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i'm stefani schaefer.g off. thanks for being with us and i so much talk about. president obama is in cleveland. waking up in our city.ur city. the latest on his visit as he gets ready to rally votes for hillary a very special day today. toda we're helping to make a littlept girl's dream of becoming aam ofi firefighter a reality. the cleveland fire department is swearing her in live right here on fox 8 before she gets ready sri to save the hn fox 8 borg can't really special moment.ent. we are glad you are along onalo this journey for us today.n plus, good times all morningngty long including with some cast fe members of the hit 70's showe h7 good times. jimmy jj walker and bernnadette stanis join us live in studio.b we're so excited to have them here. there already here inn p we know we'll have a good 10 thisw we'll morning. right name we need to see what's happening weatherwise a cold start to this friday morning in the cityty see what's happenings far as our fonrecast is
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good morning we have got a veryv chilly start to the morningrt tm hours temperatures are in the 30sorning around the area.. 44 closer to the lakefront 41 ashtabula and these temperatures have improved quite a bit. wester down to 30otemperatures n had a couple of upper 20-degree readingsou as well.ell even in my dino this morning according to scott sabol and also around garrett so. 28 degrees. es northern summit county 2c perhapsha around clinton and barberton ass well. you can tell the 10-degree temperature difference fromom yesterday. it's colder.'s colder. bright sun today temperaturest toppingtoday o utetmp around 60. with seasonalde chill in the air look at. the eight day forecasts in mere moments.moments meanwhile we'll send it backt bc your way. great. thank you. first this morningg wee thknow theow name of a man in a wheelchairlr who was killed overnight when he was hit by a car..
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the intersection of west 25tht 5 and meyert just before 1:00 a.m to other people taken to then th hospital. snvestigators still lookingng exactly into what happened with thistill we will continue to monitor and keep you posted.ue president obama is in clevelands iwhere later this morning he wr continue rallying to get as many votes as possible for hillary clinton. this rning ue rallying this is the presidents second day here in ohio, afterere in ha delivering an address in thefter state capital on thursday di blicansat the republicans andata their nominee. fox 8's dave nethers is awaiting the president's remarks here this morning and he joins us with more.resident'st dave. at per click for an airport byry president will be speaking here later this morning and hisng a comments atnd least thus far inn ohio have been very brutal and n he gdoes after those republicans who have supported andported
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if you're only agenda isis negative and negative is a euphemism. crazy. euphemi .donne lays and hoaxes.a this is xthe nominee you get.ou. you make them possible. now their shack. we expect to hear more of thethe same the race in ohio still up for grabs 25 daysio lef n election president did talktalk about the democratic party and then nominee about some of hisos most heated words were directed other people who stood by donald trump since he was namedwas nmed republican nominee here in cleveland this past summer. it's a choice we do somebody who as qualifiedo as has ever been o run for this office. somebody who is over and over
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read and know how to work and understand the issues that workingt families are that's on the one hand and then onan the other hand you've got n somebody who each and every dayu every time he talks prove to himself unfit and unqualified for this office.i cexpect the president to be speaking about 11:15 here thiso morning and outdoor event thatht is open to the public. at burke cleveland dave nethers fox8 dav news. all right dave thanks so much.f8 he took a swipe at rival hillarl clinton and the media coverageve of the latest debate sunday. take a look. i gave a speech earlier today oo the lies, corruption, and false accusations of the crooked hillary clinton campaign and the
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control, and use quitete viciously. they want to distract us from wikileaks. w it's been amazing what's coming out on wikileaks. trump's appearance comes as twoc women say he sexually assaulteds them several years ago. a new fox news poll shows 45 percent of voters back clintonnx compared to 38 percent for trump. news p voters ck clintonp we keep seeing these change they'll. the next presidential debate is wednesda wayne. former president bill clinton will also be in the buckeye state today urging ohians to vote early and support his wife democratic nominee hillary his wifel also b b to he has stops scheduled ins sto delaware county this morning and cincinnati this scu clinton just wrapped up a twojup day tour in iowa. the cast of the netflix originao series orange is the new black
