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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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i'm in for scott sabol who is off today.da it's going to be a beautiful day it sunshine at least eventually near the shoreline will take a little bit longer. to clear.ll tt these look like me meager amounts compared to some backyards.
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i'll bet images the mid-seventies heading close to 60 degrees not as hot today we will see when those clouds reassembled they could spark a few rain drops plus the big holiday we can forecast traffic time with patty harkin it iss 6:01 a.m. a good-looking start on the
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back to you in the studio.o. >> top story this morning we latest in ain veryry bizarre a incident one person is dead and another in custody after a traffic accident. police say the 29 -year-old man ran a red light slamming into the man got out with theth rifle on walked over and shotn for multiple times.d at this point they are revealine
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can't understand why something so random and traffic could happen to such a good everybody loved >> this is going to hurt so much. >> phone police say they will release a suspect in his charge they do this a woman was hit by car the
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after tips from a community a to suspect and make an arreste they are thinking residents for their help for before someone got hurt. ease cleveland city leaders will hold an emergencycy later tonight to examine a proposed merger with therop city of cleveland.ev they rejected and ease clevelane effort to start merger talks on friday kevin kelly says he isrgs still open to more talks. tonight's meetingen will focus n demand cities clevelander up for the proposed merger.
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the price continues to roll over. as allison brown as allison brown shows us this morning womanlllli so cut a huge surpri. >> they lined up. s hot out the launchers because if they can win big it's worth as traffic jam. thousands on sunday that much ate for the queen of heartsts the game going on for my if the queen's pick someone is going tn win $1.3 million.g and we all walk out of here and everybody it's a little bit of something were talking or 8-10,000 people parking near
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with this broad trump is the center of attention. in my shoe asked the rose family from portage county. his mom cut the surprise of her life. it became a tearful reunion and no one even care that the queen was impact this time around. natalie rose has not seen her and sheshose to a yearr spent much of her service think holy. >> it's very overwhelming.g. there's a lot of people.eo it's good day good to be home.p a great opportunity to show a happy homecoming in the middle of what's recently beenshap lott central. nowhere on sunday night but as
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two weeks.rr more people will be coming back from for theom money others to support their community. andom gerritsen, allison brown, fox 8 news. four separate office that oversees casinour gamblingm ifb run by some specific rules the queen of hearts and some lightning far outsidear of four of those offices and they are not regulated under current day offr theree is an states lawmakers who are pushing for that to change.e. it time not is 607 a.m. your time is now 6:07 a.m. they look has the panic when the news continues. take a look at this close call
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the life of a man with just moments to spare. look at that.ith my goodness. we've got a little parker this morning thatgot the fox 8 our forecast shows the sun increase as we go through the day today and temperatures are quite asui warm as yesterday's 90. any more of the hot weather in the forecastes0. the labor day outlook coming up. checking on your morning commute i'll let you know all about it
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in his copilot were killed.ill the strange the center of break here is under arrest with prostitution. police in upstate new york took her into custody and the motel she was advertising her services on my in a one and even included some of her sisters it's such a sweet sweet fantasy. she revealed that she was hiv-positive. i new jersey police officer been
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man from a railroad then man had beenk in a confrontation with another person on another trait before getting off in the lane right on the trackerso block he refused tosed move the officer pulled him to safety seconds beforece a train rolled by. a starting today will be easier tr make money with your trumpet a for federal usese goes into effect that epipen as heo e wanted commercial reason he had to trump through a lot oft hoops ad even become a licensed pilot for actual airplane.v the process would be similar to be getting a drivers license. if you're just getting up your weather and traffic will be traffic will be coming out.. has donald trump cause gone back
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announced last
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welcome back.c i am pattyo harkin we are doing pretty well right now travelingg in the westbound direction headedd back to the valleyview bridge.o looks good right here just a fee clouds to begin on monday.w it looks like that will clear
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temperatures definitely coolero thanl yesterday 90-degree highe here's storm fox doppler radar read a couple of showers andw ashtabula county which are nowe there is some patchy dense fog and 67 and 67. do points are a little lower in as temperatures and dewpoint collide. t we are expecting that to get
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confusioner on donald trumps immigration stance.t he's about to clear that upan though. todd mea story.y. h there were some reports that he was laughing his tough policy.ol not it appears that won't be
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trump made those comments at a fundraiser and iowa on sunday t the speech was scheduled for last week that had been delayedw his not changed his mind or hiss plans. that is backeded up by his choice for vice president mike pence. let's be very clear nothing has changed the path positio i'm dealing with illegal immigration people are going to secure the border.'mal we're going to enforce the lawst of this country. last week he told fox news were not looking to hurt people thann we expect to hear that he has assault listening. very interesting.
