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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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1:00 p.m. tomorrow .ha this is an extensive system up to new england with advisories and warnings across the deep south . it'll be it will be close to freezing,b then midnight, and indicating newly snowfall . have a heavy stow police 277 . tomorrow morning's commute it'll be bad east and along 77 so expecting delays and closures . be departing tomorrow afternoon and pretty quiet for the evening
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inches in the advisory and in an one to three downtown cleveland . six -- 10 inches for trouble, mohammed and many there schools will be closed . rest of us in details coming upre with dick goddard . road crews are out and smacked her kitchen ready for what could be a tricky morning commute, suzanne stratford live from odot garage .. >> smokers have been out last week's snowstorm continued to roadways and getting ready for what is coming , here at the cleveland garage been watching these trucks loading up last few hours ew . they are prepared to hit the
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district 12 they had been monitoring the conditions very closely . the lucking out for what is coming most of the workers were toldt to be arriving a between 10 and midnight expect most of the worst of it to be overnightf to say that maximum number of trucks will be on the roadof, working 12 hour shifts, until the system moves out possible that there could be so mixing and accumulating snowfall to make it very >> it is supposed to be snowing in the evening you could stick around for the morning commute . so that's why we use a full crew with snow in the forecast.
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quickly,> you go to fox click as seen on tv there is a link to the odot real-time website . you can check out some of the many conditions which act and it shows that it's going to be badit . we are your official school closing station . . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. the only local to show starts michelin starred singaporean. >> unattended candle blamed for a fire that destroyed a houseme in the rain is jack shea says the quick thinking he may have prevented the tragedy.
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west eighth street in lorain after 6:30 a.m. monday. >> i heard somebody screaming and i heard held6 and i looked out my window and saw the flames she was out on the porch next to the fire where it was coming from. >> martha santiago says when she got to the porch of the home she found 2-year-oldma s who appeared to be dazed and confused and told her that hera cat was missing and she was trying to find it . >> she did not want to come off the porch and i said we've got to go the windows are shattering andnd we will worry about cat t later and we've got to get out of your we have to go and she said okay. >> relatives say they're thankful that martha santiago was thereare. >> i was very grateful that she did that my mom was scared i'm sure that she was very
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so she probably frozewh. >> i am a medical assistance ss over this kind of like instinct when i heard her screaming at her that i knew that she was alone and the houses around around here arees all abandoned so i had to go over there to help.ed >> victim said that she made a mistake of linking a candle and then fell asleep that it eventuallyp ignited the blaze. >> those who witnessed the blaze say that it is a lesson about thehe potential danger of unattended candle's. >> do not leave a candle burning at night, i'm thinking about that because i have a habit of doing that and it's not safefe. >> jack shea fox 8 news. search continues for missing cat .se >> investigators trying to determine what caused atr man to drive the wrong way on the
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the driver,r, brooklyn police say the 48-year-old man was driving east and westbound lane-o he had a car head-on near ridge road yesterday morning, a 20 year woman was killed police have not released the names of those involved.pon >> with a police recruit arrested in in columbus for driving under the influence,i arrested yesterday for operating while intoxicated and a personal handgun in the vehicle he will be on restricted duty in thev cleveland police academy until further notice. >> started as a card game led to the shooting death of a dog and nd a police pursuit as peggy gallek saysce when man is now facing charges. >> this part of a 911 call that police received servant on early sunday morning . a woman living on madison avenue in lorain told the police that a man inside her house was threatening them with a gun
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had shot the dog, reports state the shooting happened after the suspect s, rico johnson, was angry over losing $5 in a card game at a friend's home sunday morning . police were sent to the home,. >> moments later, johnson laughed and refused to stop for the police,au led them on a brief statement of pursuit before he was surrendered and pulled over . police say the family dog died atllfa the event and every ventura clinic shortly after the >> after the arrest, the suspect was charged with several counts including firing a weapon inside of the home . >> johnson appeared in court
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>> with bond set at $50,000. we went to the house where the shooting happened onw monday but nobody answered the door, peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> johnson is due back in court next week.> that having no clinton avenue heat in place frigid temperatures over the past few days it happens at aea clean apartment building where they they say they been left in the cold asey matt wright is alive from the forest hill park apartments on superior avenue in you into that building management?di >> they were not happy to see us , the residentsts are fed up they have said said that in these cold temperatures they been without heat for four days and say something needs to be done.utd >> it is very inconvenient to.
