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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  February 21, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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it is morning. welcome everyone to sunday february 21st at 8:00 a.m. bright andd early. if you have the a little one you've already been up for three i hours. >> we were just talking about that how the little ones like to l rise and shine bright and early especially on the weekends right? sleep is a hobby of the past. good morning and thanks for waking up with us.d >> of course aj is always up and awake and ready bright eyed and bushy tailed with your forecast right?rr >> no. the caffeine helps.
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about.nts they are watching right now. they might've been up for two or three hours. >> ready to play. >> how do they have that energy? >> i think mine went my push and go went away when i was about 10 how about this zany weather?r yesterday a 67-degree high in i cleveland a couple shy of the record but we had four records reported. three of us were tied and one was at break. sixty-six in akron canton brokenrok by a 67-degree high yesterday in akron canton. rain south of the shotgun and south and east of columbus over to lancaster south and east of morning.g. central and southern ohiouth picking up some rain this morning. the sun is trying to come out a bit.
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frames and cloud cover is much more prevalent today and our cloud cover looksksmor chilly. thirty-four currently at hopkins 38 it akron canton and we will show you thetak rain and thunder down state along downstate along the ohio riverlong and up to the north noticed twenties evens teens around international falls that home where hovering just shy of freezing and 30 ones inin strongsville checking in at 37 and canton 36, soul and 30, bedford 35 and north olmsted at 33.35nd a couple of fronts, one to the north affecting us a little bit. high pressure keeps us drive for the most part. could there be a flurry? flurry? sunset tonight at six oh eight with temperatures dropping into the thirties by nine andres d we will w
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it is not necessarily upward and the in the temperature department.t u for the first time in the 2016 presidential race saturdayatu brought multiple contests all in theght same day. >> democrats weighed in on a tight contest in nevada and republicans cast the first ballots in the here's a look at the >> the balloting started at 7:00 a.m. saturday in south carolinaa. but the contest out west hillary clinton and her democratic caucus in a tight battlecr witha bernie sanders and came out on top. >> i am so so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters outteful there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. [cheering] >> the margin of victory much smaller than perhaps the campaign hoped. ernie sanders noted how he has been playing catch-up.
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beenth about is the issue of momentum, is the issue of bringing more and moreum, people into the political process. >> from first in the west to first in therom south, donald trump led by double digits in most polls di heading into saturday's contest then posted his second victoryed of the 2016 republican race. >> let's go have a big win inn nevada and a bit when at the sec and let's put this thingt away. >> but with trump's victory in a departure from the race. jeb bush the one-time front-runner saying. >> the people of iowa and new ne hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decisionhave s so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> nextend for the remaining re remaining republicans partyar caucus in nevada on tuesday. democrats come to south carolina
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next saturday.n cleveland police are investigating after a security guard allegedly security guard allegedly shot unarmedng suspect who was firing at cars with a stolen gun.l a temper attempt around 230 saturdayenmpe morning at the intersection of west 100 17th and triscuit. the security guard told police he saw the 23 -year-old shoot ath passing cars and allegedly ordered him to stop but larkin turned and pointed the gun at him. that is when the security guard shot him in the wrist, shoulder and leg. paramedics rushed him to metro where he was placed underer arrest.. he will face several charges including receiving stolen property because the gun was reported stolen the middleburg be heights. meanwhile cleveland police are investigating anotherr m shooting just down the street from there. witnesses say it started when two men got in an argument near western avenue. an after some pushing and shoving, the suspect allegedly pulled out
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antonio cummings in s the leg. he jumped into a car and sped off and friends drove him to the hospital where he is recovering this morning. to h anyone with information on the suspect should contact police. a driver co makes a gruesome discovery telling police he found a body in the back of his truck early saturday t morning. >> the question of course how to get there and where did it comee from the expert harris has the expert harris has thexpe latest in this very confusing case. >> a bizarre case with a lot of unanswered questions. >> he wot of actually saw the body but i can't t comment much more on that.. randy bartlett says a public waste services driver found a dead body in d the back of his garbage truck early saturday he was stopped at the shopping plaza when he first called police about the discovery. they are now investigating exactly what happened.
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that it is a white male. we have not positively identified the individual. >> he says fairlawn police are working with theys summit county coroner's office and detectives frommmimi akron to determine where the body came to from. he said the driver's route included stops in those it is also. >> itt ud is a matter of looking into those departments and check in checking the area where the trash pickup sites were. it is a site that you are going to see a lot in northeast ohio. when it warms up there is a goods chance your car will hit one of the countless millions of potholes in the last week's did not decrease did not last long when the weather warms up warmsnot up there will be a lot of potholes revealed but this one on east 55th street st near carnegie east of downtown.