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clinton at several collegesl cos including kent state and university of akron today and tomorrow.includid all right. let's talk about your r clevelad indians. let's do it.evt's do i after a few days off, both thee tribe and the blue jays get dowf to business at progressive fiele this afternoon. both teams held their final tea workout last night. fox 8 sports reporter p.j. ziegler has more from the wor foxep the stage is now set for the american league championship series. the toronto blue jays and the cleveland indians providedrovidd plenty of drama during thel regular season, more drama could be coming in the postseason. look at all the games one runrun games pretty much. closely played series and come down to the team who playser les mistakes. corey kluber will start game one for the indians, he'll try to cool off a red hot blue jaysy kl for the ind team that scored 27 runs in 4 postseason games including 10 home runs. not just two or three or four fr guys beckoned her you everybody in the lineup is a good hitter and
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like you said also patients.lso got to go out there and keeppatp pitches. while most will point to the toronto blue jays lineup from top to bottom being pretty potent, don't discount their pitching staff their staff as ab whole in 4 postseason games has given up just 12 total runs.has we're confident in our we go out there and do what we've been doing all year passing and on to the next kind we've got belief in ourselves that we ca the indians advanced to the alcs by playing the way they did all season, with everyone contributing, including the most unlikely heroes. playing the w ason, with ever someone's going to step up.. not going to be the same guy but we believe in each other. the parties at napoli's are pretty good april through september, but they have the potential to be even sweeter in october.y t the party better in october?o
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in cleveland, p.j. ziegler, fox 8 news. the indians tweeted out this picture.viegler, ct coincidence?ure. it reads re we're about to blow your we need 8 wins for a title. 27 outs in a game. 8 times 27 equals 216. that's right. go cleveland and, go 216. let's rally together. i love it. that is awesome.i love from the first pitch, to the final out stay with fox 8 news for complete coverage as the indians rally together to beat the toronto blue jays in the american league championship series. and you can also get updates on the pennant chase anytime, at thr fall is here but have you turned on your heat yet? guilty. how about you? i don't like being called. guilw t either. a mom's simple facebook post about when to turn on the heat
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pretty cute.ute. she has a sign we are going to it to you. she says don't turn on the heatt unless you can answer yes to all of the following questions are you wearing a hoodie, pants, unleou can answerio are you underdressed you have to be nice and covered up. is it november?s be obviously it is not.t. and lastly do you pay the bill? she wants the kids work with usu we want to know have you turned on your seat and if not w what e you waiting for? i haven't turned mine on yet.wa you'll turn it on tonight. you best believe after thister t morning.hi mo it's the way my house ishouss built and gets called because open. this morning i came down the stairs we turned off the heat m son was too hotturned off it was 60 degrees in my that's called. was about called. about c the dogs were likeald... their shivering. theirned the heat on. 72 or 74 it clicks on.
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winter put it to heat.t. it clicks on.. it kicks in.t click you weighed in on this topic to. will read you some of the comments that came in on her facebook page casimir's as absolutely on point mymi kids ar only 119 at five and they know everything cost money. don't burden them but help them understand things aren't free. really helpedh my kids learn how to be conscious of what they're' doing. maggie agrees and says this isas happening at our house this morning. kids are freezing i will not turn the heaort on yet i told tm they better walk around inund in shorts and t-shirts.-shi put onrt the next layer. la routes as usually wait until the last week in october to turn myn heater on and leave it on intot myon apartment is nice and toast then turn it off and just save on the heating bills which canh get a little high. those bills can save while youwh can. heather writes hours had to go on this morning 59 degrees is just too cold. christian feels that if thet
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knock the chill out of the housh and let's get the heat turnedead on. we wanted. to know what you hadh to say to. go to our poll on our websitesie head over there right now so far about 5050 with mostost people saying more people iple should say saying that they havh not turned there's on but about dead even almost almostmot 5050 percent. more saying they have not done not don it. when you can save a little bit of bucks here or theree. transitional month. where you can save just a bit.b. 28 degrees in the diner this that is called. you've got to turn the heat on.n depends where you are depends on your house. you way it is built.. homes you need more if you have a home. with ladies you have to follow whatever they one ladies i'm cold and you knoy turn the heat on. just cuddle up.
