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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today a couple of crewse have been called out 71 i made
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chelsea clinton will take
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that is democratic caucus will be thisis saturday one of the reasons she's there now. they will speak out:this event next month just a few days before march 15 complete coverage of her event today in clay shoot can't make itve or did get a ticket stay with us d. northeast ohio man is looking to eliminate his police department to tip budget concerns madison village might count has about 3200 resident the police department consists of three full-timeof officers with help from part-timers mayor sam s burton says the village spends $656,000 on police every year which isa a little more than 30 percent of its annual budget hets wrote an open letter to budget proposing a merger with the madison township police
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thrilled with that idea.owve as soon as you need someone paire there. it's worth it to me and my family might my children to have something there. the council has yet to address that matter but there will be a first readingtt of the ordinance at their meeting to mark the mayor hopes to save about $100,000 with this plan. here in cleveland for many couplesla valentine's day is the perfect day to tie the knot in about 25 couples aren now in the honeymoon phases they associated the tower city yesterday. it was the perfect place for them to seal their commitment to each t other. >> no way was i letting her get away from the opportunity became of theirop phone to get married there is nowhere was going to
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i'm so on top of the moon. over the moon.on you can see that the love is there and the commitment to one another and a respect for one another but it really is theth foundation of the strong community so that they were committed to call the on the courthouse and come here. love is doubling in the air this is the eighth straight year cleveland municipal judges perform the valentine's day weddings at tower citymu j theyh married close to 200 couples. a group of pennsylvania lockers are ahead of the class following a final exam at the rock 'n roll hall of fame high school rock offe the first to 11 took on the title again the students from failure and lots per t t on theo contest most from northeast
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4:36 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. our nation is mourning the loss of justice 's goalie up. goalie a man amanda stranger to his wife in bed. we'll talk more about that in
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and look who's nominated first song of their and nominated for the first part of theirirn good for him.r we'll see what happens. your time not is 4:41 a.m. let's check in with scott event:4 it was nice to have some sun. it was cold.
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the shiraz have a on to bring art are something to the carton we don't get as cold as you do they're probably right the kids can do that.a kids are wearing shorts and it's 20 degrees. we're you get my age you got a bunch of user called to the bone.etet i'm getting there. if i socks off her or spirit good stuff. there's breakfast lunch and dinner circuit everything for the whole next 24 hours you don't want to raise the propanert there you go up if this a little bit of ice cover with the recent
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showingng the snow light accumulation further south but not a whole lotr going on this is going to be short lived another couple of hours straight or snow will be moving out with the temperatures generally in the lower and middle teens should be in the middle 20s by noon todaym ho are strong salt 1715 in ravenna some light snow up near madison and geneva on the n lake.e. a very active 24 hours here's the low gear notice the panhandle low starting to develop all that rain and wet snow developing across virginia asro an some rain in the deep south it's going to happen before so this morning begins toto break and we'll see also track along this very active jet stream through southern ohio western pennsylvania which will start tohe lift some snow are improving asre temperatures most of us for sundown tonight should
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of a wet snow acrossc southern areas around noon philadelphia-based 7-8:00 p.m. this evening the southern wet snow will begin to8ev lift up t on and off snow showers this evening withs temperatures in the tenets mid- 20s by noon withthi average highs betweenav 30- 35 not much in the way of accumulation early onon temperatures stay steady overnightte in the mid- 30s o and a general snow0s here's how this works out isis a winter weather advisory for locations right along the pennsylvaniaia border it is not include convoyoy lorraine were akron canton, pat eventually the accumulations willw be like this through 9:00 tomorrow morning 1-3 cleveland lessng than an inchch further west akron 1- to noticece a 3- 6-inch never from philadelphia to eastern portage county and portions of eastern geauga
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right up through the ohioh li snow showers will move out pretty quick byic mid-to-late morning we stay in the mid- 30s don't think it will amount to a hold it because look at theseolth temperatures on the eighth if they don't drop whole lot could this mean the end of arctic air for the winter. how's that for arul nice little question should be close to 55 t friday. whether or not it's accurate is the bigger 4:45 a.m. is your time. right now the fifth there doing pretty good. no major pop theo light coating on the roadway and crews are out and about.e reports that it is blocking the right lane on. b you can see, but there is a coating so crews have been outut
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things for those of you whoak have to coach of his feet extra cautious ramsen burgess and overpasseses local and expresspr running along well this morningo and drive times, shooting expected pretty busy for 5:00 no issues along for 22 best to 7110 minute ride. wayne and kristi. a texas judge says there's no sign of foul play in the death of us supreme court justice scalia. the 79 years old with on a hunting trip was found dead in hisd room at a west texas pants saturday morning ski season will be put a political fight is going over his vacant seat on the highest court. >> flags at half staff in honor
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but he died on a hunting tripr late sunday left texas for virginia i'm quite confidentf that law students will be reading his opinions a decade from little justice saying she and her conservative colleagues are best buddies for morear than 30 years meantime the passing rates the support for now split n between liberals and conservatives and that's fueling a politicalel fight obama says he put to nominate a justice toce fill the vacancy and democrats say they support that have republican save a new affect that should be for a new president. f in the middle of the campaign and someone's going to find the person who wentigng that's going to have the truth is justice scalia father is a democrat or
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tendss in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. just athletes andom conservatives without a key felt that could impact major cases before the highor court the white house saysa obama will not introduce a nominate this week but ratherat recess. in texas say it appears that scully a tie of natural causes.c in el paso texas casey spiegel, fox news. back are behind bars this morning police say the alleged shooter and his partner suspended last nighth he remains in critical condition this point he was shot while getting out of his car near the scene family says he lost a knife and the bullet remains lost should bring
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will that mayor today happened to fall on valentine's day several couple decided to tie the night att times square. the first to break single digit temperatures as they took about federal smart and sweetheart set their ideas here the eighth annual valentines part sculpture the of hearts the days events areys not limited to just sit with theto price proposals and some downs. this may not be an argument you want to set on valentine's day dallas man is stop at nothing to prove who is the best fog in the family. when our house there is no debate only data. they measure the space his wife takes aa them pointed a laserd down the middle to prove his point. here's the kicker his wife is pregnant
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it the soon-to-be parents say ita was meant to be a fun experiment 4:49 a.m. weatherer and traffic every eighte minutes just ahead as the new super here in town see hows sliced and diced it's way to the top of the box office you'll want to check out today's newsstands have the magazine is
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the dawn of yet anotherr
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northeast ohio a monday morninges in the city the 15th day of february.he it is the day after valentine's day hopefullyt things went well for you.e my name is wayne dawson. scott sabol has a look for i was grilling. that made the kids have to have family cap life. forecast is a great even though the forecast is in all that heavy. egh notice again the snow showers moving to the north as theo temperatures will start to goo backup right now were in 19 in cleveland thinly under mostly cloudy skies further south a couple of temperaturese cloudy incl north olmsted and 19th with 179t and north madison and pain soan
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