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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  WJW  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> winter is not through with us just yet as we show you a look besides the sun is out a little bit .. check in with aj colby, who is taking a look at the forecast. >> is just a debbie downer there is some sunshine out here . looking at storm fox, we have got snowfall, not intends just some light snowfall have those amounts coming up, parma andnd solon thickened up stovall away to
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effect snow phone . it feels feels like 12 degrees at hopkins 14 lakefront . the crib-cam courtesy of the city of clevelandnd this is that burke lakefront airport webcam time lapse showing breaks a blue . visibility down to three quarters mile at hopkinsis and some light snow . there are some breaks of overcast visible satellite showing that tank tenders bring much in the 20s from outer space if you agency the next system approaching from system a clipper type ch that will bring some snowfall plus talk
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thursday and then the weekend, you're going to love the 8 -day . lots of the to catch up on early-morning fire kills a man and his dog and since a sends a firefighter to the hospital. >> jessica dill him why this was so difficult. >> guitar breaking out here . neighbors just don't zika said that what a great man he was their voting of the singh family members were out here earlier going through the housegy taking a few things out of the home including a photo of the victims were 4-year-old richard waddell,
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this picture of her father but firefighters say that they th believe he fell asleep while cooking after working at a late-night shift, and he was a mover with the dassault moving company to fire department arrived about 4:00 a.m. they had difficulty in fighting it because of theul strong winds when firefighter sustained burst of his face and was taken to the hospital.a >> very great-aunt fire in the kitchen area . . it was actually activated the fire . it was a very serious fire. >> at the put in an ambulance they turned to the dog they tried to resuscitate it but it fiance e and she said that firefighter said that the dog
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but never leave aside especially in an emergency. some breaking news,. >> include the man arrested for allegedly making threats against president obamahe was arrested on monday taken to a secret service office in independence . we do not have much at this time that we will have more soon, at cleveland man arrested for making threats against president obama.en >> super tuesday was good to donald trump and hillary clinton but did not deliver a knockout punch to their rivals.
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on who won and lost.d r >> donald trump shall show no sign of slowing down and says it's time to party recognize that the click language when all the states with tremendous numbers and i'm going to come in at the worst second in two or three that i might not win, i think thatw in a democracy it is t often hard to say that's not the person that we want to be departingn. >> super tuesday cemented that he is the favorite is one most contests, ted cruz one texas, nearby oklahoma and alaska, marco rubio one in minnesota and my poor showing for john kasich andin person nobody is dropping out, and hillary clinton cannot looking looking stronger than ever winning seven states including texas and georgia,ototl held by overwhelming support from african american voters she says her success means america
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s and an opportunity. >> we have worked there, but that work is not to makee america great again, america never stop being great .. we have to make america whole . we have to fill in . in the race for delegates she has about half to clinch the democratic nomination and for republicans to donald trump has about one fourth of the total neededee that race will accelerate in two weeks with states like ohio and become winner take all. governor kasich finished second in two states,, he says that he
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the republicans will meet again for another debate in detroit tomorrow, as gabe spiegel will go to the motor motor city to cover and be sure to tune in for live reports from the gop debate thursday beginning at 4:00 p.m. on fox 8 and fox westside market next month, will be open on sundayay beginning april 3 sunday between noon and 6:00 o'clock each vendor will decide if they they're going to open, currently it is closed onay and thursday. >> police and streetsboro trying
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mondaye says he was watching tv when a bullet pierced his house on barlow roadb hitting a wall in his living room he says he checked on his wife then call the police and got a call from his neighbor who saysys that their home was also was also hit, and the police share photos from inside the homes,w the bullet hit a popcorn machineh before striking an inside wall he says the shootings could have been more tragic. >> our grandchildren, who spend the weekend with the sometimesdc m they sleep right here, we have a bullet mattress and they sleep in the living room on the weekend with a visit, so it came acrossss that they could have been living as a matter of fact they were here saturday and this happened sunday night.. >> streetsboro police say that please say that neither homeowner heard the gunshots, another person nearby reported hearing>
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like firecrackers. >> fox 8 has video from eight east cleveland home invasion, from inside the home of francine barnes, moments after to messman broke in early mondayay percent charles barnes was inducted and 's trunk she was beaten by one of the suspects but she refused to silencer security systemy fu. >> there was a gun in my face, it was this close to me . enochian head so hard and did a backflip. >> the two accused killers are still at largege, and event information is asked to call the east cleveland >> bringing new meaning to the
