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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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cleveland police officer is indicted in the death of a brake unit entering suspect more than a year laterle lizabeth here and now with what the mother of a young man who died is saying tonight.o tonya brown says freshers ha about the indictment but then saysh she grew upset when to learnre the charge against the officer killedns her son and ony misdemeanor patrolmen buford would nick met outside today prosecutors say he shot and killed and 18 your brandon jones outside a parkwood avenue store in the early morning hours of march 19, 2015 buford and his brother confronted jones charges in that the grocery store carrying a bag of strong offense
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beavers conduct did not meet the us supreme court legal standard to justify a please officers use of deadly forcet st jones was nt armed and the indictment was and a threat. investigators have been brought against him. jones' mother says she wants gestate for her son and isn't sure this is itit. or just getting probation unless the dead and gone. killed and murdered my son.n. he was unarmed and causes any type of harm to you and you deserve to die know he did not and you get a slap on the wrist and his i can't even say i'm happy about this. indictment.vea the father goes on to say she appreciates and respects the indictment saying someone other than her felt her son didn't deserve to death homicide
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six months local incarceration but the possibility of probation tonya jones says that's not god enough there is a civil case open in this incidentug they'lle put on how to let the criminal case run his course. offered tonight's sole and kidnapping charges have been filed against two former east cleveland please officers grand jury g indicted dunn dixon and part-time officer gerald spencer the second they're accused of beating up a hand .-period her sign we're fired in the wake of the incident they charge of the suspect had been facing and putting receiving stolen property and tampering with evidencec have been drought. the first home game since controversial play the high school football team. an african-american player says he received racial threats after a protest during the national t anthem kevin freeman attended tonight's gameal here now with details. if you didn't know about the
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that anything was wrong tonight the media was kept in a designated area and tell kickof the superintendent about to deal with the issue as a player's father continues to fear for his son safety.l the marching blue devils performed the national anthem in front of a packed house friday night before their h football tm takes on the solar and comment. two weeks agoru rodney axon junior take a need toe run and then underway game e says he did it to protest some of his teammates using racial slurs to afford to members of the opposing team.ngng two of my teammates say they feel they need to call a bunch of and words.o and once again every chance they get their good essay every othe play taking a stance run he says he's received threats and this note was a four words written on it.
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a lot. the sun continues to receive threats unitarians it became public earlier this week.e someone in the school its messages is sees me. our facebook page our faith as a rampage. it worries about his son as he takes the field. a a my son right now is just so strongst superintendents mss two-parent sayingwo racial slurs and hate speech have no place in the school.acha we are brought in a nationally known expert in diversity matters to help usat and were dealing with our students who we believe practice an appropriate and racially motivated conduct. really a problem.ia the serious problem. you may notice of football team is not ony the field to the national anthem tonight but the
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the team is always remain in the locker room through six-year-old wyatt bentley and a first grader killed along witha his father last weekend during accident. the motions out there tonight. saturday main dollars with ashland man suspected into murders i now 40 -year-old sean saysye very little during a brif bond hearing this afternoon this guyte but appeared to be cryingt times he is facing two charges of kidnapping please arrested a great tuesday after woman was allegedly holding hostage was able to get his cell phone call 911 once please arrived they found the two bodies they also led police ton a third body and richmond county that no charters have beenr filed there yet officials have identified the two victims as the second victim stacy stanley and elizabeth griffith. v
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tragedies here the trinity running for the death of state tonight to rival schools came together on the gridiron to support his family and all members of law enforcementtare cj is live and amherst with just what was probably an incredible evening out there.y it really was a tremendous victory for the comments tonight morning 5413 what happened before they game was even more compelling. as the sun own troopere they tae father's death supported by both the home and visitor side. and tough friday night. for the entire community. sense can below the lab was killed during a traffic stop.p. meeting behind two adult children who graduated from marrying field high schoolin ana
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they attended every game sitting in this empty bleachers. next to get good friend hazel gonz?lez. love his kids more than anything he wouldor do anything put themn christian felt certain his father would want him heret comments athletic director casey walked. christians and unbelievable hundred percent. glad to have him playing tonight. planning this powerful attribute before the game against the mid part.owut everyone time the stands into the sea of blue. this means a lot. members of law enforcement stood in solidarity and even both teams banned band united for the national anthem.m.
