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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast it is 8:00 o'clock. thank you for joining us. monday, august 22, 2016. >> we do first day of school for many am sure. >> yes a couple of shotsam way y
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have those dark fall white clouds that will continuell be with the 50s along from these showerss this morning as we dry the ragweed starting to climb a little bit of a warm-up tomorrow more so wednesday.rm a burst of heat and then we factor in a aversive he look for wednesday may. clouds and sun with highs in the mid 70s. patty with a look at the traffic. >> we start on 71 south 71 south involving a car and a semi truck if that is the way you are headingck this is a water main
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that is from cedar to brainerd to land t in book and at a residential fire this morning along eastr 82nd between euclid and carnegie. everyone did make it out okay that is great for crews are battling that just after six this morning and easy easily second in euclid.g then underneath the banner here we had some debris on the road on the ramp coming from the sure way. some debris and police are on there scene. i 90 from route 83.. they really got hit with rain from the west side this morning. seventy-onee 20 minute
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>> thank you so much. our top story this monday morning tragedy out parma heights. serious condition after a driver wanted to attempts for at an outdoorfo concert. we have the details. >> good morning, everyone this is a sad story here. a 74 -year-old woman trying to leave a concert in the last night when shert accidentally hit the gas ended up running over peoplehe n the dance floor here injuring nine. this happened shortly after 7:00 p.m. last night policeho say the woman was backg out, hit the gas instead of the breakng running into a group of mostly elderly residents. nine adults were treated. including 62nd to the hospital. two still in serious condition police say it does not appear the woman had a medical condition rather just a tragic w
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>> she did say she was not feeling well so she left early. it appears it was an accident she made a mistake you want the break. >> two people still in serious condition today. t t police tes they were not allowing people to park in the dance floor she was in one of the spots closest to itn put it innd a number on there. >> thank you so much. we will check back into the bottom of thee hour. other headlines this monday morning to people killed and massillonmo were ambushed ia domestic violence attack. the start county coroner says the 3 -year-old died from his injuries saturday night the young woman's identity is not yet been released pending an autopsy and
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the two relieving really been a home on the suspect began shooting of them officers say the suspect was her ex-boyfriend neighbors s near the area of 17tha street northeast to say they are shocked and saddened. >> that is tragedy that something was done like that over an active jealousy. >> neighbors say he worked for tim can still needs behind a young a leaves behind a young daughter. >> trial began begins today a woman accused of killing her husband new year's eve. she saidve she shot her husband and self-defense. in april trial ended in a mistrialal what a juy could not agree on a verdict. he faces 18 years. in my third person life in prison if convicted. t >> donald trump bringing his campaign back to northeast ohio for a rally at the university of ohio today. his second campaign manager resigned a few months
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campaign this weekend, it is new campaign manager says the decision workforce the deportation of undocumented immigrants in the us is to be determined. >> trump umte is scheduled to hold a rally tonight the doors open at four in the and a rally begins at seven. one of his first major rally since his campaign shakeup. >> a family market part of northeast ohio be closing for good this weekend. love this place. this is in mayfield road. they will be closing onl saturday. brothers tony and frank run the businessra which includes of thr famous and delicious grinder sandwich. they say the spaces now toe bake while foot traffic has been done lately. they are known for old world quality meats and cheeses and of course there delicious pasta and pizza theyan do have a catering busins which will remain open. the
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younger members of the family make open a new store in the area in the future, but it is such a part of that area. >> coming up drying out but still devastated. cleanup begins on one of the us disasters since hurricanes and do. >> the us olympics come to a close. one last look att the metal counts when we come back. >> good morning, everyone a few showers west of clevelandd holding together a little while longer and we have more layer on
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>> thank you. we are at the hard rock casino here we are trying to get this up in the guinness book of world records guest book of world rock birds. kicking it with kenny. coming
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>> good morning. so far now this iss been through the 22nd of august the foremost summer on record by buyers tend by a tenth of it is very real another nine daysan usually june july and know officially summer does not the end of september but so far the warmer summer on record ot with days above 85 wh not have this money since 1944 may 15 years with temperatures in the 70s since june 1. all those consistently warm summer. we have had a break. with the breakav and soe will cooler air over the last 24 hours it has been enough to try
