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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  August 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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this saturday, august 13. >> i'm going to do some words intoi a.j. colby's mouth, soupy steamy, >> the air is thick. you walk outside it feels like, it had that feeling of it's going to downpour. >> it's the kind of day that th if you can stay inside , it is a good day to stay inside especially if you haveeis breat problems.
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us, i'm autumn ziemba. >> and i'm roosevelt leftwich , a.j. colby, do you have any of those words to describe today >> i do like the sonnet one.. >> it is accurate. it's going to be a very tropically he woul feel. showers/storms possibility through the weekend. there are some in sandusky, ashtabula and also just east of dover/new philly. there has been some very quiet lightning activity not much cloud to ground lightning strikes. toda
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there will be potential of some localized flooding with a flash flood watch in effect starting at 2:00 p.m. until sunday evening. expected between one and 3 inches and locally some spots up to 5 inches.s you can see the computer models generating inch of rain fall and our neck of the waves and a bit more to the southwesturur there's lots of jews, very high dew points, we've had them for several days in a row with temperatures in the low '90s but not today. we have a slow-moving low-pressure system. with wind lining up to perhaps bring in some training cells. they move
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amount of time that could produce some localized flooding see how it goes with the 8 -day outlook coming upg. >> people and some storm damaged communities in cuyahoga county of the forecast is wrong as the continue cleanup. >> ois suzanne stratford takes a look at some the hardest hit areas on the west side of towntr the bigger they are the harder they fall, making cleanup much to more difficult. >> ynumany are still without po friday and bay village in some roads are closed including columbia as they de- tangle downed power lines from althoug they toppled treesde councilman dave tadych says. >> the people just have to put up with a couple in else can yo
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pole is in the middle of first-rate and this massive evergreen snaple at the base. >> and lakewood justin falcon signan says he is still shocked looking at that mammoth tree to crush the garage house in his cari t but is also grateful. >> i'm glad that nobody got hurt. >> > nobody injured at sheila baileys west side home with a huger tree of liberator for rof yarn is a list s taken down in the next two weeks it will take more time despite roofers contractors in tree removal companies working overtime especially with more inclement weather looming. >> just one of those things to pray that it does not happen again. >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> f according to first energy cuyahoga county was hit hardest
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other ohio county with thousand still without power is expected to be restored to most people buying them 30 tonight. the claimant continues to the east as e well, some people in cleveland heights have not had power sense tuesdaye they were working long days to restore power, first energy customers are still without power, severa hundred,ir also tree removal companies were very busy, a tre crushing the back wall of the homer taken a part of the roof. >> window thatul is broken, but we sat at to go to bed early ando pick it out of the living room and think on that nobody was there. >> cleanup efforts continue throughout the weekend. >> fo we continue to learn more about an accident involving two columbus high school water polo teams,tw autumn has more detail.
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killed and several were injured whene as the collision happened as the two teams were on their way to a tournament, a passenger va carrying players fromm thomas worthington and worthington kilbourne water polo teams alon with some family members was going to a tournament when the crash happenedhe 10:00 a.m. fri said that the fan pulled out in front of a green truck at state route 65 and route 281, both vehicles were knocked into a ditch, henry county sheriff's department says that 19-year-old courtney fisher of worthington was killed, the driver in four girls ranging in age from 14-17 are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> it is just tough i cannot imagineit how it is for these k
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the district as a great job to inpu a crisis team, the counselors coming in to meet with students and anybody else who needs to discuss their feelingsgsn. >> all of those involved in the crash are from columbus. on th way to napoleon ohio for the first water polo tournament of the season, the driver of the girls caughtdr in the incident is under investigation, there is a vigil last night att worthingto kilbourne high school. >> elevator is working again at the busy rta rapid station, for those going west on monday i-team expose a problem monday
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in wheelchairs used other stops they said it would be fixed at the end of the weekend they did. marching band program at streetsboro high school has bee temporarily suspendeddor after allegations of band members wer hayes during summer campft received complaints at a number of band members may have been hayesesai at the camp and carro county this month the superintendent of streetsboro school says is true the activities are in direct violation of school policy to prohibit hazing ande boeing, as they conduct a full investigation, band director gretchen weaver and assistant director shane ellsworth have beenan put on paid administrati leave . >> is there any allegation that weaver or ellsworth participate in any of these events or did they just allow that to happena >> are pretty lame investigatio shows that both allowed and possibly participated in it and see what your reaction is an educator's claim if these allegations are found to be
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we live and 2016 in these types of behavior are not allowed in our society. >> n bandmembers picked up the instruments friday and told to keep practicing as they look fo an educator to fill in as band directorgr streetsboro place rest of man involved inin the say still more than $6,000 of eyegl frames, maurice burris faces felony theft charges. ca inside of your vision syndrome last monthth were rolling, the video shows to be working with him and will not be charged. >> less than a year after opening to restaurants in cleveland's east bank of the flats development are closing says this o treatment as some people concerned about the cities entertainment districts. >> september 11 with a last call
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rocks at flat's east bank development the side-by-side asian bistro and casual bar and restaurant will close for good. >> he a i don't like it things are going out, everything should be coming in is a great city greentown l that the cavaliers come and dance and great food. >> c they're given up way too soon, the need to really wait until this place takes holdre. >> just seems like they got off the ground in a surprise to hea that it is cl someone else will take it over to make it work. >> ii crop sticks and crop rocks opened last august part of a major project to revitalizet ea bank of the flats. >> may without getting the kind of crops they want. >> o a kraut manager tells us off-camera that the restaurants in the flatsel just do not work out conceptually and to focus their efforts on crop bistro in ohio city.
