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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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byron.. our police and one part of the state targeted?? the cryptic chemist with names of law enforcement officers has the police i into counties on high alert. >> peg >> at the top there are six stick figures and it says dead cops is very disturbing. >> this is ottawa county sheriff stephen levorchick describing a hit was found sunday the graytown park.k he said the f was notified because that list cannott be taken lightly especially in light of shooting of officers including dallas in
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bliss was found behind this garage at the park. and according to the sheriff the note also have the names of fou residentsinn and listed several area departments including lake township in neighboring wood county. we learned about it sunday evening, i was notified of the chief was notified by ottawa county. >> is something that can catch you off guard. lake township officials say they're taking steps to ensure officer safety. >> make sure that when you come in,n, that they are paying attention to surroundings and typically, work with a very goo police officers who are on guar anyway to just pay extra attention.
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last year, she was named officer of the year nowow akron officerw facing charges of driving under the influence, state troopers pulled over lieutenant kris beitzel last month said she had a loaded handgun . purse on the floor next to her she was named the department officer of the year last year she played not guilty to all charges is to go to tria in the fall, a spokesman for th excellent pd says she is currently on unpaid leavesmt. i-team obtaining released video of a violent robbery last month vi shows the robbers working as a team during the crying at the loan max on brook park road in parmalo a suspect pulled a gun while the other into the cash drawera they escaped into a getaway car , at the time the parma police do not believe the case is connected toto several robberies in summit county but
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have info contact parma police. some be robbers in cleveland strikeout for the second time i a row a truck used to smash int the family dollar on broadway avenue on the east side and about 3:00 a.m.s they said they were going after the agmgm, the do not get very far, they let the sea they say the same truck was usedy in an unsuccessful attempt at the same story yesterday. >> in solon, residencon after 8-year-old girl was approached by a suspectft in a passing vehicle, having .-dot mcdowell drive we could go around 7:30 p.m., he said he pulled into the driveway droppe his daughter at the entrancele to get the mail a few months later he heard a male voice yellll and his daughter, his direction, th police air say they investigate this but falling short of calling it an attempted abduction.
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sold no indication tried to lur himi to his vehicle or to get her to approach it just yelled something out the i can't believe that this is such a peaceful area, and that' saying a lot of decent people that live here i would never believe something like that would happen.ntnt 's had a suspect was driving a black, small two-door pickup truck they say that call them do not approach a suspect clearview high's release he notified find a missing man, wh secured' m evan byron was last wednesday 6 feet tall in just over 200 pounds wearing a purpl dress shirt and khaki pants driving a 2015 like mazda six with ohio license plates if you have info contact the police. >> reward offered tonight for help to find the arsonist to destroy the historic local
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lichtenwalter schoolhouse in green may have been burning for several hours before it was discoveredlh at about 5:00 a.m. in the park where it stands they found trash cans in picnic tables overturne and ine nearby park vandals damaged a concession stand, the sheriff's department and state fire marshall are investigating. brand that streak of 90 degrees days and looks like there's no end in sight anytime soon.ik >> at several more days continu into the weekend, currently 84 hopkins. with more humidity todayi it was 91 to make it the 19th day of 90 plus days. we had a light breeze, north
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allow a light breeze to kick in at one pointck two showers in lorain county and portions of lake county. they have is portions of rainfall south in mansfield on 71. your grant and a few showers also cleveland heights in shaker heights from that very week front. more stars proliferate as we head into the
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tomorrow hazy hot humid looks like it will be dana but 20 of '90s.ho first of its kind motocross and mountain bikeke are could b coming to the east side. the city proposing at the sight of the inner park asy mat wright has more. >> polls are closed for the tomorrow, to give their backers often seen on city streets a legal place to ride calling for aa $2 million project to transform mary monument park near east 72nd half kinsman, it would in crude a track in chants were a education program. dirtbike riding on city streets is illegal,
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leaders want to make it aa positive opportunity for young people, called the first parkti its kind in a major american city. >> the effort started because a lot of these motorcycle groups these dirtbike groups, that they want to be viewed differently b the public.c. they're not a gr of people that mean harm to people. i just like to ride. >> is approved by city council, the construction could begin early next year, those neighbor ii spoke to support it as long as there are restrictions on operating hours,e matt wright, fox 8 news. one of the teams to break the sports curse. >> date marking a big day for the blue jackets minor-league affiliate.f lake erie monsters, coming
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when in season unveiled a new name as the cleveland monsters, they sa that wasla what saban and is a perfect time to re- energize an rename. of the upcoming ten year anniversary of the mustard franchise a perfect time to pla the music into change the name to the cleveland monsters. >> announcing the rollout of ne home jse they replace the logo with the name of the city on front.y trump facing his democratic rival while taking shots from his own party.. some top republican say he's
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in the race the white house hillary clinton spending time in florida where' polls show a tight race between her and trump, dump trump spent much of the day when entering his democratic rival whil taking shots from his party, spoke out in the washington post, accusing trump of not presenting historicalal republi values believes that he is incapable of change and growth, not the only republican worried about his temperament yesterday 50 republicans national security officials signed a letter stating that he is a dangerous trendnd to national security. the tipping.was his attack on the parents who lost their son in
