonight at ten.uc
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court justice anthony scalia has traded strong reactions in both political and judiciald circles. >> scully it was aborted byed president reagan to the supreme court writ he was known as a fierce conservative. head of the local chapter of the constitution society saysf scalia left his mark on the high court. >> justice scalia was a long serving justice of the supreme court s and a very influential one. a his dedication, his intellect and his service to our country cannot be questioned. we are grateful for the service that he provided .. >> and life look outside our studios. you can see the american flag is flying at half staff in his memory..
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proclamation last night. the flags at all poorhouses and governmentth businesses will be flown out half staff until he is laid to rest. >> president obama has already stated his decision to nominate another justice to the supreme court in due time. >> in the wake of supreme court justice anthony scalia's sudden death over the weekend a the top ranking democrat on the judiciary committee last any notion of delay a vote until after the presidential election. >> it would be a dereliction of duty for the senate not to have a hearingty and not to have a vote. >> mitch mcconnell wants a
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same the american people should have a voice in the selection the heart of that dispute some republicansut claim there is an informal history of not voting on judicial nominees in months preceding an election. >> the next president should have a chance to fill that void.n >> but for senator leahy and other democrats the gop is confusing the facts and reminded him that t while reagan's nominee was confirmed in february 1988. president obama is doing the same thing that president reagan did. d at the end of his term. >> the vacancy will be fell asl the supreme court justices are expected to take on several hot button issues including the contraceptive mandate of abortion and president obama's mandates on abortion.
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40th annual teeter tottering marathon. teams take turns riding the seesaw for 20 minutes at a time to the all have sleeping bags and play of hot chocolate to keep them warm during the long night. it's one of the church's biggest fundraisers venerate benefiting any outreach projects in the neighborhood. >> almost everyone enjoys getting chocolate on this valentine's day. we gave our photojournalist a pretty sweet assignment. he headed out to a candy shop in
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>> still ahead the long road to the white house is now running from south carolina.a. >> a teacher is in hot water because of hot chocolate.>> why she just got kicked out of a classroom for helping a student through a tough time. >> we are getting rid of these bitterly cold temperatures. we're finally going to be back to normalwe and tracking some snow. (music) woman: i' ll never remember all the projects,
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it's still very chilly out there.. if you like today get ready for the rest of the week because things are goingou l to rise temperature wise. this valentine's day deep-freeze has caused problems across much
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>> is also creating some stunning natural beauty. this was the scene on boston harbor this it looks like the water is smoking but that is steam rising off of the relatively warm water and turned it into a dense fog as it hits the air about. it in boston when shells dropped as low as 30 below zero overnight. >> so you think it was cold here, it was even colder there. just wait a few days and here is good news coming. >> i think they're trying to sweep me up.. >> i'm going to give you some good news for those that like warmer temperatures.
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reached today. our higher meeting was 4 degrees above while we were out yesterday.etin about 1 degree temperature, some of us even fell aboutl 3-5 degrees below zero this morning. it was a very cold valentine's day.t normal highs this time of the yearor are 17 degrees. you're seeing a lot of ice moving over the lake right now with that deep freeze in place. madonna is coming in at 16 and barberton 18 it warm front will be pushing
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this is the first batch of it that's going to be pushing into our area tonight. f we're kind of in between two systems. we have an t area of low pressure that will be traveling along the ohio river valley. it moves just to the south of the ohio river valley.t a lot of moisture with this is going to sneak its way over towards the east coast. i'm not expecting a lot of snow. i'm talking about a coating to an inch.. this flow is going to eventually travel to the northeast.lo a lot of weather models have beena giving different predictions. one shows up more to the east and one more to the west. monday night into tuesday morning eastern areas could get up to 2 inches of snow.rn
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that at the moment.h when chill advisories or windows right now are 5 degrees and six in the akron canton area. tomorrow morning really not bad is going to be a slow temperatures are warming up and were back into the mid and upper here is a look at the snow totals. 18 degrees tonight, my snow, an inch and most. temperatures will be rising above 20 by daybreak.ture >> 37 degrees on tuesday. tuesday we may be watching the storm systemtu monday night into tuesday. we really have to find tonight. friday and saturday temperatures
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>> still ahead, to quote elton john in the lion king, can you feel is nigh?he if not you should have been out flowers three this afternoon. it was turned into a giant wedding chapel.s >> so why was it good enough to win. >> fox8 news. your official school closing station. >> there's a lot to stop and see
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me.
