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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  October 14, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. happy friday. we are starting the we can withw a cold start the things will deftly be getting betteriia. his ever hear of cricket compass. asas to the southeast of solon.
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that's's a hard freeze. that is cold. as did barberton this morning.or they recoveredn a little bit.. thirty-nine and akron canton and 37 and cleveland upgraded temperaturere3 we look at our 24 hour temperature change and it't 18 degrees colder than yesterday at this time.' expect bright sunshine the that's at allstst we will be thin.
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give everyone a heads up. if no troubles of the tribe game lets out. they will have it shot again tonight and tomorrow keep that in mind. will shut it down completely for the rest of the weekend.d. a quite commute please don't forget about this we can work it starts tonight at seven a car struck and killed person and a little too this morning on then
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intersection of west 25th and my two other people were taken to metro where they're being treated for injuries right now no word if you do drugs or alcohol played a role in thisn crash the investigation is continuing at this hour. c will continue to rally to get as many votes for hillary clinton. this is a second after delivering an address of the state capita o directed at much of hillary as it was to republicans and to the republican nominee.t he joins us with the preview of what the president should have
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dressing democratshe in the stae dinner in the capital on thursday following that appearance heay flew to clevelad where we expect to hear more of the same this morning e with jut 25 days left until the election he did talk about the democratic party and that nomineet but som of the most heated words werer directed at the people posted by
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president you need a reservation
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and new fox news poll shows
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also be in the buckeye state urging ohioans to vote early and support his wife, hillary clintonuccu he has two stops today.od he wrapped up a two-day tour of iowa. they cast of the netflix oranges a new black including kent state university i both today and tomorrow. turning now to cleveland indian after a few days up both theh tribe in the blue jays will get at progressives p.j. zigler has more from the ballpark. the stage is now set for thee american league championship series. the toronto blue jaysys in the cleveland indian provided plenty of drama during the regular-season more drama could
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heroes. someone's going to step up.y it's not going to be the same i guess we're going to find out.i stay with us of the indians rally together tof get the tree beat the toronto blue jays page can also getet updates on then pennant chase anytime at
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good morning to wayne. the full eight-day forecast just moments away. >> good morning. give you an update on then
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it's 6:13 a.m. when will do that better and another couple minutes.he melissa myers recording this for us. the clouds broke up then we see plenty of blue skies there this is more representative of the frost situation across two thirds basically in the buckeye
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northern ashtabula county. everyone else flirting with the freezing mark. frost on the punkee and 35 at rk creek 36 and middlefield. barberton clinton southwest young can it appears to be the target and the coolest temps right now. cant official reporting stationat ce that is worcester they have sunk 1 degree and now i've freezing.e 32 degrees 34 and youngstowne clear skies have kept things chilly with radiation zero cooling as heat into outer look at this. hurricane nicole a category three going on right there.
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back home 8:00 start at progressive field low 50s to mid 60s coming up for saturday's game with brilliant autumnit sunshine cooler than average were down to 39 tonighto will be the full hunters moon into more nights mostly sunny and pleasantt with our temperatures up into the 70s withpe beautiful weather on the way most of the we can looking good andof the end of nt week.he that really looks good the endh about southbound is going to at sometight at sevenee
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as you leave i game you should beginea a lot of folks use thats theyat come down to the tribe ge rta would be a great deal to take if you are coming down to the indians game this evening and tomorrow a no problems approaching the in jenningsdge in thehe freeway is clear. ninety and 70 on the jennings freeway ishe to the end about te ramps will be open and four of force cometh october 24 wayne ad natalie pack to you. o ohio police are on the hunt for gunman after two students were shot outside of the columbus schools w the 12 -year-old and 5
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after they had been dismissed from school the 15 -year-old boy was hit in his chestism this ste condition at last checkhi so faa policer do not have any suspects and indiana panthers charged withhe threateningrs to shoot neighborhood children to keep them away from his church he iss charged with felony intimidation misdemean hemi said that he was frustrated about the indolence and churchfr he advised bhey kids if they did not get up his property he was going to shoot them he also allegedly race t-shirtot revealg a revolver in his waistband. according to st. paul it was the first prince tribute day. they declared the day as a way
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singer. the german concert featured stevie wonder and dozenson of others they were caught singing some of his biggest hits he died on april 21 at paisley park for students at a home student andpa -- his home in minnesota was the site.e. stay with us for an update on your weather and traffic. it's an exciting weekendth anb believe that land.a the clevelandn monsters are coming off their victory hoping for a bpi you can see the trophy for yourself when we come back.m that plus is that the onlye cop where you can catch it coming
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that's going to be close for bridge repairs thesede intermittent closures tt they do overnight traffic is losing that there itino traffics slowing in that area no problems as you make your way toward that in about bridgeprra wayne anda natalie and a host of friends.nd a few of our closest friends.
