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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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pennsylvania . looking at the low pressure moving northwardn it will bet moving our way with rainfall tonight . after midnight will see the rain for your morning commutet mild day for us tomorrow .mi be pretty heavy at times . talk about a lot of rainfall and a lot of wind through tomorrow evening . will be at times heavy rainfall at times with the high near 50 . rain for all of us tomorrow and
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snowfallll tomorrow into thursday for details on that coming up.rr fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. fox 8 news is the morning morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. . >> showdown between police and kids in the parkrk went through and ended with police shooting and killing tamir rice, ed gallek with the video. >> delete 911 call, so similar likely to arise case case, i-team shows what happened. >> looks like two kids have a gun in the park i don't know if it is real, but i saw them pointed at the ground.
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rice and we called 911. >> a call to the police, kids with a gun and a park a gun that might be fake this time on sunday, ridgewood lake park in the shadow of parmatown mall, he saw you saw it unfold with his homes cameras rolling kept thinking about the police shooting and killing 12-year-old tamir rice with airsoft pistol. >> lily cox showed up my heart started to racece than the other police officer started showing up.t >> and tamir rice case police pulled up an officer fired said that the boy reached into his waistband the dispatcher never told never told him that the gun might be fake.. >> is probably fake but he is scary peoplele. >> the parma case ended with two
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12 and 15. >> the officer pulled up about 20 yards from the suspect the officer used a car door for cover photos weather but sweater but do not point it at the suspects. w >> police said that both both kids had been against it looks looks like powerful handguns. >> pick a better outcome if they had the gun in their hand, i commend them for a quick response and everybody went home safe. >> there was nobody at home of the kids and he has a message for every parent. >> nature talk to the kids about o the safety of guns and if you're using a toy gun then have the orange tip on. >> they said that both kids have the guns and the waistband and immediately raise their hands and do not make any suddena
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the parma police are going to juvenile court looking for charges on inducing panic,. >> the tamir rice case was a big part of today's debate for cuyahoga county prosecutorr . >> he has continued to dodge repeated questionsns of what would he have done in the tamir rice case, would he have indicted or not, indicted ? he's not answer that would he haven taken that to the grand jury ? thin out when he was in charge as assistant prosecutor has not answer the question if he would charge the brelo case. >> i don't have the information but i would have fairly, impartially pursuant to thehe law of her procedure presented those to a grand jury.d
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cold harbor wednesday march 50 primary will be the next county prosecutor.. >> learn more about the camden firefighter who was hit and it killed when she ran into traffic on a local highway is dave nethers has more about what was happening just before her death dick clark 4:00 p.m. monday, the akron police get multiple calls of a woman attempted to run across route 8 . >> 43-year-old tonya johnson, a camden firefighter paramedic is hit and killed after walking into on coming traffic . that she was going home with her husband at the wheel as he pulled over to discuss directions . >> there was no physical altercation, who was a disagreementsi in a verbal dispute
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warningoo she started to run and was hit killed by a pickup truck and the northbound lane. >> johnson had been a paramedic firefighter for 18 years, recently working out of station number station number two, described as reliable dedicated employee. >> she is ambitious bright and she proved herself on the job and in general. >> the mother of three and married her husband for several weeksrd there's no way to know why she chose to run across a busy interstate for her husband there was no indication that's what she intended. >> from our conversations with them, had no idea that she w going to run across the highway
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never got out of the car. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> apart hard part will have a chaplainin at the station where she would have been working tomorrow to help her colleagues cope. >> bratenahl police searching for a suspect who escaped from the police department yesterday at jack shea joins us. >> police did a great job of arresting the 21-year-oldld cleveland man but somebody dropped the ball after he was taken to the station to be booked.ddt >> this police body camera video changege, shows bratenahl police responded to a call about a burglary in progresst about 130 monday afternoon to quickly spot the suspect running away and giving chase t.
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was able to track down 29 -year-old gevonne smith of cleveland . the dog kept him at bay until he was placed under arrest. >> something went wrong after he was taken back to the department and bratenahl village village hall to be booked they say he left the area down a stairwell them out the back door for police are happy about that security breachh at the facility. >> there were protocols that were not followed were still t looking into how this happened, but rest assured, we will look into this and take steps to ensure that something like this does not happen again. >> not the first time that the police have had contact with gevonne smith, he was arrested
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casing another home. >> also allowed smith to walk out at face disciplinary action but for now they are focusing their attention on finding out where smith is hidingut in taken aback into custody. >> anybody who is willing to commit a felony and break into somebody's homeh is somebody who is worrisome.ho >> . us marshals service has joined the search for for gevonne smith issue of information on his whereabouts called the bratenahl police..m >> fire at the brooklyn high school stadium was arson neighbor called the fire department just after midnight december 20909ll by the time they arrived the grandstand was involveded destroyed the locker room concession stands so intense it melted steel beams, but please do not have a motive and are, bearing down suspectsbu.
