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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the d government's actual ufo investigations is a list of local sightings is far from
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graduate with us at 10 at first amanda abducted at gunpoint a 71 -year-old mother pistol whipped and a body found in the trunk of a car police are searching for two dangerous men as theye try to solve a bizarre murder mysterymy kevin freeman joins us live with the latest details tonight.. >> east cleveland police say the body found in the car's trunk this afternoonee it's the description of the 46 -year-old man who subducted but he had not been positively identified police are searching for two tellers and they may get help and from the families of elaborate alarm
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us all up we don't know what to do this is a never thought that this would hit my family. >> relatives of 46 -year-old charles barnes has lots of questions in east cleveland police are searching for answersrsue and two dangerous gunmen investigators say around 1230 monday morning charles was back in his car into his mother's driveway on all street and east cleveland when two men confronted him. >> out of his residence out of his car into the residence>> they took some items out of the residence and forced him back to his vehicle. >> police say while inside them and pistol with thee victims 71 -year-old mother that demanding she turned off the home security system leaving bloodstains in the driveway. >> that car wasn't there this morning when i left out monday afternoon in ale neighborhood near east to 150 fifth street and aspinwall in cleveland called police after finding the parked vehicle police
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the trunkp he fits the physique if it's the physique of the victims there is some blood on the exterior of the victim it actually corresponds with some of the evidence that we collected on scene brenda wilson is the mother of charles' two childrenene is a hard worker he's a very good provider they told the car to the medical examiner's office to gather more evidence and positively identify the body in the trunk detectives hope the security system inside the home where the crime began can help them identify the suspects his actual communication both of the victims were inside the residence as well as some videoeo. >> police say the medical examiner will process the car and party tomorrow they also hope to review that surveillance video from inside the house as wellllto this aspects right now our beta-1 may be
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than him-1 they might have more tomorrow. >> we certainly hope so the biggest day yet at the rice it for the white house is coming up tomorrow it is super tuesday boaters and a dozen states will head to the polls and a lot is riding on what they decide the magical yell is here with the story tonight and a lot more bickering on the republican side todayay one of the democrats have been relatively tame the republican poll leaders of donald trump had cruise a ted cruzuz and marcod rubio were fighting gloves off donald trump is dealing with an uproar over a comment he made over the weekendpr i know nothing about david duke i know nothing failed it to did not support for my n super misses and former clinton leader david duke during an interview on cnnnn that he did some damage control when we looked at it we looked like just about david duke i feel bad david dukeu all weekend long on
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obviously it's never enough of. >> real quickly has opponents are pouncing on it e e who said david duke to me i say racist immediately why would any condemn the ku klux klan that there is no room in the conservative movement and no room in the republican party for members of the ku klux klan or for races like david duke rubio calls trump unelectable the trump is likely to have a significant delegate lead after super tuesdayy and some are calling for governor case i can even cruise who won the iowa caucuses to bail out that's not the plann at the trouble probably when everything may be crews" when in texas t. >> and we will do okay but not great but this was never our plan we have a campaign plan but then we campaign our plan nationally 65 percent ofer republicans and recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate for us to nominate .
