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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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talk to a streetsboro police they say because of the flooding it's not like an ice rink as well. thank you very much looks get
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a frightening situation for students and lorraine after a man on assaulted tried to grab three coast walking to they investigate if the same in try to adopt a girl from elyria out of her bedroom. police have not made an arrest so everybody is a little bit concerned the entire cities purses school district remains on high alert this first incident happened thursday about 6:00 a.m.n the total of three girls and three separate incidents who inappropriately touched her
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investigation we will go on as scheduled today there will beb increased police presence around the schools a lot of thingsgs inin case they are approach. todd meany northeast ohio fugitive after being locked up for 50 years frank freshwaters will bef rate released he was convicted of manslaughter back in 1957 after running over a pedestrian in akron5 disappearedd in a prison camp two years later they caught him last spring in florida he was living on social security benefits under an
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fox 8 i teamit the city is looking to higher a paintery here ish added gallic. pretty good job become a painter forpa the city of cleveland we saw this job posting that paid adds up to 69th this 86,000 a year much more than 50 forces mehi that shouldn't be that i. i don't think that's fair. by that was with her pager are part of the building sharks and trades.
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tradeso 80 percent of the prevailing wage 80 percent of what union workers can for their traits and a private sector. when you consider what painters get paidt to spruce up city buildings they wondered about firefighters rush into burning buildings are pleased statue thoughts are paramedics saving livessee here on the streets.r base salaries to 55,000 again the city painter 69--- we shared our fighting with kevin,
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the city only has two pages very can other workers enter it's also making margin you mighto might think that they can it's a matter of this subject to collective bargaining. fox 8 i team. they make that much more that officers on the street. his job fairtho will continue as the new hilton hotels is looking to higher 300 workers it beganit the preview chester zacarias could get a better idea about the company and what positions are available 300 jobs will be up for grabs everything from housekeeping to securitiesor the house produce will be tomorrow and today as well.s taking applications on march 1
4:38 am see help to lovers are relaxing. still some lake affect out there to the west some lighter lake effect to the east and in the middle ofh office there's not all whole lot going on in cleveland posted to seekin that we can as the morning goes on. we'll talk o about the we can forecast looking a lot better for saturday.
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look at the rainfall will follow. we will get reigned onnf sunday next inig more than likely ael changeover to a little bit light snow early on monday morning live and couple of systems to watch the one coming in sunday night into monday it's the one wednesday and thursday of next weekk for some could beme interesting here. on street look at the eight-day
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we could see more accumulating snow next week.or monday morning should be all right. we still have this accident up fast for 80t it was a car firer the fire is out that they're looking to have slumped go to that area they do have that rocker on the scene police say
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the next ten minutes. very tough top left inside of your screen you can see that vehicles out there they are blocking that's right at the split he will be able to continue along the split.'s a local and express no issues that everything rolling along well please don't forget about this two way traffic is named pick thing fire signal. n for people including a gunman are dead after a series of shootings at a kansas manufacturing plant yesterday they happened in and around that industry plant the suspected gunmansp who police identified asa an employee was later killed by
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crime sceneses they makehe lawnmowers and other turf caretu products an intense debate last night featured the size topi republican candidates. it ended up with trump and crews and rubio trading that most punches. only person who's ever been fined is illegal. e when i was leading the fight againstw the fight against amnesty bill they had a tough time getting the words and as you can imagine the top three contenders dominated the states this is the last time they get to look office skin is in the position ino on the same stage before super tuesday.
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be beer hops and barley bad news for those of you helping to get tipsy.ho you can't get drunk from sitting in the beer.t weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead for northeast ohio we caught up with scott sabol from seasont for up next
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good at morning.o here's the eight-day forecast we have some like affect is that some streaks of lake affect to the west. this is been more off of lakeff huron. it will start to shut down by midday.t the wentzel died down tonighti and increase tomorrow i'll of the southwest. t
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nowri the system next line stay in thursday might be similar to the one reaches dealt with yesterday. this would be an active pattern winter is definitely not over at least we have warm weathere sprinkles in between. it looks like we have a little bit of progress going on for the accident and long then there was a car fire that i just sawan assault chart go through that area that's for they blocking 71rt at fort 80. hopefully it will be reopened shortly. this is the in about bridge so far, no issues thereou 71 is our71
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due to flooding due due to flooding. let's toss it over to wayne andan kristi who are patiently standing by. more than a decade later bill martin looks what life is likei for cleveland's on scott sabol. nobody said he would make aa heated have that at that he had other ideas.
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story for i think you've got up quite a good voice.oi he looks back at his time as an incline he is grateful for the experiencee of the performing forfo the tourists in the turns. it gave him an opportunity for a worldwide audience to recognize hisec love for music and relate to an audience.o it was always a quiet person i didn't have a lot of a lot of police and myself once i got out there insideo o that most people find something very good andnd people except an injury i found that with idol. he found his passion landing in the top fivel. so did other season produce stars carrie underwood.nd a lot has changed over the past decadeas he works for major phonep
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continues to sing with his band. he's is still recognize from time to time.e. it cracks me up because this is almost 11 years and well being recognized is okay he stilll wants to pursue his dream especially in the area of christian music and will starte hasn't had he doesn't feel like he's age doesn't matter whenever something happens ishe something good comes out of bed and will makeoo the best of it.
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weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. after three separate abduction
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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful daye 26 date of february 2016.da the the 26 degrees outside. thank you for joining us my name


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