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newew name and they known as jack the . racino will become jack thistledown racino march 9 last year, rock gaming now called jack entertainment took over day-to-day operations from caesars the downtown casino will have a new rewards program calleds as blackjack basic patrons using their total rewards cards at the casino or earning points under the new system.d >> strongsville considering a new tax on ticketed event's. >> senator go to would cost more by now it is just a proposal but as lorrie taylor found out that it could become law by summer. >> the arena has hockey and ice skating including tournaments,as also at the street the theater
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ticket for some entertainment on the potential candidates for 83 percent admission tax imposed by strong bill maher. >> i think it is ridiculous some of that is already expensive without adding an additional taxa . >> says that the proposed tax plan to keep her from going to events going to advance cheek by come back on how many. >> mayor tom perciak was unavailable to explain hiss reasoning for the proposed admissions tax the emissions tax the finance director did not return our callsio but towns all over ohio are looking for additional sources of revenue. >> they say that talk of more taxes makes you want to move out of cuyahoga countym.. >> i think it is unnecessary we are taxed enough to think of something that is not being implemented. >> a lot of exemptions to the
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charitable, religious organizations would not have to collect itit if passed, contacted all members of the strongsville city councilil . those we reached were not able to talk on camera, however councilman ken dooner said a full schedule prevented a thorough discussion at the last meeting he said the finance director told him it would generate aboutho a hundred thousand dollars per year for the general
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plane crash lands on a on a california road in five cars nobody was injured not even the pilot a surveillance camera was recording of the time, the single-engine plane slams into a car that lois lerner the pilot emerges the police are investigating they believe that they wind gusts caused itli. looking outside, skyline advance
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means across northeast ohio . snowfall, we are there are run on par, on sunday march thirteen, the clocks spring ahead . get some 50s after new philadelphia 52 . southwest to cincinnati, 53 warmer air will be just ahead of the system . diseased lungs sector and we will be in between both of those
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moisture becoming a solid event will turn out to be a mess for us to . will get pretty cold thursday . storm warnings to the north and west expected to be call enough with some heavy snow potential through much of michigan . of the, mississippi has some warnings in some counties . low pressure tracking just west of the appalachian . thursday, with the winds shifting northwest will be switching to snowfall thursday morning were all looking for
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predawn will visa light to moderate localized in some pockets for . go through our night between midnight into thursday morning starts to curl in 2 cents for . some bursts of snow will slow down your evening commute tomorrow, rainfall will slow you down and then about four commutes and zero . one to 2 inches possible . snow is still a little up in nearby the air but generally looking at about two -- 4-inch spotsin by the
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tonight and authorities, watch extreme northwest ohio with some fixingre toledo initially . brain went and locally having a terms of rainfall continuesa a mix index of snow thursday . by tuesday, march 1 low 30s and
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the hotel in oklahoma city apologize for the damage is done ,y curve and said that he barely barely slept effective in sunday he only played nine minutes on monday night he was effective scoring 30 points. eye imagined how you felt saw five big bedbugs on the pillow and woke up itching and i was just so tired at that pointas.
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a combine coming uput. >> the browns and executive food has not worked in football before it is important for them to gain as much knowledge as possible on the top quarterbacks sure that the likes of or text alleged of the quarterbacks will talk to the browns who has the higher ceiling ? and who can hugh jackson won't also jackson is to talk onls wednesday and thursday thursday sashi brown will speak to the media, later, atuil 6:50 p.m., two former eastlake north rangers one as a all-american mike frank and anthonyme doug graziano have that in past years see how they inspire each other to reach their dreams.w >> banned in's getting to work in the desert?