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hero apartment she says that they have been without heat since thursdayt. >> the tenants are struggling to keep warm however that they can using space heaters that have blown fuses.he >> they even turned to steam from boiling water on the stove. brought the thermometer to show you . and that the heater the heater in his 41 degrees. >> they say that they're getting a chilly response from management , so fox 8 news went to the building property manager refused to unlock her office door. >> who could talk to about when this where this is going to be fixed to markrk's been.'s >> they're working on the heat.
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completed its been it's been out since thursday. >> she said the contractors were working by monday afternoon.asas he >> i'm not saying that we deserve everything but we wante, we deserve up or supposed to get especially when we pay our rent. >> they fear another sleepless night in the cold.he >> i hope that that they get this fixed, even if i do move people have to live here and should not have to live like this game and were, and we're tired of wading.e >> we checked back with the tenants who say that despite the promise to have the heat fixed they're still in the cold the cold this evening, we reached out to east cleveland department of buildings and housing about any possible code violations
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if you plan to vote in next month's primary, you have too do tomorrow to register you can get them online or at the local library or board of elections, validate forms must be postmarked by tuesday, county boards of election will stay open until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow to accept them, early voting starts on wednesday. >> clans and klansmen spent the day in ohio. >> about why her mother is the best choice to be the next president as jennifer jordanis is inside of a murtis taylor community center. >> it is fitting that chelsea clinton is visiting on presidents' day forit a woman she believes will be the next president hillary clinton .
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for the first time . introduced by brown and congresswoman marcia fudge she addressed a packed house inside of the murtis taylor 20 center on kinsman avenue says that her mother is the most qualifiedylyl of all democratic and republican to be the next president. >> this is an important milestone we have to protect the progressssa that obama has made it to build upon that the progress we cannot afford to go backward. >> just a question from the audience, mostlyly about health care affordability and a voice for underprivileged minorities. ab >> because of her resiliency and sense of urgency while the main reason that she has my vote and i don't think anybody else's qualified to run the united states.s >> she is no stranger to
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as she grew up grew up before our eyes during her father's's presidency she says is the most important electionnc not because of her mother but because this is the first election she votes as a mother she says as president will build upon what obama has accomplished as for the recent surge in votes for heror opponent bernie sanders. >> plan is to continue to talk about the election what is at stake and to make the case about why my mom is the only person who is qualified to be the democratic nominee t. >> with the primary election less than a month away, she says> it's important to get as many people to the polls .. and she is expecting her second child this summer she has a 16 -month-old daughter .
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she also encouragedin many to give her some parental police that she ready to be a mother for a
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a picture there from the roofcam a picture of downtown cleveland looks okay it will be for some of us but for others not so much. >> going to have lots of snowfall is dick goddard has the details.. >> it's going to be inches worth in a number of locations ashe we have pointed out . looking at the area to the southeast . that whole movement is going to be northeast some of the heavier amounts would be along the
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to the west . got some good news that the clouds will be very heavy and expensive . the area of the warning that counties will be trouble, mahoning and columbiana, we've got snowfall . here is the estimates currently en . six to 10 inches on the solanum border . for most of the area you could get between one to three .fa i think you're going to live the
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and sunrise at 723 sunset at 6:01 p.m. . miami 72 and kansas city 50 phoenix 84 looking at the low pressure area that will wi be the weathermaker we will be on the western fringe of that another cold front next 48 hours . snow will be the heaviest to the east and a trace of the west
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during the day tomorrow . and then show you there will be moderation with 50 on friday and the next front could produce some rain . weekend looking pretty decent, mid- 40s and by next monday another clipper system with mid- 30s .