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doctors doctor julie stood been found in osama bin laden's compound he was killed back in 2011 documents recovered show
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affiliates onio media strategy and training, calls for his fortune to be divided among relatives and al qaeda and he was also looking to move to a new compound before the 9/11 anniversary. w >> south carolina teacher forced to resign after a student exposed a new picture that was on her phone,w she says that she was patrolling the halls when the student took the phone from her desk,ine he took a picture of a photo she says was meant for her husband and spread it through text and social mediumofo the school superintendent says that arthur was in the wronghe address or phone is unlocked and she made a the new picture available to her students .un arthur says it is the student who should be held responsible .itit sheriff's office will determine if the student should face charges.f >> fedex driver survives a
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a soda machine .ediv the video shows her trying to escape last week's twister near baton rouge louisiana by window to a hardware store, but it was locked she hides behind thety pop machine with just seconds to spare watch as the windsh reach 140 mph, and the entire storages crumbles the coke machine fell over and she was able to hold onto it until the twister passed and she was not hurt. o astronaut scott kelly just returned from his fourth space mission.t >> at the special even by astronaut standards took part in groundbreaking research set a space travel record and shared the experience with the world here is reid binion.t earth after three and 40 days in space.ea >> scott kelly returns to earth
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the longest amount of time in american has been in space. >> always bittersweet when you leave this incredible placece. >> he descended into the kazakhstan desertrt along with two russian cosmonauts,'s mission included testing the effects of zero gravityty and he was a unique research subject hisd twin brother astronaut mark kelly was on earth they allow them to compare how identical bodies are differentow now that one of them spent almost 12 months in space he shared his mission with the world . >> would not say that it that it looks and how the bed looks very fragile.. >> the images of earth seen from outer space, shared on social media, that perhaps explains the somewhat melancholy tone towards the mission and.plch >> two me this amazing facility is going to be tough because
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orange, solon and south euclid, snowfall on the
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expected a couple of inches, 2 inches at waterville and painfully one-inch, high room, with three half inches of snowfall . the warmest that we can remember in january was about on par temperature-wise for 1 foot less than average looking at february , 2 degrees above
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with almost 13 inches of snowfall most of it fell so far this year in terms of accumulation . the first clipper system tomorrow the second on saturday before the pattern begins to shift, today 25, snowfall, and blustery, additional accumulation of one-inch out east with the lake enhancedo, lake effect snowfall with gusty winds up to 30 mph at times sustainedit down 10 at hopkins . you can see the snowfall diminished rapidly there is the snowfall amount for thursday with the clipper system, i 33, not as cold . the clipper system brings them the chance of a few
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will change, we could be looking at our first, 70-degree day . and a longtime probably since s november, here is the 8 -day outlook, watch what happens at the weekend, on monday mid 50s perk into the 60s next wednesday and may have our first 70-degree next week . do have a fear of heights?
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it is to open in june costing $8. >> the case of hollywood fiction fiction becoming reality, scientist developed a matrix type of technique to enter information directly into your brain, after studying the electric signals ofof brains of trained pilots they put the information into the unskilled person through an electric skullcapeyh these people were able to learn piloting tasks 33 percent better than the placebo group,ta3 they called the creation of a stimulation system that targets specific regions of the brain. onat
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for movie bus.. >> their offering a job for someone to hang out out on the european sets of movies and tv shows to take instagram shots the company will pay the travel bill and the two-week job pays $4,000 best part is no experience is needed is bottled netflix on instagram and hash tag her top three images by this sunday, netflix will announce thehe four new employees by the end of march. the rnc is just around the cornerer. >> but there may be a bunch of things you cannot do during the
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an early-morning fire kills a man calleda his dog and sends a firefighter to the hospital. >> jessica dill is at west 99 th street bono why this fire was so difficult for firefightersfi. >> still have neighbors cannot talk now great richard wise and family members were out here this morning going through the homehi their now boarding up behind me, they did remove a photo of the victim, food for your for further richard wadell is an ideal daughter had the
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,is the fire department arrived around 4:00 a.m. the treacherous estates both him and his dogm. t-bone but neither survived the head extreme difficulties of fighting the fire because of of the strong wind and firefighter had burns to his face and was taken to the hospital here is what they saide ofha they've haven't. >> at this point it appears that he was clicking, and possibly but at this point cannot determineat if it was functioning, debris and. >> this was the fifth fatal fire so far this year,mow last year there were only nine total fires . stay with us for the latest updates.