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hell are we in all likelihood is when'sry- in many states but says the future still looks promising for him. >> republican senator ted cruz is simply must whenep in his homen state of texas at marco rubio needs a win in his home state of florida march 15 15 the polls indicate he is in trouble there trailing trumpc that we are hearing plans he plans to do some heavy campaigning in ohio where trump in case it are one to be for our march 15 primary tracy a contested convention in cleveland is still a real possibility was noll candidate going and with in with enough delegates to win would not be interesting. >> fox eight news will be in columbus e tomorrow as donald trump makes a campaign stop will have live reports tomorrowo and walls a stream
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fox eightls child predators still at large of membrane and now we've learned a fourth girl may have been targeted as welled police say a man was seen peeking into the teenager's bedroomo on that same day that three other girls were resulted in the cityda was victims include a 10 -year-old girl whose nearly pulled from her bedroom window another victim says she saw the white male suspect in her yard while she was getting ready for schoolspn she said he ran to hiss car possibly a toyota corolla grows mother said she's doing well well but troubled by what happenedwsai she is nowhere so were her surroundings which is a good thing sow i wish it didn't take this to make her a little more aware police have received a lot of tips so far none have led to a suspect she was a dedicated firefighterre and paramedic who died while attempting to cross a busy
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tribute to her lifea david mathers was in there as hundreds gathered for her funeral.. >> tonya was only 43 of age for monday february 202, 2016 a community gathers to grieve as mayor i have ordered the plant of the city of canton to be lowered to half staff and to celebrate the life of a canton firefighter tonya johnson i just felt like i needed to come and support the family outing to the point that everybody remembers what a special person she was a johnson wasci killed when she attempted to cross route a inaccurate output after getting out of an suv in which she was writing with her husband of only eight days so many questions abouta she would
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family chose to remember her lifesi . >> we lost i think is the it's the only word i can use my mom was a part of every single angle of my life she was the most caring person in the worlds even if she didn't know you they did so surrounded by hundreds from the community johnson serveds many of whom never knew her personally. >> assures that my mom is well respectedhers and liked in this community it shows she made a differenceke today we are standing in memory of our departed sister and never returned from her last alarm they tell us she will be what does all the days of our lives and among those not inse
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only eight daysd who was arguing with johnson justn moments before she made thead decision to attempt to cross the busy highway investigation continues a southwest ohiot tonight after a 14 note student opened fire inside a school cafeteria it happened at madison local schoolsir then there's cincinnati a 14 -year-old they tried to get away and some shrapnel from the shooting as well heading them and investigators say the suspect ran from the school through the gun down and was arrested immediately it was a terrifying situation for parentste i. >> disappeared in the beginning we did all that was high schoolol elementary school i said but you now i'll have to say one thing the cops were here quickly and helicopters o it was they done an amazing job. >> investigators have not identified a mode of itit for
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multiple charges including two counts of attempted murder the school said none of the are believed to be life-threatening in portage county official investigating a fatal fireil one man was killed but they have not released his identity w or resident of that home officials have not said if anyone else was hurtid still no this deadly fire new at 10:00 o'clock another group has eyes on the utilizing marijuana in the buckeye state washington-based marijuana policy project plans toed announce its ballot initiative tomorrow morning under the plan ohio would establish a marijuana system similar to those alreadym operating in 23 states it would allow people with serious medical conditions and to buy medical marijuana from retail stores it can also grow their own with a dr.'s approval group hopes to have the issue on the fall ballot coming up tonight victims targeted on social mediam a story that will serve
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parents and find out how a suspect lowered to young girls an instant gram the media clashes with the secret service the story behind the scuffle in intensive donald trump rallyd . >> treasure trove ufo documents are now public but some believers think the truth is still out there why are some local sightings missing from that list plus a more ups and downs of the forecast andrea standing by with a
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the trend about 10 - -dash 15 degrees off the afternoon temperatures now 32 at hopkins and 30 at ashtabula n and you can see the temperatures did recover into the upper 40s obviously they showed up where we were on sunday but that was the first cooldowne ' cold front is not a big deal i will talk
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northward and another five or six hours if notice a record high and low for today's 68 minus fourre that's where it should be but notice of the year on the sleep dayou those are all either a multiple of four or divisible by 400 benefits and even century year watch the system push it back at northward as we look at the maps and motion you can see thean northbound goes right back up i don't think that we are looking at a big issue the rain was then later tomorrowsu that's the more significant cold front 32 tonight may be a light winter remix i don't think it will get a big deal keep an eye on the weather in the morning b check in with w scott and aj 46 tomorrow afternoon rain showersrs then it turns colder for a longer period of time how long find out coming up. >> 's christy capel's daughter
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sister we are still going to the dr. for the answer tomorrow fox eight news in the morning at 8:00 o'clock christy will learn the gender of her baby life and doctor oz he's been told from christie's own dr. and he would reveal it to will reveal it to everybody including christy tomorrow morning at 8:00 o'clock.ev i i >> still to come emotional testimony from a well-known sportscasterer erin andrews takes the stand against her stalker when she t is saying about the leaked a video that still haunts are today plus important equipment for a four-legged officer how local students came together to provide protection for a canineen b mac later on in sports of michael michael bradley talking about his comeback from shoulder surgeryn in cavaliers try to snap right out of their funk tonight at
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erin andrews taking the stand todayt in the civil trial is sportscaster and tv host suing stalker michael barrett in the national marriott hotel in 2008 you might remember barrett used a peephole to record injuries as she changed close of the first witness of the day was a hotel representative and then tearful re andrews and took the stand saying many saw the nude photos as an espn scandal and a publicity stuntp.