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silence. followed by a tremendous show of strength. as christian church across the field with his teammates. they would've been happy you want to make everyone laugh. incredible show of love and support they'll be needed in the days ahead.eo because even as of lanes we're rising up reality was sinking don't do could be some without a family someone without a father. billing tracy that time and time againt from all the students people very concerned about that encouraging people not to drink are drive.aa and everyone here also saying they will continuea to support the family not just ten nightn but in no days and months ahead as long as it takes to let them know that lost the family has f
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earlier today dozens of police officers escorted the body from that county coroner's office and cleveland to hismm hometown of e ranked as a profession arrives his family and friends gathered to pay their respects goodbye to the 48 trooper the that planning his retirement the time he was killed. every awesome and knows the could be a blast.t. forf trooper can the last visitation will be held wednesday of the rain high school between three and a funeral services are set for thursdayeed but the exact timed location is still being worked out. time theed fox 8 eye team learng more about the suspect in this case 37 -year-old joshua gaspard has a valid license when police say he hit intel the trooperal e ohio driving record shows 13s convictions including eight for
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for a dry case in alabama and the county he was indicted years ago for drugs. while it be a wet weekend melissa's w and next with a firt look at the forecast. stops carrying a local labor head out please are responding to video that appears to show someone pointingto a gun and students. one last throw cedar point says goodbye a one-time record-breaking wooden roller coaster how they made their men streets to rest. many as 60 students in the classroom and overcrowding problem and one city school.y y i'm ridding the galaxy on trash what prompted dark video to adopt a highway. we are minutes away from friday night touchdown joins jp pete immediatelycrest following fox 8 news at ten for
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welcome back to news at 10:00 o'clock will get your getcast for the overnightht ready to head and the forecast current temperature is a high todayra well into the 80s by right now still very comfortable mid 70snt beginning to take over for the rain is not falling just yetg a lot of areas and 73 degrees range akron and mansfield. we are all included do points are rising in the though rain does move in. at this point fox radar showers
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just and make it. just dissipated at that point i raised awayay the air is still a little dry. cause begin to take over at this point in no notice some showers turn to roll and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. all because this front heading in our direction throughout the day tomorrow because it's basically around northeast ohio will have ways of rain on and off mainly cloudy saturday but i think will have some better news for you if you're heading into the browns game or outdoor plans for your sunday. offers 60s increasing clouds as we speak showers developing predawn at least many pennies temperaturesm in the warm side upper 70s and add chance that this front .-period like a crossed our southeastern counties. i still think most of sunday will salvage what temperatures mid 70s beautiful stretch as webe go all the way through the fall t edge of summer by wednesy the last full day of summer high temperatures upper 70s to near
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triplets including wednesday. the rest of your a day's coming up in a few minutes later in the show. video that sparked plenty of discussion on social media parents leave an infantha alone while they give food at a local bus say a police please investigation is can point. a cow ends up on google street views see why they company did blurred the animals face. the magic number has been shrinking even as they struggled see how they fared against the
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town trump looking up another presidenty to rest barack obama was born in the united states .-period. trump having casting doubt on today hillary clinton actually launched the movement when she ran against obama back in 2008 clinton never herself question her birth certificate first lady fired back at the claims today. is not about ten the insulting to tweets are making fiery speeches t it's about whether ae
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the awesome responsibility of leading this country. ms. their first campaign rally on behalf of hillary clinton. on defense on stage for the first presidential debate is libertarian candidate gary johnson and they green partye je hit the 15 percent point threshold needed to qualify johnson had said thated missing the t debates would do ms. campaign first debate is set for september 26. john joining obama at the white house today.o i get reactions like your republican. why are you supporting something that the president wants we cannot get to the point in americae that because of democrt want something and happen to agree with you can agree with them. present and governor trying to rally support for the 12 nation transpacific trade dealsup seens a way to counter china's
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the police attacked a release from the hospital one day after being attacked by men armed with a meat cleaver d d brine a donns surrounded by curing officers as hey was wheeled with the car officer done it was off-duty when he saw suspect trying to remove a h group from his car detective suffered a 6-inch gas. an incredible story of survival. days after the introversion 911 a blind man talks about being inside the worlda trade center n that fateful day. a scary ordeal steps away from a church wise pastor said his wife had no church but to open fire. friday night touchdown in northeast ohio coverage. right after fox 8 at ten jt m pj will bring you all the highlights from week four j was
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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the 15th anniversary of 911 at the start of this week we wanted to end the week with a remarkable story from that day imagine being 84's up in the world trade center and being blind tonight our bills year with the story of a life lessonn wrapped inside a story of survival.