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interesting to see what kind of carlos carrasco can can make this coming season, 2015 he came of age and was impressive in many starts for the indians including the night he took a no-hitter to the last out of the game he likes that nikki callahan me the pitching coach a gives them more freedom. >> he told me, you to go from here to the end of the season if you have any questions, so i knew something, he kind of let me do what i wanted to do, and that's whykwa the switch that i have in and i move on. >> the sky is the limit for carrasco . both akron under coach keith dambrot and can't live by coach syndrome for an action tonight's and tell you
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now has video of what happened as a
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driving drunk as peggy gallek has the video. >> police say chief bailiff of shaker heights municipal court was stopped after found speeding on 77 they say there was a cup filled with what they believe to be alcohol next to him.i >> dash-cam video from a newburgh heights police cruisers shows>> the officer stopping a car for allegedly speeding on 77er saturday morning. >> please body camera captures the moment when an officer approached the cars, he found the shaker heights chief bailiff jerome sheppard paddlewheel who show showed him his badge. for the central
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but they said they smelled a strong voter odor of alcoholic beverage . the officer stated that the blue cup next to the driver seat was filled with alcohol.. tests to determine if he had been drinking alcohol >> he was arrested on ovi, speeding and open container. the shaker heights judge says that jerome sheppard has been suspended with pay from, and she he is scheduled to be in court
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police look for who sat a pitbull on on fire and abandoned it in mansfield, .com is recovering amazingly well, these are photos the miami valley pickering shared on facebook she even hasa an appetite appetite, the founder of the said that she smelled like lighter fluid the police are working to find the person responsibleui. >> said all roads lead through ohio as candidates compete to become president as this week a ray sanders will be here to spread his message speaking as baldwin wallace thursdayansp there's room for 6,000 people but there are no tickets first-come first-served basis, baldwin wallace is a rigorous tougher candidate seeking was the last presidential cycle, paul rudd was here with condoleezza rice, previously broader reagan andndler
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>> think partly because we are knownn as a location for campaignsow because of our proximity to the airport, he could be seven minutes door-to-door from the airport to us and i think think that as a convenience for candidates who are busy andnd need to go to other locations.n >> the event that baldwin wallace beginning at 1030 doors open at 832 last until about noonoo the ohio primary is march 15. >> food for fines of ohio held the primary todayo non troppo date governor john kasich the survey released shows that the front runner b-team kasich 31 percent -- 26 percent, a loss in his home state would be a major blow to his campaign,n on the democratic side, and found hillary clinton leaving bernie sanders 55 -- 40 percent the
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>> big changes coming to a west side restaurant, the diner on clifton has been a mainstay for decades but that will soon change as matt wright is here with the reason. >> the landlord is planning renovations and has ordered the diner out by the end of the month of on the closing for good .nt >> the diner on clifton has been serving up food for decades,s, perry drosos, the owner has been here for nearly 30 years. >> longtime employees, get to know the regulars and their orders. >> i'm going to miss coming in here everyday is every day it's something different every day. >> some have come here since high school. >> it is hard, here a long time
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be here.nd >> after nearly a year of negotiations, it will soon close in his bed without a lease for almost a decade,o a representative for the building landlorddi landlord says landlord says in court he it or to get a six-month extension, renovations are to begin soon requiring businesses to close anyway. >> is really upsetting, i know that we can make it work across the street.. >> the diner on clifton could be moving just a couple blocks down on clinton county says that he is in the process of buying this over pnc bank building and hopes to reopen a restaurant by the summer.t >> this bottle offer more space, patio and cocktails but until then, restaurant employees are left without a >> hoping that regular customers
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>> think the neighborhood will welcome it, think it's going to be a good place. d >> he says the landlord has ordered him out by the end of the month the basis of the closing date has not been set,o as for this location . once the renovations are done, done, a new restaurant will be moving in here. harvest for hunger campaign started this morning at the food bank, f gabe spiegel was there to take part in the supermarket challenge .spth more people need l help with daily meals than ever before andth nearly every suburb,
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when you'ree business asking to give, so please give so many people depend on it,so. variant for a wild ride. >> there will be a miss coming tomorrow and thursday,, started off looking out the storm is gaining strength and coming this direction starting tonight after midnight, tomorrow morning, it willit be here with with rainfall that at some point .wi the call
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tuesday is march 1 with springtime beginning next tuesday .i backup 30s, 40s and 50s across the state . threw for hopkins and akron-canton nearing 50 dover/new philly had low 50s . at the lecture it was much colder .le chargers increasing johnson, 56 ahead of the low
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of moisture to work with . we have winter storm warnings to the north and west including much of michiganl they will be cold enough to support snow severe weather has been an issue in louisiana, alabama, mississippi and theue florida panhandle has had some watches warnings . tomorrow morning, you will your major umbrella . winds gusting up to 30 with some heavy downpours, get ready for a lots ofg slow commutes even through thursday, thursday morning it