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and check the car because the cats can crawl up the matter so pound of the hood of the car when you started . be back with some dogs from being cuyahoga county shelter and if you .. >> trade rumors swirling around the cavaliers as j.t. has the
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rumors of a big trade, how likely that the cavaliers willig play let's make a deal? >> you can put the carmelo anthony to the cavaliers? trade rumor to rest, not sure how they got started has been shot down by shut down by anthony and lebron james,te kevin love's name bit and today, also heard the name of iman shumpert and timofey mozgov in the trade those rumors, and others such astr su kyle korver, and kosta koufous had been mentioned, rumors will fly at the next three days as the deadline comes up on thursday as the deadline is coming to us and the team have enough to beat golden state in
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responses received that kyrie irving and iman shumpert that only start got a late start of training camp andn timofey mozgov was recovering,t so relax. >> protective pink-nic free-throws guard these guys put some money on these guys certainly. >> i thought maybe they would find a way to make kobe bryant the mvp of the all-star team. >> i thought the west and a everything to get him the mvp, maybe he resisted any kind of charity, and russell westbrook russell westbrook was mvp he scored aas bunch of points and points and then i can't play defense would be sentenced to ice fishing tent shorts and some freezing weather,m lebron james who has been mvp before was happy to be a bit player in the final all-star game of kobe bryant, and lebron james worked
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the west won the affair, last night it was all about kobe bryant.w >> has been overwhelming these years . our fans across the world and here in the states and in toronto, to pay respect it is all well-deserved .. >> glad to be here for a small piece of the right, part of the journey switch back a lot attributes over the weekend to kobe bryant cannot talk about football, are the buckeyes the college favor this coming season ?av >> they are if you those lawmakers, before the sunny day they were not favor but after making quite a haul at national signing day the odds to win have increased, they have moved up and are aty six -- one odds to win it ando alabama the defending champ is seven -- one while
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third placee with 15 -- two, the odds are strong even with them losing talent this coming spring in the nfl draft spec excited to bring you the daytona 500 coverage on sunday,, the chase elliott, 20 years two months and 17 days the youngest pole winner in history and his dad are the fourthge father and son duo to win the pole after pennies, allison 's and earnhardt . respect the parents of the jackie robinson west usa little leaguees champ are filing a lawsuit against little league baseball, officials and espn n sportscaster after the 2014 team was stripped of its us little league championship after discovered that some players do not live within residency borders, the lawsuit names stephen a. smith who they say th
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were involved in the fraud ... >> meant to protect officers, who in turn are taken straight but not all local police departments can afford
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cincinnati looks
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quite a lot of snow tomorrow and tonight. >> is lots of moisture of the problem is the tincture profilele in the exact track of the system if you live east of 77th all i'm down south from cleveland south and then to the east you will get the heaviest it's going to be heavy wet snow . show yououvi, since 3:30 p.m. today it has been a quiet afternoon with many people off with a longer weekend . a thin layer of ice on lake erie, the mostc has been so far this season with 64 percent ice coverage .
