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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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>> i think a possibility that prior to her being found that somebody put her there.ei >> her chair and sister reported seeing a man grabbing her and running awayr in a utility crew affronted not. >> police are still investigating how she got outside, the family has been cooperative as the police gather more evidences and try to identify a suspect . >> we don't know where she was, we don't know somebody had her we justdo don't know and that is the chill in fact. >> they are grateful for the outpouring that help to find her . >> nothing more than a mile ld that iveick fogog hech so
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th planet th them fondto thank lea hi but say that no amber alert was issued because the information about her disappearance was not specific enough to meet that criterion.nfnf parking tickets are appearing on windchills and university circle with stiff penalties for those who do not payanve. >> to look official but are not as lorrie taylor joins us with the investigation.a >> couldn't parking tickets are a green and white and come with instructions on how to pay, much like the citation pasta bar a private company, this wase she come with a warning that you have no obligation to pay. >> the shops and restaurants of cleveland's uptown neighborhood
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. those who can't find parking along euclid avenue can find plenty of spaces behind the complex where it says public parkingg. >> i think people may come in come they see the the gate open to think that and think that they don't have to pay.hehe >> bonnie marrs says it's easy to get the wrong impression about what is required of visitors to the park a lot operated by espy plus ab . not only are the gates wide open and there is a sign that says the first hour is freega. >> failure to the money and what of the the pay station scope that are easy to mess meadowview park and they will find a violation of the wind shield .w they said it looked like the city of cleveland parking
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failure to pay in subsequent violations may result in the in the telling war re-electing of your >> i should than hudson from cleveland and official parking ticket issued by the city in want one oh bears and he identified the sps of the official city issued ticket. >> i had won like that before. >> do not hesitate to pay? >> no. >> because you fear you might get in troublele. >> and has a same sized the same size the same kind of letteringsi. >> fuschia boutique is to be clerk of courts. >> we think that it is deceptive to mimic the tickets that we have . >> he says that the clerk expends considerable resources
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ly sp plus parking violations he says the company has no authority to tell carsrs from city streets that can tell from their own property.e >> is that an attempt on the part of your companyy. >> been forcibly offered no explanation nor did anybody from the corporate office as the calls for a return.exat >> as she tries to figure out whether the ticket on her when she was real, and she's also trying to understand why she got it, she says that she was only away from her car so 10 minutes, well within the first three hour . >> i don't know for going to pay it or notp i might just go to my dad and, feel like i'm not doing this.l >> the violation envelope is addressed to sp plus, but in these days of privatization it is hard to know if that is aat
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or a private companyom. it anderson varajeo is no longer a cavalier he was traded to the trail blazers part of a three team trade, they got i channing frye from the magic, anderson varajeo been in cleveland since 2,004 said most of last season recovering from a torn achilles, j.t. has more about the trade coming up in sports. >> the i-team were no disciplined given to the rta bus driver can't'td going through a red light , less monthly toward the video to argue showing a bus blowing the light at west 85 in
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they cannot identify the driver because the best number was not clear. >> details via number of a 19 -year-old woman north royalton , her boyfriend accused ofwo shooting her just days after he says they discussed marriagej as peggy gallek reports. >> holding her daughter's photograph, phyliss shaver clings to her sister for support during thursday's court hearing, she says that she wanted to be there to see the man accused of killing her daughter, 19 -year-old christal shaver. >> 25-year-old jeffrey greiner, the boyfriend pled not guilty to the murder charge. >> it happened at the suspects condo earlier this week, the family said they had been dating dating for four more than a month.. >> 's attorney says that the death was a tragic accident and
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gun was loaded. he >> they were in a happy relationship and plan to get married . >> but the family disagreed said that>> they just began dating after meeting at a local speedway. they say that she was devoted to her family and church t and it plans to be a missionary. >> she went to be a missionary was going to go to guatemala this summer to teach children english as a second language, andis i think that her plans were set in motiont. >> bond set at $250,000 the bonds case sent to the cuyahoga county grand jury. >> and north royalton, peggy
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her mother was too distraught to speak what to speak want to thank everybody for the prayers and support. >> two suspects held on bondss connection with the monday night incident in the warehouse district, krush clothing employee re is held on 5,000-dollar bond which is lower than the tour 50,000-dollar bond for the second suspect because patrick burton hill is from california and a flight risk , the gang impact unit investigated by the police do not believe it was a traditional robberye of a woman was arrested not been charged. >> charging a driver and a hit-and-run crash that killed a bicyclist,iv tiffany carter amanita faces failed to stop and the uk homicide, he was riding his bike to work november 3 when he was killed, she fled but
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in. >> a man is in custody tonight accused of participating in at least a dozen break-ins stealingar cars to even a new winnebago, shows three men breaking into camper city implements of last week stealing a 25,000-dollar winnebagoe coinvestigators have recovered the camper and other items taken from businesses and construction sites.ot >> on the gate there is a sign that says you are being videotaped, i it has a cover and a shield so that you cannot break the lockck must have spent at least 15 minutes trying to break >> 36-year-old joshua collmar is in the in the summit county jail entering, receiving stolen
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expected to grow in. >> anu prakash to control police chases on street. >> that lineup easy as i-team reporter ed gallek reports. >> we went to see the people in charge asking about a call to stop police chases from suburbs into clevelande. >> s.j. sparking outrage, but that it will not lead to changes anytime soon, at the gathering of the cuyahoga county police chiefs association asking about a call for suburban police departments to stop chases on city streetsts bu, or at least when suburban officers come into the city to fall boldly cleveland police pursuit policy, this ended with a crash. >> it will not happen overnight.
