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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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glad you are with us tonight. let's begin with breaking news out of lorraine barrett looking for a missing tooth who may have wandered off her name is lando over she was last seen in a 2,000 block of randall avenue
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futty pj's if you see her call lorraine police we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you more as should she shoes stay or should she go teachers demand of rigging students grades. they are giving her at their full support we are life in strasburg after attending a heated school board meeting. as you might and magic there were strong emotions on both sides said feel should be investigated and those who say that she is moving the school district in the right direction cindy brown has led the franklin schools for the past year and a half and it appears tonight that she will be in place for many more years to come. more than two dozen teachers in
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district input requesting an investigation as superintendent cindy brown the accuser of the data out raking change in the system midyear to create the illusion us student performance. i'm disappointed that it's reached this point. i look forward to working with the fact the students in the community to give our kids the best education they deserve it) presented this to the school board wednesday on behalf of the teachers it was also sent to the ohio board of education. not what administration should be earning. during the meeting several parents spoke up to support the superintendent and the job she was doing. i feel strongly that the board of education got it right when
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leave the district. high school science teacher said that she was disciplined for not following the new guidelines she could go through and see there were people who didn't like her grades especially their grades. of her documentation and everything's done an assessment of the matter. (-left-parenthesis eight welcome any state assessment.
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who even her leadership and her some of her supporters spoke out today same different teaches at different the teacher union president says they're not asking for her to resign or be fired they just want to have this state look and see whether -- the state board of education if they have any questions they welcomed us and will answer them the school board here has no plans on conducting their own investigation at five cases in the hands of ohio's top law
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the reaction of the family is as you would expect. cuyahoga county it doesn't mean a whole lot right now maybe it's a good thing we was see they could impact the civil case since november 12, 2014 when tanisha who suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia died while being restrained by cleveland officers. that day was just a bad day. cassandra johnson says her daughter was slim to the ground
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her into a squad car to get her help the medical examiner later ruled the death a homicide. i just want justice for her. we do something wrong we have to pay for it. even while waiting for their day in court the attorney says cassandra to quietly work for change by continually educating the public especially first responders about how to properly interact with the mentally ill. it's given the mom strength. just the fact that they could raise the issues they are trying to find some meaning in her death. suzanne strafford, fox 8 news. there has been an number of positive changes all that it seems that's a crisis interventions are more or less mandatory in the police department.
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levels were found in the water lou maglio is on the story tonight this is a strong action on part of the epa. they are clearly unhappy with the results of an investigation that happened in seesmic they've found out that they failed to properly notify customers of hikes but loveless and did not provide prompt and accurate information to this field office an internal review mayfield that they failed to make sure that data was sent to the field office for review that employee was fired for nonperformance the employee's boss also been my goal for not properly manage a worker performance issues and that's all here and manager in the northeast district office being for not bringing the problems to the epa's director when they inform them about the problems of first week of december. there's also this they are
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treatment plant operator from operating any public water system and ohio and revoking his license. there hoping it is a happens anywhere else ever again isn't the only 40 have tested-running the top right of for several minutes doesn't eliminate any detectable lead still no pity making excuses up little attack on a security guard at an akron hospital is now the subject of the investigation the occupational safety and health administration will look into the stabbing of an unarmed security guard at akron st. thomas hospital last night the guard in the hospital cyclic he underwent surgery for his
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recover the suspect here in juveniles appeared in court today on a charges of felonious assault -- officers were called there is part of a missing persons investigations camera .-dot located the remains in the back yard cause of death has not been determined officers were called to the sunrise cove in summer than a dozen people to the hospital fire crews responded to
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receiving a 911 call a total 16 people and 11 adults and five children were cheated at three different hospital they deem the furnace unsafe for use in they visited the home last month. for us as the fire department will go out and will check immediately upon receiving a call and check for the levels
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stop the army corps of engineers they want drivers to obey the law local community appears to a teenage girls i quickly goes a virus and according to the school that's the problem by its raising about social media. it was the final say back and american idol second season. we catch up with northeast ohio's big breakthroughs. warming temperatures on the way. andre is looking ahead to the weekend that might not so much like winter. there's summertime tradition like baseball and fireworks on the fourth of july the dave matthews band returning to blossom on saturday may 21
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you to win a pair of tickets to see this show before you can buy them. stay tuned for your chance to
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i can actually see that waxing get the us moon. it's pretty high up there and it's getting brighter and brighter. that very fact that i can see it the atmosphere is clearing out. here is the satellite. superimpose the temperatures on
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coupled with the fresh snow pack means that these temperatures are probably going to fall and fast. look to the northwest where its arty in the teens. with winds that will continue to lighten up during that month it's going to be a clearer fall clear old ninth them quit happens here between thursday and friday. stiff self win. not until friday for the increase. thirty-two is a height today stop 24 is the current temperature that will likely fall another couple of degrees we have some-to go before we get to that warmer air on friday. we'll go with 11. by 5 degrees are all sums single digits first guys clear in the winds will become. tomorrow it looks like a bright and sunny day in the brightness