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executive chef sean joyce says in part- there's a lot of restaurants today, so not only you can do so many restaurants that's too bad i hope that they do well where they are. >> makes me a little nervous about the future of this particular section of the flats that supposed to be new thrivin and upcoming. >> > >> crop kitchen, which was located in the university circl closed a few weeks ago,at the original flagship restaurant, crop bistro at west 25th and m& lorain in ohio city will remain open. a youou know them from super bowl commercials now the budweiser clydesdales will be coming to cleveland at the corner of your
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down to progressive field for the tribe game , the game time 7:10 p.m..
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in downpours pounded parts of the central coast area prompting rescue dozens of people, louisiana governor declared a state of emergency a they workou, started thursday night several rivers in louisiana and mississippi are threatening widespread flooding. >> try to get everybody out of the low line areas of to higher ground. >> hehow many people do you th? >> over
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completely flooded and has neve been flooded before. >> mpythey say that one man die friday after slipping into a flooded trench. >> federal judge overturned the conviction of a man serving tim in the murder at the center of the documentary making a murderer,e brendan dassey was convicted of the rape and murde ofawa teresa halbach when he w 17, her death in the trial of steven avery where the center o the netflix series, a jury foun him intentional homicide , brendan dassey testimony was instrumental in the convictiono the statevi is not refile its c then brendan dassey will be released in 90 days,t avery's appealing his convention. >> > jerry sandusky began his appeal of a section of his convention testified friday and a courtroom that he never had sacks of any kind with any chil
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of abusing tim boyson's 30 year the hearing is scheduled to las three days. >> to our bodies removed from the scene of an explosion at a marylandih apartment complex. there now have thea medical examiner's office for autopsie and id,ce the building near washington dc wednesday sparkin a massive fire along with the two dead, several remain unaccounted for is not clear th cause of the x> , texas home or got a scare as he opened his garage door, foun a 9-foot gator waiting the massive reptile weighed in at 300 pounds not happy when it ha to be removed, they eventually got the big guy under controlre. >>
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women nicknamed the final five have a place in history but on cereal box, kellogg's special k will feature a photo of simone biles with her all-around gold on one side in a photo of her with the rest of the team on th other, she now has the chance t become the first woman to winon five gold medals in a single .lympics >> they are all incredible. in the emotion. the gift of the team looks like their thinking that they think their class. they cannot compete. >> theyy say have set the so high. we're so proud of them is fun to watch.
