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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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can see lines of officers controlling where the protester wandered. a group near city hall had splintered off from crowdsds around public square. officers on the ground and in the air tried to keep an eye on everyon look as if they may be up to no good.k okay, the main guy, the guy with thehe cart and all the oth masks walking eastbound there are headed to 12. cleveland police had to choppers in the air and that weekc the feds brought in more than a dozen,t crews from homeland security and the fbi t help patrol . >> for the most part crowds broke up they could record
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centers as we do and fox 8 8 sending back live news pictures. >> for the most part crowds broke up the view not seen during the convention because they had all kinds ofg flight restrictionso patrol the skies. we had pictures of federal helicopters parked over burke. the playset even more on standb that did not come here and some were flying so high you may not have place in one part of
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cryptic hit list of names of one portion of officers has police in two counties on high alertn peggy gallek has the details. this is found in a park sunday and ottawa countynd , sher says that they're treated this as a credible threat.rr at the top there are six stick figureses and an ex- and says the dead cops, very disturbing. ottawa county sheriff describing a short list browns sunday at the greentown park, he said the fbi was notified because the list cann be taken lightly especially wit the recent shootings of police all over the country including dallas in baton rouge. police was found behind this garage at the park and accordin to the sheriff the note also have the names of four resident and listed several area
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township in neighboring wood we learned about it sunday evening the chief was notified by ottawa county. lake township says they're taking steps to make sure polic stays safe. >> we secured doors to make sur as we come i pay attention with a little mor attention to surroundings. just to pay attention. >> no arrests have been made an the police continue to investigateav m if you have any information call the ottawa
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they don't know so they had to consider the same serious threat. >> pairs told to keep a closer watch on children asd police investigating the incident involving a stranger and a girl in front of her home is jennife jordan joins ususppa with more neighborhood alert. a yell to the girl i see drove by from the solon police are now searching for a suspect the girl was not injured, but these residents in the thornburgh development in solon are on alert. >> it is a troubling incident in a tranquil neighborhood. this is such a peaceful area. >> happened tuesday august 2 on mcdowell drive in solon. he
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dropping of his 8-year-old daughter to get the mail at the entrance. as he continued to the garage heard a male voice running in his direction. so onon and a pickup truck as he drove i yelled somethinga to the effect ofin getting inside truck. >> the association set out the safety notice alerting people o the possible attempted abduction. >> suspect he said never so no indication he tried to lure the girl hard. >> suspect was driving a small black two-door pickup described as a young white male withh tattoos on his right arm with cameras posted at a neighborhood public park and at other ig they hope to identify the suspect to determine a
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just be a lockout, now that i know what happened,us maybe oka my eyes open a little bit more. the playset is where as the victim and her familyly this is an example what to do pros by its stranger to get a description, call the police if you see the pickupal, do not approac we spoke to the mother ofof victim who decline, but is happy that the police are proactivect.u recommend that if kids are outside to play in pairs it's always good idea to be with a bodyy. >> a start landmark that has stood for a century is destroye by what they believed to be
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more damage today as dave nethers joins us from thehe fox 8 studi at university of akron this was intentionally set destroyed a one-room schoolhouse that it survived a move. for the last 130 years has survived.. >> has been a focal.for the historical society for over a century. >> this was set up like a one-room schoolhousese with vintage desks for the kids platform with a teacher's desk. >> lichthenwalter schoolhouse has been carefully preserved an restored. i received the text message it was destroyed it was heartbreaking. after more than 130 years the building was
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>> this is part of the area tha is now green there were 14 different school districts at the timeen of the one-room schoolhouse in 1800. so it had caused damage thrown trash on the roof and the broke into the football concession stand causing damage and stealing several items. trash the place. >> is too much a to be a coincidence but the loss of the schoolhouse is the greatest lose loss, taking an act of vandalis to a different level.. >> will continue to investigate with the state fire marshal's office to find out who did this
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reward of up to $5,000 offered by the ohio blue-ribbon arson committee for any tips interest. madea cedar point ending for a van full of teenagers involve in the early morning rollover that left three critically inj the central driver was trying to switch with a 6-year-old passenger without stopping,aly. this after 1:00 a.m. on interstate 75 in the city. the say that they saw the van
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two of the teenagers were ejected, both inin critical condition as is a third. they range in age from 15 to 17.. several were not seriously injured. fl consume have defense against some a at least 20 people may file a lawsuit against the league and hall of fame after the nfl canceled the sunday gamend in canton and was called because o unsafe play conditions on the field and attorney once sued th nfl for sellingtt super bowl safe zone exists as a group of peopl a e approached them about possible class-action lawsuit, he says the firm is getting calls from people to get the nfl