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pothole, reported to the city of cleveland and they may reimburseth you for some of the damage. 's still to come on fox eight news in the st morning, a major breakthrough for cancer research.arc >> researchers have announced a possible new treatment for thet f disease and we will tell you how it works next.te another reason to pour anotherrso cup of coffee this what coffee could help ward off with time you met let's take a live look outside this morning. the sun is out with a little bit of cloud coverage out theres ou but we will take it. enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures this morning because they willres be falling pretty quickly. aj will fill us in on the rest of your work week when we
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50-cent sunday morning and the welcome back. a live look from one of our cams. i guess 50-cent is in the news later in the block and it will w be interesting to see what that is all about, rosie and autumn coming up with that and many more stories. here's a look at our lake ice situation and of course witho clear skies nasa's imagery the satellites that go over literally scan a strip at ahat time but they are high death, very -dash shots of the death shots of thehe hi lake and of course you must have a cloud freel atmosphere to get these detailed you never know. a little closer shot of the lake and we are kind of zooming in a bit. the western basin of western basin of lake. erie is really
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this is over 90 percent covered during the last arctic0 outbreak but now that whole area of eyes is actually ice is actually moving to the north.h. we will show you the extent often the ice due to its south wind and it has kind of shoved and compressed the ice northward. n it is sparse and then ice. ice the literally skating on thin ice.e. these are the record high temperatures ar yesterday and the numbers to be tagged guess you could say and the area with flashing red t rains did see record highs from mansfield akron canton youngstown and erie.. akron can't it did break their record high yesterday and made it up toeco 67 degrees as we did here in cleveland. here is the rain and it is way
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south of columbus a wider view showing heavier rain as it came through with a thick little shot of rain and even some lightning and thunder out of bad weather system as it skirted the southern part of the buckeye the numbers 36 of the lakefront, at the lakefront, not much wind chill, none at the lakefront because the wind's are is our calm tnt and 2-mile an hour wind at hopkins airport. partly to mostly cloudy, temperatures cold as well into the mid- mid twenties and a seasonal chill in the air.d t also tomorrow will be a little beloww average late in the month sunshine mixed clouds more more sunshine tomorrow than we are seeing for today and here's a look at the fox eight day outlook.k.ook a you can see the temperatures
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forties to near 50.back i rain showers are good bet on wednesday and we will eventually transition over to some snow. wi it is definitely going to getng colder by the end of the week. we will be contending with a weather system that could putt down some accumulating snow. too early to tell how much now but stay up on the latest, e if your travel plans include any part of the ohio valley. twenties thursday night and we arey in for some snow friday saturday and then aso cold sunday on tap at the hyatt in high in the upper twenties.he hy thousands in washington dc pay respect and celebrate the life of late supreme court justice antonin scalia who died last week at age 79. >> shannon green has more now. >> thousands gathered today at washington's basilica of the national
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roman catholic church in north america to bidd farewell to antonin scalia sc one hundred third justice to sit on the us supreme court. today's mass was celebrated by his son, father paul scalia. >> he died with christ and rose with himwit to new life. may he making now share with him eternal glory. >> speakingm of his father, scully scott we have a scully of the of sun noted his father's belief that funeral should focus more on god and the gospel than th on the deceased. they gathered to celebrate the lifefe of a jurist to both critics and supporters believed was a powerhouse and hiser impact on the court will be felt for generations. >> the love of god has been poured out into our hearts with the holyt i spirit that has been given to us.t >> vice president and mrs. biden who of long had a friendship with the scully a familyy represented the administration
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his son also noted during the funeral mass the relationship his n fatheroof saw between his commitment to christ and his b country.try >> when faith is banned from the public square or when we refuse to bring itlic s there, so he understood that there is no conflict between loving god and loving one'stw country, between one's faith and one's public pu service. >> thee bit burial of justice scalia was a privateia event for fo family only. his colleagues will be back on on the bench monday to hear a new round of new cases. m a federal panel faces criticism after deciding not to t recommend universal screenings for autism.. the preventative services task force said quotes there is no harm in screening all toddlers but they say more evidence is needed before e calling fori screenings in children younger than that. some parents of autistic children disagree and say early detection and intervention lead to better quality of life.
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breakthrough in the fight against c cb researchers in seattle have announced a possible new treatment for the s disease called immunotherapy. doctors took white blood cells known as tite cells from cancer patients and genetically modified them then put them back in the body to multiply. researchers say the study of the new cells stopped the cancer like it was a virus and protected patients. it eliminated all symptoms and 94 percent of patients with a certain type of leukemia. of other blood cancers showed an 80 percent response rate. it's the work r still has to be reviewed by scientists. chance of developing a certain type of liver disease researchers say two cups of coffee a day could cut your chance co to to cut develop alcohol-relatedto cirrhosis by 44 percent. cirrhosis of the liver deteriorates the liveris o by blocking blood flow.
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commonon cause of that in the us but experts say it will never balance out the effects of ss excess alcohol and some doctors say more research isl needed. still to come, when she saw police, she thought she was getting ticketed. >> instead, she says they helped her in a time turn a time of need. she elped a local women's special message to law enforcement isome next and. where rapper 50-cent instagram ra post post is landing
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it's nice when the sunth comes up. up it's not saturday. it is sunday obviously because
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it's nott bad. ba >> it is not bad. >> she thought she was getting a ticket from police but instead a cleveland womanpol says they saved her family from starving. >> here is a touching story into the woman's special message for thoseet caring for kids. >> it was almost 1:00 a.m. >> early tuesday morning more like the middle of the night. >> the girls had an date all day except breakfast. b >> two daughters ages nine and 11 so hungry beverly could no longer wait to find foodly butbut unable to buy any after paying bills. >> my whole check goes on thee ranch, gas, lights, and phone that i don't have any money left >> in tears she walked to east 150 second street at the i 90 i offramp to panhandle, and someone stopped, a cleveland police patrol car. >> ipol thought they was going to
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supposed to be out here asking for money but they said no, we we are here to help. to >> the problem is they're not a lot of places you can turn to at that time of the morning to pick up groceries, but there is one they were quick to open their doors. >> everyday breakfast lunch and dinner he feeds >> focus north americas at the harmus herman house, a house, a nonprofit group thata that sergeant knows well.ll. >> not even a question it was two or three in theit morning i've got you what do you need? >> they donated enough to last a few days in the sergeant andan than the sergeant and patrolt officers to: scott delivered the t food to beverly and her girls. >> we went and took a picture with her, hugged her at her house. >> i was so thankful and all i could do was think god.ank those officers was so nice. >> and she learned police had helped many of her friends as well which is why she is sharing
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says some cops have received negativecops attention, she wants people to remember the good officers out there.t >> they came. thank you officers thank you. bless you. >> thank you suzanne. panhandling is illegal and ale ticket can the ticket can cost hundreds of dollarsi but police say you can call first if a person is in dire ca need and they do have emergency contact numbers and some shelter organizations that can help. for information on how to support herman's house go to police in montana's around the home effort were each neighborhom called them but the residents are not fighting.l they were just watching the walking dead. police got a 911 call from sunday night from a person said they heard screaming coming fromco the home and someone saying they had a gun. when they got there they saw up
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watching the amc hit. the family was just told to turn it down.. i write 50, you've got somet explaining to do. rapper 50-cent is going to have to explainape his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy lasty l year but later posted pictures offy himself literally with piles of cash. one photo shows them with stacks of $100wi bills that could easily add up to $50,000. t the judge told his attorney tuesday he must come to court and explain all of that. after 27 years it seems itit would be tough for the simpsons to try something new but they did. we will seeedid homer live this may. the show's producer says homer will appear on the episode for five minutes for 15 minutes they plan to use motion capture technology for the live us moment with dan caston l-letter acting
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fans willand be able to treat tweet questions by twitter at the #-number-sign homer he does have some explaining to do pdfs he does. >> 27 years of being homer. >> my husband is going to love that. >> i have questions for homer myself. 8:27 a.m. and still ahead atat this hour, breaking the law. >> one ohio city is cashing in on speeding tickets but the fox eight i team uncovered at the a way that ticketing folks is illegal.