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usus. >> it is another cloudy cold they along the lake . we show show you a live look from the roof-cam .. even if it was wall-to-wall sunshine,, he would not see the sun come at least not today, there is some snowfall, fairly light there could be up to 1 inch or so but that's about it before it winds down just after rush hour tonight currently 27 degrees click for the windchill is 14 . mid 20s all across here cincinnati and huntington and you can see the winds gust
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after about 8:00 o'clock the last snowfall moves northeast . northwestern can see snowfall with a clipper system coming our way out of the dakotas and moved snowfall into the area . talk about the nice warm-up coming, perhaps our first 70-degree day night next wednesday, but not so much today, their 20s with snowfall that will wrap up tonight, tonight 18 degrees . tomorrow overcast with a clipper snowfall in the afternoon between one half inch -- one-inch south of wooster and canton looking at rainfall tomorrow , otherwise the next system on thursday and then
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before mostly sunny skies on sunday aay mid '40s with mid '50s on monday and 60s tuesday there . . the i-team uncovers what you have not heard about the rnc? >> may not be allowed to carry a bottle of water near the event, as e ed gallek reports what he found. >> you may not be allowed to carry a beverage near the rnc, private ambulance crews had worked next to clip and ems in the crowds, and firefighters could end up helping police ol control crowds the i-team
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shape for downtown.crovps >> more restrictions means less freedom so i would go the opposite direction that's what i would probably do.anan >> large crowds expected some may be protesters, the city put out for bids or crowd control barriers expected to bring in thousands of extra police officers officers andex set up a downtown convention zone with lots of tough security roles. >> how tight will restrictions be in the special convention arrogant ? can you walk down the street with a backpack or a bottle of water ?? something like this could still be used as a >> i went to the charlotte convention we were not not allowed to bring an umbrella as i saw a thousand of them off in the cornernd and the liquids allowed. >> matt zone has been cleveland and. >> in the next 30 days the committee will receive a full briefing on what has happened to prepare for the rnc .v
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ems plans are knockouts the city firefighters waiting to hear ordersty and suburban fire department talking about helping , and city police have been training, and convention week will be like no other. >> is going to be a great opportunity for cleveland. >> ed gallek fox 8is f19. extravaganzas cactus league season. >> huge honor for a man called chico as john telich hasher
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league tuesday dropping a six -- five decision decision to the cincinnati reds and goodyear arizona,o josh tomlin on the hill ,j a company run by a mile, first-run came courtesy of brandon phillips oram he signaled to the right side, carlos santana would tie the game, then a bomb to right field . plenty of tribe fans on hand, later a solo shot to make this a close game but the reds prevails by six -- five,. the browns did not have the transition or franchise tag before the 14 deadlines with sashi brown said as much last week at the nfl combine . the cavaliers have a few days
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wishers washington wizard friday at the q. kyrie irving, with controversy swirling, said he believes the cavaliers have the chance to be something special he says histhy er contention is open to the teammates while refuting a report that said he would rather play for another team .opo akron zips last night with a school record, 23 three-pointers with the victory they are the back regular-season champs and the number one seed in the mac tournament next week , kent state took care of rolling green john j. hall, outstanding, 22 points he was 10 to 13 from the field and ripped down nine boards in a nights work for the golden flashes they meet their arrivalsrk , the zips friday night and in the regular season .
