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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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temperatures will stay the morningdh not all whole lot going on here in the way of rainfall
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when they arrived on the theme not let them ini after about two hours they got inside supermand shut napster's room they do metro hospital police remain onai the scene when they wait for
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missing the trend of your house chew rope are out of her home in with missing for four hours they call the gross disappearance suspicious. shes was in relatively good condition she was found investigators say she secondse with the two walking in the snowe the below freezing temperatures for several hours they'res looking into every possible scenariore prior to this gentleman finding herr which is a bitb concerned that 911 call because of the third told her mom 9
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together two suspects are behind bars on bond in connection with the money they incident in cleveland's warehouse district m they consider him a flight risk.
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going in the wrong direction would have their tires shredded. it would eliminate maybe they would be doing 10 miles per hour. saving lives would be worth the money. b the chef it is restaurant will have food combinations on their menu. f mcdonald's is testing out a new breakfast item here in the
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110000b restaurants between two and a griddle's. will be available if you want to get both. because it's small. minutes is coming up al why he is i suggesting that they may be acceptable. scott, good morning. thirtys through the morning were going to see some breaks of sunshineak there's really very little chance for seen any rainll
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ready and overrunning precipitation that developed ahead of the warm front and that came through ashtabula had y a little touch of sleepy what's upw without snow moving out at theut temperatures in southern ohio in cincinnati approaching 40 indianapolis it put them in st. louis it 60 to go through the warm front of our perch in indianapolis. the temperatures will start to climbt and we're going to seeee that warmth built into saturday so high that one start frontro starts to push north will see breaks of sunshines there's a
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western ohio and the wind gusts not and the shades of yellow south ossetia, already above 30 miles per hour it's going to get more windy today that will offer some mixing and basically that meansic the cloud cover will send out and we was see some cloud cover o currently at 31 and a current one speed here in clevelandcn is higher wink us. low 30s further south a little warmer here0s willoughby at 37 with a high of today of around 52 with some pretty strong windsg the cloud of wilson will we cold front will trigger a long shower today coverage will be much more thanu about 10 percent we make it through the day without seenma in the much of rainfall continued windy tonight will stay in the 40s and keep temperatures climbing between 50 and 55 tomorrowat see how we rapidly clear will probably see more
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see today. we might have to adjust these temperatures tomorrow perhaps back up into the mid- 50sus there's the trailing cold front. it's update which will develop your books for brain in the forecast for sunday primarily after southern ohio would be their locations for saying that asin chances of rain on sunday as we starty to trend back the temps and pushed on some really cold air early next week as the temperatures will be cold enough on the eight-day forecast for a touch of wet snow at some point lateom wednesday into thursday for 44:00 a.m. is your timeor goodg
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morningng on a friday. the jackknife tractor-trailer that they are dealingng with state patrol and zero .-dot crews. simply continue along 98 to for8 90. to 77 north as your alternate police are y almost done with this accident 77 north path appear out with windows ce on the camera diffuse winking lights at the top of the screen justice you are out there and traffic is really getting by a-ok. this is 90 eastbound approaching west 25th so far no delays. is as you can do have to go to for 90 asto the rent to the end about bridge is close at the jackknife tractor-trailer. cast prices are averaging around
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go to our website and hopefully when you clickh on that you'll see'l some cheaper gas prices in your neighborhood. with one campaigning day leftr republican candidates went after each other during last night's town hall meeting. they're spyingal on a number of tablets the line, for donaldon trump through a lot of attention the pope took a shot at trump's immigration policy is i get to build old wealth between mexico in the united states. they said to just those losses not bridges is unchristian andis of course trump responded. after i read it there was a t little bit softer. his got a half the border withwi data has security is got a have tremendous illegal immigration south carolina voters head to the polls tomorrowoweg but there's a
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place an emotional moment foro presidential candidate a young voter showers his personal struggles that have found meaning and that ohio governor's message.d i could over a year ago a man man who is my second that killed himself. and a few months later my parents got divorced a few months later my dad lost his job and i was in a dark place and it dark place for a long time i found hope i found in the lord in a my friends that i've found it in theri president can you guys support but he responded with giving him a hug.rt sometimes you just need to slowto down and let people talk about their issues.
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thursday when he was asked about women aborting fetusess infected with the cap. the pope responded that abortion is in a lesser evil it's a crimep aborting pregnancies is not an absolute evili they've urged went to avoid getting pregnant. 4:48 a.m. is your time.m weather and traffic just ahead. a big thank you to you. you helpingk help to make it happen.
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it's going to start to warm back up and we're going to meet some sunshine later today and strong went which will havest to taketo temperatures are back 50. an outside chance of a passing shower today for coverage is pretty small today mostly sunny and we should into the 50s 40s tonight slight chance of a shower late sunday the southern half of the viewing areaea most of us might not see anything in the t
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middle or end of next week ase the temperatures by monday and tuesday start to drop through the 30s and maybe upper 20s by next friday. i think the big story today will bew twofold there strong wind andnd temperatures about 50s wet haven't seen that and quite a long time. that certainly has been busy for such an early hour that ramp iss closed avid jackknife tractor-trailerav happened early this month your traveling along 90 eastbound left to continue on to for 90 and take this to
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accident two what pitches that ramp from 80 east and end about bridge that's currently closeden as they are dealing with the northeast ohio new been doing this for many as we're happy to be a part
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custom homes. and it didn't take long before thousands of tickets were sold i in only 40 minutes. more than halfway to our call.u your generosity made it happen patience and him don't have to pay for anything during their stayay because of donations made by you. my grandson we need him to come to these events so he can inspire other people are partners also enough the samean judas. one of the reasons he and his company donated a hot to a lucky viewer. it's a great charity. it's such a greatlulu experience. in 90 minutes or so to raise
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that charity is great.of there may so think judas been it to to do and whatat northeast ohio has continually tend to help out.o the excitement in the air i've never'v seen anything like this before. the people of cleveland are wonderful. he went nonstop for an hour and ao half until the last ticket was w purchased the arizona was soldas out. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank this is what it's all about. they've been with hist' your say anything veryr want to say s thank you to everybody if you weren't ableo to get a ticket soon you will look to her the dream home built by cleveland custom homes for chance to win $10,000 from fish furniture the credit to our sponsors support and to you for yourou generosityg with all all of your we couldn't have made the cell about the
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it is 5:00 a.m. let's check in with scott sabol we haven't had that in a long time. here rico will check it out andnd see o what's happening here as we haden some light snow that developed a lot of it didn't even reach the graph at the head of the actual warm front that's lurking between indianapolis in st. louis look at theino temperatures spread mid- 60smi in central missouri you headhe into central illinois and the temperatures drop into the middle 30s there's the one printed starts to lift north has


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