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>> it's that time, 830. >> when we are not here you can always go to and click everything you needo now. >> it's nice to see secondary blues guys out there. >> hints of clouds flying around flirting skies with our sunshine
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h yard in the spirit of love. >> are looking lovely today today incidentally. >> a good show there. good show. >> a lot more clouds around today than yesterday at this time. those clouds will not support any precipitation. you have to go south and east to glean that precipitation from the cribha cam of our fair city they are and the sun coming up in the background. a little bit more limited than yesterday. mo temperatures in the fifties right
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to move to this eastmpe southeast you can see the font front coming in it is just anything that does form will be very light.ust do from a the vigorous a vigorous a 30-mile an hour wind gusts arevi more we are headed for we're headed for 26.o mostly cloudy a seasonal chill in thecloud air definitely feeling those wind is producing wind chills most likely in the upper teens.
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temperatures top out in the mid thirties. 39 degrees andd looking at the eight day forecast coming up veryy shortly we will detail the weather system that could be veryt important for the middle and latter part of the upcoming week.nd lat >> and northeast ohio city collectingg money but not following state law. >> how can they get away with it?c >> .-dot jeep busted by a red light camera, the driver more detehtdr the ticket after what the i team uncovered. spitting out tickets and finds speaking out tickets and finds but sptic this is not following the rules for having the cameras. eileen is furious. i she drove the date the jeep. >> are not going to follow the law th
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you for doing something illegal in a letter to the state east clev eland said the city is not operating the cameras. instead, a private company does but the company runs the cameras cam for east cleveland. >> theye are trying to skirt the law. you don't want me to skirt the law but you are? you are not following ohiot vice codes. >> you guys have the cameras there t for them it's not like to have them there on their own. >> it's not like the law is constitutional. >> she believes the stage roless are unconstitutional and they said they should havecon cops at why is it fair for the driver tothe how to have dual bay that law but the city doesn't have to obey the state law to have their cameras they are? >> we have our laws that our people approvee our and endorse.
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reports? the state tells the i team they could hold this for east cleveland with the state is not doing that that at least not yet so i lean left with the $95 ticket. she is appealing. >> i feel it is extortion. the ohio state highway patrolthe continues to investigate a crash thatue killed two peopl in ki stark county around 7:00 p.m. friday on state route aro 619 one column avenue and lexington township just north in lexington township just north of alliance.e. troopers say a chevy impala was traveling at high speed when the th driver lost control or careened off the road, slammed first into a utility pole then several trees.s. both the driver and the th passenger were thrown from the car. the stark county coroner hasr identified the victims is 28 world rolled wheatland white and
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the crash closed 619 for moremore than five hours and you can read c more about the fatal crash at dallas police have just released their investigation about johnny manziel browns quarterback. his ex-girlfriend has accused him of assaulting her. investigators are looking at a surveillance video of the night whenf t colin crowley called 911 911 saying men's l-letter hiter h her several times and dragged heri into a her attorney says his client suffered a ruptured eardrum and says man's mandel threatened to kill both her and himself. police are also reviewingg crowley's medical records from that night. it issued the there was a protection order issued barring man's often contacting crowley but officials have not spoken to men's all yet.ials >> we will finish the investigation as investigation a as soon as possible but detectives at work around ar witnesses and victims schedules which can sometimesv delay the process. as of today there has been no b
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ofee any will be filed against mister manzella. >> have you talked to mister mandelteryou yet? >> no..> we are letting the officers andf detectives do their due diligence.icic we want to make sure all the factswe w are they are and clear and we will present it to the prosecutors. >> so police have both surveillance video and medical records from the alleged assaultlae but still have not interviewed johnnyill manziel. they hope to wrap up their investigation by the end of the month. brownson indicated they plan to drop manzella soon as the nfl t calendar allowsh them, march 9th. it was billed as a bowling bash and many children who went don't have the chance to go bowling often but they had a blast. listen. the quarter alley uptown partnered with a special wish foundation opening their doors early for more than 100 wished children and their th families to enjoy a free day of bowling.
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snuck away for a moment with her family to tell us how special the day is for all of her children. >> he it is wonderful to see my kids altogether and being abled b to do something like bowling and it's just amazing. >> alley had to get back to her game. many of the children face immunea and germ issues which can make it hard to take part in public activities like ta this but warner alley opened early and made sure the kids a were an environment that is safe for all of them. w there was free food and special wish currently serve 64 children who aren't cleveland university clinic this hospital and thed ua ronald mcdonald house. >> what a great dayll out. >> isn't that nice to see? it's nice to see all of those organizations comingsee together. it is 8:39 a.m. and still tos 8: come. >> tropical cyclone made landfall in fiji last night. we willla detail the damage and
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the candidate pool to p become a us astronaut is growing. what it takes to have the right stuff for one of the toughest jobs in o the universe in. a live look outside our universe right now, downtown cleveland. a beautiful downtown shot and that beautiful blue sky. i can't get enough of it. how long will it stick around?