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fellow dad and fellow citizen. one week from today fox8 will be our exclusive home for the great race.
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the pedal to the metal to qualify for the daytona 500. fox8 is your exclusive home for the 15th annual daytona 500 the great american race is next sunday they were 21st. coverage starts at noon. >> the nba slam dunk contest has fallen off in recent years but last nightt rookie zach levine breathes newoo life as he soared
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check this out.d >> he scored 50 on his first step. the timberwolves started behind the baseline to somehow managed to throw down over his head. check out what aaron gordon pulled off. >> this is real. >> quarter was just getting warmed up.. his next step brought the house down. he still manages to slam it. how high can he john. enough magic to dethrone but to be the best you have to be the best.
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betterer and we would have been here dunking all >> he did two dogs that were just crazy.y. with the mascots jumping over >> i never tried that before. it was great. i think it was the best whatever >> the three-point contest was the appetizer with gordonre and. clay thompson made his lastis
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the main lakers legend kobe bryant will make his final appearance. >> watching those events are always fun.> >> they get a little competitive sometime.> still had one debate is over but another is just beginning. >> just hours after the death of justice scaliaia republican candidates took turns blasting each other and president obama.nd we will break down how that could kimim affect the campaign trail. and incredible story of survival. how this man managed to stay
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here, open minds
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and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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i like to admit in this campaign in the past bu weeks he has developed a disturbing pattern of telling things that aren't too. just week alone he got an apple off the air because of light about six where he cities and immigration.f >> when anyone points to marco rubio's's record on immigration an amnesty he just responds yelling life. >> it's been my intent to be i positive. >> in the democratic race the fighte continues to win over minority voters. >> if we broke up the big banks tomorroww and i will if they pose a systemic risk. >> i think we're going to surprise people in nevada.i i think we're going to surprise people in south carolina. >> the death of supreme court
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causing conversation. >> republican candidates argue a new appointment should wait forul a new president. >> we are now less than one week away from the republican primary in south carolinaa and the democratic caucus in nevada. >> the ohio primary election is one month from tomorrow> and chelsea clinton is coming to cleveland to support her mother hillary clinton's presidential campaign.n. the former first daughter will speak at a get out the vote event tomorrowr at the taylor center on kenton avenue. chelsea's visit comes just two days before early voting starts in ohio on wednesday. >> if you have a ticket for two
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chelsea's e scheduled to speak at two. iconic piece of county. as you can see the nearly as 200 -year-old general store burned to the ground.e it's one of the oldest general stores in the nation for donors help to rebuild of the essayo they can never replace the history that was lost.t >> another huge fire pose a major problem for firefighters in louisiana.. they had to figure out how to save a burning bridge. it connects a rail yard along ig tend to st. charles paris. the bridge runs over a spillway so firefighters had to use boats and helicopters to douse the flames.