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spots on lakee erie. a lot of pictures sent to us here. check them out on and more than likely a few more water spots around lake erie 50s to thet south. lower and middle 60s it. most of these showers have been and will start to die away. it won't be until wednesday while we start to build up to the 80s. clouds early an isolated shower 50s tonight mostly sunny tomorrow high around 80. the beginnings right now with the next cold front pushing into indiana mid to late season wednesday. we're looking until then we are with the rain deficit so far this summer. we need rain. the weight is going to look at more than likely at a quarter of an inch and that it is a couple of days before that
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into wednesday night into the first half of thursday. a couple of days in the mid 30s. a slight break friday. fox trot sunday morning they should be in should be in the low 60s saturday and sunday will be dry we send it back to you guys. >> making headlines this morning ?-dash thousands of volunteers the man died after opening his parachute to a drawing and him. the 40s of an outstanding man died40 early sunday morning at little town original airport. the owner of the dropping zonesi
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previous jobs his he says it was below 3500 feet before trying to pull issued. >> hillary clinton says former secretary of state colin powell advisor to use personal e-mail accounts. and impressed about her a malpractice is the claim was in the notes handed over to congress last week powell's office released a statement saying he had no recollection of a conversation abouts e-mails with clinton and then said he is secured stateth desk to manage classified information. >> summer games m what is celebration that was last may. . the olympic flag formally handed over to the governor of tokyo that will host the 2020 games. 121 total including 46 goldgo medals pretty much split right
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>> she was adorable last night carrying thea flag they said it probablyhe the toughest think she's hot are week wasgh. >> the way she does it with her height and allll she reminds meo much her. that same personality are happy the happier beautiful from in the late 19 he is a big
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kenny. >> it or i get that segue every yes you know i ?- i am just a man standing in front of a bunch of motorcycles. happening sunday happening in the hard rock casino. we try to break the guinness book of world recordscaca the people they help our friends
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eat as many as you want. we will show people some videos of what our charity does. buildig homes for mentally challenged people who need homes. >> i am so exciteded i love it motorcycles part of a great event for cleveland for as many as possible wanting to break the record. one of the bigger sponsors. southeast harley-davidson does have a lot of giveaways as long as other motorcycle dealerships make sure you come up for your chance to win prizes and have a great timeeuyo. >> it is lovely. people want to get involved and there is an
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them to. >> actually we will be giving away tickets this week. and in cleveland wednesdays and thursdayss in the cleveland area sheffield, medina, valleyview around five or 530 depending on the location he can find a lot of location information.e my bike is over there. >> anyone to get in the show by a case that right? >> i doo want to show bike and e will have special parking for custom show bikes as well as antique bikes. i am excited to see offe make sure you spread te
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you, everybody here at the rock casino 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. coming up this hour ?- a special trip for a special grow. we had to the >> posted is going going back-to-school still need to eat a nutritious breakfast. we are learning a new recipe any recipe with our friendss from whole foods when we come back. that
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it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and how you're saying it. and being able to be confident and happy, shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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be used to check out thee sandusky river bridge in midy rb september, weather permitting.r the drones are expected to makee
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eliminating the need to use bucket trucks. using a drone will also allow crews to keep all highway lanese open during the inspection.ep a that's a good thing. odot and the highway patrol are also looking into plans to use drones on highways.highways it's something many people takei for granted spending a day atngt the zoo, looking at all of the animals.lo but over the weekend it proved er the weeextra special for a gm avon lake. this young cancer patient got to a behind the scenes mos. fox 8's maia belay takes us along her journey. you wouldn't know it by looking at her. wouldn this is one tough girl. she is incredibly isc nine year old lily von glahn isl a fighter.d l fighting to get back to healthy, fighting leukemia. it's been sorry i get a littleee emotional a rough road for her..
