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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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don't shoot. coffee quiz tools the topic. it could be them can how too write goodw how do we get theet google answer to that.h you could do with us obama going to give it awaya c 67 currentlyr massillonr was some pretty heavy fog and some of the areas that are seen some pretty good
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lawn.da we're keeping an eye now we don't think the movement will move the't much further north e most locations will keep an eyen on us. the coverage will be pretty small notice with a flare up your familyue tt a little lower than yesterday mister todi increase it tomorrow traffic time with patty. it is 5:31 a.m.raf they still have the overnighter work in place this isni on 90n westbound at bishop it's so close but the left think getting
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and just a small portion of the between 1986 and 956.52 happens. it's going to be alive it was a call car versus the semi and unfortunately one person did die onto 50 down and ashland. this is 71 at that eight-dayand problems whatsoever don't forget about this resurfacing project is been going along route eighte the tree mouse and raymondy street you're checking on for 80 east of that exit rampmoou is closed. you have to use lawrenceville center that are so conscience rentnt is closed as well wayne andnd stacy back to you.ou. >> pull up the brown and orange
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first energy stadium is going to be so much fun it's going to be one of three places that will bl very busy because you have paulp mccartney in town again for a second counselor.ay content for multiple violations he has been told by an independent specials that he will need surgery on the singlelebynt as for tonight's preseason game q jackson isk keeping quiet about who will
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at the end of the day we know what preseason games are about. it's about getting ready in evaluating our teamami for theo regular-season.r it is a home game. is that coincidence. of course of orange and brown i i was hopingnot
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all be in black tomorrowh you pick the college akron police are asking for helpkr they'veh route the clerk at gunpoint in about an hour later and barberton anothererk l looks le same two struck again.loo we know that people would know we is doing this for they'rere pleading with the public to watch the videos and see what's going on if you know something please call the police
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they called the investigation warranted and promising changes that future cast a number of students spoke our to refute the claims which includesp a plastil thata -- they say there is no plastica wrap andst no one with near the lake was part of this get wi without their consent. spirit with all due respect these arerew co they sent this information. at least nine chop threat that as well as the emt. there was here was an interim draxler health up prepare them coming for both use their new hallsmi will be nameda
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will be a formal ceremony during this year'ser homecoming in mid october. stay with us today as they announcement comes down atay 10. had all lot write them like i used to.ha the picture had go a little too crazy.ct some bouncing around a little too much. bo the rest of the i love that bada weather and traffic every eight
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some laughs from lebron james is having some fun during a late-night if fravi on tv. we're talking was program to we are now thanr
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that's why state farm protects them - together - to help life go right. combine and save. talk to a state farm agent today. good morning the temperature and westlake head into the lives of 65 the forecast is not all whole lot of rain in the next couple of days there will be a few of them popping upf for the mosth parte we don't have any significant systems overhead we are not anticipating anything
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southeast and fadeaway than the former tonight will be visibleme will see some fog eary tomorrow morning the slowly increase temperatures james is the superstarb is on te daily show us that those foundation todd meany is here with that. nd listen last night on theht duration something that
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that starts from the ground up in our own community using our resources using our knowledge. spirit any celebrity can give moneyy c is what when they see someoneat working to help their community.el they get a recorded message from if you are not doing wrongful thanf we knew judge read theg
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i know it sure trying out.
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mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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a quick french came through through downtown at the airport. and paul mccartney in townown tonight. please plan they into travel plans if you're headed downtown this eveningn is currently we have a breakrr other than that e
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will the rest of the scene more rain today.the the chances are very small thata we willl have any sort of organized rain today.od it shows a lot of clear sky. contend withog to as we highlight in the dry conditions.s. things are really green pepperpe with allp that one police had things aree p really grow now after the launch most areas have becometo pretty dormant. just passing i 90 heading into cleveland heightsea nothing reay organizedot where the fox has
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we are still running a deficit in the month of august for fromf ther post, here in cleveland slightly below normal. he denies salazar in chicago which keeps us to the organize stormhi
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that saturday evening better chance of widespread rain and stormssatng let's start to feel fishert's. aside from the couple days the easy start toas trend back down. seventy-t mondayenn. all away through wednesday we start to increaseir the page and see some humidity pay about ten minutes until 6:0f averages that it played the role of batman of the original batman
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saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets that threatened cuts to drug treatment programs. rob portman: can't trust him to tell the truth, can't trust him to be for ohio.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning were just a couple minutes away from 6:00 a.m. it's getting dark early again. we are losing it's just an amazing how time just flies. we had the cavaliers the
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we will be far video fan. he appeared the romance novels that is for it has been out states by tells when you visit. more book of the this contemporary guy. he says he's now been featured on 476 covers its tenth more than five you get ready for thee camera he does push-ups before issue d before, here with you violate modeling for romance novels which is a side job he also works in his got a good everything he hopes to reach 50e
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the happens every morning here in theap green room. that's the news at 5:00 a.m. on a thursday the news at 6:00 a.m. begins right now.n you should see him striking poses in the green roomu s out my apps. as the anchor man'sck hello everybody my name is wayne dawson.very just call me feel. i'm in for kristi capel just don't pull your pet or tweak your whatever. will run into an issue let's


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