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all right. come here honey. r come on wayne.e. when you really need toly celebrate it. got too many of these holidays. sweeties dayn valentine's day. something for every day of the year. every day.enthia i'll be back in a little bitttlt with more of your comments.ents. guys. comedy episode over here. just saying.gugu buying a gift every other day. all right. still to come on fox8 news inoxe the morning we havews a lot comg yourmi way. a great great story with littlet vivienne who wiltll be here in a short while and all of your b a headlines coming up inyour this heartbreaking one story after a baby passes away. were going to tell you whatu wha happened after the little girlil and her mom got into annto elevator. that is gorilla gone.illa gone. the latest after a gorilla escapes a zoo leaving visitors trapped.d. the l
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age. hi stephanie good everybody a cold start a that'ss for frosty cold. .emperatures are on the rise may be a little warmer than yesterday fox8 our forecast lote of sun. will that stick around to theth weekend? we've got the full forecast
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a and i approve this message. we welcome you back to fox8 news in the8 morning. such a tragic situation and
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a baby has died after fallingie down an elevator shaft.after faf a woman was waiting for the wa elevator yesterday on the 23rdsa floor in a building on coneyevao island with her six week old baby girl. when the elevator doors opened,d she pushed the stroller forward, but didn't realize the elevator car wasn't there. the two of them fell six stories down. both were rushed to the hospital, but the baby diedt the later that day. the mother is recovering. residents say they have been complaining for years about broken elevators at the complex. while hurricane matthew may be long gone the aftermath of the storm continues to endanger lives. authorities in north carolina announced two more people have e a died as a result of the storm. that brings the death toll to 32 across the south and 22 in north carolina alone.h and the cleanup continues in thp tarheel state, major rivers in tarheelte are expected to bee
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all right. in other headlinesr head a gorilla that broke out of the today. london zoo yesterday, is back this broke out orni. footage posted on social media showed armed officers walking through the grounds following the escape.the escape. zoo visitors were kept inside buildings, until he was located zoo nsntained.d. it was subdued by a tranquilizer dart and returned to his den safely.and ret which is a good thing. playing the hits in st. paul. yesterday marked the first ever prince tribute day. minnesota governor mark daytonn and lieutenant governor tinaeso smith declared the day as a way to honor the late pop music icon, prince.e. a tribute concert featuredib stevie wonder, chaka khan and dozens of others. they were caught singing some of the artist's biggest hits like 1999 purple rain and little red
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prince died on april 21st at paisley park his twin cities home and recording studio in minnesota.itie just getting up your reallyst sleeping in. it's y 18 minutes after 9:00. that's okay..that' i noticed there was not nearly as much traffic todayas ni otha lot of people taking today off maybe hoping to catch a game tonight at making it a nice long three-day weekend. i love that number. i would love to go butlo if not can sit tv and have more popcorn with mt and more beverage i will bebe good.. sounds goodd. talking about soda pop.pop might be a nice weekend for thah because a little chilly out there we check in with a.j. colbyou.. if you're heading to the game tonightyo especially because the sun will be down.n. definitely want to bring more or your fall and winter gearar tonight. treated like a football good advice wayne. you're right. october baseball october football these temperatures ir
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we did this morning upper 20se2 reported around the area.a. well beautiful sunset last night didd you see this? look at this. you can seee the flat base of the clouds that finally broke outokt after being a little bit more prevalent in our skies but clearing outor led the way to se chilly temperatures. great day out on the lake waves 2 feet or less wins comingcom around to the south five to 15 1 water temperature 66 it helpsret keep temperatures hugging the lakeshore help up and out of thh frost which would include likeie northern as lhtabula county is e only two that were out of the th frost warning which the advisory pardon me which waswh now takene down as of 9:00. temperatures began a little recovery now. wister down tco 30 this morning. 44 in akron canton and clevelane right now. now.
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falls. pierpont 33. a lot of clear early this morning then we had a little bit of cloud coverer move in from te southwest. our southern counties could have sa few clouds buts the nextn weather system coming at us won't be until sundayys of importance anyway.yw so loaw 50s heading to the game tonight play ball. tomorrow will be mid- 60s with a 4:08 start i believe. 60 today with the brilliantllia autumn sunshine. a few. moonlit skies a crispy a cool al night. lows innigh the 30s again.a then mostly sunny. beautiful day tomorrow. looking atl a high of 68.68 we should be around 70 on sunday with a few showers possible don't think it will rain thethe entire day.y. most of the rain later in the day after noon or 1:00 and cleal out after that.t mid- 70s to start the week andt taking a turn for the 50s
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minute. t
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[music playing] all right good times you know and you love it thel right g tam back a little still on tv even young people know.