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including travelel they are fro several states including wisconsin indiana traveled f he hoping to see the packers play
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know that some other networks, has spent millions of dollars to be the network to have exclusive right to broadcast the rio olympics. >> we have an alternate way, welcome to the canton games. hallmark channel has recorded ed cats the kitten summer games hope to find homes for these competitors who are all shelter
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there was a lot of fun to be had today atat swimming pool cedar point, when we had 90 degrees, the 19th day. we need rainfall, we have rainfall forecast and green in the forecast forecast the high was 91 below 69 today. it was five shy of 96 from 1949. there has been no rainfall at hopkins today so
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we have a tiny area of light breeze front. take a look at that, these are tiny showers maybe a few raindrops. extending east. just outside of ashley you see showers due west. it is putting it into some
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just north of farallon. they will not have to water their front yards.. there's nothing on the lightning detector. live far northwest ohio odds ar youhi won't see anything. the watches/warningss to the west some heat advisories. summery weather cross the brother plain
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we have the wind north-northeast wind and you ge that convergence zone. it is still very hot. of the very lots of moisture across the panhandle florida. on the coas by the could see one photo rainfall it will link up with this at some.and bell a gully washer potential this weekend. so looking at high temperature
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it will be hazy hot humid. highs near 90 this weekend a better chanceh of slowing down linking up with moisture from the south. heavy rain potential saturday sunday in sunshinene next week. you can't call them the lake erie monsters anymore,u
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the team getting an update on michael brantley, after saw a dr. in new york is found to have symptoms consistent with chronic bicep tendinitis, no timetable for a return if looking more like he
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scherzer in dc to start a two-game series, trevor bauer has not won a game since july 1 when he wentev five solid innin and the 19 inning victory during the long ministry, she has received a no decision or loss in his previous five startsno prince fielder expected to announce his retirement in a press conference wednesday ex 32, he w a and have th the trite the worst season of his career before being shut down for neck surgery it's unknown whether th rangers are insured for the remainder of his contract at tivos and $96 million starting next season and three years after,il they can claim it is legit and not a publicity stunt tim tebow actively pursuing a baseball career. to have a workout for major league baseball teamss later this mont
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training in arizona and la to hone his hitting and fielding skillst and support he has not played full-time since 2,005 he was an all-state baseball playe in florida as a high school junior. just few days away from the browns first exhibition game. >> that would be with the packers friday night. at lambeau field, gary barnidge says he has had no lingering effects from the hernia surgery a while back he is excited to see what kind of progress is positioned to make there is some young talent at that position andr he feels he has a solid young nucleus to keep an eye one >> a young group of guys that are eager to learn>> tha try to learn all that t to inspire eac other. and they're really take a hold of it. excited to see
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speaking of excitement, and are you ready for high school football?g, >> everybody in the building is i stop by to watch for teens scrimmage mentor, glenville, kenston and berea-midpark see a lot of those teams on fridays. and in lakewood, watching the mckinley pops take on thek defending state champion saint edward eagleses, they got the offense rolling with that impressive line, they can move the pops tried to counter and set up a screenen that gain a g chunk of yardage. chuck kyle of saint ignatius leads the wildcats, hosting the solon comments as much as they try to create some runs going they cannot get it done at least while we were there, ignatius will had to be effected to thro the football they were
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get ready for friday night touchdow at august 26 11:00 p.m. we will have the whole game andw the lake erie monsters have a new name as the cleveland monsters. the calder cupup champions earned it and now to have the name of this the city attached to their fran, they know that they are the champions of the league. we did the burning 100, only got 266. so in my mind i did not succeed but i congratulate all of those who finished the 100 miles went through all of the metroparks, it was tough, a great day and people at wester reserve racing but on these
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to them, volunteers and those who were at the various aid station so congratulations to mike loomis, a football coach a lutheran rest. he's been tryin for several times to get the hundred miles he made at this past year so great to see him finishdd and congratulations.. were cycles are a popular way to get around in the summer but a kind of bike can be a nuisanc on city streets being done to get their bikes o roadwaysei and give people a chance to go for a ride. my heart is broken for my dad it was just so much work and .edicationke >> man who thought he was helping his community to have
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people in neighborhoods see more dirt bikes in the streets there coul be a solution. park could be coming to the eas side at the city proposes that the site of a rundown inner cit park asas matt wright has the details from city hall. >> the proposal goes before cit council here morrow.w. some di bikers involved hope that it changes perception about the sport. >> is a common sight on the streets and in videos online.
