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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  March 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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. >> learn about what killed a family of four inin northfield center before their house exploded,hf arrest being made in the case of an egg throwing vandal, thousandsds lined the streets of cleveland for the st. patrick's day parade . stacey frey will have a live report. >> plans are really picking up here on st. patrick's day, the sun is out in full force . in are breaking story out of
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to children found dead in the house explosion and it that they were murdered the deaths were intentional and killed before the explosion january 11 on skyhaven drive 04 died, jeffrey and cynthia mather, both 43 as well as 12-year-old allison and 8-year-old ruthie according to the summit county medical examiner jeffrey mather died by suicide after burning himself using gasoline to set his home on fire coming his wife died of an overdose of pills it's not not clear if she took did it herself or if they were given to
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their airwaves were blocked it appears that were killed before the fire, report states it is unclear which parent is responsible for the death of the two children or how they work associated and will not speculate, it is just heartbreaking no matter what . in the weather department, where sunny skies warm temperatures for st. patrick's day but those blue skiestr are about to change, this is a look from the roofcam . the parade starts in about one hour .. a.j. colby, is here . the clouds are just puffy
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take a look at stormfox, no precipitation, there could be a possible shower but don't think it would be much if it did, the five hopkins . the winds sustained at 24 and testing close to 40 mph . a blustery day like yesterday, look at those cumulus clouds forming, wall-to-wall sunshine and then about half an hour ago they assembled . cold air aloft, a low pressure trough, does not
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maybe even a brief rain shower, i look for outer space you can see increased cloud cover to the northwest, mid- 50s pretty much everywhere . show unity wider view of the weather that's deal, then back over michigan, dakotas and minnesota, and enough cold air works in to bring the chance of a few tomorrow morning . we will detail that coming up. my biggest celebrations include them, st. patrick's day parade starts in about one hour, says a picture from skyfox above the parade route, stacey frey is near the start of the parade route with a look at the
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it is sunny, a perfect day for the parade, and you starting to feel festive, people here get in comfortable on the parade route is one of the biggest and boldest in ohio expecting half a million people to come downtown, 10,000 marchers will be in the parade . everybody is feeling very irish today here in the city of cleveland . the place will have extra patrols to make sure that the crowd remains controlled they have had fights in the past in public square but
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they are prepared if they occur somewhere else, rta has extra volunteers, to help you with the bus route changes,to an organization called the irish civic association, they're in charge of making sureh that the parade start on time each year at precisely 1:04 p.m. gus malzahn because together each year it is confusion and craziness but it happens every year. is >> what does this do for your soul? >> it completes me, it makes me whole . i love the state this weather today is just fantastic. >> we have had snow on st. patrick's day in the past so
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spring in our step . great start precisely at 1:04 p.m.. i know you've been down there he before are there some tips to parking? >> i would recommend to take the rta . that's the best idea, people who live and work downtown who are in all of those faces so also superior is cut off with traffic rerouted andpe about half a million people coming down here with about 10,000ll participating so i would not want to deal with parking . the rta district $5 round-trip . don't worry if you cannot make the parade you can watch it as it is happeningnn it will be
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beginning at 1:04 p.m. . the euclid police later they've cracked the case of an egg throwing vandal, after nearly two years and 100 strikes, 30 -year-old jason facade face a charge of felony vandalism,, the police investigation include undercover surveillance and other tools they say that he'd bombard he bombarded the house with eggs and fruit using ah launcher from across the street, the elderly homeowners family so concerned about their safety i suspect eluded night vision equipment . he has since moved from wilmore avenue where neighbors were stunned to learn of his arrest. >> he was a sweetheart, >> he was arraigned in in euclid on wednesday the cases that go into being cuyahoga county grand jury for indictment.