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and carroll county getting some mixing thank you will have some raindrops before it turns into a into the closest western suburbs of clevelandnd and points east . east . there is enough moisturets . the question is the tincture tu profile how quickly it's meant . closer to the sylvania border potential . watching the track this to the east and southeast it will eventually be a mix and then snowfall after midnight the heaviest to the east and southeast tomorrow's commute it will be an issue in these areas
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warnings were upgraded for trumbull county, longingng with advisers from ashtabula and expanding to geauga county custer county, summit county, portage county also wayne county andys avon point south . the winter storm warning areas in advisories in effect to 1:00 p.m. tomorrow . it is currently 33 degrees, you have to watch as the temperatures increase a bit that could make a huge difference with this system in terms of the type of precipitation . by midnight or 1:00 a.m. snowfall will be around . includes the areas and advisory warnings for darker k bands of blue representing the heaviest snowfall that pushes in , tomorrow morning from cuyahoga county to summit county , stark county, tuscarawas
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of blue especially towards western pennsylvania including mercer county into butler county and towards pittsburgh is more of a rainfall event at some point . by 2:00 p.m. snowfall is gone tomorrow for clearer by tomorrow's evening commute . if you live in the advisory warning, three to 6 inches a lot more and columbia and moaning oa about one -- 3 inches downtown cleveland and farther west maybe just a trace to 1 inch . tonight about 30 with another 6 inches on the ground than tomorrow mid
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enhancement on wednesday and friday, with near 50 and a mild weekend ahead . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. is in fast local police working without bulletproof vests. >> even as they face more danger than ever as ed gallek here with the latest.ll >> ticket taken a chance on every call,, that they were patrolling without bulletproof vests eveny miles away from where an officer just got murderedr. >> the police or take an extra risk doing the job already dangerous, ther glenmont police
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bulletproof vestsn, they seem so right here in this tiny town in holmes county but just miles away, last month in danville,, a man shot and killed a cop . the residents know that the police desk can be critical. >> final four that someone pulls a gun and is either you or them respect it's been a concern concerned for a long period of time the fact thatco i have officers without investing on a regular basis is quite concerning. >> chief craig proper hasn't told us that they knowow no longer be any good. >> it wasnn manufactured march of 1999 and this was a sickening investment account off of somebody else backck in cleveland the police and police union says each officer will will get a new vest every five years . it will not expire my specifici date like a gallon of milk but the feeling
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effective. >> department has won patrol car one patrol car and officers are paid $9 an hoururs often use their own money supplies and equipment and new vest can cost several hundred dollars, he had a gun pointed at him hereres,. >> seems like people are out to get the cops. >> is remarkable that that any police department and would answer any call without a best.. >> were small but we are a microcosm of the rest of the country. >> but she spoke to the danville officer not long before he was shot, if you think you can help go to fox . there is a link to the glenmont police basement page. >> what about grant money heard ofof response i can access money. >> that is getting harder to get
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because state funds have dried up sos all departments are going after that grant money and going to the chief be biggerm cities get can't regret letting.i >> police are asking for help to eliminate a dangerous predator, hunters invited to take out as ut many patties as they can as dave nethers explains. >> panties are ohio's most dangerous predators are in every county in the state.. >> in macedonia, they have recently attacked a 12-year-old dogthth, drag you dare through backyards on newport dr. and attacked a 14-year-old yorkie next few feet away from its other. >> the coyote drag him away my husband chased after screening and young.
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people. >> it is her 19th season so there are more of them out and aboutss in the neighborhoods so i think that's why you see moreso of them. >> for the most part they are not a problem but the macedonia police believe there is an alpha male who has become so fearless that they're on a mission to eliminate ito. >> there is no paddy season so theyd can be taken at any time if done safely where it will not cause any harm to anybody else so wey are asking them to take some out to check are asking people to. >> to scare them away to make loud noiseshe to scare them away. >> macedonia police saying that they are here to stay important to find ways to coexistay in ways
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people or pets. animals that we see in the valley is the better spec>> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> push reminding people that it is illegal to discharge a firearm in macedonia and also interested in tracking the animal if possible. >> a car ended car ended up inside a basement on the eastside, a driver ran off the road at east 55th and broadway intoe an abandoned building, a record had to pull the car out the driver was not injured.e >> an accident in akron since part of aa street sign in to a home on cuyahoga street ending i up in the bathroom wall, he was not injured, the people in the car were taken to the hospital to get checked out the back local senator is taking a closer
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traps, tom patton introduced several bills designed to prevent police from preying on unsuspecting drivers as lorrie taylor reports. >> newburgh heights police clocking cars within who cares next interstate 77 . in linndale , officers are invisible to passing traffic as they sit inside the shack while speed cameras clicking away from the top of a nearby poleom. >> ohio senator tom patton has notot given up his fight against speed traps which began a few years ago when he took ont the linndale infamous auto loan interstate 71 he has introduced four pieces of legislation, anyone of which, if passed, would make it more difficult for
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to ride as many tickets as they currently dori. >> it would prevent local governments from raising more revenue through traffic citations andf three other proposed laws would actually speak to the linndale approach to enforcement, also . towns with fewer than 10 residents 200 residents from ever issuing traffic ticketshr and let speed camera tickets to no more than twice the number of residentssp re which would limit the citations to roughly 358 versus the thousands currently written, and if that fails, there's another that prohibits, towns from withoutro ems and fire department from using speed cameras . he says he has nothing against against towns enforcing traffic laws, that has a problem with municipalities that appear to be writing citations for reasons that have nothing to do with safety..