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his side spoke on front i university school condo for a being with the previous guide dog rose up c the first tower struck by a plate. along with his business card. the 78th board. then the building stopped in and begin moving back the other way michael later lord the building have been designed to sway spy and strong winds move back into place s humor with observation even told students a lack of site in the trust between himself and his guide dogai helped him his escae on 911 are put another way. inside the tower on 911 michael said that a people we're terrifiedle by what they saw debris and fire outside the windows but he and roselle main calm r and work to help people t down 78 flights of stairs away from the towers and into a safer
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walk ten minutes owner different marijuana forgot i can tell you that for me it was so sick with every break i took active field dirt and doubly down my throat into my lungs. said side of people often tell bli can accomplish his message focus on what you have not what you don't n to help you any situati. in order to live your life on 911 michael uses gives to help himself and many others simply survive.e still to come a scary ordeal for
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someone pointing a gun at a boss both children please are saying about this tonightgu is unafraid to get his hands dirty what hae the star wars villains balance
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danger on the highway why the tragic death of the state trooper issuing light on the risk of officers face all the ti mattress store plan to reopen our weekec after commercial drew outrage. renny washout your weekend plans melissa breaks it all down extended forecast. community comes together tonight in ame touching tribute to below state trooper kenneth was hit and killed along i 90 yesterday
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the football field from the hammer still, as stadium was a sea of blue honoring the trooper who was always in the stands cheering on his son. members of law enforcement stood in solidarity and both marching bands united for the national anthem before a cheerful moment of silence. the tragic case is putting a spotlight on how officers pull over speeding drivers can be deadly drive regardless pov the message that use. that gallic s story tonight.s stay patrolled sapphic strives a day after trooper got hit and killed by a driver as the last tried to flag down a speeder te eye team found are some officers we're all me chase down a speeder in a patrol car other officers would rather pluck speeders and weighed them over
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state highway patrol meant emergency just got hit. we recently showed you this trooper from the post searcy hurt during a traffic stop so we went to retired cleveland officer jim simoni he says he britain more than a hundred thousand tickets in his career point some drivers over in a car flagging others down along the highway ceremony hit and nearly killed on the roads to.. no such thing as safety entrapping enforcement. there is no defense against an impaired person is driving a vehicle whether it's imperative alcohol or drug investigators say joshua gasparit plowed into the trooper high on drugs we've learned please believe there swerved when the car in front of themem hit the brakes meantime simoni and the retired trooperer
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flag down to follow orders even stops and patrol cars risky. officers say when they do pull someone over they try to use their car as a barrier and going it towards the highway likei this. even turning their wheelsel towards the highway like this if the police car gets it and won't simply barrel into the car that just got pulled over. officer was an experience a very confident and great officer in the end of many ways to do traffic enforcement but no golden rule to does the court's march it was are asking for a high bond to keep him locked upng the fatal police shooting of a 13 -year-old boy. those tirade came says officers told them to get all of them on the ground he says they did by got up and ran the also pulled
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reported they robbed a man at gunpoint. s s a less industrial the fae will not face charges. more than 4 million times online. a parents are a few feet away and say they we're watching the baby the entire time.h the artist behind as naked trump statues has claimed that one sees by cleveland heights policu the statue will be often off to benefit.t. what appears to be people pointing guns at a school bucks and canton fox 8 date and others talked before the parentss shows the video with police to get their reaction.o a young person holding what
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pointing it at a bus full of kids. home video shows what appearsrs people waving them pointing guns in front of that apartment near school bus stop. it concerns me that that's a real gun to see someone that young with a gunto is difficulto tell. the boy with a handgun and at least one other person inning a rifle in the direction of the bus the video triggering the parents of the students on that a real gun. it could harm my kid or any kid that's on that list are any personny anywhere. the videos posted to social media avenue been sense removed we show them to police. if officer has arrived at the sceneo and saw that was not to make a determination a real