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and tigers number 10, from the outside . then he drives to the basket witht getting it to go the vikings fires from long range . advancing 64 -- 62 facing beachwood in the finals as a congratulations to saint ignatius chuck kyle, will be inducted into thec federation of state high school associations hall of fameon he was 321 games over 33 years ands as football teams have won the love of titles . he will be inducted
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sadly they have found the first gene linked to graying hair and to prevent it from turning graying, fi here .. date look at the graying hair gene called irf4 believed to control the grain by regulating melanin gives color to your hair and skin and eyes . could perhaps prevent or slow the grain . they doubt that those that discover are so responsible
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is your neighborhood well-lit. >> interview people during eight years about their sleep habits if they had any medical or psychiatric disorders, look at the outdoor lighting there is tonight those with more were likely to sleep less with more fatigue than those with lowlight exposureh exposed two lots of night lights were likely to wake up confused than those not exposed. an exclusive interview with dee dee moore, the womanee convicted of killing her friend won the lottery. >> here's more with crime watch daily.
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for greg barber, his friend and employee, abraham shakespeare goes missing after winning millions of the lottery that he's working working undercover for the place police to get justice for his friend,ng when dee dee moore tells him that she needs to set some of them for the murder of shakespeare,so his worst fears for his friend are confirmed. >> and made me feel like, the mission is not over its not complete.. >> and the heartbreak of doing that he was in fact dead bigfoot it was heartbreaking but the same time was a blessingb to be able all he needs to get as the murder weapon from her , the police say that one more thing to the wish list that also but also want him to get her toin tell where the body is
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>> i said over going to convict, let me get the gun, a nice image of of ghana but if you know who has it really the gun bring to the gun that killed him so that we can pin it on him. >> so she turns the gun over to you?? >> she brings me the gun. >> and then what happens? >> then she tells me were abraham is buried, we had a piece of rebar over by the concrete, i said i'm not going to get out of the the truck because i don't want nobody to see us together, what i want you to do is to take that piece of rebar and said that on the concrete where his body is buried. d >> than that same day the police move in to take over. >> for more on the story tune
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>> you can see crime watch daily here on fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every
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a good smartphone is expensive , and the model,
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$200 .. >> issue ratio explains in the tech report as he joins us from la> la, to save some money. >> good afternoon, most people know that they smartphone costs way more than $200 this one is $2 unlocked it itit of the company it is one of the top companies in china andr now they bring this value opposition to the united states. >> a time when smartphone seem cheap, the latest was no more than $200 a two-year contract but theseac days we paid full price usually in monthly installments . enter the huawei five x. all of the essentials and more for just $200 it is
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various carriers includingw t-mobile, at&t and many budget carriers without a contract there's even space for extra memory and to send cards, ie useful if you travel internationally . huawei as their top smartphone maker but less known here they recently worked with google lightship nexusr smartphone other hoping to convince consumers don't need to spend a lot to get a great smartphone . .e it has a great design comes in gold, great silver a big screen, fast fingerprint reader and android software customized with lots of useful features like fm radio,rid an option for a simple home screen with large buttonsio . the 13 megapixel camera is not the best but very capable in july . lots of the features including a
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filters like this vintage one, it is the best smartphone you can get for the least amount of money,sm it's not for folks who craveve a printer device but it is a compelling package at an unbeatable price?? >> in a few weeks it has been available for $20 on amazon, people have been fired them and given them good reviews it gets four . fives out of five and is now back in stock after being sold outn and the battery life is pretty good too learn more about it, go to the shows that the smartphone market ist maturing because you can get such ain cool call device at this price is amazingo so when you break that screen on your current phone or you need aee new phone and you realize how
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alternative. >> and you can be right without
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eat and how they does not mean you have to give up on eating delicious food you can vote for the tastiest and healthiest dishes at the eighth annual nutritious and delicious galat . >> is sponsored sponsored by the greater accra academy of nutrition and dietetics, several restaurants are donating samples of their healthier options with all profits going toward patrician scholarships for students . want to thank reds place and being ahuja medical
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peacock you can try this tomorrow from six until 9:00 p.m. pat catan's your neck, tickets are $25 can be purchased at eat right akron
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today on "the real" -- >> on girl chat, who drives the best? she almost killed me twice this morning. >> tamar needs to work on her left-hand turns. >> and the fierce rupaul. >> we turn it out. >> and find out who will win loni's laugh off. >> "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute this is our time grab ahold of time and get with it starting right now, right now, right now


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