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ten painstaking hours to finally extinguish the blazeg. >> the lakes are the right now so blows are getting hung up on stumps. it's madness out there right now trying to get to the fire.i >> fire and railroad officials say the bridge could be closed>>os until at least the summer. >> a stretch of i saturday eight near harrisburg pennsylvania has now reopened after a horriblele chain reaction crash yesterday that killed three people.h fifty cars and tractor-trailers were involved in the crash which occurred during terrible weather.ler in addition to those killed more than 40 people were transported to the hospitalee and three of them are in critical condition. they believe that the fierce weather played a role in the crash. >> a 5.1 earthquake one of the strongest ever hit oklahomama rock
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jonathan cooper shows us the damage left behindj. >> the shaking was long and intense. >> it was scary people across oklahomae and even into missouri or rattled by a 5.1 earthquake. the biggest ina oklahoma history. it was strongest in fairview, the closest town to the epicenter. this surveillance video from a liquor storeis in town shows the earthquake in action. liquor bottles were rattling. surprisingly no glass bottles feltlt. >> we could have had a big mess. it's fortunate that nothing happened. >> across town at wooden crosses were knocked off a wall. >> that was jonathan cooper to report
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major earthquake this weekend stuff this morning another powerful tremor shook a city that still has scars from a devastating it shook a city in new zealand. fortunately the damage was limited andda nothing compared to the 6.3 quake that level buildingss and killed more than 180 peoplea exactly five years ago this week. that earthquake hit on their way second, 2011.aa this morning's tremor could be a aftershocksks likely to hit the region over the next few days. >> turning back to weather, we have survived aa bitterly chilly weekend. as every word, warmer temperatures are on the way right? >> i do have a 50-degree forecast in the eight-day forecast. warm front is pushing through
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tomorrow morning he will wake up to low 20s rather than subzero temperatures. temperatures right around 37 degrees. that is the average-this time of year. several quick rounds of snow. our late we form a of warm-up. we'll bringur showers to our area. right now snow showers were south and western the heavier snow stays to the south right along the ohio river valley. it's going to be a light snow event for others.o onstar box we are dry in the greater cleveland area. b onstar fox we are dry in the greater cleveland area.e i'll show you what's going to happen overnight.
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into our area.t it will be scattered, about a coating for most and up to an i don't see any problems on the roadways to row morning. d tomorrow will be a perfect day to take the kidsto lead running, skiing and just enjoying a nice winter day on presidents' day.i in tracking another system that is still a little bit shaky. i'm not ready to forecast snow for northeast or how yet. stay to because this track shifts just a little bit and ashtabulais, trumbull and mahoning county could see as much as 5 inches. i will talk more about that coming up tonight. bert's night temperature at 80 degrees, after midnight will pull into the low
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35 degrees. presidents' day snow showers in the morning and then just a cloudy day.o on tuesday a slight chance of a few snow showers in the morningl and again tuesday night into wednesday about 1-3 inches. everyone will see some snow. 36 degrees wednesday afternoon. high pressure dries out. >> still not bad. thank you. >> what are you doing on thursday morning? how about purchasing that covetedd fox8 saint jude dream home ticket. >> ism not just a dream home but also a beautiful car. christy cable shows off a beautiful set of wheels that could bel yours all well helping children in cancer research. >> winter, winter, winter and the jackpot goes too saint jude
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the exciting dream home campaign has one goal in mind to raise money for children sufferingn from cancer to help them live a long lifefr through research,re treatment and success has become a reality.y. >> for the fourth year in a row it's all to help children with cancer.>> make your contribution spice up our campaign every year for c why is it so special to? >> are whole family is in favor of helping children. st. jude's is the way to do it. cancer is an important thing especially for children. st. jude's f does at the right way it doesn't cost anything for f anybody. ifif you're a candidate, and they take you, you pay zero. >> we have been so blessed. you have to get back.k. and northeast ohio has come through with this n joined us to make this st. jude's dream home such a huge success. let's do it again this year. >> on february 18 things oneself
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lot of these. >> this is our 2,016th bureau marano. thirty-two mouse to the gallon, somebody is going to get a great car or if you prefer the ford fusion. >> we haven'tor 2016 fusion. it's a well-equipped, gray vehicle.e. it comes with scattered items such as a satellite radio, reverse camera, power windows, power lot.t. crews, till, everything you want plus against 35 miles e to the gallon on the highway. >> you could be the winner of one of these two beautiful carso but the real winners will be the children. w >> tickets oneself there were 18th at 6:00 a.m.m.
