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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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old man winter is making a comeback to northeast ohio, it could be a messy morning commute let's get to bless a lack with ck the forecast. >> is not just lake effect come it will be east of 77 . elsewhere could see between one and 3 inches,, near carroll county and tuscarawas county rainfall, it is just above
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for mansfield so that will be an issue this will be heavy wet snow fall . because of charger so close to the freezing mark .be winter storm warnings for trumbull mahoning and columbia county and advisor for ashtabula , geauga, portage andh wayne county these in effect until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow . now about 33 degrees and watch for mixing tonight, those in the advisory warnings will have the heaviest snowfalldv . to the west is that few flurries . from cleveland to points east will be
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morning commute . generally speaking, for clevelander along 71 . about one -- 3 inches tonight the heaviest of east could these could have 6 inches on the ground by tomorrow morning . the dot is preparing for iac snow-covered roads as suzanne stratford has more. >> lots of activity at the different districts in the area . because of the storm system, but not very busy, soon the tracks will be red ink there are ready for whatever comes this way tonight . lodi says they have been out since last week
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getting ready for the assault of inclement weather . they will be fully staffed during 12 hour around-the-clock shifts until the system passes most drivers coming in between 10:00 p.m. and midnight they say they do not expect huge totalsay not realize that in northeast ohio conditions change quickly. >> that's why we staff that we, we have the full crews snowfall in the forecast. >> the very thing they can to keep the roadways cleared, some areas such as summit county and ashtabula countyedu could be hit prettyt hard so that asking you to be careful allow extra travel time and before you go outside to check the road conditionsw we have a link to the odot website at fox
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conditions before you go out the door. >> started as a simple card game led to the shooting death of a family dog and police pursued as a man is in jail facing charges, lou maglio reports. >> the suspect lost $5 a in a card game that allegedly$5 began shooting a gun, ricardo johnson racing charges including menacing, and ovi pled not guilty in bond and bond set at $50,000nui report stating he was angry over losing $5 in a card gamesng in france on sunday morning ,in we went to the house monday butho nobody answered, witnesses said that johnson fired the gun shoots in the family dog about five times,s then led police on a police on a brief pursuit before surrendering how this is part of
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>> in dushanbe docketing deep dish on the docket he tried to shoot us, rico shot him,e he's not there anymore. >> we reached out to the victim asm well as witnesses but nobody wanted to talk and said it was a misunderstanding amongst friends , johnson is due back in court next >> police looking into what caused a wrong way crash on the freeway of the weekend as brooklyn police saya 40-year-old man was driving eastbound and westbound lanes hitting a car head-on at ridge road on 480 yesterday 820 woman was killed please do not release the names of those involved the driver still being treatedleos it is unclear what charges he could face. >> a crash of cleveland's crash of cleveland zoo site is under investigation as a car ran off
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an abandoned building, and had to be pulled pulled out by a tow truck driver is not badly injured. >> jet set tennis at ace clipart for building have been left in the cold without heat the forest hill park apartments since thursday they say they been doing what they can to keep warm using space heaters h that have caused some blown fuses, some people are so desperate are using their ovens preheat they say they have been some ongoing issues since octoberb they were now completely over the weekend and when of the coldeste weekends of the season. >> need this fixed even if i have to move, some people have to live here and should not have to live your life as . i had to sleep in this petty. >> don't think we need to get everything that we do deserve
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>> they say the contractor is working to get that he restored the residents say it is not back up . unattended candle blame for a blamed for a fire that destroyed a house in the rainblbl, the fire was reported about 6:30 a.m. a the neighbor reach the porch helping a success if your resident who appear to be confusedcccc and looking for her cat , the neighbor got her away and ther damage estimate and $75,000. >> chelsea clinton spending the day here speaking to voters about what her mom is the best choice to be the next president is jennifer jordan >> chelsea clinton was visiting on presidents' day, for a woman she woman she believes will be the best choice as president her mother hillary clinton, and chelsea clinton addressing a packed house inside of the getty center at 2:00 p.m., been responded then responded to
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healthcareret affordability, she's no stranger to supporters as she grew up during her father's presidency, she says this is the mosts important presidency election it is the first she votes as a mother and says that as a present president her mother would build upone president obama's accomplishments and the next president has to stand up to bigotry, racism and anti- islamic rhetoricicb as for the recent surge of bernie sanders. >> i think that we all need to be thinking of and what is at risk of the progress that president obama has made in the work that is yet to be done andi i believe that my mom has the strongest plan and a record of
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two deliver promises made. >> the ohio primary election of less than a month away she says it's important to get as many people to vote as possible.i >> the death of a supreme court justice antonin scalia ignited a
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there's a lot of snowfall moving in for some folks's and get caught at kickoff of that in
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over who will be the nexti supreme court justice the fight is not who will replacert justice antonin scalia but when that should happen or could happen and who should be replacing them , h republicans say that obama should wait until theat election ct is over if he picks a candidate the republican congressss threatens to knock it from anybody the democrats cry foul they say the gop is worried that the press would press would pick a liberal candidate then throw the balance of power to the left .lien >> there's a reason, not to confirm someone> he has every right to submit a name and to pick a person on the other hand it is the senate'sna right to confirm or not confirm that particular time. >> implantable so my constitutional responsibilities to nominate nominate his successor in due time ti . and
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me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote . >> the white house says president obama announces nominee activists and in return from winter recess next week . busy day for pope francis on his third pope francis on this very day mexico arrived at the southern mexican state of chiapas chiapas, when the poorest areasn rr of the country, he drew large crowds he also held mass in three indigenous languages . brazil's president says the zika virus outbreak will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio, the president their believes they will have success to fight mosquitoes that carry the viruse or military hundreds of thousands of health workers have been mobilized to fight zikadrh they said the said the virus is sweeping through parts of latin america, it is mostly harmless for adults but has been linked to ay birth defect of all newborns. >> a drug bust worth about
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liquid meth was found in the inserts of dozens of brasin the bus they call it is the largest seizure of death to date addition to being hidden of there are more liquid meth was smuggled in children's art supplies o all four suspects currently under arrest in australia or l hong kong nationals . in the us, parents of little o league players that were stripped of their 2014 world series title pursuing for the return of the title, the chicago o team won the 2014 little league championship but lost that title after it was discovered that some do not meet residency requirements, attorneyey for the player says that the parent submitted the proper document and although the players do not live with them the boundaries the map submitted was verified as legal during the regional tournament.