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we have an update on your weather andd traffic every eight minutes plus more dogs rescued from severe flooding in louisianaeso how you can take ce of them straight ahead. we want to hear what you thinko about thisu during an nfl player refusing to stand during the national anthem. todd is taking their calls on this and this morning's plugged in. it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and how you're saying it. and being able to be confident and happy, that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am.
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they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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welcome back to fox 8 news andew it is mondays it looks like some things are dry on storm fox doppler radara thisd morning.or and if everything works out asas we always hope it does were not expecting rain showers here along the lake short however,o him on where the coolw side is going to there's a small chance that a shower could c it will be brief at 5-15 minutes. and our water temperature 7 degrees. for the most part a comfortable beginning to the dayst with the exception on a little of the human site -- 's you may decide.
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we are now up to 11 days and augustar that the highest number of days. still is in place in terms of the highest number of 90 plus degree days.s. 1952 and 1955 at the highest amount of 90 degrees days. a please don't quote me on that just hit. there's the front that's moving through as mentioned. high-pressure really scours away the high pressureh- late onla
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most likely going to spark some behind thatehormshh big canadian air massi you seeyo there hovering over the dakotas up to a quarter of an inch or so the winds aloft showing the cooling turn into thursday anda friday before things start to heat up a little bitnd builds then on the weekend buckling the jet stream once our forecast for today goes as follows.for mostly sunny skies not as hot today. the hey should be about eight underbo where we were. eighty-two it's still humid.
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call. less humids
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we're going to traffic. every eight minutes. as for the giant that as towards the north marginal south of i 90. two sons.ns in the loss of their mother's shoesir murder following a traffic.c. stacy fry in psalm the latest on
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struggle to understand why this happened. this shifts and also suit days for this several times,me with over foure shot shot of outside her passenger afterr she was a woman that someone found competent the church of taught them toha do t and that she would be gunnedgun down on the side of the monthmo following a traffic accident is
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and another group of dogs fromgs northeast ohio today looking for after the flooding done the louisianaod and 27 yards and adopted many of them are twoandw moms on friday each family was given a medical checkup and 20nd more dogs are due to arrive today. organizers of the world was at a temperature in northeast ohio are waking were to see if it was a successssa they attempted to
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motorcycle started at the same time. the previousus record was 1,446 bytes in 2014 in the philippines as you can see many of the road to the rock singer to try tory break that some say it's great too see this type of event and northeast ohio. o it's for good cause. what more could you ask for. fire or something like thatit bringing attention to motorcyclist. proceeds from the event will benefit the mission of those host committee switch develop custom's permit and it winds up withsw choosing to sit through e national anthem.sing it's time to get plugged in and we have todd meany here talking
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bay. the quarterbacks on the bench during the nationalal s team-adversity instead. part of the guys is he's been doing that all preseasongu it'st just's the first thing is in uniform because of an arm issues of yearsu old and necessarilya plainsr this he's doing and protest to powerpoint to stand for a flag of a country that the oppressors black people and people of color for taking your thoughts and commentso little bit of the clip. this guy played the national anthem was a jersey burn. i hope you don't plan of it down in the nfl.e nf this is what he said to me isis bigger than football be selfish
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says he will continue to assist. as long as this conditions is a shotis of the to see them stanp against the size and submissive the same thing. a timber timbre citizen card tor help the so-called a press.d as far as offense of lineman i would stand up to protect its suppose emergency room you should stop setting the money anderson as he can respect for a lot of people are supporting say it's an american as for it to free speech and that is hisis chores cannot stand for the national anthem as an act of
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we were looking at him being a player here at one point posturr that's how you get a hold of us on the sport's plugged in.t they don't play the processes therapy't note pride champ no cp on either way will hear from coming n an update on your weatr and traffic straight ae thank you to everyone turned up for the fox 8 foxtrot put look at this amazing turnout coming up next. it's time to highlight the head over tols to vote for your favorite school. both feature a winner every thursday night here at fox 8
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all right aj is here he does have a look at the eight-day and the coffee hav it is very quiet start to the
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to be upon us.y w you have any good good at morning.