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keep a pitbull despite a ban on the bridge more than 2,000 people signed a petition on behalf of the family as scrappy serves as a comfort dog for 4 -year-oldlf alleah williams who has cystic fibrosis, and the city leaders and the girl's grandmother reached a deal on
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former subway spokesman jared fogle was beat up in prison, tmz reports that his attacker punched himmz in the recreation yard at the colorado prison, the attacker attackers family says he is upset that so many child
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sir weather on the move . especially texas and louisiana also through the midsection as reid binion reports. >> high winds and chicago and high water in the deep south and tornado alley was up to its name ,, brutal weather hits a large part of the us, persistent rainsge and in the southwest for more than a weekes in in louisiana , they were to recover dozens of floating caskets on earth would the cemeteries became inundated,flc in texas those along the river were ordered to evacuate as high water paralyzed highway the governor toured the devastation from the air doesn't doesthfr families displaced homes flooded and property destroyed. >> left with a warning.
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over ni they could continue to rise for another day or two. >> in the midwest the devastation was from strong winds and illinois th damaging homes goes and. >> in iowa, tornadoeso left residentsad clean up damage after twisters ravage their communities goes and goes and an admirer of standards and i go through the wall and then i had my mom screaming so i had to get her out from under the debrismy. >> reid binion reporting. >> seaworld announcing in d&d killer whale program . the orcas will be the last breed anymore or taking more from the wild seaworld says thered responded to changing attitudes they face harsh criticism after the release of the popular
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from av convenience store in colorado shows the cashier saving a baby when the mother passes out, you can see the motherr, unable to talk to talk and unsteady that's when the clerkdy grabs the input and tries to steady the young mother who was having a seizure, she is okay and so is her baby . >> this dog is happy to have
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a live look from skyfox on this st. patrick's day as the parade is about ready to start in about 45 minutes . at 1:04 p.m. . that parade route will be lined with people expecting to see and about half a million people in
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participants . q. spiegel, in charge of the facts . you can see all of the blue skiesu event clouds at the tail end of that time-lapse . that's when the class began about. 11:00 o'clock this morning . these are some statistics last year the high temperature was 60 degreess right around the parade time i would say, the last time that we had mashable snowfallll in cleveland was 2,007 with one . 8 inches of snowfall on st. patrick's day in 2,007, the warmest high temperature was 2012, of 77 degrees . the coldest high temperature, if you
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degrees in the smelliest 24 hours of st. patrick's day, 1973 with 6 inches of snowfallsm . rain showers to the northwest, a patchwork of showers earlier this morning that pushed off the east, the next systeme will move into night a little bit of showery weather associated with that hope to keep the probability tends down . the numbers, 69 raleigh and 69 bc, the court we will have about 54 .ab gusting over 30 nighttime low 35 degrees tomorrow, about 40
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be some morning flurries the sunshine will be on and off tomorrow, that settles south and east . on the 8 -day outlook, as we wrap up winter in say hello to springtime . 40 degrees saturday , sunday could have a few snowflakes and monday a better chance of snowfall, 38 degrees tuesday, rainfall mid '40s and warmer on wednesday
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do you think that disney world is the happiest place on earth? >> it actually goes to a special
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33 million americans claim irish ancestry,ca there will be about half a million people downtown to enjoy the parade today that starts at
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might be better for men to have no job instead of a part-time joby t university of texas researchers found thatf when men take a part-time job it can hurt the chances of getting a full-time position because employers think they have a lower level level of commitment and to take a job because they took a job below their skill level . .la disney is not the happiest place on earth, according to a survey, denmark as the happiest, the us ranked 13th, it was upd two spots from last years, the least happy is burundi in central africa, people in 156 different countries were surveyed on factors including social support , helping esur life expectancy , social freedom in absence of corruption goes and goes andndio many pregnant women who go to the hospital will have the essentials in an to go back, such as mascara and chapstick, but
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packed 35 sheet eyeshadow palette, lashes, and two pots full of brushes and skin contouring kite, supplied all the products during a drug-free labor, she posted these pictures on instagram and went viral to set up an impressive make entryn by her hospital bed at one point her husband stepped sent in to lend a hand with runs in, and she and her daughter are both
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welcome back, the st. patrick's day parade start in about 30 minutes we take a look from skyfoxp, one of the biggest st. patrick's day parades in the country . go to stacey frey for the latest. >> it is a beautiful day, people are selecting their sponsor along the route on superior avenue .