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i do believe to been pellet guns twice please and parents say pointing p them at others in ths case at a school bus as the video appears to show a could ed up being a regrettable decision. until you get the gun in your hands to examine it that's the only time you can tell if it's real or if that's a toy gun hopefully it is there needs to be education. not being careful how they treat these guns how they play my what they look like. potentially not just acting like harming other people they could get hurt doing it. i don't see where any adult would think it's okay to have your gunn have your kid point at anybody berger even if you know it space. a fox 8 news. they do have a record oh calls
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have enough information to beon able to find the people involved. apple enthusiast. they wanted to be among the first of the hand iphone seveno both the iphone seven an iphone seven us in the last week. we found one apple user he says he can afford to be left behind when new phone comes out. life and in business. you just never know you don't want to have a slow operating found in today's day and age. iphone seven begins at 649 the seven plus a $769. perfect night for football the
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been a find some throughout the weekend. you can enjoy the outdoors to what a gorgeous aging. i do want to block it for you are beautiful sunset you can see here just to the west. of beautiful look from berkeley front around 730 a few minutes passede that sunset high temperature today is 83 low of 54atgh a huge recovery things to that sunshine and nice when today low to mid 50s to low 80s the afternoon normally 74 and 56 and sunset is at 734 so far we've had no rain today a beautiful start and beautiful finish high decorative cloudsds not producing rain drops just yet. seventy-one and the rain 73 and family 67 and west are a beautiful this football gamee ad held off that rain intel you wake up tomorrow morning wends prevailing from the south andso southeast anywhere between five
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warmer temperatures here in the higher do points today the rain held up one batch trying to cross over the state of ohio are closer and closer it just dissipated. we knew those football games would be dry do points are on the rise right now we will reach the middle and upper 60s because of the cloud cover in frontud of purging this region look at though showers and storms here is coming look at that ends up being nothing like magic.c. we have cover and also have a look at some of the showers and storms heading our direction late tonight ih think it's more the scattered variety rain shower when you wake up tomorrow morning. might be a cloudy start but is deafening can a be a great injury day take a look at the spotty showers tomorrow morning staying cloudy still on it now downpours and rumbles of thunder through the day tomorrow. it d pushes to the south and eat i'm buying this model right now in terms of it drawing is out
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shower that redeveloped from youngstown go south of it. you heading out to the game in cleveland so much the north and west you'll be drivean in a betr chance of getting a break of sun later in the afternoon. rainfall amounts a quarter to half inch. a little more added to that southern county saturday night and by sunday raindrops south but i think mimi a dry day. upper 60s clouds on the end street showers developing tomorrow.din clouds around jury or day in the upper 70s and will look at our sunday i think i have a good chance of being dry mid 70s beautiful stretch monday through wednesday upper 70s and 80s as he end that summer and the fall coming in with the bank mostly sunny 80 degrees
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still to come a favorite gets last right. the main street a look at cedar point as looking on next. getting on milk crates and students teaching classes how wasse school district is responding to extreme overcrowding problems. week for the emmy awarding friday night touchdown. special guest. during up for the big show keep it heres away for high school football highlights that is at 11. and, then i'm gonna skip town without even doing a lick of work. alright? so, go ahead and get out your checkbook and make the check out to me, because there's nothing suspicious about that. unfortunately, it's never this obvious.
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opens at weekends as night with a ghoulish treatek the host of goblins and monsters perform the last rites for classic ride.e in spain retired. the coaster graveyard. after 26 seasons the one time tallest fastest wooden roller coaster in the world made its last ride tonight the me street tore down to make way for what the park is calling on newe. it's a roller coaster that has scared the sox about thousands and thousandsox of riders each year for the mean streak at cedar point is going to that great big brother coaster graveyard in the sky.