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get up close and personal we had a brett russell summer from all of our celebration were ready to celebrate with the city tonighte
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we get a list of our players had to return it back into the
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monsters i like him. they were so excited. it will be here until december them went to send it back to the leakun
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the larry o'brien trophy where you can find it all that is coming up.
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a
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lurking. a beautiful sunset if i start running breathlessly do know why i'm scooting inside. here's a look at those cloudsds' under a capturing that last nightder it's even colder inlan. that saving the lakeshore a little bit of an effect no frost advisory waves 2 feet or lessave lots of counties litp you see the exception that as the two range shows through
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in youngstown worcester death the 32. it's a hard freeze for sure. thirty-three out and solon. superimpose the radarfe they thw some high clouds in our o direction.
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brilliant autumn sun. a moonlit night tonight and crispy cool 39 with mostly sunny the fox eight-day forecast we've got some 70s on the eight-dayor early into next week before showers return and cooler tenth by the end. forecast i must say 633 is your time.33 things are looking pretty good. he won't have trouble leaving thero indians game.
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presidential nominees are turning up the he hit her in a hot president obama is waking up in cleveland where he will bel campaigning for hillary clinton afterar some fiery worth the state's capital.s dave nethers has more on what e can expect today. good at morning the president expected here later this morning.nt our hit if his remarks or
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holding nothing back in his the presidentlt actually on a two-day swing through our state of ohio the annual state dinner in columbus with the race in ohio still very close he's here campaigning for hillary clinton but many remarks were directed not only at donaldld trump but others who have stood by trump's w is' nominee hearing this p this is a card the republican party andd supporters those swp up crazy. >> they are not inconsistent even you claim the man on the party family values. and this is the guy that you nominate. standby and endorse in campaign
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you withdraw your nomination you don't get credit for that.yo the president is expected to speak cap around 1115xp a.m. it's a public event we understand that there is as reservation required with a link if you can still get one at our website ir you can go there now. this is described as a rally to encourage people to get out and about. i'm sure you're going to hear moreng of that fiery speech that we just heard from columbus yesterday the president and his wife both taking aim at his supporters.sii thank you. cleveland school leaders hope a little bit of faith is going to help them renew a school levy. l
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urging people to vote on issue 108 is the renewal of the school levy fundingth city leaders say educating our cheddar not only involves strong school is the strongol churches as well.
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glass of the akron i promise that work is in the eighth straight they will arrive on campus and 2021hee speaking of lebron and the cavaliers a regional to her underway championship trophy up close and personal is going to be an accurate at the goodyear theatrb from three until 7:00 p.m. other stops our:0 plan for columbus ad youngstown. on mondayay the 24th of this month will be on display at the rock 'n roll di hall of fame hee in cleveland. the events are freele of chargen fansve will be able to take pictures. itit is 6:38 a.m. an update on your weather and
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>> on believable.v youa won't believe what caused this detroit woman to attack the owner of a beauty store. we all live in a yellow submarinene and now you can even
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on.
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where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up.