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elkins takes exception to those who say thatat they don't make the the freeway say >> if you don't know what that camera is of an officer week which do, you're going to maintain a reasonable speed. >> attempt to reach the mayor for comment were unsuccessful, lorrie taylor fox 8 news fishback when of those things that we sacrifice when the bill
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students aren't leadership plays a role in the
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roosevelt leftwich has historic.h >> most search leaders need to have fun from time to timeee . citizens leadership academy on vermont avenue goes to sea those who see the world as it is everyday make the world a better place and time comes to think about the world to move forward that you have to look back presentation looking at those who'veve made a difference amount of activities looking at black history makers avenues skills to make a difference .. >> asked him what they would like to present to sheriff bob
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resources to holiday music at live picture she researched her impact on music and black history.t >> i've ever heard a lot of her songs and a picture because she meant a lot to be. >> by giving them leeway to do their own research, makes it fun and you can craft your own future.ft >> every person in black history counts even if it ison the smallest things they've done something to help us get it >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news .. >> nation addition to artwork and oral reports their courage to do cursed to do independent study of black history makers to get a better understanding about the incompetence and how they made an impact this back are
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and some that somem some that just might tempt you. >> we have six beautiful ones and oneat t is just bound to tempt you hear from the cuyahoga county animal shelter in case number 12, yes he is aa hound mix she isou sweet and shy . but case number 23 is bagpipes . the male shepherd mix needs to be brought out of his shell . in case number 34 we have a link, a nine -month-old terrier mix, he can be a little nervous with men best in a home with no kids . key tower 56 we have eight . a mailbox remix he is is a quick learner and playful if you want to meet an honest fellow come
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number 57 is a social butterfly if you want a friend to take just about anywhere that says your mant in case number 65, is a female terrier mix . she may be small but she has lots of spunk wants to give you your attention . . voice of the dark will bee down with some thoughtfulow cats between noon and three . his catcher cable cost withoutat cord cutting . three
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a live look from the roofcam, it is looking very nice snowfall later tonight some people to the southeast could get up to 10 inches of snowfall
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the official school closing station because there will be some closings tomorrowcae. >> boys looking for ways to save money when of the best options isinto to negotiate. >> they say that you can reduce just about any bill any bill had a good place to start is with your cable tv bill holy year cable provider e to a focused a focused a focused cover for step will likely be to get you to pay more by ep getting additional features . probably be a clear three or six month deal, do not cave in and do your homework, get office ahead of time to have examples and talk to either customer retention or loyalty department . it's in the first person will try to persuade you that they will transfer you to thens retention department . those people are trained, and they
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accessibility to offer you a sweeter deal is a deeper system, y call every six months or so when those prices increase . i made phone calls and i have had h success, just tell them what you want to paysu and you will have some good luck. >> the key is to stay on top of that, thank you for dennis at 6:00 p.m. on online and at home .
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old man winter is making a comeback to northeast ohio, it could be a messy morning commute let's get to bless a lack with ck the forecast. >> is not just lake effect come it will be east of 77 . elsewhere could see between one and 3 inches,, near carroll county and tuscarawas county rainfall, it is just above


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