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maybe your backyard filling wit water this weekend. we go from drought to, from family to feast. people now say let's stop the rainfall.l. it's goin to rain this weekend. the weather team has been telling you about this and be talking about it. some showers of thei earlier. not think it would rain the entire weekend but whe the storms lineupen there will a tremendous amount of precipitationu. some models cricket out between one and 3 inches of rainfall within the weekend3 some high amounts in parts of indiana and southwest
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rain is not out of the question. weather service puts a good chunk of this area under at fla flood watch. will be in effect until tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock beginning at 2:00 p.m. today. if you are in a flood prone area and begins t rain for an extended amount of timee with this runoff,a associate with this type of rainfall, it does not soak into the ground like i should, it just comes very quickly.. that can be a situation of flash flooding so this is nothing to be messing around with. it is currently s , 77 akron-canton with dew points in '70s so means
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air to squeeze out of the atmosphere and that is what is going to happen yesterdaye was the 22nd day we had 90 degrees or more with 90 degrees. so fa there are no more than 90 degrees days inside over the next seven days. 9 slow-moving weather system will likely stal out maybe moved back north. that south again, aided by thursday rainfall chances will be decreasing. look at the pattern today you can see the storm clusters pop up just like the last few days. just to quiet down and then we fire
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tropically humid. 85 degrees there will be torrential downpours with these systems winds gusting up to 25 mph chance of a microburst like we had in lakewood. same kind of set up today with riproaring wrens in isolated areas. recent rainy time and thunder localized heavy torrential rainfall with flash flooding possible, mandated to. down to 30 percent monday tuesday back up close to 50 percent rainfall coverage as the front ripples back north,
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and thursday back down to 30 percent coverage and then tr out on friday soso and changeab forecast. there were thought that it would rain to the entir weekend, but when things do fir off, it canu really be coming down with gully washers and fro chokers. peer.
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browns first exhibition game in the books the packers winningng the final score in gr
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hue jackson on the sidelines hi first test as browns head coach rg3, airing it out and terrelle pryor thereir. he makes th catch. harvard have an injury rg3 was d negative, picked off at the goal line of the brown score because meder. as got the safety. and then he makes most of his chancesak with football on the offensive side of the ball. he did fumble one on special teams. josh mccown thought he had a touchdown pass, but he was rule to be over the line of scrimmage.d they brought i back. carl nassib, were
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there, he gets a sack and cody kessler got his first touchdown hitting hollywood higgins and the endzone. also have two safeties for kessler the packer winning by 17-11 count. indian continue to knock around angels pitching scored 13 last night winning big and progressive, 13-three.og carlos santana, sitting out after getting hit b a take an early two-nothing laid, but things changed much sooner than later. a home run there, making it two-two in five rbi.
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he makes it a four to three game and then continue he ke the clutch hits. drops on in the outfield a couple more run scored making i a seven-three game and cookie carrasco, was outstanding givin up eight hits and three runs h struck out eight in the indians winningng 13-three.. >> they brought me in for a reason, i mostly against lefties. i just and see what happens. >> the contract is a three-year deal worth $100 million, lebron james contract. he and his agent rich paul sign the contract on social media with his agent rich paul he is left-handed. official announcement could happen soon,
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cavaliers to sign up jrjr that should happen but not sure. university of akron clayton murphy qualified for semi final of 800 meters at the rio olympics and emily infeld ran the best 10,000 meters of her career. she finished 11th place, she was in a race for a world record that was shattere by a large margin. or football team in number two they had a stellar first season under veteran coach winning two games in the playoffs made into the third round in division i play out before losing. open the season with glenville tarblooder's. on friday night, august 26, the mayor of the 20th season of friday night
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with a cast of thousands coveringng high school football like nobody else on august 26, 11:00 p.m. on
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not yet. will you need your ranger. but that will likely change this afterno and tonight here flash flood
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radar shows clusters of rainfall and thunde out over the lake basically. the feeling was that it would not read the entire weekend but when it does rain,bw it will b quite pronounced. currently 80 degrees. rain and medina county also 70 degrees dover ne philly. winds are blustery out of the southwest betweenn ten and 20 nights with waves of 2 feet or less. lakefront 80 degree dewpoint is in the 70s a very juicy air mass. the cold front lines up with and be very pokey. showers/storms that do form are going to be moving slowly over the same area for extended period of timelo producing
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>> 12-year-old ameer mitchell was hit by a truck scene played on his street wednesday, bill sheil spoke to his family and neighbors. >> d on a quiet east cleveland street where children play in the p her child on wednesday, 12-year-old ameer mitchell afte he was hit by a trucky2 >> eye-sensors breathe, just make it, he's a strong boy, i know he's going to make it becauseo he is a strong little man. hand he tried his best.. >> is in griswold to craig died thursday at university hospital.