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from the parade, one of the oldest, biggest and best in the country, will be about 10,000 marchers in this parade . there will be issues with traffic, congestion and huge crowds, people have extra patrols, rta has extraeo volunteers because they are rerouting bus routes because of public squareune construction, there have been some fights on public squarere impassee new year's that they do not expect it to occur there about if they do become route it will be elsewhere,f i say that they will be ready, arrested about 46 people last year out of about half a millionon is pretty good statistics the parade
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every year it comes together and each year is better than the last. >> what does this do for you? >> it completes me it makes my soul whole . i love the state it is the greatest and this weather is fantastic. >> the parade starts at 104 . have been some road closures here on superior, when you come down, take rta and don't worry about traffic, especially if you plan to have a couple of green beers today as he goes and where is the best place to celebrate the parade,gre the biggest is cleveland, they just named cleveland number eight on the list of the top 10 best places to celebratete st. patrick's day
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the city and how longb the parade has been around which, this one started in 1867 . security is a y major concern at the rnc this summer,, the police department police department is looking to set the record straight .pen councilmembers brian kazy and mike polensekk have heard rumors about plans to buy military equipment including tanks, chief calvin williams denies that says its will be up be up to the center director to provide a list of what the city is buying.e >> city of cleveland, division of police, in the past, will not in the present or future purchase any military equipmente, no tanks, no grenade launchers, no bayonets or 50 caliber machine guns . he said the city will be ready and will handle
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. lucky winner takes on a new carck in the fox 8 battle of the sexes giveaway, a contest that featured here on fox 8 with northern ohio honda dealers,re malikah hart was surprised with a two-year lease on a play 60 honda crv, just had to download the app and vote for the guys or gals and she had no idea she wanted when she arrived at the dealership yesterday was a.. >> exciting thing to know that somebody wears a free card something that maybe they have entered into a contesttthd and when you do that,o you're glue that you are going to win something sort'r to be there to present the case of to someone who had one his exciting.oo >> said, just take a chance because ich saw the news for competition and they said that you can enter every daye so every day i entered, and i am grateful
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>> she said that she voted for gabe spiegel as many times as she was legallyly able to do, ... ... but actually she voted for the girls. >> she has adopted perhaps the happiest dog on the block, she says that her smile was captured in this photo and the photo has gone viral . we had some bright blue skies, people are going downtown for the parade starts at about 20 minutes .
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>> we have mid- 50s, it was about 60 last year and it has been as warm as 77 degrees in 2012 . no precipitation, just a few puffy clouds and then this afternoon . just some cumulus clouds, see what happens if they do perhapss shake out a shower, 55 degrees at hopkins, all across the state is homogenous . the winds are sustained at 24, guesting up to 38 mph the first
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mixed with some snowflakes because of this system over the big issue in terms of precipitation but the temperature a different story, the winds aloft show a change as the jet stream allows warmer air . puffy clouds, 56, tonight mid- 30s with a few flurries tomorrow, only a high of 40 degrees which is below average . and the 30s for the weekend, the first day of spring will be on sunday with few snowflakes and then it does warm up to the 60s next wednesday . the cavs and mavericks took off
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and the browns make roster changes hears john telich. >> happy st. patrick's day, lebron james sellouts and they withstood a late surge by the mavericks cavaliers winningng at the, kyrie irving came out aggressive . java loved working underneath to get it done with 23 points, jeri smith with 13, they'll have a 24-point lead, jeri smith made three three pointers, the mavericks would cash in with that layout and then kyrie irving extends it to four pointsr and then he saves the day with bad steel, he gets to free-throws the cavaliers winning ..