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least not for tomorrow it will begin to come in for a couple of days beginning on friday. going into the weekend. i think you're ready for the splash. let's get you caught up on tonight's breaking news out of living police there are looking for a missing two -year-old who may have wandered off we now have a photo take a good look care she was last seen around last seen wearing pink footed pjs landed about 3 feet tall and weighs about 30 pounds. if you see her please call police. you probably don't remember geauga lake looking like this the new tour of the former northeast ohio we had our own
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mcdonald's drive-through later on in sports the legendary jimmy browns will be frozen in time here about a statue honoring the hall of famer the cavaliers
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the republican candidates try to put their best foot forward
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primary they host a town hall meeting featuring ben carson marco rubio and ted crews person was asked about the controversy surrounding the supreme court he said if he was in the last year of his presidency humid move forward when repair took the stage he targeted cruise with some harsh words. i said he's been lying if you say something that isn't true there's no other word for it. what is about your record jeff declared out because if you don't the people say it must be true you didn't dispute it. he referred to him as donald trump with a smile they will take part in the second townhall tomorrow. apple is challenging a charges order to to help the fbi unlocking iphone apple ceo says that order to unlock it could threaten the security of
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house doesn't see it that way josh earnest says the court is in trying to get apple to create a new back door of florida couple has cashed in the second of three winning tickets from the powerful jackpot they came forward publicly to take the lump sum payment of about 3289 they didn't inform family members until last week that they want a tennessee couple of cashed in their winning last week was a lot of money. still to come contact living you won't believe the price take on these small faces. it's a confidence also an
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win two tickets to see that dave
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seen him before. the brand-new drone video shows what the amusement looks like now. matt wright explains. they shows what's next for the property. >> keeps locked, you would have the recognize that form a geauga lake park. from there, and new perspective from the coast it's become. most rights read snow removal only
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the company spokesman says it's not a done deal and meyer is still looking into building at 200,000-foot store on 460 acres remain up for sale to attract the development like crocker
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was so many memories matter, fox 8 news.
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>> meet the ease clifton mott director, yes she believes the state rules are unconstitutional. the state also says that they should have gobs of these cameras she says things cities have a right to make up their own traffic laws. >> why is it fair than for joe driver to have to obey that law but the city doesn't have to obey the state law to have those cameras there. >> we help our laws, our people approved and endorsed first. >> so what is the penalty for
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with cameras. until court cases get decided. so, eileen spivak left of the $95 ticket. she is appealing. i feel it's extortion. >> is cleveland's law director says she's watching three court cases surrounding brett light cameras and expects ruling in those cases to decide how all this should be handled. could use some are facing animal cruelty charges were kicking and joking about it. the victims name is hank he's a six -month-old labrador mastiff mix. witnesses say 24 -year-old leland right to direct the puppy in the parking lot of the pets mart in cuyahoga falls. tonight hank is recovering at an animal rescue shelter pleading not guilty earlier this week he is due back in court next month. here now are some of the other stories making headlines tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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so wells case going behind the in 2009 cleveland police discovered the remains of 11 women. in an around the home. defense attorneys are appealing his conviction claiming he did not get a fair trial. cleveland police tell us an arrest warrant has been issued in connection with a double murder downtown. two people shot and killed inside an apartment building on west ninth street last month. police have not yet publicly identified a suspect in the case. a man suspected of nearly 30 cases of theft behind bars, josh wellborn is stretched with one count of burglary police executed a search warrant finding more than 60 items identified as property stolen from wadsworth residence. anyone who believes their property is missing is asked to call wadsworth police. take the hoping a pair of tiny houses will breathe new life into a growing cleveland neighborhood. the homes are being built in the
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there is very tiny just enough room for one bedroom along with a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. tiny houses will be eco- friendly and energy efficient. >> i think the market is going to be really very broad because it's going to appeal to just about any age segment we think it will be appealing to younger audience because of the affordability aspect of it. tiny homes will be placed between they will be on sale this summer. >> we are halfway through the week and we are looking forward to a big warm up this weekend. here is on fire with all the details. >> but we have to get through a pretty cool night tonight so hang in there because once you
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until new york state, northern pressure which is to be much closer to us the results you can see the backside of the clearing edging into not in ohio. we can see a lot of men light out there. here is tonight webcam time lapse from the five-mile crib you see the cloud start dancing around up there. a little bit of motion from the cruel eyes and that cleveland shoreline. these clouds are getting thinner and thinner. it will lead to some pretty cool temperatures. where is it right now? 24 is the coldest that we've seen so far today. that will likely go down another couple of degrees before we settle around 24 midnight and then go down much lower than that for the overnight low
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i goes nearly calm overnight tonight. tomorrow we start seeing the southeast wind and a subsequent mild up. so get ready. milder, not so much tomorrow, much more enhanced on friday. slow clearing, cold and quite tonight. you may have made just a minute there. the man is 78 percent illuminated. temperatures fall into the teens we have some single digits shoring up in a lot of places depends on how clear you get, how light that wins get tonight, those are going to be it will keep us call tomorrow.