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cain brown. i alwaysysc lovely when macy produces because she through some country music and i love my country.y. i am. that's my cup of tea just like mymyt just like a hockey is.s. it is. even though it is beat up a
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that's what i'm talking about.t. was check in with patty harkin she's the indians number one fan she was a fan before it was fashionable.e. that should have been it is i've got my tribe carried is .-dotd rocking it.otg i'll stop there at the hearing. good news everyone's been asking when will these ramps open. those ramps will reopen october 24. there's a lot of work going on in about the overnight hours.s. the removing barrier wallsal that's all in preparation for the opening of that grant.lsar stole the very delayed because we have it down to one lane. it will open up tohav two lanese was a 70 went northbounds ramp a the in about. that's the target datemp
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order on the new interpol.s ba aj, over to you. candy apple red so is natalie. in the lovely. brilliant autumn sunshine cooler than average high near 60 degrees wear are in the upper 30s again tonight and months with some patchy head towards the full moon which would be on sunday i believe just after midnight.i mostly pleasant with temperatures in the upper 60s.dl are you ready for the quiz. cericy per fo i don't think i've right this week. here's to make this one may be anan exception. i'm nervousus carmen's plane toy
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good morning. where are you from.n where are you from i'm from fr cleveland i you eastside a cider is going to get this right already. i think you'll like this question. i punched the button. only on monday. weight us city is the mosthe doughnut shops per person i'm
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it's great we like having doughnut shop you can go wrong with can there's one doughnut sp for every 20 cleveland.s i every single question this weekk here. are the prices you win.n. mcdonald's gift certificates $25 gift certificates for sweeties and a four pack of tickets to seets her point weekend. you don't have to be oh winner to win. we love that.h wiwi
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enjoy your weekend.eek friday night touchdown friday morning in the city kenny crumpton is kicking it at the rock 'n roll hall of fame. >> good at morning. fox 8 and the rock call friday night touchdown previewal indeed we are here when we come back ak lot a to show you guys. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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?? ?? marching band friday night touchdown in the city right here on fox eight news in the news at seven begins right now. >> moving right along on a friday morning 7:00 o'clock is
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definitely friday we're very excited when are waking up to chilly t temperatures some parts of our viewinges area in the 30s. aj has a closer look at the forecast this morning. >> good morning natalie and wayne it is 30 degrees in chardon let's check some of official reporting stations here. i am getting a looke 31 n those 233 worcester 33 in youngstown. definitelyy be a jacket or a jackass water or something is 16 degrees cooler in akron canton 53 degrees in dover new philly a frost advisory for another $2 for chance for the blue counties.r
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tender vegetation are freezing. we have breaks of sunshine and seasonably cool cooler in the airof topping out there 60 in te sun. but her husband all it has been all lovely rush-hour so faa i've been following the then following the game on saturdayay they are really working with the
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be too impactful for your drive this is 90pa once again the one lane that takes you back backing on 25th police say two others were taken to the hospital. no wordsol the drugs or alcohol played a role in the deadly crash. president obama is here kicking taking aim
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know a battleground state the president is wasting no words going directly republicans race for president still very, very close here in
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hillary clinton many of his remarks thursday were directed at not only donald trump but his supporters a person say well the democratic party is not perfect, he had no hesitation taken off the gloves and calling the republican party this summer crazy. >> they don't get credit for finally the guy a nominated supportedt and endorsed is caugt on tape saying things that no decent person would even think much less statements [about much less off about or joke about
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in say that is enough that is too he spent the night here at me very well bet he wil leave from burke lakefront airport usually not shared with us. >> former president bill clinton will also be in the buckeye state urging islands to vote early fears stopped schedule and delawarele counties this morning you just wrapped up a three-day tour of iowa the mountain rangs the new black just in a black will be campaigningng in the buckeye state as well
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including's kent state university and of the university of akron today and tomorrowd republican presidential nominee donald trump also in the swing state of ohio in which he took a swipe at us live out hillary clinton andd the media coverage on sunday. >> i give a speech earlier gave a speech earlier today on the livescoay with the false accusas of the cck campaign and is the main stream media which they control and is quite viciously. they want to distract us from wiki links that will be amazingom like this coms as tos him and say he sexually assaulted them which is