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we had like ten drop to play the coffee quiz. could it be akron. the goodyear tire and rubber company was founded.
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named after charles goodyear. where on a first name basis. you may have come into some money. what co product that he develop.
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what about i think it's a special guest host. this is what i win.
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did you compose that lead. i did. i spirit i was in.n. mcdonald's gift of gets a 50 delegates certificate for hudak dental. artir pair of tickets to the cleveland national airship which is coming up this weekend and that cleveland october 12. good stuff. thanks for he can't believe i one.n i'm going to win every day this we're going to do that. good morning kenny. good at morning. we're at the brand-new wildlife
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going to show you what it's all about. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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this morning we are going to give viewers a little tree and show them thele new one. >> this is only the 2 acres in here but we packed a lot in youe actually above the animals where the animals can go above you. >> everyone was trying to figure out what is the relationship isn't going to be of a building a a roller coaster?a that is a very elevated walkway and to all allow little sign for any animal
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guys. it will be a lot of fun. when we come back, lots to show his face. fox eight news at 7:00 o'clock against right now. >> good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio. a monday morning in the city and 7:00 o'clock is your time right now. thank you for joining us. >> let's toss it over to aj who is responsible for the gorgeous mother. >> don't take credit or blame good morning to you. hopefully you are having a great start to
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levels that are highly o rainfal amounts about a quarter of an inch or so generallyam speaking although on the east side we are seeing a couple of areas back to see that to see some rain. columbus and in between the official stations several inches will be looking at those numbers coming upho in just a few minut the noontime time up to 80 my cap then yesterday when we had mid 80s at noontime toppingto out at 90. sunset tonight at 804 we lose two more minutes of
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90 plus herer in cleveland most occurring in the month of august. temperatures are low '80s as we step out of hard. less humid there may afternoon as it moves on. it is traffic time with patty at 7:02 a.m. >> we are 77 northbound no space off77 of the turnpike with the change entire her. are off it does not break up until you get to work route 82 this is east 72nd where you will bee traveling exercise conscious. >> trying to unfollowed mystery of our mantra that happened over the weekend matter. >> a driver who caused a traffic
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with a kind t and killed the or driver. we check in with stacy in solent with the rest of the information. r >> it is what puts you in for a loss blue will forge. why would someone murder someone else after a traffic accident. we willll share more once he is his name is been released. but he was on her way to workea saturday morning for 29 the 29 -year-old richfield milkman of led by its slamming into debbie'snt card. his suv flippd several times. he called out with the rifle in his hand shooting her outside of the passenger door friends and familyp of the 63 -year-old say she was exceptional in every way, that she would say such a violent death is left them
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>> the loving energy energy and down to earth. >> those are her two sons nice speaking out there wondering whether snape woman who would do something like this and what the motivation could possibly be.nda woman w killed just outside the lorain county fair off-line. the driver did not set. police say they did catch up with him p afr
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police say she should run after her boyfriend after an argument interesting b and a car. officials say she appeared to be intoxicated when arrested. she is being heldld in the trumbull county jail. >> in connection with bb gun shootings in cleveland heights h several cars. the police chief says someone had been shooting at carsay on noble road the past couple of weeks after tips t officers to an arrest. police i think in the public for the healthy for someone got hurt. >> east cleveland city leaders will hold an emergency meeting today e tonight's meeting will focus on demands is cleveland
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>> toppers in the car came $1.3 million suspect, but there were no winners. the next drawing a september 11 the ownr of sky lanes bowling 70 you can started the contest moments agol attracting thousands each weekend. >> your time is 7:06 a.m. keep it right here on fox eight news in the morning. >> crowd yelling and running out of terminalsli overnight what caused the panic when we come back.h >> for new jersey police officers officer saves the life of a man with just moments to
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>> good morning, everyone we hope your monday morning is off to a good start. humidity level is still up there. we will find out w what the holiday weekend forecastee holds in store for yu and moments. >> thea weather has been cooperating. dollars are how is your traffic? let us knowar abt your morning commute >> cleveland clinic went from a one are one in the nationla inse