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sorry. lily's mom heather still gets choked up thinking how far her little girl has come. she was diagnosed with leukemia back in 2014. dia lily is always positive through the darkest times she was always upbeat and let's do this we got it. dark days. a trip to the zoo. i was thinking i can't wait. i really want to see all the ing i can't she's been waiting since hers bn diagnosis. waiting thursday she got her chance. go. thanks to a partnership with a special wish cleveland. do vultures have a nose?anks to lily's getting a behind the scenes tour. i think he's adorable. do you think you made a new friend?y's getting yeah. a wish that up until recently didn't look like it would ever come true.thy a trip to the zoo posed ahe zooa serious risk to lily's health. now she's making up for lostst
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is the zoo everything you the z imagined it would be? yes and more.oo everythinyou the simple things making the biggest impact. it's been fun, really fun.the she's a whole different kid now. she is just doing amazing thriving.e living like a 9 year old should. making new memories. on this picture perfect day.key. alright everyone 1, 2, 3. a long awaited day at the zoo. d the first of many more to come.o just don't ask lily to do any work here. lily do you think you might want to work in a zoo one day? dany why is that? i don't want to pick up poop. of course, who does? in cleveland maia belay fox 8 news. darling. dar is cute. she's got an idea. can't work in the zoo. the pick up the poop. z nobody wants to do still aheadbody wants for teen.
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out that can block out mom and dad. plus, transform your look and turn heads with these cool and easy back to school hairstyles. we're getting some tips, coming up. but first let's see what kennylh we is kicking this morning.nin good morning stacey goodgood morning. two wheeled wonders that's right we're encouragingn allall motorcyclist to help these guys come out and check it out at a great charity associated with this as well. when we come back we'll explain the whole thing.
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welcome back.ack. there's a food recall to bea foo aware of this morning, involving seafood.d the recall was issued by seaport products, after its says some of its scallops may be infectedr with hepatitis a. so far more than 200 people have gotten sick from the bad scallops.te the company says the cases arecp linked to raw versions of the food.any says the c the affected food was mainly distributed to nevada, california and hawaii. and hawa. seaport is working with the fda to find out where contamination occurred.u former seal team six member matthew bissonnette has agreed to turn over all proceeds fromte
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raid that killed osama bin laden.i bissonnette published no easy day the firsthand of the mission that killed osama bin laden in 2012 under the pen name mark owen.un he says he was the one whos he w killed bin laden. the doj sued him for breach ofj contract, saying he failed to submit the draft to the pentagon for a review of classified coct, saion. him fofo submit t media reports put the settlement at around seven million dollars. a charity created by mark zuckerberg is getting its first deposit from the facebookrg is ou zuckerberg donated some of hisro facebook shares to the chan zuckerberg initiative back in december.meebs according to the sec, the groupp made 95 million dollars selling those shares this week.k. the charity is actually a for i proa fofit organization with thi goal to promote equality for ale children in the next generation. zuckerberg has promised to give the group one billion dollarsupo worth of shares each year for the next three billion speaking of facebook the company just launched a new app called
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moms and dads might not like it fell.da adults can download the device but would not be able to see anyone's profile. the app allows teens to shootlte videos to fill out their profile information. it's facebook's answer to snapchat, only the videos are informanswer til you deletes tof them. the app is intended for high schoolers to learn more about their classmates.le a cruise ship sets off on a historic trip never beforea cru attempted by a ship its size. bs the crystal serenity set sailerl from alaska, bound for t atlantic ocean. most ships passing from thes pacific to the atlantic oceanhis opt to take the panama canal. p. but this cruise will take itslls passengers through the historics northwest passage.toric the ship will travel through the canadian arctic islands, where most of time sea ice makes ships travel impossible.ce tickets for the cruise startedd at 20 thousand dollars a person. the recent pok?mon go game craze is providing some new competition at this year's
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more than 1 countries took part in theook competition over the weekend ink san francisco, with half aancis million dollars in prizes athal prizes the pok?mon world championships are divided into groups, baseded on age and skill.s, in the end eight were crowned ai the greatest pok?mon players in the world. what a title. serious stuff. for sure. we've been kicking it with kenny this morning for a great causee andca at one of our favorite our places we love it. good morning aga good morning you guys.uys stacey just so you and stephanie and way noteey tom jones is jo coming. i know. so you know tom jones and wainen about the same a judge us whatht you guys to know that. really? g tom jones. tom jones. wayne likes to shake his hipship like tom jones when he swalks in the newsroom.the i just want to put that together
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tom jones is coming. at the parking loton having ain great time helping us promote a great event happening the 28th of this monthgreat eve. august 28 right for the recordc breorak the guinness book of wod records for the most motorcycles starting the simultaneously.sly. currently held in thee philippines. in the philippines i don't know how you guys could possibly consider in t i don't know possibly conso allowing this event the world record.rd. we have got easily could get gt four or 5000 bikes here in thiss parking lot.ot credit record in philippines isi about 1440 or so.n we will stash that record and we need you guys support to be outer. people don't have motorcycles they can still comeon out and support of the great causes that right? a great deal. $425 that allows two people to get in.25 a you get back $5 each and playerd club money from the hard rock.oc