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about this, the documents were submitted, the eligibility documents were submitted to the little league there was no problem with the children being within those boundaries until much later. >> the family say they want the title reinstated to the team.> >> fly the friendly skies is the safest in the past five years as airline accidents dropped significantlyts the international air transport association reported thatheer for accidental airline crashes in 2015 do not include two major plane crashes that were caused liberally including the crash of the germanwings flight in the french alps and the crash of thet metro jet in egypt.h >> going to talk about some significant weather. >> the process of moving in from the south, dizziness community is quiet, thisdi thin layer of ice
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this season about 65 percent . mostly because of the they're there called past weekend . makena southern carroll county and tuscarawas county mostlyso rain drops and some mixing it is just above freezing . the center circulation this side but on the backside it will eventually move m over to heavy snowfall affecting east of i-77 . that's why severe weather to the south for us it is about advisories and warnings for that to the east and south . in effect until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow or could the catcher has been increase in increased in the past couple of hoursrs between 30 -- 35s . south wind allows the temperature to increase before it drops again
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and the low pressure moves along the appalachian mountains for .o we will see some heavy darker shades of blue reducing visibility because of heavier snowfall as you can seeus if we'll be pushing more to the west, cleveland is mostly out of that that the but the southern and eastern counties will be in thisth for several hours .s they could get a quick entertainer, tomorrow morning, to the stick of very heavy near pennsylvania .he the evening commute, will not be snowing but the road crews will probably be
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. in travel trouble on incumbent n ileana county is going to be some heavy snowfall . s one to 3 inches along 77 including wave ashwin richman medina county . outside of that may be a quick average personal raqqaer tonight around 30 snowfall heaviest of the east . the road crews will be out to get this cleared off, will not be surprised if there are a number of school closings and delays east end 77 . we'll be on e your your screen most likely tonight or at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow
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fridayw and then back to seasonal the next .ea fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. unhappy comcast customers on twitter after there were service outageses to tv and internet provider got a lot of negative attention attention, a comcast spokesman said that the outages were in a number of markets but not all services impacted the problem has been fixed they did not say how many were affected as it even though the latest star wars movie ist still in theaters it's never too early to start think about thinking about the next move aso disney released a short video announcing filmingn has begun on episode eight . shows luke skywalker glare of a absence absence of left off also day if so several left off also
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members have been added asas benicio del toro and laura dern, the episode eighti will be in theatersh december 2017. >> kanye west released a new album and says he is $53 million in debt to the news of his followers before performing on snl, the album is only available on the streaming service he between hubley sees the quasars full time because of thiss se because of ses facebook this he asked facebook founder mark sequeira to invest $1 billion his ideas.seok >> a day off from school does not mean that there are not listenede to be lessons to be
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some breaking news, from downtown clevelandki police called to the warehouse district near west ninth in st. clair they say that months ago, a shooting suspect has barricaded himself inside of a business with the hostage do we have a crew there and have the latest tonight at 10:00 p.m.. >> a bit of presidential trivia, more us presence here from ohio than any other state, are tied with virginia, a good day to visit the presidential home ofa president james a. garfield home ho and business center in mentor, it was a day off from school but much history to be learned, ass there was no admission to tour the home todayay the visitor center is always free. >> you could be a big winner but you cannot win unless you have a av ticket, ticket for the st. jude dream home on sale thursday for 18 to 6:00 a.m. the half-million
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golf area built byby cleveland custom homes, tickets are $100 h. proceeds benefit saint jude,m the ticket gives you also a chance to a car from the car from nick abraham auto mall and a hot tub from lite-house pools and spas and other prizes go to fox for more info. >> in spain, an award for dedicated servicei reveals that a man had not shown up to work for six yearswn the 69-year-old engineer was assigned to supervise a wastewater treatment planteasi but with little duties he eventually stop showing up stopped showing up for work turns outalg this he thought he was workingou for the water board while they thoughter the city over cesium, you could have two pay backk a years year's salary after
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