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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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then i'm wayne dawson. once the warm front goes north those winds will really start to climbr the front moves through good big jump in temperatureo
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south has a chance will be pretty small if anything i'll bee a couple of sprinkles later on today traffic l time with pattyty harkin it's 5:32 a.m. finally some good news. this is 90 eastbound bridge has chester. it's clear.
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of the freeways also in good thank you. several children inside a home when a swat team made an entry earlier this morning. stacy fry is life with what we know.w. it was quite the situation out here on granger road when police arrived no one would let them inside the house. they made entry into the house they foundt a man have been shot on the lake and a woman arrested who'stke shot as well. she would let them and she wass uncooperative she was placed in handcuffs and arresteded the children were unharmed they say this home is notorious they getg called it pretty regularly for issues they were
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kind of problems and not titus who these people are the man is not been buying being cooperative either saying how heow wanted shot of the lake earlier this morning situation cleared up in there waiting for the detectivesu tense moments for that neighborhood. two suspects are behind bars on bond inar connection with the monday night incident in cleveland's warehouse district crash clothing employee is being held on $5,000 bond, but the second suspect has a $250,000a bond. patrick burton house in california so they consider him a flight riskc northeast ohio fire chief calling for spike
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avoid wrong way crashes steve nash since he wanted to share his idea after 20 -year-old college studentar died in a head-on collision on i for 80 on sunday month he wants to and stopad cars going the wrong way would drive it will be cooler thano the wrong their tires shredded.he it would eliminate one of the worst hazardsds foot flat mike tyson if they made it to the servants maybe they would be doing 10 miles per hourr that could be an issue that he says saving lives with certainly be worth that money. restaurant week gets underway in
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wizards of rain be lawful the offering $15 lunch special restaurant report went on the 28th. 200 and taste testing for weather and traffic every eighter minutes is to have a big web articles high school plans goingb to be more sleep has soared from
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was check in with scott sabol thehe temps behind me in the mid- 30s where's the cold front schoolso has announced the warm front bring up temperaturesan might see a couple of sprinkles later on this afternoon south of canton on sunday highs in theth mid- 40s we drop to the 30s theirt chance of snow won't be into the middle or end of w next
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the snow cover should be history. e when you hear the team score 100 points it usually means a record has been broken andoror when you think they added team only scored one point todd meany is here to explain. not a typo the finals taking place this week in three minutes of thee game he starts again starters and putting freshman
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northeast ohio preptt it's a lots like if you are they smoking they did send a statement over that reads in part for the final score did not result in our favortsc the entire's is extremelyi proud of the come lottery is their third year competing as itas grows basketball program and they continue later on this they were zero from 28th so
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it. they held a celebration lasher after they won the division iii title the 2015 bad out will be the sixth basketball championshipi this global race into the rafters have biking villages 630 weather and traffic they will be able to try it withi a short road trip.t here's a look at the e shores
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it is so windy down here at there airport were getting rid to take
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i'll be a windy with more on that here is scott. yes, it's wendy that's going to be that big story today even though the temperatures will be above 50 with the wind it won'two feel like it because that onet front is very struck starting to lift up some cloud cover already pushing 40 in cincinnati felt look at the warm appeardy st. louis state in the 60s all night looks so that's the warm up we will be fantasy i don't think we will touch 60 but the warm front is very strongk anticipate the winds to get strongip partner norwalk the wink
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per hour. storm fox radar showing again late snow moving out chardonch .-dot is 29 middle self 26.
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feel whole lot of warmth 53 of the winsted pretty strong person'son there's going to be another system held be in the deep southe' maybe it is five north as f call him a sunday afternoon this point will keep mostl of northern ohio pretty dry for the weekend the court of the rainfall will be cincinnati are trending cooler by monday we could see just a touch of a streak of lake affectct on the end of this eight-day forecast for thursday and friday. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station.. it won't feel like it because the wind severe like 30 miles
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get enough sleepf they found a 35 percent of adults arere sleeping less than seven on senate whichh they show that married peoplesh and those of higher education will most likely get a good night sleep wewe need more sleep the fast foodas giant is tested in the chicken brittle his saved his sleep in just a very competent is findve the fast food in there trying to fill that gap weather and
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aheadad barack obama welcomes the raining b champions before they wishing they would give him a
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welcome back to fox 8 newsf in the morning. 5:52 a.m. let's each you caught up what's happening in the news. new york police are considering boycottingo beyonce for her concert engine because of her super bowl performance whilee performing at the big-game sheg and her dances are out there
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agenda we're already planning to boycott in sixn i get to say give it up they have gone almost half a century without thingsne they got the hat trick. i think it's pretty clear the kind of luck i've brought to this this is the third white house is
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to wina the stanley cup again packages the president joke he made asked to keep itagag the terms are flocking to californiaer was dubbed of the five faults and it's actually a natural plant affect and lighting up the horse's tail fault that is not beautiful.ecth while. it looks like it's's on fire. 's only seen a few days in februaryr scott mills a little bit about that stuff.mi close tough. our forecast as we look behind me we start to climb the temperatures have bounced around a little bit onceim we look around a little bit. has a looka at that eight-day for september going toat go way up
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here for today. more sun on saturday) outside chance) of a shot outside i think it might midday highs will be in the middle 40s back into the 30s on monday and tuesdaye there's snow that we see from that system will be small late wednesday night into thursday. between now and then. virgin atlantic is still jimmy timey but the company is doing to keep playing for space tourism from being grounded.
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tgif. it's a great day. it's too early to tell. we've got four hours five they're giving up on their idea of one day taking tours to thisp that comes months after earlier version was destroyedt it's designed to more than 60 miles off the graphs which is recognized as the boundary no spacea
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space good morning. welcome to fox 8 news in theni morning if you're just waking up with us good morning. we are your wake-up call my name is wayne dawson. it's wendy and only going to get strong as the temperatures remainpe right in the middle 30s for the most part. temperatures going to the 40s by noon and it is the warm front in the 60s st. louis it 61 as the front goes north that was
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increasee that doesn't necessarily mean were going to escape the high winds andnd northern ohio it means that though be up for its toledo up over the lake erie i have temperatures ine and a day the 50s tomorrow this is 90is


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