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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  August 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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another storm slams northeast ohio, in the west side with a look at damage in power outageses. >> look at the e-mail sent out to some unluckyky kent state students and why some say they were sent by mistake. the brownssh go to lambeau field tonight but may be without of the key playmakers.. >> tracking showers/storms when afternoon/evening. but you kno when we will get rid of this 90-degree heat, the fox 8 news
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bay village, westlake west side wer hit har brought down a light pole on a car outside of the keel, is in his home yesterday with his wif and two girls there was a big noise and the neighbor's tree went right through the fence slamming into his garagege smashing his car inside the garage. >> that tree could've easily
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thankfully, my wife and kids ar safe and nobody was hurtt although the place that could'v followed, it picked the right place. >> so many of our viewers sent inin incredible pictures from yesterday's storm. amazing sho of the terminal tower as the clouds moving downtown. was just an incredible picture here is a another landmark has the shelf cloud moves in, he got this cool picture of the uss cod. >> and check out this one from our producers. as the storm was in over university circle .
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made up photos and, those reall happened. >> parma city school administration building close a they make storm damage repairsi the main office on longwood avenue is flooded in wednesday storm there now trying toaing determine how they will pay for the repairs,s, and other city buildings opened as normal today, parents who need to sign up for school will need to do s on monday wednesday main office reopens >> were not yet out of the woods. >> today will be one of those days.. lots of rain store for us. looking at lake erie, che in now with jenn harcher who ha a first look at the weather and then. on day number four of 90-degree
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more of the same, tropical humidity, you see the sunshine and then those white clouds building. it will be th same thing that we has seen the last few days with showers/stormstew blossoming in afternoon evening. you're probably thinking of your outdoor weekend plans. perhaps going to the indians game tomorrow, you probably want to keep the weather app handy. see some of these and geauga county to the south and also southeastern areas near carol and tuscarawas county.
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it will be a rainy day saturday especially afternoon/evening timeframe. going to hit 90 degrees again t were like 100 the streetsboro high school band director and assistant band director are
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allegations of hazing at a recent band camp. the superintendent, r michael dahl ball says follow the recent ban camp h3ld at the camp he was me with a number reports of hazing during camp activities. he say it is a violation of established city school board policies that prohibit hazing and bowling.g. officials say updates on the investigation will be posted on the website is always stay with fox and fox 8 for the latest. investigating another attempted smash and grab about 3:30 a.m. at theut easy exchange at 79th street and superior. the would-be thieves used a stolen minivan to/into the building,g,ou when police arriv the atm was smashed but still the store. no word if they wer able to get any money out of th smashed atm before they got
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kent state apologize to students received e-mails about being deregistered for failing to pay tuition, they said that the messages were sentii in err and are working on a solution. students expressing frustration on twitter, tuition payments for kent state students are due today, classes to begin onon august 29. please looking for suspects entered a massive brai that led to arrested ten people confiscatin drugs during the raid at an apartment complex on west 80th street near detroit thursday they have received complaints and after conducting surveillance they ecpl made the time to make the arrest people who live in the area say they now feel safer. >> akno been here since february and almost every other night there is a drive-by shooting and guns
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>> are going to be out there every day until that area is cleaned up then everybody can feel safeed coming and going. >> says the operation is ongoing with more arrests expected. >> h the browns going to lambeau tonight take on the green bay packers for the first preseason gameay of the year, they will b without at least three of the top four receivers when rg3 makes his unofficial debut, corey coleman and andrew hawkins will miss the game with hamstring injuries.s. recently reinstated receiver josh gordon will sit out with an injured quad, terrelle pryor may also sit out with a calf injury suffered during practice earlie this week, kickoff is set for 8:00 p.m. lebron james led the cavaliersrs to the title with several mvpt awards to his credit, a new deal is making hi
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to a three-year, $100 million contract announcing anton uncorrupted yesterday, get $31 million the first and the $33 million in year two they ca have the highest paid player in single-season there is a option for your threei plasticizer dea next week. >> thousands will go to little italy tonight and weekend for one of the oldest local festivals, f feast of the assumption begins toni featuring italian food, music and carnival rides it will end on monday because o limited parking, you are encouraged to take the rta red line to the little italy university circle stop.
