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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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county and tuscarawas county included in that . tonight or
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the warning area between three and six in the advisory down to stark county one to 3 inches cleveland and the trace out west .t snow will be the heaviest of the east tomorrow could havew more following midafternoon . tomorrow mid- 30s for the high . tune in tomorrow morning as we are of the first on the air at 4:00 a.m.e although the with a lovely school closings and delays.lw >> road crews getting busy for
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joins us.n >> mcentee ready for what could be a busy morning, the odot crews have been out since last snow started and have maintained they been out all week and getting ready for another round of some pretty bad weatherr here to have been pre-treating wrote all weekend make sure that the ice was gone and hunting down the pretreatment for this slushy weather getting ready for some fresh snowfall .t they scaled back efforts between 10 and a night . again10 . they say that this does not look like a typical system. >> it's going to be a little bit different storm it won't hit the> true snowball the hardest, her that geauga was going to get it in more towards east to
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county . good news is because it has been a slow winter so far until recently there is plenty of salt and equipment and everybody is ready to go , so tonight it's going to be a busy they tell people to expect a slow morning commute . they will do what they can to keep the roadways clear but expect a slower commute tomorrow morning . . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. 8 8 the first on the the air at 4:00 a.m. with the latest information you need online and on your phone fox >> having a heat in her home during the coldest temperatures seen it happen that an east cleveland apartment building
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been called for days t as matt wright is matt wright is at the forest hill park apartments on >> the building manager was not ot happy about the residents are fed up they been without heat heat in the apartment since since thursday and something needs to be done.s >> is it is very inconvenient and.. >> the amount of space eater seems to warrant being forest hills park apartmentag that they have been without working hits since thursday and she's not alone in.n >> i think this is very inhumane to wake up and feel likeer. >> are struggling to keep warm using space heaters that have blown fuses. >> i at the watering the watering pots are were supposed to break the cold.w >> even turn into steam from boiling water on the stove. >> just how cold is it, we brought you this thermometer in
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reading is 41 degrees. >> need to fix it and fix it now . >> forget the nature of the response from management so fox 8 newsroom to the building robert maranger refused to unlock her office door. >> looking to talk to when this is going to be fixed when they're working on working on an . >> when is it supposed to be completed because it's been out since thursday. >> she said that contractors wereor mpe fixing it and would be by monday afternoon.xi >> atlas cinema deserve everything that we want when we wanted but i think we deserved what were supposed to get especially when we pay our rent checkwe they fear another sleepless night in the cold and. >> hope that we see this getting fixed it if i do have to move, people have to live here and we should not have to live like this. >> i'm tired away in.
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led to the shooting death of a dog anded police pursuit, now a man in jail facing charges as peggy gallek joins us.l >> they say the suspect lost $5 during a the card game and then allegedly got a gun and began shooting, ricardo johnson in court facing charges including aggravated menacing, and ovi pleading not guilty in bond set at $50,000 .a stating that he was angry over losing $5 in the card gameer and in france on sunday morningd, we went to the house monday but house monday but no one answered,d, witnesses said that johnson fired a gun inside the house shooting the family dogt for five times to lead police on a briefer said before surrendering this is part of the 911 call that the police
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tried reaching out to the victim as well as witnessesv but was told that nobody wanted to talk andt there was a misunderstanding on francew, johnson is due back in court next week.n presidential politics taken center stage stage of a stage of the candidate not come here but she said someone who may know her better than anyone else says jennifer jordan joins us from the murtis taylor community center with more on chelsea clinton's message to voters.r >> how fitting, that chelsea clinton visiting cleveland on presidents' day, for one that she believes will be the next president of the united states, hillary clinton.ehe she addressed a packed house at 2:00 p.m. today then forr an hour
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audience mostly concerned about health care affordability, the former first daughter is no stranger to the supporters, she grew up during herer father's presidency,at she says this is the most important elections in her lifetime not because of her mother but because this is the first election that she will vote as a mother,, she says as president that her mother will build on what obama has accomplishede il the next president has to stand up to bigotry racism and anti- islamic rhetoric come as for the recent surge in votes, for her it mother's opponent bernie sanders? >> we all need to be thinking of in terms of what is at risk, all the progress that president obama had made in the work that is yet to be donet . believe that my mom is the strongest and a plants
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makes a ohio primary primary election less than a block away, chelsea clintonec says it is important to get as many people to the polls here in ohio and she is expecting her second child this summer she has a 16 -month-old daughter, in addition to taking questions . she also encouraged many here here to get t some rental vices she gets ready to be a mother or a second time. for kim kalos drier day house in lorainal sporting. >> investigators say that this is a lesson about the danger of unintended candles .. >> i heard somebody screaming andsc i looked out the window and nd saw the flames of at the back of
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next to me . what when i was coming from. >> the fire was reported just after 6:30 a.m.m. in lorain, when a neighbor got to the porch of the bargain home, she found 66 -year-oldpoe jason confused, she told her neighbor that her cat was missing and that she was trying to find .hh said that she lit a candle anda she said that they could look for that cat later he convinced her to move away from the flames . realtors are thankful that martha santiago was the voice of reason . it was was instinct i heard her screaming i knew that she was alone . the houses here are abandoned so i had to go over with her to help her.he >> i was grateful that, my mom