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absolutely no empathy a or compassion for their loss and instead attacked these two goldstar parents and also attacked their religion. that was the final straw for me. donald trump responded with a statement reading that the names on the letter are the ones the american people should look tot for answers on why the world is a mess. zika striking and taxes, harris county officials confirm the state's birth and death associated with zikae a newborn girl died shortly after birth, they say her mother was y in a zika affected area in latin america and traveled to texas i
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and efforts are a a park in florida p health officials are looking into the case in palm beach county that was likelyly y contracted in the us. kandance walker park reopens tomorrow for the first time since a boy caleb schwab died from a neck injury after going airborne on the verruckt, the biggest and fastest ride and schlitterbahn waterpark and now hearing about complaints from earlier in the day, john powell saysndt the s thing happened to his daughter, son-n- three weeks ago. we found that would happen to them were by thehe same thing likely happened, the raft went airborne and this guy was killed. >> police say he was not relate to to win he was writing with, they suffered minor facial injuries, the police are not seen as the group met the weigh
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>> three girlst fall from a ferris wheel, 45 feet in a tennessee county fair all three were alert, police say that all ofof the mechanical rides were shut down but the rest of the fair remained delta airlines canceling three to five today after 1,000 yesterday after a power outage grounded flights worldwide. their offer refunds fees and delta ceo issued an apology, some experts say the need to make any serious investment in new backup system to make sure it does not happen again look at this as a opportunity to make all of the people who were mixed up in thi fiasco,hehe totaling of their m to be whole again.of consumers passengers should not have to pay a price for their incompetence.t >> addition to refunds for
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were delayed for more than thre hours or eligible for a $200 travel voucher. you had to worry about flying when you vacation here, if you want tropical-like elite daily got that and we haveyoyo lake erie so stay home. if you need an extra thrill, go to sandusky, cedar point. for those thrill rides and waterpark. water temperature, upper 70s. with wave heights of 2 feet or less tonightgh and tomorrow to watch out for thunderstorms tonight and especially tomorrow afternoon. the official highs today 91, was the 19th day of
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possibly several more in the next few days. sunset at 8:34 a.m., drier conditions and need this rainfall to compensat for what we are lacking. heavy rainfall along 71 towards southern richland county in a few tiny county. just tiny little polkadots. this moisture from the south and west with a view showers/storms through the evening and overnight the heavy rainfall from a stalled area of from the golf them brings it into the panhandle of florida off the coast of alabama
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will say about 1 foot of rainfall alone the extreme coastline from now until friday. currently mid to upper '80s. northeast wind, creating a miniature light breeze. we have 90s returningwe, to kansas city st. louis and paducah with heat index in kansas city is 101. some heat advisories to the las and this area of low pressure well move in this weekend with the best chance of rainfallll i
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the best test to see the proceed would b predawn, chance of rainfall saturday and sunday will be more comfortable monday-wednesday next week. b for backlash with a canceled hall of fame game canton.a >> colossus. by angry fans, although the top airlines see you tonight at 10:00 o'clock.. if you are at&t customer you could get a refund, the scc c making the company pay almost $8 million after a investigation found it allowed unauthorized charges on landlinesnv , a practice known as cramming, they say tha they should receive the refund
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in-flight entertainment is now free on all american airlines direction flights, you can watch your favorite tv show or catch the latest movie, is available through seatback screens or on personal devices it went into effect august 1 the airline says it is an investmen in the customers, their experienceys and to remain competitive. from the gridiron to the baseball diamond's claim big
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tim tebow seems to be switching his focus from football to baseball.b before nfl quebec and heisman
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in major league baseball class and hold a out this month he is not played baseball since he wa a junior in high school. they say may sound like a stunt, but nothing could be further from the truth,, people in industry, they say will be impressed by his talent. somewhat uniform would he be wearing?g? the indians to do t photo,ns tweeted, that was not supposed to get out.. only takes a second, but a seaworld visitor learned that you had to keep your valuabless far away from the dolphin tank.l >> somebody taken video as the dolphinin yanked the ipad from her, not sure if he was wanted to play angry birds, andnd he e
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back.s stray dog in argentina stopped at nothing to get adopted by a a flight attendant made friends with. olivia sievers met rubio had a hilton hoteld earlier this year she ga him a blanket food ande love, before taking a flight to germany. on several trips back he found her on a number of occasions. that's when she adopted him and him friday he flew from south america to europe to be in his new foreve
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties.
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china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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it's from game of thrones. what do you think? i don't know. if we're going to start a fantasy sword collection-- and i've long thought we should-- is this really the sword to start with? what did you have in mind? have to go with excalibur. it gives you the right to rule england. it would be a replica of a movie prop. fair enough. it'd give you the right to rule a replica of england. well, they don't have an excalibur here, so what do you want to do? mm. tough decision. there's no weaponry from lord of the rings forged in a chinese sweatshop?


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