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sadness mixed with anger. >> xthey just hit him then kept. >> is clean place in the truck driver turned herself in thursdayt but do not stop wednesday after the accident. >> d >> she mangled my baby. do not leave a child, not a dog, and let alone a child. >> ddroxbury is a short street with no about putting up speed bumps an one of the residents, has a ver powerful sign in her yard. >> if you have kids and you don't want them to get her, the your kids live here. >> we have people who drive up and down the street as if nobod lives here.. they go breakneck speed all the way to the stop
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now she's getting ready to say goodbye to her boy he was w robbed as the future. >> eaay hbill sheil fox 8 news. >> residents are thinking of putting up their own speed bump to down traffic,r the driver of the truck surrender herself yesterday. >> > ten canton firefighters will return to the force and thanks to a grant. in april they were laid off because of budget cuts at the timeh to make $190,000 of concessions now the department learned they're getting a $1.5 million grant, no word on when they wil return to work. >> l parma man is off the hook after facing felony charges for setting up a fake police faced withel page, 27-year-old anthony novakd was charged with disrupting publicw services but was acquitted friday , police say
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the page with seller to the department official facebook pagese rta rate increase goes into effect tomorrow,w, bus and rapi fares increase by 25 cents , all-day pass will cost you extr 50 cents, fares for seniors, disabled and students also increasinges the art reducing service by 3 percent to close a $7 million budget gap. >> ohio plastic appeal a judge's order that blocks a state law intended to divert public money from planned parenthood, cincinnati judge sided with planned parenthood friday ran t permanent injunction and was initially set to take effect in may of thef court order had suspended the law would have targeted money that the organization gets through ohio' health departmentnn planned parenthood officials applaud th decision. >> > plthousands go to little i this weekend for
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night at 6:00 p.m.m. it featur italian food, live music andi carnival ride's running through monday. >> y carnival ride carnival ride carnival rides
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looking at radar was got some thunderstormsms thermoforming. southwest of cleveland down your lodi, this starts than it will blossom, medina getting some thunder perhaps to the south an east also dover/new philly over to canton. everybody has potential of developing storm cluster today looking at lightening tracker comingst not yet anything. here in medina county but only a matter of tim beforere the soured the showers will have some hefty thunderstorms. this is spinning
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been very slow to progress eastward. we have been in the soup as this air mass continues to be juicy with winds out of the south. many times, you get training storm cells they tend to remain over the same area fo extended period of time. once the storm's fire up with so muc juiciness between one and 3 inches of rain by sunday evening some areas with over 5 inches rainfall. with extended torrential downpours
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points in the 70s making it tropical air. the dog days of summer, ended officially back o august 11. so far, 20 days of 90 degrees plus for the twice 16 summer season that began on may 28 we've had more since then. no below average temperatures for august. so fo the next week no '90s inside it still looks like '80s and still pretty toasty. potential of rainfall through thursday, the best chancee will be this weekend and also into tuesday. may make a really nice dent in our drought situation. today 8
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thunderstorms possible into tonight with winds gusting out of the southwest tomorrow low 80's, mostly cloudy and humid with rainy periods. on monday, down to 3 percent coverage will have to contend with a flash flood watch , this area getting between one and 3 inches may be localized upwards of 5 inches. flash flooding could occur, so if you are in a low-lying area, and even if it is not prone to flooding, he had to pay close attention. flash flood watches are pretty rare so we take ever seriouslyat.
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>> don't ever drive through standing water. >> that's for sure.. >> depending on who you talk to, final is making a comeback or just another dead form of music by a track. >> adu walter hamilton calls him and artistic records, he uses records to create works of art inspired by music posters. he also does portraits of. people like malco x.e he improvises in one piece will lead him to the next and his creations take timeme to perfect. >> nothing is planned, i will break up a they only
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there are sometimes thousands of pieces in these pieces of artwork i have created. can take up to several months. >> > see more a walter hamilton's final artwork check out his website we have a link kent fox >> > o h back. >> il dee snider knows about eight tracks , his band twisted sister toiled in mars for decades, or a decade before striking a big. >> or 's granddaughter also does things the hard way. >> my wife just had a baby in the car.i way to the hospital, parker pride.
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surprised. >> we waited a little too long to leave. the baby is healthy and breast-feeding, the traffic light is changing, awesomeme. >> er hospital in la but the baby cannot waitre they made it hal before she made her t grand entrance. dee snider tweeted, parker pride snider, 8 pounds, delivered in the car on the way to the 405 while the dad drovev. >> >> she seems very call for someone who does give birth in carr w.
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suspected miami car thief comes up with aa twist to get the jud attention. >> calvin griffith's attitude twerk during his monetaryry of judge is not amused. >> ff been charged with burglary and trespassing . >>
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coming up we will be making goat cheese.
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a man love the look at the weather is a jacobian. it is going to be a day thatt , to be watching tv


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