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wheelies, performing stunts. the city is considering a place for these bikers to legally ride close to home. that some close to here so you got to go further outat. >> proposing a $2 million motocross trackpo near east 72n street. >> they said the project would bring life into a park that has become somewhat of a dumping ground and to help at build community. they may have differences, that may cause them to view them but this can bring them together.r. because the parks the first of its kind in a major american city and include educational opportunities to teach kids bik maintenance. >> to have something in an urba
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opportunity they can learn the industry and the sportt as well as small engine repair and the other thingsep i think it is a pioneering thing for the city. >> neighbors support a plan if it includes limits on when the dirt bikers can use the park. bican got here to have fun. there is an event saturday or dirt bikers and if approved by city council, it could begin early next year. last year named officer of the year now and acting officer facing charges ofa driving unde the influence they pulled over lieutenant kris beitzel are the said she had a loaded gun on th floor next to her she was named as the officer of the year in
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is to go to trial in the fall, spokesman for the t actor pd sa she is currently on leave without pay. would-be robbers strike in cleveland for the second day in a row, the truck smashed into the family dollar on broadway avenue on the east side before 3:00 a.m. they're going after they m but do not get it say the same truck was used in an unsuccessful attempt on the scene t straws a police arrest two suspects in atm smash and grab, christopher freeman and david johnson faced several felony charges after police say they crashed truck into the bp station on royalton road, giza taken theoy atm before lee poli on a chase alongt i-71 for crash in a truck on side of cleveland both held without bond.
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summit county neighborhood over honeybees as jack shea joins us. a beekeeper thought the neighborhood would benefit from a bee colony butbehe some of th neighbors do not like its. retiree and cargo falls had no idea he would stir up a business lead to three hives in his backyard, bob gouges dollar says that her dad thought he wa doing a public service.s pollination beautiful several neighbors love the base but i say that my dad loves the honey. >> if we spoke, that confuse th sense of smelle and hopefully i calms them down. mary sobchak of the summit county beekeeper's association was alerted by bob gallagher saturday for a large number of dead these outside one of the
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she concluded that someone attempted to destroy th colony with insect >> they were coming out with promotions from 19 from all of them so bad is leading to a diagnosis of having been poisoned by aerosol.le >> some neighbors view them as threat and taken the complaints to city council, it is not addressed in city zoning codes dd believes that the city leaders and neighbors were these. my heart was broken for my dad is so much work and dedication,, he he put so much time and money and effort. >> the guy into their beekeepin business after a number of plants were not flower after research they found that they were not being properly pollinated by bees. te research supplied to the large-scale decline of the depopulationli over the years pesticides, diseaseth and many believe that resurgence is
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>> bees will fly between two an 5 miles from the hive to pollinate in brainb it home so everybody benefits when we have good healthy pollinators. >> the hope that those who kill the bees will think about their importance in the food chain osll >> thursday very little for us to eat and very few flowers to enjoy.. >> family filed a police report and taking ser protect the bees, the city of cargo falls is considering the zoning changes to allow beekeepers in residential neighborhoods. another 90-degrees day out there today. we have several in a row. today was day number 19 with 91 degrees. like outside near burke lakefront,, we had
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this has conversed with a southerly wind. it has created a few showers. this is a one hour loop and see if you scattered storms. most of us hope that we get this in our backyards. it is known outsid and lorain county. part of that
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southwest and 71, more of these are starting to some will m the southth make it and is the head towards northeast ohio. the chance of few showers/storms through the overnight especially south, southeast . low pressure area is standing still and slamming florida. alabama, louisiana coastline receiving more than one photo rainfall between now and some of that wil be moving northward, get a slow cold front to bring us some
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plans arere serving to relax a little bitin writes in the 60s and even 70s phil moore tropical-like. kansas city, st. louis and pad into the low '90s it feels like 103 with the dewpoint in kansas city. tonight low '70s tomorrow a high of 9090, day number 20. as we head into the potentially friday, they never 22 on friday. on saturday, and sunday. a slow-moving front brains and moisture it may bombard many areas with training rainfall through the weekend the best
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tuesday wednesday, lower humidity with about temperatures in the low '80s with then a string of dry days. on the road to the lighthouse a new candidate enters the race and donald trump gets stiff armed by dozens of former republican national security officials and hillary clinton getsio slapped with a lawsuit f the parents of s two benghazi attack victims here is fox news reporter joel waldman.. >> i don't believe this. >> donald trump campaigning in the state that may say he must win to become president, s nort carolina, but his visit to the state was tarnished by h anti-trump republican and third-party candidate evan them all in announcing his plan to make a independent bid for the white house. >> this last moment when someon can offer credible>> alternativ