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>> still accounts night, you might say this is one of those cases of no good deed goes unpunisheded a teacher tried to cover a student a by taking her for a hot chocolate now find yourself in hot water with a school boardrd. >> they met before d-day out world war b ii so what was the part and why had they now reunitedw more than 70 years
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crash. along with their manager. they're just played at at festival friday and were heading to another show.fe viola beach has just released r their first single and this was their first ever tourth outside of united kingdom. >> from a tragedy to inspiring story of survival a man is lucky week stated in a freezing
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the 69 -year-old was driving home from arizona to oregon when his truck broke downwn in an arear north of reno nevada. temperatures dropped below 20 b and he had to ration what little food he had left. he gathered snow during the day and waited until it melted in his car.r. he says he was losing hope until a state trooper discovered him tonight. tonight he is recovering in the hospital and says he is eager to get home. >> near teacher is in hot water for giving a troubled student hot chocolate.te janice graff is a high school teacher on long island. she noticed one of her studentsch, a senior was having a hard time. maggie was apparently depressedtl after the death of two friends in the same way.ya so she took her off campusof campus to a coffee shop to talk her through it but when they got back school leaders placed her teaching because of a policy
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during school hours. >> my whole life i love all the students read i been told to trusted teachers and go to when they need help and that's exactly what i did g she got my daughter back to school and she took care of my daughter. >> the teachers union has filed a request to reinstate mrs. graff ule but the school board says it's an internal matter. >> valentine celebrated are on the way around the world and love is in the where in the air in southeast asia.e the annual sky lantern festival has become a valentine's tradition.n. >> a high school student in utah from the ladies. he made sure every student has a the 17 -year-old elephant the help ofhe 20 volunteers to go to each classroom after high school
6:50 pm
single female he says he has a plan in thehe works since he was a freshman and this year, he bought 900 carnations out of his own pocket.0 he says he wanted as many people as possible to be happy this valentine's day. another couple is living a love story that spans some 70 years. they first met and fell in love during world war ii. butndnd a misunderstanding pulled them apart. >> this is quite a story. thanks to the wonders of moderner technology the couple has just reconnected and just in time for valentine's day. >> i'm going to give her a squeeze.e. >> norway times never stop thinking about joyce. they first met in 1934. she was a 17 ago british girl living in london and he was a 21 -year-old paratrooper for the us services.. young love blossomed.
6:51 pm
thomas was to play to normandy to fight in world war ii. after the war he returned to the united states and invited for us to join him.un but she misunderstood his letter and thought he was already married. so she refusedri his invitation and they went their separate ways. they married other people, thomas eventually became a widower and morris got divorced. last year one of her sons found thomas onlinea and they reconnected on skype after more than 70 years. >> i will say good morning back to you. >> what would you do if i could
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>> it would be lovely. >> a crowdfunding campaign raise enough money to make that happen. caa this week thomas made the journey from virginia tois adelaide. >> a couple that first met just before d-day reuniting seven decades later just-in-timeef for valentine's day. >> is about the most wonderful thing that could've happened to me. >> that is the suite is a story in a very long time. hopefully there are wedding bells on the horizon..ho >> still, love and marriage were in the air on this valentine's day>> . >> one after the another a whole slew of couples tied the knot today. find out how many were married and hear why one room saysow it was the i i
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for many couples valentine's day is the perfect day to tie the knot. >> judges from the cleveland municipal court officiated the wedding one couple told us the atrium in tower city was the perfect place for them to seal their commitment to each other. >> we can say see that the love is there and the commitment to one another.lo it really is the foundation of a strong community.hy we're committed to go beyond the courthouse. >> this is the eighth year in a work in a row that the cleveland municipal judges have performed valentine's day weddings for in
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closer to her couples. >> i promise from this day forwardd, he was really important. >> are going to get some snow tonight. tomorrow temperatures will be tolerable. we wille be a 35 degrees for presidents' day. we'll get a quick shot of one to 3 inches there couldck lots of thursday. around 50 degrees both friday and saturday.. >> thank you for joining us on this valentine's day for fox8 news at six.. three hours for fox8 news at ten.
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