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say that's not all that
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boy hurt while riding a roller in pennsylvania to do two more oversight of these and parks they sayt that he fell about the park said he was only hurt on a roller coaster and it was without safety restraints a idlewild and soak-zone them bac in 1938 as a maximum speed of
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they're trying to determine the cause. >> aaa rating road debris for increasing crashes on nation's roadwayss for your study says 39,000 people injured after mor than 200,000 crashes from hitting or trying to avoid debris in the road, including shredded tires, two french are on the road, he says that these accidents can be preventeds by people securing things and to keep them from falling off into traffic. >> pe improving, leading to record highs on wallll street, all thr indexes closed at record highs yesterday for the first time since 1999.hsay market analysts say energy stocks led the way followed by a surge in oil prices along with gays by a big retail chains,on asian stocks h gone up following wall street's lead >> wall street rises, democrati presidential nomineeee hillary clinton unveils certain economi
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imation lite-house will be to make our economys work for everyone, not just for those at the top . >> she provided some policy proposals during her speech and> war in michigan. she spent muc of her time calling about donal trump, says that his plan would benefit the rich a tax policy analysis as city 5 percent of her tax increases would target thoseld making more than $7,030,000 a year. >> donald trump's campaign team will meet with officials in florida todayay discusses campaign, meantime he is dismissing concerns of new attempts to stop him. >> e will i dodo is tell the truth, and if at the end of 90 days, i have fallen short, because i am somewhat politically correct, even though i'm supposed to be of the smart one and i'm supposed to have a lot of good ideas it's okay, i go back to a very good way of lifefe.
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fox news report several gop leaders demanding that the republican national committee divert money from his campaign to help other candidates. in response, trump has threatened to stop fundraising for the rnc. >> ggiving new meaning to life the fast lane. >> gi a dad regrets leaving a
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soak up up with learning yesterday thanks for the photos some catching awesome time lapses go to fox for tho time lapsesho. and like our
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mall c pop-up showers today sun near chagrin falls. headed into east-northeast at about 20 mph. slow-moving system. down to bainbridge likely get some we have a lot of that down 77 sout ofof new philly. producing a few showers popping up your medina. your lodi gwen had a few showers. on storm fox, show you that these are moving
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just west of us and also lots o rain in the deep south. the systems will link up looking at lots of rainfall as we head int saturday. i know that a lot of us have weakened plants but saturday's not the day for thos outdoor plans. heat/humidity continues to build across the east coast the cold front is still west of us atat saturday. it will be in the afternoon that we have rainfall chances. on sunday morning, likely see if you showers/storm before things wrap up. if you have afternoon planned sunday, the system will likely be out o here and put down lots of you see the blossom
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cannot rule out the showers/storms. 7:00 p.m., indians game, look at the fox 8 weather app, probably tracking few showers before the game starts, there could be a rain delay but i think they may get that in all right. on saturday morning, starting off dry by th afternoon comes thata block of rainfall.t with the heat index of feels like 97 today we will hit 93 degrees today at the fourth in a row of 90 plus heat. in we have had seven so far in august. and have been well above average. nuclear regulatory commission a high temperature ofis 82 degrees whi
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but we will get that next week. needed all of that rainfall. >> 3,000 miles is how far a message in a bottle traveled. up next, a look at my it was even in the water in the first place. >> less than three weeks from the foxtrot will be sunday august 208 at mall c across fro the convention center you can register with the 5k run or the 1 mile walk 02 fox
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wine bottle thrown from eight new jersey shore takes a trans-atlantic tripig. kobe bryant explains how a school project turned into international news. as they coming up with ways for teachin kids. including me field trip to new jersey pens?e messagestr the ocean. >> talked about the wind direction where they may end up. >> he devoted to go beyond the jersey shore but one girlsd seem
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potosi wine bottle to the sea they had no ideai it was to embark on a trans-atlantic journey. >> the letters in the bottle asked the finer to mail it back to the school with info on wher they found it, w it ended up in ireland, with a stamp in postwa to prove it, that's about 3,000 miles, unbroken with the >> are you excited that it reached ireland? >> >> she's trying to get in contact with the martyr gillespie who found the bottle is excited enough for everybody. >> was like a dream come true because it actually went someplace far away that we neve expected. >> wshe loved to see a repeat performance with another letter make it across the atlantic ocean so she has an offer on th
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throw one or more of the bottle's office build further out to sea. cleve bryan, cbs
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cleanup underway, after another storm hits northeast ohio called this time the west side hardest hit as jessica dill has more from lakewood, on hilliard road a tree falls into a family garage. >> ls i am at this home o in lakewood. the neighbors tre snapped in half during the stor yesterday.y. went on to a gara. not just lakewood that was hard hit,oo utility companies in tre removal workers have been out all night and morning toke repa damage from yesterday storm. the torrential downfall late thursday afternoon made for a
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coming out of rocky river, bay village and westlake. not jus the west side it also brought down a pole on a car outside th q. try to pick up the pieces inside his home with his wife and girls when there was a large noise. tree crashed his into his car inside. disciple that i did not hit the housese and think that my famil safe there were no all the places could've fallen to pick the right place i guess. >> h lots of power outages, some 6,000 andl cuyahoga county, or the 2,000 are in lakewood. fox 8 fox for updates, jessica dill fox 8 news.