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delivered a major speech> on hi plans to grow the economy, a to concern for voters according to a news poll, 50 percent surveye melania trump would do a better jobob of having america's financial fate. >> said the other day, she short-circuited, it is one thin to make bad decisions is anothe thing to be wacky and make bad to the general election ahead of trump by double digits according to a monmouth university poll, today see firsthand how they are bound an zika virus.e >> i disagree with those who sa an insignificant issue. my opponent in this race, his campaign officials have said it and it doeses grea disservice. hillary clinton named in a
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parents of two benghazi victims claimed that her use of a private e-mail server contribut to the attack, joel waldman fox news. several high-profile incidents have them looking int amusement park safety after accidents have injured and killeda patrons as a elizabeth noreika here with more. >> 's been a tragic summer for some across the country these recent accidents shine a light on safety and what can be done to prevent these from happening. amusement parks are popular destination for families especially during the summer,me but have been several incidents recently that have people on edge, n tennessee county fair. three girls, ages six, ten and 1616 dropped nearly four storie when the ferris wheel basket flipped the reisenauer closed for inspection, kansas eslick police investigate what happene on ta the worlds tallest waters
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killing turney road caleb schwab researchers at children's hospital and ohio looked at two ld the us numbers from consumer product safety commission found a number oft 4,000 children under age 18 go to the er each year for amusement park injuries then ad in the water parks in the most recent number show about 30,000 injured last year with no one agency overseeing all kinds of rights.. >> we do now about water parks is that there is very little federal oversight and regulations. nationwide children's hospital study found the most commonil body parts injured wer head and neck injuries was common at 29 percent were bumps and bruises, you should make sure that they follow all height, weight and age requirement, use safety
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it takes teamwork to move the building but not necessarily horsepower.. up next the old-school method to move an ol
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the view from the pickwick cam on east fourth.e gm began testing self-driving cars teaming up with crews automation outfittin several chevy volt's to drive
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they're already tested in san francisco, gm is consideringal other cities for tests but is not ready to announce any new locations,ciis there is no targ date on when the cars could be on the streetsisar. >> when they need to make money people would run out a room in the house, and the same applies fora social media giant twitter looking to rent out space at it san francisco headquarters, putting 30 percent of the offic space for lease which is3 180,000 square feet of furnished space on four floorsfe last week twitter reported a loss of more than $100 million paymenttt time to back to school, children will need more than just pinning paper, one more difficult thing to adjust is a moree reasonable bedtime, minister to stay up later during summer then sleep-in with early starting times, lack of sleep can hurt
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a cleveland clinic dr. says the key is to ease back into an earlier bedtime. maybe two or three weeks before school starts the parent should ensure that the kid gets enough sleep and should try to move the sleep schedule in smal incrementss by 15 minutes every day and the moving closer to th school sleep time. >> keep the schedule clear of nonessential activity to allow more time for homework and getting to bed hour. remove a piece of history you've got to be careful, and this town you also e throwback to old ways. for decades the orleans county grammar school served as a hall and ronnie towns vermont, while ago they decided to move the school hous back to the original location
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pull the building to its new home is not all about manual labor used. we excavate under the building so we could buy our main steel underneath that and then we put the cross seal on top of thatatn then we put hydrologic jacks in there and picked up about 8 feet.h >> says the crazy thing you hav ever donene?? >> i don't know about that is the first time ever done this. >> the building was first moved in 1869 to be closer to the center of town and just because it is an historic building does not meananb he cannot get an upgrade, they plan to put in a flush toiletg .
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people walk a while and looking at their cell phones not paying attention, invented a nap calle lookup uses gps to track the movements and when you're approaching intersection and sends a message to look up.. >> it is safety but most of thi is about empathy m and not have your eye on the street , the ci w >> rainout is only available fo android phones in new york city that hope is to expand into apple devices and in other cities and maybe people which is put down their phones and watch where they're going.. perhaps even communicate face-to-face. >> want to thank you for giving
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byron.. our police and one part of the state targeted?? the cryptic chemist with names of law enforcement officers has the police i into counties on high alert. >> peg >> at the top there are six stick figures and it says dead cops is very disturbing. >> this is ottawa county sheriff stephen levorchick describing a hit was found sunday the graytown park.k he said the f was notified because that list cannott be taken lightly especially in light of shooting of officers including dallas in


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