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>> once wed in tears wet in tears spinning wheel.ce good song. so
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fiji has started the cleanup efforts after thehe strongest storm ever recorded in the southern officials there say one person was killed in that storm when tropical storm winston slammed the nation with the wind is of w more than 180 miles per houre saturday equivalent of a category five hurricane. it brought heavy flooding, flattened trees and knocked out power all over the island nation. some are concerned about possible landslides after heavy rain's. a nationwide curfew was infe effect until monday morning so crews can try to clear the roads and restore power.s in the us damaging wind gusts of more than 60 miles per hour raise to crush chicago and forced several buildings to evacuate injured in and leaving more than 50,000 customers without power. the lake street l-letter was halted because of flying debrisre but the wildest, these bicycles were just moving in the wind, dancing so to speak, the ogilvie
8:45 am
downtown. the the windy city quite windy indeed and if you did not have enough wind, this was the scene a few hours west in iowa where a powerful gust moved in nearly 60 miles per hour and knocked a tractor-trailer on its side. the driver got away with only minor injuries but there wereith other problems all over the route road in the hawkeye state last night. >> thate is incredible. >> wild weather geek exactly just out of nowhere. g maybe aj colby sought coming. we didn't. >> we didn't see it but aj knows all>> we here.. >> no. what is he talking about? you must be thinking of someone else completely. but we did know that it was going to d get windy and the weatheride today is downright is downrigh pained compared to what we sawt but temperatures will not be as warm as yesterday. highs in the forties today, rain to the south looks like it is
8:46 am
clouds we have a few more thin clouds up they are today. no precipitation underneath them. there is snow to the north and these are flurries along a very weak cold front that the sliding very slowly to the south. we could have a few flakes flying around.d. there may be a flurry. i don't think it will be that big ofit a deal. i would be surprised if there even is a s flurry out there this afternoon o but today a 20 - 25-degree temperature drop compared to yesterday but still above the average 39-degree high. our next weather system is set to form out of such a form out of the panhandle ofoft texas, and by tuesday night and wednesday morning it will ramp up the winds and bring in the chance for rain.d somehow that chance could be heavy and eventually it will transition toto snow, wednesday night and thursday, as the cold air wraps and behind that web rather strong low-pressure went
8:47 am we could be back with some lake effect snow possibly friday and even into the weekend.os there is still about a 30 percent chance that some ofm us will be seeing lake effect. but right now none of that. thirty-six brunswick's aurora 33 mentor mentor 30 barberton 37 elyria 35 and that is where we find west phelanne and west lake as well. hudson is freezing at 32 and alliances 38. a it looks like we will top out in the low forties today. w partly to mostly cloudy, definitely cooler. when does eventually north. tonight mostly cloudy, a seasonal chill, 26, winds north at seven26 to 12 and there you see the extensive extentnd of the cloud cover even at three oh four in the morning and eventually tomorrow morning as well..
8:48 am
monday but for the most part clouds will rule.e tomorrow a pretty seasonal dayy and forties are back on tuesday. let's show you the winds aloft and you will see the actual low itselfa develop as we animate into tuesday. it will spin up right there and thenn traverse the mississippi river and had up to the northeast depending on the exact position of thati low it will be the precipitation type at least that's one of the factors thattor will go into the forecast. here is the fox eight day outlook and our temperature drop expected midweek, close to 50 wednesday but then we are in the thirties and eventually 22 thursday night. snow is a pretty good bad and the wind iss a a will be cranked as we going go wi into the weekend. twenty's are back and fox eight is's are is your official school closing station.e four weeks from today will be the first day of spring.
8:49 am
>> we all are. co more than 18,000 americans want to become astronauts.than 1 nasa said it got a huge response to its astronaut training program.. the actual number 18,300, strum was three times the number they got for their last astronaut class in 2012. the previous record was set in 1828 when about 18,000 people climbed up signed up to see if they've got the right stuff but it's a very tough job to get. i nasa will only select between eight and 14 people to go through astronaut training.t there have only been 33833 astronaut since 1959. if you can't cut a it as an astronaut you can still orbit the earthl as a passenger on the first commercial spaceship.passe >> this is the vehicle but it's b going to take many hundreds of regular people into space for
8:50 am
we're really looking forward to getting it into the art real air where it belongs and then eventually into >> virgin galactic's plans for commercial space gal travel suffered a devastating setback when its prototype crashed in 2014 killing the test pilot. now after two long years thears company is busy perfecting its test model. pilots are training in a simulatoror hoping they will be approved to lift off. ho more than 700 customers have artie paid more than $250,000 to than $ be aboard the250,000 t first commercial space flight.pace >> i think i will take my chances with nasa. a new twist on a classic game, bubble soccer. >> kenny crumpton got a look at the fun but often tiring sport. what is going on kenny? ke >> we are here at the sports complex in willoughby about to play some and cll hot soccer.
8:51 am
here we go.y ready? when the ball. now while they are playing lex explain what they're they are seeing here. >> this is bubble soccer. there's nothing really high tech about it. you put the bubblesere' on you don't let go o of the handles. you enjoy the ride, you knock them down, you score some goals. it's a great time, a great gr workout. it's a lot of fun, awesome. >> how much do the bubbles way? >> the bubbles weigh anywhere in the range of like 18 pounds. the yellow ones are in the 30-pound range. >> but you wear it alll30 over your body? >> it's not like you're carrying it in your li arms. you don't really feel it until the next day. [laughter]l itil so we are at the lost nation sports complex this morning but this is pretty mobile. you guys take it anywhere right?
8:52 am
we are 100 percent where 100 percent mobile company. we need a backyard a park a basketballa b court, wherever we can get where we can get it. check us out in the l-letter bubble soccer .com and we will bring the party to you. >> howe e much how long does the party last. >> people like the party to go all day but they get peo tired so are looking at one to two or one - threeoki hours. >> are you opened bubble nightht it's an open gym style thing where you can come check us out wherever we are and you can get in the bubble, meet some friends come and knock them down andmeet have aem great fights geek and you counseling. >> that's right. no feelings the book no books no sharing just to get in the bubble and work it brin out. >> and e o bubble soccer. lots of fun.ul we are going to go back to you fun kids in the studio and on
8:53 am
>> they don't want to kick a soccer ball. >> know they're just bouncingnc around. it is 8:52 a.m. and still ahead. >> a strange problem just blew into one town. pr why the entire neighborhood is
8:54 am
8:56 am
>> like the weather yesterday. we we were all built up and ready to go and now we are let down. >> dance life. >> that's the waye it always works. but check this out. you could be in australia right now. there usedd
8:57 am
floods and snakes but now one strange intruder is menacing residence in one town. >> tumbleweeds are piling up. we're talking roofew hide roof high outside of one town and leaving the residents frustrated and frankly exhausted. the tumbleweeds that kind of cloudlike in front yards, backyards, gardens, garages. with each gust of wind they continue to move in. o locals say the tumbleweed has been around for a couple of years but with dry conditions this a a summer it is by far the worst they've ever been. been local leaders say their hands are sa tied. they won't use tax dollars to clean up u the weeds because they are technically not a fire we hazard so residents are left to put up with or clean up those tumbleweeds. >> next they will be invaded by an army of goats. >> i like the x-files music coming in theirethe new. still another hour of fox fox eight news justno ahead. >> don't go anywhere.