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embarrassed i come up here and i sit here and i start talking about my job this happens every day of my life were paper or somebody sends me andrews $175 million in damages the shooting death of an ohio pastor the reverend william schooler diedhe sunday at his digging church the suspectg is the annual schoolers and pastors brother's court records show the suspect's and his brother another ter saying he was owed money a court ruled against howeverg police say they don't know what led to the shooting. >> a guilty plea is now expected in a pair of high-profile murders in virginia prosecutors said jeff. matthews will pleadad
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death of 18 -year-old hannah graham and 20 -year-old morgan harrington graham disappearedea in 2014 herring 10 and 2009 boats were college students without theco plea deal with matthew could've faced the death penalty had he been convicted some are calling it a supreme court surprise justice clarence thomas asking questions during an argument today isue the first time is done that in 10 years the silence over the years has been something of a curiosity thomases previously said he relies on written briefs doesn't need to ask questions coming up inside the 2016 cleveland auto showmi you look that's going for akn little different image in 2017or lest the girl scouts cashed in on oscar night but the funny moment may not have been
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this week fox eight news is taking you inside the clevelandt auto show with giving you highlights from each car brand it tonight w that right focusing on tia. >> i'm higher up i feel safer. >> cheryl schuster is on the hunt for a new suv and giving the 2017 ts porte ge try. >> it it's easy to get in and
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it's not overly large i like something compact starting around $24,000 of the compact crossover features a fresh new look from window trim automatic headlamps and backup camera nonstandard a touchscreen stereo inside the crossover powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. >> is well appointed and there's a lot of good features of the safety features in the technology and the carur the vehicle in kenya are touching customers attentionth the brand ranked second in initial quality by jd power and associates in 201515 second to none out their honda and toyota they're afraid of these cars because they're selling that are so good they grab you and make him by the 2017 kia forte sedan's newly redesigned and starts around 18,008 features a standard 2-liter engine for improved performance e and also offers a driver assistance features like autonomous emergency
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>> a kitchen fresh they reinvent themselves every twokwo or three years and that's what people want even if these cars aren't right for you there are plenty more to check out all under one roof is. >> i could get an idea what car i can get into what fits me best what fits our family beststn great stuff they are coming up a real-life x-files and finally released it to the public as the government still hiding in out of this world secret details on local ufo reports you won't find in a cia report plus controversial scene and a high school assembly when the district is
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parents young victims become targets on social medial now a former standout athlete learns his fate how he lowered
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keeping a local canine savingg a line of duty what local students to did to get age four-legged officer the protection he needs could this know make a comeback this week andre will will take a look ahead in the extended forecast news at 10 continues right now.xo >> he admitted to using social media to lord two teenage girls to a place so he could rob them in today former standout football player ater glenville high school was sentenced for h his part in the crime melissa reid live at the important l morning. >> had their bill it's really a wake-up call to parents at monitor your child's social media prosecutors and say the suspect and others starving private messaging these girls who live in and dependence on and stick them in the lower them to cleveland where they can rob them. >> eighteen -year-old john cho crockett of cleveland and monday- j sentenced to a year in prison for the armed robbery
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september of last year prosecutors say she and others accused insta graham to lower theah girls to the area of east 150 third in kinsman road in clevelandt the girls were then robbed at gunpoint and prosecutors say it was crockettr who drove away in the girls car it only had it for a weeki these two young ladies accused of social media without they were meeting somebody who would be reliable they were critical have some fun and end up having a gun held to one of their headsdsy we coaches at glenville high h school say crockett was once a standout athlete and played offense at tacklete for the football team in 2014 in facta hect was awarded an ncaa division i athletic scholarship to play football at grand valley state university's name was no longer on the roster mondaytun were doing sentencing would have to consider each person's role in the fact that