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breaking news this morning the maker of epipen has just is just announced it willt really s a different version of the medicine. they've been taking a lot of criticism since the cost of the medication jump from about $100 to $600 ?- five last year the generic version will costhe on the next the next few weeks.d >> after word spread about possible gun man. police evacuated several buildings. some people dropped their drop their luggage in just ran. several flights are canceled a short time later investigators say no shots were fired and the panic was caused by loud noises
7:11 am
go through security again it caused huge lines and gigantic traffic issues in the areas the man to man being held without bail in connection to thema deay shooting of dwayne wade's cousin pulses present process held a vigil for her two days after her does she was shot while pushing a baby stroller, city's south side. police arrested two brothers saturday the charged them with murder yesterday. caught in a crossfire as the brothers were firing at another man. >> iconic singer juan gabriel concert at the age of 66 considered one of the greatest performers and composers in mexico selling moreover my over over 100 million albums. forty-eight hours before his job
7:12 am
before and was supposed to perform last night. o >> children play partial sugar according to his facebook page,, he had just leftgea truck show n texas when his small plane went down. they were on their way to start forming a tv show about the recovery of refuge from plane crashes. he and his copilots were killed. >> the estranged sister of mariah carey's under arrest charged with prostitution police in upstate new yorkarar took th5 -year-old carry into custody at a motel room think she was advertising or services onlinem one and even included some of her sister's lyricsen that sucha sweet sweet fantasy baby. i'm sure she revealed she is hiv positive. >> a new jersey police officer being held a hero for pulling
7:13 am
railroad railroad tracks investigators say the man is spend in conversation on another train before getting are coming on the tracks. while he refused to move, officers pulled him to safety just seconds before the train rolled by. >> starting today, it will be easier to make money with a drone. new federal the effects of until none of you want to use it for commercial reason, you had to jump through hoops and even become a licensed pilot for an action role-playing actual playing not will be similaray to getting a drivers license. >> thirteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock.. a string of colr just days ahead of those. >> good morning. everybody, we hope you're having a good day. these clouds are hanging on a little bit longer dt here in the
7:14 am
eventually eventually be discovered outwev laughing fallg from behind the underneath those clouds caps on was not that was not the case last night. even southwest cuyahoga county. a little bit c of rain and east of canton certainly the focus that is to the northeast of dover as we said 3 inches or plus. that is likely localized flooding. at on the lake 2 feet or all caps off's day coming five ?- 15. swinging around to
7:15 am
arounde the state temperatures n either side of 70 cleveland the exceptionn maybe just days 90 plus a since 2016 so far 25 days we will not add to that i believe that puts us in a place police believe place believe it or notp if you take you down to the mid 80s for highs we will be closer to first first. in terms of 90 degrees daysys 11 of those this month ad that is the highest of these days you look at it each month. so i don't believe we will see any more of those 90 degrees days in august september? perhaps. there may be one left we o will have to error them quickly into the cooler season. confined to northwest and
7:16 am
high-pressure wind todaybe sciee still slowly to the east event with the next weather area heading into chicago about noon tomorrowow i think the rain will hold off until wednesday and then it will be fire fairly scatteredwi with more substantil pile of a more substantial pile of canadian air. some rain we hope the long long-term that will lend itself into a shadowy. a north northwest flow for the latter part of the week and it monday, monday, things are
7:17 am
into the pacific northwest. that puts us osama us on my side ofs things. clouds this morni anything left over will eventuallynihi come out and in a mostly sunny sky.ut that is hot humidity above all those horrible the northeast when deploying and should try the error out pretty quickly later today. y by tonight, we will be dealing with fairly comfortable air.63 off the air and most likely open the windows. bright sunshine tomorrow highs in the mid 80s. pretty tuesday. southwest wins with mostly sunny skies here is the fox eight day forecast with the slight chance a slight chance of rain on wednesdayhe at
7:18 am
ishu 73. we will have to check the last time we had a high that call.d if you have this weeked off through labor day, he really picked a good one. gorgeous weather. let's check in with todd who is here talking about serious stuff. he did not stand fot people are very critical of it he saidy he did it because he can't continue to support up flag that's a process partly upon people of color and he will continue to do it as p longng ar is unjustified police brutality. >> rob says he can see why people are mad at him it is disrespectful to the united states. >> he has the right as an american citizen to choose not to stand and protest.