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taking shape. right now saturday looks tribe. dry and partly cloudy sunday looks okay. maybe estre shavar. back in the 30s next week and we could see and other coastal storm on thursday and friday of next week, which make it close. your official school closing station, get all the closings and delays on your phone and on the air. >> a male classmates come away the school says social media is to blame. he a big warm and fuzzy dylan id. that police bold from a car. the dave matthews band coming back this may.
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>> caught up on our breaking news tonight, the search still on for missing two -year-olds in the rain. >> we want to get to assess season with the latest on what is happening right now. >> it's an intense search right
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here in the cold. you see behind me were at colorado in fillmore avenue is where the street and shut down. there are number of different agencies hears. you name it different agency showing up as we speak. family members and volunteers meeting with flashlights going through the woods in this area. the little girl disappeared about 8:45 p.m. she was spotted walking down the street. we want to show you a picture of her see you can keep your eyes out for her. this two -year-old little girl wandering in her pink pjs around 845 seen in the 200 block of randall street. the search is now concentrated here near fillmore avenue and colorado avenue potentially the little girl must've been spotted at some point other covering all their checks. where hearing lots of sirens, streets being closed and reopened as the intensive search continues tonight anyone out there with information and everyone here and loraine being asked to keep their eyes open and to look out for this little
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a cold night like tonight. more information at so people can keep on top of it and help out. lots of concern in the rain tonight. thank you for the update. officials say the two students go to the other to understand the effects of social media. a fast food restaurant and missouri's serving its burgers
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the location has been attaching stickers with bible verses on the bags of food given to customers. in the past may printed scripture on the receipts themselves there has been some pushback in the small town for some people saying they just prefer their ordered to be correct instead of getting esserman. >> why would you go to us and i can be like a, here is a bible verse to go with your cheese sticks. i be like that kind of weird. >> it doesn't bother me a bit. everybody needs to have gotten their life. he a sonic corporate says the company isn't associated with any religion and that franchisors are free to do what they want. a bizarre scene captured on police at dashcam here officers recovered to giant teddy bears. two women stole the bears along with chocolates from a drug store. please managed to track down the suspects vehicle and arrested the women and save the bears. it still not clear if the
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>> he was the first northeast ohio and to make the finals on american idol. >> how is his life changed in the 13 years sin hit the big-time? we catch up with the former idol to find out. they make millions of dollars a year and all they do is make videos on youtube. tomorrow night, fox eight news at 10:00 p.m., the tubers and the porch or they make meet the local man who at one time had
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american idol one of the most successful and longest-running shows in television history. the heat many people from right here in northeast ohio have performed on the show. the magglio cut chased him and a suspected he says these brands changed his life. singing >> if you're an idol fan you may remember charles grigsby saying in the high school choir he made it all the way to the top 11 and idol second year. >> i would never been in
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a kind of hit me out of nowhere. >> it's impossible to overstate how big a deal this was. small-town kid and what was the biggest musical stage in the get you the things that i learned through the appearance brought me to where i am now. >> we found him in chicago were, of course, he sings in the the community. he was baptized and has god. idol seems so long ago, but he will never forget his triumph. >> when it came to my turn i completely forgot the lyrics i mean totally just bam. and then i just told myself oh my god, what am i going to do. and have literally i made it up. >> he remembers the judges loving it and you get moving on. after idol he released an ep, performed run here with a group called crooners then he joined an international band called centric which played in thailand
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single called headliner. he also performed at the underground railroads under benefit benefit in his hometown of oberlin. idol made him a celebrity he learned he could perform under intense pressure, he realized he had a gift to nourish, but he wasn't destined to become a music superstar he was destined to become married and become part of something bigger to join a church and uses gifts in other ways. >> i feel like i'm in complete am reminded that god loved that he does love us and he does have that mercy for us and that in his eyes to matter how bad i feel, i am perfect in his eyes. though he didn't achieve the start them of others, if you ask him he achieve something much greater.
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not all of the snow here in the next couple of daysys. temperatures are struggling now


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