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responsibility for what he did not crockett admitted to learning the gross here to the girls here to the area of east 150 third in kinsman and well he was sentenced for his part prosecutors are looking for two other people who were involved a high school graduate who had everything going for himo until he made a u bad choice to use innocent girlsch those two are the two who play in a plan a robbery one was the gunmanw when the other two individuals did and we been able to identify them and there are warrants for their arrest a crockett is currently being held in the county jail he is however being credited for the five months he already served the victims were not in the courtroom as he was being sentenced due to their parents request here are some other stories making headlines tonighter the family of diane's are really a woman killed in the deadly plane crash in
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filed a lawsuit asking a jury trial to determine damages the suit filed against the deceased pilots and the owner of the aircraft accuses the pilot of negligence and woman is facing charges after officialsci confiscated 100 pounds of marijuana agents discovered that pot as it was being shipped to willoughbygege latoya coleman was arrested friday night as she picked up the boxes and loaded them into her cheap bishop lennon the cleveland diocese was on the road to recovery after undergoing emergency heart surgery earlier this month they released a letter today expressing his gratitude to the staff at st. vincent's charity medical center he also indicated he plans to return to work m very soon a local school making sure it got g their that their counties police dog has an extra layer of protection surge and 10 tips with the ashland county sheriff's office and the k-9 partner mikos la ate a trip to
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today to think the students for the new ballistic vest and they raised money he the money he gets to pay for the best it comes a month after a canton police dog was killed in the line of duty. ce >> this is really proud that i i can do something that i could make a difference not only and not but i'm in all the work that she'll be doing. >> at such an honorable thing for them to do that he gives me good hope for the future.ha >> so far this year a police dogs have been killed in the line of duty in the usar we are in for a little bit of a right as far as the weather is concerned here's andre with all the ups and downs in the forecast you had to keep a notepad of all the quick little nuances and changesn the first one actually came tonight and you can see evidence of it on this webcam time lapse from the five-mile cryptic looking back towards clevelandti f this is looking south so this is east and
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clouds initially coming this wayay because the winds were still southwest but we had a little backdoor cool front that came by w a and watched a little then watch the little then low layer of clouds coming this way that's because the low levelstaa have spun around it to the east we took a look at that on the first weather segmentaa but it's not much of a frontal boundary you can see the connection right in here just enough to pull down the northeast wind and then here up a close backup and expecting that front to do that as we go through the night the big question is will any of this ahead and head end before the front pushes northa by somewhere between four and 7:00 a.m. it could keep an eye on things make sure you check in with aj and scott on the morning in the morning and they'll have the latestco bears that boundary not much here most of it is a loft but look at the temperature contrast currently 32 while it's still
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the southe' even though 41 showing up at akron canton take a look at their watches and warnings for tonight winter weather advisory michigan it stops at the ohio border and a winter storm warning for wisconsin that's where all the action will be tonight eventually that will change as we get to wednesday we will show you that before tonight 32 north it may stay as warm as 40 south with a wintry mix possible but you can see on this computer model locale quipped that chance is it pushes northe by the time we move into morning 46 tomorrow morning across the north it may go 56 from akron canton points out here comes the rain that rain on tuesday night is a essentially going to be the cool front ushers in the much colder airalto and sea gets cold it'll stay cold this is the normal lined this is tomorrow
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below normalmoay really slow recovery so where does it lead us past that five day cold spelloeea in a good place next week notice that once we get w those clippers and snow out of the way for wednesday and a possible clipper on saturday by next week 50 monday and 62 tuesday and that may be eased five east five or 60 mild spell e it'll balance it out it'll do the call first and then we'll do the milder air. >> keep our eye on the prize school closing station get all the delays onlinee on your phone and on the air still to come attend tense moments on the campaign trailti a photographer scuffles with the there's two sides to the story see what happened and that
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taking me. due to can you stop. >> also a nightmare moment for a passenger why she believes a lifted driver put her life in