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countywide police chase policy. >> cuyahoga county has more than four dozen departments some have lots of highways others do not they all have different policies for when and how to chase the bad guys. >> when you get 57 opinions you got to listen and you got to work through the process.t >> they been looking at this for years,, what is this going to take for someone to get killed? >> councilman mike polensek leads theco call for controls of chases by outside departments into the city he says just have everyone follow rules in the city. >> understand why this is like writing the constitution of the united states. >> maybe come to expect expect them to agree onon policy, we show
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citizens cannot agree, a recent chase in cleveland was called off after a carjacking. >> the council wants the cleveland center director to send a letter to every suburban police departmentd to say, if you chase into the city you have to follow cleveland police rules .
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he was, as smooth as a baby's bottom. >> it is named for a another great leader, f stephanie tubbs
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a pack of wild turkeys terrorizing a new jersey neighborhood as they have virtually taken over a cul-de-sac of the people therev do not mess with them that have been known to attack cars and neighbors are not sure what they would do to a person.wn >> unsuspecting mailman fell victim this week. >> baserunner distraught, he was so upset he cannot get out tone call for help, the postmaster called 911 and. >> adequately this but i've got a carrier attacked by wild
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let him deliver the mail trucks this was not his regular route he was doing a good deed to fill in for a friend he was not injured but odds are he won't do that route again ever again. today was beautiful and just a little bit cold, tomorrow, will be warmer we do have some narrow sheets of ice lake erie it is aboutla 64 percent ice carver job lake eriei .
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minus six, . sunset was sunset was about 15 minutes ago . . you got 41 cincinnati that warner comes our way tonight to because of the warm front . the warm air is moving this way
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in kansas city 75 and 60 st. louis and paducah . the main thing about this will be theth warmer temperatures tomorrow tonight upper 20s the benjamin knight it will be
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then about 15 afternoon will have some very gusty winds tomorrow may be issued a wind advisory . on sunday the 40s on wednesday, a coastal low that likely will stay east . say goodbye to a cleveland favorite, j.t. with talks of the
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a lot of great years here as j.t. joins us, they need a change roster but tell that to
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career of anderson varajeo . he and jared cunningham were traded for, he is going to portland expected to be waived, he was f immensely popular and a great energy guy who was the ultimatea cleveland teammate he was injured a lot but why cannot question his heart and hustle . the cavaliers to get out from under that contract saving about $10 million,on getting channing frye desperate this virtue of his ability to space the floorpe will be one of the top three pointers for the cavaliers this contract is fort two more seasons . they get channing frye and a first-round pick in 2018 the blazers expects to weighs out give him a free agent, any team except the cavaliersy and sending
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$10 million celery and luxury tax penalty. >> the cavaliers will be the chicago bulls who are two and zero against the cavaliers is a result of the deal, they maintain other than golden state that has beaten them twice this season the answer is chicago there will tip-off at 8:00 o'clock at the q. coach tyronn lue says that kevin love will be back in the starting lineup after last weekend matthew dellavedova could return after missing the last five games with a sore hamstring
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. it was just an emotional game. >> a glimpse of some of the browns leaders. >> new associate head coach and session with the media . comes from the indianapolis colts he worked with one of the best young quarterbacks andrew luck and how that helped him to bring along theh next browns >> whoever that we have a square back,, via veteran or a young corner back, you have to have a plan specific for that quarterback kurtav and i felt like over the years i have had opportunity to not only watch him grow but some of the others
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>> brass brass go to indianapolis next week for the the nfl scouting combine coach hue jackson will have his eyes on the quarterbacks, includinghe jared goff from towel andl carson wentz from north dakota state the browns will take a quarterback with the number two overall pick in the draftler they also have the first pick of the of the second round at number 32 overall. >> the events are beginning to work as the pitchers and catchers report toa the good euro zone on wednesday, form and dance mike aviles, and his daughter who was diagnosed a diagnosed with children's leukemia last mayd detroit tiger and had great news for tigers media he said that she is now cancer free, last year the team supported them, many of then he and the organization shave their heads in supportof, she had a bone