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our partners on this or that's awesome. out-of-pocket for two people it's $10 if all goes to charityr and you mighitt win a million o two in the casino.o here we are we need your support.upport that as far north community homm then they build homes for disabled people who probably would not have a facility to no live in ift have a facili it wae guys. north coast community homes is a 31 -year-old nonprofit.r building almost 250 homes for 1000 residents. in northeastern ohio. and our goal is to haveve affordable housing for mentallya and physically handicapped. we hicave like 30 seconds.nds. go ahead and get on your motorcycle we're going to fire e these things up. it's august 208. what you guys to come down even if you don't have a motorcycleye come down also there will be stunt riders down hereth performing some really cool stuff. all right. gentlemen andal ladies mount yoy
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what it will sound like. all right.evev on three. onght them up.p. 123.3. light them up. there we go.o.12 good stuff. on the back i've never driven dr one. same. never been in control.l. all rights.igh kenny thank you officiated.ici folks it's time to school with all of you check out page and claire. they are adorable. forget the chalkboards thesege girls had shirts made.t the chao paige is starting third gradeade and claire kindergarten. i love the book bags. b very nice. all right.ags. this is zayvion everson.ce. all he's heading to 4th grade in lorain. hea these two look excited. gabriella is starting firsto l
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look at them. love the pigtails. greatsmiles..p and we want more.and w wan you can share your pictures wite us by emailing us atg us at or submit themx8. right on our website just look for the link under seen on tv.ot right your time right now is 8:47 on o monday morning. coming up, the alarm clock is going off for students across northeast ohio again.p,ck and if you're pressed for time in the mornings we're learning a few quick and easy hair styles that will make getting out the door and on the bus a breeze. remember w ponytatil school tax i remember that.. i think i flunked that class. you past. you but first a reminder season 20 of fox8's friday night touchdown is set to kickoff at the end of the week. a rason 20 be sure to join jt pj and theoff the we commissioner dan coughlin forero the season premiere this friday at 11 p.m. right here on fox8. the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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[music playing] [music playing] all right everybody. it can be hard to get the kidsid up and moving trying to figure out what to doo with the kidsei hair something new and special for the start of there with me is lori bryant who has a blog.g.has a bl. hairbylori.c i do youtube hair tutorials and i know how hardor it is to getgt kids out the door when you neede to be somewhere on time so i am showing you some quick and easy hairstyles for back to school. we love quick and easy. i went to introduce them hope is yours and these two girlss decided to tag along with theirt fabulous hair. why do we start over here.e. you will do a full fishtailull l
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fishtail takes just a minute tot do. always wanted to learn how to d a fishtail.s this is way easier. put an elastic flip the hair and thenan ela we're going to flip . brilliant. and kind of tag on the edges to give it that fishtail effective and you can go all the way down if you it is so quick and easy.easy. that i can handle. gets the kids out the door fasta they're looking cute and put i love that's fantastic. you're going to keep it that way for school tomorrow.rrow. yes. they're way go. go what grade are you and? seventh. g now we have a. i will show you a has a littlele bit shorter hair but it still works great. is this her hair?air he has. go to hair by back/foxc i have an exclusive for fox8 viewers i hav i have 10 quick and easy s back to school hairstyles and ia
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that hair wrap ponytail.t so quick. you will love it. it. i have done ponytail i just didd a quick braid. did the ponytail first and maden them gred at auto part of that.t i will grab the hair. and the elastic in.i i love these little clearer clear elastic. they're my they are the goodie brand once. and we just gently pull on the edges. dges. create a bubble effect. so easy but it gives you a different looks.iffe in no time at all. that is just adorable.dorabl perfect to get you out the doore and it won't upgrade for sportss and play recess.c something finance special. if you nhave a longer ponytailt keep going down with more littlo bubbles. i love it.t. now on pope down here going toro show you how to do a pull through braid. put her hair in a ponytail and divided the hair into two
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elastic in.stic i will split the hair again. reach through andit pulled theee hair through and then were going to repeat this process.ess so there's no actual rating scales needed. issue pulling on your hair?air? what you think does it hurt? know. and then you keep pulling it through.. and so it givesthr ouyou this vy cool effect and you will see at the adware going to pull the hair to exaggerate p the effectf it. adorable. there is so much you can do witt hairh i just love it and i coull really talk about it all day long.g. i know everyone needs to get their kids out the door go to the hairdresser and getd t something special done to yournr hair you could never repeated.ea this ist something you could easily do super special. i wish moms knewd so much you c do with your kids hair peopleyo look at styles i could never do it and i want to say you canyou actually. i love it.
