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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  March 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful day on the shores of northeast ohio it's 5:00 and 46 degrees and it is foggys er outside. other than that a great day. we'll see when the spout is going to let up a little bit. this is week north so much moisture that air aloft is getting so much dryerr r look at the temperatures with pockets of 40 degrees air that's drifting in fromt' the north.
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coming up in the until later on.a record too optimistic you go tigers six it's going to stick a lot cooler than that on the lake erie shorelinene i we might have to drop those high temperatures down. or foggy start continues out there.t this is 90 at east 150 second. that is found shore way kids
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and out by about that it looks okay not so much that to 70 went and cedar plenty of fog out there to greet you on your tuesday. drivetime so far so goodto to route eight reminder to euscher low. there trumps we could solidify her chances of receiving them the nation's.
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donald trump one that's also says pretty much his path to the nomination here in julytt if john kaisch will it could be at a time for him to no space on when he piece of the changing tied in the. >> they tell me to mark this at the collection as you have not enjoyed made today do not tell anybody. i knee-jerk thought i want to send a messagegel to theatve not country that ohio should send a message everybody is watching us now. they're notches watching of the countryy they are watching as the world. when i went all higher and continued to take this program
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positive message america is no doubt america is coming back. will make low spoke exclusively with donald trump. is it over. donald trump will be watching with primary results.
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will be as well. democratic race recent push of a tightening race in ohio between hillary clinton in bernie sanders 2,000 people packed pacific theater to rally for the presidential candidate. many approve of his calls for free tuition and trade opposition. that's believe that she can taketa control the democratic race by sleeping today's racist.
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means of their issues and many the next presidents. we are found him at many at the polling locations that will be open today for you to go out and vote.l you can vote until 730 the matter who you like to see in the white house you ask encouraged to exercise your right toyo vote. they had to be postmarked by
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off until the polls close at 730. they are expecting about 30 percent voter turnout something else unique about the school that 17 -year-olds are allowed to vote. eighteen by the time i'll take you all about that in the next half-hour. all eyes on the buckeye state. parks it will all your election results tonight and move into cleveland and to go to bobbi
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to false name i police tracked it down last fall when his college education wase flanked by the national registry missing children.nkna the cleveland browns have had several players no space (-left-parenthesis feet with concussions that the nfl is sayingngar the cavaliers run out as a check to leave the j hearing the blues. visibility is dead and many locations to a couple of hundred feetli are not going to see a lot of improvement untilin maybe late morning look at the cloud cover which will struggle will have a
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40s along police are at least it will be close to the inland. and whether or not wes will see
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46 degrees. i'm much too young for that. two or 3 inches of rain. we have a light wind coming in off the lake keeping the temperatures and low 40s intact with draft about
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with some breaks of sunshine. st. patrick's day were highlighting a couple of showersrs and avon lake that into brunswick and that dying on. at least were not going to see any
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the -- the us and russia have been at odds on over how to handle vote morevo than 30. but they are doing to gain the favor of the white house. his a live look at the internet bridge. patty will have a closer look at
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but, guess what donald? four hundred and seventeen thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, increased our wages. ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. new day for america is responsible for the content
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welcome back as you can see it's very, very thought. on this tuesday morning in the city.on it's also the election day. let's start with patty harkin the highways are big today is the fog some areas are worse
5:20 am one send a five or 6 cents usa and euclid. go to our website with late cats tracker tab and hopefully when you see that you'll see some cheaper gas prices in your neighborhood. agencies are transitioning at half an american citizen was able to leave the country. he recently surrendered and northern iraq. we have more on his background. >> the leader of that out rocket unit says he gave himself up at an inspection point yesterday. they're able to to these claim from isis/year. they assumed there was a suicide
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we do see passing over the last several weeks reports of one and want to functions from the. britney said he told there's going to vacation increase handset vladimir put them barack
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night following russiansw announcement. field spoil the military up will help and there so were by using peaceful means. he's taxing on quiz and to emphasize their conflict. submitted a link between football and had trouble at concussions. i think research says set a number is certainly is. was congressional committee. the assessment is based on a doctore who found them and 94 players. they have been working on ways to lower the risk for players.
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ahead.s. channing frye goes houston was with the joslin as they fight to finish off a 4-0 road trip. akron police are asking for help trying to find proper stealing hoverboards fromst children. every minder to head over to to vote for that next fox 8 cool school. we will announce the winning school on thursday and feature
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good morning we can temperatures falling into the 40s right along the lake here. the showers south of akron we have a range in temperature we also have some extremely dense
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we're starting to clear out with very little wind. the authorities had temperatures that have been dropped the most 10 degrees temperature drops. we're going to get some improvement with flaked a sentient but with that northwest went that's relatively light and the way everything is working out will probably see lower and middle 50s so long felt leg. into early tomorrow morning. the cold front will sweep through. it's going to getet real windy on wednesday with highs in the 60 a couple of showers 30-40 percent. could change juicy since urges
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sports time, the cavaliers recent route to success is only cutting california. after winningc weeks required-in utah. lebron led the cavaliers with 23 as they used back-to-back threes to grab the lead late in the third. the jazz took control. rodney lead utah with 28 with about four minutes last he hits fry with his elbow sparking a confrontation on the floor. both players. ejected in the caps on were to the be back to the cute tomorrow night.
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they should not have lost by game. march madness gets underway with the spirit of them in dayton. build more also the -- that they face state in the and it. they were night michigan state of ohio state will try to defend the second best three-point shooting team in the nation. the ninth enough tonight at 7:00 p.m. john kasich and former secretary off state, hillary clinton areon the leaders going into the primary.
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buckeye harkin will be back with a closer look at your commute
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it is super tuesday. go outi and vote.


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