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the votes are in. see who is in and who is out the winners and losers the south carolina primary.s
9:01 am
in a garbage truck. counting the pavement of look at the fresh cop out their out there crop out there and good morning aj. we will find out if there is more w here more warm air in cleveland. a good sunday morning to you. little to no breeze coming off the lake this br >> that's aj out there in the weather' gardens and was actually was actually quite breezy w yesterday. later in the day things started to cool off a bit. >>
9:02 am
it was good. >> good morning. aj is here to take a look at the forecast. the party's over for at least now peaked. >> little zephyr outl there. compared to yesterday wind gusts work over 30 miles per hour at one pet.winds out of the south andinds east the planet today mostly cloudy 40 at noon and our sunset six ohn and 8:00 p.m. when we pick upk three more minutes of daylight for tomorrow. chile clouds around high 67 degrees at hopkins that almost seems like science fiction. akron canton was thence same. you guys broke a record high.
9:03 am
the official reporting stations.d someone is 70 degrees yesterday. y how about that? here's a look at the time lapse courtesy of cleveland and coming up some high-level clouds outu there right now not sporting any precipitation. currently 39 at lorraine akronn canton for more degrees out there same in youngstown 36 dover new philly and worcester is at 35.w p hudson 32 and alliance 37 warmest temperatures along the ohio river, no surprise there parkers bird 53 with rain showers and even some thunder thunder as well this morning. that area is pressing quickly off toward the east. a there could be if a few floods flyingt around, maybe a flurry or two. a quiet weather pattern at least inea the short term. that won't be the case as we get
9:04 am
last week of february. for the first time in the 2016 presidential race, saturdayt brought local contests all in one day. >> democrats weighed in on a tight contest in nevada and republicans cast n the first ballots in the south. here's a look at those results. >> balloting started at 7:00 a.m. saturday in south carolina, but the contents out west brought the day's first results. b hillary clinton and her nevada democratic caucus in a tight tight ballot about battle with bernie sanders and came out on top. >> i am so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> the margin of victory is much smaller perhaps in the campaign hoped. bernie sanders noted how he hash been playing catch-up.. >> what this entire campaign has
9:05 am
momentum, is the issue of bringing more and more people into the political process. >> from first in the west to first in thehe south, donald trump led by double digits in most polls heading into saturday's contest and he posted his second victory of the 2016 republican race. >> let's go have a big win in bi nevada and ag big one at the sec. let's put this thing away. >> but with trump's victory at in departure from the race. jeb bush the one-time front-runner was not enough. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i respect theirct decision so tonight i am suspending myis campaign. >> next up democrats come here for their first primary saturday cleveland police areli investigating after security
9:06 am
unarmeded suspect who was firing at cars with a stolen gun. it happened around 2:30 a.m. saturday at the intersection of west 100 17th and triscuit. the security guard told police he saw the suspect shoot at passing cars.t >> that's when the security guard shot clark and in the wrist shoulder and leg.t c paramedics rushing to metro for officers placed him under arrest. he will face several charges including receiving stolen property because the gun was reported stolen in middleburg heights. cleveland police investigating another shooting down the street from the last one.elantingi witnesses say it started when two men star got into an argument outside toledo lounge on west 100 17th.d after some pushing and shoving, the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun andd shot antonio cummings
9:07 am
and sped off. friends drove coming to lakewood hospital where he is recovering this morning.orn anyone with information on the suspectorm should contact police. a convicted child rapist will spend the rest of his lifehis in jail. norman kabron norman iss convicted of raping two female six -year-olds during a a four-month period in 2015. he babysat the girls during this period is a babys trusted friend of the tr family. a chi ho to cook correct the cuyahoga county judge sentenced him to for life terms, two of, which will be served a truck driver makes an ex- a gruesome discovery when he found a body in his truck early saturday. >> how did it get there and where to come from? brittney harris has the latest in this confusing case. >> it is con a bizarre case with a lot of unanswered questions. biza >> he discovered the body. he actually saw the body but i bo can't comment much more on that. >> the sergeant from the farallon police department says aon public services driver found a
9:08 am
de truck early saturday morning. he was stopped thatturd this shopping plaza when he first called the police about the discovery. they are now investigating what happened. >> all we know at this point is that it is a white male.l we have not positively identified thee ha individual to notify next of kin once that is done. >> he says police are working with the summit county corners and copley to determine where the det body came from. he said the driver's route included stops in both cities. it is just a matter of looking at thea detectives in those departments and check in checking the den areas where the trash pickup sites were. at it's a size that is too familiar here in northeast ohio. it once it warms up there is a chance yourp t car will hit one of the countless potholes in the road.
9:09 am
last but once thes warm weather gets rid of the snow and ice he see dangerous potholes like this one on carnegie near po downtown. if your car is damaged by a big pothole be sure to report it to the city of cleveland. theyl may reimburse you for some of the y damaged. coming up next we have details about a series of overnight drive-byu shootings in michigan where several peoplee were killed. >> investigators are working to pull the records from pearl harbor after helicopter carrying five tourists went down in the water this week. good news for folks who indulge in both lattes and martinis, we will look at a new study that says drinking coffee could protect sa your liver from the long-term effects of drinking alcohol.tem but first let's take a live look outside this morning. blue skies, temperatures notur quite as warm as we had yesterday. >> aj willad have the forecast. >> he will.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
welcome back to fox news onws o sunday morning. nothing like yesterday for sure s with highs in the forties not sixties like yesterdaye but the warm air did do a lot a number on that lake ice that wasn't all that impressive for the first place in thisaa th season in the first place for this season. look at yesterday's highgh resolution imagery courtesy of nasa. this high resin image or a i showing the bulk of the lake open. these are clouds in the extremee eastern part of lake erieke shrouded in clouds cover. most likely it is not ice covered. we zoom in on the western basin here but most of the ice is actuallyre hugging the canadian shoreline. you see the outer part of the
9:14 am
to is fairly ice free. let's zoom in a little bit more and here is cleveland and the disjointed ice mass they are on there on lake erie.ted remember the strong south southwind yesterday?he it's sort of compressed the ice but it is still sparse and very thin as sp well. these are the numbers to beats or to high yesterday. we saw these temperatures we were only supposed to be 58 degrees and ended up at 57 so here in cleveland we did not even tie our record but in cleveland mansfield akron canton andc erie we even broke the record and akron canton which the new record is 67 degrees. what a day it was yesterday. clear skies inundated with a fair amount of cloud cover but there will be some fun out this morning.rnin to dry air in between two weather systems one to the south.