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native 75 years and so and so they romance arrived at hopkins yesterday afternoon escorted by police to lorain county he was on board they used as a spec they used as aspect and 19 december 71941 his remains were identified4 familypr members dna. >> they lead their lives with the service of our country and pearl harbor should never be forgotten.viun st. mary's cemey
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>> was rally together everyone the first pitch it is at 808 today and both teams held their final workout last night the stage is now set for the american league championship series the toronto blue jays toronto blue jays and cleveland indiansd provided pnt during the regular season more drama could be comingtyty in the postseason is going to come down to maybe the team that makes a lot of mistakes. they will tryh to cool our red hot blue call our red hot blue jays to including ten home runs. >> not just two or three or four
7:09 am
have a lot of power boat there are also patients you have to go out there way.e >> many would talk them as being posted the don't just discount them confident in our group there we go out there and do what we do all your everyone contributing including the most unlikely heroes. b got a be the same guys on the team with believe it in each other. >> they are pretty good april through septemberac with the potential to bewi even sweeter n october. >> aren't windows them so i
7:10 am
>> party over here and in a party over there. indians rally together in the american league championship series. get an update anytimeicpi at >> looking good though cleveland monsters open the hockey season tonight as well as at the with a special celebration they will raise the championship bannerth at 7:00 o'clock tonight raising the team captain for the anniversary game on the plaza prior to the game against the rockford ice hogs. between not monsters in the tribes game tonight, lots of excitement,e bt that also meanse a lot of traffc downtown as well plus parking
7:11 am
extra services and blue, green, red lines all weekend longlu to help you out it is definitely chilly out here this morning. even in the front yard fox eighti forecast. look at that. a lot of sun but it takes about four the mercury to
7:12 am
mayor moments. >> good morning. so far it's been pretty quiet we keep you updated on your commute cleveland clinic number one in her care for 22 years in a row. access the number one care in
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>> will come back to fox eight news in the morning. our new concerns is friday morning after the zika virus was found another neighborhood and my ma. the governor rick scott says five
7:15 am
area the cdc is advising pregnant women and partners not to travel to the neighborhood or any part of miami-dade county at least for now the mosquito boarf can lead to neurological disorders in new york new born baby. >> hormonal shots because depression. they found the was linked to both depression and >> only 1.5 percent for black
7:16 am
screening and awareness. 7:15 a.m. is your time right now. a look at the friday morning roadways. it has been a nice eveningin commute so far te inner belt southbound will close tonight at 7:00 p.m. the eastou ninth will remain open so you will be able to use those as you leave the indians came tonight t this impact here? then they will shut it down i can saturday evening and tell d monday mornig inner belt southbound also in ten dayss those ramps will finally reopened october 24. i know a lot of you have been asking24 the '90s the sure way
7:17 am
been blocking but that is been cleared. twenty-two two zero 198 and 202 at broadway and forth. it is hanging out we have a look at the forecast. thank you. >> it is a little chilly out there we have not been outside yet it because it could me actually be ?- not sorely underdressed but perhaps the tenth a tenth of pinch too late you may want to certainly think
7:18 am
way southward waves and 2 feet or less. winds will be southeast at least that much much of the area of those areas not under the frost advisory but these are the official temperatures with 30 in worcesterho i did receive of 28 this morning. a hard freeze 38 at the lakefront 43 in willoughby currentlye and then you see them kicking up in bedford right now north olmsted checked in at 37updf bainbridgeo 37 degrees. a lot of clear skies with white onesal that dot let those clouds upset you too
7:19 am
weather system actually approaching will be here on sunday. >> clear tonight with the 50s and mid-sixties the 4:00 o'clock temperatureli on saturday with brilliant autumn sun highs near 60 willhs be in the 30s again tonight and more bright sun for saturday is 68 68 and 74 sunday and weaning natalie we are ca after that coming up next week. thank you sir, 7:19 a.m. is your time. time to kick it with kenny good morning i am hanging out with some of the leaders of above and we the band we will talk to l l with the friday nigt touchdown kicking it with kenny
7:20 am
>> how about this little guy he sure has a lot of people you can have your favorite little one featurede in our stork report
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good morning, everyone. fox eight and the rock hall we preview the friday night touchdown two of the amazing leaders here with me now. let's meet themad >> morale the good morning. hello. let's talk about your responsibilities is >> we make sure everyone is together. >> you actually help choreographed? >> yes as the captains choreograph all there to.s >> a little paula abdul. how about that?
7:24 am
communicate with the directors and the entire organization. >> how's that working out for you? >> pretty good.d. and we are going to play anyway you want it. here we go with the high school band.