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different judges and a park and the tallest and fastest wooden rollern coaster built in 1991 tonight we say goodbye. look at this thing it's built like a tank all this would it's a lot putting up the roller coaster back in 1991 tony clark director media relations said it's a matter of trying to stay fresh andy looking at things a different way in order to do all we have to doy this one has to go. maintenance that needs to be done.e. take a lot to maintain. officialt be buried on friday night with the last ride. your guess is as good as mine how about a hand. clark says look for an official announcement about the new something that will go into the main street placee at cedar poit
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precipitate of your pastor's
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man trying tons rob her and her family pastor robert cougars wife we're coming home when they we're pros by men armed with a rifle police say struggle begin with the men demanded a pastor's wallet hit the pastor the head with h the butt of the rifle one of the pastor's wife pulled put out her license handgun shot the man in the legp there was an especially scary ordeal because of can't ines the eight month anniversary of their elder son's death.e all i thought about was losing a second son. she knew if she didn't she one of us would be killed. i suspects we're apprehended treated for his burn shooting under investigation parents in the detroit city schools are serious that there their church are crammed into classrooms and extreme cases of overcrowding one mom is helping to expose a problem by sharing pictures from inside her daughter's classroom
10:49 pm
and one room ther scores run hae a desk and chairs and the woman says some children are sitting on milkan crates all day. district says it's working to reorganize classes and address the overcrowding problem.e for the sky classes kids. the babies are sitting on crates they don't have enough kids.s school is atd the center of a federal lawsuit that alleges an eighth grade student taught a math class for a month because the teacher quit in and frustration over class-sizeze ad a lack of support. that texas mattress store sparked outrage for september 11 scene promotion a commercial is making plans to reopen a week after announcing thatpe it was closed in deftly the owner of america mattress and san antonio published a new statement on
10:50 pm
respectful and offensive announces tour would reopen once they hire and train new staff commercial was posted online a few days before the 15th anniversary of 911 feature the store manager to other employees in fronthe of twin towers of mattresses they pledged to make a donation to the 911 charity organization people on the internet are havingr a field day with a bazaar photo that showed up on google street view image fromi cambridge was taken by google back in august of 2015en it's just now getting noticed. it shows a cow grazing on the back of the room through the photo husband has been making the rounds online one man tweeted that it's great to see google takingen cow privacy sean suzy i'm a blur technology and history beer company admits it may have been a little overzealous there.r
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for a change. bazaar seen along a highway what had darth vader picking up trash. 's crying off with a tiger for weekend matchup w one of their core praises is facing a setback sports is coming up next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. honey, is the internet back yet?
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they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. begin a man troubled by the highway decided it's time for the empire two straight backe ad returned had yesterday when he dressed up as darth vader for cleaning a stretch of highway that he adopted through the adopt a highway programam he sas he is disturbed by the amount of garbage along the roadway as he picked up garbage along a mild have stretchd many drivers honkd waived or even stop by to take a
10:54 pm
the lack of cleanliness. the struct of behavior for the galaxy.of it's a fun way to bring awareness to the environment. sports the indians could dig a big step towards clinching a plant spot this weekend the open a three-game series against the second-place tigers indians on the board early the towering drive to left so justin loses it and it bounces on the warning track in over the nike football for ground rule double. tigers get a run back with the tribe answers in the bottom of the second carlos santana pulls the base hit through the right side two runs come and 4-1 indians would extend the lead in the fifth1 hitting one over the
10:55 pm
only down nine. combs was activated for tonight's game expected because he's another injury is been rehabbing in thee minors after separating his shoulder on this play back in july but on wednesdayde he was hit on the hd by a pitch well playing for accurate akronb eden said is no timetable for his return.ed congratulations to akron rebel ducks. sweeping the championship series 3-1-1 and that coveys of the fit team to punch their ticket to the postseason they clinch the national league central late last nighttht one of the cardins lost to the giants because the cubs game had already ended they say the celebration for today spraying spring champagne after walkoff wenton they want a to major-league best 94 games could
10:56 pm
indians. the browns will host the raven sunday and their home opener. the browns to win the big day from wide receiver throw plier.b throughout the preseason week different out you'll need to the chemistry the new start again it's all about that. a drop all here and there. especially on the grounds. that's how to get to the big place. keep sustaining drives. friday night touchdown that can only mean one thing.f friday night touchdown is just minutes away.y putting the finishing touches on all the highlights. muggy mugging they cameron now.
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thornset it's like a group. all out of ten. friday night touchdown. we had a beautiful evening for them friday night touchdown we have rain on and offwe throughot the day tomorrow cloudy to rain should be gone sundayy southeastern counties brown's game looks like it should be pretty good that's good news if you'reha heading out to the ballgame monday tuesday and wednesday 75 to 80 with the high temperature 10:21 a.m. on thursday.h that 2n percent chance on friday i still think friday night touchdown as of right now looks dry.sri we've had a great record. it's hard to believe summer is
10:58 pm
all the time we have at 10:00 o'clock appreciate your time join the weekend morning show beginning at 7:00 a.m. be sure toe stay tuned for friday
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live from the studios of fox8. bringing you the best high school football coverage in northeast ohio. this is friday night touchdown. >> where the tigers. it's friday night touchdown game of the week.t' rock of everybody. where inght touchdown


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