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sibley's unity returning today. >> and we i could see it more storms as we have experienced the last few daysce this looks pretty spectacular downtown cleveland jenn harcher has been looking out the forecast and what will be happening, good afternoon. >> nd net debt live shot. likely get some stores tracking a few storm showers on radar. near middlefield terrorist or well about 20 mph one of them just out of solon also derek medina and norwalk
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southern summit county your green up towards ravenna. toda we will see showers/storms developing as we are in the low '90s once again, w heat and a scene makes it feel more like 100 degrees. they asked me how many 90-degree days we had so far this summer, so far it is 21. in six of them so far in above average high temperatures in august.. of about 89 degree currently 89 degrees cleveland with theve community feels more like 97 depending on your location. the cold front tomorrow brings us widespread rainfall. even some thunderstorms look at between one and 3 inches depending on your location saturday afternoo into sunday morning. today a
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87 degrees with widespread rainfall in the afternoon and humid. coming out of a look at the 8 -day forecast in which yo know when it will be cooling down a little bit. >> ol can get rid of that tropical feel. >> er police asked for help as they try to locate hit-and-run driver who left a wickliffe man injured, they say that someone hit the 7-year-old as he crossed the road near euclid saturday they say the impact left a tire markt on his pants they say more than four hours passed before someone dis-overed them on the sidewalkw
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got married six weeks agoh and has a long recovery ahead. >> > five people facing charges in connection to an arson the destroyedd historic schoolhouse in green. it went up in flames early tuesday morning, the summit county sheriff's office arrested 8-year-old brandon mccroskey, 19-year-old matthew swan your pc and these photos and also 316 -year-olds. they also say restrooms trash cans and picnic tables were als damaged. fans filing a lawsuit against the nfl after the cancellation of sunday's hall o fame game the nfl pulled the plug because of bad feel conditions in the game between the colton packers l called the lawsuit claims that they waited to make more money from
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the fans are seeking damages fo lodging, travel,, missed work i items purchased at tom benson stadium, the nfl not commenting. >> moral services in place for former congressmanal steve latourette, his funeral will be mondaye , 10:30 a.m. at the united methodist church in university circle, the 62-year-old passed awayve this month and is regina home after a fight withmo pancreatic cancer, he served northeast ohio congress from 95 until 2014 us, and fox 8, a young boy that we have f come to know well ove the past few years has lost his battle with cancerof. >> carson higgins was our st jude ambassador, a 12-yard had been battling neuroblastoma since age three. he was in remission when we met him durin
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giveaway ends with her. on thanksgiving, he and his mother returned to st jude after he relapsed,ndot the cancer was ve aggressive, and he was not responding to treatments.c he passed away yesterday while on vacation with his family in las vegas, for the past four weeks, he and his family were visiting all of the places that carson wanted to see.ha these are pictures from that special time with his family. we will rememb h had a positive outlook and neve complained, despite all the painful treatments that he had to endure.esl we hope that she will join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to his family, he will be missed.