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tried not to show it, i was angry at that turnover, . dwayne bowe experiment with the browns is over, on wednesday they cut him after one underwhelming season . he was given 9 million guaranteed cut a total of five passes all year and charter member of the country club page one . $8 million per pass recession one of the reasons that ray farmer was fired by the browns,ss as the tinkling sounds, karlos dansby was let go with two years leftika on a four-year contract he was the consummate pro and leaderu, lead them in tackles last year he still has some football left in him and reports have him being checked out by arizona, he posted a instagram
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hime . he thanked the grounds that dawg pound and the haslam's .as he says he has much love for this land, and sashi brown said he was a dedicated hard worker and wesa wish him the best as he continues his career, browns signed demario davis two-year deali, $8 million he led new york last year in tackles and in the lincoln 2012 agreed toa terms withed texas safety and expect to compete with tashaun gipson, the station to the angels on wednesday with anderson allowing six runs in four innings . jason kipnis got the offense going in thei first with a solo, mike napoli followed,ir the events will
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goodyear with a 4:00 p.m. start, simpson, mr. basketball, congratulations and garfield heights had two stars make the ap ohioa first-team . jackson was a rebound and hughes plays for louisville .k the bulldogs would be in the final four semi friday in columbus . we have high school basketball at that date, the villa angela saint joe state semifinal game against lynchburgcha just wrapped up in columbusa the score was villa, 81, lynchburg 64 . they now play for the state championship . who is the most influential person on the
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or march madness
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to watch the gamesesch, so much so that a wisconsin clinic says is the time of year they see an increase in vasectomies, they say that during the tourney date performed three times more, the trend has become so big that the utah clinic used a billboard to advertise, doctors at the clinic say some mend say that they wait until march to get the procedures and others remained calling about the timing . >> agro who do not get a chance to go to the dance, and crime watch daily the teenager to drive gets his day in court . a nice 15-year-old maren sanchez was supposed to remember, her high school junior prom . the day was darkened by violence after a student viciously murdered into calling
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allegedly had spurned his dance imitation, on that day, the school that had just run, chris hurst friends said he was angry after being turned down and reportedly said that he would not mind if she was dead orr hit by a bus . that morning he threw her down the stairs then they say that he tried to choke her and then he pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the torso. >> .a the student was transported to bridgeport hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 7:43 a.m. this morning. >> after the police arrived, christopher,ft went to the
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did it, just arresting. >> for more on the story tune into the next crime watch daily does it you can see crime watch dailyy a fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every
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shailene woodley assembly first two movies based on the novel allegiant and the divergent trilogy, others say and david moss talk
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sobrante third installment, shailene woodley was rallied the troops to survive >> gets easier, i know her so well at this point it is a matter of making sure that the scenes are truthful to her . every movie has writers so make sure that there is character integrity . that's for the challenge comes in versus trying to figure out who they arer . her love interest us is best but under the circumstances someone has to be in charge . >> every couple has problems, nobody is perfect,t, i think the
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genito films, it is important not to put out an idealistic relationship . you have an idea of that but are the fact that they will not wake up every day in a happy mood . so to deal with the absent close while respecting one another is important ..t it is about taking that big chance,, that leap of faith. >> even if a simple confrontation likeke breaking up with someone, anything emotional , that requires output or input is scary but it is an opportunity to use as a
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strength . religion of the third four is in theaters, david moss
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getting close close to the st. patrick's day parade start along superior . see lots of people on the parade route 41 of the biggest st. patrick's day parade in the country, about half a million will be there watching you can
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streaming live, and time released their list of the 30 most influential people on the internetpl, kim kardashian and kanye west made the list along withth caitlyn jenner, donald trump, james corbin, the host of theme late late show, that many of hisa carpool karaoke videos have tens of millions of years . youtube, lacey green made a list with your approachable version of sex education, along with other social media starsst
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today on "the real. on "girl chat," it's tamar's birthd. >> i'd like to thank america for maki it a national holiday. "the real" has you feeling green. >> it's st. paddy's day. >> guess what's at the end of e rainbow. that's not all. >> it's my birthday. >> you're invited. >> thank you for rembering my birthd. >> on "the real." this is our time just another minute to gett this is our time grab ahold


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