7:19 am
told us t they think it's funny how he protests a country that allows them and encourages him to be an overpaid athletes. >> freedom to express himself. he proclaimedd of a volume of value of freedom is that it be reading him his recognize he is risking his career for something in those as unpopular question why he is doing it calling him unpatriotic is the subject he is concerned about altogether that is a shot of them during him during a them during the game him during a game where everyone also standing and he is sitting. we are getting your thoughts and comments what do you think?g ao you support his right to do that what do you think about his argument? you can get a hold of us on our facebook page tweet at us atw todd meaning. fox eight
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>> nineteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock. we check in with patty to see what is happening as far as her traffic is concerned. >> seventy-seven northbound as you come into downtowncne and up towards the inner belt 71 is backed up and i 90 also from west 44th. into i 90um the bottom of 77 northbound between the turnpike one person is helping the other change a tire 77 northbound from before the turnpike like i said, that is off into the right berm back inside with you guys good morning. >> good morning,g penning thank you for that. >> are you ready to kick it witr
7:21 am
>> good morning, just, good morning, kenny. we are saying you showing you a little trickier is brands pick in that brand speaking with new at the cleveland museum of natural history. on this is the coyote habitat we will show you this when we return all more coming up with kicking it with kenny.
7:24 am
>> cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own where about it is a cute little puppy dog. marybelle p it is her mother's first child.s for your child there too. >> time to kick it with the one
7:25 am
>> sounds like the news at about seven congratulations. >> thank you. when people first walked onfi the spending the fit thing they encountered was the coyote enclosure clearly show and the katie singing tow coyotes) are orphans from texas they were actually delivered from this area they are at hand raised and ten this is all part of the bonding experience this is the kind of interactivity you want toer have in the future we will bee able to have sing-alons
7:26 am
the priorities to visualize. this is a brand-new home for these days.s pretty cool adapting to their now. >> all of the animals we have here is represented on native to ohio. if you get around the parking a garage you can see the downto unique elevated highway. part of the things he wanted to do is give folks a sense of place. here we are with the dome brokeb a cancer survivor ??ro here. essence the where you are in cleveland in at the same time
7:27 am
cool side hillside but then also call about the aviary here the househe future in two to three days will have docs and songbirds. it is all calls. >> love it. you guys arels getting a great view of the new wildlife give them a little preview. and we come back, we will show you that stuff. stay
7:30 am
7:31 am
that will be back at wednesday, butl this is a great place to have your storm fox this morning. gla visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. is high when you get 100 percent humidity. this isg downtown marriott out with what wet streets a pretty pleasant strive for the folks down there getting action at the coffee shop in and
7:32 am
lift eventually to mostly sunny skies downtown. and that is in the right berm causing localized slowdowns if you are coming off
7:33 am
to remain closed. we do jessica back to you in the studio. d >> we begin with the bizarre incident and so on one personhes that another in custody after a traffic accident. >> it was not the crash that went deadly.a we go live with my. north richfield man is in custody after police say the driver everything he had run into happening saturdayay mornig here and so on at the intersection of someone in richmond road police say the 29 -year-old ran a red light at the intersection slammingra into the car his vehicle rolled several times coming to rest on its roof the man got out with a rifle, walked over and shot o her multiple times she died about an hourbo later at the hospital. t this.police are not revealing the suspect's name no suspects
7:34 am
understand h has something's a random and traffic tragic could happen to such a good caps on woman. >> her love and energy and down to earth. that was debbie's the sun in these over the weekend the suspects name o highs to be released at some.this morning when he is charged. >> another group of dogs coming to northeast ohio today looking for a new homegg following with the louisiana flooding. taking and 27 dogs adopting many of them each animal was given a medical checkup and texth to support our story on the website