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cameras capture a violent scene at the donald trump at
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didn't involve a protester to time magazine photographer said the secret service agent choked him and slammed into the groundndt video shows chris more swearing at the agent wars tells cnn he stepped 18 inches outside the media patent h when the agent put his hands around his neck another video shows morris on the ground kicking the agent a am released a statement saying it reached out to the secret service that morrison regrets his part for escalating the argumentnr he said trump is the only presidential candidate who forces the media to remain within a caged pen area at rallies. >> a secret service also says it is aware of the incident in working with the and working with the local officers on the matteridid to my parents are outraged over raciallyar insensitive events at an illinois high school isl
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students held a mock slavery auction over the weekend and part of a school spirit of event that included a competition to show knowledge of greek and roman cultures in the video a student is seen grabbing a long chain wrapping it around his neck when he are upset calling it a display of racism i was shocked when i first found out about it today's society we still viewed as being okay he made every attempt to apologizing publicly at the convention sing their sorry for any offensein or principle is also attempted to call to talk and during give given apology as wellt students involved it may have to write a formal apology scary moments for lift passengers and washingtons dc does a retailer says she and her friend arranged for a lift picked up one night last weekn but when they asked that the drop off location be changed it turned into a dispute to her says as she told thehe driver of the pair would write a bad review on him and that's
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them out of the car taylor recorded the scary moments on her cell phoney. >> i don't know where he's taking me. i want to press some sort of charge because of what i went through the spokesperson released a statement saying the company's trouble to learn about the incident the drivers access to lift has been permanently removed coming up next have we been visited by aliens are flying saucers for real ee we are getting a new look at the government's actual ufo investigation but some sayat the list of local sightings as far from complete find out what's
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>> has the us government been hiding prove aliens and ufos are for real? >> susie instructor takes a look at the cia's recently released x-files and the connection to northeast ohio that might t have you taking a closer look at the night sky. >> notoriously secretive and serious about national security firmly denying evidence of ufos until now the
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declassified hundreds of documents about alleged aliens and unidentified flying objectss tying the relief with the return of the popular fox sci-fili series the x-files. >> it is odd but how heavy to the investigated the centrala intelligence agency not known for frivolousot investigations begin cataloguing ufo reports soon after being formed in 1947 post world war ii and during the cod warar people were really afraidhat there was going to be armageddon edmund cm as a retired nasa systems engineer whod worked on nearly 100 launches during the space race.. >> that was exciting. >> as for ufos in his nasa colleagues other than a couple of guys that i do that are very adamant most of the other people i knew were just kind of d taking didn't care one way or the other but these records
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clearly concerned over the worldwide sightingsgs especially the high incidence of reported cases near atomic installations and strategic air command. >> how did you say it's true or not true the best thing to do is go hide it from those declassified documents are dated from the 1940s to the early 1990s they say several high-profile public events are missing. >> maybe they wanted to downplay this whole thing makes light of that debunk it comport in i the retired college dean and director of the mutual ufo network of ohio is acquired interesting documents not mentioned by the cia like lightening fast lightning fast aircraft seen flying during world war ii . >> we thought that they were american and he says and they thought they were german but we were tracking things on our radar going 6,000 miles an
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>> also admitted this letter in 1966 by then congressman gerald ford after two deputies chased something in the skies over northeast ohioer . >> committee close encounters that was based on portage county ohio president ford called for an investigation which later concluded the object was a satellitein but thompson says there's still no explanation for what a national guard helicopter encountered over richland county in 1973 d the objects stopped directly in front of the helicopter and this large green light pivots around and goes right into the inside of the craft in light of the insideri the object disappears to the northwest two decades laterje in 1994 police officers from several jurisdictions pursued a bizarre aircraft over trumbull countyju.