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lebron james
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don't forget about the browns. >> the first preseason game tonight, john telich is more on a busy sports weekend for cleveland fans. the indians started out the weekend series in great fashion with heavy lumber in game one against the angels. carlos santana with a solo shot then one-one, bases-loaded that lonnie chisenhall lines it over the outfielder said. there's a frankie lindor. both safe it is then four-one indians kept piling on that mike napoli to
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then the first of several wing delaysev. then into the dock out lots of foror carlos santana as they took him back to the locke room.a and mike napoli continues hitting, number 29 with two on-base. jose ramirez with a home run and the indians just walloping the angels last night at progressive.. lebron james and cavaliers have a deal is longer than most anticipated. talk about the contract thursda on an uninterrupted website. >> the chance to defend our title last year was magical inspiringef, all the words you think of. >> he agrees to a three-year
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confirming the terms through hi agent rich paul of klutch sports. in the first year, he will get $31 million,f the highest paid player in the nba something he has yet to achieve in hisish hall of fame bou career. a player optionh in th summer of 2018. he's also alluding to his teammates, jr smith, free agent, said now is the time folks to get the deal done . >> care with her schedule released thursday opening october 25 at the q. versus new york knicks, ten of first 14 games will be home that night will be the night to get the rain and the banner raised that haveve 34th national televised games the christmas game versus the wires will be at the q. an the other contest versus them
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january 16. get the full schedule atja fox >> the browns versus packers tonight in green bay, coach hue jackson not say exactly how lon rg3 will bebe at the controls o the offense but that we expect to see an evaluation of players but they do on fieldn, not as much as the drama we saw off th field in past regimes. >> benedictine mingles have a new coach. he's a busy setting them up to be ready to start th seasonon. they have double workouts yesterday and saturday scrimmage to develop. looking at a tough player when he playe he is familiar about winning cultures to hit the ground running in week one. >>
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coaches the players, the school it isl deeply rooted in what we try to continue to instill in our players.
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>> >> instagram is acting more like snap-chat. >> rich demuro has the tips and
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people just changed instagram last week to be more like snap-chat.a a new feature called instagram stories to pos pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours. before you dismiss it as a snap-chat clone.sm8l]n8l]n should probably try it is it is fun an your friends and family are >> an i will probably because my friends are using it to feature in instagram kull stories to share videos that disappear after 24 hours. snap-chat invented it with his regime i want to want to try this instagram version.h your frien and family are already there.
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plus button. >> just swipe right on the home screen it will open the camera instantly. >> press totosc snap a picture that hole to a video you can review before posting. in the upper right-hand corner use those tools to ed royce and tex to the story. os right for filters. anything that you upload to stories d hours.. >> to see your story, and want to see how many have looked jus click the number at the bottom, you can download postings, or transfer your favorite to your old-fashioned instagram feed. to see messages that they send about your story just swipe less. >> you want to see a a picture took the back to post mode and swipe down from the center of
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pictures you have taken in the past 24 hours. >> tyoak so how to use the instagram stories, so far to features tha are present in snap-chat that you will not find inside instagram and those are the geotags filters and the funny faces on snap-chat. my username is richontech. not have to think much about what you are doing at that moment and it goes away after hours so you do not had to put too much thought into ita it is really easy to use it's going to clog up more of my storage which i have some problem with so i need mor space, thank you rich demuro. >> both of the new iphone will
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>> . >> thank you rich demuro have a good weekend we will see you next week, still to come, is only fitting that the granddaughter of a major rockstar makest the major entrance.
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dee snider's granddaughter is starting off in the fast lane. >> . >> my wife just had the baby. on the way to the hospital in the park.. parker pride, born
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we were surprised. >> you were born on the 405. we waited a little too long to leave. the baby is healthy and we love her. okay, the traffic light is changing. >> >> on the way to the hospital. >> that was twisted sisters d
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today on "the real" -- >> she's put it off, but she can't hide any longer. >> everybody looking at me. >> it's tamar's i woke up like this reveal. >> can't wait for this. >> and it's a mega dimestore to >> and "empire's" rafael de la fuente. >> it's "the real" with sheryl lee ralph. ? this is our time ? ? don't waste another minute ? ? this is our time ? ? grab ahold of time and get with it ? ? starting right now, right now, right now ? ? it's all right we got a choice ? [ cheers and applause ] ? it's our time right now ?


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