7:35 am
>> running or walking with more than two dozen people at there x eight foxtrot yesterday don't worry fox eight journalists is taking us back to you through it all with our exclusive lookth ad of course the finish line. are so excited to have all the people come in today and do a little music for them. >> ?? this is my daughter audrey and my son danny. another great here. t thankfully the weather weather all-purpose yards so awesomeme to see this many peope
7:36 am
to see this many people coming out to support the veterans. >> you know end of the free ?? >> part of the people who shut up. part of itit. >> it is a great day. can you believe it? look at the crowd. more than 2,000 country does the fourth annual fox eight foxtrot and i talked to all those types that are here. raise your handy but then i said raise your hand if you care about the veterans and want to help. everybody raised their hands. it has been a phenomenal morning cap. >> we could not have asked for a better day. >> a wonderful day out there. some of the veterans showed up
7:37 am
that the time right now is 7:36 a.m. >> still ahead ?-i sitting durig the national anthem. making the wrong right moveio when standing up for social justice. ten to highlight northeast ohio's coolest nominate your calls willve will
7:39 am
7:40 am
will come back to fox eight news in the morning. 7:40 a.m. is your time right now time to get plugged in. let's get plugged in with todd 40 niners quarterback did not n want to stand for the national canton he says he is doing it a protest against what he calls police brutality am a person against police people in our country of color. trump says this is
7:41 am
does capturerg the essence of wt it means to be an american.e >> how does did that disrespectful temper temper d tantrum benefit those who are oppressed? >> it is allowed to stand up for what he believes them are in this i case it done. >> and nona says maybe you need to go to another country and find out what really people look like you spoiled brat. >> this is chris from atwater. just coming i think he should not have disrespected the country if he had the chance to stand, get out there and put your word out in the community. okay, thanks.
7:42 am
country since is not happy with america. he is free to leave. >> we want to hear from you. you support his choice to sit with the national anthem? here's the way to get a hold of us this morning. mark comments throughout the morning show. >> using the same to get people to talk and that is what everyone is doing. >> he did for sure. is it the best way? i don't know but a lot of people that. hard to see the veterans post about ite to. >> the yesterday when we're other during the foxtrot for the veterans. veterans very upset with them. >> forty niners to now play the brownsfo the season no opportuny for him to come here. >> they are in a competition that if got to keep it going on. >> 7:42 a.m. is your time.. fid out how the government plans to forcibly one at how fast trucks can go on the highway.
7:43 am
about the company helping to makeg it work for some of their employees. >> takinglo a live look outside, the sun is out, but more storms could be on the way for the work week. weather and traffic on the way . >> the first it is time for the third annual walk and run in force state park forest state atk in east cleveland sunday 8:00 a.m. all proceeds benefit thebe dolphin foundation started i to provide scholarships, which accounts gloves and hats for inner-city students brady will find the linkor under scene into the fox eight .com. we will be
7:44 am
7:46 am
the northeast winds are blowing intore drier air here. starting to feel more comfortable and today. temperatures in the low '80s. not 90s like it was yesterday. traffic is active imagine not a couple of things about which to speak you momentarily. a couple of areas of disturbed weather one of which cof is a system not posina
7:47 am
meanwhile, a different story down in the gulf with tropical depression nine. indicating this will swing outut through florida anywhere from tallahassee to campus saint pete maybe as far south potentially as naples. we will see 82 today. the humid say. low '80s s mid 80s tomorrow. bright sunshine. chances for rain kicking up a little on a september call s cool is on the wayne on the way thursday and friday. gorgeous into the holiday weekend. traffic time with patty harkin. >> you can look behind us with a lot of right on the map.