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is doing great . she will join him in spring trainingsh soon. >> david griffin said today that few players have earned the respect support and admiration ofn the entire organization, fan base and city as he did andfa those all of the things that make it a difficult thing to make that call to anderson varajeo to seet to say that was the end of the road. >> was not a close match, the story behind the playoff win at
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east kuala speaks out for the first time about a near daily encounter with circular anthony sowell. >> says she's only talking after his attorneys are pushing for a new trial as roosevelt leftwich has the latest. >> his lawyers claimed he did not receive a fair trial because of mistakes made andla his confession was handled, and a woman named chanel, says that she survived an attack by him says thatsac . what is going on just make sure very angry. >> a summer day of 2,008, she
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karen says that then she's addicted to crack and hung out around the area ofck east 130th in buckeye to find her next high that's when a man approached her and offeringa drugs in exchange for sacks they went to the elevator maintenance room at the top of a building funding only violence not drugs. >> my main thing was to get up and run but i i was naked so he hit me and i headed back, that made him mad enough that hek choked me so hard, that i was foaming at the mouth, and i felt myself passing out and my body was dragging against the wall. >> chanel says the man who raped her in that room and continue to have user, she says that she managed to escape after she agreed to go to his place. >> that made him stop and then
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about how somebody did a wrong.c >> chanel says that she talked him into waiting downstairs while she had at a friends apartment until friend's apartment until he went away,a chanel says she tried to forget what happened up until months later when he was arraigned in court on tv that she realized who her attacker was, she says talk about him being granted new trial brings back those memories and the anger that she felt . >> this settlement is that he felt that he was not being treated right and how could you say that, someone that they found a little 11 bodies on his property ando they say he's not being treated right, that's not right. >> chanel says the reason she recognized him on tv was that his teeth were messed up and she knew that it was himte but felt
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person addicted to drugsut would come forward, she says that she has been off drugs for years and it has been reunited with her children she says she thinks about what happened every day and thatys some days it is just hard to leave the house. in death penalty cases, there is a chain of appeals and his lawyers are looking back at the case to see what they confide to try to get him a new trial or get his sentencing changed. >> bill cosby demanding money from his accuserer, in a and a pennsylvania criminal case claiming adria karstadt violated the settlement by cooperative with police who reopened the case last yearrsiv . lawsuit says the agreement barred her from voluntarily discussing the case with law enforcement, the amount of moneyfo that she received was not released, but he is facing charges for sexually assaulting
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>> the latest in the war of words between the pope and pope and donald trump, it started when a reporter asked thena pope about pope about immigration reform that's whenen the pontiff said that his desire to build a walleded is not in line with christianity and that a true christian builds bridges, ge although the pope stopped short of saying thatat you should not vote for donald trump do not take long for him to fire back at the >> with america is attacked by isis which as everybody knows is their ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would only wish and pray that donald trump would have been president.. >> trump says that he is proud to be a christian and it is disgraceful for a religious leader to question a person's faith.ititf >> video of a helicopter's hard landing in pearl harbor, all
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critical condition, they're that is again the coast guard says it was a civilian chopperat honolulu news reported that it was owned by local companies to make a lakewood man was going the wrong way on 71 andgo cleveland crashes into a car killing both highway cameras reveal that 22 -year-old kenneth urbanek drove the wrong way for a long-distance narrowly missing several before2 k hitting the car driven by 33-year-old lakesha brown. >> it took me back a few years ago i was on same> of one of those that was alikef two, 3,000- pound missiles had on at
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good.on >> chief steven hammett shouldn't think about the solution for a number of years he decided to go public after a wrong way driver of her 80 in brooklyn on sunday crashed head-on into a car driven by college student, 20 of kayla coates was killed the other driver survived >> of tragedy can learn something to make something better, you can engineer something. e >> 's proposal calls for the installation ofof stuff spikes on highway ramps cars in the right he direction would go over the right the cars in the wrong direction tires would be shreddedoo. >> at the comanche that can match you that -- you don't have ha time to react if to react it to flatten their tires and if if they mated to the freeway may be only about 10 miles per hour m the clock first responders need to go the wrong way to get on the highway to respond, theynd could