9:15 am
weather and one to the north.y that front is a very weak cool front that swept south of cleveland and as itt does so it dissipates. flood watches still in effect for parts offl charleston most likely advisory with that front riffling through w and these are the clouds. notice even this afternoon and into tonight there are bright spots. d and as we get into more cloud cover we will be devoid off sunshine just not as prevalent as it was yesterday. 43 degrees today partly tortl mostly cloudy with the wind is out of the north that keep it chilly especially lakeside. thirty-nine at hopkins 41 currently at akron canton so not muchkro of a temperature rise from this point.e tonight's low, 26 and seasonably chili. tomorrow it pretty seasonable
9:16 am
outlook.he the important thing to note inn this forecast is what is on the way for the middle and latter part of ouror week. it is nice to see the sun on tuesday but we will get into some rain on wednesday.ay b some of it could be heavy and we drop the temperature down to 32 wednesday evening which will transition us to a wintry mix and all snow on though wind will be blowing with vigor as well. will there be as official schooll closings? if there are you can find them right here on fox eight.u we are your official school closings station and there is probably timeth for a calamity day here or there. >> the kids are probably thinking we haven't had any.e kidsny. >> they want to go sledding. one man is in custody in michigan this morning after a mass shootinga there that happened in kalamazoo county. officials say they were all ran
9:17 am
suspect was driving by. at least seven people were killed and two others were wounded. as the suspect was driving officers pulledhes over the car and arrested a man in his forties. now authorities are looking for motive. >> as far as we cani tell, these are all random shootings. there is absolutely nothing tohin link these things. >> officials believe he shot and killed five people at a cracker barrel, guns down three people at a car dealership killing two of them and shut another person at an apartment complex. to new york city police officers are recovering after being shotr early saturday morning. an armed suspect crashed his car directly to the officer's car ca than try to drive away. the suspect and the officers officer exchangeds gunfire. one officer was shot of his bulletproof vest. the other was shot in his hip. both are expected to survive. >> this morning as a reminder of
9:18 am
officers do, and the way they put their lives on the line for us every singled to survive. day,y, >inal w w and that is why this city is kept safe because these men and women step up fore us. >> the suspect was shot several times.he he is in critical condition this morning and if he survives he will chis face attempted murder charges. thousands go after the crashds that sank crashed and sank outside pearlrash harbor. it slammed into the water thursday.r on looking tourists visiting the th uss arizona memorial jumped into theu water and were amazingly only one person suffered serious injury.peso saturday team pulled the team so investigators in the ntsb andt faa can determine exactly what went wrong. it is being called a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer.. researchers in seattle have
9:19 am
immunotherapy. poss doctors took white blood cells from t cells from cancer patients and genetically modified them then put them back into the patients.thm researchers on the study say the new cells fought the cancer like they would fight a virus and protected patients. v the therapy eliminated symptoms and all symptoms and 94 percent of patients withd a certain type of leukemia in one study. other blood cancers showed an 80 percent response rate. the work still must be reviewed by other scientists. drinking coffee may cut your chances of developing a certain type of liver disease. researchers say two cups could cut your chance of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis by 44 percent. it cs blocks blood flow. alcoholism is the second most commonn cause of that condition in thef us but experts that coffee will never out of balance
9:20 am
some doctors say more research is needed toor confirm these studies. get ready to start your engines.m > the daytona 500 is this afternoon and you can catch the action right here live on fox eight.ati coming up later, it is a firefighter did not come a firefighter is credited with
9:21 am
9:23 am
aj always comes out looking good when he smiles with that haircut.t. >> he does. >> very nice. it was a saturday with a wi very busy day out in sports.sp here is pj looking for your full
9:24 am
>> good sunday morning to you. fry has not yet completed hisd physical to begin playing with the cavaliers.s. he was acquired by the orlando magic on thursday. they're being thorough t with him wi because he had a heart condition during the 20,122,013th season which kept him out of the 20, lineup but he played all 82 games thees following year. y he did not practice friday with the team and the cat and the cavs are not concerned. he can win not concerned. we have no concern at all. >> cavaliers had practiced on saturday afternoon ahead of sunday's roadad game him on shumpert is questionable for today is with a sprained left shoulder. he did not practice on saturday. lebron james says oklahoma city presents a lot oflaho challenges. >> their matchup foryone not not
9:25 am
you have two guys that can give you 40 or 50 in any given night it's aor matchup and you know for our team we just have to defend the best way we can and try to make it tough on those we guys. >> a tough saturday afternoon for the basketball team that loses 8854. and the ohio state buckeyes were looking for the thirdat straight win as they took on on nebraska. ohio state scored 21 second half second half ohio state opens up a second half whilst came up big to key free throws in the closing seconds allowed the game to go allow the game to go into overtime and then in overtime while gets the go-aheadd t bucket and they win in overtime 65 / 62.