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?? that gets your blood pumping when he goes up to bat. i knew about. kn i knew that. the othr players when they walk up to the
7:29 am
we need a walk of sun for aj colby. off of that thing. that will be a good one for you. get up off of that thing. if you have some nice rhythm there, buddy.e the frost advisory in frost advisory in effect right nowow across the
7:30 am
31 in worcester that is up a degree from last hour 38 in cleveland 17 degrees cooler than just 24 hours ago it is 23 degrees cooler in dover new philly. r temperatures just to remind you these are not official numbers like we just shows you and showed you and still these are fairly reliable 34 in canton same in rock creek i and here is our planner bright sons today at
7:31 am
have the lake ontario also be being detoured this weekend we deal with the closure southbound it willth be closed tonight at seven until the end of the game on saturday night and then they will close it again a crowded ride 71 hour brake lights began right around was to west 25th drive time as you step out the door right around
7:32 am
minute commute most of that is from the area. >> this is abuzz on secondary here in the state of ohio. for thel crimes in the presidential race and then the president has not been holding back on his remarks about the
7:33 am
youth use of those them crazy. they sound live this is the nominee you get. you make it impossible. qualified as it's ever been. o
7:34 am
know how to lead and work and understand the issues a and on e other hand you have somebody who each and every day every time he talks proves himselfev unfit and unqualified for this office. so the president will be speaking here this morng reporting live. awaiting the presidential remarks as he works
7:35 am
>> maritimes and people magazine to retract article so much to amend cream the gop claim the
7:36 am
minivan salmon to the front several times the event was reported stolen the team got away with atm and cigarettes. investigators believe there is a good chances group is connected to other smash and grab. >> a fundraiser set up for two sisters badly injured in a car accident earlier this year.. donations for the family can be
7:37 am
game one of the national league championshipth series it is expected to be an exciting matchup those two teams mett seven times during regular season including a 19 inning game and the walk off and then walkoff and then inside the park homer. the tribe is asking off and two is set at 4:08 p.m. that means8 baseball and hockey fans can expect a lot of traffic downtown with these cleveland monsters taking on theire season at theso queue. >> it is the calm before the storm barb from kirkland came to progressive field a day before the indians open up against the
7:38 am
practice to see what's going on i can't get in with the tickets, so i am sitting out here workin from the outside looking in. >> this is so incredible for this day. >> we are championship cityy speaking of champions the lcs coincides with the opening game of thes the monsters season at the queue. >> it isse going to be jumping d >> it literally means everything. this is so exciting.ho >> with an estimated 15,000 plus, to sold-out indians so that indians games, get5, ready for traffic. >> we are planning to get down there early walk around and see alld the fields. it will be crazy down here.. and there are
7:39 am
the indians came stops at 4:08 p.m. the monsters came up five. me we recommend you leave early. >> this is a dream come true. this is what we all dream of being cleveland fans it will affect the united states. >> and looking for new home right here in cleveland this
7:40 am
eight family for a fun filled event. designed to l support te annual dawsonup foundation with winter coats hats and gloves for local students
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
category three storm heavy rains and wind surf and dangerous swelling along the coastst all of probles caused by hurricane matthew these need a good home. it is a
7:45 am
dr. probablyan seems like a lifetime. seventeen the restrooms with the mixed mixed breeds of many maxis.wi with areas affected in order to find them anyone they need to travel hundreds of miles away. >> i think these have been overwhelmedbe by the immediate t in the community taking animals who have lost their homes andty families as a result there are no owners looking for them although the mother they are little disorientedi to a long trip in such l a very different world they want to get them to their new homes as soon as possible along with theh drugs you are already here they had to make space for all space bar all
7:46 am
just getting up, 7:46 a.m. is the time of the bank of palm and out. a new sve half of millennial'sds what ther parentsi foot the bill. what they are saying but they are saving their money for we will see. and starbucks is brewing up this morning don't worry this is the coffee. >> taking a live look outside for yourth we are under a frostd
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he is good to go 749 is your time right now. let's check back in with aj with a look at the forecast this morning.
7:51 am
will disappear we will have showers around s hopefully short-lived 70s monday and tuesday hly calling down for thd of the week here is patty with traffic. >> it is been an okay rush-hour. it will reopen prefer the end of the tribe game on saturday but that use denying with it used mind and ontario ramps open after the game saturday two
7:52 am
monday morning at 6:00 a.m. these ramps will reopened october 2110 more days with the west 14th ramp looking all the
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
we are with a high school band this morning doing a great job. let's meet to need to the young drum corps.n in the
7:56 am
thathe right? >> yes. yes. is going to do it eventually. though with them is a as a dancer the rhythm of the it is incredible. every semi- look forward to the east is a does it is extraordinary where they can produce. >> talk about a family tradition you mentioned your grandfathera. >> he introduced us to this through the yearsis we came whee wee are now. so do a. the high school marching band thank you,
7:57 am
and sound good. kent state marching band right there with
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning all of cleveland and northeast ohio a friday morning in the cityno it is 8:00 o'clock and it is chilly you you can put great stocky and that temperature that is nothing ifd not precise he is our numbes


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