7:48 am
71 northbound towards the metro 40 is been averaging 22 miles per hour i across the valleyview and finally you break it up altogether. this is a peek att 77 and harvard with the slow go. seventy-seven northbounditit eastbound you wil find y the sun glare it delays r sure for 80 eastbound by granger a slow crawl from the valleyview bridge. weal check on drive tis almost 30 minutes 90 eastbound from routee 8371 northbound from 82 to i 90 almost a 30 minute ride 77 northbound from the turnpike to 490. the bulk is book is a 14 minute commute49 on for 80 and for 90. wayne, back
7:49 am
trucks traveling our nation's highways it would be a nationwide limits byga electronc streets with the device a newly made he was vehicles that way more than 26,000 pounds. regulated by a2 i cap 60 ?- 65 r 68 miles per hour. the governor says cap next beats will help reduce fatal crashes involving helping heavy trucks. this is open to public, before coming finals. >> the washington post reports amazon is experimenting with a 30 hour work week. it is a pilot program which will have a small team working a shorter week. instead of thea 9:00 a.. to 5:00 p.m., the dozen people will worko monday through thursday and only from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. additional flex hours will make up the rest of the hour spring many otherf companies offer a four-day workweek that still
7:50 am
people will no longer be writing news district descriptions and headlines for thee company's popular news topics. they are turning it over to those that automatically pick topics. it comes months after facebook was accused of political bias and trending topics. social media conducted an internal investigation for any no evidence but they still had employeeste training. it is 7:50 a.m. the beyonc? takes over the vma's see how she took it over and spent a record in the process last night. >> good morning, kenny. just the word beyonc? puts a smile on my face. the cleveland national history museum kind of goes out
7:51 am
to show you case. kicking it
7:53 am
thanks for the everyone. hope you had good morning amy out hanging out with the man h ?- the legend. i'm nt going to see the mets great eastern area of the legend. harvey is happy because thisn
7:54 am
present we are not taking us. what we were laughing at because i was from 2003 that is what these bald spots are far. so we are coming around starting a cool walkway that takes us to the edge of the wildlife centery and then it gives the visitor a nice chance to see the huxley is in the other one they are a fashion from white oak. all lead up to really bazaar looking things at that
7:55 am
ableil to use of their cake and travel with you the visitor. that looks like a bold and chapterat take a look at it now instead oft being exclusively o the enclosure are very third or fourth day they can prance around to look at the c visitors or other animals it is an idea we like the same company out of arizona. and now we have one of the the bobcats that will go blind as we look look into the sun. we have one way up high in front of the drug. and in have a magnificent view. these are just examples of how m we got te wildlife exhibits on my hillside so that basically the entire
7:56 am
visitors with t lots of wonderfl enrichment. and coming down to this level it feels like we're
7:57 am
crash that was paid on one fatal one of the driversh pulled a gu. >> we're getting pulled plugged in his own nfl quarterback says he will not stand for the national anthem until things change your. >> the sun is out, and there are cooler temperatures on the way. not so much a 90 or all the rain from yesterday. what about the holiday forecast? we see help for a beautiful forecast >> it became. the game of the summer ?- the pokey man go t pot real world concern. >> and a device from an internet security expert. parents find out if there are things you can be doing on a regular basis to keep your kids safefe on this
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 o'clock. thank youoc for joining us. >> good morning am stephani schaefer. >> i am jessica m for s christi good morning and happy monday with us it over to aj. good morning wayne and stephanie good to seee you guys a game. it is really shaping up to be a beautiful day heres starting off with a dense fog and land o one


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