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give them enough room or they could be disabled. >> as there are drawbacks not the least of which is is the cost but he says if they could save a life it would be worth it . >> that's me and just keeps bugging me until i reach out and find somebody who's going to take notice i always think that if we save more lives
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you have the sunshine, for some reason, mostly mental, you feel better with the sun shining tomorrow,ly a few more clouds and a lot warmer . winds will be increasing from the south and westt with a wind advisory possibly issued with a winds gusting between maybe 40 -- 50
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it's going to start warm-up because of a warmfront the winds will be between five and 15 mph and et they will will be increasing gradually overnight tonight . y'all say with a warmfront is we have in there city of st. louis and 75 kansas city . the 20th affinity for two days starting
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probably friendship apl and lorain county, look at this guy she is a fr half-year-old american bulldog the owner do not want him anymore because he got too big but he isis a great guy just look at that face and that smile
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friendly, outgoing and loves absolutely everybody he is a social butterflyn good with other dogs and older kidsg, probably because of his size . albee on albie jan is our kitten, he is a eight month old kitten . as is a rescued strait, aas affectionate sweetheart he loves to cuddle and still has a lot of kitten left he is very playful and great with others . but that you she can give us a call . the sold-out nearly 90,000 tickets in the saint jude dream home giveaway .
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jude. >> for the saint jude dream home giveaway were happy to be a part of apart of this once again, over 18,000 tickets up for sale for that dream homep that is over $5,000. >> do not take long before thousand tickets were sold. d >> in only 40 minutes we were halfway to the goal. >> generosity made it happen to pass for the past three years raised nearly $6 million for st judea children's research hospital in memphis tennessee they do not have to pay for anything during the study because of donations,
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and spas visited the hospital when reasons that they donated a hot tub to a lucky viewer such a great charity and an in our half can't raise that kind of money is just great switch back michele sartor is amazed that they have had been able to do and what northeast ohio has done to help.. >> so happy, the excitement here is amazingng ever seen anything like this before the people herer are just wonderful . volunteers rs at panera bread from banquet nonstop until the last ticket was purchased.
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>> does you able to get tickets and you can touring the dream home bill by the festivals for a chance to win $10,000 from fish furniturenc biology we cannot have made this years drew holm ticket sell-a-thon a record-breaking success.on >> image more lives in these more lives saved more money for research picture that no family pays for anything to st jude this is just so hugeeichi touring the dream home beginning in late may . >> drive for the drew holm and prizes take place on junew 23 if you have any questionsun or how you can still support st jude we have compiled a list at fox >> still ahead, story behind the
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playoff win at a local high
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local high school massillon jackson nationwide attentionon rally demanded. >> gore can beat the northeast ohio prep school by 107 pointsbe p.j. ziegler joins us with more on this lopsided game . >> the scoreboard tells scoreboard tells once during the game itselfll tells a different
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by gilmour academy, they say that they did not try to run up the scoren. >> the final score of the semifinal against northeast ohio college prepin wednesday night. >> they and the sectional tournament and won the game 108 -- one .. >> northeast ohio prep was zero for server 28 shooting and one free throw in the second quarter but a case of the academy trained to run up the score just a a lot like if you're a baseball game you've got a guy on firsty you don't steal second .y and we do not steal second. >> three minutes of the game began substituting players many
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>> we changed from a man-to-man to a zone at some point and allow them to shoot . northeast ohio college prep zone college prep has only been around five years this isc their third year competing as a girls basketball program team only has a girls on the on the team northeast ohio fell onto callan on camera about the the outcome of the game did release a statement that reads in part -- two teams plan because it was
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of theec state tournament they then advanced to play wickliffe
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a lorain county by gun safe after she went missing for hoursrs matt wright explained that please don't call it a bit suspicious disappearance and someone may insulin may have taken the girl. >> 2-year-old back homeic is safe and doing okay, tonight, they have many questions about where she wasas more than four hours .


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