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about 1 inch of snow fall snowbelt lake enhanced will continue thursday into friday . mid to upper 30s tonight rainy and windy tomorrow . stone is back in lake effect bands with high temperature in the 20s friday . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . mastercard is launching the technology to
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improve the online purchase the identity check out you take a photo every time that you buy something of your face and fingerprint would bey used to make sure it is actually even on a scammer, you will not use the same picture,ou they also make you blink to show that you take that picture. >> another connecticut is the of jokes because of a news parody websiteno stealing her photo for a headline .st this story on them and when her son was the town's first baby born in 2015 later resurfaced the parody headlines that a the woman gives birth to 14th child from 14 different fathers within hours it went viral and she was being bullied for her weight and sexual promiscuity
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happiest moments in her life has been taintede she hopes that this serves as reminder that once it is onlinet never no where it will resurface. >> ohio man says there is no explanation for what why he is still alive that he tells his
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of how man is one of the believers in the case of no explanation why still alive, has the incredible story. >> the attacker is engulfed in flames iat can see the tires melting on the ground i did not even know that rubber melted that we expect t the accident and the miraculous survival. >> when of a police officer said that he got out of the car and i said, is said i said that johnny
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>> a good samaritan's actions defy reason, baffin first responders. >> there's only so much you can do with high-voltage wires on the car. >> in spring 2015, columbus ohio .2 >> pastor john boston was driving on airport road when a car crossed into his lane tick-tock phares said, you do not hit hit the pole, even through the bull.h >> utility pole with live transformer that landed on his vehicle . >> a seatbelt stock stock and door jan galeazzi can do is watch the consuming hate . >> lunchables melting, passenger window was folding. >> liquefy before his eyes.
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man who opened this national or. >> he reached in, and took me out and we walked about 20 yards from the cared just before the car explodeds. >> at associate his eyes and he said which are he said what your name and i said my name is john and he said, i am johnny, the police are almost here and it can be her when they get here which are going to be okay. >> but that he was gone, while the pastor was taken to the hospital for the questions began .le >> that area never lost power, po so no one should have been able to touch the car and i should not have survived. >> potentially over 10,000 volts of electricity stunning even veteran columbus firefighters. >> with a transfer on the car, the car on fire come is probably
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worst runs that we could roll up on meyu its like a firework show. >> to try to rationalize it may be the circuit breaker tripped and johnny fled because of his past firefighters say that circuit breakers are designed to reset reset themselves an atrocity was coursing through the car when help arrived. >> the person touches the car, he is the ground and he would be electrocuted.a >> shows in other cases of transformers blowing up making rescue attempts complicated. >> but none of that happened with pastor boston, leaving them with only one conclusion thick fogl i don't think angels come to us with wings and white robes with shining lights i think they come to help and i think that's
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>> according to an associated press poll, 77 percent of americans believe in angels, counts have been reported in the midst of tragedies from september 112 tornadoes, he says he does not care if people support him but hises encounter is already helping an impact. >> i am more sensitive to making a difference in people's lives in the city that i servedm and i want to be an angel for them. >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> months amounts after the accident,, he says that his congregation has increased efforts to feed the hungry and planning a mission trip to haiti . >> perfect example of friendship ,, for helping each
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one face physical challenges his entire life the other reach for both medical and they caused divisions back from the antony ford probably 12 years ago on way back to middle school, he played football and i was the long snapper and he wasas a field goal placekicker we've always been very close he was always inspired me.plve >> automated that he is like a family not only in school but
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>> since high school they have continued to play the game of love, t like on a national title at mount union as an all-american lineman and anthony has continued kicking. >> spit out some video of me kicking and i have a tryout with a semi- protein the texas revolution and i'm trying out in two weeks. >> bike is in training for a regional combine in marcht lisa can play in the nfl. >> the they both work out together at athletic development corporation and mentor, who oversees the training and the results cannot be betterve. >> is taking me to a nether level of play again 24 pounds strength has just gone through the roof... >> i see him so motivated and how much he grew strength lies in its like. >> what are the whatever the future holds, the but thing is for suree it will continue to
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that they can. >> proud of everything he has accomplished to play football in college he has aaas trial with a professional team in texas just this party that much more tick-tock skies limit fuel find a way to overcome them. goes to prove that the big guys can reach the next level, anthony continues to inspirext cease itself as a motivational speaker he has some experience
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career for some major changes over the next two days with rainfall thatr snowfall thursday, melissa mack as that in standing by. >> because of low 30s 30s with an onshore wind keep you colder . wallace also '50s in between some 40s a northeast wind between 10 and 20 becoming guested tomorrow, tomorrowom


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