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>> damage estimated at $75,000, they're still searching for the missing cat. pope francis continues his trip in mexico in showing support forhi its indigenous people. >> here's lou maglio. >> he made a turn for the poor in speaking out about that again today in mexico, speaking out about out about the century-old exultation and exclusion of mexico's indigenous people, he celebrated celebrated the country'sel indians during a visit
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of the indigenous culture also talked about the need to care for the environment, so that we can no longer remain silent before one of the greatest environmental crisis in world history,, is, is that the middle part of trip to mexico, half a million people gathered to see him another 100,000 gathered for the mass, pope francis'
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england wind advisory leave until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning .n checkout fox . the latest star wars movie is still in theaters it isat not too early to start thinking about the next one. >> dizzy released a short video today announcing that filming has begun on star wars episode ain't it showsno luke skywalker on a remote island where episode seven ended. new cast members benicio del toro and laura dern but not revealed what they will play, star wars episode eight will beb y
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notice that little bit of ice . this year we have about 64 percent ice covers the most we have seen all year,
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weekend . all is quiet here on radar at few flurries earlier . and now, the next love will be passinge nearby what they have a winter wallop . the track of the storm,te the center remains to the east,c the temperatures will be just above freezing it will be aat range tone x pledging hooch into ch snowfall between 9:00 p.m. and midnight trackings near tuscarawas near eight -- 10:00 p.m. tonight the heavy snowfall remains to the south and easte through midafternoon tomorrow . severe weather across the deep south looking at these winter advisories and warnings including northeast ohio,e it keeps away from being western part because were on the western
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current just above freezing because of that makes it an even trickier forecast .ke before some have a snow bands tomorrow morning and the day before departing the snowbelt between two and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow . for tuscarawas county snowfall moving in portions of wayne county, and weighing and carroll county .sn bands this is heavy including mahoning
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countyg . tomorrow morning, it will be a rough oneng down 772 new philadelphia, then east will be some heavye pans of snowfall will taper off until after lunch time expecting school delays and closures . it will be encompassing the entire school day so we'll take the road crews time cue ketchup . three day 6 inches portions of summit, portage down into java, tuscarawas county one to 3 inches cleveland down to in mansfield, medina and even northern summit county . ha ha
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inches for tomorrow morning's commute . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . ficia and then, a few more snow showers on wednesday then on thursday morning of friday around 50 . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . 8ia the from the outside it looks like local students are just playing around what with there is a serious side .
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take a look back at black history this monthth and competent man in a charter school
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role intu the fight for civil rights respect the most respected leaders knew how to have fun from time to time . the citizens leadership academy come on out of the students who see the world as it editing everyday task of looking at ways to make it a better placek with a gander over the time comes to think about the world. >> six greatab presentation lucking out black educators in many different looking at their struggles and how they used leadership to make a difference basemente repost ... he would
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mike fisherdl calvinistic waste in german so we just provide resources.ste >> she loves billie holiday, her music speaker and her life she researched how she lived her impact on music and black historylp. >> him a favor to hurt a lot of her songs and i just want to pick her because she meant a lot to me. h >> regularly went to the research and express thingsul they help you think think about how to craft your own future. >> per person and like his recounts even even if it is the smallest thing they done e something to help us get here today. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news .. >> in addition to our our work in speeches, students are encouragedk to do independent study on black history makers. >> got it to get a better understanding about their competence and how the decisions
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this is launches the snowbelt this is east of 77 gets the brunt of the storm . temperatures are around freezing
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how cold the past weekend was . so coverage the most all year . covers about 60 percent of lake erie . road conditions are okay . this system is going to be a headache tomorrow morning commute potentially also more evenings commute . the track is going to stay to the east and southeast .rao were going to get the northernwe fringe of the system to bring us some heavy wet snow . between 9:00 p.m. and
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to the south is producing severe weather temperatures and in a couple hours and be their 30s to the last the last you could get an internship cleveland andnd points east better get half a footb before it moves northeast tomorrow afternoon . three to 6 inches in the warning areas and outside of the advisory, between one and 3 inches . your 30 tonight or tomorrow morning to the east the heavy snow bands could have t a half foot by
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storm,ac make this a complex setup tonight till tomorrow afternoon . police asking hunters to track downa a predator. >> they say that a male coyote has become so aggressive that it has to be killeded dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron. . we've been telling people for several weeks, pet owners macedonian have hadon close call's with them, so the police are giving bow hunters the green light to take out as many of them as they can . they attacked a 12-year-old pet dog and a 14-year-old rookie next was taken by cabbies a few