9:26 am
jim james burger it was his nightly steals the ball from matthew gonzales and then lays itnz up berger varies along three wildcats in va control on the steel and berger burger again finishes it off of the layr land the wildcats ticket 52 / 49. the weather was so nice saturday the indians could've played twice c at progressive field. fi they tried going down the field but theyoin were in arizona training took place for pitchers and catchers this firstlac week francona says he watched his pitchers working on nothing but arm w strength strength. as far as the rotation goes nothing has changed the last few weeks. the final spot in the rotationr is and is up for grabs and he could have several options on the season. >> if what happens at the hand of camp where we send somebody down or somebody to the bullpen, i can certainly understand how that can aggravate a player, but
9:27 am
that means our pitching isis healthy, which is a very good thing. >> don't forget daytona 5:01 p.m. here on fox eight. chase elliott lead the cards to the great cars to the green flag.. out of sports time. have a great sunday. spsp it is nascar's biggest weekend and fox eight is your exclusive home for the great american race. start your engines. the 58th annual daytona 500 is this afternoon live right herei onght fox eight. sports coverage starts at noon with the greents flag set to drop at around one. you've got to be there. >> it's ready to roll. 9:27 a.m. and much more fox eight news this morning isg i coming up. one ohio city is cashing in by issuing speeding tickets but we uncover the method sp they are using to cite drivers is the. and an update on the dallas police department investigation of johnny manziel allegedly
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
away. >> yes. >> they got packed in there. >> they did. did you>> get outside yesterday? >> i got outside yesterday and walked around.t o it was a nice break. we needed it peaked the snow comes p later.. >> ages going to fill us in. he is getting a breath of fresh air right is g now. it's so very nice. it is definitely not going to be 67 today. twenty - 25 degrees colder than yesterday and we didn't quite we figured out a 69-degree w high and we ended up with 67 so that shows what little or a lot of wind can do. thirty-nine li l below and it has been as warm as 70 this time of year end as cold as minus two. yesterday people pointed out that we actually had record low
9:32 am
just last february. you will remember if you are in the cleveland area it was thea coldest on record. twenty-seven.5 inches for our snowfall. sunrise 7:13 a.m. and sunset six oh nine with an additional thr minutes of daylight. currentadee numbers 36 lakefront no wind officially right 3 now 39 at hopkins where winds are called mewin and you can see the warm air is still to our south, fifties andso sixties showers and even someh thunder and a very weak cold front drops south today. there could be a dr flurry around but i would say less than a 10 percentbut chance that any flurry activity will be with you can see the wind coming out in the wind is aloft and you will is aloft and you will see the
9:33 am
week in the ohio valley and that will start off as somele rain. there is a look at our plannerla for today temperatures in the fifties. sun will be limited and for the weekek ahead there are some bright spots along with that transition and we will talk about them coming up.p. the fox eight i team has found a northeast ohio city iso collecting money from red light cameras that is not exactly following state law. >> how didfoll they get away with it? at galek has and galek has that story. >> .-dot jeep busted by a red light camera and the driver more determined than ever to fight the ticket after what we've discovered.tick this city is not following state rules for having the cameras. eileen is furious.
9:34 am
charging you for breaking the law but i should. >> in east cleveland city's issuing tickets this way must send reports to the state i but in the letter to the state, east cleveland said the city is not operating the camera's cameras, instead a private company does. but come on. the company rents the cameras for east cleveland. >> they are starting to skirt the trying to skirt thee el law. la you don't want me to skirt the law but you are? >> you guys have the camera for your benefit.r be it's not like they have been there on your own.own >> it's not like the law is constitutional. >> she believes the state rules are the state also said they should have the cameras each the city says east cleveland thinks they shouldt cl each state should be able to make sh up their own laws. >> why does the driver had to obey the law do but the sticky stupid city doesn't have to obey
9:35 am
>> we have our laws that our people uphold and endorse. >> so the state tells us they could withhold tax money for towns such as east cleveland butt the state is not doing that, at least not yet, until court cases about the cameras get decided so eileen left withde a $95 ticket. ti she is appealing. the ohio state i will iowa put highway patrol continues toc investigate a crash that killed two people in stark county around 7:00 o'clock friday night on state state route 619 and lexington top ro township. troopers say a chevy impala was traveling at a high rate of speed when it lost control. the car careened off the road and slammed first into a utility pole and then a tree. a both the driver and passenger were thrown from the car.
9:36 am
at the scene. the stark county coroner has identified the victims as leland and aubrey white. the crash closed 619 for more than five hours and you can read morers about the fatal crash at dallas police have released new details about theirth investigation into johnny i manziel. the browns quarterback has accused has his extra fund accusing him of assaulting her. this one calling crowley called 911 claiming men's l-letter hit mademoiselle hit her several timess911me and in a car. her attorney says she suffered a ruptured eardrum and says mademoiselle threatened to kill both crowley and himself. tea but the judge issued a protective order barring men's l-letter from attack fromfr contacting crowley but they had to do more investigation.g officers have not actuallyo spoken to johnnyt manziel.el >> with the right to finish the investigation rig as investigation as soon as possible.
9:37 am
and witnesses schedules which can sometimes delay the process. as of today there has been no determination as to what charge if any will be filed against misterer mademoiselle. >> have you talked to mister mademoiselle yet? >> no.d too we are leading the officers and detectives do their due diligence. ad we want to make sure all the facts aree in. >> to recap all of this dallas police have both surveillance video and medical records from the alleged assault but still have not interviewed mademoiselle. they hope to wrap up that investigation by the and of end of the month.h. meanwhile the browns have indicated theythe plan to releasese him just as soon as he is allowed to and that should be around march 9thlo. a north carolina man must thank his son for saving his life. the 50 -year-old collapsed in a grocery store and that is one high school student and several nurses ran over in several nurses ran over to help studeneral him.