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bo quick and easy hairstyles. backslash fox8. then you can get yoursl copy e-mails right to you. i need that.t fun things with my hair.ha okay so coming up let's see what do we have coming up?u you want to check for her thethe free e-book and that 10 quick qu easy hairstyles. throw it kk eto you guys overr there. isn't this awesome.we at adorable. we need tora girls.s. there's a test of later. still to come on the big show.s mislabeled pills. the tragic new information we're learning about the powerful drugs that led to prince's death. but first a reminder the fox8 foxtrot is now just six days away.emation w w led to prince it will take place sunday,take c august 28th at mall c, across from the convention center.e sud you can register for the 5k runr or the one mile walk.
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?? offering the most powerful turbo 4-cylinder engine in its class and performance brembo brakes. the cadillac ats... every moment accelerated. during summer's best, get this low-mileage lease on this cadillac ats from around $279 per month,
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[music playing] [music playing] new details this morning in the death of music legend prince. according to the associated press, the pills found in the singer's mansion after his death were mislabeled. a source close to thess pressinge investigation says the pillsayss marked as hydrocodone actuallyay contained fentanyl.d fentanyl fentanyl is a hundred times fentnger than morphine. prince died back in june from ar
8:58 am
frank ocean is finally givingn his fans some new music after af four year drought.ought. the singer just released a visual album. s a it's titled endless, andd streamed on his site and apple n music.c. the 12 songs and interludes runo over a black and white film.ngsd on the new album, ocean collaborates with r&b singer jazmine sullivan and britishe su artist james blake.llivan and ocean has another album set for release by apple.he oregon customers lined up earlye for a chance to shop at kanyeary west's pop up clothing store. the rapper and design o stores all over the world this weekend. t this one showed up in happy hapy valley just outside portland. lines were long but fans say itr was worth the wait.e long but other store locations included san francisco, new york, toronto and london. they said people couldn't get'tt into there stores there were soo many people online. it was kind of a nightmare for
8:59 am
he's wise like a fox. he's a force.rc verye smart.t. he really is. incredibly loyal fan base.ibly s absolutely. those aren't cheap. cheap. so sad to hear about prince you wonderer did he know how did tha happen?n? h semesterlly trying too that pain.ain bad hip i guess too bad his.his. do whatever he could to keep the pain down. so sad. it's tragic.gic. thank you. sure.sure. appreciated. good morning monday morning in thee city 22nd day of august 2016. 0 is the timtime. ei'm wayne dawson. todd meany has the day off.. everyone happy monday hope youe had a fantastic wyoeek and so my things going on everyone trying to get anything in during thengt summer months most ofhe the kids back to school. hope you have a great i'm stefani schaefer.grea coming up a car drives into a a crowd jessica dill is lie with more on what happened to nearlyy
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just things like that happen but it was a tragic chaotic scene. absolutely.y. building catches on fire people inside hear what witnesses say n happened andess how they werey e rescued. it's too early to think about christmass, right?ght have you started shopping mymy stars are promoting presentsg ps earlier and earlier and it's happening this year we'lln readd your comments and this morning'i download. right now want to see what'sswan happening as far ast to s the wr some folks in northeast ohio.h not everybody a.j. colby has a a little more information on these pop up showerso or some folks io the area. stephanie wayne a couple of of those showers out there and juss issued by the national weatherse service a special marine warning fromd by the national we reno bs marblehead all the way up to a on pointt report waterspouts out there and it's definitely a gooo


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