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that they killed a a deer and drag it through the backyard sans the hard drive, macedonia police say this is believed to be the peak of the mating season so they are hungry . she of a natural fear of humans and concerned that want off of mail is lost that fear so they are attempting too eliminate it and are inviting bow hunters to help them. >> there's no season on the t coyote so it can be taken anytimee if it can be done done safely and not cause harm to anybody else that encourage them to take some coyotes have. >> is illegal to discharge firearms with themi macedonian city limits the police are also interested toth trap the have the animal and also encouraging people that if they see 12 keep
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large noise to make it go away. please say once they lose their fear of humans, then they won't get that back so there's not much that you can doge it just has to be eliminated . please look into the cause of a wrong way crashto on the freeway freeway with lake anna, brooklyn police saint v48-year-old man was driving east on the westbound lane when he and hit a car head-on yesterday 820 or woman in the car was killed for not releasing the names of those involvedoror female driver still being treated unclear what charges he could face. i
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side and investigation a car ran off the road at east 55th and broadway this morning into an abandoned building, the car driver was not seriously injured . >> an accident in akron since a piece of debris into the home police say that a woman lost streetp and hitting a utility called impact sent the sign right through that the wall of ronald barry's home side ended up in hisde bathroom wall, he and he was not injured,a three people in the car were taken to the hospital to get checked out.i >> a political battle is brewing in washington not over who will be the next president of thew next supreme court justice has tracy mccool joins us. >> the fight is not about who will replace justice t antonin scalia but when it should happen
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reports that he had passed away on a hunting trip in texas than, within two hours of those reports republicans and democrats already started to feud over how his replacement should be a joseph cao and it's up to the president to nominate a candidate and then the senate to confirm him, this is election year is likely to be that easy, republicans say that the president should wait untilil the november election until anybody is nominated that wewe have a republican wednesday would pick a conservative to replace them but if he picks a candidate now a republican congress and threatening not to confirm anyone, democrats cry foul company cry foul companies say gop leaders are putting their interest about the constitutional process, and worried aboutypaei that the president would pick a liberal candidate to throw the balance of power back to the labra.he
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every right to submit the name and to pick a person on the other handp it is the senate tried to confirm or not confirm at this particular time to. >> i plan to fulfill my responsibility of confirm in due time there will be plenty of timein and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and timely about. >> says that he will announce the nomineeee after the senate returns a week from today they say that scalia died of natural causes and there will not be an autopsy,se fuel services are still being made. >> bit of presidential trivia, more us presence here from ohio thatm any other state except for virginia they've got eight and
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preserve visit the james a. garfield home and visitor center today much to learn about the past leaders, president george washington and abraham lincoln were there to share their stories.idid a >> glad to meet with the children to talk about the life of george washington that i let along with mya wife martha washington. >> without that we would visit president garfield and see what is going on.. >> has a lot of the things that he used and how serious awesome. >> there is no admission to tour president garfield's home on presidents' day, the visitor
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in just a few days you will get a chance to buy ad ticket to win
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we had had some snow flakes this morning your evening commute tonight no problem tomorrow morning a completely different storyve watch all of this moisture, the louisiana
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nothing appalachians the center c of the storm system to the east, a rain/snow mix about 9:00 o'clock fear tuscarawas and carroll county then the heaviest will continue to the south and east midafternoon tomorrow . it's going to be a heavy wet
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but when by midnight, in the western counties, though such you will get is a flurry of dark shade of blue is going to be very heavy smell .
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you can have school closures . tonight could be a trace last . mid- 30s tomorrow . give workers time . for some where some kids it will be a four-day weekend . tune into fox 8 news at 4:00 a.m., wednesday snowfall returns will 30s rainfall and
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but just a dream home but also a beautiful car is kristi capel shows off a new set of wheels that could be yours while helping children in cancer research. >> the jackpot goes to saint jude children's hospital the dream home campaign has the gall to raise money to help children suffering from cancer to live in a long life through research and treatment.o >> nick abraham family has been donating a car to this injured home for c the fourth year in a row .he to help children with cancer your contribution has spiced up our campaign why are you guys on board school in our whole family is in favor of helping children and
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saint judes does it the right way is not caused anything for the families for the families who are a candidatee you pay zero . >> we have been so blessed, and we have to get back in give back in northeast ohio has come through with us and join with us to make this st jude dream home such a huge success so let's do it again the sheer. >> underrating tickets go on salee when run of days as. >> eight with 16 buick murano, with a lot of standard equipment , you have a virtual hotspot that can control up to seven devices a 7-inch touch tv, and 32 mpg. >> if issue for the if you prefer the ford fusion, but to tell you about this getting.
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the best-sellers for comes withr satellite radio, reverse camera and carl windows crews tell everything you want us is to get 34 mph highway .ws the real winners are the children at saint judes. >> tickets go on sale for 18:06 a.m..s >> kristi capel fox 8 news. >> tickets for the st. jude dream home on sale thursday every team at 6:00 a.m.. >> tickets are $100 h. for your chance to win the home, a car from nick abraham or a hot tub, just go to fox . every year we sell out within
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thet phone because you're going to go fast.g >> some people think that social media is nothing more than a way
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