9:38 am
>> the young man was able to do to chest compressions as first responders made their way to the store.e.resp one of those first responders, a firefighter who also happens to be the victim'srere son. >> i took over assisting with respirations. the chief asked me if i was all right and all iif could say was thank you lord for these people that helped me.lo all the way to the hospital and now.wa i can't express how much i do appreciate it.xpr >> michael spent 10 days in the hospital but he is now back home with a clean bill of health. boldness of bowling bash and many children who may not have a chanceo to go bowling often had a blast. very good. the corner alley uptown partnered with special wish foundation opening their doors early for its 100 wish children
9:39 am
free day of bowling on saturday. one person snuck away to. >> it's wonderful to see my kids altogether. and being able to do something like bowling and it's just amazing.g >> many of the children facing human and german issues which can make ituman hard but they opened early to make sure the kids were in the environment that was safe for them.rl they also provided food currently serving children at the clinic and the ronald mcdonald house. go superman. >> that is sodse. great. great great isn't it? 9:39 a.m. and much more news coming up ahead. 9: up next cleanup efforts in fiji. tropical storm winston hit the island nation causing massive flooding. strong wind gusts cause
9:40 am
mess out of the windy city. we will take a look at all of the damage caused coming up. a live look outside thiss morning, blue skies are back and we are loving it. aj will fill us in on what is in store for your work week when we
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
emetic welcome back at 9:42 a.m. fiji has started the cleanup after the strongest form at or method ever in the southernhe s hemisphere.sph one person was killed when tropical and cyclone wind slammed theln nation the equivalent of a category five hurricane. it brought heavy cory five flooding downed trees and knocked out power all across the island nation. forecasters are concerned about possible landslides after heavy rain. a nationwide curfew was in
9:44 am
roads and restore power. in the states damaging wind gusts of more than 60 miles per hour across th the city of chicago. the high wind winds forced several buildings to evacuate and 50,000 customers were left without power.0 cus firefighters ordered an evacuation of downtown buildings d and the lake in the lake streak l-letter was halted because of flying debris. and the lights were dancing in the wind. that's near where the ogilvie transportation center and the windy city thereanpo is a living up to its name. in iowa wins near 60 miles per hour flipped a tractor-trailer on its side. police said the driver got away with only minore injuries, but several other big rigs were w blown off the road all over theer hawkeye state. unbelievable. >> thankfully nothing like that here..>>
9:45 am
certainly was nothing of that caliber.r >> nothing like 60 miles per hour or anything like that. aj, will we see any wind today? very light winds today. that is definitely something many will be looking forward to, especially after gusts of 30 miles per hour approaching 40 with that same exact weather system.40 we have to be on the mild side of things. storm fox showing rain showers and beautiful sunrise this morning. high-level clouds a lot more prevalent today than yesterday. they will thicken but we are not expecting precipitation and certainly nothing organized.cti there may be a passing flurry with the weakening front as it a weakening front of it heads in. paa with you can see a little bit of that right there to the north. some of its could traverse over the it could traverse over the
9:46 am
i don't think it will be affecting much more than 10 percent of the area we are ine between two weather system so whatever is in here could beoul enough dry air to perhaps bring in enough sunshine. we will drop a couple of degrees colder than we had yesterday.. w the average high low forties. the next hitting texas and t oklahoma and wille swing up along the mississippi river and find itself right over the buckeyeiss state and will that will likely mean some fairly strong wi winds on thursday. rain will transition to snow as it sucks in the colder air.
9:47 am
ending on a cold note as we get into the upcoming weekend of today's the first day of the week.. lake effect snow possible with temperatures only in the upper twenties for high temperatures. right now it is 39 which is not too bad. it is the average high for this time of year. h ashtabula 34 and here's a 24 hour 24 hour temperatureabula trace. we wanted to show you there was a good four hour t window where we four-hour window where we were in theindnd sixties topping out to write about in there t 2:00 o'clock it looks like at 67 degrees and behind the front some colder air coming be in still forty-three for tomorrow. today'ss high much cooler with wind winds out of the north. seasonably chilly and a seasonable day tomorrow as well. sunshine mix in mixing with back into the forties on tuesday.d we could even get close to 50 on
9:48 am
possible. otherwise here's the weakening front sliding to the south.s t high pressure trying to build in here tryi just a little bit and that as we said will keep it dry right on through tuesday.said wednesday dry weather will eventually change to snow and as we get into thursday's some accumulatingt i snow with a good dealwi of wind coming or i need 10 off the i.e. 10 off the lake and snow possible friday through the weekend with highs in the thirties. upper twenties a week from today.e fox eight is your official school closing station. we are going to show you a new twist on a very classic game. a bubble bubbleerass soccer. >> our own kenny crumpton got a look at it the fun but often tiring sport. he is going to show us what is going on. >> hi guys. we are here at
9:49 am
sports complex in willoughby. l ready when the ball. there went on to explain until the folks this beautiful weekend morning what they're seeing. >> this is bubble soccer. there's nothing really high tech about it right? we don't let go of the handles. you enjoy the ride to knock them down new score you score some it's a great time, great workout, a lot of fun. >> how much does the bubble way? >> the pink ones way in the range of like 18 pounds. the yellow ones are net 30-pound range. you wear it all over your body. you don't really feel it until the next day.u do
9:50 am
sportse a complex but you guys take it anywhere correct? taken anywhere correct? >> that is correct.erct? we are 100 percent mobile company.1 wherever we can get in, give us aa call, check us out at bubble soccer .com and we will bring the party to you.ccer >> how much does the party last? >> we would like the party to go all day but people get a little tired so anywhere from one to two or threer hours. we do in open bubble and its us an thing were you can come check us out were of youe are given the bubble beat some friends knock them downat and kick you do for contact marriage counseling. >>i that's a full contact marriage counseling. noo feeling no sharing just get in the bubble and work iteli out. >> any oh bubble soccer.l lots of fun. we're going to go back to you
9:51 am
weekend. >> we are not having nearly as much fun as they are. >> after while you would just be j like a had to get have to get out of this bubble. >> a lot of it for me. it is 9:50 a.m. and theree is still a lot more news to come tired of answering calls and e-mails when you're not the clock? an
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> no boats? >> they would be getting ahead ofof themselves. >> st. patrick's day is the
9:55 am
to put the boat in the water.coffi >> you've got to enjoy them when you've got them. e >> anyway european lawmakers are working to help people make a a healthy balance between work and home life. >> french lawmakers propose a law allowingch law workers to legally disconnect from e-mails and smart phones while they are out of the office. >> i amiscohilere in. >> this was part of a live arm wide range of of labor reforms designed to make france a business friendly country. french labor unions have long pushed for the rule saying digital technology has created an h explosion of undeclared labor. french government is expected to rule on that proposedover law onn next month next month. interesting.ext m >> we want to know what the weather is.>> he kicked you keep 24 / seven. >> what we're saying is you don't get to do that. >> we will go home, you work.k >> not that i want to go too france, but i would be okay with - -dash actually i do pull the
9:56 am
but today not so much. i'm online. your posting on facebook we are a posting on twitter even instagram. mid- thirties tomorrow, lateor forties on we are going to be pretty close to 50 on wednesday and then not so much. some snow, some wind, low thirties thursday wind chills likely into the team's thursday night and friday morning andth chances for snow persist into the weekend. f we could be looking into lake effect snow. be l pretty cold sunday and that system thursday holds with the potential to put down several inches off snow so stay up on the >> thanks aj.s >> thank you for watching fox eight news at home or online. >> when we are not here, you gogo there.
9:57 am
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i'm chris wallace. donald trump wins big in south carolina. where does the republican race go from here? we'll talk with the two top finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >> when you win, it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for [ applause ] >> after tonight, this has become a three-person race, and [ applause ]


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