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authorities were able to account for the aircraft. >> surprised but not surprised to research astronomer jay wright also says that 90 percent of the cases are explainable and attributed to whether buildings or other craftsland but it's that 10 percent of that over the decades continues to see the public's fascination. >> it's a mysterys as to question what is it what is that up their. >> which remains an answer despite the newly unclassified filesn we are learning a lot more about our university you never know everythingga to read the cia's secret x-files go to and click seen on tv. >> coming up in just a few minutesng hollywood gets hungry for cookies it was one of the more memorable moments of the oscars of but looks can deceiving to make the girl scouts set the record
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>> cap. >> cap next cavaliers and with the snapwhali out of their little funk will take it to the queue
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>> the fox eight guys versus thes pense e cowles and who reigns supreme foxy in the northern ohio honda dealers want tor know who rules in the battle of the sexist card giveaway for a chance to win a two year lease on a 2016 honda crv0 download the folks ate up the register to win cast your vote you can still enter even if you have already have the out the contest runs until march 6 or more details >> there were plenty of controversy surrounding the
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one of the funniest moments involved cookies it mayfu not have been as it seemed that the hostst chris rock put out a call the hollywood elite to open their wallets and buy girl scout cookies from his daughters are plenty of dr.'s gas and cash ine exchange for the summa was within mins later they boasted more than $65,000 in academy an academy award cookie sales turns out that number was just a joke for the bit rabbit for the girl scouts telling tmc they sold about 500 boxes of $5 apiece which roughly comes to $2,500 not bad for the girls. >> hi every body cavaliers is snapped a two-game skid gutting out a four-point win a heart stopper over the pacers over at quicken loans arena where the pacers took a 55 - -dash 50 lead on this three-pointer by paul georgeda cavaliers come back that's
10:55 pm
-dash 86 pacers took the lead but lebron scores they are its 91 - -dash 90 cavaliers however montrealers streaking to the hoop scores pacers 94 - -dash 91 so then order of the deli tray p is a three-pointer and 94 with 39 text to ticks to go that's tristan thompson cavaliers in for good and then he makes sure that it stays that wayd with the buckshot kiley clinches it out the line of the cavaliers whenle 100 - -dash 96 the coach like the effort if we can pm collect all the time i can live with the results. >> adversity going to users things throughout the gameii and we didn't break mentally got better.. >> cavaliers back in action on friday night veteran safety dante whitner said tonight at the cleveland on her show he's not confident that the browns will retain tatian gibson also
10:56 pm
himself believesga that he most likely will have to head elsewhere the indians begin the exhibition season on tuesday at 3:00 in theh meantime and she works on insureds on the way having mentors young players w what does he suggest something that's very important that you, the minor he still willing to learn v and a few male that is interesting to get better each and every day. >> that's what he hopes to see happen big division iii district playoffs beachwood am right against other j-uppercase-letter let davisis chem filling it up from theit outside for the panthers of
10:57 pm
davis comes up with a steel is our man mr. daly slamming it on home beachwood advances with ad convincing 91 - -dash 66 victory over elyria catholic we doesn't call to follow by warmer. >> a lot of flip-flopping and it starts with a tonight we chilledw down to 32 and 30 in some places we could see a light went to remixix temperatures pop up again tomorrow terribly cloudy and afternoon shower and then temperatures it take a tumble and that once they go down on wednesday will t they stay that way for at least five days and look for some snow on wednesdayt the snow will probably stick an up to traverse trouble and power were not winter .-dot there is good news you see how it pops
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again all melted i just might do it all the time we have at 10:00 o'clock always appreciate you being here morning show shovels in at
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howard's capsule should be reentering the atmosphere any minute. it'll be good to have him back. the fantastic four reunited! (chuckles) yeah, you had a good run, fake wolowitz. we'll remember you with nostalgic fondness. the way we do the dial-up modem, the vhs tape, or... or leonard's gym membership. we're not kicking him out. stuart and i have become good friends. okay, one vote for, one vote against. leonard, you're the tiebreaker. i don't have a problem with stuart. besides, he gives us a 20% discount at his comic book store. well, i don't sell my friendship that cheaply. i can go 30. welcome aboard, old chum. okay, the nasa web site says howard's final descent has begun. (sighs) he left a boy,


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