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old andn n can't believe jj ass here. it is going to be a great timeat and a good time in clevelandvea stars from the 70s hit show good times here with us today and in town to jos? sweetest day multi- music festival. jimmy jj walker and bernnadettee stanis join us with more on the big event.nis j welcome. veveome to cleveland jj you'u' been many times. usually work the comedy clubs ik town now i'm here for this thing with the stylus. i love that you're wearing yourt rock 'n roll hall of famehat yow t-shirt.. every time i come here i go too the rock 'n roll hall of famell they give me a little tourof its always a fun thing to go downow there and check out the whole music scene down there. stylistt over 50 million records they'll be here headlining the
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all the time i mc for them but i'm not emceeing ti'm just goini to show up and wave.ave we .have you here on michelle ad you were on satellite we got to get you guys together kind of.o. through the airwaves.waves. so happy were altogether. great to have you here. your husband is from cleveland. you know a little bitel about th browns and the world champion cleveland cavaliers and thee indians and all that stuff.velai where are you from brooklyn.brookly excellent. excellent. you guys you said you're not going to emcee.cee they downgraded my goodness. this is usually my shell. i work the show all the time 1970. 1970. wet rings you guys together now? the good times reunion show.ow we hang out and just shake hands and will have all of our paraphernalia there and will be
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usually i emcee. i do the whole deal and we go from town to town.whole deal we worked what is at the state fair? se work all the time on tho big shows here and i used to come in we worked all the timelh here.e your husband is here but i have a big time crush on you i just want you to know. don't hate me. what have you been doing the past years?a a new book out called the lastht night we have it about my life story. and good timesi jimmy is iny i there. what a beautiful picture of youo and your called the last night and this is reallylled the kind of chrone about being a caregiver andivera taking care of her and that last night you had with her.r. yes. that inspired the puck.yes the last night. it was nots what i thought it ws going to be. it was sad that i understood the transitions sad th.
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jump in and said wait a minute. i'm going to see my mother thiss weekend. god bless h erer. god bless her.. 95 years old and unfortunately she is in a comaears old that r going to have fun at our big soir?e.oing were going to talk about you guys just the generations sn many generations we were talkini these little girls that are my y guest this morning fitting way tot this mo see you guys and yoh both on your lap.e i love that. got too excited you from thefrot young to the old remember your show. absolutely and now we have generational fanssow. . and the little girls look up tot thomas still.ll. the little character inr in everything and they love jj they just love just awesome. thank you both for being here. in cleveland. sweeties day.. sweetest. sweeties is so cute. it is cuter i likee sweetest sweeties what the heckc
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masonic performance art center. 5pm health exhibit and vendors. 6pm show time.exhibit a got an early showtime which isis good. go home and go to bed after that. hosted by jimmy and bernnadette. ome and go good times family reunion.ily rn thank you both fori being here.. god bless you. love coming here. thank you so much for coming again.n.thank you
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diagnosed the shortcomings buts the schools have made great strides which they certainly m with the last four years i want tohe tend to come out aboua very special fundraiser and it starts with the mass involved ad the other one is a miracle in progress. we're really praying for these two sisters and they've beenv together now whiche is good. they were opposed to critical to
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they will raise their championship banner beforeai the puck drops. the monsters just announcing ryan craigig fest on the plaza prior to the game against the -- we are the champion. we've got their flag andg
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pay the bill. have you turned your seat on yet we want to get your comments inn medicine might have set aside and turn the heat unless that are kicks on and 68 inside had basically to heat up by the temperatureid or that has all in october in my heat is artie on. it's fall. put some clothes on. rebecca jones lineman on yesterday it's a house that
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that's why you go through a hairdryer a month.ha warm and out. could there soon be quiet zones on airplanes one airline making find out what it has to do with kids and how it works. a little girl battling health
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chance of a lifetime. a watch live as the cleveland fire department makes their dream come truelee as they swear her n
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very appropriate song for the fox 8 news in the morning.y th extra good hand because the fire department is getting ready to welcome the newest chief and it's all things to a specialst wish foundation. >> it's a special wish foundation little vivienne and off, youiv can see her there and that gorges pink at and also chief angelo on what's expected
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the captain over here gets it a certificate. so we know you're going to do a
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girl that's endured so much of the doctors before she wassh born attorney we can add anatom scan that she hadan these health issues. she had her first surgery just two hours old.she
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special wish foundation. they been amazingng us about that.ha it's an honor to have you ladies
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new comrade over there.dy welcome aboard. we'll have an incredible day for the rest of your life.
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will destroy free town the letter shows here on fox 8. will be right with you.
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- [david] welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick. - and here we are on the shores of lake erie in front of the sign that says, is it the cle or is it the land, how do you, what is it? - well, this show, i think, encompasses all of it, when you think about it. ast ohio, we're talking about not all that beautiful food we always see, although are gonna do that, too. - oh, yeah. - but we're talking about views. - some of the best views you will find throughout northeast ohio. we're talking city life, we're gonna take you on the countryside, i mean, these are just amazing sights. - and, since we're right here, on the shores, there's a brand new place over here-- - yes. - and it's got quite a view. - oh, yes, let's go.


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